Christmas Countdown: 103

A broken arm and a fever of 103 only add to the cherished Christmas memories of Bri Kaye. Those memories/horrors are “Here to Stay” as the grown protagonist relives holidays through the eyes of a child. Sweet rollicking alt-folk.

Also reliving (And I think I will When I’m a 103) is Aselin Debison, nightengaling alt-pop in “As Long as It’s Christmas.” Sweeter than sweet.

Bedbound by Summer is living in the hear and now, calling out the minutiae of Christmas Eve (10-3, 11:15). While “Down (Again) in June” seems pissy about the chores, the banging pop trails off with a Tell me it will always be like this…. Wait’ll you’re older. Then you can reminisce.

Christmas Countdown: 105

Jeremiah 10:5 is the jumping off point for Allen Thomas in “Who is Your God?” Careful how you answer, idolator. Your idols may look righteous but they are not right I hear talk of Santa Claus ’round Christmas time But Santa C’s a fantasy Cuz he’s not alive…. Righteous rap.

Road Trip! The Lunar Collective reflects on The Pandemic family visit in “What a Christmas Gift.” Understand, you’re getting my presence… pretty great, huh? The driver seems infatuated with whomever it is riding shotgun, though: Down the 105 To your sister’s stupid estate Just a box of wine and We’ll be fine and great. They may get sick there on the Washington coast, but not of each other. Showtune pop.

Christmas Countdown:

We got all the memories So much more we can see Better than our first kiss Snow falling at Christmas is the all-over-the-place refrain in the love song “Neon Lights” from Natasha Bedingfield. This diva pop is not strictly Xmas, but so jubilant it is Christmas-adjacent. I’m comin’ to your frequency To 106 point me So there’s no Distractions. See, love can be fun.

Christmas Countdown: 107

It’s about time we got another love song. Young Disciple (feat. Katelyn Pitzer, Mekenna Simpson & Big Yawn) rapid rap how they wanna be forever, till we go to heaven Be together till we hit that big 107. “You Are the One” is the title, message, and refrain. Big feelings. With tambourine.

Christmas Countdown: 109

Infinity Greenhouse confides the startling news that Santa died–109 years ago. After a quick deal with the devil, however, he rose again for “Santa’s Revenge.” It’s unclear here who the target of this payback is… but, now the world will just end. So now you know, to the tune of boy-band light rock.

Christmas Countdown: 110

Layla Khepri reimagines “Joy to the World” as a holiday burden on her, rapping about the growing woes–that is, until the drugs kick in. She gives 110, she sez, the world revolving around her. They’ll take me naughty or nice Just to have me— And it IS naughty, but not too blue alert.

Christmas Countdown: 116

More than a few wild and wacky songs slip through the cracks and don’t appear on my blog b/c i just can’t find a copy of ’em not no wheres.

But when the entire special musical “A Very Jimdog Christmas” is available through Bug TV+, i will not fail to point out Peeboop Jimdog’s ‘Silent Night.’ After his special is snowed out, a depressed chipmunk-sounding Jimdog wants Doordash to bring him a cheeseburger to room 116. That’s the whole song. You can find it just after the ten minute mark in the video. Or take my word for it. Or watch the whole special. I double dare you.

Christmas Countdown: 118

God’s Christmas” by Johnathan Boggarty and the Yoghurt Man is the alt-folk rock argument the 118 year-old Jesus has with his dad (mediated by the Holy Spirit) about going out to a party for Christmas. He tries to trick his Mom into letting him go, but God turns the other cheek and–