Carol Told by an Idiot, 28

Xmas again? ONE MORE TIME!

Fabulous Bird (Blue Alert?) woo hoo retro psychedelic rock with their “Everybody Knows It’s Xmas Time Again.” You know?

Shawn Lee spells it out almost without affect in “Christmas Again!” Tinkly pop of the slow motion variety.

big finish? Well, howsabout some big band rock swing from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy? “Christmastime in Tinseltown,” anyone? Handguns and wine!

Carol Told by an Idiot, 26

I’m not sure how to feel about Xmas repeating like bad clams…. Please tell me how to deal with it, oh pop songs!

The Guinea Worms beat the hell out of the toy piano with “Oh F*uck, It’s Christmas Again.” Whether their hipster poetry figures out how to unpack their feelings is anyone’s guess. Angsty uncaring pop.

Dwelling on those we lost, Donfiora wants us to cheer up with her tinkly pop “It’s Christmas Again.” No, thank you.

The antiphony of “Merry Christmas Again” from The Young Republic play out the ins and outs of partying for the people. Sigh. Play it again. Fun pop.

Chris Farren (feat. Jeff Rosenstock & Koji) race up and down the rollercoaster of moods with the hard popping “Merry Christmas Again.” I’m sold, i guess.

Carol Told by an Idiot, 25

Is it getting under your skin, yet: this endless repetition of Xmas? Does it sand your chaps, golly your wog, irk your twig? If not, then imagine listening to truly awful songs about it.

Crusty cornball country from Kelly Nolf & Wyndi Harp equate fundamental religion with romantic love in the ticktock strummer “I Believe Again.” No i don’t get it.

Is that ‘Swanee River’ smushed in to some odd carol by Donivc? Only you can decipher by listening to the unasked for “It’s Christmas Again.”

The Hamsters from Hell sling the blues in “Oh No It’s Christmas Again.” A handy rostrum of restroom graffiti taunts.

Cathy Jones queues up the choir with her trembling warble of “Once Again It’s Christmas.” I suppose the song is about something, but how is one to tell?

Carol Told by an Idiot, 24

Is it that Christmas again theme again?! Botheration!

BLUE ALERT punk from Last Seen Laughing warn you won’t make it since it’s Christmas again in “The Great Christmas Plot.” Warned be ye. (If you do make it to the end of the song, it gets danceable.)

How Can It be Christmas Again” gently folks Terry Scott Taylor. Oh he’s put out. You can bet on that.

There go the days of our lives bemoan Let’s Talk Figures in their lite rock bit o’ fun “Christmas Again Already?” The mixed media doesn’t help, guys. Sing!

When that time of year re-presents itself, some are given upside the head reminders that they got nothing compared to all others. “The Christmas Song” is a rocker of regret from Slowride–except for you, my dear.

The Sowell Family Pickers pretty up the bluegrass with “It’s Christmastime” (they mean again). Despite the todo they’re just fine with it all (I guess ‘cuz o’ God ‘n’ all) . So’s the music.

Carol Told by an Idiot, 23

Can’t stop the Christmas music. Or the holiday from swinging back atcha again.

[A moment please, while Barnes and Barnes disarmingly soft pop “Kwanzaa’s Here Again.” Despite the sweetness and muppet growls, this is an existential cry of pain.]

Time for us to have some fun, purrs Rupaul when it’s the holidays again. Love returns in the electro-pop “You’re the Star (On My Christmas Tree).”

Peter deRoyce brings the music to bear when he compares Xmas to a drug in “Parang in Meh Vein.” Yes, the Caribbean serenade to wake you and make you party all night goes on and on. For 12/25. Again. Just go with it.

Carol Told by an Idiot, 21

The return of Christmas is reminding me of something i read in a book one time. Let them tell you.

Let’s Have a Merry Christmas” is Mark Hand’s way of saying through somewhat dreary pop music to AGAIN give a hand to the King. Of Kings. It gets real repetitive.

Kiana Valenciano recounts the whole Jesus significance with “Once Again It’s Christmas.” this Childs version of easy listening is hard to sit still for. So kneel.

I’ll barely squeeze in the off-putting easy listening gospel annoyance of Brenda Russel and Howard Hewett with “Christmas Will Return.” They ring the rafters with song, but my ears are smartin’.

Then i should also let in Travis Cottrell’s grandparent-friendly smarmy pop “Once More.” Christianity is all about the guilt.

Jeff Stevenson and Ray Shell get all surfer pop to led you to the Lord in “It’s Almost Christmas Again.” Cowa-buon-natale!

Aaron Lindsey gets more animated with his gospelly “Christmas Time is Here Again.” Lots of instrumentation, but the R+B goes all disco–prepare ye.

Carol Told by an Idiot, 20

Old white guys have fun, too! (At everyone’s expense.) So let’s bite off a piece of easy listening mayo and chew, chew, chew.

Jimmie Rodgers lounges through “It’s Christmas Once Again.” That’s fair warning.

Talk-singing, Kenny Rogers sermonizes for the unenlightened in “Once Again It’s Christmas.” The harmonica doesn’t help your case, Ken.

Carol Told by an Idiot, 19

Will you dance to celebrate the recurrence of Xmas time?

Slow one from Reuben Anderson. “Christmas Time Again” here is a hip grinder not to be missed. Soul slow, man.

The Irish Rovers know a thing or Celtic about the hard party. Refer exhibit “It’s Christmas Time Again.” Now dance.

Sharon Shannon & Wallis Bird get sock hop zydeco with “Christmas Time Again!” Line dance, y’all!