On Track to Xmas: Last Call!

If you’re familiar with John Candy and Steve Martin’s ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’ you know all modes of transportation fail around the holidays. In fact, many Christmas songs about taking the train warn about being late.

Sarah Connor begins “Not So Silent Night” all ASMR anticipatory about getting ready. But the family crashes and bangs: Kids complainin’ Santa’s late; Brother stuck on the train… and it rocks on and on about the glorious mess of Advent reality. Cathartic.

Boys get impatient, too. Hudson Taylor power pop sings I’ve got my family and my friends, my lady′s on her way I go to meet her off the train, yeah, but it′s running late–that’s “How I Know It’s Christmas.” Acceptance is the last stage. Or maybe silver lining.

Get There for Christmas” by Monique De Los Santos · Jex De Castro · Andrew Collins pitches up the frustrations of tardy toot toots with chimey pop music. Whoa-oh-oh-ohoh.

Lala Deaton is diva jazz band hopefully “Wishing on a Snowflake” that you’ll make it home in time for the holidays. I read a telegram today that you might be delayed; But nothing′s gonna hold that train cause Christmas won’t be late. Sultry, though it does suggest a kickline.