Cowabunga Christmas: 31

Guess we’ve run pretty low on actual Christmas songs about surfing. So let’s get a bit crazy here.

Santa and the Sidewalk Surfer” [previously posted] may be the only tune I can find about skateboards and the holidays. Re-enjoy The Crossfires/The Turtles spoken word rock-out.

Aaron Walter has a high-concept vanity album about the hell of working holiday shifts at Circuit City (name bleeped during this production). That’s not all; it also includes the spoken word voice modulated satire on commercials. It’s “Channel Surfin’.”

Cowabunga Christmas.25

Frozen Factory rocks the drum bangly, with their mystical “Christmas Crazy.” In this nail-biter, he wants to get home in time, but the airways are clogged. Will that old feller with the white hair and glasses help? These heaven seas will take me To yuletide; I surf beyond the skies…

The Slotcars mix in some punk garage to remind us of the big musical world with “Surfin’ for Christmas.” Pretty insistent for under a minute and a half.

Cowabunga Christmas.24


The Yule Logs stretch my conceit with “Atheist Serf Holiday.” These non-believers surf-rock their doubts, but never quite catch the literal wave. And when i say rock, i mean hold onto your pants. Damn.

Winter in L.A.” seems a child’s tutorial from Mischievous Miracles. Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and Xmas trappings are all noted. So is the weirdness of trucking in snow while the surfers are on high. Gentle fun.

Cowabunga Christmas.23

Jump5 rocks out with “Christmas Like This.” It contrasts snow and sand for holiday options. They may both have boards, but only one has surfing. (Doanchew wanna?)

Surfing on Christmas Day (Santa Won’t You Bring Me Some Waves)” by Southern Culture on the Skids is probably the surf rock reason you’ve been scanning these blog pages. It’s the real deal, McNeill. (Despite its 2020 birth!)