Born this Day, twenty-nine (X)

Let’s leave this topic confused and perplexed. Christmas is Christmas, not some birthday. That’s different!

Jimmy Eat World rock meekly with “If You Were Born Today” a recrimination of how we’ve messed up. But in the sweetest harmony.

Kids’ country joke up the Christmas Story in Animal Band’s “Birthday Party on Manger Street.” Make animal noises all together now!

Notsoape gets Goony and Awful with “happybirthday,” a slight offering or awkward praise. Huh?

Born this Day, twenty-seven (Jay-by)

I am trying to avoid seriously gospel sentiment here wherein songs about Christ’s birth are roof-raisers for our own spirits. You know, like “Christmas is a Birthday” bested with Spanish guitar and folk by Burl Ives. Or Judy Garland crooning/narrating “The Birthday of a King” to the big band.

On the other stigmata, Danni-Shannon works in the R+B so that “A Birthday Party for Jesus” is just that, an actual party. Thank you.

Born this Day, twenty-six (Lamb, Lion, Lord)

Dance off! Beedays are excellent excuses to party hearty. How could you not–for Jesus.

Christmas Party!” is just what i’m talkin’ ’bout. Orange Kids’ Music rock the Christian message with repetitive empty words (make the loudest noise you’ve ever made). But the X-kids have a raucous anthem, at least.

2014’s Evil Wiener’s Christmas Album drops a number to trip the light fantastico with “All Around the World (Happy Birthday Jesus)” in which a certain godhead gets a special shout out from Santa Claus flying by. ‘Billy pop.

Born this Day, twenty-five (King of Kings)

A birthday song can just be Hey. Even for the Messiah. I mean, hosannah.

You may have caught Nassiri earlier here with his opulent routine “Happy Birthday Jesus.” Raga just opens up more possibilities.

Kurtis Parks and friends folk around with happiness and the whole nativity story in “A Christmas Birthday.” Kids all sing along ‘cuz it’s fun.

Born this Day, twenty-four (Son of Man)

The birthday traditions include making a wish. What would Jesus wish for?

Since January 2009 Jonathan Mann has contributed to his Youtube channel ‘Song a Day,’ so there’s a lot to chew on there. Let’s focus on (no, not his rock opera based on Super Mario Brothers) his “Happy Birthday Jesus” Song #3988 which he has retooled once or twice and then dropped on his 2019 album Jewish Family Christmas Tree. Lessons to be learned, li’l ones, pay attention.

Born this Day, twenty-three (Son of God)

In praising the All-in-One we need some kind of theme, so paste a date to it and raise the streamers for the birth of God, the Sequel.

Setting the party mood, Mojo Nixon celebrates (incl. warm up) (and name-calling) “Happy Birthday” with his own earthy smarm.

Bah & The Humbugs gets more kid friendly with “Birthday Boy,” an offkey meandering ragtime/pop explosion of joy. Blow out the camels!

Born this Day, twenty-two (Son of Mary)

Since this is such a half-baked idea (others born on Xmas), we’ll spin out a week on Mr. Christ’s own observance. Many make hay with the Happy Birthday wishes for the Messiah. It’s the humorous concept of the banal contrasted against the divine. Har-de-har, God’s got armpits… like that.

We’ve already tasted Bob Rivers’s “Jesus’ Birthday.” As a postscript to “Wonderful Christmastime” Barenaked Ladies hail the King of Ks. With comical timing Wendell Ferguson bemoans “Jesus Christ It’s Your Birthday Again.”

New to the blog: Do You Heat What I hear (feat. Joseph Cimino) sings “Jesus It’s Your Birthday” with electronic pop fervor. Or folk experimental temper. Or just doowop weirdness. Check it.