Damn That Holiday: Hell.7

OKXO is racing ennui against malaise with the upbeat “Hell of a Christmas.” You don’t really care If the world ends tomorrow he maintains, so forget the whole thing. Huh, kids today.

Joe Dolezal swings pop around the world. They seem to have Christmas every where. Then he belts out “Do They Have Christmas in Hell?” Check with Trip Advisor.

Could it get any worse? Ask Two-Ton Santa! The paperboy hanged his cat! To learn more meanness check out “Merry Christmas From Hell.” Unplugged lite rock.

The Ultimate Boon” is The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra’s cutie-pie spinout of frustrations and desperations for the holidays. And Jan. 12… and Mar. 22…. guess it’s interminable. –oh no, the title is more sinister than we thought.

Damn That Holiday: Hell.6 BLUE ALERT

Rapping with enunciation danopposite lays out his case for why this is “Christmas in Hell.” Sore feet? Bad gifts? That all you suffer from? Come on.

Snarky Off-Broadway tunes from the musical ‘Christmas in Hell’ include “Every Day is Christmas in Hell.” Ensemble BLUE ALERT about a kid in the wrong place at the right time.

Awesome Death take a more industrial pop/rock approach to their “Every Day is Christmas in Hell.” The more metal it gets the more philosophical it gets. Again BLUE ALERT.

Captain Chemical countrified his pop when he explains that when you’re in Hell it’s “Christmas in Hell.” The torment seems festive the way he sings it. BLUE ALERT

Damn That Holiday: Hell.5

Rob From Amersfoort’s “Office Party From Hell” demands only one savory solution: burn down the building. Electronic rock with Devo-aspirations.

brokeninc isn’t that worried for having dinner for “Christmas in Hell.” Folk amelioration.

a balladeer sings out his Welcome to Christmas from Hell” with classic pop rock yeah yeah yeahs. It makes this awkwardness almost tolerable.

The Christmas From Hell” for Utter Butter is not a nice thing. It smells bad even. Garage lite.

Damn That Holiday: Hell.4

Miller also hates this time of the year. “Merry Christmas From Hell” is blowsy blues that spreads the pain.

Mixing up the two holidays, Type O Negative posits that “Halloween in Heaven” is Christmas in Hell. The rocking metal might make you into a believer.

Mr Irish Bastard has a cussy grudge agin’ ye and hopes you spend “Christmas in Hell.” BLUE ALERT Celtic yelling.

Crawford Smith croons a pop wiki about “Christmas in Hell” which includes not just demons and serpents, but Cerberus and Chiron. Baal and Mammon are also name checked. It takes an underworld.

Damn That Holiday: Hell.3

According to Tim, Xmas in NYC is “Christmas Hell.” Grinding alt-rock with a bit of a lisp.

Mr. Fist is pretty emphatic, and repetitive, for “Christmas in Hell,” a cacophony of pop music.

A new kind of Hell is Christmas “Without Colby.” Bar Dracul indies up the idea by admitting: Colby’s not my lover; He’s my favourite character on TV. And he’s written off. So no more Colby. (Animal Kingdom? I dunno.)

Tim Franklin has a frantic guitar rocker in “There’s No Christmas in Hell.” See, he’s damned and tormented forever. But he’s mostly upset about the title thing.

Damn That Holiday: Hell.2

Christopher Lee (the one you know) chews the scenery with “Jingle Hell.” Yeah it’s metal. (Not sure who’s singing the straight line.)

Metal more from Dr. Colossus. “This Christmas (Buy Me Bonestorm or Go to Hell!)” instructs us how to avoid the fiery place. Some Commandments may get grafittied over. (Not sure about The Simpsons allusion….)

It’s not going well when it’sChristmas in Hell.” This just in from Guesthouse with tinkly pop percussion.

Humblebrag offers that you should just go have a “Christmas in Hell.” Twisted mix of jazz band and punk and rock. A bit more of their critical judgments and i might just go. Leave Chupacabra out of it!

Damn That Holiday: Hell.1

Sardonic metal from Tiberius ProjecT warns about “Santa Claus in Hell.” There’ll be something a little different under your tree this year.

Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire take ‘Merry Christmas Baby’ but, with the help of some funky blues, make it about the wrong you done. Why, it’s just a “Christmas Hell” now.

You might be full of comfort and joy, but for Pennywise it’s “Christmas in Hell.” Rollicking punk fun.

Crocodiles goes club rock with their kickin’ “Christmas in Hell.” Now that’s a party.

Damn That Holiday: Hell.0

Sheol, Gehenna, and Hades get name dropped in the Bible, but Hell arrives centuries later as taken from Old Germanic. It’s not as old as God. It’s a human thing. We need it. But do we need it… for Xmas?

Smiling Friends from Adult Swim has a brief ditty about “Christmas in Hell.” The jazzy pop is so light that they sing Aitch – Ee – Double Ell.

Why can’t every day be like Christmas in Hell” goes the caffeinated pop of Young Satan. Careful what you curse for.

Softshoe jazz-time from Tennis Elbow welcomes you to “Christmastime (In Hell).” Politics are mentioned.

Christmas In Hell” is where These Stains Are Who I Am discover themselves at an importune time. Spanky showtune for those who want to clap along with their ultimate and very detailed misfortune. Hee hee.

Damn That Holiday: Satan.10

Frank Steakman claims “Satan Made Up Christmas.” Amateur doodling on electronic equipment and improvised, unconfident wordage. But, he’s got a point.

Bleating Apocalypse metals “Christmas With Satan” like it’s a chore.

Cracking country from 2.3 Children. “Santa’s Just an Anagram for Satan.” They seem to lose their place half-way through, but boy howdy what a song.

Is that similar to Rick Springfield’s “Santa is an Anagram“? Hard rock no. Now that’s the devil’s music!

Damn That Holiday: Satan.9

Greedy greedy kiddos may as well be “Sitting on Satan’s Lap.” Smee delivers again with peppy pop. Boy, that list goes on and on. How does The Evil One have the patience to listen to all that?

Mortuary claims I am Satan in the slow rap “Halloween on Christmas.” Inclusivity can go too far.

Merry Christmas Satan” from Night Smoker is more of his greetings to you than sucking up to his forked tongue. Short hard metal rock.

Terry Silva picks at a sore i’ve been worried about. If JC’s appearance opened the way for forgiveness from grievous sin, what’s to stop an enterprising young nogudnik from transgressing (as in BLUE ALERT: Worship Satan’s cock), then seeking forgiveness again and again. “Christmas Songs” may not settle that quandary, but the wound is flowing freely now thanks to his subtle pop.