HATE Xmas.28

Well, we just witnessed the end of all things. What’s next…?

Let’s bounce back from our hate.

Lewberger Band brings the season’s greetings to bear with “A Christmas Song for the Haters.” Biting of the tongue and forgiveness for all! It’s the rollicking pop folk Santa would do. (finish with a BLUE ALERT.)

Colleen Ballinger (out of her Miranda character) also forgives trolls with her “Christmas Haters” song. But it’s with mean ukulele condescending reading of comments. Pop snark. And kinda hateful.

Phineas and Ferb’s Dr. Doofensmirtz has previously admitted “I Really Don’t Hate Christmas.” Weee! That’s really something, an intense burning indifference.

Shiv Hurrah gives us gutsy garage with “I Don’t Hate Christmas” as much anymore. Roll the credits!

HATE Xmas.27

And then, tragedy. Bad things happens all year round. When associated with 12/25, Christmas stinks.

Such a tale of woe from The Bob and Tom Show, “I Hate Christmas” is the fate worse than death. But funny, y’know. BLUE ALERT

Perhaps this is the end of a particularly abominable year. David Lea descends into madness with his “Happy Christmas” pop celebration. Don’t you go that way. Not you.

Set It Off overreacts to the extreme with “This Christmas (I’ll Burn It to the Ground).” ‘Tis the season to kill them all. Lively melodic punk.

Death to the World” has been on the blog before. H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society knows how to hate on Christmas. Submit.

Back to the goons of Something Awful. Thaumocrates delivers “Last Christmas”–not as nostalgic Wham! whimsy, but as the ever lovin’ Armageddon. No more Christmasses–that’s all, folks! Experimental psychedelia over ‘Carol of the Bells.’

HATE Xmas.26

We need another day to address Ebenezer Scrooge inspired songs. Not musical adaptations, but holiday hotcakes to play at home. (Not EVERY such tip of the topper, only those that feature how much he hates. Esp. w/Christmas mentions.)

Ron Doros homebrews his “Ebenezer’s Song” with fine folk finishings. Haunting.

Chris Hensen enters a songwriting contest with the “Bah Humbug Blues.” A bit sloppy and too much of the whole story, but it’s awfully swinging.

Romeo615 gets n-word BLUE ALERT urban rhymin’ with his take on “Ebenezer Scrooge.” Not sure what the Minnie Pearl hogcallin’ is all about, but i likes it.

Funky R+B from Travis Hobson slaps a “Scrooge Song” with some sass. Bah to the hum to the bug. Yeah, like that.

Metal showtune from Black Adidas “Bah Humbug” sparks the lack of joy.

Mississippi Skinny Dippers bluegrass around the country with “Bah Humbug,” tongue in cheek o’ course.

Just as kidding, Tim O’Brien fiddles and banjos over “Bah Humbug.” Mountain life sucks.

Blues for whites, “Bah Humbug” from Danaher & Cloud jazzes and razzes the trappings from the dining room. When does Mama get a break?

Phil Gathany gets jazzy folk rock with “Ebenezer Scrooge.” Coffehouse weird.

Party metal lite with One Hell of a Christmas, something your gramma might get you out of the discount bins because you like that sort of thing, don’t you dear? Still “Bah, Humbug” is coolly singable.

Parody doowop time! “Scrooge You” from Richlove (& all the Something Awful peeps) makes us dance the hate away.

Keep up the comedy with Spanky Woods channeling his Heywood Banks into “Bah Humbug!” Jazzy hollering for the fun of the season.

I only have a corrupted copy of the A Christmas in Bedrock album, but i was after the “Don’t be a Scrooge” Motown hiphoppery Barney lords over Fred. Wild overorchestration to scare you into generosity.

Love Teresa Brewer summarizing the whole ‘Carol’ with her 1953 kidsong “Ebenezer Scrooge.” Spoilers! (Eddy Howard‘s take, not so fun.)

HATE Xmas.25

Bring on the star holiday abhorer, Scrooge. Dozens of iterations of this iconic humbugger include many apt songs.

1992 featured Anthony Newly frolicking through “I Hate Christmas.” He actually hates all people who celebrate it. Small, significant difference, as that is the actual title of the song.

Keith Ferguson and Bruce Greer lean more heavily on the Dickens text with “Scrooge’s Song” in the 2015 church and high school friendly ‘A Christmas Carol: A New Musical.’ The ‘cast’ Scrooge here makes less hate and more economic disapproval with his singsongy operatic LesMiz prattle.

The Alan Mencken 1993 ‘A Christmas Carol: The Musical’ roils about with the operatic Walter Charles bickering with the hands out in “Nothing to Do With Me.” (Don’t find the Kelsey Grammer 2004 Hallmark adaptation.)

Out of the Ark has their own ‘Bah Humbug!–A Dickens of a Christmas Carol’ with such 2018 assembly-ready kids chorus numbers as “Bah Humbug“–don’t sing hamburger again, Randy, I’m warning you!

Time for kidstuff! Must recap 1962’s ‘Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol’ with the heinous hee-hee of Jim Backus chortling “Ringle Rangle” an ode to coin.

The Stingiest Man in Town” is the title song from a 1956 TV musical snuck into animation by Rankin Bass in 1978. Here Tom Bosley (a bug) sings about how mean Scrooge (Walter Matthau) is, not necessarily as relates to Xmas. “Humbug” is the better angerpalooza with Dennis Day (Nephew Fred) and Matthau himself. Hatin’ on the St. Nicholas. This is a hoot.

The most fun of the hate is the 1992 ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’ with the cast toasting the miserly, stingy, awful “Scrooge.” Michael Caine towering over the little felt guys is so menacing.

HATE Xmas.24

Famous Christmas haters? Let’s start slow.

Winona Ryder Hates Christmas” needs a revisit from us here. Thanks again Fake Shark Real Zombie. You the best.

“I Hate Christmas Eve” is a half-baked attempt to make a musical out of the ‘Grinch’ story. The whole troupe gets involved here, which is too bad. I had hoped for a bombastic belt-down from the big Kahuna bringing down the house, not a sympathetic kumbaya.

HATE Xmas.23

Some of this anti-Christmas sentiment features Backwards Jesus, otherwise revered as Satan, who intends to kill (and eat) the newborn Savior–for the holiday.

Medeia’s “Antichristmas” scourges happiness with their patented metal. Pass the baby blood. BLUE ALERT

Ice Nine Kills (also BLUE ALERT) continues the sentiment, pasting pop over metal with “Merry Axe-Mas.” Jinkeys, that’s up the butt.

CeDigest also juxtaposes melodic with menacing in “Antichristmas.” Probably BLUE ALERT, for all i can tell. Blasphemy, anyway.

Icon Park stays unmusically electronic with their “Antichristmas.” Mumbling about the luminous wintry scene hides the evil. Oh. No.


Miso-santa-sts at times focus on the class schism Mr. Claus seems to bring to bear. Po’ folk get no present love from the North Pole. Do they mind?

Jack Douglass offers dozens of comedy snippets off his Youtube channel jacksfilms, including this idea: “Santa Hates the Poor.” Good things small packages.

Parang music reads the riot act to “Mr. Santa Claus” via RemBunction. He’s tired of socks and drawers. He may resort to grand theft bag.

Dumpster Baby (live club music alert) performs “Santa Claus Hates the Poor.” Metal madness, childish tantrum.

The generic offering from Christmas Comedy, “Poor Kids Hate Santa” shambles about like a drug-fueled Chipmunks amateur rap battle. They hate music too apparently.

Your Favorite Martian get more BLUE ALERT with more white hip hop “Santa Hates Poor Kids.” Nicely channeled rage, musically speaking. Yeah, seen this before. You’re welcome.

HATE Xmas.21

Mr. Big, the guy in charge, the head deliverer–not JC, but Santa Claus– deserves our disdain and blame for the whole holiday hopelessness. Hate Kris Kringle! Say it with me! Ho ho hope you die!

I suppose that sentiment might make you a villain. Certainly Stormella fills out that form with 1998’s ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie,’ an animated flop (budget 10million, take 100thousand) that allowed for the stagey tirade “I Hate Santa Claus.”

More fun (imagine The Monkees + Sex Pistols) from Important-Looking Pirates with “I Hate Santa Claus.” It’s like superangry Scooby Doo chase music in this two-guitar garage.

And more screaming from Dave Pantaleone with “Santa Sucks,” a metal rant of moderate proportions.

On the other planet, Insane Clown Posse lisp out their hiphop bro chant “I Hate Santa Claus.” Radio play ready, with only a couple BLUE ALERT moments late on. What the format?

Much more BLUE ALERT Anybody Killa death raps “Kill Santa Man.” Angry bells, man.

And still BLUE ALERT Kevin Bloody Wilson revisits “Hey Santa Claus” for us. A kiddie classic of unashamed vitriol.

Logan Paul keeps it white with his rhymin’ bombs “Santa Diss Track.” Trying too hard is art too.

HATE Xmas.20

All those people, all those commitments, all that preparation–can’t i just stay on Facebook? Christmas parties are the worst.

Trampauline hos and has “I Hate Christmas Parties” with odd quiet party fun. Jacob & Alex scratch at the surface of the blues for their version, but the plodding piano marches them into maudlin. This IS a Relient K song, though, so we gotta allow these Ohioans the opportunity to build the orchestration to earn that guitar riff on the original millennial meltdown. Emo out of here!

HATE Xmas.19

Other symptoms of sickening sentiment for Advent may include mistletoe.

Brian Fisher and Andy Beck from JW Pepper have brung us the kids’ chorus “Away from the Mistletoe.” Kids hate that stuff, because of the nasty smelling relatives.

Patch the Pirate also ducks down to childsize to admit “I Hate Mistletoe.” Assembly level hijinks ensues.

To save us from children, but not from being childish, Billy Blackflag & His Nihilistic Delusions downplay “Mistletoe is Poison” with garage appropriateness.