ad silentnitum, successive

Another song about another Christmas in another post from another blog. Wait–no, it’s THIS blog.

BLUE ALERT!! “Another Fucking Christmas Song” is the showtune lament that comes late in Act II and perches the show on the verge of despair. Eric Bagnet brings existentialism to bear the cross.

Destructors 666 get down and dirty with a catchy (borrowed) tune in “Just Another Christmas Song.” Surely there’s room for one more punk screamer what rhymes Winnie the Pooh with Doctor Who!

Danilo Jeza brings that impersonation-style to “Another Christmas Song.” You WILL believe it’s not Elvis.

The Silvers hokey up their “Sing Another Christmas Song” to cheer on Santa and the elves. But their over-enunciated ’70s slow pop tangles up the intent. Crash. Burn.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings swing up the mood with their disco limned Motown merriment “Just Another Christmas Song (This Time I Think I’ll Sing Along).” Whenever they sample a traditional carol, drink a take!

Jack Weppler takes them all on in “Another Christmas Song.” Do they manipulate, obscure, distract us from–hey, you’re beautiful. Piano bar pop. But, it’s not for sale from Amazon. Just so you know.

ad silentnitum, déjàvu

Where were we again? Here? It’s always Christmas here. Let’s tune in to another Xmas already in progress.

Bower Grove School sets to music “Another Bower Grove Christmas.” They know their stuff. Pop choral messing about.

While we’re ‘cross the Pond, British India power punks “Another Christmas in the Trenches.” Am sure i like it. Not sure i believe the lyrics about how everything is fine….

Another Day in the B” is [BLUE ALERT] rapping out the prison of monotony of bad Xmasses. AlmightyK pulls no rhymes to level with you.

No Kids plink and plunk around the subject, however, with their “Another Winter in a Summer Town.” This underlining (NOT the number from the ‘Grey Gardens’ musical) entraps your holiday mood in decay. Heavy sigh.

ad silentnitum, interminable

Did we return to lonely Christmasses without you yet? We never left! Let’s uncover the charts….

Another Holiday” is electro-R+B/rap from Kinney wishing for it to be okay. He’s not fooling anybody. Well, himself.

Another Wonderful Christmas” is the sloshy squealy sentiment of Gee! It’s Here! Yay! Joey + Rory’s aw shucks country stylings make it down home. (Then, shh, at the end… heh heh, she gets all fed up! Now it’s my favorite!)

Nashional (feat. Vincent Vega) twangs out the country sadness with “Another Christmas with You Gone.” He can’t go on. But his song does.

Metal time: Stranglehold makes the point that Xmas is merely “Another Night Alone.” The pain is visceral. So are the drums.

ad silentnitum, endless

If you wait long enough, it’s Christmas. Then another. Then another. Then another (unless you’re dead–but then another).

Jay Stansfield (feat. SAY) messes up the wiggly pop alt with harmonica in “Another Christmas Day,” reducing a cheery tune to a thoughtful, reflective symposium.

J seduces with the R+B whisper-song “Another Christmas.” So, you should be ready, girl, for what he’s giving you. Mmm-mm.

Michael V. wants to know how seriously you take “Another Christmas Eve,” what with all the hidden feelings and the need for forgiving and–apparently–bookoo baggage he packs into his easy listening caroling.

ad silentnitum, etcetera

Christmas songs about yet more Christmasses?! Fight the redundancy again!

Abandoning modesty, Blink 182 declares their Christmas song is “Not Another Christmas Song.” Perhaps due to the rudeness. Certainly ’tis not the ordinary pop rhythms that distinguish this trinket.

Khalea Lynee’ recalls the broken hearted with her modulated pop “Not Another Christmas Song.” See, without you, bay-bee, there are no more truly Xmas songs. That logic makes this blog go poof-gone.

Peter Dymond Brit-twists the sentiment in “Oh No, Not Another Christmas Song.” Pop? I say pap! The blaring DJ sound effects don’t save this un-song.

ad silentnitum, ceaseless

Time to lighten the mood of time looping Xmas songs!

Looking forward to “Another Waffle House Christmas” involves reservations, honkytonk music, and waffles (and divorce)! Thanks, Hilton Walters!

The Serious Brothers serenades our blues with “It’s Another Joyful Elvis Presley Christmas.” These bear repeating, despite the trashy country lyrics.

Having the party of their lives, the ‘haves’ of the Mumbai suburb Bandra celebrate “Another Bandra Christmas.” Vanya sings and swings this cha-cha pop with no apologies (or talent).

ad silentnitum, continuous

This concept of joyous noel emptied of meaning in a cold, lonely house just won’t quit. It goes on and on. So does the music.

Preempting the problem, The Ready Set pop the seltzer out of “I Don’t Wanna Spend Another Christmas Without You.” Childish, but het up.

En español, Loona wills her sorrow over the annoying galloping of synthetic strings in “Another Christmas Without You.” My head AND my heart now hurt!

In cockney, Prozzak smirks that “It’s Just Another Christmas Without You.” Spoken pop, but with Anglo-charm.

Nsync snaps and pops (like bubblegum) throughout the smarmy pop of “I Don’t Wanna Spend One More Christmas Without You.” Next!

Orianthi & Cyril Niccolai moan over “Another Christmas Without You.” Glorious harmony here makes the pathos worse. Pop music ow!

Bobby Helms oldschools the countrywestern genre with “Another Christmas Without You.” How can we face it??? Mother, make it stop!

The Epileptic Hillbillys rockabilly “Another Christmas Without You” with Western insistence. I do believe ’em, i do, i do!

ad silentnitum, incessant

Not done missing you–especially each and every Christmas. Songtime for the longtime!

Kenn Rowell & The Baghdaddies sizzle up some common country with wild fiddle in the feel-hard “Another Lonesome Christmas.” Clever, concentrated, and with whistling!

Walking the ledge, Milena Wings jazzes “Another Lonesome Christmas Eve in San Francisco.” It’s a bit uneven, like her gait and the people in the background she didn’t get releases from.

Making everything West a contest, the East coast pits Chrissi Poland ‘gainst this entry with “Another Lonely Christmas in New York.” Suspiciously similar jazz bebopping, but the backup singers sell it.

Let’s back it up to 1964 with a Motown-sounding pop Brenda Lee. “Christmas will be Just Another Lonely Day” is the pounding sound of teen angst.

ad silentnitum, unbroken

Still feeling deserted around the holidays? Still?! Sing with brimming eye!

Jim Caliendo soft rocks “Another Blue Christmas” as homage to The King. Stellar effort, decent song.

Steven Acker could take pointers, as his “Another Blue Christmas” is limp rock with empty lyrics. Elvis’s coattails can’t carry this.

Shredding blues guitar stretches “Another Blue Christmas” from Andrew Mellor to the breaking point. How many anothers can a man take?

Sweaty club jazz from David George and The Crooked Christmas Orchestra sneaks “Another Blue Christmas” up on you from expecting Santa to getting shafted.