Domain and Rangifer: idk

Sometimes a reindeer isn’t a reindeer. It might be an unshakable symbol of power/unknowable tool of legend. Or, i dunno, maybe a bank loan gone wrong.

You Are Something True explores childhood trauma with “Reindeer on the Roof,” a sensitive pop Rosarch test. I see– an angry father.

Broken Reindeer” is mystical altpop from Jambones about–perhaps–climate change (??). Definitely a lively bummer.

November Reindeer” might tell you about a night when you’re too ill to go out. Or hoping for snow. It’s a King Thing may not even know their message, just good ol’ garage rock.

House of Large Sizes also keeps it close to the garage with “Twelve Angry Reindeer,” a miscommunication misadventure set of notes.

Oso Oso’s “Reindeer Games” looks at the ups and downs of an uncertain relationship. Whiny love pop.

Lounge fun from M.D.C. (Millions of Dead Cops) poeticize the end of the world with “Acid Reindeer.” Uh oh.

Final words from Flooded Cellar with the rockabilly road rock “400 Reindeer Under the Hood.” Pedal to the metaphor, gang! Whooo!

Domain and Rangifer: off topic

Sometimes a reindeer isn’t here for Santa Claus’s sleigh. The nontraditional carols that corral the Christmas critters lead us a merry chase, i must say.

The precious grunge sendup “I See Reindeer in the Clouds” seems to be about the prep work for Christmas crudités. But the singers do indeed imagine reindeer, for some reason. Maybe it’s just a good story to tell.

Also an outstanding parody, The Withers’ “Reindeer on the Moon” takes on R.E.M.’s ‘Man on the Moon,’ but seems to visit a dire world of No Xmas due to the unverified passing of Rudolph. (Do you hear ‘Reindeer on the Roof‘? I do. ‘Sbetter.)

Gregg Donley makes the case that you need to search Ireland in order to find these beasties. “The Reindeer Song” is more music hall kidsong than Celtic hop, so take it with a grain of salt.

Ken Herzog’s Christmas tragedy “The Dead Reindeer Song” reads like a sitcom theme song, but the lesson is give peace a chance… or stop reading the papers… or whatever you will. Okay.

Domain and Rangifer: rest in oven

Whaddya do with a dead reindeer? (Many of our blogged songs have covered this territory afore, we’ll focus on some new juicy cuts.)

Other reindeer don’t seem to take it well when Santa snacks on “Rundown Reindeer.” Mark Cummings infuses his band number with some fiery honky tonk piano.

Justifiable hoof-icide from Arthur Kill and The Pollutants, “All of Santa’s Reindeer” is a jolly pop punk salute to disappointment. It didn’t solve the problem, just made them feel angry.

Well, let’s eat (more sugar!)–

Chuck Picklesimer returns as is right with “Reindeer for Breakfast on Christmas.” Traveling weird country music.

Gregorian chanting from The Withers wonders “Flank, Hock, or Hoof“? Pass the salt.

Back Pocket take some roadside Blitzen for their roast beast feast in “Reindeer & Gravy.” They were driven to it! Boisterous folk rock fun.

Domain and Rangifer: targeting

Caribou crisscrossing the horizon… how am i NOT going to shoot at that?

Let’s establish the temptation with the oddly compelling “Three Blind Reindeer” by Nooshi. Not the cute kidsong it’s meant to be. This just raises the bloodlust.

Hokey pokey country dance music from The North Polio introduces “Reindeer Hunting Season.” Set ’em up, Bubba.

We Hit the Reindeers” is another way to go. The Non Traditionals garage jazz band the philosophy of hit and run.

Shooting stars?! Shooting reindeer! “Imo Shoot Me a Reindeer” is the rockabilly we were meant to hear. Clydesdale roars through the joint with aplomb.

Domain and Rangifer: getting better

The power of Christmas compels you… to quit your naughty ways! In defense of the bad some reindeer do:

Lesser Known Reindeer” rocks the metal out of some of the accomplishments of our grateful eight, but there’s some trouble according to Revenge of the Egg People. Be wary.

More familiarly, Michael Stipe carols out the ‘Olive the Reindeer’ rocker “We’re Not So Bad.” What say ye, jury?

Domain and Rangifer: bad

How bad can those wily rascals pulling Santa’s sled get?

The Sh​*​t​-​Faced Santa Claus Band American-rock out “One Of The Reindeer Blew A Hoof Out” as an elegy to bad luck. No evil intentions, yet.

Eddie Floriano croons the charming children’s psychedelic “The Lost Reindeer.” Seems Otto’s best friend needs help… or something. What?! The song harms me!

Don McKinnon’s “Reindeers on the Rooftop” is the sassy old fashioned country kidsong that dares to wonder what happens when the beasts get into the root beer–! Tomfoolery! I do declare!

The Yev take “Reindeer” to take for being so standoffish and not noisy like they want them to be. Grrr.

Big Werl tricks me into mentioned the Elmo and Patsy novelty Christmas classic that bores to to rendition… “The Story of the Reindeer that Killed Grandma” is a folk legend worthy of Guthrie. The criminal is psychoanalyzed, and it seems the hard life doesn’t agree with this unnamed con. –Or does it?

Domain and Rangifer: trouble brewin’

Reindeer: ya let ’em on the roof they think it’s fandango time. I tell you.

Keep Those Reindeer Off My Rooftops ‘Cause My Rooftop’s Getting Full of Reindeer Hoofspots” is the cutesy country cornballing from J Jonathan Wiest. Fast paced trilling, and perhaps the longest title on the blog to boot.

Jerry Riggins ups the Downtown Nashville pickin’ with “Get Your Reindeer Off My Roof.” There’s a moral to this lesson, listeners.

Dave and Jeanine also callback to Ray Stevens with the hill-arious “Get Your Reindeer Off My Roof.” Ho Ho Heehaw.

Krismas Kookies add a dollop more jug band to the grouchy dad “Get Those Reindeer Off My Roof.” It’s a barbershop quintet of fun.

Paul ‘Jamo’ Jameson has a different problem in “Reindeer on My Roof.” This Ozzie kidsong worries about the one that got left behind. What’s a child to do?

Big Earl has a more specific worry when he’s “Tired of Cleaning Reindeer Shit Off My Roof.” A lovely excuse for some capital bluegrass. Mild Blue Alert.

Domain and Rangifer: turnabout

The harnessed might chafe and rumble about working conditions. Will Claus’s reindeer unionize?

In The Substitutes’ alt rock odyssey “The Reindeer will Fight for X-Mas” Santa seems to uses violence or at least technology to keep the big guys in place. It’s charmingly brutal.

Starting out as a clever mashup of ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’ and ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas,’ The Carolyn Sills Combo’s “Ghost Reindeer in the Sky” takes a grisly closeup of the wretched conditions these creatures fly under. Brrr.

Bah & The Humbugs cry out for action with “Free the Reindeer,” a rocking pop protest ballad. This might take a while, better call Aaron Sorkin to option the rights.

Deer Valley Trio seem to care little for lyrics or production values, but Mr. Christmas pushes too far “When Santa Claus Got His Ass Kicked by the Reindeer.” Chatty desk knocking pop, almost kidsong, with a resounding yeehaw!

Sleeping Trees itemize the PTSD of the eight in graphic detail. Synth pop sensation “The Ballad of the Reindeer” wishes you well, but the reindeer–they resign. Brit silliness.

Domain and Rangifer: party animals

A rooftopful of antlered rascals on a holiday eve (DAY OFF tomorrow!)–time to cut loose!

James Brown chats us up about “Reindeer on the Roof” while some music plays in the background. Shenanigans result. It’s all soul.

Taking the cue off the reindeer names, many celebratory Xmas songs about the sleigh pullers include the terpsichorean arts. “Reindeer is a. Dancer” may not be what you expect, as S.N.A.P!’s experimental pop evokes Martha Graham moves.

More sock hop, Blue Aeris (feat. Kelly Moneymaker) shindig through “Reindeer Know How to Groove.” It’s got the beat.

The Reindeer Shuffle” may be based on Cupid’s ’07 modest hit, and cashes in on its danceabilitiness.

Music with Mar. does the same with “The Reindeer Dance.” A kid counting song marching through the genres.

The Reindeer Twist” is some kids’ assembly noise-magnet. You might need to sit this one out.

Compare that to “Das Sexy Reindeer Danz” by the awful Rascal Rockhog (feat. Cemetry Gator). Completely and electronically inappropriate.

Reindeer Rockin’” from Isaac Stancill is a retro-rock breathy call out for the party that might lower the roof.

The Heebee-jeebees get all Celtic with the rousing “Reindeer Ceili” [ceili (cei·lidh/ˈkālē/noun): a social event at which there is Scottish or Irish folk music and singing, traditional dancing, and storytelling]. NOT a sea chanty, but nearly as good. Your feet may move without you realizing.

Domain and Rangifer: noises off

An eight-pack plus of massive herd animals on the housetop? How loud does that get!

Tom Paxton goes nonchalant kidsong to name the possible sources of the clatter in “Reindeer on My Roof.” Some lovely pickin’.

Also bein’ cool, Coach Kody raps out the racket with quiet glee in “Reindeer on the Roof.” Names ’em, too, case you lost track.

Terry Turtle sets the complete soundscape with carols, bells, AND “Reindeer on the Roof.” Freaky kid folk and a froggy vocal that might scare more than endear.

Making ‘Up on the Housetop’ refreshed, The Rosebuds jam out “I Hear (Click, Click, Click)” to my top forty Xmas tunes of all time. Pop done right.