Does It Have to Be a Star?

When you say a word too many times (‘western, western, western, western….’) it finally loses its meaning and becomes just noise. Overthinking disconnects the sign with the semantic. So, what’s the deal with Christmas and… a star?

Watkins and The Rapiers pick over symbols as meaningless in a heartbroken world with “All the Stars at Christmas” a bluesy folk ballad of bitter disappointment. (If you wait, hope may be at the bottom of the box.)

Dr. BLT takes the “Star of Bethlehem” to task for symbolizing perhaps too many ideas. Let’s count all the connotations. I’m not sure he’s trying to be the best star he could be, but kudos to the smoky western ska.

Bad Star

Symbols become icons. Then come the iconoclasts. What bad can they say about the Xmas star??

Soledad Brothers get naughty with “Hang My Starway up high on your tree. You’re gonna need a drycleaner for that.

Merrill Leffmann’s Xmas burlesque routine includes “The Star that Came,” which sounds carol-esque. But this lounge tune is about flirting and connecting.

Star of Blight” is the anti-Christmas satanic observation from Kruxy. ‘We Three Kings’ plays in the background. Ew.

Overindulging results in “North Star (Bloody Christmas)” which Elliphant blues-pops about something not so traditional. Regrets hangovers.

When Michael J Handley recounts how you had to be the “Star on the Tree” his ragtime pop rakes you over the too-drunk-to-remember coals. How embarrassing.

Treetopping Star

Let’s decorate our majestic tree with a blazing star and hope all is tranquil. It’s Christmas! Let’s get silly!

“There’s a Star” is an experimental exploration of folk-jazz from the ever-mindful Bah & the Humbugs. It’s a trip–to the treetop.

Ostensibly a kidsong, Todd McHatton’s Tony the bunny (kin to Kermit in accent) wants to “Put the Star on Top.” It’s also oddly playful and weird.

And now a word from the star itself: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Me” from Stevie Wonder tells the tale of the heavenly body that alit on your conifer. (The Supremes make this song too scary for me.)

And wishing to be the “Star on the Xmas Tree” from pkruse 1234. Oompah retaliation about a crappy world.

Mighty Magical Pants also personifies the decoration with “I’m Gonna Be the Star.” This showtune flips out about the li’l twinkler that could.

Tree Star

Get the Christmas star out of the sky, capture it! Bring it into the house. Put it on top of the tree (Christ symbol) so we can find that big honkin’ thing.

Michael Warner’s “A Star on Top of the Christmas Tree” is a middle-of-the-road near-country strangulation of love and hope and all that’s bourgeoisie.

RuPaul fizzies the pop with “You’re the Star (On My Christmas Tree).” It’s a love fest of identities for the geometric design.

Deconstructed Brazilian jazz wanders around Aja Wintermantel’s singing range for “Star on the Christmas Tree.” The laundry list of Jesus, angels, and Nativity takes second place to her missing you, you star you.

The Russian-French tradition, according to Feddy, is to pop sing “The Red Star on Top of the Christmas Tree” (altho, with his accent, i think it’s Kreemuss trail). Some party anthem so let’s go.

Celebrity Star

Now for another entry in the dictionary. Who else is the star at Christmastime?!

Not much higher praise than you are “My Christmas Star.” Cheesy corrido (with flaming Spanish guitar) sets up Claire Knox’s song about her dead dog Holly. You heard me.

Nu Revelation (feat. T. Conway) funks us a reminder that the King of Kings gets top billing tonight. “Christmas Superstar” lays down a righteous beat.

Santa Claus *Superstar*” follows the generous downfall of our icon to the rock arena. Daniel Chorr appropriately rocks this ballad. Fear not, little ones. Lessons will be learned.

Similarly Dr. BLT recounts how “Santa Claus Wants to be a Rock Star.” Same story, now with American South sauce.

I try to avoid lyrics i can’t translate, but Gabriela Guncikova, Marta Jandova showstopping the rock with “Santa Superstar” needs notice. Woo hoo!

Star Love

Somehow that Star of Bethlehem became a wingman to help you fall in love. Hallmark will make a Christmas movie about anything! (Mostly we mean the Love of God.)

Beat Digger (feat. Richard Schletty) belly dances a portentous “O Star of Mystery” which may not be real romance, but it fills his heart. So there.

You are “My Christmas Star” gets a DJ mushing when Ariose (feat. Definition). It’s love, just not eternal. Pop.

The Supremes feel His love from that “Little Bright Star.” Motown agape, hunh!

Jesus Star

Who’s the star? Jesus is the star! Yes, he is! Oh, yes he is! What a good God!

Mary Thienes Schunemann intones “He is the Star” matter-of-factly. So, we’ll leave it at that.

Steve Courtney once again does not disappoint with “Jesus is the Star.” Carrib beats take us into the POV of the star/savior/omnipresence. Ya, mon.

Isn’t the Sun a Star Too

This is an oopsie entry. Didn’t realize i skipped a day. But there’s always one more song to list for any theme.

Sia diva pops “Sunshine” about how good you’ll feel with my comfort. What?

Even more metaphorically, Hot Hot Heat rock the state of mind in “Christmas Day in the Sun.” I’m guessing it’s SoCal burnout.

More funnily, Joel Kopischke parodies up a storm with “Christmas in the Sun.”

Family friendly rock from Aussie Kids Rock with the geography lesson “Christmas in the Sun.” Thirty degrees, Bruce!

The Stage Crew reggae rocks “Christmas in the Sun” like they’re south of the equator (Jamaica isn’t quite the ticket). It’s all love, though. Check the sing-along fervor.

Outer Stars

Space, the final stop on God’s tour. All those stars out there, not just the Christmas one.

KindyRock Christmas features Judi Cranston counting down “Five Stars Shining” for Xmas. Or any time math matters.

A lovely annual Aussie tradition is “The Silver Stars are in the Sky.” This lullaby alludes to the Nativity so no pressure, baby. The Idea of North do a killer a cappella on this big church hymn.

Kidsong from The Starshine Singers puts the “Twinkling Stars” into a nearly secular sky. It’s winter, it’s pretty. ‘Nuff said.

Not sure how to keep track of Terra’s solstice from light years away, but “Christmas in the Stars” follows Anthony Daniel’s C3PO listing traditional traits from a far away. Unfortunate pop bordering on disco.

Plural Stars

Is it retinal burn? Parallax? Why so many points of light Christmas night? Shouldn’t there just be one?

The Star in the East gets a shout out, but “Great Big Stars” seems to elvate all elements of the first Christmas Eve to heavenly hyperbole. Elizabeth Mitchell swings this old folk song.

Piggybacking off ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ come The Peter Pan Christmas Players with “Praise Him All Ye Singing Stars.” That’s right, the stars all sing to HIm.

Stars of Glory” might be hinting that every star is an angel, not just the one that spotlit the Baby J. I’m a fan of The Lower Lights folking up this gospel.

Also better unplugged, “Stars were Gleaming” which paints a landscape of that night, achieves divinity from simplification by Nancy Hanson & Kevin Corbett.