On Track to Xmas: Stand Clear of the Closing Doors!

Subways are trains too, eh? When i look at subway my mouth is watery; I’m always waiting for christmas to hurry: quoth Young Shaun in the childlike rap “Dear Santa.” Despite squeezing a ‘Polar Express’ allusion in there, he runs dry pretty quickly.

Comedy excerpt: “Urkel on the G-Train” (skit) from Retrospec is not a song so much as it is an annoyance. ‘Member Urkel?Now REALLY imagine him on the subway!

The O. Henry tale (retold by Joni Mitchell) “Gift of the Magi” is barely a Christmas idea, but it is set in the big bad city and–in this version–a character catches a train in order to be foolish. Light urban tragedy made folk.

Jenheiser jazzes up the transit with “Before Midnight.” Christmas can just wait for the train. ‘Kay?

Trains can start in the city, then travel cross-country, then back to cities. I don’t schedule ’em but–ya? Enya verisimilitudes the journey with “Trains and Winter Rains.” Lotta sadness. But it’ll get you there.