Tripping Bells: Cold Turkey

Last month, wrapping up a long drunk, we hit rehab. This month, crashing after endless highs, we reach for cold turkey–cutting off all mood enhancers at once.

Blues Buffet plays their “Cold Turkey for Christmas” as a pun on holiday feasting. Blues is blues, baby. We know watchoo mean.

Central Rain also code their personal problems in an alt rock message of messed-up hope: “Cold Turkey on Christmas Day.” Coffee house slam poetry set to a kicking back beat. But will they make it?

Magno Production meld psychedelia with garage in “White Christmas, Cold Turkey,” an actual bad trip in music. No, Virginia, there aren’t snakes coming out of Santa’s brain.

Tripping Bells: Aftermath

Holy broken homes, Batman, the war on drugs has taken its toll on some families.

Steven Battelle has a pretty little emo plaint about coming to grips with political narcotics-related takeovers following Mrs. Claus on the run from N. Pole nastiness in a clever little video for his song “A Christmas Cartel.” I think the lesson here is deal with it, bitch.

Tripping Bells: Mellow Yellow

Flashback! It’s still acid on Christmas to music.

Here comes Inca Jones again with “LSD Under My Christmas Tree.” Psychedelia! Melts in your mind, not in your thoughts.

After more than three minutes Melissa Reaves steps up and belts out “A Mayberry on Acid Christmas Song.” This gospel revival shaking and rolling feels more like an acid trip than it discusses one.

The Vestibules give us the skinny on the actual trip in “Christmas on Acid.” This is some Chuck Jones cartoon fun. Oh yeah and just say no.

Tripping Bells: Acid

Is Christmas the hallucination of God? Time to touch the sky and see through the vocals of some singers.

Christmas on LSD” by Chad Johnson wanders, wonders, and dead ends with lite rock. It’s like he tripped into pillows.

Christmas On LSD” by Skip Haynes and Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah is an old fashioned folk rock blend and sounds like a VW bus.

Christmas LSD” by Light Sunny Day plays on Jeff Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah.’ And goes BLUE. These guys are professionally sober.

Fat by the Gallon bring it with garage/punk yelling. “Christmas on L.S.D.” is angry, loud, and unrepentant. Go. Go. Get clean.

Tripping Bells: Prozac

Reds to wake, whites to sleep, others for other moods. What’s your holiday wish?

Let’s tag in Xanax here because Loretta Jenkins’s “Walkin’ is a Xanny Wonderland” is NOT so bad it’s good. It’s bad. Yeah, i get that she means to be off key. Still bad.

Lynn Marie has a larf and a harf with a parody of ‘Nuttin’ for Christmas’ entitled “Christmas Prozac Song.” It’s creepier with an adult woman hoaxing a child’s bratty bit. Though it is a good parody for all that.

Wired and stuttering, Hungry Mans Army jitter through “Christmas on Prozac.” Apt, i reckon. I give it a solid B. (Not the video, though: C-.)

Accordian Joe from the Spud Goodman Show is thanking god for that little green pill in “A Prozac Christmas.”

Tripping Bells: Horse

Running on empty here for heroin. Xmas is depressing enough without singing about riding the beast one-way to the end.

Except the General sings [live at The Dolls House] the gentle metal ballad “Heroin for Christmas Again.” Afterwards you might need to plunge your head in a tub of ice-cold denial, or go volunteer at a soup kitchen for an afternoon.

Tripping Bells: Glue

As a cheeky break in the wind of drug-oriented Xmas carols, here’s a 1966 novelty from ‘Little’ Georgie Holiday NOT about sniffing glue. In order to trap Santa in the house, we’re getting out the paste pots, and we’re going to “Have a Gluey Christmas.” Tee hee hee. I fooled ya. (No, there aren’t any songs about huffing or sniffing for yule that I’ve taken note of.) (But Peggy King with the Mitch Miller Band also plotted “I’m Gonna Put Some Glue Around the Christmas Tree [So Santa Claus will Stick Around All Year].”Actually–that’s pretty creepy.)

Tripping Bells: Meth

Despite the product placement success from Breaking Bad, meth gives little comic relief to Christmas music.

Dan Robertson tries, however, with “Meth Carols.” (Then it gets racist.)

You know there’s slim pickings when I include a ’12’ homage. Let’s Talk Figures go downtown with “The 12 Days of Methmas.” There’s a recipe in there, guys.

So let’s get in our salute to Breaking Bad finally. Animeme has “Do you Want to Build a Meth Lab?” Cartoon pathos! “What’s Meth?” from Callison Slater. In jokes!