Sleigh Rider

Well, what DOES James Brown have to say about that frosty philanthropist? “Santa Claus is Definitely Here to Stay” that’s what. Trademark Brown blues.

A Bushman on walkabout, a pilot, a mermaid lover… “Wily Clause” is more than you thought. So say The Uh Ohs with well pointed indie/pop fun.

Spell it out The Christmas Jug Band (feat. Paul Rogers)! “S.A.N.T.A.” is the parody of a powerful myth.

Encore, you say? Well The Christmas Jug Band studies the Santas and determines the one with the most magic in the blues number “Santa Clara, San Jose or Santa Claus?” One guess who it is!

Todd McHatton portrays a super chill wintry judge when toasting “One for Santa.” Just be you! He’ll get it! Soft melodic pop.

Who’s the one! “Ol’ Saint Nicholas“! Ask Doris Day! She’ll sing it for you! In kidsong! (Had this figured out back in 1949!)

Santa Forever” brings us to a close with the philosophy that WE ARE ALL SANTA CLAUS. Whoa. Indie crooning from Sound of Monday (feat. Mia Crosby). Sweet as hell.

Heck, that’s just a taste. Thousands of pro-Santa songs are out there. Some are pretty terrible, but i don’t wanna cram them all in here together. Then i’d be done blogging. Stay tuned for con-Santa songs next.

Ol’ Rosy Cheeks

Worth Repeating: The Marquees whistle up some doo wop for “Santa Done Gone Hip.” Believe it, Jake.

Zendaya develops her chops as a Disney baby way back when flouncing some kid-friendly R+B in “Shake Santa Shake.” That’s how we do.

The Withers wanna get down with Mr. Cookies & Milk in the Men Without Hats parody “Santa Dance.” Get down, get frosty.

The Wiggles also move hyperactively with their kidsong “Reindeer Express.” It’s more block chain than twisting.

Three Day Threshold says it in so many words: “You Can’t Slow Santa Down.” His sleigh will beat a Ferrari!

Louis Prima dances big band jump blues with the 1951 excellence “Shake Hands with Santa Claus.” It’s a mad euphemism for partying, loving, and letting loose.


Andrew Hyatt wants us to know “Santa Is A Good Ole Boy.” Bubba blues outlines his redneck tendencies, but with adoration.

Alabama tries out surf rock (?) for a holiday floater: “Ain’t Santa Cool.” Seems to be less of a question than an accusation.

Kidsong posted by a teacher for her kids to learn, this ‘rap’ involves stomping and clapping, but still rocks (some). “Santa is the Man” may entertain.

Carlos Fandango tries some Elvis/Chuck Berry for a bit of all right amateurism in “Mr. Santa Claus, Baby (You’re a Real Cool Guy).” Sadly, he wants the Great One to supply a present he hasn’t acquired yet for his baby. Flattery, maybe. Goodness, definitely. Bluesy.

Cool Cat Santa Claus” is the monotone praise from Donald Miclette. It sounds like an HR complaint, but’s really appreciative. More blues-ish.

Frankie Velvet & The Mighty Veltones warn: You better be good… he’s got a baseball bat!But, never fear: “Santa is a Real Cool Cat.” Bluesy jazz that’s sweet and sour–you’ll want to sing along.

The Gifter

Colin Buchanan & Greg Champion make boogie woogie into elevator music with “Cool Rockin’ Santa.” Oh, the guitar licks are there, but these Ozzies play it safe emotionally. It’s all under control.

More authentic, LenneBrothers Band lean into “Boogie Woogie Santa Claus.” It’s receptive, hypnotic, and out of control. Flames!

Asleep at the Wheel mashes up country swing with the B.W. in “Santa Loves to Boogie.” Now my feet are movin’.

The Tractors get us back on track with “The Santa Claus Boogie.” It’s all about the piano, y’see.

Slidawg & the Redneck Ramblers lean much more western than boogie with “Santa’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie.” It’s a two step Time Machine to 1989 line dancing!

Tickle Tune Typhoon redefine the boogie as sha na na retro rock in “Santa’s Belly Boogie.” Lots of countdowns and nonsense syllables. Is this kidsong?

Gary Wilson goes alternative with “I Saw Santa Dancing in the Dark.” This syncopated pop just gets weird. That’s not the twist! That’s epilepsy!

The Jolly One

St. Nicholas Sky” is some odd offering from the cast of ‘Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark.’ (That show where a guy died and it never opened.) So the whole look at Santa go thing is kinda creepy. Dramatic rock, though.

Grunge parody will help! Alpha Test Pilot grumbles and groans through “Smells Like Mince Pies.” Not a put down, so much as grated praise.

Beastie Boys parody next, please! “Santa Claus!” from Brian Downton is just the right amount of shouting.

Another parody! ManiacClown & Kruxy sell “The Sack” with poor equipment but possible energy. You Are Santa.

The Rubettes (feat. Alan Williams) play it straight this time for “Santa Claus” (a speech impediment), a reverent cheer.

Reggae Xmas Song” begins with concerns. But Robert Boog brings this island gentleness to positivity, as reggae can do. It’ll be alright.

Mr. Claus

Worth repeating: The Rubettes (feat. Alan Williams) sing us “Santa’s Song” as a party all in of itself.

Mitchell Musso (of Phineas and Ferb) honors Mr. 12/25 with the tedious pop of “Thank You Santa.” It’s a song.

Pirate shanty chanting from The Radish Friends hails “Santa! Danty! O!” They are all over the place, but they seem to love the old guy.

Scott Fagan chorales thanks when presenting “A Christmas Present to Santa.” Kidsong of the turd kind.

The Wiggles don’t OWN kidsong, but they swing a big didgeridoo when it comes to audience participation. “Let’s Clap Hands for Santa Claus” gets the li’l ones going.

Nooshi mashes up state and church with “Santa Doodle.” It’s that kidsong propaganda and the march step of faith together again.

The Man in Red

Worth repeating: “Hooray for Santa Claus” has been covered in multiple covers since its 1964 De Lugg premiere in that movie back then. But i didn’t know Al Hirt hit it the same year (before it was ironically acclaimed). Now i know.

Sounds of Blackness grab some gospel in their uplifting “The Jolly One’s Here.” Too much? Not for SANTA! (The nasally rap interlude undercuts it some.)

Experimental bar singing from Hot Buttered Elves makes “Papa Noel” suspect as an icon. But he can take it. Nonsense scat helps.

Galloping jazz from Jmaq urges Santa to keep on keepin’ on. But “The Way to Go” is a proclamation of how the protagonist will gamble his day to day against the naughty list. Motivational!

ManiacClown & Crux parody ’80s stadium rock with “The Sack.” An honorarium of humiliating earnestness.

Echolalia afflicts the awestruck King of the Internet in his experimental electronic “Santa Santa Santa.” He’s here!


Worth repeating: I’ve before shared Mono Puff cover of “Careless Santa” but it’s really a They Might Be Giants number. It’s give and be taken.

James Brown stylings are unique. So is his “Santa Claus Santa Claus.” Please don’t make him suffer so. You’re his only hope.

Little Charlie & The Nightcats dish out a bucket of blues with their “Santa Claus.” Please stop by his house today. He’s got needs.

Aaron Schubert is asking for something better than “A Ho Ho Hobo’s Christmas.” Not having to eat half a rat, or a new box…? Throw him a bone already. A cappella amateurism.

Professional a cappella comes straight from Straight No Chaser who’re calling out “Hey Santa!” to catch a ride to their baby in Dixieland.

Sharna-Mae & the Mayhems rockabillies the request (oddly similar to the Cashes’ ‘Jackson’) “We’re Off to See Santa.” I see this working out just fine.

Scott Andersen takes the country challenge: still wants to be man, but “Wrote a Letter to Santa” to get his baby back as well. Not sure this’s gonna work, bubba.

Captain Presents

The Hipwaders intro our hero with a ticking rocker “Santasploitation.” For one night only….

LaLa Deaton is big band happy that “Santa Claus is Makin’ His Rounds.” And she doesn’t mean bellies. Smooth jazz. Some itinerary slips out.

Peachy Keen unleash hyperactive kidsong on the unsuspecting with “Look Up! It’s Santa and The Reindeer.” LOTS OF SHOUTING to make their point.

While we’re on the flight topic, Todd McHatton rocks “Santa Flying in Your Sleigh” in order to show how much better knowing your music is better than knowing your audience.

Rap parody from The Withers treasures “Santa” and all he stands to give for.

Les Issambres pull out the ’70s hippie flute to make “Santa Claus (I Know Tippy Toe).” They seem to know a lot about the great global giver.

Minstrel antique from Make Like Monkeys wonders about “Father Christmas” and all his good deeds. Why?!

Christmas Man

Hilary Marckx protests that “Santa Claus is a-Rockin’.” Blue suede shoes and red blue jeans mark this dancing beard-o as rocking. I guess.

Kevin Sisson kicks a bit of rockabilly to ask “Rock Me Santa.” Like at the North Pole, chicken.

Kathy & Jimmy Zee travel from the past to rediscover “Santa Claus Rock and Roll.” This was from before elided consonants. Still hip from the lip.

Kerr Donnelly Band recalls Elvis to promote “Santa’s Rockin’.” It just keeps building….

Joseph Hollister makes the rockabilly wooden with his study of the “Rockin’ Santa Claus.” Still, a boot-scooter.

Jan Terri was known for a minute as a terrible, but earnest singer in the ’90s. Even opened a couple shows for Marilyn Manson. Here’s a sample of her work from one of her VHS giveaways, “Rock and Roll Santa.” Brace yourself.