Christmas Countdown: 9 to 5

Now, some “Funky Christmas.” Keenan Back (feat. Samirah Tariq, Liam Back, Bennykaay, Merlin Schneider & Martin Rudkowski) mashes up R+B with disco to declaim: So grab your loved ones, Leave behind your 9 to 5, Enjoy your life–’cause baby; It is christmas time.

On this Christmas We aim at the sky, The dreams we could attain; And I rocked a 9 to 5–The food it couldn’t wait! Bukas Sīgurø wades into the pop slugger “Wonderful Night” with verve. Not sure what it all means, but this Canadian adopted Haitian parties.

Vilardz raps ironic apologies for all the swag he bestows at Xmas. Santa working 9-5 that’s one hell of a shift. “Christmas Hype” begins with a ‘Bells’ beat, but it grows up.

The Tractors have been themselves workin’ nine to five, but Told my boss he could stick it so they could be “Swingin’ Home for Christmas.” It is swing. Get some.

ad silentnitum, continual

Done yet? No way, Hay-seus!

Those American Girls are not so happy with “Another Christmas.” there’s chores, and other people get to go to Aruba, and–well, YOU know. But there IS theremin. Odd electro-pop.

And then Gary Glitter swooshes in with an insistent backbeat to herald the kissing and singing and presenting of “Another Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas.” Throbbin’!

Just Another Song” is the swingin’ Stephen Colbert addition to the canon. And this time, my ad infinitum reference is used!

Carol Told by an Idiot, 28

Xmas again? ONE MORE TIME!

Fabulous Bird (Blue Alert?) woo hoo retro psychedelic rock with their “Everybody Knows It’s Xmas Time Again.” You know?

Shawn Lee spells it out almost without affect in “Christmas Again!” Tinkly pop of the slow motion variety.

big finish? Well, howsabout some big band rock swing from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy? “Christmastime in Tinseltown,” anyone? Handguns and wine!

Carol Told by an Idiot, 4

Quieter now. Let’s celebrate the cyclicism of our orbiting pinball with some down-home jollity.

Little Rockers alt the lightness of emotionality with some poignant rocking “It’s Christmas Time Again.” Image-matic. Paints a picture.

Show-grass honkytonk from JR & The Bad Ox Band. Prime rowdiness is promised in “It’s Christmas Time Again,” but it’s merely a sing-songy jubilee.

Slow echoey piano bar warbling from Ivory West makes “Christmas Again” seem too cool for yule.

As laid back as Bing, Time Boyce-Hobson whaddya knows the cool swing of “Christmas Time Again.” Gets louder than some, but still frosty as Santa.

A Near Thing -10

Here’s a fun twist on edging in towards Christmas: the countdown. Not twelve days of showing off. The thing like I’m doing on my titlings, you know ten… nine… three… etc.

It can be done horridly, like with this English Christmas Chorale’s “Countdown to Christmas.” Suitable for parents above the age of fifty sung by their grandkids. Just another easy listening casualty.

It can be done mindlessly, like Gia Farrell’s “Christmas Everyday,” a pop attack that lists the day of the week that could be Christmas. Hoo boy.

Oscar the Grouch reprises his big hit ‘I Hate Christmas’ with the duet “Countdown Christmas.” It’s Street, with Stiller the Elf. (Gots the soft spot for the Street.)

Connor Ratliff ticks off the months in “Christmas is the Best.” His growly folk pop is acid, though. Maybe he doesn’t mean best like you and me do.

The best on topic (via wordplay) is clearly Lee Harris swinging the pop of “Christmas is Counting on Me.” Stinks of top 40, and yet i am moved. Sue me.

A Near Thing -25

The excitement of Christmas coming spills out in joyous tellings through song and music. Sometimes that’s fun….

A Wild Frontier is anything but wild in “Almost Time for Christmas.” The restraint in their emo-pop is buzzkill no matter how gravelly loud they get.

David Jones & Tom Howe get Britpop with their TV commercial jingle “Almost Christmas.” Infectious jive, but a bit annoying despite its brevity.

Just as UK-ey “Almost Christmas” from the original cast of ‘A Little Princess’ (the musical i guess) brightens up Victorian drama, but isn’t this from ‘Annie’? I can’t tell musicals apart!

Sean Wiggins peps up the merriness of jazz swing with “Almost Christmas.” The sass doesn’t overpower the umph here, so props.

I can be persuaded by a musical number, iffen i can identify the musical genre outside of ‘showtune.’ David George’s ‘Christmas Ain’t a Drag’ (2016) big band swings “Almost Christmas” with gusto and jazzy improv that raises spirits (and hackles, iffen i’m being honest).

Love Lights

Christmas is a time to shed some light on the meaning of life. So let’s up the wattage on love, shall we? I knew you’d want to.

Gwen Stefani is looking for love “Under the Christmas Lights.” Shoo bop.

Sia is looking for love “Under the Christmas Lights.” Oo-we-oo.

Cimorelli is falling like the snow (for you). “Christmas Lights” is so girly in love, i’m matching periods with it. Show pop.

Natalie Brown sounds a bit more grounded with her love letter “Christmas Lights.” She doesn’t need mistletoe with her jazzy slow pop, just some of the periphery –and you.

Switching to the male point of view (sorta), The Crystalairs doo wop the zoom to heaven with that Wintery “Light of Love.” Cooler than the girls?

Slidawg & The Redneck Ramblers get gooey romantic with the squeezebox serenade “The Lights on the Trailer.” Guys!

Well then, let the man do it. JD McPherson’s jazzabilly swings “Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights)” for the cool cats and kittens. Like butter.

Announcement Bells

So dammany bells for the holidays, the mere collision of clapper with shell foretells the season. Ring it out!

Can’t pass up a clever one: “Christmas Hmm That Rings a Bell” quips Dr. BLT with eclectic music fusion. You’re on notice.

Disney tells you what you want. Irina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Josh Gad belt out a standard show tune (from that ‘Frozen’ holiday extra) “Ring in the Season” …and big finish.

Shuffling pop from Rubettes (feat. Alan Williams) hails us that “Bells Ring out on Christmas Day.” That’s how we know. (Well, that’s how YOU know, me i heard the songs back in Sept.)

Douglas Wagner brings us chorale arrangement for your school/church/prison in “Ring the Bells, It’s Christmas!” a showy show tune.

Twinkle Toes Music tends to downbeat this title. “Ring the Bells, It’s Christmas Time” here is a jazzy kidsong to proffer physical exercise. Sounds like London Bridge is Falling to me, though.

I like the persistent swing of Natalie Taylor’s “Holiday Bells.” Here’s a theme song for the season.

Jingle Party

I won’t admit to getting my party pants on when i hear ‘Jingle Bells,’ but i guess it oughter be included with any but the most cynical Christmas bash (and i would accept an invitation to that). So let’s explore the connection of jingling with jubilating:

Stephen Colbert clashes his “Jingle Jingle Santa Party” with Run the Jewels pointing out that an urban man today gots more to worry about than silly fun.

Private Eye Music swings the instructions in “Jingle Jangle Mingle,” the short list of how-to let the hair down and funkalize. Getting together has a nice ring to it….


We may have mentioned the criminal aspect of Xmas, but as a reminder: CRIME DOESN’T GET PRESENTS.

Lulu Belle and Scotty from the late 1930s regale us with the tale of the lightfingered poor daddy, “The Empty Christmas Stocking.” This old country swing is no ‘Christmas Shoes’ (Thank God), but it does tug at the purse strings. [For something a little more 21st, allow the Celtic regrouping by Misty River.]