Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: funny 7

Some humor may be beyond us.

Amy Sedaris is so droll, so ironic it’s hard to laugh in her face. She seems like she’d break. You tell me, is her “Snowman Song” from her TV series At Home with Amy Sedaris funny–or die? Do you see me cracking up?

Is it a snowman or a man of the snows? “Santa the Snowman” calls all of it into question and shakes my paradigms like superhero snowglobes (Marvel universe references throughout). Thanks for that, Jacobsen Brothers!

And then there’s the song i cant’ tell if it’s legit kidstuff, or if the gangster references twist it toward the Adult Swim crowd. Try on “Joey the Giant Snowman” and tell me what Keven Boyle’s dealio is, a’ight?

Just as confusing is the 1993 Troma Studios Try Parker movie ‘Cannibal! The Musical’ based on a tragic 1883 Rocky Mt. journey (not over Donner Pass, though). Our entry “Let’s Build a Snowman!” has John Hegel trying to lighten the mood of the desperate men. It’s over quickly enough, but if you can hang on… reprise!

Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: funny 6

Yellow snow is an old joke. Yellow snowman is the obvious evolution. These joke songs are fitter to survive!

Bryant Oden warns us with hyperkinetic children’s music “Don’t Make a Snowman with Yellow Snow.” Breathe, dude.

Travis the Yellow Snowman” shines a spotlight on Travis Creep’s redneck hardworking putupon larborer and his travails. Twinkling trailer folk rock.

2B Recording (or not 2B?) have an elaborate production of “Yellow Snowman.” Pop ballad/hip hop/dance.

Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: funny 5

Is a magical snowman a manifesttion of insanity?

The analogy of troubled waters is “Like a Snowman with Arthritis.” No snowmen are considered, only literary figures. Suffer along with Joe Soko’s folk lament (and his bird’s huge afro).

It probably didn’t happen. You just imagine it. You were drunk. “Man V. Snowman” is the country ballad of Marc Schaefgen snowball fighting an imaginary enemy. He loses.

Time to get down and get frosty. Plastic Snow imagines a whole band fronted by “Rock ‘n’ Rolling Snowman.” Rock, yes… but pretty pedestrian.

Alt rock worries Ratboy Jr. who can’t get rid of their “Never Melting Snowman.” Is there juicing? (Be advised of funny voices [incl. Bob Dylan bit].)

Me & The Snowman” may be another imaginary friend (with John Wilkes Boothe), but this pop jingle from Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club rocks the family folk ’70s demographic.

Unfortunate humor from Rankin/Bass. Their 1979 ‘Jack Frost’ stop motion Xmas special didn’t recapture lightning in a bottle (again)–even with the intro song from Buddy Hackett.

I’m Your Baby (You’re a Snowman)” by Sequelcast parodies ‘Call Me Maybe’ and all other taste in the world by making the execrable Michael Keaton ‘Jack Frost’ horror/family/comedy into a musical. You’ll never be ready for this non-professional entry, so here goes

Shark Uppercut has an even better tale of the man into snow with “Alan Alda the Snowman.” This electronic soft pop even refers to itself as a novelty song. Love that meta!

Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: funny 4

Not all Xmas parodies hit the mark.

Norman Grey and Heidi Davis take on Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ with “Enter Snowman.” All the ingredients, but the cake didn’t rise.

Chris Everett has more fun if not more success with “Livin’ la Vida Snowman” for Seattle’s KUBE comedy Christmas song contest.

Unfortunate is what we call the Beach Boys take for Mariah Carey’s “Lil Snowman.” Shiboobee, indeed.

The talented Joel Koptische hits ’90s nascent rap slightly more funnily with his parodic “I’m Your Snowman, Baby.” Ice ice.

Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: funny 3 BIT BLUE

Praps simply inspired Yogscast goes a bit BLUE ALERT with “Carrot for a Cock.” Power ballad about a mistake and the magic life thereafter. Oh, i get it.

Rodney Carington has a classic bit about a disfigured snowman…

Problem is, it’s a short funny country song bit. Freddy B has elongated this number to suit hisself. It adds flourished and even answers the titular question.

…so please enjoy the song in it’s 1/2 minute micro-entirety.

Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: funny 2

Not every snowman is cause for celebration. “A Snowman Stole My Wife” gives Little Red Ambulance brief joy, then cold reality sets in. Funny country pop.

Angry from your shunning, TV’s Kyle gives you a faceful of “Snowman” with pop music malaise. Thanks for the mortality check,  FuMP!

Uhh, one more Frosty parody. Or so.

Macchendra has gone to the trouble to play “Frosty the Snowman” backwards and attempted to transcribe the backmasked lyrics. Don’t do drugs!

Anti-frosty comes from the sad singing of Robert (‘Dr. Bob’) Blake who claims “Our Snowman wasn’t Frosty.” These kids had unrealistic body expectations from TV.

Chillaz’s “Clint Frostwood” pokes at their own ‘Clint Eastwood’ song. Hip hop happiness.

Asian Glow muscles up a Taylor Swift parody of ‘Trouble Trouble Trouble’ probably entitled: “Frosty Frosty Frosty.” Yes, funny.

Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: funny 1

Let’s shovel the ‘Frosty’ parodies off the lot right away. Most of those are drug-related and i’ve done what i can to eliminate all coke=snow songs from the last couple months. Most of the others are amateurish at best. Here are some i can stand.

BLUE ALERT Afroman has studied the naughty “Frosty” and discerned it’s sexual habits. Learn, if you dare.

Don Ohman (‘The Singing Roofer’) is also misogynisticly offensive with “New Years: Frozen the Snowwoman Song.” She was asking for it, dressing like that.

Back to BLUE ALERTs Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown goes low class UK with obscene carol parodies, staring with “Frosty.” Crude, rude, and bawdy parts galore. John Valby does more or less then same thing, without as much anatomica.

Matt Rogers’s overused “Frosty the Pervert” rounds out the trifecta of BLUE ALERTs. That’s enough, boys.

Bubba Claus pretends he’s drunk singing “Frosty the Beer Mug.” Apart from a strip poker ref, blue-free tawdriness.

On the other mitten, Dan Collins acquits himself admirably with “Jesus the Savior.” He yells ‘Catch me if you can!’ after tipping moneylenders stands. And what does he sub in for thumpity-thump thump?! Look!

Homer and Jethro have a 1953 novelty bit about “Frosty the De-Frosted Snowman” down on the farm. Okay, don’t believe me! I see your corn and raise you pone.

The best tribute to Frosty doesn’t use the melody at all. Fandango Quartet has mixed results singing the right lyrics to ‘O Holy Night.’ their friends like it…..

Sufjan Stevens updates the rascally rogue with his garage-tastic “Mr. Frosty Man.”

Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: pop 7

Let’s foreclose our popular music songs about snowmen with what the kids call the latest thing.

Big Snowman” from Navarro plays alt with our ices. Protect your hearts, ‘migos.

Dale and the Deadheads narrate a long ago time when snow came down like snow. “Bill, the Snowman” is a beatnik throwback comedy bit worth a party play.

Guided by Voices, did i tell you this already, drop “Doughnut for a Snowman” as prog rock pretty pop. I can’t remember what i was talking about….

Experimetnal jazz screaming from Cattle Drums. “Snowman Won’t Melt” eventually rocks every which way but on key.

Folk blues psychedelia doesn’t begin to describe “Jon the Snowman” by Jack Spann. Look out.

Dreamy psychedelia, “The Waving Snowman,” make The Wytches the band to watch.

Gregory Scott Slay bases his “Visit with a Snowman” on a visit with a snowman. More psychedelic rock with a metal backbeat. Snowman laid down this track, too. BLUE ALERT

Angry but oh so danceable is the punk BLUE ALERTViki is a Snowman.” The Jims holler largely for one minute.

Odd but danceable, “Ex-Snowman” by Big City fills you required ironic pop daily allowance.

Nihilistic pop from The Naked Picassos warns about that watching “Snowman.” Run, kids.

Disco funk expressed by Holidelic results in “Snowman’s Lament.” Give ’em snowballs! Watch out!

Pop mixed media allows Strangejuice to get sentimental, yet surreal, with their “Snowman.”

Pop punk garage by Go Eat Worms make “vs. the Snowman” a saga of surprising power.

Angry garage separates “Snowman” into three round balls. The Fezz throws gas on the fire of mujsic.

Emo garage from Kenzi Gregory unravels joy with “My Snowman.” Well, more than one. They don’t last. Hate my life.

Grrl garage pounding from The Ravens. “Evil Frosty Snowman” is not what you think it is.

Banging garage metal from Nothing to Envy portrays “Yeltsin the Snowman” as a scary monster. Surprized?

Record label Flying Bomb has been an outlet for punk, garage, experimental music since the ’90s. White Stripes got their toehold to success here. Now let’s dip into their phenomenal Xmas compilation from ’02. Happy Supply’s “Young Snowman Got It Bad, ‘Cause He’s So Round” puts the frozen one back on the street, in a cheerful love song.

This comes by way of good buddy Pete the Elf.

Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: pop 6

Party on, snowdude. For all people.

Leaning on Frosty a bit hard Monika Herzig polishes up some freestyle jazz for “Ballad for a Snowman.” Cool.

Blinded wants “Dear Mr. Snowman” to come in and dance. It’s a come on–he wants a friend. Folk fusion fun.

The Teds more reliably warn “Hey Snowman” don’t come inside. Slight pop.

Cameron Blake sings “Fireman Snowman” as an entry in the coffeeshop poetry finals. Folk dada.

Pierre Komin has a zydeco take for “Charlie was a Snowman.” It’s a love song.

Po’ folk in the South need snowmen, too. “Dirty Little Snowman” is warbling country from Catherine Irwin what might break yo heart.

Seemingly praying to the great “Mr. Snowman.” Thomas Wall Band asks, in an experimentally folk way, for it to snow. It’s to make the children happy, but… cause? effect? hunh?

John Prine’s got this. In his own style of country folk he reaveals “Humidity Built the Snowman.” It’s not a jolly jubilee, though, is it?

Soulful blues/country from Dragon Rock (feat. Ray Sharp) mashes up ‘Wizard of Oz’ with our flurried friend in the heartbreaking “I’m a Snowman.” Help him, Wizard!

Pickin’ and shiverin’, PigPen Theater Co. delineates “The Snowman’s Song” as one more snowball on the pile. Fine folk.

Cornball country from Hank Thompson in “Mr. & Mrs. Snowman.” But they have separate snow banks.

Chuck E. Cheese is not known for their hit songs, but i like this country thrasher from robodog Jasper. “Jasper’s Snowman” thus rises from the children’s clutter and is anointed proper pop from your chilly host. Rock it, J-Dog!

Anthropomorphic Snow Sculpture: pop 5

Is it hashtag worthy to worry about the -man part? Always gotta be the guy?!

Let’s get the party rolling with Ten Benson’s rock “Snowman, Snowgirl.” Okay, not woke yet in a freezing world.

The Crowe Brothers solve their lonesomeness with a “Snow Woman.” It’s pure country driven bluegrass, comparing the icy one to the one that left. You see where we’re going here…. (Art Priebe goes more forlorn with this.)

And while on THAT subject, Chloe gives us her home studio version of “Snow-Woman” heralding her own tough life and the cold responses required. Pop country.

Clara Luzia has an insistent folk number “Snowwoman” (finally i’ve found that elusive double-double-yew word so i can finish off my double consonant list!)–a song about forthrightness and identity and stuff. Beautiful, if you ask me.