X-claim: goodbye

Time to close out our interjection tour of holiday tunes. So long!

Lay was kind enough to submit an English version of his hit “Goodbye Christmas.” Heartbroken soulful pop.

Very high notes from Manuel Seal Jr. (feat. Morgan Reilly) also feels alone in the pop world. “Goodbye Christmas” is too cold for the R+B infusion.

More sadness from 5 Alarm with “Goodbye on Christmas Eve.” R+B says why you gotta do me that way?!

Whispery begging begins Gaurav Behl’s “Christmas Goodbye.” Then continues its experimental pop. Probably ends that way. I didn’t wait.

Merry Christmas and Goodbye” is blues rock of some serious talent from Los Goutos. Way to stand up to the breakup.

Put out, Derek Ariel Austin spins a yarn in “Goodbye Christmas” a folk ballad of leaving. A well done bummer.

Getting specific, “Goodbye Christmas Cookie” shakes, rattles, and rolls with love and loss. Holy moley, hats off to Armanwing.

Getting religious, Cowboy Jukebox wishes “Christmas Goodbye” but holds on to God. Tinkly country.

Getting personal, the bluesy rock of “Goodbye Psychotic Christmas” from My Son the Bum tells a story.

Procrastinating, Ohio City Singers roll polka into pop with “Haven’t Said Goodbye to Christmas.” Call it post present blues.

Jimmy Rankin flips the script with passable Elvis-style soul in “Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye to Christmas Yet.” Country maudlin.

X-claim: yeah yeah yeah

More than a Beatles’ place holder, the aspirational aspiration of agreement herein marks an all-in vote for the holidays.

Robbie Williams starts the show with a swingin’ show-stopper “Yeah! It’s Christmas.” This IS the stuff.

Wait, what about weird? Tristan Gianelli experimentally rocks and reverbs “Christmas Yeah.” Yeah wins.

Tampa Stan has a ‘goodie’ about Xmas “Yeah, God’s Like That.” Beach bum rap for Xmas. Spooky.

Yeah, I Know It’s Christmastime” is the angsty cry of the existential millennial Andrew Dost. Then a deep reflective dive. And all is good. What a journey!

Channeling Harry Nilsson, Todd McHatton successfully celebrates “Yeah Merry Christmas” with all the proper pop.

Sage Hill alt-countries a fun folk anthem “Yeah It’s Christmas.” Yeah.

Ikoliks Afro-pops “Yeah It’s Christmas” like they’re in church and you need to save your soul with this.

The Great Collections (??) lets loose with multiple yeahs in “Yeah It’s Christmas.” a retro nostalgic pop psychedelic easy-listening mish mash. Love it.

Leon, James, Alex, Luke, and Leon may not take “Yeah Yeah Christmas!” seriously, but that’s the song. Pop frolics.

Then there’s musical wallpaper, a backdrop for the mood of the room. “Christmas Yeah Yeah” barely qualifies as a song, but it sets the tone for the will-he/won’t-he tension of the holiday get-together.

Find the cure with garage rockabilly in the body of “It’s Christmas (Yeah Yeah Yeah)” from the Gorgons. Ouch. (In the good way.)

Yeah Yeah (It’s Christmas)” is the alt-rock fun of bebopping AND there’s a song in there. Dams of the West play for fun.

X-Claim: yes

An interjection good enough to end Finnegans Wake, YES may be what Christmas is all about.

Yes It’s Christmas!” is Illingworth’s country rocker on Adderall. Meaning, it’s for the kids. Brace yourself.

Ender Bender’s “Yes It’s Christmas” is also hyper, but that suits dance pop better. You might wanna caffeinate up to keep up.

Randy Becker slows the mood way down with his jazz solemnity “Yes It’s Christmas.” Did somebody die? (Wait, that’s Easter.) (Not really.)

Bebe Winans tries to up spirits again with a heavily orchestrated anthem “Yes It’s Christmas.” Biblical show tune.

The Hipwaders go right for the kids with their folksy pop rock. But “Yes, It’s Christmas” has a Celtic declamatory riff to it that demands obedience. Sign me up.

X-claim: oh yeah

Affirmations confirm exclamatory enthusiasms. Oh Yeah! (Can i get a Baby?)

I mean, take “Christmas Oh Yeah” from Barenaked Ladies. Fun soft pop that really gets into the neighborhood spirit.

Orville Grant gets a little nasty with “Ooh Yea.” This misspelled Christmas greeting reaches for hip hop hope.

Watered down R+B from Les Taylor, “Oh Yeah It’s Christmas” dance-parties the feeling where i suspect religion = sex.

Hey it’s freakin’ Christmas begins “Christmas! Oh Yeah!” By Atticus & the Candy Crew. Then the hectic experimental rock devolves.

[Quick weird detour: “Yo It’s Christmas” is actually kidrap about oh yeah.]

With the power of rock Oh! can become Uh! in All My Mind’s “Merry Christmas! Oh Yeah!” (One paltry yeah was detected in the analysis of this song.)

FactNotFiction can barely beat that tambourine in their laconic alt “Christmas in July, Oh Yeah.” Echoes of psychedelia save it, though.

Philosophically, Steve Drewett gets britpop with his life story in “It’s Christmas Time! (Oh Yeah, NaNaNa).” (Many additional yeahs were detected in the scansion of these lines.)

Jared & Aaron get tuneless with their raggedy ragtime “Oh Yeah! Christmas.” Childish foolishness just how i like.

Toots and the Maytals get more sacred with their reggae “Oh, Yeah.” The sincerity rattles your teeth.

X-claim: gosh/golly BLUE ALERT

A couple more euphemisms for GOD!

Oh by gosh by golly begins the Frank Sinatra signature carol “Mistletoe and Holly.” Everyone else who covers this aches for the natural swing The Chairman brings to it. Yawn. Let’s give it up for The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus to change the tone just a scratch.

Oh, Golly Jolly” by Durnst and Friends is the excitement of heavy drinking for Xmas. Hand clapping soft pop.

Oh by golly have a Holly Jolly Christmas” goes the middle of the Burl Ives hit. Point of Grace livens this up way down home style. But, let’s punk this bitch up–BLUE ALERT–with The Sheckies.

X-claim: oh (variations)

Oh is a gateway interjection for so many idiomatic phrases. And they can be shouted for Xmas.

Oh My, Oh My, It’s Christmas” is the gospel exclamation from the Wilmington Celebration Choir. Salty.

Some funk from Carly Jamison worries about the accessibility of the home to delivery in “Oh No Santa Claus.” Get it.

Christmas Time is Here (Uh Oh)” subimposes the interjection after the statement. But that’s the thing with mistakes. Telekinesis presents piano pop.

Pop oopsy from Trillian Miles, “Uh Oh Christmas.” It’s what it says it is. And whistling.

X-claim: oh (pt. 2)

Oh derives from O, which opens a trove of traditional carols. Let’s try to avoid those and stay with the dumbstruck cry.

Helen & Shanna simply cry out Oh Oh Oh in “Oh! Christmas,” as if they didn’t want to take the Lord’s inspired day in vain. Odd folk chanting.

Amery Rey Tuesta also has a worldish twist to his folksy “Oh Christmas!” (And cracking vocals.) This is a prayer. Or perhaps whining.

Adding a whoa to the oh, Brianna Dembrow gets all country worked up with “Christmas Oh.” Well now.

Well, i can’t avoid the parodies any longer: ‘O Holy Night’ gets the smelly relatives treatment in “Oh, Christmas Night (Mare)” from Duck Logic Comedy. Sing along!

X-claim: oh (pt. 1)

Mostly European the expression that looks like a Far Side character’s rounded-lips surprise acts as punctuation, or I s’pose these days, emoji to get your attention for the following pronouncement:

Oh Christmas” by Zefereli is the alt-zen folk lesson in calming down for the holidays. Soporific. So, i need something else.

Oh Christmas” from Calypso Rose is a cry for whiskey–and the celebration of Christ’s birth. Parang rager.

Oh Christmas, Oh Navidad” is Mundo Armijo’s order to children to play all day, in the name of God. Sweet salsa.

Oh Christmas” as Josue Alfredo Ayala tells it is a call to be a bird. Unintentional novelty returns with symphonic jazz tastelessness.

X-claim: oh my god [slight BLUE ALERT]

Many of these interjections are softened forms of taking the Lord’s name in vain. (In vanity, which means you done cussed for your own selfish ends, not for the prayer’s worth of it.)

Family of the Year get behind “OMG It’s Christmas” with a soft rock/pop slurry of fun. They believe.

Speaking of belief–Ty Hunter’s “Oh My God” is that country music wordplay thing that’s the thinking bubba’s headscratcher. It’s pithy and punny and pious. And a waltz!

Less produced, more devout: “Oh My God It’s Christmas” by Randolph Steed and his trusty banjo in his den.

Brendan Ashton gets quieter and more sardonic with his hipster poem “Oh My God It’s Christmas Again.” Plenty of talent un Der that reindeer onesie.

The Gamer of Blood War (Ellis) has cobbled together a little sump’n sump’n of a song entitled “Oh My God It’s Christmas.” This was inspired by a zombie shooting vid-game, and it gets a little BLUE (quite a few songs exclaim ‘Oh -[expetive deleted] – it’s Chrismuzz!’ which have already floated to the top of the blog before now but attain goodness not by repetition). Electronica.