What’s It Take to be the Claus?

Short and electronically to the point The Death Panels exhort “I’m Santa Claus.” That’s it.

The ever-scary Shylo pops “Feelings on Christmas.” Without going into detail (as pop is loath to do), the admission of being Santa slips.

Dr. Elmo plays a Scrooge in “Santa Ain’t Comin‘.” No more Ho Hos! Pop country so-called comedy.

The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra swings us back to the jolly times “Playing Santa Claus.” Gee I’d love the chance to be Kris Kringle for the day!

Leading Cola Salesman

Worth repeating: BLUE ALERT “Santa Don’t Bring Gifts To Assholes” is the pop proclamation from Paul Mauled and the Furious Elves. You should probably heed this dictum.

Vera Lyn takes us back to the 1930s when swearing wasn’t as much a lyrical go-to. “The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot” is a big band ode to poor kids. Sad stuff. She originated this number, but Nat King Cole is no slouch at underplaying the bathos and making a real story out of it.

The world premiere cast of Nuncrackers–The Nunsense Christmas Musical gets down home with “Santa Ain’t Comin’ to Our House.” It’s a knee-slappin’ hoe-downin’ uplift to children’s tragedy.

Hard rock from The Swingin’ Neckbreakers declares “Santa Claus ain’t Comin’ This Year.” Sound like someone’s on the disability.

The Eraserheads alt rock that “Santa Ain’t Comin’ No Mo” because he’s sick. Throw your stocking out the window!

717Erb raps casually how “Santa Ain’t Coming.” That’s it. No show.

When my baby can’t be with me then, well, “Santa Can’t.” Big band evolves into rap then just mashes up. Brought to you by 0July Moon (feat. Kristen & Ryanne).

Ol’ Rosy Cheeks

Worth Repeating: The Marquees whistle up some doo wop for “Santa Done Gone Hip.” Believe it, Jake.

Zendaya develops her chops as a Disney baby way back when flouncing some kid-friendly R+B in “Shake Santa Shake.” That’s how we do.

The Withers wanna get down with Mr. Cookies & Milk in the Men Without Hats parody “Santa Dance.” Get down, get frosty.

The Wiggles also move hyperactively with their kidsong “Reindeer Express.” It’s more block chain than twisting.

Three Day Threshold says it in so many words: “You Can’t Slow Santa Down.” His sleigh will beat a Ferrari!

Louis Prima dances big band jump blues with the 1951 excellence “Shake Hands with Santa Claus.” It’s a mad euphemism for partying, loving, and letting loose.

Grandfather Frost

Worth repeating: “Santa’s Disco” is the party to party all parties. The Superions add a step of disco to their alt-pop.

David W Watson drawls out real slowly “Santa’s Party Sled.” Folk (or just real slow country) outlines the guest, activities, and appreciations. I may have fallen asleep and couldn’t tell you.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy admits “Last Night I Went out with Santa Claus.” Too cool swing that skirts the law with good times. That pointy hatted rascal!

Let’s Go Dancing with Santa” is KC and The Sunshine Band’s boisterous attempt to observe the holidays. Danceable. Not much else.

Not keen on uncredited songs, but “Santa’s Party” composed by Mike Kenel/Ian Grant rocks the ‘billy just right. Thanks, Pete the Elf.

Party the Hut and Friends bang on garage rock to hail “Party Claus.” It’s brah-tastic. He’s hanging with Jesus and Monica Lewinsky.

Santa Claus’s Party” is originally from Les Baxter and a more sprightly kidsong i would have trouble finding. Tom Rankin & Dan Zimmerman make a dirge of it with synth and modulations galore. Eww.

It Came Upon a Midnight Beard

Dadaist experimental word salad from Limp Dick and The New Christians, “Santa’s Sweaty Beard” seems to have no beard in it at all. Only vulgarity.

Perhaps all the mysteries of the holidays are powered by “Santa’s Magic Beard.” Stardeath and White Dwarfs approach psychedelia with their pop xylophone puffery.

Santa Claus with His Long White Beard” is wacky big band reconstruction by Kathy Reid-Naiman. The wah-wah hatted trumpet is fine foolery. …and splat.

X-Files-mas: Krampus endures

We’ll skip the foreign language songs (mostly German). But Krampus gets play in some truly offbeat holiday offerings.

The Night I Battled Krampus” Deseis admits he didn’t win… a rap battle! Yet, Krampus went away with his tail ‘twixt hoofed legs. Tune in to find out why.

Flesh Eating Foundation shouts out the polka-based “Oh Krampus!” basically begging the fiend to relieve the poor singers of their brats. You’re our only hope.

Spelling it out for our benefit Make Like Monkeys pop sing “K-R-A-M-P-U-S.” These are the kids begging to not be taken/eaten/whatever.

Gary Roadarmel & The Parish Commissioners retro rock the same plea in “Here Comes Krampus.” Yeah yeah yeah.

Krampus-philia from Actually makes “Krampus Redux” a bit squirmy. That thirteen inch tongue! Girl pop, but not that way. [As a ‘redux’ you must be wondering where the first rendering went. It went into nearly amateurish “Krampus Christmas.” It’s celebratory.]

RaSquatch waxes the ska dance floor with a premium “Krampus.” Put on your red hooves and get up!

AAIIEE gets quietly philosophical for their “Krampus Is an Evil Man.” But this confrontation between gruesome and attitude doesn’t fare well for the little boy.

Getting lazy Krampus Claus vrooms “Krampus It’s Cold Outside” by substituting every fifth word with Krampus. Does it work?

Folky country from Twitch n Jimbers evokes Elvis when we’re invited to keep “Kreepin’ with Krampus.” It’s a marvelous time. That does work.

One last parody from Tom Smith. “We Need a Little Krampus” paints the furry freak with rose colored glasses. Funny.

Swinging big band music from The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra jazzes ups ol’ “Krampus.” Mercy!

On Track to Xmas: Last Call!

If you’re familiar with John Candy and Steve Martin’s ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’ you know all modes of transportation fail around the holidays. In fact, many Christmas songs about taking the train warn about being late.

Sarah Connor begins “Not So Silent Night” all ASMR anticipatory about getting ready. But the family crashes and bangs: Kids complainin’ Santa’s late; Brother stuck on the train… and it rocks on and on about the glorious mess of Advent reality. Cathartic.

Boys get impatient, too. Hudson Taylor power pop sings I’ve got my family and my friends, my lady′s on her way I go to meet her off the train, yeah, but it′s running late–that’s “How I Know It’s Christmas.” Acceptance is the last stage. Or maybe silver lining.

Get There for Christmas” by Monique De Los Santos · Jex De Castro · Andrew Collins pitches up the frustrations of tardy toot toots with chimey pop music. Whoa-oh-oh-ohoh.

Lala Deaton is diva jazz band hopefully “Wishing on a Snowflake” that you’ll make it home in time for the holidays. I read a telegram today that you might be delayed; But nothing′s gonna hold that train cause Christmas won’t be late. Sultry, though it does suggest a kickline.

Christmas Countdown: 6 packs and more

The perfect man is fit and trim. Like when The Big Red guy’s cuttin’ back So he can fit down my chimney stack–Yeah, “Santa’s Got a Six Pack.” Mmm, he’s all that and a bag of gifts. Fine girl rockabilly from Ciera MacKenzie.

The perfect woman brings the six pack And 2 bottles a wine when she drops by. Galactic Junkrod recounts the time “Mary Christmas” (Mrs. Santa?) visited a dumped dupe for a few rounds of holiday cheer. Double entendres ensue. And a version of rockabilly.

Like progressives on the left side 3 drinks in. 6 shots deep; It’s nearly cleared out for the night, soul chants White Lucy from a BLUE ALERT dark place–emotionally and dive-bar-istically. “Xmas on the West Side” is a plea to get back together. Don’t quit your day job.

When “It’s Christmas Time Again” Yay Raven’s family gathers and–ha ha–patience is tested. Smooth R+B celebrates these oddballs, including when the eggnog got spiked And grandpa drinks too much And he drank 6 cups And he drives us round the bend. Don’t let him drive!

Shoe finds a bottle by a tree, so I drank a glass or maybe eight to celebrate Santa(?)’s gift to him. This retro rock with pop country teetering in claims he’s “2 Drunk 4 Xmas.” Don’t argue with him.

We got tunes and chips, six cans of beer drawls out Tsmusicproject. In lieu of celebration, this dearth of Xmas materials allows them to appreciate their own love. With two step fervor they want to dance away these “Christmas Blues.”

Getting funny/funky, Beat Avenger delivers the disco in “White Clawsmas.” I have six small cans that are full of fun juice, he announces. Get his keys!

Larry Costa gets the band big together with the giggly “Six Cups of Egg Nog.” His Sinatra impression ain’t half bad, but the humor of over drinking is Deano all the way. Crassly uproarious.

Christmas Countdown: 100??

What else is 100 at Christmas?

100 caps in on the short list of “All I Want” from Kj-52 & Spechouse. Raucous rap that’s just kidding.

100 proof is good enough for RaeLynn in the clever country pop “Jingle Bell Drunk.” Strangely, she thinks she’s got YOU–but still wants to take the edge off with the hard stuff.

A hundred bird baths is only part of the thought that counts in “Christmas at the Zoo” from Jacob Jeffries & Beauty Queen. A remarkably cornball big band concoction, this party brings Xmas to the animals. ‘Bout time!