ad silentnitum, onandon

The idea of Christmas happening again, then again, repeating annually until the end of attention span fills us with hope and dread. So the next month of songs will just keep flipping out more of these echoic treats until we’re the merriest we can be. Ready? Who cares!

Amanda Jensen slowly, lowly misses you. Jazzy sweet pop outlines how it’s just “Another Christmas” without you.

Antithetically, The Forever Lasting hard rock their punk pissiness in “Another Christmas Song.” No hope for you! Next in line!

Stressing fuh real, Arrae stoops and soars with the electro-rap “Another Christmas Song.” It’s up-beat, it’s down-beat, it’s beat.

Give me a whispery troubadour any day. Frank Moyo gets WAY specific about love and politics with his commentation “Another Christmas.” Folk pop with a grudge.