Christmas Countdown: 25 [other]

Don’t wait til the 25th cautions Jessie Dunks with cool jazz acoustic guitar in “Give Thanks.” Ostensibly a Thanksgiving song, that dares to compare itself to Christmas.

Mêlée rocks out the annual question “(When is) Hanukkah this Year?” What’s that to do with our number? Contrast! So goes the intro: Yeah, it’s really good to have it just, you know You know it’s the 25th every year so no surprises–Yeah, hey, that’s true.

December 25th isn’t enough: Why stop at 1 day, Let’s go the rest of the month! chortles Rob Vischer in a sly party pop mood. “‘Til New Year’s Eve” is a plea to leave up the tree. I thought y’all already did do dat. Piffle, but uplifting.

Biggie Cream astounds me with his random bubba-ness and inappropriate rhymes. In his rap “Holiday Szn” Santa grabs your kids and rides away on his motorcycle, But December 25 its hunting season! Time to die! What the noel, dude?

Here’s something you don’t sing every day… Heymonday rattles the rafters with the overdone pop message: I just don’t get how I could ever spend the 25th without “Our Mixtape for Christmas.” Not sure if that’s love, or just music.

Redbubble seems to be an Australian online site for ordering stuff printed on merchandise. Hence “All I Want For Christmas (Is Gameshow’s Redbubble)” from Gavin and Qnce. At times awful, at times horrific, at times befuddling. But only 25 [Australian] dollars.

Harry and Chris from ‘The Russell Howard Hour’ (yeah, i don’t know ’em either) explain Christmas from the 25th to the placenta to a last minute, on the way to Christmas dinner, present-buying, emergency service station stop in “The Christmas Song.” Pop show tune comedy. Literally.

Christmas Countdown: 25 [boo]

Kupid the King and Ayy rap out a sly countdown from 24 to 1. But, as the freestyle is entitled “25 Days of Litmas” and gets less and less merry and more and more dispirited, we have to celebrate to achieve equanimity. Joy?

The Silent Box warn that you cannot hide from December 25 since “There’s No Day Like Christmas.” This carnival ride of industrial pop celebrates on the outside, cringes on the inside.

Christmas ain’t for 25 more days (guess it depends on when you hear it) refrains Danzr about the neighbors putting up the “Christmas Tree” too early. Rollicking–and a bit retro–Britpop. Fugue!

File Thirteen sings more outtake (who wrote this??) than lyric in the ironic, sneering, rocking “It’s Christmas.” Things may not be merry or bright, A little bit of gingerbread and it’s alright… (except for Karen).

December 25th is literally the world’s worst date claims Sense Offense in a BLUE ALERT poppy rap number “I Hate Xmas.” Australian and upbeat, this hates so juvenilely good.

Worse? Body parts and human consumption mar the distorted rap of KidCrusher’s “The Naughty List.” Where the fuckin’ weed at?!

My spirits start to sink every year When December 25th draws near ‘cuz, as The Reducers redesign, they get “Nothing for Christmas.” This Brit punk howler is not your grandad’s novelty. Well, maybe your dad’s.

Andy Cold paints an anthropological portrait o’ poverty in “Scary Christmas,” a rap tragedy of rice and chicken.

December 25th is a cruel mistress, instructs the rap of Chilly Gonzalez. “Christmas Business” is that party pooping poison about how Christmas makes you broke and sad and exhausted. Grinchify us, Chllly!

Driving pop from 9teez wails: Grandma bought me a pyjama; I said to her “hey old lady don’t you know I’m 25 ?” (Pink? You’re kidding me?)! “Merry Fistmas” wishes you a crappy New Year.

Punkrock spells it out: “Xmas Has been X’d.”December 25th has been blacklisted Since Dawkins found the proof Jesus never existed. Can you imagine no religion? No? NOFX will explain its loss from stem to stern.

Christmas Countdown: 25 [lonely]

Lonely enough to want “Santa be My Baby” Lorenz Leo (feat. Tom Micko) plead with pop and R+B: Hear me Santa I wanna become your man If you are a girl Or not. Unintentionally fun.

Danielle Iry feels the “Christmas Ghosts” instead of you. Not needing a Scrooge-in lesson, this experimental alt poetizes the void of isolation. Gird your lovelorns.

Ben Eales may be known for humor, but his “Christmas List” is a put-on of sexist proportions. Don’t be offended by him, be offended for him. Plaintive pop with a faded ring of R+B around the collar.

I just want to get on with my business, Getting tired of hearing crickets Lachlan Ondre prefaces when wishing in slow rap for “Merry Christmas and a COVID Free New Year.” Heavily accented, but that only adds to the malaise.

Hassann Hurricane dribbles out the dirge “A Christmas Crisis” as a celebration. But: Everyone’s celebrating Christmas, feeling the warmth of family, getting gifts I’m all alone, will I get anything? Keep loved ones on speed dial if you make it through this surrender of electronic pop.

Poetry set to symphony, the jazzy “Another Lonely Christmas” from Knights unrolls a journey of life, longing, and love. Spoiler: Cause baby you promised You promised me you’d never leave Then you died on the 25th day of December. Oh…banana daiquiri?

Only 25 days til you come back home, Dallas diva-R+Bs with sultry sussurations in “Snow Angel.” It’s lonely when you’re monogamous, pretty one.

Perhaps too young to worry about it, pop music rap from Brent Rivera considers “Skipping Christmas” ‘cuz it’s without love. Then–the twist ending! He’s so cute!

Loves me an inordinately pretty SAD song. “Unmerry Xmas” by Precious Gutierrez soars when it points out the 25th has passed like any other, Holidays seem to last only an hour or two–Felt like Santa’s list bears not my name; The only thing that came at night are the seasonal blues. Bluesy pop.

Christmas Countdown: 25 [hurt]

Caffeinated pop from Grayson DeWolfe, “Have a Merry Christmas” is only half-serious since you broke up with him. Never thought that I’d be out a date this year, he moans. Then bebops the title like it ain’t no thing.

And you’re alone this Christmas Eve: I hope it burns every time you think of me; I start a fire, try to forget you–I hope you’re locked up in your room Forgetting about me, begins the emo-boy rock of Search the City. “The Holiday Song” is a poison pill of tribute to what once was. And it’s the 25th of December And I remember the times, The times I felt alive (didn’t you feel alive?). It’s not me, it’s you.

I’m better off without ya, raps Ree$s in a spin on ‘Last Christmas’ with “This Christmas.” He’s moved on, melodically. He don’t give a fa la la.

Digging the holiday season isolation, Author’s Bias warns I’ll complain until I ruin it for you too.Don’t Call Me This Christmas” is a half-speed garage-pop moan of a diatribe. Terrible, unless you’re in THAT place. Then it’s perfect.

If you’re willing to work for it, The Buh House Band’s “Why Did You Break My Heart on Christmas Day?” is worth the scouring of Soundcloud’s files. Garage fun.

Boyband sounds from Dre Smuzic (feat. Ketandu) crying: But on the 25th day of December this year I’m not askin for a lot I just want my baby here. A “Christmas Miracle” is all he needs. And a lyricist.

Ethereal pop from Modern Drawing is hurting from that one empty space and wishes for “Christmas with You.” But It’s 25 outside, but I feel colder by a landslide Cause that day everything changed–when you left. I get a ’50s vibe, though. So, cool.

Christmas Countdown: 25 [love]

Not big on pop country, but gotta kudos the talent of Amanda Shires (bit of a Dolly warble that gets me). “Blame it on the Mistletoe” is a different song by a familiar name. More thoughtfulness, this time: So what it happened yesterday, December 25? We can call it what it is, What it was, the best merry Christmas,  When you showed up.

Not a digger of rap, neither, but BLV Jeezy gets playful (and a bit BLUE ALERT) with “Woo Santa.” New Xmas phone: I’m sorry is this Santa on the line It’s the 25th december and you blessed me with this dime y’all. Santa hollas back, too.

Nesskaff (feat. Jonathan Panetta) garage the day with “I Just Want You for Christmas.” Not breaking new ground, but never underestimate the power of a killer backbeat.

Claiming you’re Crunchy like a biscuit, Cullan Baxter R+B raps “Candy Sweet Christmas” all ’bout you, honey. The double entendres fly like reindeer.

Sassy R+B (disco-ish) from Weihnachtsmusik, “Santa Tell Me” details a gal’s hankering for a a guy. Will he love for always? Should I wait a year? I don’t want a new broken heart.

Scotty Sires has got the rom-com grand gesture in “25 Christmas Trees.” It’s a bombast of a pop nugget, but it gets points for being a count of anything else but days.

Emily Weisband divas the larger-than-life pop number “The Holly Jolly Truth.” That truth?–you got 25 days to make a move right Baby you’re the holly jolly truth. Get some mistletoe, boi.

Ska love letter from Dr. Blackout, “Hey Merry Christmas,” gets one’s attention. Does it win her over? Dunno. ‘Sheartfelt… Let’s listen again.

Christmas Countdown: 25 [kids]

Leo SC raps friendlily “Where’s Santa Claus at?” Waiting and waiting: 24th, I had a dream that the day was here–25, I had a blast with all the Christmas cheer. Happy endings for Xmas!

Lively and shakin’ it, Sugies dances R+B into “25 Days (Into the 12th).” It’s prepped, decked, and ready. Happymaking.

Half rap, haf glee club, half autotune, “Once a Year” is a jubilant paean to Christmas from Buskin & LilJB. Infectious.

Childish BLUE ALERT set to ‘Nutcracker,’ Seriously Sam endears us with his enthusiastic (and competitive) love of that time of the year in “Bitch It’s Christmas.” Damn.

Can Xmas bring out the little one in you? I could really use a good pick-me-up; Can December 25 hurry up? beckons the pop “Roll on Christmas” from George Pelham. Persistent timpani.

Or the full-grown fools never adult at all. “Beat 5” by Kingdom of McChikcen rando-raps the wishes and ‘responsibilities’ [Grab the keys to the Saturn, turn on the ignition  Gettin’ home for December 25th is our mission] of the greedy. Grow up already!

Walking around in the 25 degree-ed weather, Kval miss being a kid in “Christmas is Bliss.” This sad, plodding alt-pop requiem for lost innocence haunts our Christmas spirit.

Christmas Countdown: 25 [party]

Every fifth song about Christmas mentions the twenty-fifth, so we’re not going to play that game. Here are the NEW RULES for songs with this number: haven’t linked them before, and they’re GOOD. (Gotta be at least a 6.) This way we’ll keep this enumeration to a week of posts.

Ali Lohan comes prepackaged, corporate-approved, and formulated, but “I Like Christmas” is the bouncy mindless pop that meets minimum expectations. I bounced.

My Christmas” by Louis Leiva may be a tutorial for those not so fluent in English, but this pop declaration marches to a party spirit. Dance!

Begrudgingly, Fresh Breath rolls out “It’s Christmas Time Again.” Old time country rock with a surly attitude when it comes to family: It’s holiday party season, There’s an open bar with a tip jar So I over serve myself And I’m drifting mid-conversation.

Also resigned, Southern Tiers call out It’s finally time to unwrap the best time of the year with lounge-y pop in “Finally Christmas.” Moody, but danceable.

Yoko Oh Yeah gets on the grunge side of folk balladeering while hunting for mushrooms to celebrate, bc–natch–“Santa is a Shaman.” The winter solstice comes for them with three days of darkness  On the 25th the sun is born, let’s have a trippy mass. Daylight’s not here, man.

Christmas Countdown: 26 wah

Micah Edwards croons some blues-ish pop (lotsa brass) for his “December 26.” Definitely sad without you. The tree’s not enough.

It’s over. “december twenty-sixth” by Carly Paige is whispery pop about regret and loss and trauma and the break up. some days are worse than others.

Metal discordance from Everygrey makes “December 26“the time I remember when the nightmares began On that cold night of December 26th. Those big black eyes, guys.

I don’t wanna wreck another holiday, rocks The Resolutions (feat Todd Wright) determined to stick it out with you. “December 26” has hope; let’s take a sleigh ride!

Kinda over you, Foxchase would like to sleep in ’til “December 26.” Garage pop with one of those kiddie xylophones.

Right about now, I’ve had it up to here, sweetly warbles Tom Watson with light gentle folk. “December 26“?–good riddance! Delightful.

Christmas Countdown: 26 ugh

The odd way to refer to the twenty-fifth is backwards, though: From December 26 (I’m waiting) And I’ll never stop waiting! syncopates Third Earth in “Christmas Forever,” a punk-like Brit rocker that sounds ever so downbeat about loving you.

Children with an autotune attitude and an odd approach to rap want pickles, Crocs, a parrot, and NO SOCKS for “Doodmas.” It’s all in fun, as Did Dood sign off with: our final Doodmas wish, Have a good December 26th!

To the ending! Can’t wait for the 26th  To forget all about this purrs Mrs. Ghost in the rocker “No Winter Wonderland.” Not a happy time of year for this song. Maybe next year. Or just the toast to Death.

Unhappy? Lonely? Check “On Christmas Morning” chirruped by mournful Mark Radice, who plans to sleep through the 25th: I come back to life on the 26th. A pop dirge.

Christmas Alone” seems to include you there. Hair pop from Nick Vivid promises Come the 26th, catch another and havin’ fun. Harsh sentiment for falsetto.

Acknowledging that “The World has Gone to Hell But at Least It’s Christmas” this raging British rocker from Launch Control wants their respite: If you’ve got a new crisis Talk to me about it on the 26th. Anyone for pogo-ing?

Christmas Countdown: 26 okay

If the twenty-sixth is the day AFTER, is it good/bad/indifferent?

Was it all a dream? wonders Uncle Billy with lounge jazz mush-mouthedness. “December 26” haunts with its bourgeoisie.

Saying goodbye can be bittersweet, i guess. “December 26” by Jangle Bells is ambivalent, but short. Bedroom folk.

Can’t believe i get to welcome back Matt Farley with all his pop improv oddness as The Best Birthday Band Ever with “It’s December 26 (And It’s Your Birthday!).” Nothing to do with Christmas… or does it?

Ever since our first “December 26“th, Duncan Pelletier wants you to know he can change. Christmas sows the seeds for what I can’t explain: Too much time to sit and miss the rain, I know the feeling, I’ve felt the same. Alt-pop deep dish poetry.

Millennial crisis often involves not knowing what now? Just waking up to that is Justin Cross’s “December 26th.” Not too serious, so grungey pop.

Santa Claus. December 26” reveals with marvy ’60s pop/rock that the day after is exhausting. Careful how you come down, and watch out for Brad!