ad silentnitum, incessant

Not done missing you–especially each and every Christmas. Songtime for the longtime!

Kenn Rowell & The Baghdaddies sizzle up some common country with wild fiddle in the feel-hard “Another Lonesome Christmas.” Clever, concentrated, and with whistling!

Walking the ledge, Milena Wings jazzes “Another Lonesome Christmas Eve in San Francisco.” It’s a bit uneven, like her gait and the people in the background she didn’t get releases from.

Making everything West a contest, the East coast pits Chrissi Poland ‘gainst this entry with “Another Lonely Christmas in New York.” Suspiciously similar jazz bebopping, but the backup singers sell it.

Let’s back it up to 1964 with a Motown-sounding pop Brenda Lee. “Christmas will be Just Another Lonely Day” is the pounding sound of teen angst.