Christmas Countdown: 40˚

Scenic World has Christmas stress in “Green and Red,” a peppery pop tune about unrealized dreams [On to planet b] and unappreciated beauty [It’s 40 at best]. It’s short and sour. But, that’s the holidays.

Just keep it above forty fahrenheit demand Official Sidekick Productions in their surly satire “I Can’t Fly My Kite in the Snow.” Why so serious?

Christmas Countdown: 42 BLUE ALERT

Cheezy pop from some Barbie Christmas special, “It’s Gonna be Amazing” includes holiday antics like seeing a show on 42nd Street. Run. Save yourself.

An uncomfortable education comes from Ras Kass (feat Doc Hollywood). “Jack Frost 2 (White Christmas)” raps through Saturnalia, Bethlehem, and ‘Miracle on 42nd Street.’ Open your eyes, sheeple!

Counting the months of love Jill Johnson runs the vocal range on the pop country song until she runs out of the love in time for “Christmas on My Own.” No bitterness though, as she wants to wish a merry Christmas, to the shiny people that I met on 42 street. Brave. I reckon.

When we were young, Christmas time was fun; But, now I’m 42 and I can’t wait ’til it gets through is the grown up message from Liar’s Club in the second half of their rock duology “Agnostic Christmas/Merry F___ing.”

Christmas Countdown: 44

This Christmas” is a soaring soul dreamy wish interrupted by rap by Captain E, Zion, & Dewe. The rap gives in to inner city anger with the guns (44’s), loss, and disaffection. Not sure this romance angle’s gonna work out; still, wish ’em hopefulness.

A loaded 44 is the problem in “Green and Red,” a road rock of a rollicking tragedy. See, the color left the elves when he snapped is hidden in the title of the song. That’s Vinny the Comb for you.

Sampling the old Blondie ‘Rapture’ Blondie remixes with Fab 5 Freddy for a dissociative rap “Yuletide Throwdown.” Not sure of the merry merry merry here, but it guess it’s cool Like a Son of Sam with his .44.

Marvelous 3 lets it all hang out with the rocker “Merry Christmas.” The abusive household full of dysfunctional self destructive caricatures is the backdrop for the holiday cheer. Don’t worry, Daddy’s got a new .44.

No more guns! The Fiery Furnaces has a show for us… While “Rehearsing My Choir” around the holidays The bishop was on the phone Wanting the choir to go and sing On some channel 44 thing. Well, no, then trouble, then meetings, then– this atonal experimental amusement is gone from view, too far over the edge. Fall with them.

Christmas Countdown: 45 family-friendly

Owl City ends up with 45 pairs of socks in their NewAge rock “Peppermint Winter.” Unimaginative present, but good timing.

Lauren Davidson knows how to cozy up with the schlock country music, the fireplace, and the Sinatra 45. Sigh up with “We’re Just Warming Up.

Ray Stevens has a different visitor on the night before Christmas. But “The King of Christmas” leaves him a 45 (that’s a baby vinyl record, kids) (and maybe some sequins on the snow). Bebopping rock from the King of Cornball.

Christmas Countdown: 45 BLUE ALERT

.45 caliber weaponry is part of THUG LIFE for the rap-set. “Slay” is the purveyance of Sky Janga and King Redd. There’s sex, cancer, ice cold feelings, but no cake. Keep the gun in the console: 45 with the red nose.

More garage than rap, white-guy Kipp EZ wants his Colt 45 poolside in “California Christmas.” Wait, that’s a malt beverage.

Hey Santa Claus here’s a present from me All seven rounds of .45 ACP throat shreds Billy Creepshow for “Ho-Ho-Homicide.” This time, it’s poison metal.

Christmas Countdown: 47

AK-47s figure into the holiday rap rebellions of ice WRLD’s “Christmas List” and King Aiden’s “Hood Christmas.” Just a BLUE ALERT minute, ‘mo getchu some peace on earth, fellas.

Ben Folds Five hurts his hands smashing out grade-A boogie boogie for “One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces,” barely a holiday number in that it mentions his 47 inch height got him bullied and picked on, despite Mom’s promise of an excellent Christmas gift. (And that he’d grow up famous.) Brilliant craziness!

If Jesus were alive today… He’d have the history of the world
Tattooed across his ass, in 47 languages
. So sez “Jesus Revisited” by Dead Hot Workshop. This garage postulation puts Mr. C in the ‘burbs, or jail–but w/o job. Heavy… What would Jesus draw?

Christmas Countdown: 48

Maya Huyan has a little story about getting presents for Xmas, it involves catching Santa publicly urinating at the point of her 48 Magnum. “Merry Litmas” is a wild rap ride, but it ends happily–like the whole BLUE ALERT was a dream….

Percy Parker is teaching times tables in “Warm Feet“–oddly a Christmas counter for boots for cows. That’s the kind of farmer Roger is, in Kidsong anyways. You’re expected to learn and singalong. Get to it.