Ringers: Rudy

I am aware that most ‘Rudy’ songs are mere riffs on Sinatra’s cool nicknaming. Here we need actual tangents concerning OTHER members of Santa’s crew.

F’rexample, The Devil’s Deuce fools us with a standard intro; but “Rudy the Rockabilly Reindeer” is its own song. He might be the original star with shades on, but i’d rather hang with this flier than that other special deer.

From ’08’s bargain bin collection 13 Days of Christmas – A Romping Redneck Celebration no artist is ascribed to the bluegrass plodder “Rudy the Redneck Reindeer.” But it’s different.

On the other hoof, “Rudy the Rocknroll Reindeer” from Rocknroll Ranch is just retread. Not up to code.

Rudy the Two-Toned Reindeer” is one rad cat. David Goody loads this supernumerary with characteristics that’d make anyone a member of the Rack Pack. Our choice for best Rudy.