ad silentnitum, thatsnotallshewrote

Ouroboros got nothing on the returning Christmas syndrome.

MxPx returns with ANOTHER song about ANOTHER Christmas. “Another Song about Christmas” is lite punk that seems to celebrate more than urinate on. I could box step to it.

Reindeer Tribe garage pop about displacement in “Everyone Together.” It goes on and on, even during another holiday. Fun party music for the downer in us.

Merrill Leffmann divas out quiet piano bar style with “Every Year.” It’s a heartbreaking loss when THIS year isn’t like those others.

Andrew Collins (feat. Monique) performs the childhood fantasy of “Another Christmas Time.” This lyrical show tune gets to the heart of what another really means. Though, it is lame.

What gets us out of this time loop is the reminder of a later time… a New Year. Then we can forget the next Christmas, until the bills come due. “Another New Year’s Eve” is a power ballad from Michael Stanley that sucks the joy out of the season. Is melancholy on your list of resolutions? [You want happy? Try The Treebees‘ own song by that title.][A final boot-kickin’ country anthem by that title hails from Reckless Kelly.]

ad silentnitum, cyclical

Loop de loop, round and round we go, Christmasses to the right of me, Xmasses to the left. Who can sing that?

Kevin Sisson performs “Another Christmas Eve” as some hoedown love fest. This cowboy roundup picks, grins, and twirls. Yee ho.

Another Sad Christmas” as vocalized by XANSEII is a rap dirge of BLUE ALERT depressed proportions.

Another Sad Christmas” from Damien Quinn in BLUE ALERT snide rap about friends and family–and self. All losers.

Another Sad Christmas” by Mr. Toxic is electro-rap rife with daddy issues, unrequited love, economic woes. That’s enough.

Sterling and Loscalzo up the beat just a skooch with “Just Another Sad Christmas Song.” This pop breeze is dedicated TO YOU. So, be sad, wudja?

Release the rock! “There may Never be Another Christmas” twists a political agenda into a Santa wishlist. And if justice and fairness aren’t presented–Oi! Oi!–there may never be another Christmas. Quid pro quo.

ad silentnitum, noendinsight

This Moebius strip of Xmas will never end, so quit asking if we’re there yet. Mannheim Steamroller up!

Amy Grant softly folks “Another Merry Christmas” with motherhood, war, and everything all at once. There you go.

Another White Christmas” is a sendup of white people. Tim Cavanaugh tickles the lounge ivories to fight racism. I guess.

Another White Christmas” is Brent Burns singing about sand at the beach. I’ll need some help with the humor here, guys. Swing pop.

We’ll Never Have Another White Christmas” is The Pepper Tree Market’s lament that that Bing song is the pinnacle and will never be topped as THE song of the season. Clever doo wop. Highly recommended.

Eux Autres prop me up with their lively pop music “Another Christmas at Home.” Friends, drinking, playing, lights twinkling. What more could you ask for? Listen, this song’ll have it.

ad silentnitum, gowiththeflow

When will the repeating Xmasses end? Never, that’s the point.

Another Very Darko Christmas” is not so much rap as monologuing about the wrongs done to Jumbled (feat. Darko the Super) over the years. Huh?

Hepcat bongo insistence marks “Go Trim Another Tree.” James Apollo has my attention. Blues? Rockabilly? Show tune? Don’t come ’round here–at all.

Another Christmas” by Amanda Jenssen is a pokey cowboy jazz number about missing the Rudolph out of you. (Wait–threesome?) Blowzy blues.

More experimental altrock. Time slows and speeds with the vertiginous tempo of Tan LeRacoon’s “Just Another Christmas Wish.” Not sure if this is sad or hopeful… Wish for more wishes!!

ad silentnitum, keptheballrolling

Can’t stop the music! Can’t stop the Xmas spirit from coming back on me, like nachos!

Drawling country pop from Anna Bergendahl reaches for the spurs in “Just Another Christmas.” She’s just watching from the sidelines. But she’s got an eye on you, ya ol’ cayuse.

Synth harmony pop like you hear during the parties of twenty-somethings in the back of CW adventure shows, Make Like Monkeys romanticize “Another Holiday” with room for more mood. My eyes are rolling… up in ecstasy.

Luke Ryder has an annoyingly synthed pop party number in “Just Another Christmas.” The electro-timpani overshadows any sense it might’ve made. Dance!!!

Rockabilly to the rescue–Lew Lewis struts the blues into a watchable routine with “Just Another Day to Me.” Go, candy canes, go!

ad silentnitum, repetitive

Here we go again. Songs about Xmas to infinity and beyond.

charizma! attempts to make us blush with their BLUE ALERT “Another Very Sunny Christmas,” blasting all their problems with some comme ci comme ça rap. Seems personal. Not professional.

Mine Like Me garage rocks “Another Lonely Christmas” with more feeling. Not so much catchy, as creaky.

Winning the loss game, Rev. Oris Mays (backed by Aretha Franklin and The New Bethel Baptist Church Gospel Choir eulogize “Another Christmas Without My Son.” This is how gramps rapped, kids.

ad silentnitum, keepontrucking

We’re stuck! Xmas songs about forever christmas!

Another Holiday” has got the harsh vocals, loud brass, and slick pop noodling of the ’80s. Why not, it was The Other Ones’ hit from ’87. Forceful.

A handful of scorn, but on the other hand a delightful pop croon: “Another Drunken Santa Claus Christmas” calls out the worst of us to the best of them. Amusingly quiet. Sleeping Dogs Lie nail it.

Allusion alert! Stupendium includes all the cool scary villains from —i’m i don’t know, ask a Millennial–in “Another Horror Holiday.” This campy lounge showstopper might be your next cultural party quiz. Name that baddie!

ad silentnitum, nosetotail BLUE ALERT

Let’s let loose and bitch about it, that never-ending return to season–in song.

Another Blooming Christmas” is not so angry. Mel Smith’s UK frolicsome demeanor makes this show tune rant kid friendly.

Here’s Another Crappy Christmas Song” is Steve Heller’s resignation. Bouncy pop (with some odd Roger Miller [purporting to be Elvis] scat) about the pointlessness is Brit to a fault. But i may have smirked slightly.

The cast of ‘Not Another Christmas Letter, The Musical’ rehearse “Another Lousy Christmas” for your patience straining. Show tune barking.

Bored white rappers BLUE ALERT!! cobble together an obscenity-laden rage-fueled finger-pointer with “Another Stupid Christmas.” It’s offensive, and sung mediocrely. Day Seven x Genre Treason (ft. Dr. Mer) deserve the credit.

ad silentnitum, sequent

A returning subject is the humor of low places. Let’s mock the slovenly, quick before they eat us.

Sean Cole (The Outlaw) attempts class with tinkly piano intro, then launches into rough rap as in “Another Broke Christmas.” Perhaps you should sing along.

Wendell Ferguson’s “Another White Trash Christmas” attempts dignity with a pretty folk ballad-y tune. Contrast that with ‘Spam,’ ‘swilling’ beer, and ‘her mustache’–comedy! Austin Church does this with more country. Lonnie Flemmer seems to have originated it.

ad silentnitum, serial

When is another Christmas NOT another Christmas? When there’s no love, hope, meaning…. Buckle up, buck-o.

Ernest Tubb country waltzes “Christmas is Just Another Day” as if he weren’t falling to pieces. Poor guy.

Geneva Renee’s “Christmas is Just Another Day” is the soul treatment of the tortured soul. He’s gone, gone away, no longer here–get the picture?

Johnny Dowd gets experimental with his rockabilly in his “Christmas is Just Another Day.” But missing mommy has never been so weird. Nothing just about it.