List of Every Song on the Blog by Artist (Gabby – The Mystic Cowboys)

Okey-doke, listeners and listenerettes, here’s PART II of my nearly eight year compilation of hardly usual yule carol choices in alphabetical order by artiste: the dates given are the dates of post (* = 2015; / = 2016; – = 2017; . = 2018; : = 2019; ; = 2020; \ = 2021; , = 2022; ‘ = 2023 —‘cuz i suspect i’m all sorts of OCD). Ostensibly you could look up my initial commentary on the blog by date… or you could go online and buy a faboo song or two….


12,15 Gabby B “Christmas Day

2.13 Gabe and Lilli Shakouor “The Snow is Falling

7/9 Gabe Bondoc “Christmas Time”

9\8 Gabe Cornell “Millions

3’27 Gabriel Gassi “Time of Year” 

6’25 Gabriel Minnikin “Christmas at Sea” 

8;27 Gabriela Guncikova, Marta Jandova “SANTA SUPERSTAR”

4\3 Gabriela Radu “Hello Christmas” 

5’26 Gabriella Rose “Merry Christmas Little Star

11,13 Galactic Junkrod “Mary Christmas

4/30 Gamer Meg “Let Them Come”

8/23, 7-24  Gallagher’s Twin “Santa’s DUI: (A Cautionary Xmas Tale)”

5-10 Game Shakers cast “Reggae Potato Christmas

4\21 The Gamer of Blood War (Ellis) “Oh My God It’s Christmas

3:17 Gamma Secretase “Fuck This” 

1\4 Gar Cox “Too Late for Christmas

6-9 Garet Robinson “The Eggnog Song

10,22 Gareth Heesom “Christmas Without You” 

10\3 Gareth Moulton “Cloud Cover (The Boys)

12:15 Gareth PritchardEmail Santa

8.21 A Garfield Christmas cast “Christmas in Your Heart” 

8.21 A Garfield Christmas cast “A Good Ol’ Fashioned Christmas

4:24 Garfunkle and Oates “The Loophole”

7.30 Garfunkle and Oates “Present Face”

8-2 Garfunkle and Oates (w/Doug Benson) “Scary F**ked Up Christmas”

4:15 Garlic Junior “I Want Santa to Fuck Me”

4.19 Garnet “Santa’s Christmas Tree

12’14 Garrett Forge “Cup of Cheer

11/7 Garrison Keillor “The Sons of Knute Christmas Dance and Dinner

12.11 Garth Brooks “The Ugly Christmas Sweater” 

8:22 Gartraada “A Night of Winter Solstice” 

9-20 Gary Arnold “Chuck Norris is coming to Town”

10*13 Gary Barner “Christmas in the Ghetto”

7-23 Gary Craig “Drunken Santa’s Comin’ to Town

9-5, 6\27 Gary Ferrier “Ringo Deer

6’13 Gary Fjellgaard ”Santa Clause Comes by a Boat

6/24 Gary Gee  “Fleas on My Dog

11/18, 3\6 Gary Glitter  “Another Rock and Roll Christmas

11*19 Gary Hunn “Christmas in South Dakota

10’29 Gary Oak “damn I’m Santa (damn, i’m santa)

11*24 Gary Oleyar “Meet Me in Nevada

5\3 Gary Pigg & The City Lights Orchestra “Dasher the Dependable Reindeer

8:26 Gary Storm “[Winter] solstice Song” 

6/3 Gary Strickland “Jose, the Christmas Cockroach”

2’9 Gary Strickland “Savannah Smiles” 

4.7 Gary Wilson “A Christmas Tree for Two

2’10 Gary Wilson “A Sled Ride Tonight

5:10 Gary Wu “Red Sleigh

8:11 The Gasoline Brothers “Hungover Boxing Day

6-7 Gastronomical Unit “Eggnog #5

9,26 Gastronomical Unit “A pirates‘ 12 Days of Christmas”

6’4 Gastronomical Unit “Santa Claus is Coming to Town

6-7 Gastronomical Unit “Tainted Eggnog”

2.19 Gateway Christian Academy “Snowball Fight Song

11\8 Gateway to Thousen “Indie Christmas 1994

3-27 The Gatlin Brothers “Sweet Baby Jesus

9,4 Gatlin Loranze “Alone on Christmas” 

11:7 The Gator Family “A Very Good Christmas Party” 

8\21 Gator Music “Why Can’t All Reindeer Fly

5:6 The Gatorhogs “Empty Chimney

7;6 GattuZan “Jungle Bells”

4\30 Gaurav Behl “Christmas Goodbye

8,31 Gavin and Qnce “All I Want For Christmas (Is Gameshow’s Redbubble)” 

4\29 Gavin Edwards “Christmas Yeah Yeah

12*1 The Gay Mens’ Chorus of Los Angeles “Hannukah in Santa Monica”

10/30, 10;29, 6,30 Gayla Peevey “77 Santas

1:5 Gayla Peevey “Got a Code in the Node for Christmas” 

7-3 Gaz Brookfield “Getting Drunk for Christmas”

10;6 The Gebharts “Shopping Mall Santa”

4\7 Geeta Brothers “Hey Hanukkah” 

12*10 Gefilte Joe and the Fish “Hanukkah Rocks

12,19 Gemma Nicole “Our First Christmas” 

5/6, 5\22 Gene Autry “Thirty-Two Feet and Eight Little Tails of White

10.24 Gene Autry “Christmas Carols by the Old Corral” broadcast

4.17 Gene Autry “Freddie the Little Fir Tree

2.27 Gene Autry “If It Doesn’t Snow on Christmas”

11*15 Gene Autry “The Night Before Christmas (In Texas, That Is)

11/2 Gene Autry “Merry Christmas Waltz

11*15 Gene Autry “Merry Texas Christmas You All”

5.18 Gene Autry “An Old Fashioned Tree

6/23 Gene Autry “Poppy the Puppy

7;11 Gene Autry “Sleigh Bells”

3.7 Gene Autry “Where Did My Snowman Go?” 

3;16 Gene Davenport “Christmas in the Bunkhouse” 

12;25 Gene Davenport Cowboy Christmas

3;3 Gene Davenport “Night Herd Duty on Christmas Eve

4.12 Gene London “A Walking Talking Christmas Tree

5.24 Gene Mitchell “All I Want for Christmas is a Big Palm Tree

6’11 Gene Mitchell “Christmas Boat Parade

5.24 Gene Mitchell “Coconut Palm for a Christmas Tree

7:30 Gene Wang “Christmas Means Family” 

6;24 Gene-o “No More Christmas”

5.31 General Grant “No Trees for We

12.15 Generation Empowered “Ugly Christmas Sweater

11*6 Genesis the Church “Christmas in Detroit”

3\22 Geneva Renee “Christmas is Just Another Day” 

11,26 Geneve (feat. Leroy J Stillness) “Secret Santa” 

7,8 Gentleman’s Vibe & IFHT (feat. Peter Chao) “Fuck Christmas

3:6 Gentleman’s Delight & IFHT (feat. Peter Chao) “Fuck Christmas” 

4,21 The Gentlemen of 328 “Christmas at 328

7-18 Gentlemen Jesse and His Men “Christmas Hangover

4’13 Geoff Lea “Geoff Skiing

4’13 Geoff Samuels “Skiing is My Religion

5/27 Georgia Harris and The Lyrics  “Let’s Exchange Hearts for Xmas

2.22 George Dare “It Could Snow Tonight

6’17 George González “Christmas in a College Town

6:18 George Jones “Lonely Christmas Call”

5/25 George Jones “Maybe Next Christmas

5/25 George Jones “New Baby for Christmas

10/21, 9:3 George Jones and Tammy Wynette  “Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus

7/24 George Morgan, “Blue Snowfall”

7/24, 1-15 George Pardo and J. Gale Kilgore “Red, White, and Blue Christmas

2:13 George Patience “I Hate Christmas” 

8,25 George Pelham “Roll on Christmas

10/21 George Rock (Spike Jones’s band) “Wouldn’t it be Fun to be Santa Claus’s Son?

7/23, 6,3 George S. Irving “Heat Miser” 

4\25 George Lewis Todd “God Damn It’s Christmas

2\5 George Michaels “Finally It’s Christmas Again

6.23 George Naschke “Christmas Broke

4-23 George Strait “Christmas Cookies

3-27 George Strait “There’s a New Kid in Town”

11*15 George Strait “When It’s Christmas Time in Texas

1/17 George Takei “Christmas Song”

4:4 George Takei “White Penis”

4:23 George Washington Diarrhea (feat. Seymour Butts) “I Hope That I Get Anal for Christmas”

1.26 Georgette Brotherson, JoshuaHinsonn (Free Beer Productions) “Bad Gift

6:18 Georgette Jones “Lonely Christmas Call”

8:8 Georgia Anne Muldrow “The Kwanzaa Song

6’22 The Georgia Tech Glee Club “What Shall We Do with a Drunken Santa?”

9,6 Gerald LaVert “Christmas Without My Girl” 

1/17, 9-26  Gerald Walker “All I Want for Christmas is Zoe Saldano

5:29 Geraldine McQueen “Once Upon a Christmas Song” 

5\2 Gerard Way “Dasher”

12;2 Gerbert “I Can’t Wait ‘Til Christmas”

10.25 gerdenshed “Santa’s Song” 

8.12 Gerri Granger “Wexforde Carole”

7.27 Gerry and The Crocodettes “Don’t Shake the Presents

12;4 Gerry and The Crocodettes “I Can’t Wait For Santa Claus”

11,2 Gervarus “G” Giles “Cider & Hennessey

10*24 The Gery Girls “Going to Florida (This Christmas)

11,1 Getaway Car “All Time Low

10,19 Getting High in Dubai “Pumpkin Songs” 

12,31 Ghost Cousin “What Better Time Than Christmas

2-27 Ghost the Jukebox “Mistletoe

12.10 The Ghost Script (Matt Thompson) “Favorite Christmas Sweater” 

9/3 The Ghost Script (Matt Thompson) “We are Elves

11;21 Gia Farrell “Christmas Everyday”

6:28 Gibson “I Hope You have a Shitty Christmas

5’10 Gighive “Christmas Train

3.3 Gil Bezy “Blingy the Snowman” 

7/26 Gilbert O’Sullivan “I’m Not Dreaming of a White Christmas

6;27 Giles Field “No Christmas”

9.21 Gillian Jacobs (Britta) “Community Glee Club

6-1 Gilmer Dairy Farm “The Gilmer Dairy Farm Christmas Song

6-1 Gilmer Dairy Farm “Have a Dairy, Merry Christmas!

10,24 Gimson & dadbOdd “Don’t Need That for Christmas

6/23 Gina Naomi Baez “Puppy for Christmas

12.11 Gina Naomi Baez “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” 

9:28 Ginger “Don’t Shave for Me Mrs. Claus

3’15 Ginger Cat “Christmas With You

8:2 Ginger Minj “Christma-Hannu-Kwanzaa-Ka”

7:23 Ginger Minj (feat. Carnie Wilson) “Down Home Country Christmas” 

5’12 Ginger St. James “Christmas Train” 

10\31 Giovanni McGlone “To Be Jolly

7.7 Girl Ray “[I Wish I were Giving You a Gift] This Christmas

10;28 Girlfriend Material “It’s All in the Mall!”

11,1 Girlfriend Material “Xmas Specials

6,28 Girls Aloud “I Wanna Kiss You so (Christmas in a Nutshell)”

1.27 Girls of Suburbia “’All about that Bass’ parody

5:14 Girls With Glasses “Itchy Sweater Shake” 

5/11  Gisele Mackenzie “Too Fat for the Chimney”

10’12 GITrashposting “Our Most Glorious Leader, M í che á l Ó Muircheartaigh, and His Band – Pyongyang by Christmas (AKA People Who Give Socks As Presents Are West Brits And Will Not Be Spared When The End Times Come And Our Parish GAA Field Becomes Sentient)” 

3’14 Gk 243 (Jocline Francis · Prodbyninez) “Winter Season

6’19 Glad Host’s The Aquanauts “Christmas Underwater” 

2’5 Gladys Rock “Going Sledding with You” 

6:8 Glam Skanks “Bring My Baby Back for Christmas

4:23 Glamazam “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Butt Sex” 

11’4 Glamourpuss “The Worst Christmas

5’22 Glen Campbell “Old Toy Trains”

4’1 Glen Miller Band (feat. Paula Kelly, Ray Eberle, Tex Beneke and The Modernaires) “It Happened in Sun Valley” 

10,1 Glen Saldahna “Christmas in Every Town” 

1/22 Glen Scrivener  “The Martian Came Down

4’22 The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra “Keep a Little Christmas in Your Heart

8-7 Glenn David Andrews “Got High for Christmas”

5.4 Glenn Diamond “Angel on My Christmas Tree

4.19 Glenn Diamond “My Christmas Tree” 

4’25 Glenn Frey “Big Life

2.7 Glenn Galen “Here Comes the Snow

11*23 The Glenn Miller Singers “It Happened in Sun Valley”

1\26 The Glenn Mohr Chorale “The Days After Christmas” 

11’25 Glenn Simonelli “Worst Christmas Song Ever” 

1/29 Glenn Smith “Christmas on the Moon

10.29 Glenn Trujillo and Rich Wenzel “This Christmas (Sing for Christmas)” 

5.24 Glial Cell “Plastic Christmas Tree

12*23 Glissandi “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”

3’3 Gloria Estefan, Emily Estefan, Sasha Estefan-Coppola “Thankful” 

4-28 G Love “Christmas Cookies

12,4 G. Love with Special Sauce “Christmas Joint” 

1’7 G Love “Christmas Wave” 

2’10 G. Love & Special Sauce “Winter Days” 

10\18 Glove Compartment “Christmas is Ruined” 

7/31 GloZell, West Coast Singers “Black Christmas

10;2 Gluon Love “Santa’s Lap”

4.19 G-MAN “Santa Christmas Tree”

5,10 G-Mo Skee “Filthmas Origins (The Prequel)

4,25 Gnarwhalz “Christmas in 311

1/29  The GO “Christmas on the Moon

1.17 gobluekillred “Moves Like Santa”

3.24 Go Eat Worms “vs. the Snowman” 

3-20 The Go-Go Boys “Away with a Stranger”

10/17 The Go-Go Boys “Chickenhawk is Coming to Town”

5’30 The Go-Go Boys “Peaches Le Train”

4:29 The Go-Go Boys “We Three Boys”

4\4, 12\25 The Go Go Cult “Hey Hey It’s Christmas” 

10’5 Go Go Ponies “It’s Christmas (But I Don’t Carey)

1/8 The Go Gos “I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas with a Dalek”

3:15 Go Set Go “Fuck Christmas

8:28 The Go! Team (feat. Bethany from Best Coast and The Girls At Dawn) “Buy Nothing Day”

11:26 Goddammit Jeremiah “Office Christmas Party” 

11,7 Gods Wisdom “North of Heaven” 

11:20 Going Spaceward (feat. Savanna Cole) “The Christmas Party Song

7;16 The GoldDiggers “And the Bells Rang”

8;14 Golden Apples “Pretty Little Twinkling Star”

4-16 Golden Bough “Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake”

4’12 golden diskó ship “Skiing Down A Hill Of Dead Fishies” 

9/1 Golden Films “Christmas Elves”

9/28 Golden Films “The Elf Jump”

3’3 The Golden Orchestra and Singers “The First Skater’s Waltz” 

2.19 The Golden Orchestra & Singers “The First Snowball of the Season

4\19 The Golden Orchestra and Singers “Giddyap, Giddyap, Whoa Santa” 

4\17 Golden Records “Hail to Christmas”

6:3 Goldentusk “I’m Breaking up with You for Christmas

5:31 Goldentusk “The Only Holiday Gift Worth Giving” 

4:28 Goldentusk “Sex for Hanukkah”

12.29 Goldie Lookin Chain           “I Don’t Want to Wear No Clothes on Christmas Day” 

10.23 The Goldiggers “I Sing Noel

10,27 Goo Goo Dolls “You Ain’t Gettin’ Nothin’

12:3 Good Charlotte “Christmas by the Phone

4’11 Good Neighbor “Ski Lodge

5’20 Good Trouble “A Very Good Trouble Christmas

1/13 Good Vibes Percussion “Christmas/Star Wars Mashup

12.27 The Good Year Pimps “Grandma’s Christmas Shirt

4.26 The Goodman Family “Decorate the Tree

10,13 Goodxj  “This Christmas

4-17 Goofy “Toot Suite, Christmas Treats

6’26 Goombay Dance Band “Christmas at Sea” 

5’8 Goombay Dance Band “Wishing a Merry Christmas

5/22 The Goons “I’m Walking Backwards for Christmas”

12:10, 12:25 GOOP “Nuclear Xmas

6-26 Gord Bamford “Daddy’s Beer”

12,31 Gord Bamford “Storybook Christmas” 

9,26 Gordo Loco “The 12 Days of Christmas” fast food

9;4 Gordon Dills “Christmas Candle (God’s Gift of Light)”

6’14 Gordon Mac Martin “Sailor Santa

11/2 Gordon McRae (version) “The Merry Christmas Waltz”

5:15 Gordy Pratt “

4.12 Gordy Pratt “I’m the Christmas Tree

7.3 Gordy Pratt (feat. Christina Watson) “I’m a Present”

5:26 Gordy Pratt Oldest Decoration

5:13 Gordy Pratt “Take This Santa Suit and Shove It

11;13 The Gorgons “I Think It’s Almost Christmas

4\29 The Gorgons “It’s Christmas (Yeah Yeah Yeah)

12*15Gothika “Christmas Night

9’7 Gotholic (ft. Anno Domini Nation) “Christmas Eternal

11.19 Government Yule “Christmas Card” 

7-11 Government Zero “Drunk for Christmas

3’5 Governor “Ice Skates

12.1 Grace Basement “Warmest Winter Clothes

7.8, 2;28 Grace in Christmas “A Gift on Your Birthday

5;5 Grace Potter & The Nocturnals “Naughty Naughty Children (Better Start Actin’ Nice)”

5/29, 6/29 Gracie Fields “Little Donkey

5;5 Gracious Me “The Naughty List”

5:27 Graduation Speech “This is a Gift”

12,11 Graeme Connors “Christmas in Melbourne

2.27 Graffiti6 “No Snow

1/1 Graham Coulton “New Years Resolutions”

12*1 Gram Rabbit “California Christmas

5:10 Grammarchist “Mr. Red Christmas

8/15 Grandpa Griffith “Santa was a Trucker

8/18 Grandpa Robert Spurgeon “Trucker Christmas Song

7\12 The Grandsons, Jr. “Yorgi the Yodeling Reindeer

2’3 Grant Hart “Flexible Flyer” 

9’10 Grant Raymond Barrett “The Devil Takes a Holiday” 

6,10 Grayson Sanders (ft. Jono ft. Lauriana Mae) “Something in the Air

8-10 Grass Stains “I Got High w/Santa

12\19 The Grateful Dead “Stagger Lee

4/27 Grave Disorder “I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus

7-26 The Gravel Spreaders “Are You Drinkin’ With Me Jesus?”

4,15 Graveslime “362 Days until Christmas

7-28 Gravity Wagon “Jesus You’re a Mean Drunk”

1’20 Gray “Fall v2

8,27 Grayson DeWolfe “Have a Merry Christmas

7-12 Grayson Walker and J McLaughlin “Christmas Alcoholic

2’14 A Great Big Piles of Leaves “Drought of Snow

4\29 The Great Collections “Yeah It’s Christmas” 

10*12 The Great John L “Christmas in St. Croix”

7/23 The Great John L “Green Christmas

9;10 Great Lake Swimmers “Hang a String of Lights”

7-6 Great White Caps “I’m Gonna Get Drunk for Christmas

9,26 Gred and Forge “The Harry Potter 12 Days of Christmas”

6:17 Green Cherries It’s Christmas”

4\9 Green Matthews “Hey for Christmas!” 

6’27 The Green Monkey Christmas Chorale (feat. Gary Minkler) “Xmas Time for Sailors

8-12 Green Outlaws “A Bag of Pot for Christmas

1\3 GreenPoint Blue “Santa’s Late for Christmas

7.13 Greencastle Homer “I Want Presents

4.23 The Greenes “The First Christmas Tree

6-27 Greg and Chris Smith “Mulled Lines

5:29 Greg & Brian “The Worst Christmas Carol

4:26 Greg & Brian “Yule Log

11,20 Greg Doolan “The Five Days of Christmas

9.11 Greg Eagles, Malcolm McDowell “We’re Off”

7/27 Greg Gower “Christmas White

12.24 Greg (guitar) Case “Santa Wore Cowboy Boots” 

8-14 Greg Hawkes “Santa Doesn’t Cop out on Dope”

10\14 Greg Helmer “2016 Hurray Hurray for Christmas

4\12 Greg Helmer “Hurray Hurray for Christmas” 

1\31 Greg Herman “After Christmas Song” 

12,26 Greg Lake “I Believe in Father Christmas

11\19 Greg Laswell “Out of Line

2:9 Greg Orosz “The Anti-Christmas Song

7;19 Greg Page “Christmas Bells

12’15 Greg Volk “Have a Maga Christmas

10;10 Greg Wilson “Dime Store Santa”

11\3 Gregg Albertson “Christmas 1999

9:14 Gregg Cagno “Ode to Mrs. Claus’s Joy” 

11.5 Gregg Charmly “My Christmas Card to You”

7\30 Gregg Donley “The Reindeer Song” 

7:13 The Gregory Brothers “The Home Alone Song

8-20, 12-25  Gregory Page & The Wrong Trousers “Crack & Christmas”

3.24 Gregory Scott Slay “Visit with a Snowman

6/27 Grey Griffin “Our Christmas Monkey”

4.25 ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ cast “Trim up the Tree

5.15 Gringos Fate “Christmas

6/10Gross Kids  “Tom the Toad

7-20 Grover Windham “Christmas in Rehab

6:18 The Growlers “Lonely This Christmas” 

11/29 Grub Dog Mitchell “Disco Christmas

10’22 Gruff Rhys “Post Apocalypse Christmas

6/26 Grumpy Cat  “It’s Hard to be a Cat at Christmas

2.26 G. Salvia “I Hate the Friggin’ Snow!

4.17 GT “Mr. Dancing Christmas Tree

6’11 G T Polerson “The Christmas Ships” 

9/19 G.T. Polerson “Little Ralph the Christmas Elf

9’25 Guesthouse “Christmas in Hell

5.26 Guggy (& Jr Blessington, Milton Blake & Nate Jones) “Christmas Tree

3.24 Guided by Voices “Doughnut for a Snowman

11.17 Guided by Voices “Father Sgt. Christmas Card” 

11/29 Guinea Worms “Christmas Disco Pillow

3:12, 2\26 The Guinea Worms “Oh F*uck, It’s Christmas Again” 

5.25 The guitar Plus me “Aluminum Xmas Trees

8\27 The Guitirate “Uncle Jesus Flying Through the Stars

9.4 Gullah Gullah Island cast “Merry Christmas to Ya”

10-3 Guppy Pie “John and Yoko Christmas parody

9’7 Gurf Hankle “The Devil’s Christmas” 

10’26 Gurf Hankle “A God Damn Christmas Song

2.11 Guriezo “Snow is Falling Down

1/4 Gus B. Kaipat “Christmas in the Marianas

5:8 Gus Gregory “Festus the Christmas Crab” 

5.19 Guster “Tiny Christmas Tree”

11\11 Guts Crew Records “Christmas Morning 1991

12’10 Guwange “Merry Christmas (Wanna See My Dad’s Gun?)” 

5.30 Guy Capecelatro III “Chainsaw

5.30 Guy Capecelantro III “Tinsel

12’10 Guy Clark “Queenie’s Song” 

9:3 Guy Sherman “She’s Mrs. Claus” 

7.3 Guys and Dolls   “Don’t Worry About Presents This Christmas (Just Give Me Your Time)” 

8,9 Guys Nite “Die Hard” 

9;20 Gwen Stefani “Under The Christmas Lights”

10;19 G-Zeus X “Mall Santa


6.18 Hadadington “A Broke Millennial’s Christmas

10*14 Haddon Heights school choir “Christmas in Philadelphia”

4-23 Hadley Holloway and Gregory Fisher  “Christmas Cookies”

8\23 Hadley Park “If Reindeer Can Fly

8\22, 11’23 Hadley Park “Santa Crashed His Sleigh in Our Garage

5’9 Hadnot Creek “Oscar’s Christmas Lament” 

10\10, 6,22 Haim “Christmas Wrapping 2020 (all I want for christmas is a vaccine)

3’24 Håkon Lervåg “Ice Skating

3-9 Hal Leonard and Shawnee Press Church Choral “Almost There”

2.9 Hal Leonard Choral “The First Snow

12.13 Hal Leonard Music “My Christmas Sweater

12:3 Hal Willis “555-Ho! Ho!” 

11’20 Hal Willis “Kris Kringle’s Krick” 

7\13 Hal Willis “Santa’s Reindeer Clones” 

10;29 Hal Willis “Santa’s Clones”

2.24 Haley Green “Snowed In

5-10 Half Deaf Clatch “Cold Potatoes

6’9 The Hallelujah Chorus “The Hallelujah Christmas Cruise

10/9 Hampton Police Division “Jingle Bells (Holiday Safety Remix)

10-1 The Hampton String Quartet “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

10-1 The Hampton String Quartet “Frosty the Snowman”

2\25 The Hamsters from Hell “Oh No It’s Christmas Again” 

10,6 The Hanging Bandits “Broke Christmas” 

9:27 Hani Stempler “Here Comes Mrs. Santa Claus” 

5;20 Hank Green “Jesus Gets Nothing for Christmas”

5’14 Hank Snow “The Christmas Cannonball” 

10/1 Hank Snow “God is My Santa Claus

5/13 Hank Snow “The Reindeer Boogie”

6/27 Hank Thomspon  “I’d Like to Have an Elephant for Christmas

12*4 Hank Thompson “It’s Christmas Every Day in Alaska”

3.23 Hank Thompson “Mr. & Mrs. Snowman

6.28 Hank Thompson and the Brazos Valley Boys “Wrap My Heart in Ribbons”

8.5 Hanna Barbera chorus “Brand New Kind of Christmas Song

4\7 ‘Hanna Barbera’s Christmas Sing-a-long’ “Hey Now

8.6 Hanna Barbera chorus “It’s Our Favorite Time of the Year

9,30 Hanna Bielawa “Merry Christmas for Today” 

9:7 Hannah and Maggie “Mrs. Claus

2-17 Hannah J “Under the Mistletoe”

6-1 Hannah Jackson, Amy Faris “Hot Chocolate for Two”

4’19 Hannah Pauly “Let’s Go Ski

9,4 Hanoi Rocks “Dead by Xmas” 

9\3 Hans Somme “Christmas Market

2.14 HANSA “Snowfall”

10,19 Hanson “Finally it’s Christmas

12.10 Hanson “My Favorite Christmas Sweater” 

9,26 Haphazard Disastard “Warcraft 12 Days of Christmas”

11,1 Happy Accident “The Days” 

3-4 Happy Birthday Card “Happy Birthday to Jesus” 15-second  e-card

2;15 The Happy Birthday songs channel “Christmas Birthday Song

5/28 The Happy Crickets “Christmas Don’t Be Late”

3’28 Happy Heartbreak “Worn Out Skates” 

10/4 Happy Jawbone Family Band “Martian Santa”

2.19 The Happy Racers “Snowball Fight”

4-10 Happy Slappy Surprises “Tastes Like Chocolate Christmas Spirit

3.24 Happy Supply         “Young Snowman Got It Bad, ‘Cause He’s So Round”

7;20 Hard Call Christmas “My Christmas Bells”

12\11 Hard Science “Christmas, 1958

11’30 Hardeman “Worst Christmas Ever (Christmas of the Dead)” 

7/31 The Harlem Children’s Chorus “Black Christmas

1:3 Harley and the Hoggbites “Calling in Sick at Christmas” 

6-9 Harley-Grace “The Eggnog Song

2\27 Harley Poe “It’s Christmas Time Again” 

12’31 Harm’s Way “Santa’s Been Drinkin and He’s Got a Gun!

2.23 Harold Livingstone and Mile Marker 24 “White Christmas in the Florida Keys

11;14 Harold Morton “Christmas Is Nearly Here”

4.2 Harold Rippy “Baby, What Kind of Christmas Tree You Want?”

11;14 Harold Rippy “It’s Almost Christmas”

7,7 Harold Rippy “Santa Claus is Going Down 65

8:24 the Harp Twins “Nordic Solstice” 

9,10 Harrison Lemke “Coeur D’alene Lake Christmas Eve ’98” 

8,31; 12,25 Harry and Chris “The Christmas Song

11,1 Harry Connick Jr. “The Happy Elf

12,27 Harry Connick, Jr. “I’m Gonna be the First One

5:28, 11,28 Harry Connick Jr “(It Must’ve been Ol’) Santa Claus

12,2 Harry Connick, Jr. “Zat You Santa Claus?”

12:6 Harry E. Humphrey “Santa Claus in Your Phonograph” 

4’23 Harry Garcia (feat. Joe Freer) “A Snowy Christmas Day

11:15 Harry Mercer “The Christmas Party Song” 

5.6 The Harry Simeone Chorale “Christmas Tree

7-1 Harold Swords “I’ll be Drunk for Christmas

7.20 Harry and The Potters “Christmas Shopping for Dobby

5/20 Harry Belafonte “Mary’s Boy Child

7-25 Harry Buttocks and the Hemorrhoids “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)”

5:7 Harry Stewart (Harry Kari) “The Night Before Christmas”

9-29 Harry theboywholived (others) “Voldemort  is Coming to Town”

5-28 Harve Bishop “Christmas Dinner with Sam”

12,17 Harvey Danger “Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas

9’7 Harvey Darkside “The Devil’s Christmas

7/3 Harvey Fierstein “Give Your Friend an Easter Egg for Christmas”

6,3 Harvey Fierstein “Heat Miser”

9,26 Hasax “12 Days of Minecraft

4;3, 12;25 Haschel Cedricson “He’ll Bring You Coal

11’14 Haschel Cedricson “A Kickstarter for Christmas

8,29 Hassann Hurricane “A Christmas Crisis

6;14 Haust (& Okkultokrati) “No Christmas

12,20 HAVR “Quiet Christmas

12*5 Hawaii Calls “Numbah One Day of Christmas

9:21 Hawkbaby “Mrs. Claus is on the Naughty List

12/23 Hawkeye “Money for Christmas

12,15 Hawksley Workman “3 Generations” 

6’6 Hawksley Workman “Build a House or Maybe a Boat

2’28 Hawksley Workman “First Snow of the Year

9.27 Hayden Chase ”Home for Christmas”

10,19 Hayden Joseph “The Book Beside Your Bed

9:21 Hayden Stearns “Hey Mrs. Claus

12\3 Hayes Carll “Jesus and Elvis

9.22 Hayley Sales “Christmas is Leading Me Home

12.24 HB Radke “Shiny Red Boots

4:8 HC Weinberg & His Midwest Merry Makers  “Christmas Makes Me Frisky

4:8 HC Weinberg & His Midwest Merry Makers  “Christmas Makes Me Horny”

4:8 HC Weinberg & His Midwest Merry Makers  “Frisky the Snowman

5:9 HC Weinberg & His Midwest Merry Makers “Christmas All Year Long” 

4:8 HC Weinberg & His Midwest Merry Makers “Santa’s Little Helper

8.19 He Man & She Ra cast “Spirit of Christmas”

10:8 He Who Cannot Be Named “War on Christmas”

11’17 Headlights “Kicker of Elves

12;27 Heart “Christmas Waits”

2\14 Heart “The Last Noel

5.19 Heart Crimes “Christmas Tree

11\10 Heart Heart Julia “Christmas 1992

12/16 Heart LeBlanc “All I Want for Christmas Dear is You”

11*17 Heartland Men’s Chorus “Christmas in Kansas City

6,24 Heather Anne Campbell [Scientifically Accurate] “Santa Claus” 

12;30 Heather Henderson “I Can’t Wait For Christmas…To Be Over”

1.27 Heather Krol “All About the Christ

10*8 Heather Masse “Christmas in Vermont”

10*1 Heather Noel “Santa Came on a Nuclear Missile”

1’18 Heather Noelle Holley “Merry Christmas from LA” 

10,26 Heather Noelle Holley “There Is a Santa Claus

9\22 Heather Nova “Always Christmas” 

2-5 Heather Poduska “It Must have been the Mistletoe”

4;11 HeatleyBros (feat. Brooke Heatley) “Coal!”

11\9 Heatmaps “Home Alone

8-16 Heavy Smoke “All I Want for Christmas is Loads of Drugs”

1\27 Hectic Hat “After Christmas” 

11\25 Hector Collectors “Christmas 1977

8:11 the Heebee-jeebees “Boxing Day Blues” 

3;6, 12;25 The Heebee-jeebees “Cowboy Christmas

7\23 The Heebee-jeebees “Reindeer Ceili

10;5 The Heebee-jeebees “Shopping Mall Santa Claus”

3;11 The Heels “Cowboy for Christmas

11/30 The Heftone Banjo Orchestra w/Brian Heffernan “Santa Claus Rag

3.5 Heidi Burgess “I’m a Little Snowman” new melody 

3.1 Heidi Songs “Let’s Build a Snowman!

1\7 The Held “Thank God (Christmas is Over)” 

4\23 Helen & Shanna “Oh! Christmas” 

11\8 Helen Arney “Christmas 1994

11,18 Helen Arney “Never Built a Snowman

12;21 Helen Austin “Can’t Wait for Christmas Day

9’9 Helen McCookerybook “The Devil’s Christmas Stocking

1/1 Helen Reddy “New Years Resolutions”

7.2 Helen Welch “Christmas Present”

6/3 Helene Williams & Leonard Lehrman  “A Cockroach Christmas

4’20 Hella Maze “Skiing

7/30 Hellfunk “I’m Dreaming of a Black Xmas

4:17 Hellgrammites “I Saw Mommy Banging Santa Claus”

12,9 Hello Saferide “iPod-X-Mas” 

9\6 The Help “All I Want for Christmas is a Billion Dollar No-Bid Contract

9/20 Henderson Tapscott “Twinkle the Christmas Elf

12,15 Henef “Christmas Tree

12,29, 3’28 Henny Queenz “Christmas Season

12’8 Henrique Couto “All I Want for Christmas (Is a Machine Gun)

10,18 Henrisoul “True Story (A Christmas Story)” 

8.5 Henry Corden “It’s My Favorite Time of Year”

11.22 Henry Cyr “Christmas Card” 

3.19 The Henry Girls “Mr. Snowman

5.4 Henry Hall and The Three Sisters “The Fairy on the Christmas Tree”

11.22 Henry Kroll III “Christmas Card” 

9/3 Henry Mancini “Making Toys”

10;17 Henry McGoo “The Second Santa at the Mall

11/16 The Hepsters “Rockin’ and Rollin’ with Santa Claus

7;5 Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass “The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle”

10/17, 12/25 Here Comes the Mummies “Secret Santa

10’28 Here Holy Spain “God – Damn This Christmas

12.11 Hermione Crookshanks “The Sweater Song” 

4\18 Hermione Lund “Cheers to Christmas

4’26 Hernando Tangjaya “It’s That Time of the Year

12,9 Herod the Fink “Christmas in the UK” 

9.12 Hevy Trevy “Santa Claus, Santa Claus”

9’1 Hex “Goat Demon

10\3 Hey Kyle “The Mountain Goats

9’19 Hey Nunnie Nunnie! “What Would Satan Want for Christmas?

4\9 TheHeyHos “Hey Ho It’s Christmas

8,31 Heymonday Our Mixtape for Christmas

10,30 HeyMrNoOdLeS “a sad christmas song

5:15 Heywood Banks “Cash Cash Cash” 

6.30 Heywood Banks “Christmas Box

12/8, 12-25 Heywood Banks “Dearest Mr. Santa Claus”

5:25 Heywood Banks “Frosty the Bluesman

5;2 Heywood Banks “Diddly Squat”

8:3 Heywood Banks        “It’s a Ramadan-Hannakah-Christmas-Kwanza-Pagan-Solstice Time” 

12.23 Hi-5 “Santa Wear Your Shorts

12,12 Hidden Horizon “The Day After Halloween (It’s Christmas Again)

7/30 High Contrast “Black Christmas

1.29 High Society “Uptown Funk–Christmas Daddies Version” 

11.20 HighTyde “Christmas Card” 

12/22 Hijackalope “All I Want for Christmas is a Restraining Order”

8:18 Hijackalope “Festivus”

7-1 Hilary “I’ll be Drunk for Christmas” her take off

11;2 Hilary Henshaw “Christmas Is Nearly Here”

4.7 Hilary Marckx “Christmas Tree Boogie

12\3 Hilary Marckx “Green Butter Christmas

3/17 The Hilton Family “Christmas Poo”

3\15 Hilton Walters “Another Waffle House Christmas

12:14 hildilid “Fax the Facts”

1-15 Hilltop Records “A Red White and Blue Christmas

5:8 Hipwaders “Christmas Vicuna

5’15 The Hipwaders “Santa’s Train” 

5.3 The Hipwaders “Tinsel and Lights

4\28 The Hipwaders “Yes, It’s Christmas

5-29 His Own “Christmas Time is No Time to Diet

12;11 The Histories “I Can’t Wait for Christmas

4\14 The Hit Crew “Hooray for Chanukah

9\23 The Hit Metres “There are a Million Songs about Christmas” 

10,24 Hitrick & Brooks (feat. CJ Hughes) “Go Away Snow” 

10,28 Hishandsmilk (feat. Hashter) “Have Christmas Without Me” 

7.28 The Hive & Cyndi Lauper “A Christmas Duel

4’22 HoganBeats “Skiing

5;17 Hoggle’s Jewelry “Fran Spoils Christmas”

9:19 Hoggle’s Jewelry “A Kiss from Mrs. Claus” 

4’16 HOGI “Skiing in Hell

1.8 Holderness Family “Santa Song (Nickleback parody)”

2.20 The Holderness Family “Snow Day

10\15 The Holderness Family “#Elfed

10\16 The Holderness Family “#JammieTime

10\13 The Holderness Family “Christmas Jammies 2017

10\12 The Holderness Family “Christmas Jammies 2018

10\10 The Holderness Family “Christmas Jammies 2020

10\14 The Holderness Family “Merry Christmas 2016

12.6, 10\17 The Holderness Family “Xmas Jammies

10:15 The Holiday Bloch-busters “It’s a War on Christmas” 

11;20 Holiday Boiz “Christmas is Almost Here”

8:14 The Holiday Hipsters “Carol of the Boxing Day”

10\9 Holiday Roger “Christmas Spirits

12\25 Holiday Roger Holiday Heat

7/10 The Holidays “Summertime Santa”

5:21 Holidelic “Down the Hatch

12:25 Holidelic Holidelic: Rebooty 

5:18 Holidelic “Nativitay

5:24 Holidelic “Snowglobe

3.24 Holidelic “Snowman’s Lament

6-1 The Holley Sisters “Hot Cup of Cocoa” one

3\8 Holly Auna “Another Silent Night” 

12;2 Holly Collins “I Can’t Wait for Christmas”

5.29 Holly Golightly “Christmas Tree’s on Fire

6,20The Hollybells “Christmas Simple” 

1’12 The Hollyberries “(I Wanna Go) Surfin’ with Santa

10/4 The Hollyberries “Santa’s Supersonic Rocket Sleigh

11/21 The Hollydays “Christmas Rock ‘N’ Roll

11/23, 3.6 The Hollytones “Do the Snowman

8/28 The Hollytones “Gridlock Christmas”

12*1Hollywood Undead “Christmas in Hollywood

7.28 Holy Grail “No Presents for Christmas”

5.29 Holy Moly “Christmas Balls

11.17 The Hombres “Last Christmas Card”

10,19 Home Grown “Christmas Crush” 

6.2 The Homeless Gospel Choir “Black Friday

3.1 Homemadesoul “Snowman

6/15 Homemade Theater “Santa Jaws”

5/8 Homer & Jethro [with June Carter] ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

5/11 Homer and Jethro “All I Want for Christmas is My Upper Plate

3.25 Homer and Jethro “Frosty the De-Frosted Snowman

5/11 Homer and Jethro “I Saw Mommy Smoochin’ Santy Claus

7;2 Homer & Jethro “Jingle Bells”

1\8 Homer & Jethro “The Night After Christmas” 

10/8 Homer and Jethro “Santa Claus the Original Hippie”

10,15 Honey Davis “Blue Christmas

12;14 Honey Doll “I Can’t Wait for Christmas”

7-10 Honey Honey “Christmas Tipsy”

6/22 Honey Jean Bunch “Whitey the Christmas Seal

12*5 The Honolulu Boys Choir “Christmas in Hawaii

12*5 The Honolulu Boys Choir “Makahiki, the Christmas Mehune

12*5 The Honolulu Boys Choir ”The Merriest Hawaiian Christmas

12*5 The Honolulu Boys Choir “My Hawaiian Christmas

12’7 Honor Among Thieves “Now I Have a Machine Gun Ho Ho Ho

4\12 Hooray Heroes “Hooray, It’s Christmas Time!” 

8,17 Hoosier Boy “Christmas in Indiana

9:22 Hoover’s G-String “The Ballad of Mrs. Claus

7\21 The Hooves “Hoof on the Roof” 

1/7 Hope Spears “12 Days of Doctors

11*24 Hope Spin “Christmas in Las Vegas

1\3 Horace Peterkin & Friends “After Christmas” 

5:28 Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, and Tracy Morgan “I Wish It was Christmas Today

12*18 Horrible Histories “Good King Wenceslas”

1/24, 10-4 The Hot Buttered Elves “Alien Santa

6.25 Hot Buttered Elves “Broke for Christmas”

10’14 Hot Buttered Elves “Dead for Christmas” 

10;10 Hot Buttered Elves “Department Store Santa”

4.7 The Hot Buttered Elves “I Do Believe That’s a Christmas Tree

11’18 The Hot Buttered Elves“It Ain’t Christmas (‘Til the Walmart Greeter Gets Trampled to Death)

9;9 Hot Buttered Elves “Larry Was a Yule Log”

10’16 Hot Buttered Elves “Mayan Santa” 

1’30 The Hot Buttered Elves “Moonpuppy the Surfin’ Elf” 

4.10 The Hot Buttered Elves “The Perfect Christmas Tree

11’29 Hot Buttered Elves “Pieces of Santa” 

4-5 The Hot Buttered Elves “Santa’s Candy”

9’14 Hot Buttered Elves “Satan Claus

7\6 The Hot Buttered Elves “Steve the Reindeer

2.25 Hot Buttered Elves “Too Much Snow

11.23 Hot Buttered Elves “A Watercolor Christmas Card”

12’15 Hot Chocolate “Brand New Christmas

5-7 Hot Dad “A Taco Bell Christmas

5-7 Hot Dad “A Taco Bell Christmas (Blue Satellite Remix)”

10:7 Hot Dad “War on Christmas” 

3/24 The Hot Dogs “Holy Shit, It’s Christmas!”

5’12 The Hot Dogs “Rolling on the Train

9.14, 8;24 Hot Hot Heat “Christmas Day in the Sun

9,1 Hot Press and The Silent Nights “December 24th

7.4 The Hot Rods  “I Don’t Want Your Christmas Presents (I Just Want Your Christmas Kisses)

7-24 The Hot Rods “Santa’s Too Drunk to Drive

7.12 The Hot Rolls “Christmas Gift Convoy

2-3 The Hot Sardines “Mistletoe and Holly”

7-25 Hot SockyDaddy’s Drinking All Our Christmas

9,3 Hott$cott “Christmas Eve/Christmas Day” 

12;9 An Hours Thought “I Can’t Wait for Xmas”

9,2 House 13 (feat. Musicians Association of Gibraltar) “Christmas is Almost Here” 

4\16 House Bat “Holiday Hallelujah” 

2:3 House of Breaking Glass “A Very Grumpy Christmas” 

7\31, 10,3 House of Large Sizes “Twelve Angry Reindeer” 

7;29 House of Wires “Caroling Caroling”

6.11 Housewives on Prozac “I Broke My Arm Christmas Shopping at the Mall”

3:19 Hovey Benjamin “I Fucking Love Christmas” 

9,26 How It Should Have Ended “12 Days of Christmas” fantasy/superhero 

8:29 Howard Billington         “Atheist Christmas Song (The Meaning of Christmas)” 

7.19 Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24 “A Christmas Present

10;14 Howard Morris “Department Store Santa (After Christmas)”

10;13 Howard Morris “Department Store Santa Claus (Before Xmas)”

2.26 Howard Teschner “I Hate Snow”

12.19 Howie Loots “Ass in a Santa Claus Hat”

12,9 Howlin’ Bill “Rudolph

11,23 Hoyt vanTanner “Christmas With Carol

4/2, 2:27 H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society “Death to the World” 

8:27 The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society “We Wish You A Scary Solstice

4-30 HPU Nursing “The Diabetes Song (The Christmas Song)

11,5 Hrtbrkblake “Holiday Spirit

11,22 Hrtbrkblake “Mistletoe

12,31 HRTBRKBLAKE “Twerkmas” 

11;5 Huey ‘Piano’ Smith and the Clowns “Almost Time For Santa”

11/16 Huey ‘Piano’ Smith and the Clowns “Rock ‘n’ Roll Santa Claus”

5/26 Hugo Winterhaller “Christmas Cha Cha

12*5 Hula Halau Na Pua U’i O Hawai’i “Numbah One Day of Christmas

12*15 the Huddersfield South Neighbourhood Policing Team “Silent Night

5’7 Hudson Taylor “How I Know It’s Christmas

3;17 Hugh Moffatt “Christmas in the Saddle” 

6/26 The Hull Soul Collective “The Yule Cat

4.20 Humberto Almaraz “Santa will Love My Christmas Tree

6.10 Humble Tip “Christmas Shopping

9’25 Humblebrag “Christmas in Hell

12.1 Humming House “Winter Dress” 

6-10 The Hungry Food Band (Matt Farley) “Eggnog is Very Yummy

4\25 Hungry Jack “God Damn It’s Christmas

8-25 Hungry Mans Army “Christmas on Prozac

11:29 Hunky Graham “The Christmas Party Song” 

12*23 Hunter  “Jolly Old St. Nicholas

11’14 Hunteroninski “Blond Hair Blue Eyed White Baby Jesus

5:5 Hunteroninski “Shit, Shit, Shit

11,1 Hurts “All I Want for Christmas is New Year’s Day” 

2’3 Hüsker Dü “Flexible Flyer

1;24 Hutson & Harris “Texas Lawyers Singing Some Holiday Advice

11,18 HXLT “Christmas Cheer” 

6,16 HydroDalek “Doin


4.30 I am Abomination “Ornaments are for Hanging”

4.12 I am the World Trade Center “Rockefeller Tree

6-20 I Don’t Know Margo “Christmas Scotch”

7;28 I Don’t Know Margo “Dd Merrily On High!”

6,25 I Don’t Know Margo “Miracle on 84th Street” 

10:13, 11\8 I Don’t Know Margo “When I Say Merry Christmas

12:2 I Greyhound “Christmas Catalogue Blues” 

8-16 I Was Once a Dinosaur “Drugs for Christmas

5’28 Iacopo Fedi “Christmas Train

11/8 Iam Whitcomb “The Candyland Christmas Ball

11,20 Ian C A Buchanan “Never Too Soon to Celebrate (Christmas)

8:15 Ian Evans “Boxing Day” 

10;9 Ian Jenner “Mall Santa 2”

10\25 Ian Lah “Picture Frames

6-10 Ian Palmer and Tommy Keough “Eggnog Song

6/2 Ian Ross Williams “Cicada Christmas

9;14 Ian Sands “I Hate the Christmas Lights”

12/24, 12’1 Ian Yo Yo Yo (Jib Jab Brothers) “Christmas Wish List”

12\31 Iasah (feat. Kikuo) “Beautiful World” 

2:23 Ice Nine Kills “Merry Axe-Mas” 

4’25 Ice of Neptune “On Sale” 

9’20 IceGoat “Satan Claws” 

3.20 The Icicles “Snowman

3’30 .Icky “Winter Love

2:23 Icon Park “Antichristmas”

8;23 The Idea of North “The Silver Stars Are In The Sky”

6.8 Ideal World “The One Stop Shop This Christmas

7\21 Ideascapes Music “Reindeer on the Roof

10\18 ifsounds “Christmas 2012

11*13 Iglesia Elementary “Arkansas Christmas

4\29 Ikoliks “Yeah It’s Christmas” 

11-25 Il Magico Mitico Ale “Take Me Home, Country Roads

5:12 Iline “Adam the Elf” 

4\28 Illingworth “Yes It’s Christmas!

8-7 Illuminati Congo “We Blazin Up

12’26 [image control] “Don’t Shoot Santa

4’29 Imaginary Friends (w/Bert Collins) “Little Ski-Doo Christmas” 

7.22 Imagination Movers “Give a Gift

12;9 iMaronn “Wait for the happiest day”

11/27 Imitator Tots “Christmas Time (Gangnam Style)

3:9 Immoral Discipline “Merry Fucking Christmas”

3.17 Impaler “Abominable Snowman”

2:21 Important-Looking Pirates “I Hate Santa Claus” 

10;8, 12;25 Improv Everywhere “You’re Never Too Old to Sit on Santa

11:2 IMShadow007 “Come and Join the Christmas Party” 

6\20 In Love “Mike the Reindeer

10’11 In Providence “End Times

11;17 In A World Music (Feat. The Nirks) “Almost Christmas Eve!”

10,5 Inca Jones “Another Miserable Christmas

8-18 Inca Jones “Cocaine Christmas”

8-28, 5.16 Inca Jones “LSD Under My Christmas Tree

11:24 The Incredible Casuals “Santa’s Gonna Party” 

12*11 Incubus “Dreidel Song

10\30 Incubus “Get Your Dreidel on” 

12\13 The Indelicates “The Plaza Ballroom, Manchester, Christmas Eve, 1956

3’16 India Ramey “Cocktail for Christmas

9,22 Indiego North! “Flying to You at Christmas” 

9’13 Indigo “Santa is Satan” 

2-23 Indigo Girls “Mistletoe

10.22 The Indigo Girls “Your Holiday Song”

12*26 The Ineffective Subdefectives “Big Fat Man”

7;22 The InfiniTeens “Ring a Bell

12’19 Infinity Greenhouse “Santa’s Here Again

5,26, 11’28 Infinity Greenhouse “Santa’s Revenge

4.16 Ingrid DuMosch “Sally Go ‘Round the Christmas Tree

9;26 Ingrid Michaelson “Christmas Lights”

9,15 Ingrid Michaelson “The Hat” 

2.14, 9.17 Ingrid Michaelson “Snowfall

4.24 Inquisitor Betrayer “The Christmas Tree Blues”

2:21 Insane Clown Posse “I Hate Santa Claus

7/16 Insane Clown Posse “Red Christmas”

10,23 Insane Clown Posse “Santa’s a Fat Bitch

4/4 Insane Clown Posse, Twiztd “Murder City Christmas”

3.2 InsideOut A cappella “Once There Were Some Snowmen

3.2, 12.25 Inside Out A cappella “In the Sun They Melted (Snowmen II)”

8,16 Into It. Over It. “30 Foot Spirit

5:6 Into It. Over It. “Assassination on Xmas Eve”

9.11 Invader Zim cast “Bow Down

9.11 Invader Zim creators “Bow Down”

12/1 Invinceable “All I Want for Christmas (Is a Bangin’ Ass Beat)”

10:31 invision “Happy Holidays”

4’4 The Invitations “Skiing in the Snow

11’28 Inward Chills “CSI Lapland” 

4;27 Inward Chills “Santa Gave Me Coal”

11;1 Ira Antelis · Thomas Clark (feat. Jess Godwin) “Christmas Day Is Almost Here” 

9\1 Ireworks “Waves of Infinite Christmas

7;15 Irina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Josh Gad  “Ring in the Season”

9,26 Iris NK “The Smurfs–12 Days of Christmas”

6-25 The Irish Rovers “Christmas in the Ale House

4\13 The Irish Rovers “Hurray for Christmas Day

2\19 The Irish Rovers “It’s Christmas Time Again” 

12\25 The Irish Rovers Merry Merry Time of Year

4-16 The Irish Rovers “Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake”

2.2 Iron Horse “Trailer Trash

11/20 Iron Maiden “Another Rock and Roll Christmas

4:17 Ironsnake “I Saw Mommy Banging Santa Claus”

4.14 Irving Jack “Bam! Slam! Christmas Tree!”

10.7 Irving Oil “Everyone’s Got a Christmas Song to Sing

3\4 Irreverent Reverends “Another God Damn Christmas Song

4\1 Isabelle Fries “Hello Christmas” 

2-2 Isaac Hayes “The Mistletoe and Me”

12*22 Isaac Hayes (South Park) ”What the Hell Child is This?

7/2, 2.21 Isaac Hayes “Winter Snow”

12.10 Isaac Romero “My Favorite Christmas Sweater” 

7;8 Isaac Stancill “Jingle Jingle Twinkle Twinkle”

7\23 Isaac Stancill “Reindeer Rockin’” 

12.18 Isaac Stancill “Santa in a Cowboy Hat

3;25 Isaac Stancill “Santa is a Cowboy” 

11*2 Isabeau “Tennessee Christmas”

3.16 Islands “Abominable Snowman”

5.23 Islands “Christmas Tree

12*11 The Itchy Kazoo Show “The Hannukah Dreidel Song”

12.5 It’s a Cover Up “Red Dress” 

7\31 It’s a King Thing “November Reindeer” 

6;6 It’s the Real “Christmas Missed Us”

9,26 Iverson Nino Arandela “The Lord of the Rings of 12 Days of Christmas”

9,20 Ivor Biggun “All I Want For Christmas (Is an Great Big Dong)” 

12,21 Ivor Biggun “Christmas Makes Me Spew” 

4:7 Ivor Biggun “Give Us a Wank for Christmas

7,1 Ivor Biggun “Rudolph Did a Whoopsie on My Rooftop

11/23, 3.18 Ivor Bigguns “You Can’t Have a Shag with a Snowman

2\4 Ivory West “Christmas Again” 

5:12 Ivy Winters “Elfy Winters Night

7.6 Iza “Gift Wrap My Heart

5.12 Iza “Under My Christmas Tree


3\17 J “Another Christmas” 

8,17 J (feat. Christian Sams) “Merry Chrysler” 

10’25 J. Anthony Brown “Oh Damn It’s Christmas

9\24 J Church “Christmas Lights” 

12*1 J*Company “Hannukah in San Diego

10,30 Jabez (feat. B. Wells, Magician G, Dek4y, Slikadaice, DaVan, Diizii & DefNOTBio) “8 G’s of Christmas” 

12’31 The JAC “I Saw Santa with a Gun” 

12*16 Jaci Lapointe “O Christmas Tree

4:14 Jack and Tyler “Sexy Santa Claus” 

3-21 Jack Black and Jason Segel “Little Drummer Boy”

9;15 Jack Brown and The Three Jills “Let’s Light the Christmas Tree”

1-8 Jack Cardwell “Christmas in Vietnam

1/1 Jack Danyells “New Years Resolution Song

1;30 Jack Derringer “Parole for Christmas

12/18 Jack Douglass “All I Want for Christmas is a Girlfriend

2:22 Jack Douglass “Santa Hates the Poor

10,25 Jack Forman “Hanukktopus” 

9\12 Jack G “All I want for TRUmas is TRU” 

1-15 Jack Greene “Red White and Blue Christmas”

5/17 the Jack Halloren Singers My Christmas Carol

6/18 Jack Hartmann “Milton, the Dancing Christmas Mouse

4.25 Jack Haskell (The Les Brown Band) “When You Trim Your Christmas Tree

1/13 Jack Hopey “We Wish You a Merry Christmas/Star Wars Theme Mashup

2-3 Jack Jones  “Mistletoe and Holly”

7-12 Jack Kuper “An Alcoholic Christmas” 

7\20 The Jack Lomas Experience “I Wanna be a Reindeer” 

9,12 Jack Mahon “Christmas Miracle

11/22 Jack Rabbit Slim “The Christmas Twist”

5-16 Jack Servello [‘Clara’s Kinfolk’] “Aunt Clara’s Christmas Casserole

5-29 Jack Servello “Fat Free Santa” 

3.24 Jack Spann “Jon the Snowman

11;15, 12;25 Jack Terrell Clift “It Being Nearly Christmas Time

10.10, 3\21 Jack Weppler “Another Christmas Song

9;13 Jack’s Mannequin “The Lights and Buzz”

5:3 Jackie Beat & Katya “Bossa Nova Christmas in Outer Space” 

4.2 Jackie DeShannon “Do You Know How Christmas Trees are Grown?”

11;28 Jackie Loeb “I Know it’s Almost Christmas”

4-8 Jackisanerd “Candy Cane

12*5 The Jackofficers “An Hawaiian Christmas

6-3 Jacksfilms “Christmas Starbucks Specials” 

9,4 Jackson and Alan Ihr “December 24th

6:17 Jackson 5 “Christmas Won’t be the Same Without You” 

2/5 Jackson 5 “Give Love on Christmas Day”

3\11 Jackson Taylor “Another Lonely Christmas

10/22 Jackson Turner “Santa was a Cowboy

12;21 Jacksoul “Can’t Wait till Christmas”

6.16 Jacky Rogue “Broke for Christmas

6-12 Jacob Alexander  “The Eggnog Song”

6,15 Jacob Jeffries & Beauty Queen “Christmas at the Zoo

7;12 Jacob Menninga “Sleigh Ride Parody”

8-8 Jacob Miller and Ray I “All I Want for Ismus” 

6,8 Jacob Oman “Social Distance

11,10 Jacob Restituto “Christmas in Quarantine

8\18 Jacob Short “Reindeer in Space

4.5 Jacobsen Brothers “I Want a Real Christmas Tree

11:28 Jacobsen Brothers “Office Party Blues” 

3.31 Jacobsen Brothers “Santa the Snowman

10;2 Jacobsen Brothers “Santa Who’s That”

4,7 Jacquees “Christmas Without You

3.14 Jad and David Fair “Abominable Snowman”

3’28 Jada “Christmas Love

6;21 Jae Tips “Cancelled Christmas”

6,26 Jae Trxpp “Rudolph’s Story

8-8 Jah Small “Rasta Santa” 

5-1 Jahzy “Eat Muh Belly Full

3-21 Jaime Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra “Little Drummer Boy”

1:17 Jakalope “Frostbite Kisses”

9,16 Jake Gussman “December’s Children

5’12 Jake Hadrick “Pole Express

4;9 Jake McDonald “Coal for Christmas”

10,25 Jake Novak “The Jewish Christmas Song

5:21 Jake Owen (ft. Parmalee) “Christmas Spirits

10,15 Jake Paul “It’s Christmas Day Bro

8/22 Jakson Lee “Christmas is Dead (Don’t Drive Drunk)”

5;6 Jakub Ivanický (Hoxton) “I’ve Been a Bad Boy”

11,26 Jalen Jones “By Christmas You’ll Be Mine” 

3.19 Jalena “Snowman

1/10 JaLynn TardisGeek “Jingle Bells: Doctor Who Style

4-14 Jamaica Jam “Christmas Cake (In the Oven Baking)

7\31 Jambones “Broken Reindeer

4.3 The Jamborees “The Christmas Tree

7,11 James Abbott and Alex Adams “We’re Gonna Party 60

1’22 James and Ellen Samaha (for Cherry Grove Pier Surf Club) “I’m Going Surfing for Christmas

3;1 James and Mark “Crazy Cowboy Christmas

11*14 James Andrews “Christmas in New Orleans”

5.20. 3\28 James Apollo “Go Trim Another Tree

3-7 James Blunt “Wisemen

8,18 James Bonamy “Jimmy and Jesus

2/1 James Brown “Christmas is Love”

8-31 James Brown “Clean for Christmas

7.8 James Brown “A Gift

1-31 James Brown “Hey America!

12,18 James Brown “Let’s Make This Christmas Mean Something This Year” 

7\23 James Brown “Reindeer on the Roof

10*13 James Brown “Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto”

5’16 James Coffey “A Magical Christmas Train

12;13 James Collins “I Just Can’t Wait Till Christmas Time”

5:28 James Cordon “When Christmas is Over” 

1/16, 2.6 James Covenant “Make It So (Let It Snow parody)”

1:30, 6:28, 12:25 James Coyle “A Very AIDS-y Christmas” 

3.21 James Darby “Snowman

11\22 James DeanBradfield “Kodachrome Ghosts

1/13 James Griffiths “Star Wars Xmas”

11’12 James H. Carter II “My Christmas Wish” 

2.27 James Henson “There’s No Snow at Christmas

1\10, 10,10 James Hersch (Zersch) “Day After Christmas Day

7/5 James Higgins “Mom’s Xmas Song”

4-17 James J. ‘Jimmy’ Wisner (Kokomo) “The Fruitcake Song

9,26 James Kling “A Terrorist Christrmas” weaponry 

9;23 James Kochalka Superstar “Beautiful X-Mas Lights”

7.28 James Kyllo “[Christmas isn’t Christmas Without] Presents

5;21 James Leo Oliver “Christmas Came Just the Same”

4;17 James Leo Oliver “Coal for Christmas”

11;5 James Leo Oliver “Ready or Not (Santa Mix)”

9:11 James Leo Oliver “Mrs. Claus”

1;4 James Leo Oliver “Selfish Elf” 

2.4 James Maddison Music “We Just Want it to Snow

10*9 James Melody “Christmas in Boston

8:22 James Mosher “Winter Solstice Song

1/9 James Mullins          “If Christmas Songs were Written by Dr. Who Fans

7;2 James Rossi “Jingle Bawitiba”

1;5 James Schramm “Christmas Identity Theft

7:29 James Shelton, Kuipiio Livingston, Peggy James, and Christopher L Poole “Family” 

5:1 James Slater “All I Want from Santa is a Girl from Atlanta” 

10*24 James ‘Sunny Jim’ White “Christmas Day in Florida

7;1 James Taylor “Jingle Bells”

11,10 James Watson, Sr. “Merry Christmas in the Land of the Free” 

9’17 James White & The Blacks “Christmas with Satan

8,4 James Wotal “Blinded by Christmas

11\10 Jami Smith “Christmas 1992

4,28 Jamie Callum “The Pianoman at Christmas” 

10,26 Jamie Cullum “So Many Santas

9-7 Jamie Cooper   “Merry Christmas to You (How the Spirit of Johnny Cash Helped Santa)”

12*1 Jamie Davis of The Count Basie Orchestra”Christmas Eve in San Francisco

12/6 Jamie Foxx “Christmas List”

8.11 Jamie Foxx “Nutcracker Mash

8,12 Jamie Grace “Christmas Together

9\22 Jamie Jones, Matt Wong, Hanna Asres Jones (feat. Pau) “All I Want

10:20 Jamie Kilstein “War on Christmas” 

9,29 Jamie Lawson “Footprints in the Snow

7/24 Jamie Rickers “Blue Santa

8,11 Jamin Bradley “Baby I’m a Grinch” 

12’2 Jamir Fork “I Want a Gun for Christmas” 

8,2 Jamison Gray “Christmas Morning

4’19 Jan Bresters “I’m Skiing” 

8\4 Jan Farley “How Do Reindeer Fly?

8:22 Jan Garrett and JD Martin “Winter Solstice Lullaby

3.19 Jan Krist “Snowman

2-5 Jana Peterson “It Must have been the Mistletoe”

11*19 Jana Sampson “Joy to the World

1-1 Jana Sampson (Mashonee) “O Holy Night (in Navajo)”

11*19 Jana Sampson “What Child is This?

4.24 Jane Irene Farley “Let’s Dance Around the Christmas Tree

8.8 Jane Kean “Winter was Warm

9:15 Jane Sheldon “One for Mrs. Claus

9;15 Jane Siberry “Are You Burning, Little Candle” 

4,4 Jane’s Villains “Christmas Song

6-2 Janess Sifers   “Hot Chocolate” 

4\12 Janet Seidel “Hooray for Christmas

2-4 Janet Waldo ‘Yogi’s First Christmas’ “The Mistletoe Song”

5.13 Janey Clewer and Randy Waldman “I’m All Lit up Like a Christmas Tree

8,21 Jangle Bells “December 26” 

12:22 Janitor Jules “iPhone for Christmas”

12/17 The Janoskians “All I Want 4 Christmas”

10,9 January Lanterns “I Know It’s Not christmas for Long

1\4 January Zero “After Christmas” 

12*1 Janusz Supernak “Christmas in San Diego

11,30 Januzzi Watchmen “Winter Song

4.18 Janyse “Elfy Under My Tree” [cartoon version]

4.18 Janyse “Elfy Under My Tree” [torch version]

11,4 jardinière “Christmas Grieve

11’11 jardinière “The Fight Before Christmas

4\27 Jared & Aaron “Oh Yeah! Christmas” 

9/25 Jared O  “What Does the Elf Say?”

10;11 Jarrod Dickenson “Shopping Mall Santa’s Lament”

11;4 Jars of Clay “Almost Christmas”

3;4 Jars of Clay “Christmas for Cowboys”

2/8, 12-21, 5\25 Jars of Clay “Rudolph Smells Like Teen Spirit

2/8 Jars of Clay “Love Came Down at Christmas”

1:28 Jasmyn Neubert “Syphilis Sucks” 

7;12 Jason “Honest Sleigh Ride”

11;8 Jason and James Dake “Almost Christmas Morning

10*27 Jason and the Strap-Tones “I Found the Brains of Santa Claus

1.26, 12.25 Jason Bojangals “‘Blank Space’ ‘Home Alone’ Parody

2.2 Jason Chen “Snowflake

11*2 Jason Cox & Bryan McKaig “If Jesus Were Born in Tennessee”

4:16 Jason Didawick “Santa’s Fucking Me Under My Christmas Tree”

1’16 Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam “Summertime Santa” 

6-28, 7;23 Jason Gleason “Sleigh Bells and Wine”

11;4 Jason Gray “Christmas Is Coming”

12.11 Jason Harwell “Ode to a Christmas Sweater

2\6 Jason Hostrum  “Christmastime Again

5-8 Jason Johnson “Christmas at Wendy’s”

5:29 Jason Lancaster “All I Can Give You

2-20 Jason McCoy “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe”

6/4 Jason Morris “Twangles, The Christmas Squid”

3/2 Jason Mraz “Come Here, It’s Christmas”

6-11 Jason O’Brien “Santa’s Spiked Eggnog

10:30 Jason Pitsch “Apathetic Cryptic Epoch”

8-7 Jason Sereno “Weed for Christmas

8:24 Jason Webley “Longest Night” 

3.23 Jasper (Chuck E. Cheese’s) “Jasper’s Snowman”

12’31 Javeth [ft. Nova Omari] “Kill Santa

8:11 Jaxon Allred “Boxing Day

2:15, 6:19 Jay Brannan “Christmas Really Sucks

5:15 Jay Brannan “Dear Santa

5.11 Jay Broadway “Next to the Christmas Tree

2.12 Jay Davies “Snow is Falling

12,8 Jay Dub “12/22 Forver” 

7/28, 12-25  Jay Livingston and Ray Evans “Silver Balls

11/22 Jay Matty “Merry Twistmas

12*1 Jay Nash, Sara Bareilles “Christmas in Los Angeles

12,23 Jay P Jones “Because It’s Christmas

4;15 Jay Richwine “Coal For Christmas”

3\17 Jay Stansfield (feat. SAY) “Another Christmas Day” 

12\14 Jay Stansfield (feat. SAY) “Christmas 1954

10\16 Jay Stansfield “Christma$ Twenty Fourteen

10’9 Jay Stansfield “A Good Last Christmas

12’15 Jay Stunner “Lazy” 

9/25 The Jaybirds “What Does the Elf Say?

10-3 Jaycub Howard “A Christmas Gift from Yoko Ono

7.27 Jayden Rodrigues “Open Presents Time

10/21, 7:21 Jaye D Marie “Willy Claus, Little Son of Santa Claus

5:21 Jaymz Bee & The Royal Jelly Orchestra “Christmas Cocktail”

10/4 Jaymz Bee & His Royal Jelly Orchestra“Space Age Santa

3.20 Jaynetts “Snowman, Snowman, Sweet Potato Nose

3’30 Jazzy Ash “Ice Skates

7.1 J B Summers “I Want a Present for Christmas

8,9 JC Cassis “Christmas is Bullshit

2.24 J. Christopher “Snowed In

6’2 Jebediah “Country Holiday Song” 

12,22 Jed Davis “It’s Always Christmas in Siberia” 

5:27 JD McPherson “All the Gifts I Need”

9:10 J.D. McPherson “Claus vs. Claus” 

5:4 JD McPherson “Every Single Christmas”

5:20 JD McPherson “Hey Skinny Santa!

5:11 JD McPherson “Santa’s got a Mean Machine”

12.27 JD McPherson “Socks” 

12:25 J D McPherson socks

9;20 JD McPherson “Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights)”

12.17 JD McPherson “Ugly Sweater Blues

8/22 J.D. Rogers “DUI for Christmas

5.17 J D Wages “On Our Christmas Tree

11*10 J. Daphaney “Christmas in Chicago

8\28 J.Dub (feat. Sheena Robinson & Monay) “Flying Home for Christmas

8-13 Je Suis France “Baby, Please Don’t Get Stoned (It’s Xmas)

4.19 Jean Humanic “Santa Sit Beneath My Christmas Tree

8.5 Jean Vander Pyl “Hope is a Christmas Tree

12*22 Jeanne Marino “What Child is This?

7/16 Jeanie Perkins “Red Christmas

12,6 Jeff and Deb Conrad “Can I Come Back Home for Christmas” 

11/15 The Jeff Archer Group “Rockin’ Christmas Boogie

7\3 The Jeff Archer Group “Starrlite & Starrbrite the Reindeer Twins

10’6 Jeff Avinson “Stop the Bells (Jingle Bells)

6’21 Jeff Brown “Sailor’s Christmas

10/5, 10-4 Jeff Duff “Santa Claus is an Astronaut

5,23 Jeff Dunham “Christmas with the Achmed Family

12*17 Jeff Dunham “O Holy Crap

12*19, 1;16 Jeff Dunham “Jingle Bombs

5-23, 7,20 Jeff Dunham “Road Kill Christmas

1:4 Jeff Elva (the Mighty Pelay) ”Christmas Virus”

9,26 Jeff Foxworthy “12 Redneck Days of Christmas” rednecks

10\19 Jeff Govednik “Mayan Christmas

5\13 Jeff Grant “Comet, the Black-Nosed Reindeer

12.21 Jeff Gustafson “Santa Claus Wears a Red Suit” 

2-21 Jeff Harris “Stand Under the Mistletoe

11\7 Jeff Kelly “Christmas 1995

4/8 Jeff the Killer “Carol of the Bells (Horror Christmas)”

10,28 Jeff Mac “One More Step” 

8:10 Jeff Marx “White Kwanzaa

5.18 Jeff Meegan “Christmas Tree

7.5 Jeff Meegan “Let Her Gift be Me

2.22 Jeff Michaels “There Ain’t No Snow Like Christmas Snow

4.11 Jeff Sorg “I’m a Christmas Tree

12,5 Jeff Speight “Merry Christmas to You

2\21 Jeff Stevenson and Ray Shell “It’s Almost Christmas Again” 

5.3 Jeff Woods (The Singing Santa) “The Tinsel Song”

10’29 Jefferson Pepper “Christmas in Fallujah

4.15 Jefferson Pepper “Christmas Tree”

3.21 Jefferson Pepper “Plastic Illuminated Snowman

8:7 Jeffrey and Luke Robles “The Kwanzaa Song”

2/4 Jeffrey and Teresa “Christmas in Alaska

12/25 Jeffrey Cannon “Frumpy the Christmas Frog”

4.17 Jeffrey Lefevre “Wilby the Christmas Tree

7-26 Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon “Are You Drinkin’ With Me Jesus?” 

8-15 Jelly D “Fucked up for the Holidays

2-23 Jelly Rocket “Under the Mistletoe”

1/1 Jen Armstrong “New Years Resolutions”

10’3 Jen Blosil “Christmas Hurts Like Hell” 

2.22 Jen Hanson “Christmas Snow

4\18 Jen Hanson “Three Cheers for Christmas Time” 

11;4 JenaeshaMusic (Marina Pierce and Christopher Puckett) “I Love When Christmas Time is Around the Corner”

5’3 Jenheiser “Before Midnight” 

5.22 Jeni Fleming “I’ll Hang My Heart on a Christmas Tree”

8-4 Jenna C. Johnson “I’ll be High for Christmas” 

8:25 Jennifer Cutting “Song of Solstice

12:19 Jennifer Knapp & Margaret Becker “C’mon Amazon

7:20 Jennifer Knapp and Margaret Becker “The Family Christmas Survival Guide

4.4 Jennifer Lind “One Little Christmas Tree”

9;12 Jennifer Paige “Lights Camera Christmas”

1:8 Jennifer Redston “I Don’t Want a Christmas with Flu

1.27 Jennifer Rose “I Love My Santa Claus

9,26 Jennifer Waris “A Barbie 12 Days of Christmas”

3’26 Jenny Alien “Skating Rink” 

1-13, 12.9 Jenny Brown “Camouflage Christmas” 

2-3 Jenny Daniels “Mistletoe and Holly”

12;20 Jenny Daniels “We Can’t Wait”

2.3 Jenny Stafford “The Snowflake Song

5-20 Jenny T “Xmas Turkey Song

9,24 Jenny Talia “13 Days of Christmas” 

4:20 Jenny Talia “Christmas Blowjob

5:15 Jenny Talia “I Want a New Set of Tits for Christmas

5:5 Jenny Talia “I Wish You a Pissy Christmas” 

3;11 Jenny Tolman “Cowboy for Christmas

3:30 jennyinstereo “Fuck You (santa)”

10,13 Jenx “Everything You Need for Christmas

1.10 JerbyVids “A Lady Gaga Christmas Medley”

12.23 Jerelyn Craden (of Joy Jam) “Santa’s in a Bathing Suit” 

7/24 Jeremiah Rufini “Make My Blue Christmas Green

6,19 Jeremih and Chance the Rapper “I’m Your Santa

11’30 Jeremih & Chance the Rapper “Tragedy” 

7-8 Jeremy Lion “The 12 Drinks of Christmas” 

10/24, 10\31 Jeremy Lister “Santa’s Lost His Mojo

9:12 Jeremy Secrest “Santa Claus is Dead”

12.16 Jeremy Turner “Ugly Christmas Sweater” 

10,26 Jeremy Walker “Not so Wise Men Anymore

12,8 Jeremy Walker “Strep Throat for Christmas

10,13 Jeron Gundersen and Camille Davila “Yule Nog Waltz” 

7.13 Jerry Becker “Christmas Presents

1\21 Jerry Becker “The Day After Christmas” 

5:22 Jerry Becker “If He’d Said Anything at All

11.5, 12:1 Jerry Becker “The Man Who Writes the Cards”

5:14 Jerry Becker “Santa Said, ‘No Samba’

5/11 Jerry  Colonna “Too Fat for the Chimney”

11/10, 6.8 Jerry Darlek & The Buffalo Touch “Christmas Shopping Polka”

11/10 Jerry Darlek “What’s in the Box?

11/10 Jerry Darlek “Santa

11/10 Jerry Darlek “Thank You Christmas Polka

6.30 Jerry Darlak “What’s in the Box? Polka

11*30 Jerry Dean “Christmas in New Mexico”

6;29 Jerry Drake “The Boy Who Missed Christmas” 

2:14 Jerry Lewis “I’ve Had a Very Merry Christmas

3’11 Jerry Marcellino “Christmas in the City

10;28 Jerry Reed “Christmas at the Mall”

7\25 Jerry Riggins “Get Your Reindeer Off My Roof” 

11;5 Jerry T. Band “Santa Will Appear”

6/17 Jerry Vale “Santa Mouse”

8;8 Jesica Bennett “One Special Star”

7:16 Jess Domain & The Verve Jazz Ensemble “New Family Christmas

1-30 Jess Lee “Christmas in America

4;4 Jesse & The Hogg Brothers “Santa’s Got a Bag of Coal”

3’15 Jesse Biondi “Christmas Means to Me” 

5/29 Jesse Blevins “I Want You with Me, Christmas

9:18 Jesse Braswell “Shake It Mrs. Claus”

7:25 Jesse Daniel Smith     “Please Hang Out with Your Family (A Christmas Song)“

8:1 Jesse JMaq Maximum “Christmas Isn’t Real

5:25 Jesse ‘Jmaq’ Maximum “Frosty the Bro Man

5:6 Jesse ‘Jmaq’ Maximum “Iron Bells” 

5:6 Jesse Maximum (Jmaq) “Murder Pie (For Christmas)” 

5:3 Jesse ‘Jmaq’ Maximum “Robots Call it Xmas

5:13 Jesse ‘Jmaq’ Maximum “Serial Santa

7;28 Jesse L. Martin, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascal, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Taye Diggs, Idina Menzel (Rent original cast) “Christmas Bells”

10,12 Jesse Malin “Xmas” 

3’16 Jesse Reid “Christmas Mean to You

10,26 Jesse Reid “Soon It Will be (Christmas Day)” 

2’15 Jesse Reid “What Does Christmas Mean to You

6-22 Jesse Thomas Brown “Merry Christmas, Jameson’s Irish Whiskey

3-23 Jesse Winchester “Let’s Make a Baby King”

10,16 Jessey Wyzgowski “Divine Christmas” 

12*1 Jessica “Jessica’s California Christmas Song

6.28 Jessica and Eddie Harrison (feat. Donna Beaurais) “Christmas Ribbons

11:20 Jessica Banks “Get This Christmas Party On” 

11*27 Jessica Frech “Black Friday Night Song

5’22 Jessica Lea Mayfield “Little Toy Trains”

9,15 Jessica Molaskey “Surabaya Santa

1/14 Jessica Munzlinger (with Teryaha) It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Star Wars

2;18 Jessica Picanzo and Sarah Butler “12 Days of Newtonmas

5;4 Jessica Wiltz “Empty Stockings”

8,31 Jessie Dunks “Give Thanks” 

9:4 Jessie Farrell “Mrs. Claus

6,10 Jessie T “Decorating That Tree

2-28 The Jesus Lizard “Mistletoe”

4:17 Jesus Penis “I Saw Mommy Blowing Santa Claus”

5\27 Jesus Penis “Rudolph the Red-Gutted Reindeer” 

3-19 Jesus Presley “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”

12*24 Jesus Presley “It’s Christmas Eve”

7;1 Jesus Presley “Jingle Bells”

9,5 Jesús Villa “Christmas in the Back Seat

7\4 Jet Baker “Can You Name the Stoner Reindeer?

3:31 The Jet Boys “Merry Christmas, Fuck You” 

10.11, 3\5 Jethro Tull “Another Christmas Song

11.29, 8,2 Jethro Tull “Birthday Card at Christmas” 

2.10, 2.23 Jethro Tull “The First Snow in Brooklyn

11:30 Jethro Tull “Last Man at the Party” 

8:26, 7;24 Jethro Tull “Ring out Solstice Bells

3’2 Jethro Tull “Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day

2’25 Jett Brando “Toboggan

5:9 Jeudi “Santa Claus Came in the Spring”

5-22 Jevon ‘The Acoustic Hobo’ “Makin’ Bacon for Christmas

12*13 Jew Direction “Chanukah Makes You Jewtiful

9;6 Jewel “Blue Crystal Glow”

10’18 Jeweled Snakes “Doomsday Holiday

4\7 Jewish Wedding Band “Hey! It’s Hanukkah!

4:17 Jezebel “F**k Me Santa”

12;14 J Fresh “Can’t Wait Until Christmas

11:2 The J Geils Band “Come Onto the Christmas Party” 

11:2 The J Geils Band “Come Onto the Christmas Party” chipmunk style

9,26 JHawk23 “Newfoundlander vs The 12 Days of Christmas” Newfoundland

4.30 Jianda Monique “You’re Such a Lovely Ornament

12-25, 7.15 JibJab “A Christmas Cat Song”(Power Drill for Jesus)

8\31 The Jiggi Verandah Band “Daddy Flies with Santa Claus

4,10 Jiggley Jones “Christmas 365

5:4 Jiggly Caliente “Christmas Luvin’

5:20 Jiggly Caliente (feat. ginger Minj) “Xmas Hams

11*28 Jill and Allen Kirkham “Christmas Colrado Cowboy

12.13 Jill Gallina “Ugly Christmas Sweater” 

7,29 Jill Johnson “Christmas on My Own

9,12 Jill Tracy “Room 19

9’11 Jim Barnett “‘Ol Devil Raids Christmas

11*27 Jim Berhle “Black Friday Theme Song”

7-13 Jim Bachmann “All I Got for Christmas was Drunk

8.8, 2:25 Jim Backus, Jack Cassidy “Ringle Ringle

2;5 Jim Beloff “When You’re Born on Christmas Day

1;9 Jim Boutell “Someone Kidnapped Santa Claus

5;14 Jim Breuer “Santa Claus Ain’t Coming to Town

12,28 Jim Brickman (ft. AJ Rafael & Alyssa Navarro-Rafael)  “Counting Down To Christmas

3\12 Jim Caliendo “Another Blue Christmas

6/10 Jim Cannon “Frumpy the Christmas Frog”

2’17 The Jim Cougar Morrisseycamp Experience. “Sled on a Sled” 

6:14 Jim Croce “It Doesn’t Have to be That Way

12,22 Jim Dimzey “Blame Chine (You Stole Our Christmas Day)” 

2.11 Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius “Fall Softly Snow

3;17 Jim Hogan “Christmas in the Saddle”

4.25 Jim Hudak “Let’s Trim the Christmas Tree

10*13, 6’3 Jim Indell & The Indelibles “Christmas on Staten Island

10;10 Jim Jensen “Christmas Carol”

9:6 Jim Jensen “Mrs. Santa Claus”

7;10 Jim Jim “Santa’s Bell Song

7,3 Jim Jones “Dipset X-mas Time” 

2-3 Jim Lauderdale “Holly and Her Mistletoe”

10*17 Jim McGiffin “Christmas for Catholics in Delaware”

3-7 Jim Nabors “Three Wise Men, Wise Men Three

6-24 Jim News, Mike Polk “Oh Christmas Ale

11’11 Jim of Seattle “Have a Merry Christmas

10.21 Jim Parsons and Kate Micucci “A Christmas Song” 

11/9 Jim Reeves “Merry Christmas Polka

11.1 Jim Reeves “An Old Christmas Card”

2.2 Jim Reeves “Snowflake”

4.28 Jim Rorie “Blue Light Christmas Tree

7/1, 1\12 Jim Sarthou “An After Christmas Song”

11.11 Jim Starks “A Christmas Card” 

5.5 Jim Weatherly “The Star at the Top of the Tree

3;7 Jim Whitman “The Christmas Cowboy

11\4, 10,12 Jim White Christmas Day” 

5,24 Jimdog “A Very Jimdog Christmas

12*22 Jimi Handtrix’s “Green Tea

2\8 Jimi ‘the human’ Hocking “Christmas Again” 

2\20 Jimmie Rodgers “It’s Christmas Once Again” 

9,23 Jimmie Selph “The Little Boy’s Letter to Santa Claus” version 

12/29 The Jimmies “I Want a Hippopotamus for Hanukkah”

12/29 The Jimmies “I Want a Hippopotamus for Kwanzaa

5:7 Jimmy Allen & Tommy Bartella “When Santa Comes over the Brooklyn Bridge” 

5/24 Jimmy Beasley  “Christmas is Here Again”

7.4 Jimmy Beaumont and The Skyliners “You’re My Christmas Present

11/6 Jimmy Boyd        “I Saw Mama Do the Mambo (with You Know Who)

6-16 Jimmy Buffett “Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

9\21, 6’21 Jimmy BuffettA Sailor’s Christmas” 

9,26 Jimmy Buffett “The Twelve Days of Christmas (Parrothead Version)” the beach

5/15, 5.2 Jimmy Butler “Trim Your Tree

6.22 Jimmy Charles “Broke for Christmas

3/18, 12/25  Jimmy Colorado and The Bronco Band “Christmas Shit”

5/25, 7\1 Jimmy Dean “Little Sandy Sleighfoot” 

4.23 Jimmy Dooley “The Cross is My Christmas Tree

5/3 Jimmy Durante “Christmas Wish

2;29 Jimmy Eat World “If You Were Born Today

2’24 Jimmy Fallon “Doubles Luge” 

7:10 Jimmy Fallon (feat. John Rich) “Drunk on Christmas”

10/23 Jimmy Fallon “Santa Claus Got a Second Job

2.19 Jimmy Fallon “Snow Fight

7.15 Jimmy Giggle “Jimmy’s Christmas Present

8-4 Jimmy Hamms “Oh Shitty Weed” 

9\21, 6,19 Jimmyjamster (feat. Eric Sumpter & Mercedes)“This Christmas

4’30 Jimmy Jenson “My Viking Snowmobiling

12/15 Jimmy Liggins and His Drops of Joy “I Want My Baby for Christmas

11/12, 11.15 Jimmy Maddox “Boogie Woogie Christmas Card

9.10 Jimmy Neutron cast “Basking in the Warmth of Christmas”

11/12 Jimmy Rankin “Boogie Woogie Christmas

3;4 Jimmy Rankin “Christmas for Cowboys”

4\30 Jimmy Rankin “Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye to Christmas Yet

7.25 Jimmy Reed “Christmas Present Blues

5/30 Jimmy Rogers “Wistful Willie

11/10 Jimmy Wakely  “Christmas Polka

4-3 Jimmy Wakely and Margaret Whiting “Christmas Candy”

5/4, 2:13 Jimmy Witherspoon “I Really Hate to See Xmas Come Around

10\31 Jimmy Wooten “It’s Christmas

3.24 The Jims “Viki is a Snowman

11’10 Jing & Joc & Robbie The Intern “Best Worst Christmas Ever

11’15 JINGLE JERKS “Christmastime Unholy Fruitcake Massacre

3/1 Jingle Smells “Silent Butt Deadly Night

5:2 Jinkx Monsoon & Sherry Vine “Hanukkah, O Hanukkah” 

4\11 Jipsta “Ay, Ay, Ay, It’s Christmas”

10.1 JJ Dion “The Last Christmas Medley You’ll Ever Need to Hear 2.0 version” 

8;19 JJ Heller “Star Of Wonder”

2.24 JJ Nolis “Snowed In Christmas”

7/10 JJ Payne “Summertime Christmas”

2’23 JJ Rivers “Tobogganing

6-23, 5.23 JJ Voss “Whiskey, the Tree, and Me

7\25 J Jonathan Wiest “Keep Those Reindeer Off My Rooftops ‘Cause My Rooftop’s Getting Full of Reindeer Hoofspots

7;14 JMaq “Iron Bells”

5/8 Jo Stafford, Frankie Laine “Christmas Roses”

11*23 Jo Stafford “It Happened in Sun Valley”

4.1 Joan Baez “Down in Yon Forest”

8.8, 12.25 Joan Gardner & co.         “The Lord’s Bright Blessing (Razzleberry Dressing)

3-21 Joan Jett and The Blackhearts “Little Drummer Boy”

11*14 Joan OsborneChristmas Time in New Orleans

7.18 Joan Osborne “What do Bad Girls Get?

7:21 Joanie Bartels “Wouldn’t It be Fun to be Santa Claus’s Son?

12.1 Joanie Calem “Winter Clothes” 

11;4 Joanna McMorris “Its Almost Christmas”

1\10 Joanne Mackell “The Day After. Christmas” 

10,9, 12’21 Joby the Artist “This Christmas (I’m Boinking Santa)

4\6, 11,5 Jocie Denae “Hey Santa” 

5-30 JocJar’s Mom “The Latke Song

7/27, 12/25, 10.31 The Jody Dean Singers (KLUV) “Play that Christmas Music, White Boy”

4\4 Jody Whitesides “Hey Today is Christmas Day

10/16, 1’15 Jody Whitesides “I Saw Santa Surfing

3’15 Joe “Christmas in New York” 

12:11 Joe Algeri “Computer Xmas

11:17 The Joe and Glo Experiment “Christmas Party”

11.14 Joe and Tammy Burns “Our Irish Christmas Card” 

12:29 Joe Bello “Why Don’t We Skype for Christmas?

4,12 Joe Budden “Happy Holidays” 

9,14 Joe Denim “Real Tree Camo Christmas

6\17 Joe Diffie “Leroy the Redneck Reindeer

12’14 Joe Diffie “Mr. Christmas

7:30 Joe Dolce “Christmas at Our House

9’30 Joe Dolezal “Do They Have Christmas in Hell?

5:17 Joe Dowell “A Kiss for Christmas

11;22 Joe Escobar “Christmas Time’s Around the Corner”

19,25 Joe Furey & Alex Quahurt “I Wanna Do Christmas with You (Again)

3:31 Joe Goes “Merry F’ing Christmas – by Jesus and Santa

7/23, 5.25 Joe Hammel “The Aluminum Christmas Tree

10:12 Joe Hart “Happy Holidays” 

3.13 Joe Iconis and Rob Rokicki “Footprints (The Sasquatch Song)”

11/26 Joe Jackson “Tango Atlantico

5:20 Joe ‘King’ Carrasco Y El Molino “Tamale Christmas” 

1/14 Joe ‘Lord Bruticus’ Mignano “Merry Sithmas

4’18 Joe Paradiso “Back to the Ski Lodge

2.27 Joe Pesci “If It Doesn’t Snow on Christmas”

6.8 Joe Quesada and the Idlechatters “Christmas at My Comic Shop”

7.15 Joe Quesada and Idlechatters “Ultimate Comic Gift”

7/9 Joe Reichman and Orchestra  “A Christmas Song in Summertime”

3.29 Joe Solo “Like a Snowman with Arthritis

12.24 Joe Teig “Santa Claus’s Boots

7-20 Joe Thistel “Xmas in Rehab Again” 

10/1 Joe Treewater “Sorry God & Santa

5/19 Joe Ward “Nuttin’ for Christmas”

2-15 Joe Williams “Kissing by the Mistletoe

6.22 Joel Evans “Broke Ass Christmas

1:11 Joel Faviere “Sick on Christmas Eve

9.2 Joel Hodgson, Kevin Murphy, Trace Beaulieu “Patrick Swayze Christmas” 

9.2 Joel Hodgson, Kevin Murphy, Trace Beaulieu “Merry Christmas–If That’s OK

10-16 Joel Kopischke “Beneath the Tree”

12-6, 8;24 Joel Kopischke “Christmas in the Sun

11-30 Joel Kopischke “Crazy Little Christmas Time”

8:16 Joel Kopischke “The Festivus Bunch

12-10 Joel Kopischke (+ Kelli Cramer) “George Michael ‘Faith’ Christmas Parody”

12*30, 10/5 Joel Kopischke “Ground Control to Santa Claus”

9-29 Joel Kopischke “Have Yourself a Very Harry Potter Christmas”

1.29 Joel Kopischke (feat. Kelli Cramer) “‘Hello’ Adele Christmas Parody” 

1.21, 6.27 Joel Kopischke “Hopeless Wrapper

10-29, 5\24 Joel Kopischke “I Got Yule Babe

12-11 Joel Kopischke “If I Had a Secret Santa”

3.28 Joel Kopischke “I’m Your Snowman, Baby”

3-21 Joel Kopischke “Mister Drummer Boy Man”

11-29 Joel Kopischke “North Pole Cabana”

8:20 Joel Kopischke “O Festivus

12*24 Joel Kopischke “One Week (Until Xmas Eve)

7;10 Joel Kopischke “A Ring-A-Ding-Ding, It’s Santa”

10/18, 4:16 Joel Kopischke “Santa

10-17 Joel Kopischke “Santa’s Back in Town”

6.6, 10;28 Joel Kopischke “Shopping Mall of Broken Dreams”

11-14, 10.21 Joel Kopischke “Sweet Caroling”

11-25 Joel Kopishke “Thank God I’m a Santa Boy”

10-14 Joel Kopischke “That’s a Menorah”

5.15 Joel Kopischke “Under the Tree

10,21; 12,25 Joel Samberg “Holiday Shaving Cream

3\18 Joey + Rory “Another Wonderful Christmas

11,5 Joey + Rory “It’s Christmas Time

6,24 Joey + Rory “Let It Snow (Somewhere Else)” 

10;25 Joey + Rory “Come Sit On Santa Claus’ Lap”

8-21 JoeyCast “Frosty the Dopeman”

4’28 Joey Clarkson “Cold Christmas

6-4 Joey Knock “Christmas Cup of Tea

12*5 Joey Mackee “Christmas in Hawaii

11,7 Johan Glidden “Everything I Had

2’21 Johan Norberg and Nils Landgren “Get Here

2\8 Johan Norberg “Oh No, It’s Christmas Again” 

12;5 Johanna Lewis “Can’t Wait For Christmas Morning”

11*22 John A McCallum “Wyoming Christmas”

1/12, 7.16 John Anealio “Millennium Falcon for Christmas

4:11 John Artigo “Vagina for Christmas” 

10’23 John Bartus           “Happy Holidays (My Own Damn Christmas Song)

4.11 John Baumgardner & The Paper Doll Baptists “The Christmas Tree that Ran Away”

6-23 John Bell “Ribs N Whiskey

2.24 John Berry “Snowed In

11/4 John Brack and Jeff Turner “Christmas Two Step

5.2 John Brown “Decorate Your Christmas Tree

8;19 John Burland “christmas star”

4,5 John Butler “Merry Christmas – Christmas 365

6/16 John Brydon “I Want a Duck Billed Platypus fop Christmas”

10,16 John C Evans “Christmas Round at Our House

12’27 The (John) Candy “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

12’11 John Cannon “On Me” 

10’22 John Canoe “Post Apocalypse Christmas” 

1\11 John Caroll “Christmas is Over” 

9,7 John Carroll “The Night Before the Night Before Christmas” 

10*11 John Cog  “Connecticut Christmas

5.28 John Dameron “Daddy, Don’t Take the Christmas Tree Down

12,12 John David Lees “Going to be Fine This Christmas Time

1/28 John Denver “Aspenglow

3;4 John Denver “Christmas for Cowboys” 

12’14 John Denver “Christmas Like a Lullaby

4’16 John Denver “Dancing with the Mountains” 

7;1 John Denver “Jingle Bells”

10\31 The Muppets with John Denver “The Peace Carol” 

7-25 John Denver “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)” 

6\3 John D. Girod “Babes the Baby Reindeer

6\26 John D. Girod “Redrick the Rick Rack Reindeer

9.28 John DiMaggio, Coolio, Mark Hamill “This Trinity’s Going to War

6.7, 6,16 John Dunbar “Christmas Shopping at the 99 Cent Store

6:29, 3\11 John Eddie “Another Lonely Christmas” 

11*15 John Evans Band “Christmas Time in Texas

11;23 John Field “Nearly Christmas”

5.29 John Flynn “Christmas Balls

4;3 John Fontana “Coal in my Stocking”

7-18 John French Bray “Christmas Hangover” 

9,4 John Galbraith “December 24

1\23 John Gannon “364 More Days” 

12;15 , 8\2 John Gannon “I Can’t Wait to Fly on Christmas Eve

7: 21 John Goodman “Santa’s Family” 

1/7 John Graham “A Whovian 12 Days of Christmas

6-22 John Gregorio “Whiskey Christmas

12;28 Greer, John “Wait Till After Christmas”

7-25 John Guliak “Daddy’s Drinking Up Our Christmas”

6/2 John Higgins and John Jacobsen “A Bugz Christmas

6/2 John Higgins and John Jacobsen “The 12 Bugz of Christmas

6/2 John Higgins and John Jacobsen “We’re Hongry

2:11 John Hinton (aka Johnny Acecraft) (Spalien Acecraft) “Anti-Christmas Song” 

1-29 John J. Peterson “It’s Christmas in America

5.24 John Jacobson, Roger Emerson, Cristi Cary Miller, Emily Crocker, Mac Huff, and Tom Anderson “The Christmas Tree Feud

12:28 John Jacobson “Elfie Selfie” 

12/15 John Jay Martyn “I Just Want My Baby for Christmas”

1\3 John Jay Martyn “‘Twas the Night After Christmas” 

5.16, 7,15 John Jorgenson and Carlene Carter “A ’55 Telecaster Under My Christmas Tree”

1-29 John Kammerer “Christmas Time in America”

9,1 John Kay & Who’s to Say “Santa’s Workshop

10/12 John Kirby “Santa’s Got the Best Weed in Town

4.15 John Kolbeck “Wild Christmas Tree

11*14 John Lee SandersChristmas Time in New Orleans

10,13 John Legend “Merry Merry Christmas

5:19 John Legend “Nutmeg

5:10 John Legend “Purple Snowflakes”

12;7 John Legend “Waiting For Christmas”

11*11 John Lennon “Happy Christmas (War is Over)

5.1 John Mahameed & Nard “Christmas Balls

6/8 John Mapes “I’m Spending Christmas in Skyrim

7/12 John Matt “Christmas in October”

8\23, 3’1, 12’25 John McCutcheon “Fly

12;12 John McCutcheon “Waiting For Snow”

12,1 John McDermott “Christmas Memories

12;12 John McIvor “You Gotta Wait for Christmas”

12\22 John Michael Montgomery “December 1943

12*16, 4.13 John Miller, Lyle Stutzman, Eldo Miller, and Willard Mast “O Christmas Tree

2.26 John Mitchell “I Hate Snow

12,2 John Moore “35 Different Kinds of Snow” 

4\4 John Oates “Hey! Happy Christmas to Ya!” 

11;18 John Oriettas “It’s Almost Christmas Time”

1\8 John Pollard “The Day After Christmas

1;27 John Prine “Christmas in Prison” 

12,6 John Prine “A John Prine Christmas

8;3 John Reischman and The Jaybirds “Shine Like a Star in the Morning”

12.13 John Riggi (Music K-8) “Ugly Sweater

9.25 John Roberts, Larry Murphy “Christmas Magic” original

9.25 John Roberts “Linda’s Christmas Dream

6.25 John Paul Sharp and Paul Escalante “Broke Christmas

12*1 John Peter Lewis “California Christmas

3:7 John Ploskina “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fuck This

3.23 John Prine “Humidity Built the Snowman

4-24 John R Erickson “Christmas Cookies

11/22 John Rossall “Christmas Twist

11.25 John Schneider “Katey’s Christmas Card” 

3.21 John Safranko “Snowman

4,28 John the Singer “Merry Ducking Christmas

7-29 John Stapleton “The Elf Got Drunk”

6-27 John Stapleton “It’s Christmas (Glühwein for the Ladies)” 

2.12 John Stevens’s Doubleshot (feat. Hank Guzevich)  “The Snow is Falling Polka

5:1 John Styles “Christmas in California

4.22 John Tracy “Christmas Tree Shine

6/20 John Turturro “The Rat King’s Song”

4:18 John Valby “Favorite Things”

3.25 John Valby “Frosty the Snowman”

12*22 John Valby “Greensleeves

8-3 John Valby “I’ll be Home for Christmas”

1:28 John Valby “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Syphilis”

12*19 John Valby “Jingle Balls

7;12 John Valby “Sleigh Ride”

1/12 John Voelz “Star Wars Christmas

11.29 John Vosel & The Partycrashers “Belated Christmas Card”

5’27 John Vosel “Little Toy Train

11:27 John Vosel & the Party Crashers “Office Party” 

1\29 John Vosel & The Party Crashers “Santa Claus is Going to the Super Bowl” 

1;31 John Vosel & the Party Crashers “Santa Knows

7,4 John Waller (feat. the Waller family) “Christmas with You” 

8.14 John Walmsley “Mama’s Applesauce Cake”

2.26 John Wayne Donovan “I Hate Snow

6,14 John Weeden (feat. Isaac Folch) “Christmas is More than Ribbons and Bows” 

9/18 John Winters “Little Painter Pete”

5-5 John Wright “Bread for Christmas

9,19 Johnathan Boggarty and the Yoghurt Man “Chrismysteries

5,22 Johnathan Boggarty and the Yoghurt Man “God’s Christmas

10\8 Johnathan Boggarty “Smell of Christmas

10,26 Johnny Silverhams “I’m Really Santa

11*14, 1-8  Johnnie Allen “It’s Christmas Time in Louisiana

7-24 Johnnie Clutch & The Rumbleseats “Santa’s Too Drunk to Drive”

1/11 Johnny and Jon “Christmas in Vietnam

11’17 Johnny & The Raindrops “Kung Fu Christmas

12,22 Johnny & The Raindrops “Peace and Love This Christmas

3.20 Johnny & the Raindrops “Someone Stole our Snowman

11;29 Johnny Bennett “Christmas is Almost Here”

6/13 Johnny Bower (and the Rinky Dinks) “Honky the Christmas Goose

5’25 Johnny Cash “That Christmassy Feeling” 

7.6 Johnny Cole & The Reptiles “Wrap My Heart in Velvet”

7;31 Johnny Cole “Ring Out Wild Bells”

4.24 Johnny Collins & The Caravans “There’s a Christmas Tree in Heaven”

8/18 Johnny Dan “A Truck Driver’s Christmas

12’27 Johnny Dee “Shoot Your Eye Out” 

3\22 Johnny Dowd “Christmas is Just Another Day

2-21, 10-9 Johnny Earle “Mistletoe Rock” 

11:24 Johnny Earle “Santa’s Party” 

11:28 Johnny Fritz “The Office Christmas Party

2/5 Johnny Gill “Give Love on Christmas Day”

8-9 Johnny Guarnieri “Santa’s Secret”

12/24, 1:31  Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains “I Want Cancer for Christmas”

5/30, 5\31 Johnny Horton “They Shined Up Rudolph’s Nose

5/31 Johnny Houston “Gimme a Kiss for Christmas

5’29 Johnny J Blair “Train Tracks in the Snow

4.16 The Johnny Mann Singers “Johnny Bring the Pine Tree in”

12,15 Johnny Marsh “Vampire Christmas

7/24 Johnny Mathis and Lorrie Morgan “Blue Snowfall

2\5 Johnny Mathis “It’s Christmas Time Again”

5:9 Johnny Mercer (feat. Putney Dandridge) “Santa Claus Came in the Spring”

5/18 Johnny Moore with his Three Blazers “Christmas Eve Baby

3’12 Johnny O “What Christmas is Meant to be

6:26 Johnny Polygon “The Worst Christmas Song Ever”

12/24, 12’18 Johnny Preston “I Want a Rock ‘n’ roll Guitar

12;11 Johnny Reid “Waiting For Christmas To Come”

8;12, 12,9 Johnny Reid “Winter Star

2:4 Johnny Setlist “Befallen This Christmas” 

5:16 Johnny Setlist “Christmas in America (Every Single Day)”

6:28 Johnny Setlist “Christmas with Someone Special”

1\25 Johnny Setlist “Post-Christmas Blues” 

7;14 Johnny Setlist “Silver Bells (Ukelele Mix)”

11’2 Johnny Setlist “This Christmas” 

11’7 Jonas Selander “Christmas Night Tragedy” 

5:22 Jojo & Kenny “Cal Ripken Christmas

12.17 Joke of All Trades “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” 

3.18 Jolanto Durno “Snowman & the Lipstick Kiss

7.1 Jon Aley “The Best Darn Present in the Whole Wide World”

11;23 Jon & Valerie Guerra “It’s Almost Christmas”

10’31 Jon Bakke “This Christmas

1’8 Jon Bomb & The Humanoids (feat. Gnarly McDude & The Electric Sleds) “Surf Christmas” 

1/11, 9-26 Jon Bon Jovi “R2D2, We Wish You a Merry Christmas

11/16 Jon Cobert “Rockin’ Soul Christmas

1\5 Jon Covert “The Day After Christmas

8:2 Jon Cozart “Progressive Christmas Carols” 

1’30 Jon Daly “Surfin’ Santa” 

6/13 Jon Kennedy       “Christmas is Coming (The Goose is Getting Fat)”

10.5 Jon Lajoie “The Best Christmas Song”

10*27 Jon Lajoie “Cold Blooded Christmas”

11.30 Jon Lajoie “Merry Christmas Exclamation Point” 

11.7 Jon Latham “Christmas Card” 

4;28 Jon Pablo “If I Get Coal for Christmas I’m Making Diamonds”

12*12 Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert “Can I Interest You in a Hanukkah?”

5-22 Jonah Knight “Bacon and Beer”

4.10 Jonah Knight “Perfect Tree”

2’8 Jordyn Wilson “Roll My Eyes at Mistletoe” 

7-30 Jonah Lee “Sober X-mas” 

12/18 Jonas Brothers             “All I Want for Christmas is the Girl of My Dreams

5,2 The Jonas Brothers “Like It’s Christmas” 

10*23 Jonathan and Corben “Frosty the Snowman

12,22 Jonathan and Emily Martin “Happy Christmas” 

10\7 Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick “2600

10,15 Jonathan Coulton and Jonathan Reddick “One Christmas at a Time” 

11.2 Jonathan Coulton “Chiron Beta Prime” 

1;26 Jonathan Coulton “Christmas in Jail

7/8 Jonathan Coulton (and John Roderick) “Christmas in July”

5’24 Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick “Christmas is Interesting” 

12:18 Jonathan Coulton “Wikipedia Chanukah” 

5;15 Jonathan Fin “There’s No Santa Claus

7\19 Jonathan Groff “Reindeers are Better Than People” 

5.19 Jonathan Mann “Christmas Tree

12’2 Jonathan Mann “A Gun for Christmas

2;24 Jonathan Mann “Happy Birthday Jesus

4.5 Jonathan Mann         “Jewish Family Gets Christmas Tree from the Woods

10’17 Jonathan Mann “Let It Snow (In the Year 2063)

2’5 Jonathan Mann “Sledding

11.22 Jonathan Reuel “Christmas Card

3.10 Jonathan Richman “Abominable Snowman in the Market”

11’6 Jonee Earthquake Band “(This Must be) The Worst Christmas” 

5/10 Joni James “Christmas and You

5/10 Joni James  “Nina Non (A Christmas Lullaby)”

5’3 Joni Mitchell “Gift of the Magi

3’29 Joni Mitchell “River

4\15 Jonnie Common “Yippee-ki-yay, Father Christmas

12*1 Jonny Craig “California Winters

6-23 Jonny Manak “Santa Stole My Whiskey

10;7 Jordan Higgs “Mall Santa”

6.18, 2\17 Jordan McAlinden “‘Tis the Season to be Broke Again” 

3/4 Jordan Saint “Silent Fart”

12,17 Jordana Lilly “Xmas FOMO

5;16 The Jordanaires “Santa, You Forgot About Us Last Year

5,11 Joren Cull “The 179 Days of Christmas

12;28, 1\18 Joseph Bradshaw and Nikki Lane “Wait ’til After Christmas” 

7,5 Joseph Chilliams (ft. Sen Morimoto & Adam Ness) “Wishlist

8.12 Joseph Crawford “Rise Up Shepherd”

9;8 Joseph Hollister “Leave the Lights on For Me”

8:23 Joseph LoDuca “Solstice Night” 

6-16 Joseph Michael Young “Holiday Rum

9.29 Joseph Motiki “The Christmas Wrap Song

3\2 Joseph Vincent “Another Christmas Song

3’16 Josh Bogert “Christmas Village

10,25 Josh Gad (Olaf the snowman) “That Time of Year” 

11*10 Josh Groban “Christmas in Peoria

4\3 Josh Ingyu “Hello Christmas!” 

1-9 Josh Logan “A Soldier’s Christmas Day Prayer

11*18 Josh Osborne “Nebraska

12*31 Josh Pyke “New Year’s Song

2’20 Josh Walther (feat. Robyn Lista) “Making Christmas Ours

11;17 Josh Wilson “Almost Christmas” 

11,3 Josh Worster “Right Christmas” 

10;4 Joshua Creek “Santa’s At The Mall”

6:1 Joshua Gilyard (Queen of the Ratchet) “Ratchet of the Bells

7;12 Joshua Gilyard (Queen of the Ratchet) “SLEIGH RIDE PARODY”

6:2 Joshua Gilyard (Queen of the Ratchet) “Your Man is a Bum”

9;9 Joshua Hyslop “Winter’s Night”

12*26 Joshua Rich “The Boxing Day Song”

7:22 Joshua Tyra “A Passive-Aggressive Christmas” 

2:11 Joss Stone “Anti-Christmas Carol

6:15 Joss Stone and Mick Jagger “Lonely Without You (This Christmas)

5:14 JossiRossi “Sexy Christmas Dance

4\22 Josue Alfredo Ayala “Oh Christmas

12*25 Joy Electric “Lollipop Parade”

11:29 Joy Riding “Christmas Hair” 

4\17 Joy Riding “Hail Mary

3-30 The Joy Strings       “Little Town of Bethlehem (House of the Rising Sun)”

10\31 Joy Williams “2000 Decembers Ago

12’10 Joybuzzard “The Broomslinger

11.18 Joyce Manor “Christmas Card

3’31 Joyce Manor “These Kind of Ice Skates

12*31 Joyce Paultrie “Happy New Year (na, na, na, na, na)

4’5, 12’25 Joye Bell “Let’s Go Skiing

7;25 The Joyful Company of Singers “Ring Out Your Bells

1;24, 5\9 J.P. Davis “Vixen’s Talkin’ to a Lawyer (And Santa’s at the Package Store)

2\4 JR & The Bad Ox Band “It’s Christmas Time Again” 

10;3 JP Hoe “Shopping Mall Santa

8:4 jpv91 “Chrismukkah Song

6.3 J Randy Krauss “Christmas Shopping

4:19 JR De Guzman “A Christmas Song, Sort of

12;3 J Robert Spencer “Waiting on Christmas”

5-29, 1\6 jsbarber1 “I’m Gonna Have to Diet After Christmas” 

1\7 JS Lawrence “The Day After Christmas Blues

11,11 J Sun “Quarantine Christmas” 

10’25 J.T. Hiskey “So Damn Happy (Christmas Song)

11,20 J T Machinima “Merry FNAF Christmas” 

7/11 J Tyler Hagen “Christmas in September”

4’29 Jud Strunk “Santa Song

5.21 Judd Grossman “Christmas Tree

8;2 The Judds “Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem”

3;31 Juddy Mac “Cowboy Christmas

8;23 Judi Cranston “Five Stars Shining”

12/16 Judi Silvano “I’d Like You for Christmas

6’10 Judy Blank “California Christmas” 

2;27 Judy Garland “The Birthday of a King

2/13 Judy Garland “I”ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”

8;18 Judy Garland “The Star of the East”

9,24 The Juggy Nuntah “13ft Tinny

7,23 Juice WRLD “Christmas List” 

7.18 Juju Garcia “Christmas Gift

9.22 Jules Larson “Honey I’m Home for Christmas

9.17 Jules Larson “It’s Christmastime

6-8 Julia Francis and Susan McIntyre “The Eggnog Song

9;23 Julian Primeaux “Christmas Lights in June”

8.31 Juliana Hatfield (The Lemonheads) “Make it Home

9.18 Julianna Rose Mauriello “I Love Christmas”

9.18 Julianna Rose Mauriello “Jolly Holidays” 

5/23, 12/16  Julie London “I’d Like You for Christmas

12.3 Julie Michelsen “The Magic Cat’s Christmas Hat”

7:7 Julie Sobule “Merry Christmas from the Family

11/24 Julie Tussey “Shimmy on Christmas Day

12,13 Juliet Lyons “Got That Twinkle

4’25 Juliet Lyons “You’re My Christmas

7,20, 1’4 Julius Davis “Santa’s Got a Guitar Surfboard Sleigh” 

11,7 Julius Pe “Coming Home

3\28 Jumbled (feat. Darko the Super) “Another Very Darko Christmas

1’23 Jump5 “Christmas Like This” 

5.30 Jumping Through Fiery Hoops “Working on a Christmas Tree Farm

6,18 JumpStart3 “Isaiah 9:6

4,28 June Christy “The Merriest

7;13 June Hutton “Song of the Sleigh Bells”

8;4 Junior Walsh “Christmas Eve Star”

10’26 Junkie Dildoz & Friends “Merry X-Mas Bastards 2.0” 

12*17 Junkie Tom “Oh Holy Night

2-26 Junksista “Under the Mistletoe

5’19 JunyTony “Santa Put It There for Me”

4’16 JunyTony “Snowman Family

1’5 JunyTony “Winter vs. Summer Christmas” 

4\8 Just Crackers “Hey Hey It’s Christmas” 

12*24 Justin Bieber “Christmas Eve

2-1 Justin Bieber “Mistletoe

9’9 Justin Brown Durand “Christmas in the Devil’s Desert” 

3:21 Justin Cooper “A Fuck You Christmas Song”

8,21 Justin Cross “December 26th

12:9 Justin Lacy “Christmas on TV

11;20 Justin LeBreck, Kimberly Woycke, and James Marquis. “It’s Almost Christmas”

3:7 Justin Libigs  (Relatively Haunted) “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fuck This”

11:11 Justin McGurk and The Boogie Men “Christmas Party

11\2 Justin North “Wednesday, Christmas 2000

12-24 Justin Snodgrass “Christmas Paradise

10’25 Justin Strong “Christmas is Here (I’ll be Damned)

4:6 Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg “D*** in a Box

7/16 Justin Tyler Moore “Red Starbucks Cup

12.14 Justin Warnick “Christmas Sweater” 

11:13 JustPierre “Christmas Party”

11,25 J.Walker from LTD “The Christmas Story” 

9:25 JWJ “Hold Your Head Up Santa Claus


9;10 K1 “Deck the House with Christmas Lights”

7-20 Kacey Jones “Christmas in Rehab”

12.7 Kacey Jones “I’m Down to My Christmas Underwear”

7.2 Kacey Musgroves (Feat. Leon Bridges) “Present without a Bow

6.28 Kacey Musgraves “Ribbons and Bows

4:12 Kagney Linn Carter “A Lonely Milf at Christmas

3’25 Kahika “Skating Through

12.19 Kahuna Kidsong “Santa’s Hat” 

4,1 Kai Ross-Best (with TEDDYYBEARR) “This Winter

3/28 Kailen Beitel, Chris K Payne “Shitty Christmas”

7,19 Kaiser Chiefs “Sunday Morning

7/24 Kaitlyn Maher “My Blue Christmas

1.23 The Kalatharas “Elves” 

6-27 Kalk Stein “Glühwein” 

4,11 Kally “Christmas Dinner

9’7 Kam Stewart “The 2nd Christmas

3’20 Kam Stewart Won’t You be My Babe for Christmas

1/10 Kanal van Puscherube “All I Want for Christmas is Who

9-29 Kansas Viking (their) “Voldemort  is Coming to Town” 

10*13 Kanye “Christmas in Harlem

10’30 Kaprekar’s Constant “All You Wish Yourself

6,27 Kara Colvin “‘Til I’m Home

12:15 Kara Oates “S.A.N.T.A. Dot Com

10:1 Kara Square “Please Don’t Wish Me a Merry Christmas” 

11/2 Karen Carpenter   “The Christmas Waltz”

1\11 Karen Jacobsen “The Day After Christmas

11*6 Karen Newman “Christmas Eve on Woodward Avenue

4.17 Karen Newsum “Pee Wee the Christmas Tree

4:13 Karen Petrocella “Santa Guy

10*24 Karen Scott “Have Yourself a Southwest Florida Christmas

7:29 Karew Family “Family Holiday

10’2 Kari Loya “There’s Still Christmas

10:1 Kari Maaren “I Won’t Say Merry Christmas to You

6,9 Karin Tenggren “Christmas Lights in Every Tree

12.14 Karina Mia “Christmas Sweater

8:27 Karina Skye “Jingle Spells

8:25 Karina Skye “Silent Night, Solstice Night

8-21 Karl Bingle “Crackhead Christmas” 

10\19 Karl Miehl “Christmas 2012 (The Mayans were Wrong)

10/18 Karl Speegle “Santa is a Pedo

12,23 Karl Werne “It’s Christmas

11:10 Karling Abbeygate “Christmas Party” 

12:25 Karling Abbeygate Christmas with Karling

6.30 Karling Abbeygate “What’s in the Box

9,27 Karma Queen “What’s So Merry?

6,16 Kash & Rico “Santa Likes Them

11/16 Kashief Lindo “Rockin’ Christmas

9,2Kat Perkins “Up All Night

12-24 Kate Devin “Christmas Single Life”

1\14 Kate Harrington “Post Christmas Song

1\30 Kate Miller-Heidke “The Day After Christmas

4.29 Kate Osburn “Decorate the Tree

6/13 Kate Rusby “Christmas Goose

10,25 Kate Yeager “Holidays for One” 

2/29 Katharine McPhee “Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You”

6:22 Katharine McPhee “It’s Not Christmas Without You

1/10 Katherine Jenkins Abigail’s Song

8,14 Katherine McPhee “It’s Not Christmas Without You

6/13 Katherine Noyes “Christmas Goose”

3.2 Kathey Belmont and Michelle Amato “Mister Snowman

9.7 Kathleen Herles ”No Swiping on Christmas”

9.7 Kathleen Herles “Nochebuena” 

9;3 Kathleen Mikkelsen “Light Broke Through”

2/5 KathNiel “Give Love on Christmas Day”

8;17 Kathy Mattea “Brightest and Best”

3-27 Kathy Mattea “There’s a New Kid in Town”

4.19 Katiah “Christmas Tree

11,19 Katie Dwyer · Sunflower Summit · Jessie Max  “Elf

3’8 Katie Morey “Skating on Thin Ice” 

1.26, 12.14 Katie Wilson (w/Chrissa Sparkles, Michelle Glavan) “Ugly Christmas Sweater”

6,6 Katrina “La Fa La

8.23 Katy Perry and The Simpsons cast “The 39 Days of Christmas

4,23 Katy Shaw “Christmas in the City

2\18 The Kavanaughs “Christmas Again” 

5.1 Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards “Hang Your Balls on the Christmas Tree

7/14 Kay Starr “December”

2/13 Kay Starr “I”ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”

5,19 Kayla Perez “The Best Gift

1\28 Kaz Murphy “Christmas was Yesterday

10,23 Kazekage “Let It Snow” 

2.5 kb467 “Hoping for Snow”

2.23 K. Bramley “London Snow

5’24 Kc393 “Christmas Lights

7/1, 1\12 KC and The Sunshine Band “After Christmas Song” 

9;11 KC Kookaburra “Looking At Christmas Lights”

8\8 KCENT “Fly X-Mas” 

5,19 KC Star (feat. Avery Bruce) “A Christmas Carol?

5:9 K-Drama “All Year Long

10\3 K-Drama “When U C Me

11:7 Ke’Andra “Christmas Party” 

9;22 Keaton Simons “Eyes Light Up at Christmas

6.13 Keb Mo “Shopping on Christmas Eve

7:22 Keef Baker “Have Yourself a Passive Aggressive Christmas

9;24 Keegan DeWhitt & The Sparrows “Christmas Light”

10,17 Keenan Back (feat. Samirah Tariq, Liam Back, Bennykaay, Merlin Schneider & Martin Rudkowski) “Funky Christmas” 

10’19 Keep Tucson Sketchy “Christmas Songs for the Apocalypse” 

8\12 Keith Albrecht “Santa’s Letting Grandma Fly the Xmas Sleigh

8-21 Keith from Up da Block “Frosty the Dope Man

2:25 Keith Ferguson and Bruce Greer “Scrooge’s Song” 

8/16 Keith Harling “Santa’s Got a Semi

2:12 Keith James “This Christmas Sucks” 

3.1 Keith Massey  “Do You Want to Build a Snowman(Latin)”

4-28 Keith Mendelsohn “Christmas Cookies

1-5 Keith Roberts “Three Soldiers”

5:22 Keith Sagona “Andy Reid is at the Buffet

2\11 Keith Sweat “It’s Christmas Again

11,17; 12,25 Keith Varney “Christmas Spirits

4.20 Keith Whittal and Friends “All Around the Christmas Tree

11:25 Keith Whittal “Santa’s Christmas Party

12:1 Keith Whitley “Christmas Letter” 

3-27 Keith Whitley “There’s a New Kid in Town”

7:8 Keith Williams “Redneck Family Christmas

9.27 Kel Mitchell (Double G) “Reggae Christmas Potato

5:17 Kelley Jakle and Adam Mayfield “Everything’s Gone Missing But the Mistletoe”

1.29 Kelli Smith “Hello

12,4 Kelly Clarkson “4 Carats” 

4-2 Kelly Clarkson “Hard Candy Christmas”

12/13 Kelly Clarkson “My Grown Up Christmas List”

5.12 Kelly Clarkson “Underneath the Christmas Tree

5,18 Kelly Clarkson ` “Winter’s Dreams (Brandon’s Song)

7/16 Kelly Clarkson “Wrapped in Red

7;8 The Kelly Girls “Jingle, Jingle, Mr. Kringle”

1/7 Kelly Martin “Doctor Who 12 Days of Christmas”

2.22 Kelly Morrison “Christmas Snow

2\25 Kelly Nolf & Wyndi Harp “I Believe Again” 

11.9 Kelly Nolf & Wyndi Harp “Our Family Christmas Card” 

5\31 Kelly Nolf & Wyndi Harp “Rudolph Knows” 

7:21 Kelly Nolf & Wyndi Harp “Son Of St. Nick

2/22 Kelly Price “In Love at Christmas”

1.29 Kelsey Lynn Ellis “Hello from the North Pole

7.19 Kem “Christmas Song for You

11/17 Ken Donelly Band “Rockin’ into Christmas

3.7 Ken Galipeau “The Snowman’s Song

7\30 Ken Herzog “The Dead Reindeer Song

7/19 Ken Jones “Santa Drives a Big Brown Truck

1\16 Ken Kondrat and Dave Uchalik “After the Holidays

5\10 KentheMan “Vixen” 

5/30 Line Materials, Ken Nordine “The Kinds of Christmas

5/28, 6/25 Ken Platt “Snowy the Christmas Kitten

12;18 Ken Rowell & The Baghdaddies “I Can Hardly Wait ‘Til Christmas”

7.22 Ken Stacey “The Gift Song (Something as Special as You)

10/13 Kenan Thompson “Sump’n Claus

2-22 Kendall Schmidt “Blame it on the Mistletoe

2;13 Kendra Masonchuck “We Wish You A Merry Christmas And A Happy Birthday (For Kelly And Paul)

3\13 Kenn Rowell & The Baghdaddies “Another Lonesome Christmas” 

7/16 Kenneth Hister “Red Christmas

12.29 Keno Project “Take Off Your Clothes” 

10/6 Kenton McPeake “Santa Claus for President”

3;11 Kennedy Fitzsimmons & Tera Lynne Fister “Cowboy for Christmas

5;1 Kenny and Corky “Nuttin’ for Christmas” 

4.26 Kenny and Dave (The Carol Kings) “Decoratin’ Our Tree”

5:7 Kenny Bowers (w/Jimmy Carroll and His Orchestra)”Weach for the Wafter, Santa

12/24 Kenny Chesney “All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan”

5.4 Kenny Chesney “The Angel at the Top of My Tree

10*25 Kenny Chesney “Christmas in Dixie”

1\29 Kenny Hines “Post Christmas Song” 

2.17 Kenny Loggins “Angels in the Snow

7;23 Kenny Loggins, Steve Wood “The Bells of Christmas”

7.18 (Kenny Rogers) “I Wanna be a Christmas Present

1-27 Kenny Rogers “Christmas in America”

11*3, 9,23 Kenny Rogers “Kentucky Homemade Christmas” 

2\20 Kenny Rogers “Once Again It’s Christmas

7;18 Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers “With Bells On”

12\10 Kent Goodson & Michael Panasuk “Christmas 1959

6’10 Kent Goodson and Michael Panasuk “Cruisin’ for Christmas” 

1\7 Kent Goodson and Michael Panasuk “The Day After Christmas Blues

3.24 Kenzi Gregory “My Snowman

6-14 Kerem and Ben “The Eggnog Addict

1\11 Kermit & Dylan (impressionist Thomas Valenti) “I’m So Glad Christmas is Over

11:5 Kerr Donnelly Band “Christmas Party”

4\6 Kerr Donnelly Band “Hey Santa

10-9 Kerr Donnelly Band “Rockin’ into Christmas” 

9,17 Kerr Donnelly Band “Sixteen Days to Christmas” 

5.6 Kerr Donnelly Band “Star, Snow, & Christmas Trees

4-21 Kerri Jill Garbis, Erin Maguire, Bridget Beirne  “Holiday Lament (Nobody Likes a Fruitcake)”

10’13 Kerrin Connolly “Maybe It’s Not the End of the World

1;2 Kerry Pastine and The Crime Scene “Crime Scene Christmas” 

8:8 Kev Choice “Kwanzaa Song

6-14 Kevin Afflack “Blame It on the Eggnog

7-24 Kevin Binkley “Santa Got Pulled Over by the DOT

5:5 Kevin Bloody Wilson “Grandad’s Finger

2:21 Kevin Bloody Wilson “Hey Santa Claus

3:3 Kevin Bloody Wilson “Ho Ho Fucking Ho”

4:18 Kevin Bloody Wilson “New Christmas Song”

8-10 Kevin Bloody Wilson “Santa was Stoned” 

3.31 Kevin Boyle “Joey the Giant Snowman

12,22 Kevin D Young “Christmas is Weird” 

1;22 Kevin Fowler (feat. Ray Benson) “Santa Got Busted by the Border Patrol

11*27 Kevin Gisi “The Black Friday Carol”

11,8 Kevin Hansen “S.A.D. Xmas” 

8.11 Kevin James “You Just Gotta Believe”

7.27 Kevin Kammeraad and Friends “Opening Gifts”

3.21 Kevin Kane “Snowman Blues”

6-19, 12-25, 9.25 Kevin Kline (Bob’s Burgers) “The Spirits of Christmas

1/1 Kevin ‘KRIA’ Allvarez “New Years Resolutions”

9;10 Kevin McKinney “Everybody Wants To See The Lights”

6/20 Kevin O’Donnell “Rat King’s Song

3\30 Kevin Sisson “Another Christmas Eve

10,19 Kevin Taylor “Christmas Tree Lane” 

2-26 Kevin Temmer “Mistletoe Ho

2\18 Kevon Kurt Carter “Christmas Once Again

10-13 Key of Awesome “12 Days of Miley” 

2-1 Key of Awesome “Mistletoe (Parody)”

1.18 Key of Awesome “Santa and I Know It”

9\27 Keystone A Cappella “Fifty Kilowatt Tree”

3\16 Khalea Lynee “Not Another Christmas Song” 

5:3 Kharmakray “Robot Jesus” 

2\21 Kiana Valenciano “Once Again It’s Christmas” 

3.5 Kiboomers “5 Little Snowmen

4-8 The Kiboomers “Five Candy Canes

5-30 The Kiboomers “I Like to Eat Latkes

3.5 Kiboomers I’m a Little Snowman”

12*31 The Kiboomers “New Year Song for Children

11/28 The Kiboomers “Reindeer Hokey Pokey

5’19 The Kiboomers “Santa Put It There for Me

4-10 The Kiboomers “Sweet Hanukkah Gelt

1-20 The Kicks “Santa Claus is Coming to the USA”

11’27 Kid Mayhem “In Harm’s Way

2.16 Kid Pan Alley “Snow Angels and Icicles

12/9 The Kids “I Wrote a Letter to Santa”

10;15 The Kids “The Santa at the Mall”

9/4 The Kids Christmas Party Band “The Elf by the Shelf

2;17 The kids of 117B “Newtonmas Caroling

5:2 The kids from the Shul at Bal Harbor “Chanukah Style

5.3 Kids TV 123 “The Christmas Tree Song

5\31 KidsTV123 “Rudolph and the Snowman

11\6 Kidboy “New Friends for Christmas”

10\17 KidCrusher “The Christmas Nightmare (Grinch Rap 2013)” 

8,30 KidCrusher “The Naughty List

7;19 Kidsong “Ring Little Bells”

5;13 Kidsongs “Santa, Please Don’t Forget Me

2-3 Kidz Bop “Mistletoe and Holly”

4.22 Kidzone “Gather Around the Christmas Tree”

11;19 Kidzone “I’m Almost Ready For Christmas”

8;16 Kidzone “There Is a Star in the Sky”  

1.17 Kieran Ayres “Moves Like Santa”

8.2 Kieron Liley “Christmas TV

12,10 Kiesza & Chris Malinchak “3 Hos” 

4:14 Kiki “Sexy Santa

3.19 Kiki and Herb (feat. Justin Bond & Kenny Mellman) “Like a Snowman

5.23 Kiki Bohemia “Christmas Tree”

12,5, 6’2 Kill Hannah “New Heart for Christmas” 

4:23 Kill the Band “Anal for Christmas

11\12 KillaTooma “The Arrival

5:19 killedbycandy “Cinnamon

12*1 Dawes, The Killers “Christmas in L.A.”

11/7 The Killers “The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball”

10,14 The Killers “A Great Big Sled

5:28, 4;1 The Killers (feat. Jimmy Kimmel) “Joel, the Lump of Coal

7-3 Killfuck “Drunk Christmas

12/20 Killy the Kid “Anal for Christmas”

1.29 Kim Novak “Ho Ho”

10,11 Kim Mitzo Thompson with Hal Wright “I Hope It Snows On Christmas Day” 

7:19 Kim Townsend “Family Christmas Song

3.18 Kim Wilde “Hey Mr. Snowman

12*1 Kimberley Arland and Deborah Arnott “12 Days of Christmas in L.A./The 405

7/17 Kimberly Cooper “A Pink Purple Polka Dotted Christmas

1:13 Kimbo’s Children Music “Chicken Pox for Christmas” 

2\12 Kimmie Rhodes “One More White Christmas” 

4\10 Kimo Nevius     “Hey! Look! It’s Christmas (Christmas has Finally Gone Away)” 

5’20 The Kind of Christmas You’d Expect “I Want a Train

9,21 Kind of Like Spitting “Tyco Racing Set and A Christmas Story Fifteen Times” 

12;20 The Kindie Songwriting Club “Can’t Wait for Christmas” 

11\18 The Kinetics “Christmas 1984

8,20 King “I Don’t Need Snow This Christmas” 

7,23, 12’16 King Aiden “Hood Christmas

7-12 King Automatic and Rich Deluxe “Stay Drunk at Christmas”

10’2 King Carol (feat. Gin Wigmore) “Christmas Party

7/29 King Coleman “Blue Grey Christmas”

7.28 King Diamond  “No Presents for Christmas”

12;22 King Everything “I Can’t Wait for Christmas” 

10\19 King Everything “Mayan Christmas 2012

1\20 King Everything “Unfollowing You After Christmas” 

12,14 King Kendall “Christmas Jam

11;30 King Lazy Bones “Christmas is Just Around the Corner”

12.27 King Lou Fernandez “King Lou’s Terrible Christmas Song”

5:15 King Lou Fernandez “Secret Santa Jambawamba

9’9 King Truelove and the Relics “Two Little Devils

9,28 King Ulysses “Christmas in Miami” 

10,2 King Virtue “12 Songs for Christmas

11,27 King Virtue Christmas is My Favorite Holiday” 

5.13 King Virtue “Like a Christmas Tree

7/21 King Yellowman “Yellowman Yellow Christmas

9;18 Kingdom 2 “Big Red Light”

3-27 Kingdom Heirs “Hay Baby

8,25 Kingdom of McChikcen “Beat 5

9;24 The Kingdom of McChicken “Christmas Lights”

1’13 The Kinks “Australia

11,28, 12’8 The Kinks “Father Christmas” 

12*19 Kinky Tom “Chinese Jingle Bells”

3\18 Kinney “Another Holiday

12*21 Kinsey Sicks “Ankles We Have Hurt on High”

12’23 Kinsey Sicks “Get a Gun” 

7/27, 10:11 The Kinsey Sicks “I’m Dreaming of a White Santa”

10/17 Kip Addotta “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus”

7,25 Kipp EZ “California Christmas

9,26 Kipper Family “Poachers 12 Days of Christmas” England

12/21 Kira Isabella “A Country Boy for Christmas

4-11 Kirby Heybourne “Wassail & Apple Pie

6/3 Kirby Krackel “I’m Stuck in a Human Centipede for Christmas

3-15 Kirk Franklin “Something about the Name Jesus”

6:11 Kirk Franklin and The Family “There’s No Christmas Without You

11.13 Kirk Talley “Christmas Card

4-19 Kirk Talley “The Fruitcake Song

12.13 Kismas Kookies “Lovely Christmas Sweater

9-29 KitKat PaddyWhack (own) “Voldemort  is Coming to Town”

5/14 Kitty Kallen “The Spirit of Christmas

6.30 Kitty Terry “A Box Full of Love for Christmas” 

9;16, 5\1 Kitty Wells “Dasher with the Light Upon His Tail” 

10,26 Kitty Wells “Ole Kris Kringle

10:24 Kittywinder “Don’t Wanna Hear No Merry Christmas”

8:25 Kiva “Winter Solstice Sunrise

11:18 KiWi “The Christmas Party” 

6.30, 7.27 KiWi “What’s in the Present Box?

1.25 K J Julian “‘Fancy’ Christmas Parody”

6,29, 12,25 Kj-52 X Jonah “Florida Christmas

6,15 Kj-52 & Spechouse “All I Want” 

10-1 Kjell Magne Robak ”What If Bach Wrote ‘Last Christmas’?” 

10,18 Klaus Blatter “Christmas Techno Dance” 

3.2 Klaus Schwietzer       “Nihilist Performance of ‘Once There was a Snowman’

12*9 The Klezmonauts “Deck the Halls

12*9 The Klezmonauts “Jingle Bells

12*9 The Klezmonauts “Joy to the World

12*9 The Klexmonauts “Santa Gey Gezunderheit

10.31 KLUV’s Jody Dean Singers “Play that Christmas Music White Boy” 

12/18 The Knickerbockers “I Want a Girl for Christmas”

8,29 The Knights “Another Lonely Christmas” 

11/19 Knightsbridge “Rockin’ Little Christmas

7\18 The Knife “Reindeer” 

8-21 Knock Out “Frosty the Dope Man”

11*30 KOB4 Action News Albequerque “Twas the Night Before Christmas in New Mexico

4.20 Kool “My Christmas Tree

11:8 Kompulsor “Christmas Party” 

11:4 Koo Koo Kang Roo “Please Come to My Christmas Party”

6/13 The Korn Kobblers “Don’t Give Me No Goose for Christmas

7-28 Kreise “Drunk Jesus

7-30 Kindevog “A Sober Christmas

3\20 Koa B’seder “Another Year, Another Chanukah

5.21 Kolya Puga “Christmas Tree

9,26 Korsher “12 Days of Christmas Kenyan Version”

12,7 The Kota “Christmas on the Channel

5’23 Krayko Breezy “Wishlist

3.8 Krazy Kuzins “The Abominable Snowman” 

1.2, 9;25 The Krazy Kyles “Tree Lights, Stockings”

6-23 The Kringles “No Whiskey in Heaven (No Ice in Hell)”

12;31 Kris Allen “Baby, Wont You Wait Until the New Year” 

12,26 Kris Allen “Mommy Is There More Than Just One Santa Claus?” 

11-11 Kris Sciba “Helter Santa

11:18 Krisanthi Pappas “Christmas Party”

4/16 Krishna Naloka 108, “Let’s All Murder Turkeys (for Jesus)!”

7:24 Krismas Kookies “Dysfunctional Family Christmas” 

8\24 Krismas Kookies “Flying Over Colorado

7\25 Krismas Kookies “Get Those Reindeer Off My Roof” 

12:12 Krimas Kookies “Santa’s Got a Garmin” 

10;14 Krismas Kookies “Shopping Mall Santa”

12/5 Krispy Kreme “Christmas Wish List

11*2 Krista Branch, “Tennessee Christmas”

6-15 Krista Detor “Hot Buttered Rum”

11*21, 10/9 Krista Detor “Sheriff Santa From Montana”

7;15 Irina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Josh Gad  “Ring in the Season”

11.30 Straight No Chaser (feat. Kristen Bell) “Text Me Merry Christmas”

10,8 Kristen Brown “Christmas Spirit” 

5\29 Kristen Key “Rudolph Don’t Go

6/22 Kristen Burkholder “Bunny Christmas Song

3;13 Kristen Rhodes’s kids “Holiday Hoedown

9.25 Kristen Schaal, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman   “The Bleaken

7-2, 7:10 Kristian Bush “Thinking About Drinking for Christmas

11’10 Kristian Noel Pedersen         “A Step – Mothers First (And Worst) Christmas Ever” 

11’3 Kristian Noel Pedersen         “Mr German Luiz Manzanos Worst Christmas Ever II” 

10’15, 11’2 Kristie K “Doomsday

10,4 Kristie K “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

11*17, 2.23 Kristie Stremel “Kansas Snow Song”

11;8 Kristin Cifelli “Almost Christmas

12,7 Kristin Hope Key “All I Want for Christmas is Forgiveness” 

5:8 Kristin Key “Christmas Kitty

2:17, 7:24 Kristin Key “Hate My Family at Christmas

5:5 Kristin Key “Rudolph, Don’t Go

2.23 Kristin McLean “Snow is Falling in Colorado

11,8 Kristin Wilson “Christmas Wish

3’21 Kristof X Tóth Réka “Dancing Snowflakes

1.26 Kristopher London “‘Blank Space’ Christmas Parody

1/12 Kirsty Dawson “Tauntauns for Christmas

10’6 The Krixhjälters “A Krixmas Carol” 

7/17 Krysta Young “Pink Christmas

1;14 Kruxy “A Touch of Christmas

5:19 Kruxy & Paladinus (All-Rush Mixtape) “Gingerbread”

4\6 Kruxy “Hey Santa” 

8;30 Kruxy “Star of Blight”

6:18 K.T. Tunstall “Lonely This Christmas”

12*9 Kugelplex “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

11,7 Kulina “Christmas Song

10*24 Kulture Shock “Christmas in Miami

1’28 The Kung Fu Monkeys “Santa, Please Bring Me a Surfboard

10\20 Kuniza, Bizarre, and Swift “Kill Zone Freestyle

9,26 Kunt and the Gang “The 12 Days of Christmas” sexual perversion

1;21 Kunt & The Gang “It Can’t be Rape (It’s Christmas)

1;19, 12;25 Kunt and the Gang “Killed a Kid at Christmas

11’28 Kunt and the Gang “Kuntish Christmas” 

8,30 Kupid the King and Ayy “25 Days of Litmas

10.29 Kurt Elling “Sing a Christmas Carol”

2;25 Kurtis Parks “A Christmas Birthday” 

8:5 Kutsal Gun “O Kwanzaa” 

8,25 Kval Christmas is Bliss

12;6 KVBA (feat. Con) “Wait For Me On Christmas”

5’6 KWADI “Home for Christmas” 

7,11 Kwanza Jones (feat. Matty) “Supercharged Santa Claus

8:6 The Kwanzaa Gospel Chorus “7

5:21 kwixotica “Have Yourself a Freshly Filled up Beer Glass

12*15 KWIXOTIKA  “Violent Night

4:4 Kwixotica “Wide Penis” 

11\4 Kye Alfred Hillig “Christmas 1998

6-22 Kyf Brewer “Whiskey for Christmas”

4;19 Kyle’s Xmas “Santa Claus, I Don’t Mind Getting Coal”

4;25 Kyle Andrews “I Don’t Want A Lump Of Coal”

6.12 Kyle Boreing “Gotta Find that Gift” 

11,19 Kyle Deutsch “You Told Santa

12\25 Kyle Dunnigan Craig’s All Star, Rockin’ Christmas, You Guys!

2-19, 3:29 Kyle Dunnigan “Fuck You, Mistletoe!

4\9 Kyle Dunnigan (feat. Craig) “Hey Everybody It’s Christmas!” 

8\12 Kyle Dunnigan (feat. Craig and Kurt Pullin) “Honkeytonk Reindeer

1:16 Kyle Dunnigan “My Baby Lamb has Christmas Cancer

2-27 Kyle Harrington “Mistletoe Song

2.24 Kyle Kupecky “Snowed In

6,13 Kyle Matthews “Inconvenient Christmas

10:18 Kyle Motsinger “War on Christmas

12.12 Kyle Stoneman “Put on Your Sweater for Christmas

9:24 Kyle Tennis & The Riverside Swing Band “Mrs. Claus” 

7.31 Kyle’s Xmas “Gift Card Christmas

7/11 Kylie “Every Day’s Like Christmas”

6,7 Kylie Minogue (with Dannii Minogue) “100 Degrees

10,2 Kylie Minogue “Cried Out Christmas” 

4’9 Kylie Minogue “I’m Gonna be Warm This Winter”

4’26 Kymm “Dansk Puzzle with Boobs in Ski Lodge


11\1 LA/81 “Our Christmas Nights

12,3 La Buttue “Xmas” 

5/24 La Fets & Kitty “Christmas Letter

9’15 La Funky Simia “Satan Claus

10*24, 6/6  La Guardia Cross “Sandal the Sea Creature

9-17 La Parola Persa “Merry Christmas, Jack Black”

1/2 La Parrandas Navidenas

11:29 La Pistolas “Creepy Christmas Party”

5\28 La Vasa “Rudolph the Gin Nosed Reindeer

10,19 Laasko “Hang Me in the Christmas Tree” 

10.14 Lab Rat’s dad “Please Don’t Play Another Christmas Song” 

4.3 Lacey Roland “I Love a Christmas Tree

8,29 Lachlan Ondre “Merry Christmas and a COVID Free New Year

8/12 The Lacs “Santa in a 4-Wheel Drive

5;5 LACUNA COIL “Naughty Christmas”

8,3 LadBaby “Don’t Stop Me Eating

1\30 The Ladies of Sport “Christmas is Over” 

7/16 Lady Alba “Red Christmas

1-18 Lady Chioma Nwadike “Christmas USA

5.14 Lady Gaga (w/Space Cowboy) “Christmas Tree

1:14 Lael Calloway “Dear Santa, Have You Had the Measles?”

4.15 Laetoli Steps “Christmas Tree

2\15 LaGlavas (feat. Viktor) “Christmas Again” 

11,24 Lagoona Bloona “Blow Christmas” 

1:30 Lahna Turner “AIDS for Christmas

1’29 Lake Malawi (feat. Abi F Jones) “Mermaid Surf Club” 

9:27 Lala Deaton “Dear Mrs. Claus” 

11;20 Lala Deaton “Holiday Rush”

5’7 Lala Deaton “Wishing on a Snowflake

10*22 Lallie Bridges “Carolina at Christmas

10*22 Lallie Bridges “Georgia at Christmas”

10*22 Lallie Bridges “Tennessee at Christmas”

10*22 Lallie Bridges “Nashville at Christmas”

10*22 Lallie Bridges “Branson at Christmas”

8,1 Lamar Riddick “Rudolph

7:29 Lambert Wilson “Family

12;1 Lambert Wilson “I Can’t Wait for Christmas” 

9,10 Lamonta“Christmas Eve (Where Reindeer Dare) (Mommy Can I Go Out and Carol Tonight?)

3.2 Lana Rae “Henry the Snowman

7.22 Lana Rae “I Bought My Catahoula a Goldfish

1.10 The Landline “Lady Gaga’s Christmas Album”

3/26 Landon Tewers “I Hope You Have a Shitty Christmas”

7;10 Langford “Jen de Melo’s Jingle Bells”

6-20 Laphroaig commercial one

6-20 Laphroaig commercial two 

4.18 Lara Herscovitch “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

9,3 Lardi B (feat. Projext) “Holidays

4-11 Larke “Xmas Pie

12/16 The Larks “All I Want for Christmas

1:23 Larry the Cable Guy “Call a Doctor

10*19 Larry the Cable Guy “The First Queer Santy Claus

8/26 Larry the Cable Guy “I Wish My Mother-in-Law’d Get Hit by a Car

1\31 Larry Campanella “Can’t It Last a Little After Christmas?” 

10/22 Larry Cartell “Cowboy Santa

6;27 Larry Chance and The Earls “No Christmas Cheer”

11,13 Larry Costa “Six Cups of Egg Nog

10/17 Larry McCray “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’”

11;7 Larry Nestor “Christmas Day”

9:27 Larry Nestor “It was Mrs. Claus!” 

10;1 Larry Nestor “The Kettle

5.17 Larry Whinnery “The Christmas Tree in Mother’s House

10’20 Larry X-Ray “Christmas Apocalypse

5,13 Lars Epsensen “Rap, Clap, Slap

12,14 Larson Lee “It’s No Christmas

5.4 Las Campanitas “(Sweet Angie) The Christmas Tree Angel”

2\24 Last Seen Laughing “The Great Christmas Plot

6-28 The Last Wine Bar “The Ultimate Last Wine Song 2016

10’31 latewaves “Hungover for Christmas

5.22 Latka “From Under the Christmas Tree

9,28 Latroy (feat. Unfamiliar Keys) “Season’s Greetings” 

4,4 LaTroy Larkins “Santa’s Little Helpers” 

5;15 Launch Control “The Christmas Films that Forgot Santa” 

8,22 Launch Control “The World has Gone to Hell But at Least It’s Christmas

1-1 Laura Burnouf “Little Drummer Boy (in Cree)”

11*4 Laura Elder “Christmas in Ohio

10,16 Laura Fireball “However Many Christmases

11,2 Laura Nyro “Christmas in My Soul” 

3.18 Lauren Flauding “I’ve Fallen in Love with a Snowman”

5.19 Lauren Flauding “My Christmas Tree

12/26 Laura Gibson, McKinley, etal    “I Don’t Want Anything for Christmas” [the same]

5.30 Laura Watling “Christmas Trees in July

7,26 Lauren Davidson “We’re Just Warming Up

12*13 Lauren Mayer “Don’t They Know (Not Everyone Does Christmas)

12,24Lauren Mayer (and son) “Eight is Better Than One” 

10*15, 4-22  Lauren Mayer  “The Fruitcake That Ate New Jersey

12*10, 7:23 Lauren Mayer “Good Old Down Home Country Chanukah

2:18 Lauren Mayer “I Hate Holiday Music”

10:23 Lauren Mayer       “If There’s a War on Christmas (Christmas is Winning)

10:11 Lauren Mayer “(Megyn’s Dreaming of a) White Santa”

5-30 Lauren Mayer (Psycho Super Mom) “Latkes, Shmatkes

7/27 Lauren Mayer (PsychoSuperMom) “(Megan Kelly’s Dreaming of a) White Christmas

10,24 Lauren Mayer “Nine Words” 11:26 Lauren Robb “Office Christmas Party Song

2.23 Lauren St. Jane and The Dead Westerns “Snow for Johnny”

4-8 Laurie Berken “Candy Cane Jane

9;4 Laurie Berkner “Christmas Lights”

11;4 Laurie Klassen “Christmas Time Is Almost Here”

7-25 Laurie Leblanc “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)”

11*19 Law Eh “Christmas Song in South Dakota”

3:22 Lawnmower Deth (feat. Kim Wilde) “Fuck You Christmas” 

6’9 Lawndry “Christmas Cruise

10/25 Lawrence Savell “I Dreamed I Saw Santa Working in the Library”

1;24 Lawrence Savell (The Law Tunes) Season’s Briefings

12*1 Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra “Christmas in Los Angeles

4\30 Lay “Goodbye Christmas” 

5,25 Layla Khepri “Joy to the World

11*15 LB Higginbotham “Happy 100th Christmas Lubbock, Texas

12;10 LC Wells (feat. Cyriese Lambert) “I Just Can’t Wait for Christmas Day”

11,18 Lea Michele “Christmas in New York

9.21 Lea Michele, Darren Criss ”Extraordinary Merry Christmas”

3’20 Lea Salonga “Even Santa Fell in Love” 

11,12 LEADR, Wundr., Alexander Tang “6Ft Winter

12*1 Leah Felder “California Christmas

8:22 Leah Salomaa “Solstice Song

5.27 Leah White & the Magic Mirrors “Crazy Animals in My Christmas Tree

6,9 LeAnn Rimes “It’s Christmas Eve” 

4,14 Leanne Weiss “Christmas Again

5-20 Learn English Kids “Turkey Trouble Song

9/1 The Learning Station  “Me and Santa’s Elves

2/5 Ledisi “Give Love on Christmas Day”

3.1 Lee and Sandy Paley “Snowman Joe

3-27 Lee Ann Womack “There’s a New Kid in Town”

8/19 Lee Arnold “A Trucker’s Christmas

11*2 Lee Greenwood “Tennessee Christmas”

11;21 Lee Harris “Christmas is Counting on Me”

1:1 Lee Harris “I’m So Sick of Christmas” 

3/23 Lee Mondus “Shitty Christmas Song”

6’18 Lee Murdock “The Christmas Ship” 

6’25 Lee Murdock “A Maritime Christmas” 

12;24 Lee Rogers “You Won’t Have To Wait Till X-Mas”

5:20 Lee Shot Williams “I Ate Too Much Over the Holidays

10/27 Lee Stranger “I Wanted Christ and You Gave Me Santa Claus”

11,1 Leek Mali “Christmas Lockup” 

7\19 Leelu “I’ve Got Reindeer on My Roof” 

7,19 Left Unread “Punk Rock Xmas

1/9 Legendary Noobs “I Want a Tardis for Christmas”

10’28 The Legendary snakeSNAKEsnake “Damn ChristmasSs” 

3:24 The Legendary Tiger Man “Fuck Christmas, I Got the Blues” 

10,4 Legs Nose Robinson “Goodbye Bowtie” 

9;9 Leigh Ann Hussey, Black Oak Coven “The Yule Log”

2-3 Leigh Nash “Mistletoe and Holly”

12-18, 6.27 Leight Press “Can’t Wrap This”

12*5 Lei’ohu and Maydeen “Taro Patch Christmas

12*5 Lei’ohu “Taro Patch Christmas”

4.29 Leland Martin “Flags on the Christmas Tree

8.31 Juliana Hatfield (The Lemonheads) “Make it Home

6:22 Lena Anderssen “It ain’t Christmas ’til You’re Home

12,21 Lenne Brothers Band “Teddy Boy Season’s Greetings

11/2 The Lennon Sisters (plenty) “The Christmas Waltz”

1/28, 10/4 The Lennon Sisters “Outer Space Santa

4-7 The Lennon Sisters “Peppy the Peppermint Bear

8/12 Lenny Cooper “Muddy Christmas

2:15 Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One “Anti-Christmas” 

6-15 Leo Eilts “Hot Buttered Rum”

9,21 Leo Sayer “Christmas in July

8,25Leo SC “Where’s Santa Claus at?” 

10,31 Leo Yang “The Most Heavenly Christmas Gift” 

4\29 Leon, James, Alex, Luke, and Leon “Yeah Yeah Christmas!

11/8 Leon Redbone “Christmas Ball Blues

6’15 Leon Redbone “Christmas Island”

6/25 Leon Redbone “Kitty Cats’ Christmas

11*10 Leon Russell “Christmas in Chicago”

10,20 Leon Shelly “Ideal Paradigm” 

11\1 Leona Lewis “Mr. Right” 

11,26 Leona Lewis “One More Sleep” 

4\16 Leona Lewis “Your Hallelujah

9.14 Leona Naess “Christmas

7;27 Leonard de Paur Chorus “Ring de Christmas Bells”

12*6, 5-30 The LeeVees “Applesauce vs. Sour Cream

12*6 The LeeVees “Goyim Friends

12*6 The LeeVees “How Do You Spell Channukkahh?”

9.17 The LeeVees “Latke Clan

9.17 The LeeVees ”Nun Gimmel Heh Shin”

2:7 Lerker “I Hate Christmas”

6’17 Leroy Sanchez “Ain’t Christmas Without You

4;30 Les Barons “No Coal In My Stocking”

5/9, 11:24 Les Baxter’s Orchestra “Santa Claus’ Party” 

12;15 Les Brown & His Band of Renown w/Teresa Brewer “I Just Can’t Wait Till Christmas”

4\3 Les Fradkin “Hello Christmas, Goodbye Year

12-5 Les Gomez “You’ve Got Another String Comin’”

2:11 Les Issambres “Christmas Sucks Anyway, Everything’s Shit” 

5:22 Les Issambres “It’s a Sad Sad Christmas Day. Saddam Hussein….”

5/12, 6/27, 7;6  Les Paul and Mary Ford “Jungle Bells (Dingo-Dongo-Day)

6\13 Les Tafari “Donny the Long-Nosed Reindeer” 

4\27 Les Taylor “Oh Yeah It’s Christmas

9/1 The Les Tucker Singers and Gene Autry and others ”The Three Little Dwarves”

12,25 Leschen Sessions (feat. Kyle Suppler) “Pink Aluminum Christmas Tree” 

4-29 Leslie Adams “No Fudge for Christmas

11,10 Leslie Elaine “Social Distance Christmas 

10’24 Lester McClean “This Damn Christmas Song

8-22 Let’s Talk Figures “The 12 Days of Methmas” 

2\24 Let’s Talk Figures “Christmas Again Already?

9;21 LEVI ALTAR “Light”

4.14 Levi Fuller “(I Wanna be) Your Christmas Tree

10’3 LEW Husbands (feat. Candy CurlsMT) “Effed Up Xmas” 

3\27 Lew Lewis “Just Another Day to Me

2:28 Lewberger Band “A Christmas Song for the Haters” 

9,8 Lewis Watson “Christmas Eve Alone This Year” 

2.12 Lewsh “Snow is Falling

11,10 Liam McKenna “What shall We Crochet on Christmas Day? (You can Knit Take Our Christmas Away)” 

4,8 Liam Payne (with Dixie) “Naughty List” 

7,29 Liar’s Club “Agnostic Christmas/Merry F___ing

11*27 Libby Allen “Black Friday

11,8, 1’21 Libby Hammer “Christmas in the Summertime

5.29 The Lickity-Splits “You Set My Christmas Tree on Fire”

4,10 LiCon “I Wish You a Merry Christmas

3;26 Lifepuzzler (feat. Stalwart Betamax) “Santa and Them Ingin Mans

11:25 Lord Nelson “A Party for Santa Claus

11,10 The Liggetts “Christmas in Quarantine

4,17 The Liggetts “It’s Christmas Time Again

11’19 The Light “Christmas at the Bottom of a Well

2’6, 12’25 The Light “Sledding Song

8-27 Light Sunny Day “Christmas LSD” 

5/13 Lightning Hopkins  “Merry Christmas

5:27, 10;28 The Likes of Jeff Pittman “Christmas at the Old Mall

1:18 The Likes of Jeff Pittman “Christmas with the Gout

3:31 lil aaron “Fuck Christmas

5:17 lil aaron “Top Under the Mistletoe

5:15 lil aaron (feat. Goody Grace) “All I Need” 

5;24 Lil B “No Presents”

9\26 Lil B “Santa is Coming (Christmas Spirit)

10,8 Lil Cat “Christmas Sweater

6;11 LilDeuceDeuce (feat. Jack Douglass) “Christmas is Cancelled”

9,27 lil dimwit “Kill a Tree” 

4,12 Lil Jiblet “Christmas Jiblet

7.14 Lil Jon “Buy Me Presents

11,27 Lil Kuzi “Saint Nick” 

7.29 Lil Poverty Angels “Bounced Checks as Christmas Gifts

12.25 Lil Poverty Angels  Christmas Cookies and Government Cheese album 

12.16 Lil Poverty Angels “Christmas Sweaters Instead of an Xbox

12.14 Lil Poverty Angels “Eggnog on Her Christmas Sweater” 

7.30 Lil Poverty Angels “Fake Reactions to Bad Christmas Gifts

12:13 Lil Poverty Angels “The Grinch Hacked Santa’s Computer” 

7.30 Lil Poverty Angels “How to Return Christmas Gifts” 

7.30 Lil Povert Angels “Infamous Christmas Regifters

5\29 Lil Poverty Angels “Santa and Rudolph’s Poop Contest

10;8 Lil Poverty Angels “The Santa Mannequin Challenge”

6-11 Lil Poverty Angels “Santa Spiked the Eggnog

10;21 Lil Poverty Angels “Santa’s a Dirty Old Man”

5.26 Lil Poverty Angels “Trap House Christmas Tree

9,21 Lil Poverty Angels “Welfare Christmas Carols” 

7.31 Lil Poverty Angels “Who Took My Christmas Gift Card?

11:28 Lil Poverty Angels “X-Rated Christmas Office Party

10,26 Lil Romeo and Hillary Duff “Tell Me a Story (About the Night Before)” 

12’29 Lil Seradino  “Have a Merry M6” 

6-14 Lil Snarky “Eggnog, Bitches!

11/2 Li’l Wally “Sleigh Bells Waltz”

4:5 Lil Mikey “She Gave Me Blue Balls for Christmas

5.12 The Lilac Leaf “Under a Christmas Tree with You

12\2 Lilac Time “Family Coach

5/18 Lillian Briggs  “Rock ‘n’ Rolly-Polly Santa Claus

10*25 Lillian Glanton “Alabama Christmas”

3’4 Lily Frost “Skating on the River” 

11\9 Lily Montfré “Christmas in July” 

11,16 The Limbo Motel “Christmas Morning” 

6/18 Linda Arnold “Christmas Mouse”

10/8 Linda Cassady “Is Santa Claus a Hippie?”

2.24 Linda Davis “Snowed In Christmas

7;23 Linda Eder “The Bells of St. Paul”

5/15 Linda Strangis w/Spike Jones and His City Slickers “I Want Eddie Fisher for Christmas”

1/10 Lindby “Time Wimey Christmas

3;11 Lindi Ortega “All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy” 

5/5 Lindsay Crosby “Dear Mister Santa Claus”

5:11 Lindsey Buckingham “Holiday Road

1.23 Lindsey Cardinale & Heather Lannan “Spoiled

4’20 Lindsey Stirling “Snow Waltz” 

2.22 Lindsey Webster “It’s Gonna Snow on Christmas

1.27 LindZ Owen “On the Nice List

5/22 Line Materials “The Magic of Christmas

5/12 Line Materials, Co. ”Merry Christmas from Line Materials”

5/30 Line Materials, Ken Nordine “The Kinds of Christmas

4,9 The Linedance Fever “365 Days of Christmas

6/22 Linn Sheldon “Rabbits Have a Christmas

5/28, 6/23 Linn Sheldon “Boofo Goes Where Santa Goes”

1;10 Linnzi Zaorski “Christmas Stalking” 

10.11 Lins Honeyman “Just Another Christmas Song” 

5.27 Lion and Frog (feat. Mike Brookshire) “Untrim the Christmas Tree

6’20 Lipbone Redding “Santa’s Tropic Island Hideaway” 

12,13 Lipstick Generation “Christmastime Machine” 

12,8 Liquid Eye “All I Want for Xmas is Snow” 

1;10 Lis Mata “Christmas Stalking” 

5-29 Lisa “Lisa’s Christmas Dinner Song” 

4-22 Lisa (Lisa’s Rum Cakes) “Lisa’s Rum Cake Song

7:20 Lisa and Brian O’Neill “The Most Dysfunctional Time of the Year” 

5-21 Lisa and Rich “Garlic Pork

8;5 Lisa Bevill “Fix Your Eyes Upon That Star

8/16 Lisa Layne “Santa Drives an Eighteen Wheeler

7;1 Lisa Loeb “Jingle Bells”

2.20 Lisa Loeb “Snow Day

3.18 Lisa Miller “Snowman

3/27 Lisa Scudiero “Merry Shitty Christmas”

8:25 Lisa Thiel “Winter Solstice Song

10,26 Listen & Learn Music “The Other Eight Reindeer

2.17 The Listening “Angels in the Snow

11,1 The Listies “7 Days of Christmas” 

1/7 Literary Ethnography “Twelve Days of Christmas (Doctor Who Edition)

3’23 Little Baby Bum and Friends “Ice Skating” 

12.22 Little Encyclopedia Browns “Grandpa in the Santa Suit Show

1\2 Little Fish “Day After Christmas Blues

8-23 ‘Little’ Georgie Holiday “Have a Gluey Christmas” 

9,30 Little Jackie “Mrs. Claus 

8\12 Little Jerry “I’m Gonna Learn to Ride a Reindeer” 

7/26, 8/8  Little Joey Farr “Big White Cadillac

11/17 Little Joey Farr “Rock ‘N’ Roll Santa

1;8 Little Johnny “Santa Blackmail

9-3 Little Lambsie Penn “I Want to Spend Christmas with Elvis”

11;6 A Little Princess Original Cast “Almost Christmas”

6’24 Little Red Ambulance “Sailing Home for Christmas

3.26 Little Red Ambulance “A Snowman Stole My Wife

4.11 Little Rita Faye “I Fell Out of a Christmas Tree

2\4 Little Rockers “It’s Christmas Time Again” 

3/1 The Little Stinkers “I Farted on Santa’s Lap (Now Christmas is Gonna Stink for Me)”

10;17 Little Timmy Tinsel & The Fairy Lights “Blotto In The Grotto”

5.29 Little Willie John and the Three Lads and a Lass“Mommy, What Happened to Our Christmas Tree?”

11,9 Liv Waters “Ain’t Nothing Merry

12*1 The Living Sisters “Christmas in California

8\28 Living Voices “Flying Home for Christmas

10*24 Livingston & Mile Marker 24 “White Christmas In the Florida Keys”

11;11 Livingston Taylor “The Christmas is Almost Here”

3;9 Liz Anderson “Coyote Christmas” 

6/22 Liz Anderson, The Fairy Grandmother “Christopher the Christmas Seal

11,8 Liz Elias “Six Days Till Christmas” 

4\2 Liz Isenberg “Hello Christmas” 

4.13 Liz Madden “Happy Christmas, Christmas Tree

9\15 Liz Thresher “A Million Dollar Christmas

8;12 Liz Vandervelden “Star”

7:5 Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo “Family Christmas

8/25 Lizzy8784 “Police Took My Car

10,7 Lizzy Hilliard “Christmas is

5’8 Lizzy Hilliard “Doesn’t Mean a Thing

10,24 Lizzy Hilliard “Is It Almost Christmas” 

7:29 Lizzy Morris “Family Christmas” 

5.24 LJ Jones “My Fake Plastic Christmas Tree

6’26 Lloyd Snow “Christmas at Sea

7:9 Lloyd Zuniga and Mary Murphy-Zuniga “A Family Christmas

11/26 L.M. Azpiazu “A Christmas Tango (with Santa)”

5,6 LoadTronic “Christmas Cheesecake

8\7 Local Business Comedy “Flight Song” 

10,9 Locals “Christmas Time Feels Right

12,31 Loden Taylor “A Star in Langley” 

5.7 Loeksband “Singing by the Christmas Tree

2:21 Logan Paul “Santa Diss Track”

3.29 Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club “Me & The Snowman

11,4 Lohmann and Ballinger “Santa Claus is Coming to Our Disco

8;7 London Fox Kids Choir “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Christmas)”

4/3 Londoner Silver Darter “The Face of Death”

8:11 Lonely Deer “Save Your Tears for Boxing Day” 

6:22 The Lonely Hearts “Christmas Without You”

1\23 Lonely Robot “The Morning After the Night Before Christmas” 

6;26 The Long Blondes “Christmas is Cancelled”

9\30 The Long Ryders “Christmas in New Zealand

9.14 The Long Winters “Christmas with You is the Best

8,19 Long Time Friend “Just Saying

6’23 The Longest Johns “Christmas at Sea” 

6’25 The Longest Johns “It’s Hard to be a Shantyman (On Christmas)

3\23 Lonnie Flemmer “Another White Trash Christmas”

4:10 Loo & Placido ”Horny Christmas” 

2’1 Loo Loo Kids “My Happy Christmas Sled Song

3\14 Loona “Another Christmas Without You” 

8.7 Looney Tunes “Carol of the Looney Toons Bells

1’26 Loop Line “I Want a Surfboard (For Christmas)” 

12;24 Loose Tapestries (feat. Me Innit) “Can’t Wait for Christmas”

6-17 Lord Beginner “Christmas Morning the Rum Had Me Yawning

10/16, 1’11 Lord Douglas Byron “Surfin’ Santa

11,29 Lord Ferzy “Christmas is Gonna be in Heaven Tonight” 

3:17 Lord Jazor “The F*ck is This?”

6-20 Lord Kitchener “Bring de Scotch for Christmas

6-17 Lord Kitchener “Drink a Rum”

2.8 Loreena McKennitt “Snow

2.26 Lorelei Savaryn “I Hate Snow

7/26 Lorena & the Raving Reindeers “(I Need a Prince on a) White Reindeer

10,29 Lorena Leigh · Hamilton Belk “Cowgirl Mermaid Christmas” 

7;18 Lorena McKennitt “The Bells of Christmas”

9,27 Lorena McKennitt “In Praise of Christmas” 

2-15 The Lorentzens (Catherine Lorentzen) “Kissin’ by the Mistletoe”

8,28 Lorenz Leo (feat. Tom Micko) “Santa be My Baby” 

12;26 Lorenzo Music, Tom Huge “Can’t Wait for Christmas

5.18 Loretta Allen “Christmas Tree

8-19 Loretta Jenkins “Let’s Do Blow

8-25 Loretta Jenkins “Walkin’ is a Xanny Wonderland

5.20 Loretta Lynn “I Won’t Decorate Your Christmas Tree This Year

7\2 Loretta Lynn “Shadrack the Black Reindeer

3.2 Lori Ann Stewart “Once There was a Snowman

1.23 Lori Mae Hernandez “‘Royals’ Christmas Version

3/6 Lori Mae Hernandez “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me) Christmas Song”

12,10 Lori McKenna “North Pole

12,15 Lori McKenna “Still Christmas in Nashville

11,26 Lori Oz “Coming Home” 

12*1 Lori ‘Stand Up Lori’ Hernandez “The California Christmas Song

8.9 Lorne Greene “Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney”

10*22 Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road “Christmas in Carolina”

7:23 Lorrie Morgan “Christmas at Our House”

4\1 Los 3llers “Hello Christmas” 

10,11 Los Doggies “Mad for Christmas

4\30 Los Goutos “Merry Christmas and Goodbye

11/22 Los Straitjackets “Holiday Twist

4.29 Losing Lara “Nerdy Christmas Tree

11,10 Lossed Soul “Covid Christmas” 

10*20 Lost & Found “Christmas in Virginia

12,17 The Lost Connection “If Only (Pigs Could Fly at Christmas)” 

12*26, 7/1 The Lost Dogs “Song for the Day After Christmas”

11,24 LostAlone “I Want Christmas Always” 

5-20 Lou and Peter Berryman “Big Dead Bird

5:8 Lou and Peter Berryman “Cockroach Christmas

12/30, 9-19 Lou Menchell and His Mambonicks “All I Want for Chanukah is Marilyn Monroe”

7:30 Lou Monte “Christmas at Our House”

6/29 Lou Monte “Dominick the Christmas Donkey

8.21 Lou Rawls “Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme”

8.21 Lou Rawls “You Can Never Find an Elf When You Need One” 

7/2 Lou Reed “Xmas in February”

11,28 Loud Letters “Like Christmas

4/6 Loudon Snowden Wainwright III “I’ll Be Killing You (This Christmas)”

11,1 Loudon Wainwright III “Suddenly it’s Christmas” 

1:23 Louie Ludwig “Christmas at the Hospital”

11,10 Louie Volta “COVID Christmas

5/18 Louis Armstrong  “Christmas Night in Harlem

5/18 Louis Armstrong “Christmas in New Orleans

5/13 Louis Armstrong “Christmas Night in Harlem

11*14 Louis Armstrong “Christmas Time in New Orleans

5/13 Louis Armstrong “Cool Yule

12,2 Louis Armstrong “‘Zat You, Santa Claus?” 

7/5 Louis Duarte “Another Mum Christmas Song”

5/5 Louis Jordan and his Orchestra “May Every Day be Christmas

8,24 Louis Leiva “My Christmas” 

12/16 Louis Mandrell “All I Want for Christmas Dear is You”

11/5 Louis Prima “What Will Santa Claus Say (When He Finds Everybody Swingin’)

1/3 Louise and Friends “Santa’s Island in the Sun

4:13 The Louisiana Blues Brothers “Santa was a Freak Like Me

10/13 Louna Maroun & RefugeFromReno “Santa Claus: P.I.M.P.

2.12 The Loungers (feat. Travo) “Snow is Falling”

2’27 Love Note to Dexter “Anthem for the Big Christmas Brawl

2’27 Love Note to Dexter “We are the Wreath” 

5.30 Love Tractor “I’m Not Afraid of a Christmas Tree

3:20 Lovebyte “Merry Fucking Christmas to Me

6/7 The Lovely Eggs “Tyrannosaurus Rex for Christmas”

8:6 Lovely Hoffman “A Kwanzaa Song” 

5.14 The Lovers “Christmas Tree

12,5 Lovers Turn to Monsters “Circles

11,15 Lovers Turn to Monsters   “It’s Weird to Think There’ll Always be a Christmas Probably” 

12;8 Lovetrain “I Can’t Wait ‘Til Christmas”

5.23 Loves It! “Christmas Tree Bridge

9.14 Low ”Just Like Christmas”

11\18 Low Fidelity Love Songs “Christmas (1984)” 

12,12 Lowdy (feat. Shin Bia, Emily Sung, Khai & Zensang) “Dear Christmas” 

4-8 Lowell George “Candy Cane Madness

8/20 Lowell Shyette “Christmas Truckin’ Time

8/16 Lowell Shyette “Santa Drives a Peterbilt”

7;26 The Lower Lights “Christmas Bells”

8;22 The Lower Lights “Stars of Glory”

8,1, 12’28 LRN Nola (feat. Okill & LRN Fly) “I Hate Santa” 

11,25 L-T Terror “Bad Santa” 

9:9 Lua Hadar “Mrs. Claus”

9:4 Lucas Ciliberti “Mrs. Santa Claus (When It’s Christmas Time)

9.28 Lucas Grabeel (Justin Bieber) “F*** Christmas

4\8 Lucas Hoge “Hey Christmas

10.9 The Lucky Face (feat. Lizzie London) “Just Another Christmas Song” 

2.27 Lucky Luke “No Snow This Christmas

3-18 Lucky Tones “Baby Jesus, Santa Claus, and Frankenstein”

10*15 Lucy Clark “Jersey Bada Bing Christmas

2-19 Lucy Hale “Mistletoe

10,14 Ludacris “Ludacrismas

1/10 Lui C Acoustic “Dr. Who Christmas Song

8.11 Luis and Maria “Arrurru

8.11 Luis and Maria “Saludo (aguinaldo)” 

6’6 Lukas Graham “Here (For Christmas)

11:10 Luke “Christmas Time is Party Time” 

11,17 Luke Markinson “All I Want for Xmas” 

9’3 Luke Millington-Drake “A Very Devil Christmas Song” 

3\9 Luke Nelson “Another Christmas Song” 

11.11 Luke Pilgrim “A Christmas Card” 

3\27 Luke Ryder “Just Another Christmas” 

1/14 Luke Sienkowski (The FuMP) “Star Wars Chanukah Song

10.24 Luke Simmons and His Blue Mountain Boys “Christmas Carols by the Old Corral” 

2’11 Luke Stanage “New Sled (Christmastime is Here)” 

2-18 Luke Williams Band “Mistletoe Baby”

1\13 Luke Turton “Christmas was Yesterday” 

12:19 Lukes Brain Chunks (Winston the Elf’) “The Amazon Prime Christmas Song” 

12;16 LuLu “Can’t Wait for Christmas

5;30 Lulu Belle and Scotty “The Empty Christmas Stocking”

9’11 Luna Morning Star “Even the Devil Likes Christmas” 

4,22 Luna Wave “It’s Only Christmas (If You’re Coming Around)

6;9 lunaMe “When Will Christmas Be Over”

5,29 The Lunar Collective “What a Christmas Gift

2’15 Lunatic Soul “Gravestone Hill” 

7-30 Lunch at Allen’s “Sober Up for Christmas”

3’8 Lundström “Christmas Magic” 

8:8 Luqmann Ruth “Kwanzaa Song

9:13 Lust Control “Chasing Mrs. Claus ‘Round the North Pole

6:27 Luther Vandross “Every Year, Every Christmas” 

2-2 Luther Vandross “The Mistletoe Jam

11’30 Lux Lisbon “The. Worst. Christmas. Ever.” 

11’14 Luxemburg Trio “Flip The Table

11,12 LYGA “Under the Snow” 

12,2 Lyn Stanley “Zat You Santa Claus?”

7;5 Lynn Anderson “Ding-A-Ling the Christmas Bell”

2-19 Lynn Anderson “Mr. Mistletoe

11;5 Lynn Anderson “A Whistle and a Whisker Away”

3;13 Lynn Holliman’s kids “Santa’s Holiday Hoedown

8-25 Lynn Marie “Christmas Prozac Song” 

2;14 Lynsay Ryan “Christmas Baby

11’17 Lynskey “I Took Some Mistletoe Down to the Red Light District” 

2\13 Lynyrd Skynyrd “Christmas Time Again

10/17 Lynyrd Skynyrd “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’”

7:4, 8,6 Lynyrd Skynyrd “Skynyrd Family

9:14 Lynzie Kent “Mrs. Claus Laments (Stay Home with Me)” 

9\15 LZTraps All I Want for Christmas


3.11 M&TGM “Abominable Snowman” 

11/12 Mabel Scott “Boogie Woogie Santa Claus”

7,10 Mac Lethal “Santa Raps so Fast

9,18 Macabre “Holidays of Horror” 

10:23 Macarone “The War on the War on Christmas”

4,28 The Macc Lads “Jingle Bells

12*13 The Maccabeats “All About that Neis

12*8 The Maccabeats “Candlelight”

5:16 The Maccabeats “Hasmonean

5-30 The Maccabeats “The Latke Recipe

3.26 Macchendra “Frosty the Snowman

4\18 The MacDonald Brothers “Three Cheers for Christmas” 

12*26 the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Youth Choir “Kwanzaa Song”

9’2 macexface “I Don’t Wanna Die on Christmas Eve” 

6;19 Macka B “Christmas Cancelled”

11,21 Macklemore “It’s Christmastime” 

2’18 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ed Sheeran) “Growing Up (Sloane’s Song)” 

4:7 MacLean and MacLean “Merry Christmas Handjob” 

5.13 Mad for Action “Like a Christmas Tree

1’7 Mad Caddies “I’m Going Surfing for Christmas Day

11*7 the Mad Hatters “Wisconsin Christmas”

9-3 Mad Milo “Elvis for Xmas

4\9 Mad Monkey “Hey! Ho! Merry Christmas!

3/24 The Mad Tea “Oh Sh*t, It’s Christmastime

5’30 Madame Love “Love Affair of Mrs. Claus

9.6 Madeleine Joan Blaustein (Meowth) “Nobody Don’t Like Christmas”

8\12 Cast of ‘Madeline and Santa’ “I’ve Always Dreamed of Flying with Santa” 

1\27 Madelynne Witt “Days After Christmas” 

9\22 Madisen Renee (feat. Riza Singal) “Christmas with You

12;20 Madison O’Neill “I Just Can’t Wait ’til Christmas

4-17 Madrigals “The Fruitcake Song”

5’11 Madslack Mike “Booze Train Christmas” 

4.9 Mafia and Fluxy “Little Christmas Tree

1;13 The Mafia Guys “If Santa was a Criminal

1/4 Maggie Naputia “The 12 Days of Christmas

6,1 Maggie Rose “Happier New Year (Christmas is Cancelled)

4.1 The Magic of Christmas Singers “Christmas in the Forest

5.19 Magnetic Fields “Everything is One Big Christmas Tree”

8-30 Magno Production “White Christmas, Cold Turkey” 

6.26 Magnus Carlsson “Wrap Myself in Paper

4,5 Mahami (feat. STRTWLKR) “Christmas 365

3.6 Mahri Sherlock “Mr. Snowman Dance

4’10 Maitro “Aspen Ski Lodge

8-6, 5.26 Major Lazer “Christmas Trees

5.10 Makayla “Meet Me at the Christmas Tree

3\27 Make Like Monkeys “Another Holiday” 

11’25 Make Like Monkeys “Mine!!! Rub Out Santa Claus

11’13 Make Like Monkeys “What U Got?

12,2 Make Like Monkeys “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town (So Why Can’t U)” 

10,11 Make Like Monkeys “Santa Should Ride a Yeti

2:5 Malach! Poe “Dear Christmas (I Kind of Hate You)

7/8 Malaki Davinci “Christmas in July”

8:15 Malaprop “Boxing Day”

11;25 Malcom Simpson “Christmas is just around the corner”

1’1 The Malibooz “And a Happy New Year” 

8/4 The Malibooz “Christmastide

6,22 The Malibooz “Malibu Kind of Christmas

1’1 The Malibooz “A Quiet Little Christmas

1’1 The Malibooz “Rudy

8/4 The Malibooz “Santa Drives a Super Stock Dodge”

8/4 The Malibooz “Santa Man

10/16 The Malibooz “Santa’s Gone Surfin’

1’1 The Malibooz “Seashells and Coral” 

1’1 The Malibooz “When Santa Comes to Santa Cruz” 

7/16 Malice in Wonderland “When Everything’s Red

10\13 Malinda “An Honest Christmas Song for 2017

12:30 , 10\12 Malinda “An Honest 2018 Christmas (help)”

10\11 Malinda (ft. schmoyoho) “An Honest Christmas 2019” 

10\10 Malinda “An Honest 2020 Christmas” 

5.15 The Mallon Tones “Treats Under the Christmas Tree

11.14 Malvern V. Gumbs “A Christmas Card”

4’27 Mami Ishibashi (feat. Mayan) “Embrace It All… Feliz Navidad

1\17 Man Feelings “Two Weeks After Christmas” 

10’16 Man of Arms “It’s Christmas Time and Everything’s Wrong” 

12*1, 1’19 Manafest “California Christmas

8/27 MANDR01D “All I Want for Christmas is a Burnt Out Car”

7,13 Mandy Rowden “Christmas with You

4-5 Manel Diaz “Christmas Candy

6’1 Mangled Carpenter ‘I Saw Three Ships (Come Sailing In)

12:25 The Mangles Mangle Bell Rock 

12:6 The Mangles “Turntable Under the Tree”

6/13 The Manhattan Transfer      “Christmas is Coming (The Goose is Getting Fat)”

2.14 Manhatten Transfer “Snowfall

7\17 Maniac Clown “Reindeer” 

9:23 Maniacs “Mrs. Claus’s Lover

12,17 Manic Drive “December Mourning

6:12 Manic Mark “My Wife Done Left Me & Took Everything but Christmas” 

5:31 Manila Luzon “Slay Bells

5:12 Manila Luzon and Alaska Thunderfuck “Working Holiday” 

4-17 Mannheim Steamroller “The Fruitcake Song

5.9 Manos Wild “The Tree That Couldn’t Rock

6.23, 2\17 The Mansfields “Broke on Christmas Again” 

8-7 Manuel Montes “Let’s Get High for Christmas” 

4\30 Manuel Seal Jr. (feat. Morgan Reilly) “Goodbye Christmas” 

11.22 The Many-Splendored Things “A Christmas Card (In My Heart)”

12.21 The Many-Splendored Things “So Good in Your Red Suit” 

6\4 Maple Leaf Learning “Bernie the Reindeer

4-24 Maple Leaf Learning “Let’s Make Cookies for Santa Claus

3.3 Maple Leaf Learning “The Snowman Song

4.6 Maple Leaf Learning “Three Christmas Trees

10*13 Marah “New York is a Christmas Kind of Town”

10*24 Marc-Alan Barnette and Elizabeth C. Axford “Christmas in Florida

8/21 Marc Allen Bennett “One More Truck Stop Christmas”

11*24 Marc Almond “Christmas in Vegas

11;5 Marc Amendola “I Almost Met Santa Claus”

11;11 Marc Broussard “Almost Christmas”

9/6 Marc Gunn (FuMP) “The Celtic Christmas Elf Conscription Song”

5:1 Marc Sardou “Christmas in Miami

5:27 Marc Sardou “The Present (To Khloe Colon)

5:16 Marc Sardou “Soldiers Christmas” 

7.30 Marc Sardou “What Gifts You See

12.24 Marc Schaefgen “Black Boots n’ Red Pants” 

3.29 Marc Schaefgen “Man V. Snowman

1/15 Marc With a C  “Star Wars Christmas

11/22 The Marcels “Merry Twist-mas”

7/16 Marcel Caroto and Bilo Lawrence “Red Red Christmas

12*1 Marcella Detroit “California Xmas

1.17 Marcie “Moves Like Santa”

7-4 Marco & Jannik “Let’s Get Drunk on Christmas

5,1 Marco and Mando “Oh What? A Christmas Time” 

3’24 Marcus Buddy Vincét “Ice Skating” 

4’28 Marcus Latief Scott “It’s Christmas

3’17 Marcus Late Scott “It’s Christmas

6.24 Marcus Oglesby “Daddy’s Broke for Christmas

12,8 Marcy Playground “Keegan’s Christmas” 

9;13 Marcy Tigner “Colored Christmas Lights”

7.17, 4:19 Margaret Cho and Red Peters “The Christmas Gift

12;10 Margaret MacPherson “Can’t Wait for Christmas”

2-24 Margaret Whiting “The Mistletoe Kiss

1/10 Margot Vandersmissen “Last Christmas (A Doctor Who Song)”

4.20 Marguerite Trina “The Rocking Tree”

7.3 Maria Aragon (w/Liona Boyd) “My Special Christmas Present is You

9.17 Maria Taylor “Christmas After All

11/26 Maria Volonte “Tango Me for Christmas

2\8 Mariah Carey “Christmas Time is in the Air Again

3.28 Mariah Carey “Lil Snowman

6:27 Mariah Carey “Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

10,26 Mariah Carey “Oh Santa!

8;21 Mariah Carey “The Star”

8.15 Mariah Hortans (w/M Sandberg Duo) “Jolly Holiday”

8.8 Marie Matthews “All Alone in the World

11/2 Marie Vernon and the Mellomen “Christmas Tree Waltz

10-10 Mario Cantone “Jim Morrison Christmas Special”

12;13 Mario J Brown “Cant Wait for Christmas”

9:2 Marjorie Michelle Rose “Santa Needs a Mrs. Claus

7.23 Mark “Mom’s Hanukkah Song

6’8 Mark & The Mongrels “Christmas on a Yacht” 

7:11 Mark Anthony Harrison Buckley “Our Family Christmas”

9:26 Mark Arnett   “I Miss You Most at Christmas (Now That You are Dead)” 

6:11 Mark Arnett “I Miss You Most at Christmas (Now that You are Dead)” 

3;3 Mark Baker “Christmas Eve on Wolf Creek Pass

11.9 Mark Best “The Christmas Card”

3-14 Mark Bradford “Bethlehemian Rhoapsody”

11’16, 12’25 Mark Cummings “Don’t Give Your Wife an Iron for Christmas” 

7:12 Mark Cummings “Inlaws Coming to Town” 

7\29 Mark Cummings “Rundown Reindeer” 

7:9 Mark Dubbeld family “Warm Family Christmas”

5.18 Mark Elliot “When Christmas Trees were Tall

11,22 Mark Erelli “Ain’t No Time of the Year to be Alone.” 

11,17 Mark Erelli “Not Quite Christmas” 

12,30 Mark Fryars “(You Put the) Jingle in My Bell

5-5 Mark Geary with Glen Hansard “Christmas Biscuits

7-26 Mark Gostnell “Jesus Talks to Me When I’m Drunk” 

2\21 Mark Hand “Let’s Have a Merry Christmas

12*5 Mark James “Numbah One Day of Christmas

9’20 Mark Lavigne “Satan, I Want Her for Christmas

8\29 Mark Leen “Fly Home for Christmas” 

11;9 Mark Linn-Baker, Jay Goede “Merry Almost Christmas”

10-10 Mark Pitta “Jim Morrison Jingle Bells Imitation

11*28 Mark Putt Explosion “Mile High Santa

8,22 Mark Radice “On Christmas Morning

1.29 Mark Ronson (for WBLI) “North Pole Funk

12;24 Mark Sacco “Sedated (I Can’t Wait for Christmas)”

12.7 Mark Scherbel “Pink Panties, The Christmas Song

2/28 Mark Schultz “When Love was Born”

5:9 Mark Shane’s Xmas All-Stars “Santa Claus Came in the Spring”

12,15 Mark Soileau “This Christmas (Right Now)” 

8/29 Mark Tolstrup and Dale Haskell “Christmas Eve in a Liquor Store Parking Lot”

1/14 Marks Laugh “Star Wars Jingle Bells

3’7 Marla Harvey “Christmas With You” 

9’18 Marlboro “Christmas Everyday

9;22 Marlene Dietrich “Christmas Lights

5/22, 9-3 Marlene Paul “I Wanna Spend Christmas with Elvis

3.12 Marlin Wallace “Abominable Snow Creature”

6/1 Marlo and Danny Thomas “The Cricket on the Hearth”

9;28 Marlo · Ryan Adams “Christmas Lights”

2;17 Marly Dure “Newtonmas

11.5 Marni Nixon “My Christmas Card to You” 

5/31 Marquees “Santa Done Got Hip

5/31 Marquees “Christmas in the Congo

5/31 Marquerita Trina “The Rocking Tree

12.1 Marrus “Winter Clothes” 

9,12 The Marsh Family “Bring Us a Candle” 

12*24 Marsha Bartanetti “Almost Christmas Eve

11’12 Marshal Keep “Jingle the Red Nosed Halls Christmas Tree” 

11\22 Marshal Keep “Winter Blues

11/13 The Marshall Brothers “Mr. Santa’s Boogie

10/27 Marshall Bruce Mathers III “The Real Slim Santa

10*21 Marshall Tucker Band “Christmas in Carolina

5/31, 11-13 The Martels “Rockin’ Santa Claus“

1\6 Martha Taylor Lacroix “‘Twas the Day after Christmas

6-24 Martian Patriots “Beer Christmas Song”

8\11 Martin Black “Fly Away Little Reindeer

6\28 Martin Black “Ronnie the Reindeer

2.24 Martin Carlberg feat. Tanja Doko “Snowed In” 

10*21 Martin GT Middle School Choral Department”Carolina Christmas

8:30 Martin Little “Epiphany Song

6/24 Martin Metcalf and Gillian Brown “Santa’s Dog

6,29 Martin Rivas “Another Christmas 78rpm” 

10/9 Martin Mull “Santa Doesn’t Cop Out on Dope”

10/12 Martin Mull with the Sondra Baskin Glee Club “Santafly

7-31 Martin Nesbitt “The Alcoholic’s Anonymous Christmas Ball” 

6:16 Martin Nievera “Christmas Won’t be the Same Without You

7/23 Martin Novales “Green Christmas

3\8, 12\25 Martin Rivas “Another Christmas 78rpm

7-15, 1\28 The Martini Kings “(Whiskey Song) I Slept Through Christmas Day”  

9/15 The Marty Gold Children’s Chorus “Elmer Elf”

6/26 The Marty Gold Children’s Chorus “The Kitty Ate the Tinsel On the Christmas Tree

4’30 The Marty Gold Children’s Chorus “Roaring Sam The Snowmobile” 

4.4 Marty Merchant “Lonely Christmas Tree

10,24 Marty Robbins Christmas Kisses” 

2\15 Marty Robbins “Christmas Time is Here Again

6/29 Marty Robbins “Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey

10’8 Marty Skinarty “Happy Christmas (It’s the End of the World)”

2/19 Marva Wright “Stocking Full of Love”

11\17 Marvelann “Christmas 1985

7,27 Marvelous 3 “Merry Christmas

4.24 Marvelous Marvah “Golden Christmas Tree

5:10 Marvin Gaye “Purple Snowflakes” 

11.16 Marvin Sapp “Christmas Card”

7;29 Mary Chapin Carpenter “Bells Are Ringing”

9;2 Mary Chapin Carpenter “Candlelight Carol”

12\2 Mary Chapin Carpenter “Christmas Carol” 

6-15 Mary Chapin Carpenter “Hot Buttered Rum”

8:24 Mary Chapin Carpenter “The Longest Night of the Year

9\29 Mary Chapin Carpenter “Transcendental Reunion

1;10 Mary Cobham (The Maughams) “Christmas Stalking

11,17 Mary Gauthier Christmas in Paradise” 

5-17 Mary Helen Mustian “Christmas Stew

8,10 Mary J Blige (feat. Angie Martinez) “Christmas in the City” 

3;22 Mary Kaye “A Cowboy Christmas Tonight

3;21 Mary Kaye “Goin’ Home for Christmas

3;29 Mary Kaye “It All Began in a Barn

3;17 Mary Kaye “Saddle Up Your Pinto” 

3;27, 7\17 Mary Kaye “Santa’s Roundup” 

9:26 Mary Keydash “Mrs. Claus in Menopause” 

2-21 Mary Kissmass “Blue Mistletoe

4.21 Mary Lee “No Christmas Tree

2:14 Mary Magdalan “Christmas Sucks

12*1 Mary Mary “California Christmas

9;1, 12,4 Mary Thienes Schunemann “Four Lights of Advent” 

8;25 Mary Thienes Schunemann “He Is the Star”

6;15 Mary’s Kids “No Christmas This Year”

9.17 Mascott “This Christmastime

12*14 The Mason Family “While Shepherds Washed Their Socks by Night”

10*13 Master P “Christmas in the Ghetto,

1-9 Master Sgt. Robt. Allen “A Marine’s Christmas Song”

6;16 Masters of Stank “A City with No Christmas” 

7/14 The Matches “December is for Cynics”

9/25 Mat Moody “What Does the Elf Say?

12*10, 5’29 Matisyahu “Happy Hanukkah

2:16 Matt and The Nobodies “Christmas Blows” 

5’9 Matt Andersen “Hobo Christmas Train” 

5’22 Matt Andersen “Toy Trains”

12’30 Matt Crossman “The Shoot – out at the Shawclough Coral” 

12,7 Matt Dorrien “Christmas in L.A.” 

10,27 Matt Dorrien “Sure Miss Those Days at Christmas” 

2-10 The (Matt) Farley Flower Band “The Best Mistletoe Song Ever Made”

8:14 Matt Farley (The Motern Media Holiday Singers)”The Boxing Day Anthem

9;10 The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man (Matt Farley) “Christmas Lights (Xmas Lights!)”

6-10 The Hungry Food Band (Matt Farley) “Eggnog is Very Yummy

3/15 The Toilet Bowl Cleaners (Matt Farley)  “I’ll Be Home Pooping for Christmas

3/15 The Toilet Bowl Cleaners (Matt Farley)  “I Pooped on Santa’s Lap”

3/15 The Toilet Bowl Cleaners (Matt Farley)  “I Saw Mommy Wiping Santa’s Bum

1:12 The Toilet Bowl Cleaners (Matt Farley) “I’ll be Home Pooping for Christmas

8,21 (Matt Farley) The Best Birthday Band Ever “It’s December 26 (And It’s Your Birthday!)” 

3.10 The Paranormal Song Warrior (Matt Farley)“Oh My Goodness, It’s the Yeti, the Abominable Snowman! Wow!

3/15, 5.29 The Toilet Bowl Cleaners (Matt Farley)  “Pee on the Christmas Tree

5\29 Matt ‘The Toilet Bowl Cleaners’ Farley “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Hemorrhoid

12:25 Matt Farley These are Great! Holiday Songs! 

8:27 The Motern Media Holiday Singers (Matt Farley)  “Winter Solstice Celebration Song” 

10*10 Matt Glendinning “School is Closed”

4\19 Matt Hanley “Whoa Christmas

1\22 Matt Kaye “After Christmas”

11,18 Matt Luneburg “Christmas Land” 

3:19 Matt Mulholland “I Fucking Love Christmas”

4:4, 12:25 Matt Mulholland “O Holy Night” 

4:4 Matt Mulholland “Penis Chorale Part III” follow-up

3:28 Matt Owens “One Fuck of a Year”

1.26 Matt Pelt “Naughty List

10’3 Matt Polsfut/ Mista Mat “Christmas From Hell

2.20 Matt Pond PA “Snow Day

5:13 Matt Roach “21st Century Santa

2\8 Matt Roach  “Christmas Again

5:11 Matt Roach “Christmas Blues ’95

5:29 Matt Roach “Christmas Morning Eyes

1;10 Matt Roach “Christmas Stalkings” 

5:4 Matt Roach “Forever Christmas

5:25 Matt Roach “Frosty’s Carrot Stick

5:27 Matt Roach “Giving Christmas the Business

1:22 Matt Roach “Holiday Heart Attack”

1;27 Matt Roach “The Inmates Holiday” 

8:3 Matt Roach “Merry Christmahanukwanzaa”

9:25 Matt Roach “The Mrs. Santa Sleeping Around Song” 

12\25 Matt Roach Naughty and Nice

6:3 Matt Roach “Paralyzed

5:13, 10;24 Matt Roach “Sidewalk Santa” 

5:31, 10,10 Matt Roach “Toys for Boys

1\13 Matt Roach “‘Twas the Day After Christmas” 

7-23 Matt Rogers “Drunk Santa is Coming to Town

3.25 Matt Rogers “Frosty the Pervert

4:17 Matt Rogers “I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus”

5\30 Matt Rogers “Rudolph the Deep-Throated Reindeer

4:20 Matt Rogers “Suck on My Cock”

1/7 Matt Shan “Doctor Who 12 Days of Christmas”

5;25 Matt Stratton “Empty Christmas

12.2 Matt Swift “Hats and Scarves”

12.10 The Ghost Script (Matt Thompson) “Favorite Christmas Sweater” 

6/2 Matt Thompson’s The Ghost Script “The Itsy Bitsy Spider (Christmas Version)

9/3 The Ghost Script (Matt Thompson) “We are Elves

2.15 Matt Wertz “Snow Globe”

12’6 Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

4.22 Matthew Brandon Carlson “Christmas Tree Lane (Let It Rain)”

2.15 Matthew Hickman “You Can’t Hide in the Snow

10,18 Matthew Jordan “Socially Distanced Christmas” 

12,14 Matthew McLaughlin “Chestnuts

3:1 Matthew McPeck “Fuck Christmas (I Wish It was Halloween)”

6,4 Matthew Milia “Christmas from a Deadmall

6,8 Matthew Milia “Somerset Solo” 

5’2 Matthew Oleson “Lonesome Freight Train” 

11*9 Matthew Vaughan The Iowan State Song

11:12 Matthew Wegienka “I Like Christmas Parties”

8:13, 1\26 Matthew West “Day After Christmas

10,27 Matthew West “Hope of Christmas

7,4 Matthew West “One Last Christmas

5,2 Matthyaz “Let It All Go

5.30 Mattie D “Christmas Tree

10’31 MattstaGraham “I Can’t Keep Up with the Holidays” 

2’25 MAU “Toboggan” 

10*16 Maura Sullivan “Christmas Eve in Washington”

2.27 Maureen McElheron “No Snow for Christmas

12,14 Maurice Fresh (feat. Shane Cashmere) “Big Sale” 

12’24 Mavado Flexxx & Savage “Gully Christmas” 

12\25 The Mavericks Hey! Merry Christmas! 

4\8 The Mavericks “Hey! Merry Christmas!

2\11 The Mavericks “One More Christmas

5-14 Max DeGroot “Christmas Time Spaghetti”

7\20 Max DeGroot “I Wanna be a Reindeer” 

4.6 Max E Voltz “A Natural Christmas Tree

9,26 Maxi Priest “12 Days of Christmas” romance 

1\30 Maxim Rözge “Christmas is Over

9;29 Maxwell, Miranda Parsley “Christmas Lights”

4.5 Maxwell, Miranda, Parsely “Going to Get the Tree

10;29 Maxwell, Miranda, Parsley “Too Many Santas”

12;25 Maxwell, Miranda, and Parsley Catskill Christmas

8/18 Maxx Mann “Trucker’s Christmas

2.20 May Morris “Snow (‘Hello’ parody)”

4,11 Maya “Bad Santa

7,22 Maya Huyan “Merry Litmas” 

3’19 Maye “See You This Christmas

2’16 Mayfair “Broken Sled

3-16 Maynard’s Groovy Bible Tunes “Jospeh Call Him Jesus”

11,22 MaynEax “What U Want 4 Christmas

12,16 MBG BadBoy “Christmas” 

5\20 McBillz (feat. Black Ryan) “Blitzen” 

12,27 McCardy “One Christmas Eve

11\27 McCarthy Trenching “Christmas 1974

7-12 The Mcdrinkers “Drunk on Christmas” 

5/14 The McGuire Sisters “Give Me Your Heart for Christmas

5-30 MC Flow “Pot in the Latkes

5.24 The McGuire Sisters “The Cactus Christmas Tree

10.26 The McKameys “Sing a Song About the Lamb” 

12,12 McKenna Noh “Eve

7/23, 6\15 mc lars “Gary the Green-Nosed Reindeer

9\11 MC Lars (Featuring Jaret Reddick) “I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

7/23 mc lars “I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

12/24 MC Overlord “All I Want for Christmas is a Black President”

7\31 M.D.C. (Millions of Dead Cops) “Acid Reindeer” 

3:9 MDC “Merry Fucking Christmas” 

6.7 M-Dot, Lg “Christmas Shopping in the Ghetto

7.15 ME ‘n’ JB “Santa Bring Me a Dinosaur

10/4 Mead Elementary “Space Age Santa

2:16 Meaghan Smith “Christmas is the Worst” 

3\11 Mean “Another Lonely Christmas (A Lady Christmas)” 

11*7 The Mears Brothers Band “Christmas in Wisconsin

2:23 Medeia “Antichristmas” 

12,19 Meeks “Mistletoe for You

1.24, 6.5 Meet the Bullens “Thrift Shop Christmas Parody

11\18 Meet the Seavers “Christmas 1984

12,31 Meet the Seavers “It’s Always Christmas Time

10,5 Megan & Liz “It’s Christmas Time” 

9,6 Megan & Liz “Thank God for December

2’27 Megan and Shane “White World of Winter” 

12*1 Megan Coffey “A White Christmas in California

6’26 Meg Davis “Christmas at Sea

12’12 Megahurts “All I Got for Christmas was This Lousy Gun

10’5 Megan McKenna “Family at Christmas

5;11 Megan Moore “I Forgot That It Was Christmas”  

5.14 Megan Simon “Fuck Yourselves Around the Christmas Tree

11\17, 12\25 Megathruster “1985 Sears Christmas Catalog

7:8 Megatrax “Redneck Family Christmas” (female)

7:8 Megatrax “Redneck Family Christmas” (male)

1\20 Megg “3 Days After Christmas

9,20 Meghan Trainor “I Believe in Santa” 

11,15 Meghan Trainor “Naughty List” 

12,15 Meghan Tulles “Three Christmases

11*6 Meijer Choral Group “A Michigan Christmas Card

1\31 Meiko “Maybe Next Year

10,2 Mekhi Randle “Red Sleigh” 

8.7 Mel Blanc “Christmas Isn’t Christmas Without Santa Claus” 

8.7 Mel Blanc “Do You Believe in Santy Claus?”

12.27 Mel Blanc “The Hat I Got for Christmas is Too Beeg

8.7 Mel Blanc “I Love Snow”

5/12, 12;24 Mel Blanc “I Tan’t Wait ‘Til Quithmuth Day

8.5 Mel Blanc “Which One is the Real Santa Claus?

5/12, 5.8 Mel Blanc “Yah Dis Ist Ein Christmas Tree” 

12,11 Mel Bryant “Keep Christ in Christmas” 

3\24 Mel Smith “Another Blooming Christmas

6/2 Mel Torme “Glow Worm (The Christmas Version)”

11*23 Mel Torme “It Happened in Sun Valley”

11:22 Mel Waiters “Xmas Party at Grandma’s House

11:23 Melanie Anne Pademal “Filipino Christmas Party

11,30 Melanie Gray “Outback Christmas Tree

10,10 Melanie Jay “Naughty or Nice

8,31 Mêlée “(When is) Hanukkah this Year?” 

11*28 Melinda Trondson “Colorado Christmas

11*11, 1-28  Melissa Ethridge “Christmas in America

9;4 Melissa Etheridge “Light A Light”

7;24 Melissa Etheridge “Ring The Bells”

4\8 Melissa Lesealii “Hey Hey It’s Christmas Day‘”

12*1 Melissa Lyons “A California Christmas

8:30 Melissa McCrory “Epiphany Song” 

11*23 Melissa Nielsen “The Idaho Song

8-28 Melissa Reaves “A Mayberry on Acid Christmas Song

12,21 Melissa Sanley “Christmas Recipe

12.5 Melleefresh and Rik Assfalg “Red Leather Suit”

11/10 The Mellomen w/Thurl Ravenscroft “Jingle Polka

3\8 Melodic “Another Silent Night

11*11 Melodie Chrittenden Kirkpatrick “Waiting for Christmas

9’16 Melodicka Bros “All I Want for Christmas is You, Satan” 

9’11 Melodicka Bros “The Devil in I” 

4.7 The Mels Motel “Little Christmas Tree Shop

5/24 Melvin and Johnny “It’s Christmas Time Again

6:25 The Memphis Ukelele Band “Merry Christmas Broken Hearts

7.14 Men and Machine “Christmas Greed

5’17 Men and Machine “Christmas Train” 

11’5 Men with Ven “Worst Christmas Ever

5-28 Menace “Christmas Dinner

6-17 Mere “Horner Rum

9.11 Meri Amber “Bow Down”

6’8 Merkel & The Merkelettes “A Latke Boat Song

6/23 Merle Haggard “Bobby Wants a Puppy Dog for Christmas”

11.26 Merle Haggard “Grandma’s Homemade Christmas Card” 

7/14 Merle Haggard “If We Make it Through December”

5’1 Merle Haggard “Goin’ Home for Christmas” 

9,29 Merle Haggard “Lonely Night” 

5-13 Merle Haggard “Santa Claus and Popcorn”

3\10 Merle Jagger “I’ll Have Another Drink for Christmas

8.7 Merrie Melodies “Christmas Rules

6:7 Merrill Leffman “Dumped Before Christmas

3\31 Merrill Leffmann “Every Year” 

5;3 Merrill Leffmann “I Hear a Lot About Santa”

8;30 Merrill Leffmann “The Star That Came”

12.21 Merrill Leffmann “I Love a Man in Uniform”

4\10 Merrill Nisker “Hey Ho Christmas” 

3.19 Merwin “It Hurts When I Melt

11\22 The Merry Kinsers “Christmas in the ’80s

5-2 Merrym’n “I Want Oatcakes for My Christmas Dinner” 

6-17 The Merrymen “Drink a Rum” 

6/25 Meryn “The Cat Carol

5.19 Mesforum “Christmas Tree” 

8/5 Meshugga Beach Party “Go Go Golem

8/5 Meshugga Beach Party “Hot Rod Hanukkah”

7-28 Me$$’d Up “Drunk Jesus” 

5-6 Metal Lunch “Christmas Sandwich

10:16 The Methmatics “War on Christmas

9,26 MexiKing951 “12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS (Mexico Version)”

5’13 MG “Polar Xmas

5.6 M G Whit “We Got a Christmas Tree

8,23 Micah Edwards “December 26” 

8,15 Micah Jess “West Coast Christmas” 

10’18 Michael Ambrozic & Friends “It’s Christmas Doomsday

11,17 Michael Ballantyne “Santa’s Out on My Lawn” 

11,16 Michael Bethel “Harmattan Christmas” 

12/13 Michael Buble “My Grown Up Christmas List”

2.22 Michael Burk “Christmas Snow”

7-12 Michael C. Pearson“My Beerdrunk Soul Is Sadder Than All the Dead Christmas Trees of the World” 

1\21Michael DeLong “After Christmas Blues

11,22 Michael Ferrera “This Christmas (I’m Singin’ on My Own)

12.11 Michael Flores  “Ugly Christmas Sweater” 

11*25 Michael Foster Meh “Christmas in Utah

5.25 Michael Franks         “I Bought You a Plastic Star (for Your Aluminum Tree

3.20 Michael Franks “When the Snowman Sings

2:8 Michael George Sippo “I Hate Christmas

12’3 Michael Gross, Bryan Szymanski, and Matt Glass  “Christmas Gun” 

10;16 Michael Gurley “I Ain’t Gonna Sit on Santa’s Lap”

12;18 Michael Gurley “I Can Hardly Wait for Christmas”

6-13 Michael Hackbart, Maurice Johnson, Elliot Live  “Vodka Eggnog”

10-2 Michael Hall “Fab 4 Christmas

3.11 Michael Hurley “Abominable Snowman

7;4 Michael Hurtt & His Haunted Hearts “Jingle Bells Boogie”

5’17 Michael Irvine “Christmas Train” 

5.5, 8;30 Michael J Handley “Star on the Tree

7.24, 5;21 Michael J Thoma “I Have No Gifts

12;6 Michael Jeff “Why’d You Have To Wait Til Christmas”

8.9 Michael Landon “Oh Fir Tree Dear

11*15, 8.9 Michael Landon “Santa Got Lost in Texas

2.20 Michael Lelly Blanchard “Snow Day”

4-17 Michael Lusk “Grandma’s Loaded Fruitcake

12,3 Michael M “Baby, I Will Zoom You This Christmas” 

10’17 Michael M         “Humans are Not Worth Saving (Merry Christmas)

11,25 Michael M “I’m Fine with the Fact That I’ve Ruined Christmas

3;23 Michael Martin Murphey “Christmas Cowboy Style

3;18 Michael Martin Murphey “Christmas on the Line” 

3;19 Michael Martin Murphey “The Christmas Trail

3;28 Michael Martin Murphy “Corn, Water, and Wood”

12;25 Michael Martin Murphey Cowboy Christmas

11/7, 3;13 Michael Martin Murphy “Cowboy Christmas Ball

11*15 Michael Martin Murphy “Merry Texas Christmas You All”

12*24, 3;3 Michael Martin Murphey “Ridin’ Home on Christmas Eve

11/4 Michael Martin Murphy “Two-Step ’round the Christmas Tree”

11*14 Michael McDonald “Christmas on the Bayou

11;24 Michael Mills “It’s Almost Christmas”

5’8 Michael Mott (feat. Jessica Vosk) “To All a Good Night

12*18 Michael P Spradlin     “Good King Wenceslas Tastes Great–A Zombie Carol

2.3 Michael Peace “SnowFlakes

10.28 Michael Peace “We Wrote You this Song for Christmas”

7.13 Michael Prokop “Gimme My Presents

11\5 Michael Ray “Picture

4’21 Michael Scott (feat. Maurice Walsh) “The Penguin Twins’ Penguin Dance” 

10\6 Michael Shelton “3,000 Xmas Lights” 

3\31 Michael Stanley “Another New Year’s Eve

7\27 Michael Stipe “We’re Not So Bad

5-29 Michael T Hogg “Santa’s on a Diet

8:4 Michael Taub “Chrismukkah Song” 

10/13 Michael Tolcher “Santa is a Pimp”

3\17 Michael V. “Another Christmas Eve

4.21, 5.5, 8;28 Michael Warner “A Star on Top of the Christmas Tree

3;22 Michael Webb “Cowboy Christmas Dream

9-3 Michele Cody “Merry Christmas Elvis”

12,22 M!chelle “Christmas Morning

3;11 Michelle Dyck “I Want a Sexy Cowboy for Christmas

12.9 Michelle Lombardi “Christmas in Camouflage

9-30 Michelle Osorio “Jor-El: Superman Christmas Carol”

5.4 Michelle Schmitt “Angels in Trees

7-4 Michelle Unkle “Let’s Get Drunk on Christmas!” 

11:19 Mick J Clark “It’s Christmas Party Time

7.7 Mick Keogh (feat. Nicola Creighton) “Christmas Gift

4-16 Mick Moloney “Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake”

8:13 Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission “Boxing Day Drive

5/2 Mickey Champion and the Nic Nacs “Gonna Have a Merry Xmas”

11:28 Mickey John Bull “The Office Christmas Party” 

10;5 Mickey Rooney “If You Sit on my Lap Today”

5\22 Mickey Rooney “Now Dasher Now Dancer” 

4’15 The Micronaut “Skiing” 

5.30 Midget Handjob “Black Christmas Tree

4:18 The Midnight Beast “How to Get a Xmas…

12/22 Midnight Riders “All I Want for Christmas (Is to Kick Your Ass)

7.4 Mifflin Lowe “My Very Best Present is You

7/16 Mighty Joe “Red Starbucks Cup

1:8 Bubble Gum Becky (Mighty Magical Pants) “Flu on Christmas

8;29 Mighty Magical Pants “I’m Gonna be the Star”

4;9 Mighty Magical Pants “Lump of Coal”

5-23, 5\27 Mighty Magical Pants “Rudolph on the Barbecue

5.28 Mighty Magical Pants “’Til My Christmas Tree Come Down”

1:4 Jeff Elva (the Mighty Pelay) ”Christmas Virus”

11’9 Migratory Animals “Happy Christmas to Me” 

12’16 Mikael Englund “Dark X-mas” 

6’6 Mikael Englund and Árpád Solti “Times of Joy, Dreams Ahoy!

11;14 Mike Aiken “Almost Christmas”

6’18 Mike Aiken “Christmas Schooner” 

10\26 Mike and Brian (feat. Marlee) “Christmas Time is Here (2005)” 

11’23 Mike and Brian “Every Day is Christmas” 

3:12 The Mike and Ryan Project “Oh Fuck Me, It’s Christmas Time

8/13 Mike Austin “Christmas Convoy”

6,29 Mike Barnett (feat. Allie Kramer) “Hanukkah in Santa Monica” 

4\27 Mike Bauhs “Yo It’s Christmas

11.26 Mike Bryant “A Christmas Card from Daddy” 

9/16 Mike Bryant “Elroy the Christmas Elf

7-10 Lt. Col. Mike Dickinson “Holiday Song” 

9-12 Mike Freeland “12 Days to Janet

9-12 Mike Freeland “Christmas Song to Janet Jackson 2012 pt.1” 

9-12 Mike Freeland “Christmas Song to Janet Jackson 2012 pt.2” 

9-12 Mike Freeland “I Hope Janet Will Give Me a Call

9-12 Mike Freeland “Janet Baby

9-12 Mike Freeland “Janet, Won’t You Call Me Tonight

9-12 Mike Freeland “O Janet, Please

9-12 Mike Freeland “This Christmas

11.30 Mike Hayes “Who’s Gonna Tweet Me this Christmas?

1/8 Mike Horner’s Timey Wimey Puppet Show  ”Carol of the Daleks”

10/22 Mike Jenkins “Santa and His Cowboy Sleigh

9-28 Mike Karschti “Merry Christmas, John McClane”

5-14 Mike KC “Italian Christmas Time

9’2 Mike Larson and Allison Iraheta “Tinsel & Brimstone

6-20 Mike McKenzie “A Bottle of Scotch and a Pair of Socks (All I Want for Christmas)

4;14 Mike Miskie “Christmas At The Coal Mine”

7-21 Mike Mullen “Christmas Rehab

6-15 Mike Murphee “Hot Buttered Rum”

5.30 Mike Red & Rai P “Christmas Trees” 

6.24, 2\17 Mike Rob “Broke Again This Christmas” 

3-17, 10.26 Mike Seeger “Sing a Lamb” 

7/19 Mike Sikorsky “Bradley, the Brown-Nosed Reindeer”

12\7 Mike Viola “Snow Face

11-21 Mike Wallace “Christmas Money”

3:31 Mikey Galactic “Fuck Christmas

5-22 Mikey Mason “O Bacon Tree

1/20 Mikey Mason “Please Bring Firefly Back for Christmas”

12,11 Mikey Powell “And a Happy New Year

11,10 Milan Tausch “Lonely Christmas” 

6.30 The Mikmaks “What’s in the Box?

3\13 Milena Wings “Another Lonesome Christmas Eve in San Francisco” 

12,23 Miles A. “Christmas Catfish

7/24 Miles Davis “Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern)”

1/8 Miles Quartermaas “Dalek Christmas Carol

10*18 Milkshake “Christmas in Baltimore”

9,26 Mill Brook Studios “12 Days of Christmas from Ireland” Ireland

9’27 Miller “Merry Christmas From Hell

3.20 Millie Small “I’ve Fallen in Love with a Snowman

12’27 Millington “Christmas Song (I Don’t Want To Hear Another)

5/17 The Mills Brothers “You Don’t Have to be a Santa Claus

5/17 The Mills Brothers “I Believe in Santa Claus

2/13 Mills Brothers  “I”ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”

9.29 Milo Murphy’s Law cast “Christmas, It’s Not a Time of the Year”

2’25 Milo Murphy’s Law cast “The Toboggan of Love” 

3;5 Liam and Mason (milph) “Cowboy Christmas” 

4\14 Milton De Lugg and The Little Eskimos “Hooray for Santa Claus” 

5/29 Mina’s version “The Secret of Christmas”

2:15, 6:23 Mind’s Eye “This Christmas Sucks

12;15 Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers “I Can’t Wait For Christmas”

8.3 Mindy Carson “I Want a Television Christmas”

10\6 Mindy Smith “The Snow and Three Thousand Miles

2.24 Mindy Smith “Snowed In

3\26 Mine Like Me “Another Lonely Christmas” 

10,14 Minhee Jones “Next Xmas” 

7/3 The Mini Lalaloopsy Littles “Easter Don’t be Late”

7,18 Mini Meish “Wishlist

6\29 Mini Music Makers “Rudolfa the Reindeer

8,8 miniMATTHEW “36 Presents

11\20 miniMatthew “50. Christmas, 1982

9\16 Minister Felix “A Million Christmas Days” 

5.31 Minister Johnson “Where’s My Christmas Tree?

6-21 Minus 5 “Your Christmas Whiskey”

4;11 The Misfit Toys “Coal in Your Stockings”

9\14 The Misfit Toys “The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

10,29 Mirabelle Meek “Yours This Christmas” 

5’22 Mirusia Louwerse, Carla Maffioletti and Kimmy Skota “Old Toy Trains”

1’24 Mischievous Miracles “Winter in L.A.

4\13 Mishelle Bradford-Jones “Hooray Christmas Holiday

7-31 Mishka6487 “12 Steps of AA” 

9:10 The Miss’s “Mrs. Claus” 

6-27 Miss Behavin’  “Glühwein

12*5 Miss Christy and the Wee Heart Big Kids  “Numbah One Day of Christmas

11,21 Miss Freedia “Smoked Out with Santa” 

11/14 Miss Gail and the Jumpin’ Jam Band “Santa’s Jingle and Jive

10,12 Miss Lou “Christmas in My City” 

6-21 Miss Mini “Corn Whiskey in the Egg Nog

2.1 Miss Molly “Snowflakes Falling Song

12;29 Miss Rose & Her Rhythm Percolators “Don’t Wait Till the Night Before Christmas”

4,5 Miss Tania Lou “Christmas Soca!” 

1.27 Mission Church Ventura “All About that Baby

2:26 Mississippi Skinny Dippers “Bah Humbug

11/19 Mississippi Queen “Rockin’ Boppin’ Christmas

4.12 Missy The Elf & Tom Moore “A Christmas Tree’s Wish

12/12 MissyG Band “My Handwritten Letter to Santa”

8-10 Mista Blaze “Smoking with Santa” 

6\14 MistleThumb (Dong Crosby, Ebenezer Spooge, Manheim Cornholer, and Douglas Firburger) “Fuckolph the Fuck-Nosed Fuckdeer

10:12 MistleThumb (feat. Doodie Garland) “There a War on Christmas… with Jews” 

12.17 Mistletoe Conspiracy (Leonard Balistreri) “Ugly Sweater”

4\13 Mistletoe Singers “Hooray Hooray It’s a Holiday

11,15 The Mistletoe Tappers “Gold, Frankicense, and Myrrth

11,25 The Mistletoe Tappers “Roger the Polar Bear” 

12-18, 6.27 The Mistletones “Can’t Wrap This” 

10-13 The Mistletones “Chimney Shaft

11-26 The Mistletones “Come Fly Away” 

12-7 The Mistletones “Every Wish You Make

12-12 The Mistletones “Fat in the Mirror”

10-27 The Mistletones “Holidays”

12*29 The Mistletones “I’m a Believer”

1.12 The Mistletones “Santa Claus’s Elves”

10-18, 6.5 The Mistletones “Shop Around” 

11-6 The Mistletones “Snowman”

10-23 The Mistletones “Speedy Reindeer”

12-16 The Mistletones “Toy Sack”

11-27, 5.24 The Mistletones “We Will Flock You

10/17 The Mistreats “Santa Stole My Baby

6:29 Misty Boyce “Merry Christmas, My Love”

1\16 Misty River “Don’t Take Down the Mistletoe

5;30 Misty River “Empty Christmas Stocking”

6.19 Mitch Benn “We Pretty Much Broke the Bank this Christmas

11.11 Mitchell Stone “My Christmas Card to You” 

7,12 Mitchell Tenpenny, Meghan Patrick “I Hope It Snows” 

9/15 Mitt & the Merrymakers “Elmer the Elf

6:29 M J Moore “I’ll Miss You at Christmas

5.26 MJX “Christmas Tree

9:29 Mmm “Me and Mrs. Claus”

2-14 The Moaning Myrtles “Nargles in the Mistletoe”

2\17 Mobius VanChocStraw “Broke Again for Christmas

10:20 The Mockers             “(There’s No War on Christmas) When Christmas is in Your Heart”

6.26 Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck “Bought and Wrapped

1.23 Mod Carousel “Rudolph

8,27 Modern Drawing “Christmas with You

11.30 The Modern Prosthetix “Facebook Christmas” 

3;31 Moe Brandy “A Cowboy Christmas

6/21 The Moffats “Earl the Squirrel”

2’15 Moira and Claire “No Snow” 

2;23 Mojo Nixon “Happy Birthday

12:25 Mojo Nixon Horny Holidays

4:9 Mojo Nixon & The Toadliquors “It’s Christmas Time

10*13  Mojo Nixon “Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto”

7;12 Mojo Nixon & The Toadliquors “Sleigh Ride”

5.2, 4:9 Mojo Nixon & The Toadliquors “Trim Your Tree

4:9 Mojo Nixon & The Toadliquors “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”

3-22 Mojo Nixon and the Toadliquors “We Three Kings”

10-8 Mojochronic “Yuletide Zeppelin II”

10-8 Mojochronic “Yuletide Zeppelin” 

8:21 Moka Only “Saturnalia” 

11-13 Moke Hilding “Snowflakes Keep Falling on My Head”

5/9 Molly Bee “Where Did My Snowman Go?”

5/9 Molly Bee “Willy Claus, Little Son of Santa Claus”

10\20 Molly ‘Danger’ Bracknell “Christmas 2011

5:11, 12\17 Molly Starlite & The Sputniks “Hot Rod Christmas

1\14 Molp “Day After Christmas

6;6 Momjo “You Don’t Get No Christmas!”

10’4 모몽크루 (MoMong Crew) “새해까지 크리스마스” [English Version] 

7-9 Moms over Miami (The Ryan & Amy Show) “Drunk Christmas

8-17 Money “A Cocaine Christmas and an Alcoholic’s New Year” 

4.7 Money Casholini and The Other Guy “Oh! Christmas Tree

9/23 Moneyshot Cosmonauts “Blame the Elves”

10- 7, 12-25  Moneyshot Cosmonauts “The North Side of the Pole, Part 4: Red and Green” 

10-7, 12-25 Moneyshot Cosmonauts “The North Side of the Pole, Parts 5 and 6

4-11 Mongstar “Christmas Pie (Christmas Cock Riddim)

9;19 Monica “I Saw Light”

3.23 Monika Herzig “Ballad for a Snowman

4’11 Monique Clare “Downhill Skiing

5’7 Monique De Los Santos · Jex De Castro · Andrew Collins  “Get There for Christmas” 

7:22 Monique Madrid “Family Christmas Song

11*27 Monique Nagel “Black Friday Shopping Song

8.10 The Monkees “Christmas is My Time of Year

11:29 The Monkees “Christmas Party

8.10 The Monkees “Riu Chiu”

4;12 Monkey Men Productions “The Santa Coal Rap”

12,24 Mono Puff “Careless Santa

10,24 Monochrome Tone “Christmas Time” 

1’3 Monsters from the Surf “A Surfer’s Christmas List”

6,19 Montague “COVID Christmas

5/27 The Montereys “Santa Claus Gained More Weight

6:13 Monty Lane Allen “She Left Me for Randolph

12,13 Monty Python “Christmas in Heaven

11/15 The Moods “Rockin’ Santa Claus

2.9 Moodswing “First Snowfall”

6,28, Moon Moon Moon “Adult Christmas” 

5/13, 4\6 The Moonglows “Hey, Santa Claus” 

5/13 The Moonglows “Just a Lonely Christmas

11,16 Mooseknuckle “Mooseknuckle Christmas” 

6;13, 12;25 Moper “Christmas is Cancelled

5:2 Mor Efrat Bitton “Hanukkah

12;19 The Morning Glass (The Christmas Friends) “Can’t Wait for Christmas

11;23 The Morning Report “Christmas Coming Just Around The Bend”

7;26 Morning Star Quartet “Ring, Christmas Bells”

6-13 The Morning Squirrels “The Eggnog Song

10:19 The Moron Brothers “Politically Incorrect CHRISTmas Song” 

9’21 Mortuary “Halloween on Christmas” 

4’17 m0rxx “Skiing” 

5-30 Mo’Sho “The Latke Song

2.3 Moss Grad “Dendrite Snowflake Song

9/1 Mother Goose Club for Songs “Here at Santa’s Workshop

11/5 Mother Ukers “Santa’s Xmas Ukulele Swing

7;31 Motion City Soundtrack “Together We’ll Ring in the New Year”

11,26 Motionless in White “Santa’s Pissed

12*5 Motogawa Music “Christmas in the Islands

10:2 Mountain Jerry Boy “Merry Christmas (Not Happy Holidays)” 

2’4 The Mountain Says No “Christmas Sled

2.13 Movietone “Snow is Falling

6/26 Mozart Rottweiler with Sinister Undertones “Yule Cat”

12*31 MØ  “New Year’s Eve

12;6 The M Players (feat. Tommy DeCarlo) “I Cant Wait Till Christmas Day!”

4-18 M. Ryan Taylor “Ode to a Fruitcake

4.14 Mr. Banzai and The Satin Cowboy “O, Let Me be Your Christmas Tree

5;9 Mr. Blood “Pong Aint Getting Naffin”

11*30 Mr. Burns “The Abluquerque Song

2.16 mrbuttersmusic “Angels in the Snow

2.4 Mr. Butters Music “Please Let It Snow

6,18 Mr. Chocks “Happy Christmas

6:28 Mr. Cork “Christmas Tattoo

1:12 Mr. Cork “Diarrhea on Christmas”

11\19 Mr. Cork “A Karaoke Christmas at the Wet Beaver Lounge

12:25 Mr. Cork Mr. Cork’s Totally Off The Wall Whacked Out Christmas Songs! 

5:27 Mr. Cork “A Recycled Christmas Story

1;22 Mr. Cork “Santa Claus Got Busted!” 

11;25 Mr. Crainer “Merry Almost Christmas”

4:25 Mr. Crumbsnatcher “All I Want for Christmas is to Fuck Hella Bitches” 

9’26 Mr. Fist “Christmas in Hell” 

1.19 Mr. Grind “I Don’t Like Christmas”

9’27 Mr Irish Bastard “Christmas in Hell

9.9 Mr. Lawrence “Christmas is Mine

4,30 Mr. Loaf “Gingerloaf

10*29 Mr. Magoo Christmas CarolAlone in the World

3.7 Mr. Mike “Where, Oh Where Has My Snowman Gone?” 

2.28 Mr. O “Christmas in Hong Kong” 

12/29 Mr. Palindrome “I Want a Hippopotamus for Hanukkah”

5;28 Mr. Peter “Nothing at All for Christmas”

4-28 Mr. Phill Wade “Milk and Cookies

11;2 Mr. Ray & The Little Sunshine Kids “It’s Almost Christmas”

1/14 Mr. Repzion “Jango Bells

5.20 Mr. Richard & the Pound Hounds “Up in My Christmas Tree

11’2 Mr. Strange “On Christmas Day (Happy Holocaust)” 

3:27 The Mr. T Experience “Merry Fucking Christmas” 

1/5 Mr. Tee and Zipso “Manuia Le Kerisimasi

1.25 Mr. Tim “Santa’s up All Night”

3\30 Mr. Toxic “Another Sad Christmas” 

12.4 Mr. Weebl “Christmas in My Pants

12*18 Mr. Weebl “Mr. Weebl’s Advent Calendar, Day 13

12/19 Mr. Wompy “I Want a Blow-Up Doll for Christmas

8,22 Mrs. Ghost “No Winter Wonderland” 

2’22 Mrs. Sizemore “The Bobsled Song” 

2’22 Mrs. Sizemore “Catch My Drift

2’22 Mrs. Sizemore “Toboggan Tango

2-3 Ms. Waskin and Radio “Mistletoe and Holly”

9-21 MST3K “Let’s Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas”

6.15 MSU Singers “Credit Cards

6.15 MSU Singers “Credit Offers

6.15 MSU Singers “Here Come the Creditors”

6.15 MSU Singers “Visa Wonderland” 

6.15 MSU Singers “Charge All Ye Faithful

7/14 Mu330 “December”

12,8 Mu330 “Three Days Til Christmas

4.11 Muck Sticky “I Wanna be a Christmas Tree”

5;25 The Muffs “Nothing for Me”

4:13 The Mulaney Sisters “Sexy Kurt Russell”

11*7 Mulberry Lane “Christmas in Wisconsin

11*7 Mulberry Lane “Christmas in Nebraska”

11*7 Mulberry Lane “Christmas in Iowa”

4\22 Mundo Armijo “Oh Christmas, Oh Navidad

2;2 Munkafust “My Birthday’s Near Christmas (And It Sucks!)” 

6/13 the Muppets   “Christmas is Coming (The Goose is Getting Fat)”

10.8 The Muppets (Rowlf) “The Christmas Party Sing-Along”

10*29 A Muppet Christmas Carol “Marley and Marley”

10\31 The Muppets with John Denver “The Peace Carol” 

2:25 The Muppets “Scrooge” 

4,14 Murder City Devils “364 Days

4/5 The Murder City Devils “Dead by Christmas”

10;6 Murder the Mood “Mall Santa”

7.26 Murray Webster “A Christmas Gift is Waiting for You

1.9 The Murrays “Christmastime (parody of ‘Apologize’)”

11\9 The Murrays “Merry Christmas 1993

7/21 museflows “The Christmas Song (Yellow Yam Roasting)

1/30 The Musers “Robot Santa

8-1 Mushroom Tabernacle Choir “12 Drugs of Christmas”

8;20 Music Body Spirit “The Christmas Star 2020”

4-11 Music Box         “What’s in the Pie? (An Improvised Christmas Song)

12;19 Music Infection “Can’t Wait for Christmas

10\26 Music Production “Christmas Day (2005)” 

10\24 Music Production “Christmas Morning (2007)

9’12, 12’25 Music Vault (Joe Heavey/Patrick Kelly/Rick McKay) “Merry Christmas, Satan”  

7\23 Music with Mar “The Reindeer Dance

12;1 Music with Quinn “I Can’t wait for Christmas”

5.27 Muskrat “The Cat Knocked Over the Christmas Tree

7-19 Muskrat Roberts “All I Got for Christmas was a Hangover

2.7 Mustard’s Retreat “Here Comes the Snow

8/21 Muzyka “Truck Stop Christmas

9’9 MX-80 “Christmas with the Devil

10\26 MxPx “2005” 

3\2 MxPx “Another Christmas” 

3\31 MxPx “Another Song about Christmas

12,7 MxPx “Christmas Day

10*27, 4/29 MxPx “Christmas Night of the Zombies

11:6, 5,19 MXPX “Christmas Party

9,21 MxPx “Coming Home for Christmas

5:15 MxPx “Gimme Christmas

1:11 MXPX “Too Sick for Christmas” 

12*19 MyLifeSuckers “Holidays are Hell

2\1 My Morning Jacket “Xmas Time is Here Again

4\30 My Son the Bum “Goodbye Psychotic Christmas

3.3 My Vox’s Michelle Schooff “The Snowman

7.18 Mýaand Josh “Christmas Gift

5.27 Myke Ko “Cat in the Christmas Tree

4\3 Myla Smith “Hello, Christmas!

3’13 Mylen “Kid on Christmas Morning” 

9\6 Myles Anderson “One Billion Years of Christmas

11;11 MYMP “Soon It’s Christmas”

4-2 Myntee “Hard Candy Christmas”

6,12 Myra “Christmas Isn’t Christmas (Since You Said Goodbye)

1:17 Myrrhna “Frostbite”

9’30 The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra “The Ultimate Boon

12’24 Mystery Moisture “Shoot the Mistletoe

9;17 The Mystic Cowboys “Stoplight for Christmas”