ad silentnitum, concatenated

Another Christmas without love is not simply another Christmas. It’s salt in the wound, a twist of the knife, a dump in the middle of the art museum.

Prince encores his “Another Lonely Christmas” with echoic haunting charm. When he says you’re the only one, it’s not like anyone else can say.

Tom Chaplin stiff upper lips “Another Lonely Christmas” with Britpop overtures and alto-hope. Did he say in Hell? Aww, wotta sweetie.

Ladies’ turn! Mean over-pops “Another Lonely Christmas (A Lady Christmas)” as if it’s all about the vocal range and not the emotions.

More affecting, Patty Blee (w/Ernie Trionfo)’s whiskey throated country strummer “Another Lonely Christmas Eve” barely makes its trembling way through the tough times.

Soul sets the sad scene in Aaron Skyy’s “Another Lonely Christmas.” Every instrument is set on weepy.

Country bummer is its own sub-genre, represented here by John Eddie’s “Another Lonely Christmas.” Heartfelt hokum.

Jackson Taylor’s “Another Lonely Christmas” is appropriately twangy country, yet the hint of zydeco makes me feel upbeat. The magic of music heals.

ad silentnitum, monotonous

Too many Christmasses? Time for a drink, or a song about another drink for another Xmas.

Another Christmas Beer” is the raging country punk recommendation from Fear. If you listen carefully, it might make sense.

Fight the blues with the booze! Merle Jagger honky tonks “I’ll Have Another Drink for Christmas.” It’s fun because… i forget why. There was a list. <hic>

Experimental singing elevates the electric chaos of “Another Drunk Christmas Carol.” DeathBeforeSophistication has a lilting exuberance and a killer backbeat. And–message? Maybe?

ad silentnitum, unrelieved

From The Department of Redundancy Department, more songs about more Christmas.

Sometimes Albert & The Sleigh Riders massacre a Christmas subject with razor wit, sometimes they honor a Christmas tradition with crafted wit. “Another Christmas Song” is thankful for the multiple opportunities, and take it at it’s words. Thanks!

Luke Nelson also pokes fun at you for singing “Another Christmas Song.” But i think it’s all in good merriment. Overly popped folk.

Coming in hard, Professionals jazz rock “Another Snowy White Christmas” like a late night TV band. Perhaps too earnest for how cool the music would like you believe it is.

ad silentnitum, uninterrupted

More… more… more— Xmas songs about more Christmasses.

Give “Another Christmas” a chance! The Front Porch Country Band bebops their country pop to silly heights (whistling solo!) to win you over.

Gotta replay “Another Christmas 78rpm” from Martin Rivas for lots of reasons: it’s not the Victrola feel you were expecting, it’s appropriately sentimental, it’s almost uncategorizable. Call it prog rock.

Holly Auna gets emo-boy with a fine folk-pop country love song, “Another Silent Night.” Here, the ‘nother is one more notch on the missing you stick. Sad-ish.

Melodic death goth delivers unto us “Another silent Night.” Coincidence? No! This is more gloom, this time with extra scary. 26z whispers us to a frenzy.

ad silentnitum, withoutend

Here we continue to go.

Anthony and the Brothers in Christ haunt us with disconnected vocals in the almost R+B “Another Christmas.” Too slow to cheer, to whispery to exalt.

From ‘Another Fucking Christmas Play’ comes the grim revelation that this Xmas thing is nothing new. “Another Bastard is Born” is simply turning the page in the trailer park setting. Irresistible pretend gospel.

Oh no! begin The Yobs for their rock-punk “Another Christmas.” For an angry rant, it’s rather tuneful. I CAN take it.

ad silentnitum, continual

Done yet? No way, Hay-seus!

Those American Girls are not so happy with “Another Christmas.” there’s chores, and other people get to go to Aruba, and–well, YOU know. But there IS theremin. Odd electro-pop.

And then Gary Glitter swooshes in with an insistent backbeat to herald the kissing and singing and presenting of “Another Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas.” Throbbin’!

Just Another Song” is the swingin’ Stephen Colbert addition to the canon. And this time, my ad infinitum reference is used!

ad silentnitum, perpetual

Back to our regular programming.

Daze Baby go alt-electronic with the misty memories of “Another Christmas.” Ahhh. And again. Ahhh.

Rubettes (feat. Alan Williams) also croon about the good. “Another Christmas” hits show tune heights admitting this one should be better than the last one. Good on you, optimists!

Surprisingly hopeful is Jethro Tull’s odd rock “Another Christmas Song.” This march of destiny takes us into the light. It’s super tinkly.

ad silentnitum, never-ending

Christmas songs about another Christmas… encore!

Rotten Apple Trees get [BLUE ALERT] raunchy in “Another Christmas Song.” Folky rock bitches about the contractural obligation of ponying up another tune, so it’s an F-word fiesta. But short.

British ‘humour’ from Sam Trotman begs not to hear “Another Crappy Christmas Song.” Yet his music hall ukulele fun is infectious. I’d go one more.

Just as mean, “Another God Damn Christmas Song” takes the season to task for the overspending, over-consuming, overly wintry times. Irreverent Reverends actually entertain with restraint and catchy pop jingling. Watch the over tambourining!

ad silentnitum, ‘gainand’gain

Had enough? Not yet? More Christmas songs about how it happens lots.

Another Generic Christmas Song” from Tony Thaxton doesn’t last ver–

More seriously (less talentedly) the Shining Light Players operatically opine about hope in “Another Christmas.” As this is from a WWII musical, the easy listening sounds desperate.

It’s Another Christmas” bemoans the clumsy, ill conceived, haphazardness of the never-ending with fun rock. Rick Kemp has your bitter anthem for you.

ad silentnitum, overandover

More songs about yet another Christmas.

MxPx seem wearied of how off-the-mark the reality of “Another Christmas” is, ’cause of missing you. Nobody’s perfect. ‘Cept you. Punk.

Jospeh Vincent has “Another Christmas Song” as a placeholder until he’s back with you. Sweet ukulele pop.

Calling forth the spirit of Orbison, Stuart Churchill points out the complete unnecessityy of “Another Lonely, Lonely Christmas.” Like ‘Groundhog Day’ without the happy ending.