Died. You’re Welcome: encore (2)

Not loads more zombie holiday music of any worth. (That i’ve found.)

A brief shout out to Emily Sofia Smith who blogs with goth-heart and seasonally lays down a parody melody of murderous merriment that’s worth a glance. Couple years ago it was for The Walking Dead. Last year it was for Hannibal and Bates Motel. Before all that it was fanning and fawning over Dexter. Cute and charnal. A good talent.

But to put a lid on death, let’s get real low budget. Gamer Meg got her (i’m guessing) high school buddies and made a video! “Let Them Come” is a fine parody of ‘Let It Snow’ and tells a story and–well, it only takes a minute.

Died. You’re Welcome: encore (1)

While on the subject, I’m reminded of something Sam Kinison once said about Jesus being the only guy to come back from the dead and not want to eat your brains.

The seminal punk zombie/Christmas song comes from MxPx. Their classic “Christmas Night of the Living Dead” (not the title you’d expect when you hear it, but trademark blah blah blah) paints a picture of the undead end of the world… but it’s Christmas! Green (skin) and Red (blood)!

Died. You’re Welcome: Santa (7)

Santa must’ve had work-related accidents before now.

Ron and Tyler Goudreau from Canada muse over whether “Santa Claus was Bitten by a Zombie” and one time or another. They’re not terribly clever about it, but they do rock it in their family room.

Died. You’re Welcome: Santa (6)

Can anyone stop the Claus?

Previously (last Halloween) i posted Jon LaJoie’s “Cold Blooded Christmas“–a scenario in which the red-suited one was NOT taken down after all.

Grave Disorder also offers up “I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus” with a perfunctory punk panache, but i think we all know the outcome of that domestic disturbance.

So, can anyone (Tim Allen?) dispose of this Saint?

How ’bout we party ’bout it?

I mean, you know, playas gotta spin at raves (do those guys get any?)…

so give a chance for Slackaz Remix and his Family Guy (i know, again) playful retuning of Stewie and Brian “I’m Going to Kill Santa Claus.”

Died. You’re Welcome: celebrity

LA DJs Kevin and Bean don’t exactly turn me on, but they occasionally sniff out a good piece of parody.

Their 1998 compilation Santa’s Swinging’ Sack came out the year Ol’ Blue Eyes passed on. Ergo, ‘Ralph Sinatra’ singing “Christmas When You”re Dead.” Yeah, i laughed. And i’m glad. (No imagery here: that seems about right.)