Damn That Holiday: DamNation.8

Just a couple more bad-mouthed carols.

BLUE ALERT! latewaves is mad as hell and still gonna take it while rocking “Hungover for Christmas.” So Merry Goddam Christmas….

MattstaGraham hits the garage with wishes of a Merry Goddam Christmas in the head banging “I Can’t Keep Up with the Holidays.” BLUE ALERT Good save on that last note.

I’ll be damned If I let another Christmas Go to waste laments Jon Bakke over “This Christmas.” Just a touch of Celtic to liven the pop epiphany here.

Dave Sweeney and the Kickin’ Mules tweak kidsong with some pop backbeat and bitch about waiting all damned year for a “Christmas Cookie.” To your room while I get the soap!

Damn That Holiday: DamNation.7

The passage of time is a fearsome foe For the decent and the damned, so sings Kaprekar’s Constant wishing you “All You Wish Yourself.” Folk pop of the wishful varietal.

Song for Santa (Jingle Your Own Damn Bells​!​)” by Sparkbird is an elf’s lament about that miserable taskmaster. Time for representation!

No Funeral is having a particularly bad Christmas, so they want to blame “Dammit, Santa.” Punk-rock with a whining edge. Fights, jail, arson… it’s a tall order for the old guy.

Laid back rap from Bubba Mooch 57 allows that “Damn, It Feels Good to be Santa.” Kidstuff, but adulterated for your listening pleasure.

Damn That Holiday: DamNation.6

It’s “Christmas in Fallujah,” children snuggle in their beds While the corpses of their parents dance around in their heads; Palaces and bridges, we burned them to the ground, ‘Cause someone got a contract to rebuild the whole damned town. Jefferson Pepper folk-pops the Hell on Earth to end all.

Damn, Santa!” is the green-eyed rap from Delu. Lots of questions ’bout how he does it.

Working hard at all the rhymes and near-rhymes for ‘Santa,’ Dan Bull (from a JacksFilms idea) raps out gleefully “Damn, It Feels Good to be Santa.” A wild and profane ride.

Gary Oak slows the rap roll with the wistful “damn I’m Santa (damn, i’m santa).” Reverent.

Damn That Holiday: DamNation.5

We may have blasphemed before on the blog. God Damn for a holy epithet came up a couple times.

This Christmas, Is the year of the damned begins Pretty Little Fake’s “This Year Santa’s Coming for You.” Sure, it’s the Pandemic, but it’s worse than this pop ditty lets on.

Damn ChristmasSs” by The Legendary snakeSNAKEsnake is rousing yet earthy blues that expresses itself. Everyone: don’t give a damn together!

When it’s Splitsville in Texas, then “God​-​Damn This Christmas” according to  Here Holy Spain. Garage pain of the jealous type.

Damn That Holiday: DamNation.4 BLUE ALERT

Funk me, DJ Tenderloin mashes up soul, Queen, Ed Grimley, and plenty others with “About Damn Christmas Time.” Disco adjacent.

Best Damn Roofer offers the “Best Damn Christmas” album with all the standards sung with the word roof substituted for all the nouns. Watch out for the BLUE ALERT drug spiral. I dare you to last all ten minutes.

Seiza (feat. Biggie Smalls) has had enough of quality Christmas songs, and talent for that matter. “About Damn Time for an Actually Good Christmas Song” delivers on ‘Good,’ provided ‘Good’ is weak ass bad. BLUE ALERT

Damn That Holiday: DamNation.3

Gurf Hankle brainstorms ideas for holiday classics, but seems stunk on Tom Hanks movies. When he delves into his own personal pain, he showtunes up “A God Damn Christmas Song.” That’ll make more sense after you listen to it.

God Damn, it’s Christmas time again! begins Junkie Dildoz & Friends’ “Merry X-Mas Bastards 2.0.” Seems to take a lot for granted, while not giving a crap about anyone. That’s rock’n’roll for ya.

Adam Lore seems sleepy singing the easy listening “It’s Damn Near Christmas.” But it puts me in the holiday mood.

Damn That Holiday: DamNation.2

‘Gee Whiz’ gets a witty update with “Oh Damn It’s Christmas.” J. Anthony Brown parodies with the best of them, while keeping the soul.

Justin Strong newages the sentiment with “Christmas is Here (I’ll be Damned).” He’s trying to woo with this morbidity.

J.T. Hiskey claims he’s “So Damn Happy (Christmas Song).” But mediocre rap set to ‘Deck the Halls’ doesn’t elevate the mood. I mean, damn.

That Damn Holiday: DamNation.1

Lester McClean reacts to the crazy world of 2016 with Afropop in “This Damn Christmas Song.” Not all that angry after all.

Happy Damn Christmas” is the nicest terminology in the BLUE ALERT rocker from Whisper Teas. More anger, but not completely so.

Done with it all, Chris Strei sings the pop folk “Damn Pandemic Christmas.” It changed everything, you know.

Damn That Holiday: DamNation.0

Damning used to be the worst thing you could do, like excommunicating. Now you can say the word in a children’s show. People!

John Bartus sings to his own drummer with “Happy Holidays (My Own Damn Christmas Song).” This is a response to the haters of the term Holidays. Don’t act like I shot your dog. Fun lite rock.

Suffering from post-present depression, Olivia Dolphin piano bars “This Damn Christmas.” Seems to be missing you.

Sylvester the Cool Cat (our new Garfield?) also jazz bands the showtune “I Don’t Give a Damn About Christmas.” Anti-X… until the end.

Damn That Holiday: Armageddon.afters

John Canoe’s “Post Apocalypse Christmas” is a retro rock dance tune about whether or not to leave the bunker. Sounds fun.

Jonathan’s Post-Apocalyptic Christmas Carols” is extracted from episode 35 of the Through the Aftermath podcast, ‘Through the Intromath, Part 2.’ Video game faux holiday album sampler. Har de har.

Stacking rocks in the folk-rock (partly a take on ‘Three Kings’) “A Post-Apocalyptic Christmas,” Art Elliot seems to have a heavier burden after the fall of humankind. Thanks for the reality check!

A Very Post Apocalyptic Christmas” is ukulele ragtime from Ned Sanders. Upbeat message about fallout and mutated scorpions. Ukes do that.

Crazy Hippie from Oregon chipmunks the pop when God returns, pissed, and introduces a “Post Apocalypse Christmas.” Such is[was] life.

Gruff Rhys ups the pop tempo for the hand-clapping, slowly deteriorating “Post Apocalypse Christmas.” Tips on staving off hunger and working within failing infrastructure included.