Yuletide: Grog

Sailors work hard for their pay, and a ration of rum. Do they overindulge given the chance?

Christmas Card from a Drunken Sailor” is a gentle, almost soothing ballad from Rob Snarski. No F-bombs. Just regret.

What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor Early Christmas Morning?” asks the Windy City Gay Chorus. Frivolity ensues. And side-taking.

Not to be out-twisted, Alexander P. treats us to “What Shall We Do with a Drunken Santa?” The steps differ, and the tempo runs crazy. [Less imaginative, but Bee-you-ti-fully sung comes the Tawny Shantymen version.] [Amped up comes The Georgia Tech Glee Club with a rapid retelling.]

Yuletide: Tight Quarters

Is a boat the perfect place to party, or just another place to party? For Christmas, i mean. Or not.

Party the Hut & Friends chants out “Christmas on a Boat” like the party is in military formations. Swinging jazz rock.

Mark & The Mongrels reveal “Christmas on a Yacht” is an ideal never to be missed. They missed it. Indie mopeyness.

Time for a ‘Banana Boat’ parody! “A Latke Boat Song” from Merkel & The Merkelettes makes the holiday party a bit of a drudge. It happens. Drei-del!

Christmas Countdown: 40!

BLUE ALERT from Swansea Mosh complaining about the laziness of only working one day a year in “I Saw Santa Signing On“–a reference to applying for unemployment (with UB 40, Unemployment Benefits Form 40). Rocking the anger.

Prestomystic relieves the stress by “Jackin’ It on Christmas.” Light euphemistic profane-ness that fun, until he gets caught [Preston?–What’s up, what’s up–Are you okay in there It’s been like, forty minutes]. Pop music.

Perhaps an origin story, The Benefit & Chinese Firekites recount how a chance encounter (and being out like 40 bucks) results in the need to write a song, even though “Christmas Shoes (Will Kill the Mood)” on Christmas Day.

LadBaby has a series of parody songs featuring their fave-o British treat sausage rolls, all in the name of holiday charity raising [our expectations at the beginning was just to make Top 40, and-Raising funds for the food bank charity, the Trussell Trust]. “Don’t Stop Me Eating” might be the best of those parodies.

Christmas Countdown: 40˚

Scenic World has Christmas stress in “Green and Red,” a peppery pop tune about unrealized dreams [On to planet b] and unappreciated beauty [It’s 40 at best]. It’s short and sour. But, that’s the holidays.

Just keep it above forty fahrenheit demand Official Sidekick Productions in their surly satire “I Can’t Fly My Kite in the Snow.” Why so serious?

Christmas Countdown: 100$

Benjamins for Xmas! Destiny & Tommy (FT. THOMAS VELI, FAMOUS CHRIS & DIANNA VU) rap that they only want that hundy in their “Jingle Bells Remix.” Or you could put your head in a steel bucket and hit it with a hammer a hundred times.

Perky l’il blonde Katrina raps Oh yea my grandma came clutchShe gave me one hundred bucks(I’m rich, I’m rich) in “La Fa La.” Childish troubles AND behind the scenes footage.

Well, that’s GETTING… but what about giving? 100$ to a hooker?! Well, happily, that’s what Santa does to save a streetwalker from freezing on Christmas in “Ho Ho Ho” by The Dan Band. It’s a doo wop salvation story worth the listen.

Yo Gotti gives a bit differently. In “Wish List” [BLUE ALERT] this kingpin rapper dispenses Christmas bikes, TVs, drugs, and A hundred to the lawyer ’cause he goin’ for a appeal. Life is NOT cheap ’round here.

Stingy, however, is YunG HPC in his rappin’ “Grinch.” He’s sporting 100 coins BTC, but sharing nothing. Hey, that’s way more than dollars!

Also more is the cost of 100 quid faced by The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican in their ‘American Pie’ parody “The Gasman Cometh.” Figures it’d be Christmas Eve (the day the boiler died)…. (Yea! Parody!!)

Felice Avian: tribulation

I’m not saying flying is easy for a reindeer on a tight schedule at Christmas… in fact, i might single out just the cool parody songs about tough times over firmament high.

Tremors goes BLUE ALERT with their messy “Reindeer” about all the stress on their fuzzy shoulders.

Drop a Grand portrays Santa as man stuck in a grind (in the air) with “Reindeer Love.” No actual romance here, just a vanishing point thirty thousand feet up.

Felice Avian: observation

Older kids take the aerial Santa a bit more matter-of-factly. Oh look. Guess it’s Xmas, or something.

Bill Edwards burns the honky tonk up with “Santa’s Gonna Fly.” No reindeer. Just that time of year.

Fun rocking pop from Todd McHatton gets “Santa Flying in Your Sleigh.” Can’t recall if any animals get credit, though.

Nostalgic kidsong thumpity thumps out “Santa Claus is Flying through the Sky.” The Audition Studio Orchestra doesn’t quite put you to sleep with this look-see.

Finally including the rangifer, Syrpyntyne posts a fine ‘Rocket Man’ parody that seems to kvetch about flight, but strolls through the routine like it’s no big deal. “Reindeer Man” is Santa, by the way. (While we’re at it, their “Rocky Mountain Sleigh” needs an ear. Excellent.)

More trademark friendly, the parody “The Reindeer Song” from Nick Mitchell nonchalantly acknowledges the flying herd. Every child knows. Not really headlines.

Domain and Rangifer: set ’em up

How did Santa’s reindeer get to be so special? Care and feeding lessons as follows:

Peggy Lee’s continual attempts to appeal to children (scary!) included the saccharine “Don’t Forget to Feed the Reindeer,” a heavily syncopated band tune/lecture letting you know the privileges from being good. Do what you’re expected to do and you’ll get another chore, you angel!

Not scary enough? DJ Santa remixes ‘Mrs. Santa Claus’ as a bass drum car crash pogo dance “Who Feeds the Reindeer.” You have to dance, or else you’ll hear this massacre of a repetitious song.

 Blue Öyster Cult’s ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ gets its due with The Withers’ masterfully homespun “Don’t Feed the Reindeer.” Apparently they have professional handlers and your leaving them carrots (and cookies?!) (and wifi??!!) when you go to bed Xmas Eve messes that up. Quit it.

The Rude Off: proud

Fans abound for the most famous reindeer of all.

Kidsong likes the counting song, hence “Nine Counting Rudolph” from Brian Kinder. Catchy, but not his best.

Asiansploitation and Byron S. mock Lourdes with their “Rudolph.” It’s all about–

The Reindeer Song” by Daniel Dennis and Mason Douglas (as Sno’Rida and Mista’Toe) white-rap out the credit due the nine. Celebratory shouting to commence.

Hamildolph” is the epic parody of ‘Hamilton’ from Eclipse 6. Worth the time reliving the bullied fawn’s tale.

Gee, Rudolph Ain’t I Good to You?” is the Nat King Cole classic funnied up by The Christmas Jug Band. Unrequited gift-bringing is so bluesy.