List of Every Song on the Blog by Artist (Na – Zygomats)

Okey-doke, listeners and listenerettes, here’s PART III of my nearly eight year compilation of hardly usual yule carol choices in alphabetical order by artiste: the dates given are the dates of post (* = 2015; / = 2016; – = 2017; . = 2018; : = 2019; ; = 2020; \ = 2021; , = 2022; ‘ = 2023; “ = 2024 —‘cuz i suspect i’m all sorts of OCD). Ostensibly you could look up my initial commentary on the blog by date… or you could go online and buy a faboo song or two….


2.28 Nā Hoa “Christmas Without Snow” 

9,26 Na Leo “The 12 Days of Christmas (Hawaiian Style)”

12*5 Na Leo “Numbah One Day of Christmas

12*5 Na Leo “Santa Island

12,29 Nadia Vaeh “Christmas Cards

5.7 Nadine Bryant “Wrap Happy All Around Your Christmas Tree

2.23 Naïka “Snowing in LA (long distance)

12,28 Naika Oko & Oshy “Countdown to Christmas Without You (Remix)” 

12.30 The Naked Cowboy (Gaetano Lattanzi, Lee Evans). “Naked Christmas

3.24 The Naked Picassos “Snowman” 

2’14 The Nameless “Xmas Time

8,15 Nana Ama & 4.DAIZ “December Sleigh (Slay)

5’22 Nana Mouskouri “Old Toy Trains”

11,28 Nanci Griffith “Shaking out the Snow” 

8;22 Nancy Hanson & Kevin Corbett “Stars Were Gleaming”

4”7 Nancy Hanson “Santa is Coming

11.22 Nancy Kelly “Christmas Cards” 

7:22 Nancy McKeown “Frozen Smiles

7/1 Nancy Wallace “January”

12/14 Nancy Wilson “That’s What I Want for Christmas

1’17 Naomi & Goro “Santa on a Surfboard” 

7:7 Naomi Hooley “Family Christmas”

7-7 Narrative Crows “Christmas Drinking Song”

8’26 Narwhals and Waterfalls “It’s a Narwhal Christmas” 

3\18 Nashional (feat. Vincent Vega) “Another Christmas with You Gone” 

3-3, 2;25 Nassiri “Happy Birthday Jesus

5,28 Natasha Bedingfield “Neon Lights” 

2/19 Nasty Crue “Jingle Balls

7.12 Nat James “The Christmas Delivery System

7;29 Nat King Cole “Caroling, Caroling”

4.12 Nat King Cole “I’m the Happiest Christmas Tree”

5/13; 5;13 Nat King Cole “The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot

5/13, 9:5 Nat King Cole “Mrs. Santa Claus

12,11 Nat King Cole “My Little Christmas Tree

3;28 Nate Tripp “A Cowboy Carol

4\1 Natalia Klitschko “Hello Christmas

9;20 Natalie Brown “Christmas Lights”

7/24 Natalie Cole “No More Blue Christmas

12/13 Natalie Cole (and David Foster) “My Grown Up Christmas List”

2.23 Natalie Cole “Snowfall on the Sahara” 

6.14 Natalie Pfeiffer “Credit Card Christmas

7;15 Natalie Taylor “Holiday Bells”

9:29 Natasha Barnes “Playing Mrs. Claus

4\2 Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas “Hello Christmas” 

6.13 Nathan Fleet “Last Minute Gifts”

12:22 Nathan Howe (and the SATB choir) “I Want to Stare at My Phone with You

4\15 Nathan Messina “Yippee Ki Yay, Merry Christmas” 

5-2 Nathan Puts “Christmas Breakfast Song Ideas

10\10 Nathan Ro “2020 Christmas” 

1/14 Nathania Otniela Wollah “Star Wars is Coming Soon

3.20 Nathaniel Forrester “My Snowman

9.25 The Nationals “Christmas Magic

12’22 N4TURALS “Whoville Massacre”

10’21 Bradley Sullivan’s The Naughty Christmas Elves “Apocalypse on the Christmas Tree”

3.24 Navarro “Big Snowman

11;1 NCKIDS “Nearly Christmas”

10/22 Neal “Cowboy Santa Claus

7.5 Neal and Leandra “The Present”

5.17 Neal Lowry  “Christmas Tree

12*1 Neal Svalstad “Christmas Eve in San Diego

2’10 Ned Harris “Christmas Time Again” 

11*13 Ned Perme “Christmas Time In Arkansas”

10’22 Ned Sanders “A Very Post Apocalyptic Christmas”

4,6 NeeNa Lee “Every Day Should be Christmas” 

8-6 Nellie McKay “Weed (All I Want for Christmas)”

3;23 Nelson Graham “Christmas Cowboy Style”

6’23 Neil Adam & Judy Turner “Christmas at Sea,”

12*7 Neil Diamond “The Hanukkah Song”

1/10 Neil Hannon “Song for Ten

9.15 Neil Patrick Harris “Barney Stinson Christmas Songs”

11;30 Neil Werden “It’s Almost Christmas”

8;1 Neil Young “Star of Bethlehem

11*8 Neko Case “A Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis”

8’13 Nekrogoblikon “Goblin Christmas Armageddon Part I”

8’13 Nekrogoblikon “Part II” 

8-8 Neon “Santa was a Rasta

10\12 Neon Star Sky “Realization

8/23 Neptune’s Buffalo “Santa Got a DUI

6,8 Nerd Lady (ft. Divinity & Kali Crews) “Christmas Alone

4:5 Nerf Herder “I’ve Got a Boner for Christmas”

3”28 Nerf Herder “Santa Has a Mullet

10,23 Nerfonator “Frostbite

2’14 Nessa’s Playhouse “Christmas Eve’s the Longest Night of the Year

4’17 Nessa’s Playhouse “Christmas Miracle

8,26 Nesskaff (feat. Jonathan Panetta) “I Just Want You for Christmas” 

9;23 Nessly “Christmas Lights”

5-25 Neurotic Films Oficial “The Christmas Dinner for Kids

12;25 Nevada Slim & Cimmaron Sue Christmas Shoppin’ At the General Store

3;12 Nevada Slim and Cimmaron Sue “Cowgirl’s Christmas”

3;12 Nevada Slim and Cimmaron Sue  “The Cowgirl who Lost Her Jingle

8:18 Never Content “Festivus for the Rest of Us”

8,16 Nevershoutnever “30 Days

5:9 The New Anxiety “Christmas in July in December”

5:27 The New Anxiety “Gift Receipt”

5:24 The New Anxiety “Snowed In on Christmas”

1;3 New Bad Things “Shoplifting You Something for Christmas” 

11.6 The New Christy Minstrels “Christmas Card”

4.5 The New Christy Minstrels “Christmas Trees”

8;11 The New Christy Minstrels “One Star”

5-26 The New Christy Minstrels “Parson Brown

4”19 The New Christy Minstrels “Sing Along with Santa

4\16 The New Christy Minstrels “Sing Hosanna, Hallelujah” 

2’5 New Couch Party “Merry Mitchmas” 

12/18 The New Edition “All I Want for Christmas is My Girl

2/5 New Edition “Give Love on Christmas Day”

10,22 New Found Glory “Christmas Card

6:1 New Found Glory “Ex-Miss”

11,18 New Found Glory “For Christmas Sake

9,2 New Found Glory “Holiday Records

5;23 New Found Glory “Nothing For Christmas”

12/26 New Found Glory “Nothing for Christmas

3-23 New Grass Revival “Let’s Make a Baby King”

12*1 New Jersey Cantors’ Assembly “Hannukah in Santa Monica”

10\19 New Justice Team “Mayan Doomsday Christmas

5’30 New Kids on the Block “Funky, Funky Christmas” 

3’31 New Lenox “Ice Skates” 

8\23 a New Lutheran minister “Cold December Flies Away

11;11 New Nashville Revue “Almost Christmas”

5-27 The New Planets Band “Christmas Dinner

5’18 The New Omelettes “Christmas Train

2.23 New Trails “Bluegrass, White Snow”

11.28 Newby’s Diaries “I Don’t Expect Many Cards This Christmas”

10’4 Newland “Don’t Feel Like Christmas”

10,31 Newland “Home for the Holidays” 

10,26 NewLaw “It’s Christmas Time” 

1.29, 4\3 Newlife “Hello (It’s Christmas Time)

4:1 Newman McIntosh “I Want to Have Sex on Christmas

1/14 Newport Med Specialty Healthcare ICD Codes

2’11 Newsboys “It’s All Who You Know

7:13 Newsflash Singers “I Want a Family for Christmas

7.17 NewSong “The Christmas Shoes

2.27 NexCyx “We Don’t Have Snow

11\14 Next Door “Christmas Day, 1988

10,5 Ne-Yo “Open Mine Tonight

6-7 NFFD productions “My Eggnog Brings All the Boys to the Ramp

8:5 Nguzo Saba “The Kwanzaa Song” 

5.29 Nicci & The Project “Santa was Eating the Christmas Tree

10/11 Nice Peter “Santa is a Gangsta

4.26 Nichol & Wilde “Hang a Decoration on the Christmas Tree

7:5 Nicholas Cunha “Family (An Original Christmas Song

6;25 Nicholas Markos “No Christmas No More”

5;8 Nick & Gabe “The Christmas Boys”

12,4 Nick & Gabe “Dating Four Girls” 

12,25 Nick & Gabe “Thank God (9/11 Wasn’t on Christmas)

4”9 Nick and Jenny Maciaszek “Christmas Legend” 

12\4 Nick & Simon “Christmas was a Friend of Mine”

11:24 Nick & Simon “Santa’s Party

1/1 Nick Bunyan “Happy New Year Song

6;29 Nick Dache “Empty Christmas”

11;9 Nick Flora “Almost Christmas”

6/6 Nick Fredy “The Christmas Lobster”

12*24 Nick Gardner “Christmas Eve

10/31, 7.12 Nick Helm “There Ain’t No Fucking Santa Claus

6;12 Nick Hudson “I Forgot About Christmas”

3”17 Nick Jacobs “No Holly Jolly Christmas

12,21 Nick Lawrence “Merry Christmas from San Antone” 

7\21 Nick Lowe “Hooves on the Roof” 

6’11 Nick Lutsko “Boat Parade!

8\9 Nick Mitchell “The Reindeer Song” 

12\25 Nick Naylor “Reindeer” 

7:24 Nick Sanabria “Dysfunctional Family Christmas

3.16 Nick Siegel       “The Abominable Snowman Struggles with Loneliness

6-24 Nick Stockwell “What’s This? A Beer!

8,22 Nick Vivid “Christmas Alone” 

6.29 Nickelodeon “Randall the Wrapping Paper Monster”

2\11 Nicki Bluhm “Christmas Again” 

10,26 Nicky Loves You  “8 Reindeer

12,6 Nico Reservoir “Naughty Boy” 

1.23 Nicola d’Alessandro (& friend) “Lorde ‘Royals’ Unofficial Christmas Edition

10-1 Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia “The Virign Mary Had a Baby Boy” 

5’5 Nicole Andrade “This Christmas” 

4”9 Nicole C Mullen “St. Nick’s Groove” 

7.28 Nicole David “No Gift

2-5 Nicole Henry “It Must have been the Mistletoe”

4,6 Nicole Mullen “365

5’5 Nicole Tesseyman & Steve Carrigan “Boy Wonder and The Christmas Tree Girl” 

1.29 Nicole Wilson “‘Hello’ Adele Parody

8;4 Nicolette Larson “One Bright Star (This Christmas Night)”

1:10 Nicovia and Larix “Christmas Fever

12’9 Niels Cremer “A Candy Gun for Christmas”

1;13 Nigel Cuff “Santa Claus is a Criminal

9,9 Nigel Mooney “The Twenty-First Century Santa Claus Blues

12*1 Nightcore “Christmas in Hollywood”

12\27 version from some Nightcore project “His Favorite Christmas Story”

11:18 Nightcore “Christmas Party” 

5’5 Night Flight “It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas” 

9’5 The Night Hobs “Waltz of the Gingerbread Goblins” 

9’21 Night Smoker “Merry Christmas Satan”

11,11 Nightlash “Jingle Hellz… Devils All the Way

2.12 Nightnoise “Snow is Lightly Falling

3.4 Nightwish “We’re Walking in the Air”

12/21 NIIC “All I Want for Christmas is a Boy

1”17 Nik Prsa “Believing is an Easy Sort of Fing“

3:14 Niki Luparelli “Why Don’t You Go F Yourself (This Christmas)?”

10.29 NiknJaps “My Christmas Song” 

11’11 Nikolas Marikos “Santa don’t Take No Mess”

3-11 Nina Hagen “Mary Christmas”

4.2 Nina van Pallandt “Do You Know How Christmas Trees are Grown?

10,1 Nine Aetheria “Holiday Wishes

8:28 Nine Black Alps “Buy Nothing

7\9 The Ninja Fam “Tootles the Tooting Reindeer

11’13 ninjahedgehog “$anta Clau$”

2.25 Nipsey “Too Much Snow” 

1.27 Nisah (for Mig Me) “All About the Feast

5:6 Nitro “Johnny Died on Christmas” 

11*28, 6,25 The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band “Colorado Christmas

5.17 The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band “One Christmas Tree

9,26 The Nixter “12 days of Christmas South Africa” South Africa

8-17 NNMaddox “Cocaine Christmas”

12,31 No Big Deal ”[It] Might As Well Snow” 

4;20 Nö Class “Coal for Christmas”

4\11 No Doubt “Oi to the World” 

10’30 No Funeral “Dammit, Santa”

2.12 No Harvest “Snow is Falling

3\19 No Kids “Another Winter in a Summer Town

12,17 No More Saul “Christmas Nostalgia” 

8;3 No Name Band “I Am a Star”

12\21 No-No Boy “Where the Sand Creek Meets the Arkansas River

12.10 Noah Glenn “Christmas Sweaters” 

7/16 Noah Rivera “Red Starbucks Cup

3”20 The Nobility “Santa Shaved His Beard

4:20 Nocturnal Emissions “Christmas Blow Job

11.26 Noel Delisle “Christmas Card from a Servicemember” 

12.3 Noel McLoughlin “Christmas in the Old Man’s Hat

2.20 Noel Pagan “Snow Day

5-26 Noel Paul Stookey “Christmas Dinner”

2-9 Noella McCoy (Bah and the Humbugs) “Mistletoe is Poison”

7.9 Noelle Bangert “Leave a Present for Me”

8,30 NOFX “Xmas Has been X’d

3:10 No-Kill Animals “Fuck Christmas” 

4;3 Nolan & Jake “You’re Gonna Get Coal For Christmas!”

3:5, 5;7 Nomy “Merry Fucking Christmas

11’21 The Non Traditionals “Car Seat Headrest and a Flashing Light”

11’18 The Non Traditionals “Simon Norman”

7\28, 11’22 The Non Traditionals “We Hit the Reindeers

7,20 NoneSoo “3 Hos” 

5.1 Nonge Shipman “Christmas Balls

1:6 Noni Dolphin “Snotty Christmas Song” this

2’5 The Nontraditionals “Sledding” 

3/19 Noodles and Ole “Don’t Give a Crap about Christmas

1/19 Noon Experience “Borg Christmas”

9,26 Nooshi the Balloon Dude “12 Days of New Years” regrets

7/3 Nooshi the Balloon Dude “Out in the Front Yard”

4”25 Nooshi “Santa Doodle

7\28 Nooshi the Balloon Dude “Three Blind Reindeer

7/3 Nooshi the Balloon Dude “We Three Bunnies”

12/16 Nora Aunor “You’re All I Want for Christmas”

4-27 Nora Yockey “Christmas Cookies

7/14 Norah Jones “December”

10,9 Norbert Leo Butz · Aaron Tveit (cast) “Christmas is My Favorite Time of Year

1:19 Norick Eve “Daddy Has Another Hello Kidney Stone”

5:26 Norick Eve “I Hate This Tree”

5:27 Norick Eve “K-hristmart”

5:27 Norick Eve ”You Give Better Gifts to Ben”

3.28 Norman Grey and Heidi Davis “Enter Snowman

5/23 The Norman Luboff Choir “Mary Had a Baby (Amen)”

10*23 North Point Community Church “Santa Went Down to Georgia

6’23 North Pole Fisherman’s Association “Check Below the Deck for Rollie” 

6’23 North Pole Fisherman’s Association A Fisherman’s Christmas Carols

12,15 The North Pole Fisherman’s Association  “I Saw Three Fish”

2.19 North Pole Patrol “Snowball Fight

7\28 The North Polio “Reindeer Hunting Season

1/9 North Rory “Do You Want to Steal a Tardis?”

1-1 Northern Cree “NDN 12 Days of Christmas

6’5 Andrew Grossman’s band The North Country “Don’t Shop Just Love”

10-1 The Northern Lights Orchestra “The Chipmunk Song” 

10-1The Northern Lights Orchestra Let it Snow” 

10-1 The Northern Lights Orchestra White Christmas

12’28 Northside “Batman”

2-5 The Northwest Girlchoir Ensemble “It Must have been the Mistletoe”

5’23Northwest Stories “Christmas Eve

11.7 Nosie Katzmann “Christmas Cards

10,16 Nostalgia “Christmas was Better a Decade Ago

3\24 the cast of ‘Not Another Christmas Letter, The Musical’ “Another Lousy Christmas” 

5\26 The Not Fur Longs “Da Doo Run Run Rudolph

7/29 The Not Marys “Grey Christmas (Christmas in the City Vol. 2)

1/6 Not Quite Literally Productions “Regeneration Carol”

12*1 Notable Gentleman “Christmas in L.A.”

3.24 Nothing to Envy “Yeltsin the Snowman

2;29 Notsoape “happybirthday

3’17 November Cold “Rockefeller Center

2’28 Noxtrain “Twenty-Six Seventy

5.13 Nroc Leoj “Lights on the Christmas Tree

12.18 NSPS “Santa Hat

6,12 *NSYNC “All I Want is You This Christmas” 

6:20, 3\14 *Nsync “I Don’t Wanna Spend One More Christmas Without You” 

9\20 *NSYNC “It’s Christmas” 

10:31 NSync “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” 

8;27 Nu Revelation (feat.T. Conway) “Christmas Superstar”

5;23 Nubia Rose “I Want Nothing For Christmas”

10/12 Nuclear Rabbit “Santa Claus is Selling Crack

8’4 Nudist Colony “El Chupacabra”

7.19, 10.28 Nugu Buyeng “No Christmas Present for You

12’22 Nurf (Feat. moonie & Emilyn) “Santa’s Little Helper”

3.1 Nursery Rhymes by Little Fox “Build a Snowman

5.28 The Nutty Squirrels “Please Don’t Take Our Tree for Christmas

6,3 NVR Enuff “Christmas This Year

2.1 Nyanna “Snowflake Waltz

11/27 NYC Santa and friends “Oppa Santa Style

11/27 nyrbness “Santa Style


9’8 O Billz “Christmas with the Devil”

8;2 The Oak Ridge Boys “Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem”

4.20 The Oak Ridge Boys “Beneath the Christmas Tree

12*24 The Oak Ridge Boys “Daddy’s Christmas Eve

3”8 The Oak Ridge Boys “Don’t Go Pullin’ on Santa Claus’s Beard”

9:6 The Oak Ridge Boys “Mrs. Santa Claus”

8,20 The Oak Ridge Boys “Ordinary Days” 

10,26 The Oak Ridge Boys “Reindeer on the Roof

9/29 The Oak Ridge Boys “Santa Bring Your Elves

10.25 The Oak Ridge Boys “Santa’s Song

3-27 The Oak Ridge Boys “There’s a New Kid in Town”

11’30 Oak Winter Red “The Worst Part of Christmas is You”

8;18 Oakwood Waits “Star in the East”

11.21 OBB “Christmas Card to You” 

6:8 O.B. Buchana “Santa Bring My Baby Back” 

5.14 Obelus “Fuckin’ Under the Christmas Tree”

8,9 Obi J “Merry Xmas” 

9,26 Obina Eva “12 Days of Christmas (Indian Version)”

4’19 Oblivian Substanshall “Samy ROSENSTOCK Goes Skiing” 

3’1 The Ocean Blue “Ice Skating at Night

8\30 Ocean of Lotion “Fly Me to the Christmas Disco

9’8 Oceans of Mars “Christmas with the Devil”

5.8  Ocobar “Love from a Christmas Tree”

1/14 OCYG “12 Days of Star Wars”

11,24 Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (featuring Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler, The Creator, and Hodgy Beats) “Fuck This Christmas” 

5\7 TheOdd1sOut “Prancer the Normal-Nosed Reindeer

5\7 TheOdd1sOut “Prancer Rap

10/24, 7,12 Odds Bodkin “The Takeover Before Christmas”

12.28 Oddwalk Ministries “The Christmas Shoes Parody” expose 

3.18 Odylle “Snowman

12;23 Of Monsters And Men “Waiting For The Snow” 

5,1 Of Montreal “Christmas Isn’t Safe for Animals

9,26 Off the Great Wall “15 Days of Chinese New Year” China

4,7 Office Party “Santa, Please!

8,16 Official Sidekick Production “A Christmas Break” 

7,31 Official Sidekick Productions “I Can’t Fly My Kite in the Snow” 

7,3 Officially PM “Wishlist

10*13 O.F.T.B. Dnasty “Christmas in Compton

2’15 Oh Geronimo “The Sled

12*1 Oh, Hush! “California Christmas

3.5 Oh My Genius “5 Little Snowmen

4/26, 10-14 The Oh Wells “Don’t Kill Me, Santa”

10\6 OHEI & 500 Year Food “Christmas in LA (or NY)”

4;9 The Ohio City Singers “Coal Miser”

8’11 The Ohio City Singers “The Ghosts” 

4\30 The Ohio City Singers “Haven’t Said Goodbye to Christmas” 

11:23 The Ohio City Singers “The Ohio City Singers Christmas Bash”

7;24 The Ohio City Singers “The Ringing of the Bells”

2.20 The Ohio City Singers “Snow Day

9;16 The Ohio City Singers “Waiting on a Red Light”

10:28 The Ohio City Singers “War on Christmas”

1:27 The OhNos “Chlamydia Christmas”

6:14, 10,1 The O’Jays “Christmas Ain’t Christmas (Without the One You Love)

12;7 The O’Jays “I Can Hardly Wait ‘Til Christmas”

3’31 OK Cool “I Can’t Stand in Ice Skates” 

2:16 Okanomodé “Anti-Christmas Song

4”16 Okra Pickles “Get Some Santa Claus

9’30 OKXO “Hell of a Christmas”

11/18 ‘Ol 55 “Rockin’ Xmas”

8:15 Olav Risan “Boxing Day

5’9 Old 97’s “Hobo Christmas Song” 

8’1 Old 97’s “I Don’t Know What Christmas Is (But Christmastime Is Here)” 

12,22 The Old Americana Band “Straight Up Kentucky Christmas” 

9;7 Old Dog Orchestra “2010 Lights”

6/3 Old Hands “Doug the Christmas Bedbug

10;15 The Old Salts “Mall Store Santa”

1-1 Oldhands “Stuck in the Smoke Hole of Our Tipi”

1’11 The Olds “Surf’s Up Santa!” 

2.18 Olga Nest’s Turn On Your English “In the Snow

4\5 Oli Patto “Hey! Baby It’s Christmas Day!” 

10’23 Olivia Dolphin “This Damn Christmas”

12:4 Olivia Newton John “Christmas on the Radio” 

7:17 Olivia Newton John and John Travolta “I Think You Might Like It

12*31 Olivia Olson (Phineas and Ferb) “It’s a New Year

9.23 Olivia Olson (Vanessa) “That Christmas Feeling” 

12*1 Olivia Rox “Christmas in L.A.

12;12 Olivier Deparis “Can’t Wait for Christmas”

6’17 The Olson Bros Band “So Cold on Christmas

11/2 The Olympics “Dancing Holiday”

6.4, 10;27 The Olympics “Santa Claus Boogie in the Shopping Mall

9:5 The Olympics “Without Mrs. Santa Claus

1-21 Omar Gaudet “Santa is an American”

1/14 Omega Film “Darth Vader’s Christmas Album

1”18 Omid Djalili, Rizwan Manji, Geno Segers  “Three Wise Guys”

3”29 On the Job “Merry Christmas and Short Cropped Hair

11’8 Once In a Lifetime “A Christmas Tragedy”

10\17 OnCue “After Life

12,7 Ondara “Mother Christmas” 

7/9 The One “Christmas in the Summertime”

2:26 One Hell of a Christmas “Bah, Humbug

10-25 One Hot Second “Sounds of Christmas”

8,12, 5’4 OneNamedPeter “Christmas is Cancelled” 

12,17 OneRepublic “Christmas Without You

12’31 Onyx (feat. Mad Lion) “Ahhh Year”

12,20 The Option “Christmas Time

1.23 Oral B  “Rudolph

11:14, 2;26 Orange Kids’ Music “Christmas Party!” 

12.11 Orange Para “Attractive Christmas Sweater” 

5.23 Orbit “A Christmas Tree Carol

8’24 ORCumentary “The Time of Christmas has Come”

4:18 Ordblid “Horny Christmas

2\14 Ordinary Language “It’s Christmas time Again” 

3\14 Orianthi & Cyril Niccolai “Another Christmas Without You” 

6:12 The Orioles “(It’s Gonna be a) Lonely Christmas

1/7 The Order of Gallifrey “12 Doctors of Christmas”

12*1, 12.12 The Original Farquad Boys “California Christmas Sweater

7-25 The Original Five “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)”

2.21 Orla Fallon “Winter, Fire, and Snow

4-7 Ormsby “Arsenic & Peppermint

9’4 The Ornaments of Bowling Green “The Devil’s Nativity”

12,16 The Ornaments of Bowling Green “Pouty Kid (I See No Reason for the Season)

10,8 The Ort “It’s Christmas” 

8.11, 2:12 Oscar the Grouch “I Hate Christmas” 

7.10 Oscar McLollie “I Deliver Toys, Pt. 1.”

5/15, 4”16 Oscar McLollie and the Honey Jumpers “Dig that Crazy Santa Claus

2\10 Oscar Scheller “It’s Christmas Again

4”5 Oscray “Santa is Magical

5-19 The Oslo Glee Club “Don’t Cook Santa Lutefisk”

12;9 Oslo Soul Children “Cant Wait for Christmas Day”

2.14 Osmo Ikonen “The Snowfall Full Song

9,23 The Osmonds “Christmas Means More Every Year” 

7\31 Oso Oso “Reindeer Games” 

11’8 The Other Guys “Christmas Gets Worse Every Year”

3\25 The Other Ones “Another Holiday

9’15 The Other Side “Satan Claus”

11*2 Otilia “Tennessee Christmas”

11’18 Otis Gibbs “1913 Massacre”

6\18 Otis Gibbs “Lloyd the Reindeer

3”1 Otis Gibbs “Lookin’ Like a Hippie” 

4”4 Otis Gibbs “Mr. Santa Claus

1/1 Otis Redding and Carla Thomas “New Years Resolutions”

11’6 The Ottomen “The Worst Christmas Day Ever.”

7/7 Ouate de Phoque “It’s Christmas in July”

4\27 Orville Grant “Ooh Yea” 

8:31 The Oufs “Flying Spaghetti Monster” 

6-22 Our Country “Whiskey Christmas

3.11 Our Voyage “The Abominable Snowman”

2:25 Out of the Ark “Bah Humbug

6’21 The Out of Tuna’s “A Shanty’s Christmas

5-31 Outback Steak House “12 Days of Leftovers”

11.18 The Outdoor Types “The Unwritten Christmas Card” 

8,2 Over the Rhine “All I Get for Christmas is Blue” 

2.10, 4,24 Over the Rhine “First Snowfall” 

4”11 Over the Rhine “North Pole Man

7;1 Over The Rhine “One Olive Jingle”

2.16 Over the Rhine “Snow Angel” 

2.24 Over the Rhine “Snowed in with You

10\31 Over the Rhine “White Horse” 

7-11 Overgrown RocknRoll “Drunk on Christmas” 

2;11 Ovis “It Sucks to be Born Around Christmas” 

6:8 Owen Adams “Christmas Wish”

4-7, 7,26 Owl City (Adam Young) “Peppermint Winter

3:27 Owl Stretching “Fuck You It’s Christmas

5-5 The Oyl Miller Band “Happy Christmas Bread”


9,1 Pablum “Christmas as a Grown Ass Man

12,30 Pablum Christmas Doesn’t Start in November” 

2;16 Pabrizzer “Newtonmas SOTU 305” 

6;23 Paco Gzz “No Christmas”

5-27 Paddy Wex “The Christmas Dinner Eating Contest Down in Yelvertoft”

4’18 Pagan Holiday “Skiing

4.30 Paige Stroman “Ornaments

6:9 Painful Whispers “Christmas Divorce

8.4 Painty the Pirate & SpongeBob SquarePants Chorus “It’s a SpongeBob Christmas! Theme

6/29 Paisley Yankolovich “Santa’s Using Zebras Now”

4\7 Pajamarama “Hey Ho Hey Holiday

5-18 The Pala Brothers “Sausage & Sauerkraut for Santa

8’6 The Palace of Auburn Hills “Dracula is Santa (Scary Christmas)”

10’14 Palma Violets “Last Christmas on Planet Earth”

2/14 Pamela Hines “Christmas Love”

7.9 Pamela Hines “Gift of Giving

2.20 Pamela Noon “Snow Day

4;8 Palmyra Delran “Coal in My Fishnet Stocking”

3’7 Panda Corner “Let’s Play in the Snow

7:11 Pandy Walshe “Family Christmas

1/5 Panesi Afulao  “Tu’u Mai Lu Lima

4’12 Pansy Division “Alpine Skiing” 

9,26 Papa Jean “12 Days Of A NYC Christmas” NYC

8,19 Paper Route “City Trucks

8-1 Paperbacks “Let’s Get Lit”

3.10 The Paranormal Song Warrior (Matt Farley)“Oh My Goodness, It’s the Yeti, the Abominable Snowman! Wow!

1\15 Parenthetical Girls “Post-Christmas Time

1;21 Pariah Carey “All I Want for Christmas”

6,22 Parking Lots “Happy Winter Solstice

1.11, 7:3 The Parliament “Christmas Time

10/19 Parody Dummy “Santa is Queer

9\19, 6,6 Parousia “The King of Christmas” 

4.4, 12.25 Parry Gripp “Christmas Tree in the Lot”

4.13 Parry Gripp “Hey Christmas Tree

8’25 Parry Gripp “Merry Christmas from TacoBot”

7’10 Parry Gripp “Pirate Santa Claus”

5-10 Parry Gripp “Roy the Christmas Potato”

8.10, 11.21 The Partridge Family “My Christmas Card to You

6;4 The Partitioners “There Is No Christmas”

12.15 Party at the Moontower “I Need an Ugly Sweater

6’8 Party the Hut & Friends “Christmas on a Boat

4”10 Party the Hut & Friends “Groovy Santa” 

4”18 Party the Hut & Friends “Party Claus

8:31 Pastafarian Gospel Choir “Amazing Taste

1-26 Pat Benatar “Christmas in America”

12*1, 11.27 Pat Boone “California Christmas Card” 

11.5 Pat Boone “Christmas Cards”

4-20 Pat Boone “The Fruitcake”

12*1 Pat Boone “Is It Really Christmas in L.A.?

2-4 Pat Carroll ‘A Garfield Christmas’ “Mistletoe and Laughter

6,10 Pat Cupples “Defending Christmas (Who Called the Cops on Santa Claus)

12*24 Pat Donahue’s band “Christmas Eve Morn”

4-16 Pat Harrington “Mrs. O’Leary’s Fruitcake”

11.19 Pat Ryan “Christmas Card in July”

2.9 Pat Tracy “The First Snow of Winter

2\16 Patch “Christmas Time Again

7:27 Patch the Pirate “Christmas at Our House

7;26 Patch the Pirate “Christmas Bell”

12;5 Patch the Pirate “I Can’t Wait”

2:19 Patch the Pirate “I Hate Mistletoe

7’10 Patchy the Pirate “SpongeBob SquarePants Theme”

3/11 Patent Pending “Yellow Snow”

9,6 Pathseeker (feat. Nick Yung) “Wishlist

4’7 Patient Corgi “Ski or Die” 

10,24 Paul Brandt “A Star is Born” 

6’18 The Patrick Brothers “The Christmas Ship” 

5’15 Patty Loveless “Santa Train

8’10 Patrick Canning “Christmas Ghosts That Dance Forever”

10\23 Patrick Canning “Everyone Cries at Christmas (2008)

12*5 Patrick Canning “Hawaiian Christmas”

10\22 Patrick Canning “On Christmas Day the World Ended (2009)

9;6 Patrick Connell “Christmas Lights”

10,30 _patrickconnor “Cynical Christmas Song

10\3 Patrickconnor “Fairy Lights” 

6,16 _Patrickconnor “I Know You All Love Christmas

2’12 Patrick DeVille “Christmas Snow” 

5’13 Patrick DeVille “Christmas Train

7/20 Patrick Higgins “Golden Christmas

12*5 Patrick Landza “Hula Girl for Christmas

9;21 Patrick McGlynn “Christmas Lights in June”

2:24, 1”25 Patrick Page “I Hate Christmas Eve”

1”25 Patrick Page “One of a Kind”

4-24 Patrick Roberage Productions, Inc. “Christmas Cookie Jam

4\9 Patrick Sawers “Hey Ho It’s Christmas” 

12.15 Patrick Thomas “Ugly Christmas Sweater”

12,11 Patrick Van Sante (feat. Tim Kerssens, Jaco Bakker & Auke Broertjes)  “With Christmas I’ll be Drunk” 

12,12 Patrick Vargas “Christmas Time

3/20 Patsy Hoolahan’ “I Won’t Take Crap for Christmas”

5/28 Patsy Raye and the Beatniks “Beatnik’s Wish”

8\14 Patsy Trigg “It’s a Merry Christmas when Pigs Fly

8/7 Patti Jo-Roth Edwards “Santa Drives a Candy Apple Red Cadillac”

8.24 Patti LaBelle “Nothing Could be Better

5/14, 7;16 Patti Page “Christmas Bells

3’2 Patti Page “I Wanna Go Skating with Willie

3.7 Patti Page “Where Did My Snowman Go?”

10/4 Pattie Marie Jay “Space Age Santa Claus

3\11 Patty Blee (w/Ernie Trionfo) “Another Lonely Christmas Eve” 

2.23 Patty Loveless “Bluegrass, White Snow”

1-15 Patty Speelt “Red, White and Blue Christmas

10;30 Paul Aldrich & Friends “We’re The Mall Santas”

11,18 Paul & Friends “That’s What Christmas Really Means to Me” 

7;2 Paul and Paula “Hootenanny Jingle Bells”

1:10 Paul and Richard Freitas “Christmas Fever”

10.17 Paul and Storm “Christmas Christmas Song”

5-30, 12-25, 7:6 Paul and Storm “Grandma’s Christmas Dinner

10*2, 7/13, 10.30 Paul and Storm “The Way-Too-Early Christmas Song”

11/12 Paul and Teresa Jennings (Music K8) “Blitzen’s Boogie

8;16 Paul Baloche “Follow That Star”

9;7 Paul Baribeau “Christmas Lights”

6’18 Paul Behrend “The Christmas Ship

8/13, 5,30 Paul BrandtChristmas Convoy

10\2 Paul Brandt “Six Tons of Toys”  

9;13 Paul Cartledge, Philip Jewson “Lights so Bright”

12/16 Paul Dwayne “All I Want for Christmas Dear is You”

7;5 Paul Evans “The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle”

8.8 Paul Frees & co. “We’re Despicable (Plunderers’ March)”

4.8 Paul Garding “Kill a Tree for Christmas

11*24 Paul Gilbert “Las Vegas Christmas

3.17 Paul Graves “Abominable Snowman

7-14 Paul Hipp “Merry Christmas (You’re a Drunk)

11*27 Paul Howard “Black Friday

7\25 Paul ‘Jamo’ Jameson “Reindeer on My Roof” 

6,8 Paul Kelly (feat. Vika Bull) “Christmas Train

6,7 Paul Kelly “How to Make Gravy

4’3 Paul Kopetko “Skiing Yeti Mountain

7.24 Paul Kramer “Low Budget Christmas

7.28 Paul Mauled and The Furious Elves “Santa Don’t Bring Gifts to Assholes

8/12 Paul Michael Gross “Santa Drives a Pickup”

4;22 Paul Mills “Santa Left Me A Lump Of Coal” 

7.11 Paul Morabito “Greatest Christmas Gifts

1-2 Paul Revere and The Raiders “Valley Forge”

12.31 Paul Revere and The Raiders “Wear a Smile at Christmas”

12,16 Paul Rhea (feat. Susan Shewbridge) “Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas Anymore

11*6 Paul Ritchie “Christmas in Michigan

11*17 Paul Ritchie “Kansas Merry Christmas

11*3 Paul Ritchie “Old Kentucky Carol

11;22 Paul Rolnick “It’ll Be Christmas Before You Know It”

2\14 Paul Sandrone/Christopher Mann “It’s Christmas Again” 

7-6 Paul Sanchez “I Got Drunk this Christmas

10*9 Paul “Sasquatch” Cohan “Christmas in Gloucester”

11;3 Paul Simon “Getting Ready For Christmas Day”

8-13 Paul Stewart “No Weed for Christmas” 

12,13 Paul the Messenger “Xmas” 

10,25 Paul Toshner “Coming Home

12;17 Paul Tripp “Nothing to Do But Wait”

11.12 Paul Walden “A Penny Christmas Card” 

5’29 Paul Weber “The Christmas Train“ 

1”9 Paul Williams “It Feels Like Christmas”

5.23 Paulette “Christmas Trees

11,10 Pauli “Covid Christmas

7/12 “Paulie Glacier” “The (Too Soon for) Christmas Song”

4.3 Pauline Burr (The Little ‘Uns) “Sweet Little Tree

8:26 Pauline LeBel “Song for the Winter Solstice

9/29 Pauline Lynnes “Little Christmas Elf”

11\29 Paulo Furtado, The Legendary Tigerman “Fuck Christmas Baby (I Got the Blues)

5:29 The Paulson Family Band “We Wrote You This Song for Christmas

6,7 Payton Marie “It’s a COVID Christmas

11.20 PC Muñoz “Send Me a Card at Christmas” 

8’25 P-Dog & Maddog “Robot Santa” 

1/1 peacetv “New Years Resolution Song 2009

6’3 Peachy Keen “Christmas Eve in Sydney” 

3’21 Peachy Keen “Christmas is Coming

4”22 Peachy Keen “Look Up! It’s Santa and The Reindeer” 

1’5 Peanut Butter Jams “Christmas in Australia

5/29, 12-23  Pearl Bailey “Five Pound Box of Money

10/1 Pearl Jam  “Santa God

5.30 The Pearlfishers “A Christmas Tree in a Hurricane

2.1 Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm “Snowflake

7;29 Pedro the Lion “I Heard the Bells”

11\21 Pedro the Lion “Yellow Bike

8-23 Peggy King with the Mitch Miller Band“I’m Gonna Put Some Glue Around the Christmas Tree [So Santa Claus will Stick Around All Year]

7\16 Peggy Lee “Don’t Forget to Feed the Reindeer” 

5/10, 2\5 Peggy Lee “It’s Christmas Time Again” 

7;19 Peggy Lee “Ring Those Christmas Bells

2.8 Peggy Lee, Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye “Snow”

8;4 Peggy Lee “The Star Carol” 

9,26 Peggy Seeger “The Twelve Apostles” his disciples

9,26 Peggy Seeger “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

8;16 Peggy Watson “Star of Wonder”

5/18 The Penguins “Christmas Prayer

9,26 the Penguins of Madagascar cast “12 Days of Missions”

8\29 Dreamworks’ Penguins of MadagascarFlying Home for Christmas

12,11 Penny and Sparrow Neat Christmas” 

8:26 Pennyless “Winter Solstice Party” 

9’24 Pennywise “Christmas in Hell”

10.6 Pentatonix “The Christmas Sing-Along”

10:31 Pentatonix “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”

12.12 Pentatonix “Sweater Weather” 

4”17 Pepita Slappers, Joakim Wall “Go Santa Go!

3\29 The Pepper Tree Market “We’ll Never Have Another White Christmas

4-3 Peppermint Kandy Kids “Christmas Candy

8’7 PerCy Nevers “Frosty the Dragon” 

7,22 Percy Parker “Warm Feet

8.9 Pernell Roberts “The New Born King

3/14 Perro Amarillo AJ “Animal Jam: The Christmas Poop Album”

11.30 The Perry Brothers “Xmas Txt” 

5/1 Perry Como “There’s No Christmas Like a Home Christmas

5/1 Perry Como “Christmas Symphony

11*3 Perry King “Christmas in Kentucky

2.27 Pet Shop Boys “It Doesn’t Often Snow at Christmas

10:16 Pete Cummings “War on Christmas

8;11 Pete Feltman “In The Heavens Shone A Star”

3.19 Pete Galub “Impossible Snowman

5-1 Pete LaMaster “Holiday Eating

4;18 Pete McPherson “Coal for Christmas”

6/30 Pete Seger “Carol of the Beasts

3-15 Pete Seeger “Glory to That Newborn King

2’1 Pete Sinjin “Flexible Flyer” 

12’11 Pete Witham & The Cozmik Zombies “All I Want For Christmas (Is A Gun)”

12*16 Peter Adamson “O Christmas Tree

7-1 Peter and the Test Tube Babies “I’m Getting Pissed for Christmas” 

7:12 Peter Andre “Christmas Time’s for Family

2\23 Peter deRoyce “Parang in Meh Vein

7;22 Peter Dunne “Ring Out the Bells”

3\16 Peter Dymond “Oh No, Not Another Christmas Song

12.30Peter E Clarkson “Santa Saw Me Naked”

4\3 Peter Joannou (Brighton’s Singing Barber) “Hello Christmas” 

1/14 Peter Jones  “12

9.5 Peter Kelamis “Yeshmiyek Song”

1:25 Peter Kevoian “PMS for Christmas”

5’27 Peter Klasky “Toot Toot Train (Christmas Gift)

4.6 Peter Lerman “Let’s Chop Down a Christmas Tree”

12,9 Peter Link “I Remember Christmas” 

7/10 Peter M Adamson       “Where Does Father Christmas Go in the Summertime?”

4.11 The Peter Pan Caroleers “The Christmas Tree that Ran Away”

6/27 the Peter Pan Carolers “I Want an Elephant for Christmas

10/6 The Peter Pan Carolers (The Peppermint Kandy Kids)“Santa Claus for President

2.1 Peter Pan Carolers “Snowflake Song

10/30 The Peter Pan Carolers “Ten Thousand Santa Clauses

8;22 The Peter Pan Christmas Players “Praise Him All Ye Singing Stars”

6/18 The Peter Pan Pop Band and Singers  “Jingles the Christmas Mouse

11:3 Peter Pan Players “Nobody Ever Asked Me to a Christmas Party” 

5\15 The Peter Pan Singers “Donner & Blitzen

2;21 The Peter Pan Singers “It’s Santa Claus’s Birthday” 

12.20 Peter Pan Singers (Peppermint Kandy Kids) “The Man in the Red Suit

5-26 Peter Paul and Mary “Christmas Dinner

12,26 Peter Paul and Mary “The Marvelous Toy

7:15 Peter Scales “Christmas with Our Family” 

5.19 Peter Senior “The Christmas Tree

11;9 Peter Vesth “Almost Christmas Night”

2.25 Peter Vesth “Too Much Snow on the Ground

11.3 Peter Ward “Christmas Card List” 

2.1 Peter Wood Singers “Snowflake Song”

1/5 Petesa-Uta Congregat’n’l Christ’n Church of Amer. Samoa Choir ”Alofaaga mo Toa o Samoa

1/7 Petra Elliott “12 Doctors of Christmas

10’21 Petra Hernandez “Post Apocalyptic Christmas”

11.4 Petula Clark “Christmas Cards” 

3.7 Petula Clark “Where Did the Snowman Go?

9,26 PewDiePie “12 Days of Drugs” drugs

10,22 Peyton Glynn “Christmas Came Early” 

1/19 Phan643 “12 Days

2-25 Pharaoh “Mistletoe

1.29 Phat Daddies “Ho Ho

4.26 Phil and the Osophers “Decorate the Christmas Tree

12.15 Phil and The Osophers “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” 

1”11 Phil & Paul Olson “Another Piece of Pie”

12.8 Phil & Paul Olson “Deep in the Closet”

1”11 Phil & Paul Olson “Grandma Cut The Christmas Cheese [The Christmas Cheese Polka]“

1”11 Phil & Paul Olson “Gunner Fell Into an Ice Hole“

1”11 Phil & Paul Olson “It’s Christmas So Give Me Some More“

1”11 Phil & Paul Olson “What Would Barbra Streisand Do?” 

1”11 Phil & Paul Olson “Yo Yo Yo” 

12’24 Phillip Hermans “I Didn’t Get What I Asked for This Christmas”

4-4 Phil Coley “Christmas Candy”

1-23 Phil Coley “Wall Street Christmas”

2:26 Phil Gathany “Ebenezer Scrooge” 

10,2 Phil Harrison “Holly Said to Ivy

5-8 Sinbad, Phil Hartman the end credits of ‘Houseguest’

3.3 Phil Keaggy “The Snowman Song”

5.10 Phil Mack “Light of the Christmas Tree

6\9 Phil and the Osophers “Brutus the Backup Reindeer

5\31 Phil Johnson & The Roadside Attraction“Rudolph the Blood-Soaked Reindeer

12,3 Phil Lea “Santa Comes Home

5/13 Phil Moore and His Phil Moore Four “The Blink Before Christmas

5/13 Phil Moore and His Phil Moore Four “Chinchy Old Scrooge

11*3 Phil Ochs “No Christmas for Kentucky”

5:5 Phil Olson “Grandma Cut the Christmas Cheese”

6-15 Phil Passen “Hot Buttered Rum”

8:24 Phil Passen “Winter Solstice” 

6’3 Phil Ryder (feat. Olivia Barker) “Isle of Arran

8;17 Phil Wickham “Star of Wonder”

4\13 Philip Gallen “Hurray! For Christmas Day!” 

8\10 The Philistines Jr. “Santa was Seen Flying through Soviet Airspace

1;1 Philippe Tasquin (feat. Pierre Vervloesem, Didier Fontaine) “Christmas Crime

6.21 Phillip Hudson and DJ Southanbred “2 Broke 4 Christmas” 

5/12 Phillis and Jeffrey Carlyle, “Santa Claus Looks Like My Daddy

5\21, 12\25 Philly Cuzz “Blitzen Jones the Mighty Reindeer” 

9,26 Phineas & Ferb cast “The 12 Days of Christmas”

9.23 Phineas and Ferb cast “Danville for Niceness” 

12*18 Phineas and Ferb cast “Good King Wenceslas”

9.23 Phineas and Ferb cast “Thank You Santa

9.23 Phineas and Ferb cast “We Wish You a Perry Christmas“)

9.23 Phineas and Ferb cast “Where Did We Go Wrong?

9.23 Phineas and Ferb cast “Winter Vacation

2:16 Photronique “Getting Down on Christmas

3.2 Phranc “Hanukkah Snowman” 

3.21 Phredd “Bob the Snowman

7’17 Phreddcat “Merry Pirate Christmas”

7.28 Phyllis Robins “The Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot

11.10 Phyllis Sinclair “Handwritten Christmas Card” 

4’4 Piamini “Skiing” 

12*21 The Piano Guys “Angels We Have Heard on High

4,29 Pickup Sticks “I Wish It Was Christmas

8’12 Picnic Day “Gringle the Christmas Gnome” I

5:15 Piedmont Songbag “All I Really Need

5.29, 11’27 Piedmont Songbag “Burning the Christmas Tree

5:3 Piedmont Songbag “Christmas Time Machine

11’27 Piedmont Songbag “A Christmas to Remember”

5.28 Piedmont Songbag “Don’t Take the Stockings from the Tree

5:15 Piedmont Songbag “Dwarven Dirge

5:26 Piedmont Songbag “Hunt Hunt Hunting

5:20 Piedmont Songbag “Nuts & Eggs

11’15 Piedmont Songbag “Popping the Inflatables”

2.11, 12.25 Piedmont Songbag “Roger, It’s Snowing

5:9 Piedmont Songbag “Santa in July

5:13 Piedmont Songbag “Santa on a Crying Jag

10.20 Piedmont Songbag “Stupid Christmas Songs” 

12.25 Piedmont Songbag Try and Spread Some Cheer album

6.22 Pierce Avenue “Broke Christmas

4’6 Pierre & Slopers “Let’s Go Skiing

3.23 Pierre Komin “Charlie was a Snowman” 

3.23 PigPen Theater Co. “The Snowman’s Song

8’10 Pine Hill Haints “Ghost of Christmas Past” 

10;26 Pineapple Posse “Mall Santaz

5,7 Pineapple Posse “No L

12;24 The Ping Pongs “Don’t Wanna Wait Till Christmas”

4\2 The Pink Flamingos “Hello Christmas

5’25 Pink Floyd “The Merry Xmas Song

1’9 Pinkfong “Summer Santa

3”17 Pinkfong & Yogi “Have You Seen My Beard?

7.18 Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony) “Pinkie’s Present

4;8 The Pipettes “Getting Coal”

7,11 Pirate God “Christmas Eve Freestyle” 

7’27 Pirate Party the Band “Ninja Fisherman’s Christmas Bash”

6/4, 7’4 Pirate Stu  “Jingle Piratopus

10’1 Pistol Annies “Hell of a Holiday”

3”22 Pit and Penny “Santa Lost His Beard” 

4’27 Pixie and the Partygrass Boys “Ski and Party

5-15 Pizzacat “Pizza Xmas

4\1 PJ Masks “Hello Christmas” 

5.10, 7;4 PJ Parker “Jingle Down the Christmas Tree”

8;29 pkruse1234 “Star on the Xmas Tree”

9:17 Placeholder Confidential “Mrs. Claus, Oh My!

4”14 Placeholder Confidential “Rise, Santa, Rise

5;1 Plain White T’s “Nuttin’ for Christmas” 

8’23 The Plainsmen “Monster’s Holiday”

3-31 Plankeye “Jesu Bambino the Infant Child”

1-3 Teresa, Paul Jennings (Plank Road Publ.)“An All American Christmas

5\21 Plank Road Publishing “Blitzen’s Boogie

3;14 Plank Road Publishing (Teresa Jennings) “Bubble Gum Goo

10.19 Plank Road Publishing “Christmas Makes Me Sing”

5.29 Plank Road Publishing “Christmas Tree Tango

4.26 Plank Road Publishing “Decorate the Tree

5-1 Plank Road Publishing “Don’t Eat a Poinsettia

4-20 Plank Road Publishing ”Everlasting Fruitcake

12.20 Plank Road Publishing “The Man in the Bright Red Suit

1-17 Plank Road Publ.   “Merry Christmas to You from the Red, White, and Blue”

9\17 Plank Road Publishing “A Million Little Snowflakes” 

4-8 Plank Road Publishing “Peppermint Candy Cane

4-11 Plank Road Publishing “What is Figgy Pudding?”

1-3 Teresa, Paul Jennings (Plank Road Publ.)“Yankee Doodle Christmas”

1-3 Teresa, Paul Jennings (Plank Road Publ.)“Yankee Doodle Santa

8-1 PlastGresham “12 Days of Stoner Christmas” 

2’16 Plastic Faction “Little Sled” 

3.29 Plastic Snow “Rock ‘n’ Rolling Snowman

12,4 Plate Tectonics (feat. Leo Decoy & Javier Gonzalez) “Christmas at the Plate” 

12/16 The Playtones  “All I Want for Christmas Dear is You”

11,25 Pleasant Bud “Christmas Party” 

11\13 Please Exist “Christmas 1989

11,21 Pleasant Grove “Five Minutes of Snow…” 

2.23 The Pluckin’ Nuts “Bluegrass, White Snow”

6’28 Plunkett “Sad Christmas

1/24 The Pocket Gods “Alien Xmas Song

3/25 Pocketful o’ Nowt “Christmas is Shit”

5-29 The Poets “Santa’s on a Diet” 

10*13, 7-16  The Pogues “Fairytale in New York

4\26 Point of Grace “Holly Jolly Christmas”

9;2 Point of Grace “Let There Be Light”

11*2 Point of Grace “Tennessee Christmas”

9,1 The Pointer Sisters “Christmas Town 

11.30 Pointy Bird Records “Special Christmas Email” 

9\23 the cast of Pokemon “I’m Giving Santa a Pikachu for Christmas” 

9.6 Pokemon cast “Pokemon Christmas Bash

12;4 The Polka Dots “I Can’t Wait for Christmas”

9,26 Polkadot Cadaver “12 Days of Christmas, Repent!” nihilism

8\26 Polkadot Cadaver “Christmas Angel” 

5;9 Polkadot Cadaver          “You Don’t Deserve a Goddamn Thing for Christmas”

10\19 Polly Wolf “Apocalypse Not Now

7/30, 12-25  Poly Styrene “Black Christmas”

3’6 Polyphone “Ice Skating

12,15 Poncho Boy (feat. Money Mop) “A Very Poncho Christmas

4,2 Pond “All I Want for Xmas (Is a Tascam 388)

2:12 Pondertone “I Hate Christmas”

3’6 Ponj “Figure Skating” 

12;25, 5;24 Pony Death Ride “Nothing Beats Old People at Christmas

9.22 Ponyboy “(Please Don’t Leave Me on) Christmas Eve

1:29 Pooch “Herpes Infected Christmas Elf”

5-4 Poochamungas “Santa’s Eating Pancakes”

4;10 Pop Fly “Last Year I Got Coal For Christmas”

10\22 Pop-O-Pies “Christmas Time in Frisco – 2009

6:28 Pop Punk Band “I Hate My Ex, I Hate Ex-Mas” 

7.17 Popcaan “Christmas Gift

5’2 Popdorian “Coming Out for Christmas” 

5.17 Poppermost “Family Christmas Tree”

8:13 Poprant “Boxing Day

4”11 The Poptarts “Santa’s the Man” 

4,13 Popular Mechanics “364 Days a Year” 

3:9 The Pork Guys “Fuck Christmas

5-8, 5\27 The Pork Guys “Rudolph Burger… Hold the Nose” 

5-18 The Porkaholics “Sausage & Sauerkraut for Santa”

10-6 Porn Orchard “Christmas Sucks”

6.29 Porter Christensen “Bubble Wrap Rap

4.16 Porter Wagoner “Johnny’s Christmas Tree” 

1-25 Posh Hammer “A Very Corporate Christmas

3.19 Positive Zero “Snowman

6-14 Posture & the Grizzly “Egg Nog Drunk Off of Hilary Duff’s Piss

4-16 The Poxy Boggards “Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake”

12*15 A Prairie Home CompanionUnitarian Silent Night

10/22 The Prairie Ramblers “Cowboy Santa Claus”

11*17 Prairie Rose Rangers “Christmas in Kansas

4-9 Praise in Motion “Candy Cane Song

8,29 Precious Gutierrez “Unmerry Xmas

5/12 Precision Plastics Co. “Merry Christmas Song

6/22 The Presidents of the United States of America “Christmas Piglet”

11,1 The Press “Seven Nights of Chanukah

8,3 Prestomystic “Jackin’ It on Christmas

4.17 Preston Penn “Little Pee Wee (Christmas Tree)

3”2 Preston Penn “Santa’s Beard”

7: 19 Pretty Boy Floyd “Happy Family”

12-22 Pretty Funny Girl TV “Nuthin’ But a Black Santa Thing”

10’28 Pretty Little Fake “This Year Santa’s Coming for You”

8/31, 11\1 The Pretenders “2000 Miles

4\6 Pricey Diggs “Hey Santa” 

5\30, 3”28 Primate Punk “Rudolph the Mohawked Reindeer

4.23 Primitive Quartet “God’s First Christmas Tree

11;18 Primordial Penguins “Christmas is Just Around the Corner”

10,28 Primus “Del Davis Tree Farm” 

6:15, 3\11 Prince “Another Lonely Christmas” 

6’19 Princess Ariel “Christmas in the Ocean

12,24 Princess Superstar “I Hope I Sell a Lot of Records at Christmas Time” 

7/30 Prison of Blues “Black X-Mas

7;7 Private Eye Music (feat. John Murray) “Jingle Jangle Mingle”

4;10 Private Eye Music “Lump of Coal”

8:26 Private Eye Music “Winter Solstice Song” 

12’23 The Private Gentlemen’s Yacht Club “All I Want For Christmas Is a Shotgun”

4/13 Private Instigators “Please Don’t Kill Yourself this Christmas”

12,24 Problem Patterns “Christmas Number One

4;27 Professional Wrestling “You’re Getting Coal for Christmas”

3\9 Professionals “Another Snowy White Christmas

1;27 The Professor Brothers “Prisoner Christmas

6-23, 10-6 Professor Gall “Whiskey Was the Medicine (To Get Me Through Another Christmas Eve Night)

1/23 Professor Steve  “Alien Christmas

12/11 Professor Steve “A Letter to Santa”

7.22 Professor Steve “A Present for My Uncle

11:22 Professor Steve “Grandma’s Christmas Party

7;30 The Progress “Jingle Bell Broke”

2/4 Projecthappimusic “I Love You! It’s Christmas Time!”

5’18 Proletariats Are Making Pizza Book Club And Rock And Roll Band “Christmas Train

6,3 Promise (feat. Robby Atkins) “The Misers” 

9:5 A Proper Kiss “Mrs. Santa Claus”

8’25 Proton Packs “Junkie Robot Christmas”

3\14 Prozzak “It’s Just Another Christmas Without You” 

8\11 PST “I Still Believe

11/27 Psy “Santa Style

1.10 psychomomtv1 “Poker Claus”

2:6 Psychostick “Holiday Hate” 

1.7 Psychostick “N.O.E.L.”

3”15 Psychostick “Obey the Beard

8’31 Psychostick “Zombie Claus (Rob Zombie Dragula Parody)” 

8’20 Pudding “Ode to Krampus” 

2.28 Puddock Stew “No Snow in Africa This Christmas

5.24 The Puffers “Christmas Tree Catastrophe

3”24 Pufftube “Let’s Shave Rudolph

12*5 Punama and Graden Island Blend “The Santa Hula Song

8,7 Punchline “Punchline Christmas Rap

6-27 punchxmas “Oh du schöne Weihnachtszeit” 

5’10 Punky Brewskies “Christmas Train” 

6’1 Punters “Christmas in the Harbour

7/13 The Punters “Xmas in November”

12,24 Pup Punk “Just One Christmas” 

12.5 Puppi “Song About a Christmas Dress” 

4.28 Purdue Musical Organization “Fifty Kilowatt Tree”

3-19 purenrg “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”

2;7 Put3ska “Birthday Holiday

11’9 The Putz “The Worst Christmas Ever”

11,20 The Puzzlers “Christmas in Puzzlerville


9-11 Q102 “New Kids Got Run Over by a Reindeer

8’25 Qae “Robot Christmas” 

12/5 Quad City DJs  “What You Want for Christmas

1\21Quadband “The Weekend After Christmas” 

12,12 Quaddy Junior Choir “Christmas Time, Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas” 

4’5 Quality Kidd “Ski Resort” 

3”2 The Quaint & The Curious “Everybody Seems to Love Santa’s Beard” 

10,25 Quark Lepton “Christmas in Space

11:22 Quarrel “Mrs. Miller’s Christmas Party” 

8:5 Quaver Music “Kwanzaa Celebration

3-14 Queen “Bethlehemian Rhoapsody” parody

9,15 Queen Elizabitch III “A Free Woman in Chicago at Christmas” 

10,25 Queen Elizabitch III (feat. MayTwentyTwo & Menorah Jones)“Hanukkah in the City

11,1 Queen Elizabitch III “Stocking Envy

10:26 Quichenight “Funky Little War on Christmas”

1/1 Quiet Company “New Year’s Resolution

12:25 The Quinto Sisters Holly Jolly Christmas (1964)

9:4 The Quinto Sisters “Mrs. Santa Claus

4.9 The Quinto Sisters “A Skinny Little Christmas Tree

12*1 Quire Cleveland “Hannukah in Santa Monica”

3.13 Quiz S “The Ballad of Frozty the Abominable Snowman


10,28 Race Ricketts “Pringle Rothell Christmas Tree

12*13 Rachel Bloom “Chanukah Honey

4-15 Rachel Debattista “The Christmas Baking Tray

7/8 Rachel Giordano “Christmas in July”

12:19 Rachel Harvey Hill “Merry Amazon Christmas” 

9.6 Rachel Lillis “Christmas is the Coolest Time of the Year

3’25 Rachel Rambach (Listen & Learn Music) “Skating ‘Round the Rink” 

12*1 Rachel Reenstra “Hollywood Christmas Song

12,13 Radar & Satellite “Party Foul” 

12’5 Radiant Radish “I Don’t Want Your Tinker Toys”

2;13 Radio Ate My TV           “We Wish You a Merry Christmas Happy Birthday Mashup

10.18 Radio City Music Hall “Sing a Little Song of Christmas”

8’18 Radioactive Karaoke “Kaiju Christmas” 

8’18 The Radish Friends “The Christmas Kaiju Cometh” 

7’8 The Radish Friends “I Saw Three (Pirate) Ships”

4”25 The Radish Friends “Santa! Danty! O!” 

6,15 RaeLynn “Jingle Bell Drunk” 

5’22 Raffi “Toy Trains”

9’1 Ragnarok “The Norse Winter Demon”

11;26 Raggs Gustaffe “Christmas Just Around The Corner”

8’27 Rainbow Plaid “Vampire Santa” 

11/29 Raindolls “Disco Santa Claus

1.29 Rakhee Noazaria “Hello (Christmas Edition)

11,1 Rakz Radiant “Get Sleighed” 

2.7 Raldo Schneider “Here Comes the Snow

4”6 Ralph Burns “Santa Claus is Near

10,24 Ralph Keefer “An Old Suitcase

4/21 ‘Ralph Sinatra’ “Christmas When You”re Dead”

8;2 Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys “Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem”

8’1 RalphWiggy “We Wish You and Alien Christmas” 

2’18 Ralph’s World “All I Wanna Do” 

12’27 Ralphie’s Red Ryders “I Won’t Shoot My Eye Out”

10/16, 1’16 The Ramblers “Surfin’ Santa” 

9/14 The Rambos “Christopher the Merry Christmas Elf”

6.18 Ramon “Broke for Christmas

2’13 Ramona Silver “Sled Song

8/6 The Ramonas “Santa’s Got a GTO”

10:13 Ramos “We Say Merry Christmas

11*27 RamRants “Black Friday Song”

10:10 Ramshackle Glory “War on Christmas” 

8:17 Ramshackle Life “Festivus Song”

11*15 Ranch House Favorites “Merry Texas Christmas You All”

6:5 Rancid “X-Mas Eve (She Got Up and Left Me)” 

4-7 Randall Reed with the Forerunners “The Peppermint Stick Man”

7’25 Randall Standridge Music Products “Santa the Barbarian and the Pirates of the North Pole” 

11*20 Randi Perkins “If Its Christmas, It Must Be Home In Dakota”

4\21 Randolph Steed “Oh My God It’s Christmas

6.11 Randy Bachman “Shop ‘Til You Drop

11-23 Randy Bachman “Takin’ Care of Christmas”

7.24 Randy Beard “The Christmas Gift

4\28 Randy Becker “Yes It’s Christmas” 

10*31, 7/12 Randy Brooks “It’s Halloween (A Christmas Song)”

4.27 Randy Bryant & The Rockets “Christmas Tree Lights (Sparkle So Bright)

11*15 Randy Carroll “San Antonio Christmas

12:27 Randy Franklin “Facebook Friend for Christmas”

8:17 Randy Kemp (GCleph Musique) “Holly Jolly Festivus” 

11*12 Randy Mayfield “Christmas in St. Louis”

11,16 Randy Newman “Christmas in Cape Town” 

1\30 Randy Pinchbeck “‘Twas the Day After Christmas

10’5 Randy Pisswhistle “Christmas in Hell”

6/19 Randy Plummer “Squeaky the Christmas Mouse

2\15, 4\5 Randy Rainbow “Hey Gurl, It’s Christmas!

11/24 Randy Sauer “Shimmy Down the Chimney

3.6 Randy Sauer “Snowman Dance” 

7.6 Randy Travis “How Do I Wrap My Heart for Christmas?

5’22 Randy Travis “Little Toy Trains”

2-20 Randy Travis “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

6/18 Randy Vail  “Tiny the Christmas Mouse

6/19 Ralph and Red “Wilbur the Christmas Mouse

3’18 Rane “(No Need for a) Snowy Christmas

5.27 Ranger T “T Rex Ate the Christmas Tree”

2/16 Rango the Dog “Ticket for Two (A Christmas Romance)”

6-15 Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem “Hot Buttered Rum”

12*25, 12/2, 7.13 Rappy McRapperson “Gimme Stuff for Christmas”  

9/19 Rappy McRapperson “Rappy the Elf

8\16 Rappy McRapperson “Santa Claus on a Helicopter” 

12*17 Raquela “O Horny Night

7,29 Ras Kass (feat Doc Hollywood) “Jack Frost 2 (White Christmas)

7\23 Rascal Rockhog (feat. Cemetry Gator) “Das Sexy Reindeer Danz

3-3 Rashid M. Khan “Well Come Jesus

8’21 RaSquatch “Krampus” 

9’10 Ratatosk “The Devil’s Bones (A Deserter’s Christmas)”

3.29 Ratboy Jr. “Never Melting Snowman

10:6 Rathergood “Communist Christmas” 

5:8 rathergood.comWe Wish You a Bloody Squidmas

2’8 RattleSnakes “Sled 2 Death” 

11,18 Rauf Yusuf “Christmas Lights

12/26 Raul Malo w/David Andrews “I Don’t Need Anything for Christmas

11*4 Raveonettes “Christmas in Cleveland”

3.24 The Ravens “Evil Frosty Snowman

8:23 Ravens “Solstice Carol

5,2 rawsrvnt “White Christmas” 

12,11 Ray Boltz “The Gift” 

5:2 Ray Brenner and Barry Blitzer “The Problem” 

2.12 Ray Charles “The Snow is Falling

5/29 Ray Conniff “Christmas Bride.

4’25 Ray Conrad “A Skier’s Daydream

4’25 Ray Conrad         The Cotton-Pickin’ Lift Tower and Other Skiing Songs

7/7 Ray Fogg “Christmas in July from Pun-in-Bay”

6-23 Ray Galindo “Hot Dogs and Whiskey for Christmas

7,18 Ray León “Red Christmas” 

1’21 Ray Mizzi “Wave (Australian Beach Christmas)

1;27 Ray Munoz “Prisoner’s Christmas Song” 

12,10 Ray Rav (feat. Chillin’ Chad) “Holiday Spirit (Merry Christmas)

5.18 Ray Ray “I Still Believe in Christmas Trees”

3;13 Ray Schreiner, Tom Width, Aly Wepplo, Lisa Kotula & Joy Williams “Santa’s Holiday Hoedown” 

11.1 Ray Smith “An Old Christmas Card”

11:26 Ray Stevens “Annual Office Christmas Party” 

5;3 Ray Stevens “Bad Little Boy”

9,22 Ray Stevens “I Won’t be Home for Christmas” 

7,26 Ray Stevens “The King of Christmas

10/7 Ray Stevens “Santa Claus is Watching You

11.2 Ray Stevens “Xerox Christmas Letter” 

12\16 Ray Templeton “Christmas, 1952

12:22 Ray Wenderlich “Baby It’s iPhone Time

7.1 Raymond Peace “Christmas Present

11\3 Raymond Taylor “Christmas 1999

7.21 Raymond Wolf “A Present for Santa

4”8 Rayvon “The Santa Wrap” 

6’7 R – Dot “Christmas Lap Dance” 

7-27 Readhard “Drunk for Jesus” 

6:20, 3\14 The Ready SetI Don’t Wanna Spend Another Christmas Without You” 

7/8 Reagan Holyfield “Christmas in July”

6.2 Real Digital Music “Forget Black Friday Song!!

6;21 The Realest YK “Christmas Missed Us”

11,5 Reality Student Ministry “A Family Christmas” 

8,1 Reality Student Ministry “How The Grinch Stole Covid” 

3-3 Reba McEntire “Happy Birthday Jesus (I’ll Open this One for You)”

4-2 Reba McIntrie “Hard Candy Christmas”

10\31 Reba McIntire “This Christmas

3.21 Reba Russell Band “No Man Like a Snowman

4\2 Rebecca Gregory “Hello Christmas” 

9-18 Rebecca Perschbacher “I Want John Wayne for Christmas”

11\22 The Rebel Yell “December 8,1980

3\31 Reckless Kelly “Another New Year’s Eve”

3;24 Reckless Kelly “Lonesome Little Cowboy” 

2.14 Reckless Kelly “Snowfall

12’31 Reckless Renegade “Santa, Run!”

4”12 Red and Blue “Funky Santa

7-5 Red Alert “Having a Drunken Christmas”

4\13 The Red Army Choir “Hooray for Christmas

5/12, 6/23 Red Buttons “Bow Wow Wants a Boy for Christmas

6-15 The Red Clay Ramblers “Hot Buttered Rum”

7-26 Red Elvises “Drinking with Jesus” 

5/13 Red Foley “Put Christ Back into Christmas

11/2 Red Foley and Judy Martin “Our Christmas Waltz

10*7 Red Gallagher “New Hampshire Winter”

9,26 Red Nose Rain “10 Days of Christmas-Russian Version”

12*5 Red Peters “Have a Wonderful Hawaiian Christmas

3/24 Red Peters “Holy Shit, It’s Christmas!

3/31, 7:23, 5;2 Red Peters “You Ain’t Gettin’ Sh*t for Christmas” 

8/12 Red Simpson “Santa’s Gonna Come in a Pickup Truck”

8/17 Red Simpson “Santa and the Trucker”

8/17 Red Simspon “The Old Christmas Truck

8/18 Red Simpson              “Blue Blue Christmas (For This Truck Drivin’ Man)

8/20 Red Simpson “Truckin’ Trees for Christmas”

10/22, 3;25 Red Sovine “Santa is a Texas Cowboy

8/17 Red Sovine “Teddy Bear”

5-19 Red Stangland and Terry R. Shaw “O Lutefisk

4-14 Red State Update “Christmas Cake”

5:14 Red State Update “Christmas Dance

6-26 Red State Update “Christmas in a Beer Joint” 

5:17 Red State Update “Christmas Kisses

5:8 Red State Update “Christmas on the Farm

5:29 Red State Update “Christmas Tambourine

8’23 Red State Update “The Day All the Monsters Came to Church and Got Saved”

5:16 Red State Update “Divided Nation Christmas”

1:16, 8’6 Red State Update “Dracula Doesn’t Have Ebola for Christmas” 

8’6 Red State Update “Dracula Got Ebola on Christmas Special”

8’6 Red State Update ‘Dracula Salad’ 

4\8 Red State Update “Hey It’s Christmas” 

4:30 Red State Update “I Don’t Feel Like Fucking This Christmas” 

5:6 Red State Update “In Santa’s Time of Dying

5:8 Red State Update “I’ve Got to Give Up Bird Things This Christmas

10;6 Red State Update “Santa’s Lap!

1:16 Red State Update “Sick Cripple Christmas Baby” 

1:2 Red State Update “Too Sick for Christmas”

3;23 Red Steagall & The Boy’s in the Bunkhouse “A Cowboy’s Special Christmas

5.24 Red Steagall & The Boys in the Bunkhouse “Tumbleweed Christmas Tree

4,27 Red was Here “Christmas in Devon (Devon?)

3.21 Redeads “Beware the Snowman

12\18 Redhouse Gasoline “I Love Lucy

6\21 Redneck Carollers “Chasin’ That Neon Reindeer

11*15 Redneck CarollersSanta Got Lost in Texas

5;8, 8,30 The Reducers “Nothing for Christmas

11:17 Red-x Chesta “Christmas Party” 

12*15 Reed Garzone “Loud Day

1-13, 9;12 Reed Robertson “Camouflage and Christmas Lights

8’14 Reefus Monns “The Devil, Godzilla, and Me (At Christmas)” 

2/5 Reel Big Fish “Mele Kalikimaka”

12,15 Reeny Smith “Dear Santa

8,27 Ree$s “This Christmas” 

2.27 Reese Lansangan “No Snow

12/18 The Refreshments “I Want a New Baby for Christmas

5’17 Regent Royale “Tiny Tim – Christmas Train

4:26 Reggie Watts “Christmas is for Fucking”

5;1 the stable band from Regimental Records “I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ for Christmas” 

2’13 Regina Spektor “2.99¢ Blues

2;3 The Regulars Band “Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas”

4.25 Reid & Jamie “Christmas Tree”

6-15 Reilly and Maloney “Hot Buttered Rum”

6\8 Reindeer Brother “Brother Reindeer

3\31 Reindeer Tribe “Everyone Together” 

3’1 Rekindle “Ice Skating Girl

8:11 Relient K “Boxing Day”

2:20 Relient K “I Hate Christmas Parties”

2:1 REM “Christmas Griping” 

7;3 RemBunction “Jingle Dance”

5:4 RemBunction “More Love

2:22 RemBunction “Mr. Santa Claus” 

7:21 RemBunction “Samantha Claus (I’m a Big Boy)”

6;12 The Reminders “I Almost Forgot It’s Christmas”

12;27 Remus “Christmas can Wait”

3”20 Ren and Stimpy (John Kricfalusi, Billy West)  “Cat Hairballs“

8.26 Ren & Stimpy Decorate Yourself

11/8 Ren & Stimpy “Happy Holiday Hop

8.26 Ren & Stimpy “I Hate Christmas

8.26 Ren & Stimpy “What is Christmas?” 

3”20 Ren and Stimpy (John Kricfalusi, Billy West)  “We Wish You a Hairy Chestwig

6.3 Ren and Stimpy “We’re Going Shopping

3”20 Ren and Stimpy (John Kricfalusi, Billy West)  “Yak Shaving Day”

3.21 Renah Wolzinger “Mr. Snowman Blues

8:14 Renaud Buffoni “The Boxing Day Song

11:29 Renée Elise Goldsberry and Alex Brightman “Holiday Party (Cocaine Tonight)

12*7, 9-13  René Marcellus and Christina Hondromihalis “Gaga Hanukkah with Adam Sandler

1:28 Renee Belsky “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Syphilis”

11/15 The Renovators “Rockin’ Good Christmas in Hebrew

12*1 Rent-a-Yenta “Hannukah in Santa Monica”

7,19 Reptilians “Christmas is a Time for Giving

2/23, 9.17 The Rescues  “All I Want for Chrsitmas (Is to Give My Love  Away)

11*27 The Resident The Black Friday Song”

8,23 The Resolutions (feat Todd Wright) “December 26

8;8 Resound Worship “See the Star”

5’22 Restless Heart “Old Toy Trains”

6;16 retro gamer dave “Why I Missed Christmas”

8’25 Retrobot “Christmas Robot” 

5’3 Retrospec “Urkel on the G-Train

2\17 Retrotech “Broke Again This Christmas

2\19 Reuben Anderson “Christmas Time Again” 

3”30 Rev Run (feat. Mase, Puff Daddy, Snoop Dogg, Salt N Pepa, Onyx, & Keith Murray) “Santa Baby”

11,27 The Revelator “Joy to the Breakup (All I Want Christmas Is for You to Feel Bad)” 

4-11 The Revels Children’s Chorus “Dame Get Up and Bake Your Pies”

7\27 Revenge of the Egg People “Lesser Known Reindeer

1;19 Revenge of the Egg People “Seasons Greeting Felony

7.25 The Rev. A.W. Nix “Death May be Your Christmas Present

7-27 Reverend Deadeye “Drunk on Jesus

9-25 Reverend Glen Armstrong “Even Squeaky Fromme Loves Christmas”

12*24 Reverend Kizzo “Last Christmas Eve

3\26 Rev. Oris Mays (w/Aretha Franklin & The New Bethel Baptist Church Gospel Choir) “Another Christmas Without My Son

8/28 Rev. Vince Burke “Stuck in a Manila Traffic Jam

8’27 Rev. Wyrdsli “Vampire Christmas” 

3:20 ReWine “Merry Fucking Christmas

3.2 RhapCD “Snowman

7/24 Rheal LeBlanc “Blue Christmas Tree

12.6, 12.25 Rhett & Link “Christmas Booty

12.6, 12.25 Rhett & Link “Christmas Face” 

12.6, 12.25  Rhett & Link “Christmas Sweatz”

1/1 Rhett and Link “New Years Resolutions

12’16 RHL_KT “Hood Santa”

8;2 Rhonda Vincent “Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem”

8\28 Rhonda Vincent “Christmas Time at Home

2.18 Rhymecast “Do You Want to Play in the Snow?

7.13 Ria Mae “Gimme My Presents (Take the Bows Off)

6;25 Ricardo Munoz “Once Christmas Is Gone”

12*1 ‘Rice Boy’ Liu “California Christmas

6.17 Rich Cashman “Credit Card Christmas

8:25 Rich DeVore “Solstice Carol

2\9 Rich DiMare “It’s Okay to Say Christmas Again” 

9,4 Rich Evans “Christmas Kissing

12,31 Rich Evans “On This Christmas Night” 

10,4 Rich Krueger “It’s That Time Again

8:25 Rich Mertes “Winter Solstice Song

1”20 Richard Ayoade “Is There a Room at the Inn?” 

12*24 Richard Bryant “Sad Christmas Eve

11*24 Richard Cheese (& The Lounge Against the Machine) ”Christmas in Las Vegas

12*19 Richard Cheese “Jingle Dogs”

6-8 Richard Cummins “Egg Nog (The Norman Rockwell Mix)”

7-20 Richard Fagan “Christmas in Rehab”

7:19 Richard Gamble “Mr. Chill Brings His Family and Friends” 

8/14 Richard Gillis “CB Santa Claus

4-29 Richard Graham  “Gingerbread House

7;14 Rich Hinkllin “Silver Bells (Post-Apocalyptic Dance Mix)” 

10,10 Richard Marx “Christmas Mornings

10,26 Richard Melvin Brown “Amos the Little Elf

9,2 Richard Melvin Brown “The Christmas Eve Song” 

10\28 Richard Melvin Brown “Santa Bring Daddy Home

10,21 Richard Melvin Brown “Santa’s Ninth Reindeer

10,26 Richard Melvin Brown “Who is the Real Santa Claus?‘ 

7,11 Richard Myhill “Ho Ho Dance 60” 

1.27 Richard Peachey “All About that Base

8\27 Richard Poulette “Flying High on Jesus” 

7,16 Richard Sponaugle “52 weeks Until Christmas” 

10/15 Richard Steel Hemingway “A Harley Davidson Christmas Song

10*22 Richard Hippey “A Charleston Christmas

5.24 Richard Holley “O Christmas Tree, Reusable Christmas Tree

12*23 Richard Pepper “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”

1\26 Richard Sponaugle “52 Weeks Until Christmas

4\14 Richard Stepp “Hooray for Santa Claus

9,10 Richard Watson “Christmas Like the Movies

6-12 Richard White  “The Eggnog Song”

7/31 Richard Wolfe  “Black Christmas”

7/11 Richie McDonald “If Every Day Could Be Christmas”

8/16 Richie McDonald “Peterbilt Sleigh

2:26 Richlove “Scrooge You” 

8\21 Rick Brown “Santa Couldn’t Fly on Christmas Eve

2;19 Rick Carter “Happy Birthday Jesus and Jimmy Buffett

9/16 Rick Diaz “The Elvis Elf”

5.10 Rick Diaz “I’m Gonna Shake the Decorations Right off Your Christmas Tree

5.17 Rick Goldberg “The Christmas Tree

3\3 Rick Kemp “It’s Another Christmas

1/18 Rick Moyer “Away Team with a Phaser”

9-26 Rick Moyer “Benji the Spaceman”

1/18 Rick Moyer “Here Comes Enterprise‘”

1/18 Rick Moyer “Have Yourself a Hairy Little Creature

9-26, 3”26 Rick Moyer “Jean Luc the Bald Headed Captain” 

1/18 Rick Moyer Merry Trekmas

1\5 Rick Paul “The Day After the Day After Christmas

11*24 Rick Poppe “Christmas Strip

7\18 Rick Riso “Where Did the Reindeer Go?” 

9’22 Rick Springfield “Santa is an Anagram“

12,27 Rick’s Original Music “It All Started One Christmas

12,10 Rickie Lee Jones “Christmas in New Orleans

8.5 Rickie and Rebecca Page “Snowflake

1/2 Rickie Vera “How Can Santa Come to Puerto Rico?”

1”6 Ricky Martin “Borrow Indefinitely”

4\11 Ricky Martin with Rosie O’Donnell “Ay, Ay, Ay, Its Christmas” 

8;6 Ricky Skaggs · Sharon White · Cheryl White “New Star Shining”

5-21 Ricky T “My Christmas Pork

5/19 Ricky Zahnd and the Blue Jeaners “Nuttin’ for Christmas”

12/16 Rico J. Puno  “You’re All I Want for Christmas”

4:12, 9:22 Rico Loco “A Booty Call for Mrs. Claus” 

12;25 Riders in the Sky Christmas The Cowboy Way

3;7 Riders in the Sky “The Christmas Yodel

3;28 Riders in the Sky “Corn, Water, and Wood”

3;16 Riders in the Sky “Deck the Bunkhouse” 

10.1 Riders in the Sky        “The Last Christmas Medley You’ll Ever Need to Hear

11/7 The Riders in the Sky “The Prairie Dog Christmas Ball

11/9 Riders in the Sky “Old Fashioned Christmas Polka”version

11*26 Riders in the Sky “Sidemeat’s Christmas Goose”

5-17 Riders in the Sky “Sidemeat’s Christmas Stew” 

5.9 Riders in the Sky “Two Step ‘Round the Christmas Tree

2’17 Ridg Downs “Christmas Morning

5.11 The Ridin Dudes “Christmas Tree

5.31 The Ridin Dudes (TRD) “No Christmas Tree

7-30 Riesa Rose Harris “Non-Alcoholic Christmas

10’19, 12’25 Rifftones “Apocalypse Christmas”

1:8 Right Between the Ears “Flu for Christmas

7-24 Rigo Sebastiani “Santa got a DUI” 

11*10 Rikesh and Jason “Christmas in Chicago

2\3 Rikki Jai “It’s Christmas Again” 

4-15 Rilo Kiley “Xmas Cake”

12*24 Ringo “Christmas Eve

11/8 Ringo Starr “The Christmas Dance

2\2 Ringo Starr “Christmas Time is Here Again” 

1:30 The Rise Guys “Walking Around with HIV

7;16 Rita Faye Wilson “Sleigh Bells, Reindeer and Snow”

7:25 Rita MacNeil “With My Family

5:4 Rita MacNeil “The Gift of Love

7:5 Ritchie Remo “Christmas Family

10’1 River’s Edge “Christmas is Hell”

11,23 The River’s Edge “Christmas Sweater

8/31 Rixton “Driving Home for Christmas”

1\22 Riz “Christmas is Over

12,15 R J Word “The First Three Hours of Christmas

11:20 R Kelly “Christmas Party

12:1 R Kelly “Love Letter” 

9:23 R Kelly “Mrs. Santa Claus” 

12’6 RKVC “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”

4/19, 7,20 The Road Kill Band “Roadkill Christmas”

1”26 Rob Berliner and Katie Luke “The Present is a Gift”

4;24 Rob Endo “Coal Stockings”

8/15 Rob Ervin & The High Strung Lifters “Santa Drives a Truck

9’28 Rob From Amersfoort “Office Party From Hell”

2\13 Rob from Amersfoort “So Glad It’s Christmas Again” 

5\16 Rob Halford “Donner and Blitzen

11;19 Rob Hegel · Nataly Lola “It’s Almost Christmas”

4;7 Rob Lord “Bag of Coal” 

2\13 Rob Lord “Christmas Time Again

10:22 Rob P Rocks “When They Say Merry Christmas”

3:18 Rob Scallon (feat. Doug Walker) “I Fucking Love Christmas”

11.26, 6’22 Rob Snarski “Christmas Card from a Drunken Sailor” 

6’23 Rob Winder “Christmas at Sea”

10*13 Rob Thomas “Christmas in New York”

1:10 Rob Vallier “Christmas Fever

8,13 Rob Vischer “So in Love at Christmas Time

8,31 Rob Vischer “‘Til New Year’s Eve

8:14 Robb Johnson “Boxing Day” 

12,23 Robbie Bishop “Santa, Hitch Up Your Reindeer

11\21 Robbie Williams “Family Coach

9\22 Robbie Williams “Idlewild

12,31 Robbie Williams “Let’s Not Go Shopping

12,31 Robbie Williams “Rudolph” 

12,9 Robbie Williams “Walk This Sleigh

4\29 Robbie Williams “Yeah! It’s Christmas” 

9/28 Robby the Elf “The Legion of Elves

8\14, 8’7 Robby Grant “Fly on a Christmas Dragon

11:25 Robby Grant “North Pole Christmas Party Band”

6’9 Robert Akers “Cruise for Christmas

8/3 Robert and Janita Baker “Hot Rod Sleigh”

8/14 Robert and Patrick Conti “CB Christmas

12;10 Robert Armand “Just Can’t Wait ’till Christmas”

4”26 Robert Boog “Reggae Xmas Song

11,14 Robert Boog “Xmas Baby” 

4:1 Robert Curry (feat Nymrod) “Sex for Christmas” 

4.22 Robert DeCormier Singers and Ensemble “Gather Around the Christmas Tree”

6\10 Robert (‘Dr. Bob’) Blake “Bubba the Buck-Toothed Reindeer

3.26 Robert (‘Dr. Bob’) Blake “Our Snowman wasn’t Frosty

4”20 Robert ‘Dr. Bob’ Blake “Santa Claus Rock

8:29 Robert Crenshaw “Atheist Christmas” 

11*15, 7:7 Robert Earl KeeneMerry Christmas From the Family

10:31 Robert Earl Keen “Happy Holidays Y’all” 

5,30 Robert J. Conti & Patrick J. Conti “C.B. Christmas” 

4”12 Robert J. Walsh “Funky Funky Santa” 

12.8 Robert K Wolf “Crossdressing for Christmas” 

11*25 Robert Lund “12 Days of Utah Christmas”

7.17, 12.28 Robert Lund “The Christmas Thong

9/22 Robert Lund “Cookies for My Elves, Milk for My Reindeer”

5-9 Robert Lund “Ding, Fries are Done” 

12-7 Robert Lund “Every Toy You Break”

6.20 Robert Lund “I’ll be Broke for Christmas

10-13 Robert Lund ( “Miley Christmas/Parody of ‘The Christmas Song’”

5;1 Robert Lund “Nuttin’ But Spam”

1.5 Robert Lund “Overdecorated”

12*25 Robert Lund “Santa”

9/22 Robert Lund “Undead Elves”

12.27 Robert Lund “What Tie is This?” 

9/22 Robert Lund “ Who Let the Elves Out”

12/19 Robert Lund w/Chelsi Stahr “I Want Some Plastic Surgery for Christmas

9.29 Robert Morse “All Hail the Jolly Fat Man”

12;8 Robert Neary “I Cant Wait Till Christmas Day”

6’27 Robert Palomo “Sailor Christmas Carols” 

10.10 Robert Serling and Emily Lozcalo “Just Another Sad Christmas Song

9;3 The Robert Shaw Chorale “Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light” 

4:27 Robert Taylor  “Merry Sexmas

11/15 Robert Wells and Little Mike Watson “A Very Merry Rockin’ Good Christmas

11:27 Roberto Cassani “At the Office Christmas Party

3”31 The Robertsons “Hairy Christmas

9:1 Robie Lester “My World is Beginning Today”

4.29 Robin and Linda Williams “Shotgun Shells on a Christmas Tree

9:3 Robin Vosbury & Linnea Fayard Allen “Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus”

11*26 Robin Laing     “The Man that Slits the Turkeys’ Throats (at Christmas)

7.20 Robin Lee Berry “Woody\’s Christmas Present” 

5-13 Robin Zaruba “Tootsie Pops and Popcorn

4\3 Robocalls (fronted by Roger Bogren) “Hello Christmas” 

4-10, 9.28 Robot ChickenHanukkah Gelt Rap

3”18 Robots! Everywhere!! “Christmas Mustache!

8-19 Roccy “Do You Want to Do Some Blow, Man?” 

1:18 Rock, Paper, Cynic (ft. Tico Souza) “This Christmas Everybody Gets the Gout”

4”2 Rock Sugar “Don’t Stop the Santa Man

6;14 Rocket From The Crypt “Cancel Christmas”

8.28 Rocko’s Modern Life “Ho Ho Dance”

8.28 Rocko’s Modern LifeWe’re Gonna Party

9/30, 1;10 Rocket Summer “Elf Creep

11*19 The Rockford Mules “Merry Christmas, South Dakota”

5:26 The Rockhogs “Far From Home

10/8 Rocki Lane and the Gross Group “Happy, Hairy, Hippie Santa Claus

4-28 The Rockin Elfs “Christmas Cookies”

6-13 The Rockin’ Guys “Eggnog

3.7 Rockin’ Rhythms “Bye Bye Snowman

8\8 Rockin’ Robin & The Magical Tree “Christmas Time Flies” 

4\5 Rocking Cosgrove “Hey Baby It’s Christmas” 

10/15 The Rocking Scoundrels “Sidecar Santa

6\30 Rocknroll Ranch “Rudy the Rocknroll Reindeer

12’1 Rocky Mountain Mike “The Christmas Gun Nut Song”

11*24 Rocky Zharp “Christmas in Las Vegas

2:14 Rocky Zharp “I Hate Christmas” 

7.24 Rocky Zharp “Grandpa King’ S Last Gift

1\31 Rod McKuen “The Day After Christmas” 

7-25 Rod Picott “Dad’s Drunk Again on Christmas

11\28 Rod Picott “Jackknife

1/27 Rod Rogers and the Librettos “Santa Claus Goes Modern”

2.6 Rod Stewart “Let It Snow”

10/3, 12.21 Rod Stewart “Red Suited Superman

12/26 Rodd and Judy “Santa Fix My Toys for Christmas

6/18 Rodd Rogers “Maury the Christmas Mouse

12*5 Roddy Lopez “Hawaiian Christmas

1\9 Rodeo Gypsy  “You Can’t Hide Christmas” 

7,3 RodneyAlan “Whatchu Want for Christmas

1-13 Rodney Carrington “Camouflage and Christmas Lights”

5.15, 7.14 Rodney Carrington “The Presents Under the Tree (Better be for Me)

3.27 Rodney Carrington “Who Put the Dick on the Snowman?”

5.27 Rodney Dangerfield “I’ll Never Do It on a Christmas Tree

10,2 Rodolfo de la Peña “Christmas on My Own” 

11*9 Roger Boggs “Winter in Iowa”

4,30 Roger Creager “I Got the Guns

8:7 Roger Emerson “Kwanzaa Celebration” 

9/18 Roger Eydenberg “Lester the Christmas Elf

11*14 Roger Hornsby “Louisiana Christmas Time

5’22 Roger Miller “Old Toy Trains” 

12’31 Roger Oddcock “Santa’s Got A Gun”

7’7 The Roger Wagner Chorale “Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Rum!!”

10:3 Roger Weber “Say Merry Christmas”

2\5 Roger Whittaker  “Christmas is Here Again

6/8 Roger Whittaker “Darcy the Dragon”

7;28 Roger Whittaker “Ding Dong Merrily On High”

4\16 Roger Whittaker “Hallelujah, It’s Christmas

3”24 Roger Wodehouse “Personal Menorah

11’23 Roland Buscar “A Very Ragamuffin Xmas”

5.17 Roland Everett Fall “Christmas Tree Memories

6/16 Rolf Harris “Six White Boomers

4’24 ‘Roller Coaster tycoon’ “Ski Lodge Shootout

3:27 Rollercoaster X “A Merry Fucking Christmas to You”

5.30 Romantic Beats “Christmas Tree

11,25 the romantidote “(Have Yourself) A Very Maudlin Christmas” 

2:26 Romeo615 “Ebenezer Scrooge

1;9 Romeon Hustle “Kidnap Sandy Claws” 

4:18 Ron and the Rude Boys “We Wish You a Hump at Christmas

4/28 Ron and Tyler Goudreau “Santa Claus was Bitten by a Zombie”

6’3 Ron Bell “Christmas on Catalina

1\7 Ron Bell “The Day After Christmas” 

2:26 Ron Doros “Ebenezer’s Song

5.11 Ron Glaser “Christmas Tree

6;11 Ron Hamilton, Gary Emory “I Wanna Cancel Christmas”

10/31 Ron Holden and the Thunderbirds “Who Sez There Ain’t No Santy Claus?”

11;18 Ron Lehner “It’s Almost Christmas”

9.14 Ron SexsmithMaybe This Christmas

7:17 Ron Tyson “I’m Gonna be with My Family for Christmas” 

1”4 Ron Wisniski “Nobody Knows”

1-14 Ronald James Sorenson “Fly Our Flag for Christmas”

6-17 Rondy ‘Luta’ McIntosh “Rum Santa

8-3 The Ronnie “I’ll be Stoned for Christmas” 

2.26 (the ronnie buss) “No Snow Song

1-16 Ronnie McDowell “Red, White, and Blue Christmas

10,1 Ronny Milsap “Only One Night of the Year

6’7 Ronson Kwan “Christmas in July

10’21 Ronson Kwon “Snow Globe”

7/15 Rooftop “This December”

5.10 Roosevelt Sykes “Let Me Hang Your Stockings in Your Tree

10-7 Rooster Slayer “Fa La La Floyd Christmas Song

10*3 Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band “Christmas at KMart”

7/31 Rose Graham “Black Christmas

11:26 Roseate “Office Christmas Party” 

9.22 The Rosebuds “Christmas Dan

12\25 The Rosebuds Christmas Tree Island

9.22, 7\22 The Rosebuds “I Hear Click, Click, Click

9.26 The Rosebuds “Oh It’s Christmas” 

12;29 Rosemary & Nick Clooney “Don’t Wait Till The Night Before Christmas”

5/20 Rosemary Clooney  ‘Ford Motors Jingle Bells’

5/14, 7.21 Rosemary Clooney “Let’s Give a Present to Santa Claus

2.8 Rosemary Clooney “Snow

5/6 Rosemary Clooney  “Suzy Snowflake

5/10 Rosemary Clooney “Happy Christmas, Little Friend

4.18 Rosemary Clooney “Little Red Riding Hood’s Christmas Tree

9,14 Rosemary Jun “I’ve Got 18 Cents” 

8/26 The Rosenkranz “Car Crash for Xmas”

3.2 Rosenshontz “Snowman

10/7 Rosie Flores “Secret Santa”

12;5 Rosie Flores “Watchoo Waitin’ For Christmas”

11*20 Rosie Gaudreau “North Dakota Christmas (Remembering Larry Gaudreau)

5-1 Rosie O’Donnell (w/Gloria Estefan) “I’m Gonna Eat for Christmas

12:15 Rosie O’Donnell “I’m Gonna Email Santa

9-29 Rosiells (Several) “Voldemort  is Coming to Town” 

4’14 Rosroc “Not Making It Home (for the Holidays)

8,20 Rosroc “Tha Wish List

10*11 Ross Altman ”Christmas in Connecticut”

9:21 Ross and Dave “Mrs. Claus (I’m in Love with You)

7:12 Ross Bagdasarian (David Seville) “Let’s Have a Merry Merry Christmas

4:7 Ross Everett “No One Jerks off on Christmas

9.24 Ross Lynch, Laura Marano “I Love Christmas” 

9.24 Ross Lynch, Laura Marano ”A Perfect Christmas”

7’16 Ross Mayhew “A Pirate’s Christmas Eve” 

3\4 Rotten Apple Trees “Another Christmas Song” 

4.20 Rough Shop “The Big Man Under the Tree

7.27 Rough Shop “Little Wrapped Gift

5:15 The Roundheads “All I Got for Christmas was a Brick” 

5:12 The Roundheads “When the Elf Comes to Town”

11*3 The Roustabouts “Christmas in Kentucky

8\25 Rowdy House “Toy Plane Christmas

4,10 Rowlette and Craig Cooney “December” 

10.8 The Muppets (Rowlf) “The Christmas Party Sing-Along”

6:12 Roxette      “It Must Have been Love (Christmas for the Broken Hearted)”

5.31 Roy C “Christmas Without a Tree

3.25 Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown “Frosty

11:25 Roy Fulton “Christmas Party Time

4.3 Roy Hudd “(Everyone Needs a) Christmas Tree”

7-26 Roy Payne “Drinking Beer with Jesus” 

2.28 Roy Peter Clark “Christmas Without Snow

3;18 Roy Rogers and Dale Evans “Christmas on the Plains”

3’10 Roy Thomas Carter “Skating” 

8.7 Roy Zimmerman (Daffy Duck) “All I Want for Christmas is More, More, More

10:11 Roy Zimmerman “Bill O’Reilly’s Christmas”

8:2 Roy Zimmerman “Christma-Hanu-Rama-Ka-Dona-Kwanzaa

10\27 Roy Zimmerman “Christmas in Crawford, 2004

8.7 Roy Zimmerman(Pepe LePew) “Christmas in Paree” 

8.7 Roy Zimmerman (Tweety & Sylvester) “I Tawt I Taw Ol’ Tanty Claus

4”14 Roy Zimmerman “PeaceNick

12/24, 7.15 Roy Zimmerman “War Toys for Christmas

7/13 Royal Bustards “Last Day of November (A Christmas Song)”

4\6 Royal Crown Revue “Hey Santa” 

1-6, 7;25 The Royal Guardsmen “Snoopy’s Christmas”

7:18 The Royalty Family “The Royalty Family X-mas

6;13 The Royds “Christmas is Cancelled

10-2 The Rubber Band “A Bairn is Born in Beatlehome”

10-2 The Rubber Band “Last Christmas

12,18 Rubber Lightning “This Christmas

3\5 Rubettes (feat. Alan Williams) “Another Christmas” 

7;15 Rubettes (feat. Alan Williams) “Bells Ring out on Christmas Day”

6.10 Rubettes (feat. Alan Williams) “Christmas Shopping

4”17 The Rubettes (feat. Alan Williams) “Go Go Santa”

6:18 Alan Williams fronts the Rubettes “Lonely This Christmas” 

4”26 The Rubettes (feat. Alan Williams) “Santa Clausa”

10.25, 4”25 Rubettes (feat. Alan Williams) “Santa’s Song” 

4-16 Ruby Murray “Mrs. O’Leary’s Fruitcake

5:12 Ruby Rivers “Little Elf

5/11 Ruby Sunshine “Too Fat for the Chimney”

5/23, 4.27 Ruby Wright “Let’s Light the Christmas Tree

5/23 Ruby Wright “Merry, Merry Christmas

11*11 Rucka Rucka Ali “Christmas in Afghanistan

12*11 Rucka Rucka ALi “Dreidel Song Parody”

5.26 Rucka Rucka Ali “Smoke Christmas Tree”

12’16 Rucka Rucka Ali “Twas the Night Before Kwanzaa”

4.8 RuddOsophy “Let’s Go Kill Us a Christmas Tree

12;9 Rudd Young “I Can Hardly Wait for Christmas

3/30 Rudolph & Gang “Here Comes Fatty Claus”

9/1 Rudolph TV special “We Are Santa’s Elves

9,11 Rudy Ayoub “It is Covid-19 Christmas” 

11:28 Rudy Casoni “Office Christmas Party” 

12:25 Rudy Casoni ‘Sno Balls

6:6 Rudy Casoni “Sno’ Balls”

11.16 Rudy Currence “Christmas Card” 

2:1 Rudy Mancuso “Christmas is a Bitch

9,27 Rufus Wainwright “Spotlight on Christmas

3:23 The Rugburns “I Hate Christmas” 

8.4 Rugrats The Rugrats Christmas Theme

2.15 The Rumbar Girls “In the Snow

4-22 rumcakes.orgRum Cakes

10*13, 9\15 Run D.M.C. “Christmas in Hollis” 

7/30 Run Moon “Black Christmas

10\13 cast Runaway, The MusicalThe World Keeps Spinning” 

1/29 Runaway Symphony “Christmas on the Moon

4-28 RuPaul “Christmas Cookies

11:17 Ru Paul “Christmas Party

4-2 RuPaul “Hard Candy Christmas”

4\5 RuPaul (feat Markaholic) “Hey Sis, It’s Christmas” 

12;14 Chris Willis · RuPaul “I Just Can’t Wait (‘Til Christmas)”

10/17 RuPaul  “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus”

5;17 RuPaul “Nothing for Christmas”

5.5, 8;28, 2\23 RuPaul “You’re the Star (On My Christmas Tree)

6,10 Rushmore Beekeepers “Some Deeper Meaning

8’31 rushmore beekeepers “there won’t be any zombies on christmas” 

6.26 Russ “Wrap Your Presents up in Duct Tape

10/31 Russ Lorenson “I Guess there Ain’t No Santa Claus

9:9 Russ Lorenson “Mrs. Claus”

12*1 Russ Lorenzo “Christmas in San Francisco

5/30 Russ Regan “Dancer, Prancer and Nervous

3;20 Russell Roberts “Cowboy Christmas

6.1, 6,8 The Russian Futurists “100 Shopping Days ’til Christmas

6.2 Rusty Cage “Black Friday Song”

2:6 Rusty Cage “The Christmas Knife Game Song

10/2 Rusty Cage “The Krampus Song

1-8, 5.31 Rusty Wellington “No Christmas Tree in Vietnam

5/26 Ruth Lyons “Let’s Light the Christmas Tree

5/26 Ruth Lyons “Hey Nonny Nonny

5/26 Ruth Lyons “Christmas is Getting Mighty Close

2.12 Ruthie + the Giants “Snow is Falling

4-23 R W Hampton “Christmas Cookies”

3;2 R.W. Hampton “Cowboy Christmas Eve”

8’11 RW Hedges & Luca Nieri “Christmas Ghost Waltz” 

4’1 R. Wyly “Skiing for Jesus

1;3 Rx2 “Shoplifting for Christmas” 

12,23 Ry Cooder “Christmas Time This Year

10\24 Ryan Burke of The Christmas Friends “The 2007 Christmas Friends Intro

2\8 Ryan Garrett “Merry Christmas Again” 

9\1 Ryan Hill “Infinite Monkey Christmas

3”8 Ryan Marchand “Santa, Is Your Beard Real?” 

11\13 Ryan McReynolds “Christmas Day 1989

5.19 Ryan Miller “Tiny Christmas Tree”

2\12 Ryan Patrick and friends “Christmas Again” 

10-9 Ryan Perry “Merry Christmas, My Love”

8\3 Ryan Rasmussen “What Makes the Reindeer Fly” 

1”15 Ryan Reynolds, The Spirited Ensemble “Bringing Back Christmas”

1”15 Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, Patrick Page, Sunita Mani, Tracy Morgan“Do a Little Good” 

1”15 Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, The Spirited Ensemble  “Good Afternoon”

1”15 Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell “Unredeemable” 

12’20 Ryan Seabass “Santa’s Got a Gun”

9,26 Ryan’s Edits “The Twelve Days of Star Trek

12:31 Ryland Adams “A Clickbait Christmas

12,13 Ryley Michael “20/20 Christmas” 

7/27 Ryley Olsen “White Trash Christmas”


12\23 Sabadu “Polish Christmas

5/18 The Sabers “A Cool Cool Christmas

5.10 Sabrina and Craig “Tree of Love

4,12 Sabrina Carpenter “Christmas the Whole Year Round

10’9 Sad Dad “Christmas at the End of the World”

12,17 Sad House Guest “Moscow Mules” 

4\29 Sage Hill “Yeah It’s Christmas” 

7’29 The Sailing “Stranded Here (On Christmas)”

10,4 Saint Blind “[At Least for] A Little While” 

9,9 Saint Etienne “21st Century Christmas

9,22 Salem Ilese “Marry Christmas

8;13 Sally DeFord (feat. James Loynes) “Star of Wonder”

4”12 The Salmons “Funky Santa

10,3 Salsa Boys “I’m Gonna Get Me an Elk” 

10,24 Salt-N-Pepa “Santa Baby” 

11’14 Salvador Buttersworth “Chinese Frog Legs for Christmas”

1\1 Salvador Buttersworth “Christmas Comes Four Days After Winter Solstice

11’12 Salvador Buttersworth “Christmas on Love Avenue”

9;24 Salvador Buttersworth “I Thought I Saw Christmas Lights from Adel”

9,24 Sam & Bill “Crystal Lake Christmas

8:10 Sam & Bill “Kwanzaa Song

9,26 Sam & Lani “!2 Days of Christmas Japanese Style”

11*8 Sam Begich “(We Miss Our) Minnesota Christmas

4-11 Sam Concepcion, Cheska Ortega, Audie Gemora (Dunkin’ Donuts) “Merry Munchkins

4,11 Sam DeMartino “364 Days (Lying Under the Christmas Tree)” 

8:13 Sam DeMartino “Boxing Day

10\10 Sam Gecko (feat. Kristen Leah) “2020: A Virtual Christmastime

5-30 Sam Glaser “Latkes

3.19 Sam Hart “Snowman” 

7\15 Sam Jones “Tell Us Tales About a Reindeer” 

12*31 Sam Lightnin’ Hopkins “Happy New Year”

5.11 Sam Mason and Songbird Jones “Empty Tree (All I Want for Christmas)

7,17 Sam Newton “Merry Christmas

12’30 Sam Pearson “Shoot Your Eye Out This Christmas”

1”17 Sam Poole “This Sets Our Plot in Motion“

11:19 Sam Scola “The Christmas Party” 

1/13 Sam Simmons “Star Wars Christmas Carols

12*5 Sam Sims “Hawaiian Christmas

10\28 Sam Sky “Xmas Feels

3\4 Sam Trotman “Another Crappy Christmas Song

11\10 Sam Weinberg “Christmas Eve, 1992

12.15 Sam Wineman “Christmas Sweater

12:25 Sam Wineman Right in My Christmas

12:24 Sam Wineman “Text Me Back

11:28 Samantha Fields “The Office Christmas Party

3”14 Samaritan “Jesus Had a Beard, Why Can’t We?

11.26 Same Sex Mary and Jack Johnson “Christmas Card from a Gary in Las Vegas”

1\25 Same Time Tomorrow  “The Day After Christmas

1’18 Sameer Whittle “California Christmas

2’6 Sameer Whittle “‘Cause It’s Christmas” 

6,24 Sammy Hagar “Santa’s Going South for Christmas” 

11’7 Sammy Horner “The Worst Day That I’ve Had (Joseph’s Song)”

5/7 Sammy Kaye “All Around the Christmas Tree”

10/6 Sammy Kaye “Santa Claus for President

4”5 Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra (vocal by The Kaye Choir) “Santa, Santa, Santa Claus

6/6 Samuel E Wright “Deck the Halls

5.13 Samuel J Morris “Help My Christmas Tree

6-6 Samuel Stokes       “Here We Come A-Wassailing (The American Edition)” 

11*13 Samuel Stokes “O Little Town of Boggy Creek

12*23 Samuel Stokes “Jolly Old St. Nicholas–Change Your Ways”

2/16 Samuel Stokes “O Tannenbaum (This Song has Many Versions)”

9;21 Samurai Tiger “Christmas Lights”

12*1 The San Francisco Gay Mens’ Chorus  “Hannukah in Santa Monica”

4-20 The San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir “Recycle the Fruitcake

5.24 Sanders Family “The Cactus Christmas Tree”

9\16 Sandi Patty “Light of a Million Mornings

2/21 Sandi Patty “Merry Christmas with Love”

10.23 Sandler and Young “I Sing Noel”

5\22 The Sandpipers “Santa’s Other Reindeer (We are the Reindeer Who Work for Santa Claus)

12,6 Sandra Cross “Snowflakes” 

5-29 Sandy and Richard Riccardi “The Holiday Dinner Party” 

11/15, 4”19 Sandy Baron “Swingin’ Santa Claus

5.29 Sandy n Steve “I’m Taking Down the Christmas Tree Now!”

9:10 Sandy Schaeffer Bergeson “Mrs. Santa’s Song” 

12,9 SannaBlue Baker “Bring Me Home (To The Sounds Of Christmas)” 

5.9 Santa House            “You Make Me Wanna Dance (Around the Christmas Tree)” 

5\21 Santa’s Angry Elves “Blitzen’s Got the Shitzens

5\6 Santa’s Angry Elves “The Head of Prancer

1;18, 9’5 Santa’s Angry Elves “Frosty is the Devil” 

9:13 Santa’s Angry Elves “Mrs. Claus is Ugly

5.23, 1;20 Santa’s Angry Elves “Murder by Christmas Tree

1:29 Santa’s Angry Elves       “Santa Has Herpes and for Christmas He’s Giving It to All the Sluts

3”5 Santa’s Angry Elves “Santa’s Beard Conspiracy“

5\9 Santa’s Angry Elves “Trump Grabbed Vixen by the Pussy

6\11 Santa’s Elves “Bucky the One-Eyed Reindeer

11’17 Santa’s Elves “K-Mart Fighting”

7\20 Santa’s Elves “Reindeer Love

5:23, 4”15 Santa’s Elves “Sleigh Rider

5:23 Santa’s Elves “We Got a Christmas Tree” 

1\3 Santa’s Helpers “The Day of Christmas

11/20 Santa’s Little Rockerz “Rockin’ with Rudolph

6/30 Santa’s Pixie Helpers “The Animals Christmas Song

6;30 Santhosh Chris “If there’s no Christmas…”

6;30 Santhosh Chris “IF there’s no Christmas (alternate)”

2:17, 7:14 Sara Baker “(I Hate) Every single Christmas” 

12*1 Jay Nash, Sara Bareilles “Christmas in Los Angeles

10*15 Sara Bareilles “Jersey Shore Xmas Song

2/2 Sara Bareilles “Love is Christmas”

6’25 Sara Noelle “Christmas at Sea“‘

5’7 Sarah Connor “Not So Silent Night

10\1 Sarah Golding “Same Sky

11,10 Sarah Larkin “I’ll be in Quarantine for Christmas” 

10;23 Sarah Lynn Strange “Mr. Mall Santa”

11,24 Sarah Pillow “Hell’s Kitchen at Christmas Time

10,7 Sarah Read (with Theo Davis) “Home for the Winter

10,13 Sarah Reynolds “Christmas Time is Here” 

10\17 Sarah Seuky & Inzey “December Dream

12*31 Sara Stewart with the Lee Hudson Orchestra “The New Year Song”

7;29 Sarah Winter “Christmas Bells”

3.6 Sara Womack “Snowman Jump

3;11 SaraBeth “Cowboy for Christmas

1/7 Sarah and Lizzie “Doctor Who 12 Days of Christmas”

5.22 Sarah Brown “My Christmas Tree is Hung with Tears

2.5 Sarah Close “Snow It Down (parody of ‘Call Me Out’)”

2/5 Sarah Geronimo, “Give Love on Christmas Day”

12/16 Sarah Geronimo “You’re All I Want for Christmas”

2.16 Sarah Hart “Snow Angels

12*1 Sarah LaForge and Micky Lopez “California Christmas

12*12 Sarah Silverman “Give the Jew Girl Toys”

7.21 Sarah Taylor “I’ve Got a Present for Santa” 

2’12 Sarantos “The Happiest Time of the Year

9,25 Sascha Burland and The Skipjack Choir  “The Chickens Are In The Chimes

12,18 Sawyer Brown “Where Christmas Goes” 

9-26 Sasha “Santa Vader

12,13 Sassydee “Mistletoe

7/30 Satan and the Reindeer Butchers  “A Black Xmas

9’17 Satan’s Basement “Cynical Christmas Carols (Hail Santa)”

9’16 The Satanic Temple “Blessings of Knowledge and Fruit”

9’16 The Satanic Temple “Hark! The Fallen Angels Sing!”

9’16 The Satanic Temple “Blessings of Knowledge and Fruit”

7:4 Saturday Night Live “Dysfunctional Family Christmas Album” 

10,9 Sauce on the Side “Pandemichristmas

11,5 Saucy Samurai Spice “Holly Jolly Saucy Samurai Christmas” 

6’13 Savage Bell “Santa Rode on a Shrimp Boat

12*19 The Savage Muse “Christmas Cake

5’18 Savak “Christmas Train

 6:10 Savannah Smith “Ex-Mas

5,17 SayWeCanFly “Merry Christmas, I Miss You

5’20 Scapeghost “Christmas is Real” 

5;1 Scarlet Tree “I Ain’t Been Nothing but Bad”

1/1 Scary Gary Allen “New Years Resolutions

12.28 Scary Pete “The Christmas Boobs” perverse version

10*25 Scat Springs “An Alabama Moon for Christmas

7,31 Scenic World “Green and Red

9’6 Schizoid Lloyd “Christmas Devil”

5,9 Schmab “Fuck Yeah Christmas

10:5 Schmoyoho “Donald Trump’s Christmas Carol

4.29, 5’27 Schnitzel “Christmas Tree Train

9,28 School Gyrls “Twelve Days of Christmas

1”4 Scott Ahearn “Mine“

1”4 Scott Ahearn · Zak Risinger “When Your Hands are Too Big“

6;22 Scott Andersen “Ain’t No Christmas Round Here”

4”23 Scott Andersen “Wrote a Letter to Santa

10:24 Scott Anthony Andrews “I Still Say Merry Christmas” 

1;6 Scott Campbell “Christmas Crime” 

2.14 Scott Chapman “Snowfall (Christmas Dreaming)

10:7 Scott Coulter, Tim Di Pasqua, and Tom Anderson  “War on Christmas Day” 

7.21, 4”25 Scott Fagan “A Christmas Present for Santa Claus

7\1 Scott Fagan “Sandy the Bluenosed Reindeer

11,6 Scott Forsyth “Hungover on Christmas Day

7-2 Scott Gagner “I’ll be Drinking This Christmas

9-27 Scott Innes “Christmas with the Monsters”

1\20 Scott Ryan “The Day After Christmas

9\17 Scott Scovill (feat Lisa Ell) “Snow Day

10*19 Scott Simons “Chanukah in West Virginia”

12*1 Scott Strauss “California Christmas

6,16Scott the Woz “It’s a Bargain Bin Christmas

6.14 Scottland “Credit Card Christmas (It’s Gonna be)”

9,13 Scotty McCreery “Christmas Comin’ Round Again

8,26 Scotty Sires “25 Christmas Trees

6:1 Scotty Sire “Lonely Christmas

5’6 Scouting for Girls “Kids at Christmas

11\22 Scouting for Girls “Xmas in the 80’s

8’25 Screamerclauz “Robosanta” 

4/17, 4.8 Screaming Headless Torsos “Dead Christmas Trees”

1;4 The Screaming Thieves “A Christmas Story (A Robbery)” 

10.18 ‘Scrooge’ musical cast “Sing a Christmas Carol” 

7;10 ScrootyMcboog “Sleighbells Ring”

9.15 Scrubs cast ’12 Days’ parody

5-21 Scrunter “A Piece of Pork for Christmas

1;4 Scud FM “Christmas Crime

12/19 Scuzz Twittly “I Want a Hooker for Christmas

6’25 Scythian “The Wellerman Christmas

9:1 S.D. Kluger “Wedding Day

2’8 SDNY “Christmas Bae

2’19 Seahoneys “Sled In” 

9/12 Seal Smash “A Christmas Song”

4-16 Seamus Kennedy “Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake”

1-7 Sean Castillo “My Ol’ Pal Joe”

6.24, 3\23 Sean Cole (The Outlaw) “Another Broke Christmas” 

7/27 Sean Hardin and Jared Mathis “White Boy Christmas

7’21 Sean Leigh “Pirate Christmas Song”

8’29 Sean Madigan “Mrs. Claus is a Witch” 

10;13 Sean Madigan “Mall Santa”

1-24 Sean Michael Wilson “Christmas Song for Capitalism

7-25 Sean Na Na “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)”

10;24 Sean Revoltah “Mall Santa

11;6 Sean Wiggins “Almost Christmas”

8,27 Search the City “The Holiday Song” 

6’12 Seasonal Songs “Oh Santa

12*10 The Seattle Mens’ Chorus “Boogie Woogie Chanukah”

10.21, 1”7 Sebastian Arcelus, Amy Spanger “A Christmas Song”

1”7 Sebastian Arcelus, Valerie Wright “Just Like Him“

9/14 Sebastian Arcelus “The Story of Buddy the Elf

3-29 Sebestyén Márta “Betlehem, Betlehem”

6:8 Seckond Chaynce “Bring My Baby Back (for Christmas)” 

8:29 Second City “Carol for the Rest of Us

9,7 Second Glance “This Isn’t Christmas After All” 

2-25 Secret “Mistletoe Song

12,14 Secret Army “Fired in Christmas” 

8;3 Seeger Sisters “Shine Like a Star in the Morning”

11,9 Seen. “When You’re Back for Christmas” 

12\5 The Seething Coast “Tinker’s Blues” 

4\4 Seia Yano “Hey! It’s Christmas” 

10’27 Seiza (feat. Biggie Smalls) “About Damn Time for an Actually Good Christmas Song”

10:9 Sekcells “War on Christmas” 

12-21 Selahattin Yilmaz  “Smells Like Christmas Spirit

1;26 Selena Garcia “Hold Up Holidays

8,30 Sense Offense “I Hate Xmas

5.30 The Sensational Alex Harvey Band   “There’s No Lights on the Christmas Tree Mama, they’re Burning Big  Louie Tonight” 

10.26 The Sensational Nightingales “Let’s Sing Praises to the King

7:18 The Sentimental Favorites “Roelle Family Christmas”

10\18 September Stories “Christmas 2012

3.29 Sequelcast “I’m Your Baby (You’re a Snowman)

8,14 Sergio Otero “Christmas Hyporcrisy

5:22, 3\15 The Serious Brothers “It’s Another Joyful Elvis Presley Christmas” 

8,25 Seriously Sam “Bitch It’s Christmas” 

6:9 Servo “Christmas Divorce

8.11 Sesame Street cast “It’s Christmas Again

8.11 Sesame Street cast “Keep Christmas with You (All Through the Year)

8.11 The Sesame Street Doo Wahs “Counting the Days

2:27, 9,18 Set It Off “This Christmas (I’ll Burn It to the Ground)” 

9,3 Seth Adam “December 24

2’21 Seth Bunting “Holiday Spirit” 

3.1 Seth Daybell “Do You Want to Be a Mormon?

10;30 Seth Gamba “The Mall Santa Song”

4/9, 9/10, 9.20 Seth MacFarlane “Christmas Time is Killing Us

5-9 Seth McFarland “Ding Fries are Done (Family Guy version)”

7.16 Seth McFarland “I Want a Gun for Christmas

9.20 Seth MacFarlane “Peter Griffin Christmas Album

9.28 Seth McFarland & co. “Santa Claus’s List

7,17 Seth Rhodes “The Snow” 

12,24Sevenbow “One Minute Christmas Song

10,8 Sevenths “Blue Christmas” 

11.1 Severe “An Old Christmas Card”

3:4 Sex Bishops “It’s Christmas (Let’s Have a Jolly Good Time)” 

4-10 Sexual Chocolate “Chocolate Christmas

7/24 Seymour Swine “Blue Christmas”

7;20 Sha Na Na “Christmas Bells”

5-29 Sha Na Na “Santa’s on a Diet” 

12.16 Sha Na Na “Ugly Christmas Sweater

2.3 Shad Weathersby “Chasing Snowflakes

7;16 Shad Weathersby “Swingle Jingle”

12*31 Shadow “Theme to New Year’s Evil

9,26 shadow749 “12 Pains of Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas”

5:1 Shadow Disorder “Christmas in Michigan”

7:28 The Shake “Families and Christmas Trees

11/17, 10-9  Shakin’ Stevens “Rockin’ Little Christmas Time

2.11 Shakin’ Stevens “Snow is Falling

8’2 Sham Gabr “Christmas with Aliens” 

5,3 Shama Mrema “Post-Christmas Slump

4,5 Shameia (with Roc Dean) “Christmas 365” 

10:6 Shana Lynette       “Mr. Russian, Please Don’t shoot Down Santa’s Sleigh”

12*1 Shane and Happy “Christmas in Los Angeles

2.22 Shane O’Brien (St. Michaels College) “Snow Business

10.12 Shannon Doyle “Just Another Christmas Song” 

12,22 Shannon Paapanen “Christmas on the Isthmus

11,25 Shannon Sionna “Trap Santa” 

5.22 Shannon St. Clare “When You Put up Your Christmas Tree

5\30 Shakespeare Man “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

1\13 Shama and PD “Post Christmas Slump” 

1\19 Shanghai Liliy Dublin “The Day After Christmas” 

12,19 Shantel Sole’ “Holidays with You

2:2, 11’3 Shaprece w/House of Breaking Glass “Worst Time of Year” 

12’19 Shaq Queso (feat. Donnie Preoccupied)  “Santa Claus Just Got Shot” 

2.20 The Sharer Fam “Snow Day

9\1 Shari Lewis’s Lamb Chop ‘The Song That Never Ends’

12.25 Shark Uppercut 25 Days of Jesse 

3.29 Shark Uppercut “Alan Alda the Snowman”

5:15 Shark Uppercut “Christmas Presence

11,21 Shark Uppercut “Five Past Turkey

5:20 Shark Uppercut “Ham City” 

5:2 Shark Uppercut “Hanukkah Harry’s Revenge” 

5:31 Shark Uppercut “Why is Santa Wearing a Thong?

11,15 Sharks’ Teeth “The Christmas on Christmas

12,18 Sharks’ Teeth “Manger Marxist” 

11,25 Sharks’ Teeth “The Serpent With a Star on His Head

11,5 Sharks’ Teeth “Star of the Morning” 

1/14 Sharky Bushbaby “12 Days of Star Wars Christmas

4”23 Sharna-Mae & the Mayhems “We’re Off to See Santa” 

8\5 Sharon Gudereit “Where the Reindeer Fly

5.2 Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings “Big Bulbs

12\25 Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings It’s a Holiday Soul Party

10.12, 3\21 Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings “Just Another Christmas Song (This Time I Think I’ll Sing Along)” 

5:4 Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings “World of Love” 

1;20 Sharon Needles “The Murder of the Lawson Family”

5:24 Sharon Needles “Snow Machine

2\19 Sharon Shannon & Wallis Bird “Christmas Time Again!

2.16 Sharon Smith “Angels in the Snow”

5’9 Sharp & Cissell “Hobo Christmas

9:3 Shaun Loughrey & Carrie Benn “Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus”

9/6 Shaun McCrindle “Bob Dylan’s in a Joke Shop

6-23 Shawn Brewster “Christmas and Whiskey

12/26 Shawn Colvin “I Don’t Need Anything This Christmas

6-17 Shawn ‘Da Ma$tamind’ Noel “What is Christmas Without Rum?

11:27 Shawn Hollenbach “Don’t Get Wasted at the Holiday Party” 

2\28 Shawn Lee “Christmas Again!” 

8/22 Shawn Mafia “All I Got for Xmas was a DUI

6-12 Shawn Ryan  “The Eggnog Song” 

2.9 Shawnee Press “The First Snowfall

5,9 Shayla Hamady “I’m Broke But Happy Holidays

1.27 shayshaymb “All About that Beard

12/4 She & Him “Christmas Wish

9,29 She Wants Revenge “Holiday Song” 

5/28 Sheb Wooley  “Santa Claus Meets the Purple People Eater

4\26 The Sheckies “Holly Jolly Christmas

5.3 SHeDAISY “Tinsel Town” 

6’5 SHeDAISY (feat. Rascal Flats) “Twist of the Magi

12;12 Sheena Rose (feat. Gypsy Love) “Just Can’t Wait (‘Til Christmas)”

3.7 Sheila Magaret Ward “Who Is He? (The Snowman)

1”10 Sheila Reid “Dancing on Your Grave”

8;8 Sheila Walsh “Star Song (There Is Born A Child)”

9.26 Shel “I Know You’re Real St. Nicholas”

11,23 Shelby Lee Lowe “Last Call Christmas” 

12;13 Sheléa “Don’t Wanna Wait ’til Christmas” 

12/10 Shellah Shellah “All I Really Want for Christmas

11*15 Shelley King “Christmas in Austin

4-10 Shera and Luke “I Want Chocolate in My Stocking for Christmas

4.21 Sheree Brown and Ledon Smith “The Christmas Tree I See” 

10’4 Sheri Miller “Merry Christmas, Jesus, It’s Been One Helluva Year”

4.21 Sherri Gough “Christmas Tree on a Hill”

12;8 Sherry Allen “I Can’t Wait for Christmas Night”

2\9 Sherry Allen “It’s Christmas Once More” 

9:4 Sherry Hursey “Thank You, Mrs. Santa Claus

1/7 Sherwhovians “12 Days of Christmas-Dr. Who

8.11, 11;2 Sheryl Crow and Elmo “It’s Almost Christmas” 

8/23 Sherwin Litton “Santa Got a DWI”

3’23 Sherwin Sleeves and Roy Harter “The Christmas Skater

1”27 Shifting Buffalo  “Brian to the Rescue”

1”27 Shifting Buffalo “Hurry Up Santa” 

1”27 Shifting Buffalo  “Prancer Falls Ill” 

1”27 Shifting Buffalo  “The Presents are Delivered in Record Time” 

1”27 Shifting Buffalo  “What are We Gonna Do?“

3-1 Shiloh Worship Music “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”

3\3 The Shining Light Players “Another Christmas

5-30 Shira Kline “Lots of Latkes

12*9 Shirim “Klezmer Nutcracker“

9:27 Shirley Booth “I Could be Santa Claus” 

5;15 Shirley Booth and Mickey Rooney and co. “The Year Without Santa Claus

7.8 Shirley Lee “The Christmas Present

12/24 Shirley Temple “That’s What I Want for Christmas

10\24 ShiSho “Christmas Red (2007)

7\26 The Sh*t – Faced Santa Claus Band American “One Of The Reindeer Blew A Hoof Out” 

6.29 Shitfinger “Xmas Paper up My Arse” 

2:28 Shiv Hurrah “I Don’t Hate Christmas”

11,30 Shivan “This Christmas

12*13 the Shlomones “The Rocky Hora Hanukkah Song.”

12,22 Shmandarin “Scheming Santa” 

9/25 Shoal Creek Community Church “What Does the Elf Say?

11,13 Shoe “2 Drunk 4 Xmas” 

1”6 Shonagh Murray “Christmas Means Nothing Without You“

11.21 The Shooting Stars “My Christmas Card to You

9:6 Short Term Memory “Mrs. Claus Has the Blues for Christmas”

6/26 Shorty ond Kodi “I’m Climbing up the Christmas Tree Neow”

8,13 Shorty Garrett “Bad Santa” 

12;10 Shorty Garrett “Goin’ to Grandma’s”

9;8 Shorty Garrett “Keep Those Candles Burnin’”

11:27 Shorty Garrett “Office Party”

6.4, 1\5 Shorty Garrett “Shopping Shopping Shopping” 

5:30 Shot o’ Soul “You Won’t Get No Christmas Card from Me” 

11/17 Shotgun “Rockabilly Santa

12,16 Shotgun Soul “It’s Christmas

4\6 Showaddywaddy “Hey Mister Christmas” 

12/3 Showboats “All I Want for Christmas

5:2 The kids from the Shul at Bal Harbor “Chanukah Style

5.8 Shut Up!Twist Again! “White Russians Under the Christmas Tree” 

11,14 Shy Boyz “Master of Christmas

12,12 Shy Boyz “The Meaning of Christmas” 

5.18 Shy Nature “My Christmas Tree is Looking at Me” 

11/22 Si Cranstoun “A Christmas Twist

3.18 Sia “Snowman”

8;24 Sia “Sunshine

9;20 Sia “Underneath The Christmas Lights”

8-19 sibbaldk “Frosty the Dope Man” 

10,6 Sick Animation “11 Months Away

4,8 Sick Logic “Christmas Time at the Strip Club

4/14 Sick Puppies “Killing Myself for Christmas”

7/15 Sid the Science Kid “One Day in December”

1/13 Side Notes “STAR WARS MAS

5.15 Significant Others “Christmas Tree” 

10.15 Silence the Cynic “Another Christmas Song” 

8,30 The Silent Box “There’s No Day Like Christmas

7:15 Silent Film “Christmas at Our House” 

5.16, 7.15 Silent Stranger “Guitar Beneath the Tree” 

2.11 Silhouette “When Snow’s Falling Down”

8’22 A Silly Little Time “Mari Lwyd”

9:7 The Silver Bells “Letter from Mrs. Claus” 

5;23 The Silver Bells “Poor Excuse (Merry Christmas)”

11*10 Silver by Fire “Christmas in Chicago

11,27 Silver Mouth “Hold On

2\10 The Silver Screams “Christmas Again” 

3\21 The Silvers “Sing Another Christmas Song” 

11\27 Silvery “Christmas 1974

7:3 Simen Tangen “Family Christmas”

5\24 The Simians “A Perfect Christmas” 

2.2 Simo Dacanay “Snowflake

8;4 Simon & Garfunkle “Star Carol”

5.15 Simon Strauß “Christmas Tree” 

1;27 Simon Viklund (Overkill) “Christmas in Prison

1;7 Simon Viklund (Overkill) “A Merry Payday Christmas” 

8;6 Simon Wolfe · Nieznany · Simon Patrick Myhill Brewer “Beneath the Stars”

10,8 Simone Craddock (feat. The Girls of Oz)“When I Get Home It’s Christmas” 

1:21 Simple Nursing “Beginning to Look a Lot Like Cirrhosis”

12/7, 9\15 Simple Plan “My Christmas List

7,16 SimplePlan “Christmas Every Day

6-27 Simplee Mulled Wine “Simplee Mulled Wine Mix Song” 

5\5 Simplefish (ft. MC @isnorris and MC Stabby) “Where is Dancer?

7;25 Simplify Christmas (feat. Mark Hand) “Ring Those Bells (Remix)”

8.23 The Simpsons cast “The 12 Days of Christmas (parody)” 

9,26 The Simpsons cast “The 12 Days of Christmas”

8,5 The Simpsons cast “The 39 Days of Christmas

8.23 The Simpsons cast, David Byrne intro to “Everybody Hates Ned Flanders”

8.23 The Simpsons cast, David Byrne “Everybody Hates Ned Flanders”

8.23 The Simpsons cast Nutcracker parody

9,26 Sin City Scoundrels “12 Days of Christmas–Vegas Style”

11*24 Sin City Sinners “Christmas in Vegas”

5-8 Sinbad, Phil Hartman the end credits of ‘Houseguest’

12*15 Sindell Pellion “Violent Night

8:29 Singalong Songs “Christmas Holiday Song

3.1 Singer Dr. B. “Wonderful Snowman

5.24 Singin’ Steve “Coconuts on My Christmas Tree

2:6 Singin’ Steve “I Hate Christmas” 

5.9 Singin’ Steve “Waltz With Me ‘Round the Christmas Tree” 

4\12 Singing Francine “Hurray Hurrah” 

3.5 Singing Hands “I’m a Little Snowman

1.26 Singing Music People of Fair Oaks Church “Nice List

2;20 The Singing Reindeer “The Happy Birthday Song” 

5\4 The Singing Reindeer “The Happy Reindeer

1”16 The Singing Trees “Forest of No Return“

6/4 The Singing Zoologist”Merry Christmas Cephalopods (A Science Song for Octopuses, Squids, Cuttlefish, and Nautiluses).

5.15 Sink or Swim “Christmas Tree” 

8,13 Sink the Ship “My Shiny Teeth and Me

9,3 Siopaolo (feat. Kelsey Kuantans) “Hot Cocoa

7/14 The Sisterhood “Baby, It’s a Cold Night in December”

4-7 The Sisterhood “Christmas Treat, Peppermint

11/29 The Sisterhood “Rockin’ Disco Santa Claus”

5.21 Sistiana “Christmas Tree” 

5:2 Six13 “Bohemian Chanukah” 

12*13 Six13 “Chanukah (Shake it Off)

5:16 Six13 “A Hamilton Chanukah

1\10 The Sixth Great Lake “Always After Christmas, Boring

12,12 Sixx AM “X-Mas in Hell” 

9:22 Size 14 “Mrs. Claus” 

8:10 Sizone “Kwanzaa is Here

8’20 S. J. Tucker “The Feast of Krampus” 

8:24 S J Tucker “Solstice Night

8’22 S.J. Tucker “Welcome Mari Lwyd” 

10,13 the Skaggs Family “Children, Go Where I Send Thee” 

6’30 The Skanks “When My Ship Hits Christmas Day

12.20 Skaramanga “Man with the Red Suit” 

3:16 Skate Punks (SK8PNX) “Merry Fucking Christmas” 

7/1, 1\12 Skavengers “An After Christmas Song” 

4’24 Skeez “Ski Trip

7;6 Skindred “Jungle Bells”

10*24 skinnerj72 “Florida Christmas Song

6’21 Skinny Lister If the Gaff Don’t Let Us Down

11,28 Skip Ewing “Christmas Carol” 

9:6 Skip Ewing “Mrs. Santa Claus” 

8-27 Skip Haynes and Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah  “Christmas On LSD” 

9\2 Skippa Jones “Million Billion Trillion

3:11 The Skivvies “It’s F*cking Hanukkah” 

9,11 Skoobie Snaks “Covid Christmas” 

12:16 Skooma Cat “Christmas on the Internet

12:9 The Skootles “Christmas on TV

5:23 The Skorys “Christmas Time

5:23 The Skorys “Naughty List

4;26 SKUMBAGS “coal in my stocking”

2.26 (skwank) “I Hate Snow

10/11 Sky Does Minecraft “Santa Claus is Running this Town

7,25 Sky Janga and King Redd “Slay” 

1;23 Sky Saxon “Christmas in the Courtroom

10,24 Skye “Christmas in the Tropics” 

8:26 Skyforger “Night of the Winter Solstice” 

1/14 Skyguys Skygirl “12 Days of Christmas Clone Wars

8-12 Skye Taylor “Roll Me a Big Ass Joint for Christmas”

5.3 Skye Zentz “Tinsel and Wishes” 

4/27 Slackaz Remix “I’m Going to Kill Santa Claus”

5:11 Slant 6 and the Jumpstarts “HotRod Christmas

5:21 Slant 6 and the Jumpstarts “Santa Claus Must be Stoned

12:24 Slant 6 & the Jumpstarts “Text You a Merry Christmas

12’4 Slaughterhouse (feat. Weed) “Christmas Fun Time”

2’11 Sled Kennedys “Sledding” 

2.8 Sleeping at Last “Snow”

3\25, 8\20 Sleeping Dogs Lie “Another Drunken Santa Claus Christmas” 

7\24 Sleeping Trees “The Ballad of the Reindeer

1/29 Slick Moss Explosion “Christmas on the Moon”

10;8 Slidawg & the Redneck Ramblers “All I Want For Christmas is a Billy Bass”

12.9 Slidawg & The Redneck Ramblers “Blue Camo Christmas”

1;30 Slidawg & The Redneck Ramblers “Daddy’s on Parole This Christmas” 

10;20 Slidawg & the Redneck Ramblers “Hey Y’all Watch This”

9;20 Slidawg & the Redneck Ramblers “The Lights on the Trailer”

4”27 Slidawg & the Redneck Ramblers “Santa’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie” 

1\8 Slim Borgudd “Talking After Christmas Blues” 

10,24 Slim Cat & Fisherman Joe “It’s Christmas Eve

5;10 Slim Jxmmi, Rae Sremmurd & Ear Drummers “Nothing For Christmas”

8;18 Slim Whitman “Bethlehem Star”

8’28 The Slingsby Hornets “I Want a Werewolf (For Xmas)” 

1\30 Slingshot Dakota “Day After Christmas

7/17 Slink “Pink Christmas

8’22 Sloar+Mordor “Wassailing With The Mari Lwyd” 

12*25 Sloppy Seconds “Hooray for Santa Claus”

8,11 Sloppy Seconds “Lonely Christmas

1’25 The Slotcars “Surfin’ for Christmas

8.2 Slow Club “Christmas TV” 

9’5 Slow Smile “A Pink Badger for Christmas”

9;21 Slowly Slowly “Christmas Lights”

2\24 Slowride “The Christmas Song

7,19 Slowthai “Slow Down (Santa)

5;29 Smallfish “Expect Nothing for Christmas”

5\30 Smartz Crew “Rudolph the Green-Nosed Reindeer

12’11 Smash Mouth “Better Do It Right”

6’16 Smash Tacklers “What Ship is This?” 

9.16 Smashing Pumpkins “Christmastime” 

11/5 Smashtrax Music LLC “Swing into Christmas”

9-20 Smashy Claw “Chuck Norris is Coming to Town

5\12 SMC “Comet

9’19 Smee “Satan’s Holiday Cheer”

9’21 Smee “Sitting on Satan’s Lap”

9’23 Smiling Friends “Christmas in Hell”

10*15, 10,5 Smith & Burrows “This Ain’t New Jersey” 

3’10 Smokelines “Ms. Claus

4:17 Smokestack Crew “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa’s Balls”

12/15 Smokey Hogg “I Want My Baby for Christmas

10;22 Smokin’ Joe Pilloud “Santa’s Lap”

4;6 Smoking Popes “Little Lump of Coal”

4.28, 9;11 The Smoking Trees “The Psychedelic Lights of Christmas

8-11 Smooch McGee “It’s Christmastime in Boulder

5:2 Smooth E “8 Hanukkah Parody Songs in Four Minutes

12*11, 4-10  Smooth-E (Eric Schwartz) “Chocolate Coins

12*13 Smooth-E  “Hanukkah Hey Ya!

6;15 Smosh “So Frickin Tired of Christmas”

4/22 The Smothers Brothers “Santa Claus is NOT Coming to Town”

8.18 The Smurfs “Christmas Party” 

8.18 The Smurfs “Christmas Presents

8.18 The Smurfs “Santa Claus is Coming Tonight

8.18 The Smurfs “Smurfing Bells” 

7-1 smurfswacker “I’ll be Drunk for Christmas” entry 

5.30 Snag “Christmas Tree Farms” 

7\23 S.N.A.P! “Reindeer is a. Dancer

2:7 Snap-Her “I Hate Christmas

6/5 the Snaildartha 6 combo “A Snail is Born

6/5 The Snails “Snails Christmas (I Want a New Shell)

7.31 The Snake Oil Willie Band “Gift Card” 

7/16 Snakebite “Satan’s Hiding in That Red Christmas Light

11’7 Sneakthief “Merry Christmas, from the Worst Year of My Life”

9,16 The Sneeks “There Goes Santa!

7’30 Sniff’n’The Tears “Man in a Million”

10,5 Snog “Christmas Everyday

10*28 Snook “Do You Fear What I Fear?”

8/25 Snook “Police Got My Car

7;14 Snook “Swingin’ Bells”

12*15 Snook “Violent Night”

8/10 Snook “Wrote off a Red Ford Ranger”

12,10 Snoop Dogg (ft. C.S. Armstrong & Lil Half Dead) “3 Hos for the Holidays

11,4 Snoop Dogg and October London and Cocoa Sarai “Funky Christmas” 

10*13 Snoop Dogg “Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto”

5’10 The Snow Angels “CTA Xmas Train” 

1’14 The Snow Man “Santa is a Surfer Man

5.31 Snow Cones “What is Christmas Without a Tree?” 

12*24, 5-25  Snow White “Christmas Eve Dinner

5’14 Snowboys2K14 “Christmas Train” 

3.19 The Snowmen “Here Comes the Snowmen

5.14 Snowsnatch   “I’m Gonna Fuck You Under the Christmas Tree Tonight

8-15 So Big Hits “High on Christmas”

8;5 Sobeys “Star of Christmas

6,24 Social Club Misfits “Christmas in Florida

10-3 Social Overload “A Very Yoko Christmas”

12:27 The Socialist Series “12 Days of Social Media

2’17 Sofas “A Sled with No Snow

3.20 Sofia Carson “Chillin’ Like a Snowman

5’28 Sofia Talvik “Christmas Train” 

6,28 Sofia Tolvak “One Last Christmas Wish” 

4”16 softbomb (Кузанкин Роман) “Badass Santa

10’17 SoftLightes “The Last Christmas on Earth”

9,4 Sohodolls “Dead by Xmas”

4.12 Solea Pfeiffer “Christmas Tree Blues” 

8;30 Soledad Brothers “Hang My Star”

12,14 Solomon Burke “Presents for Christmas

1/13 Solomon Schechter Day School “Star Wars Hanukkah Song

9\17, 4’26 Someday Cafe (feat. Andrea Schmidt)  “Snowfall

12-3 Something Awful Christmas  “Don’t Stop Believin’ (In Santa Claus)”

1.10 Something Awful Christmas “Jingle Bells”

7/14 Something Corporate “Forget December”

10/2 Something Fierce “Satan Claus”

10’10 Something Sneaky “End of the World”

6-22 Son of Fathers “Whiskey Christmas

12:15 Son of Hog “I’ll Just Send an Email to Santa

10\16 Son Scotty “#Remembering

6-18 Sonata Arctica “Merry Vodka Christmas!

8:12 Sondre Lerche “Boxing Day

4;4 The Song Trust “Box Of Rocks”

1-10 The Song Trust “Bring Him Home Santa

1/29 Songs for Children “Christmas on the Moon

9/3 Songs for Children “Santa’s Workshop Song

8;20 Songs for Children “We’ll Follow That Star”

5:21 Songs to Wear Pants To “Mimosa Christmas” 

9,26 Sonic Boom “12 Days of Scottish Dave’s Chrsitmas” Scotland

8-14 Sonic Youth “Santa Doesn’t Cop out on Dope” 

4”17 The Sonics “Santa Claus

4’12 Soniq Theater “Alpine Skiing

5/4 Sonny Boy Williamson “Sonny Boy’s Christmas Blues”

11/9 Sonny Cash “Merry Christmas Polka

5/14 Sonny James “Christmas in My Hometown

5;12 Sonny James “I Forgot To Remember Santa Claus”

5.18 Sonny James (w/Carole Smith) “Where the Tree Is

5.12 Sonny Landrth (feat. The DixieCups) “Got to Get You Under My Tree” 

9,3 Sons of Daughters “Moonshine and Mistletoe

1/4 Sons of the Marianas “Christmas Song

3;18 The Sons of the Pioneers “Christmas on the Plains” 

10\10 The Sons of Pitches (feat. Dan Bull) “Best Christmas

2’20 Sophie Villanelle “The Sled Dog Lament” 

12,4 Sophielein “Wrapped Up

10,30 Sora “Christmas Bae

11:22 Sorority Noise “Nick Kwas Christmas Party

2:10 Sorrowful Angels “Anti Christmas” 

3’30 Sorry Snowman “Ice Skates or…” 

4\11 Sorts “Oi Oi Oi! It’s Christmas Time

9:30, 12:25 Soshana Bean “Surabaya-Santa

3’10 Sosilly Edit “Men Skating with Other Men” 

5’19 Soul Contract “Up on the Housetop

2.1 Soul Coughing “Suzy Snowflake

4”15 The Soul Saints Orchestra “Santa’s Got a Bag of Soul” 

1-8 The Soul Searchers “Christmas in Vietnam

10*9 The Souls of the Sea “Christmas in Gloucester”

10,21 The Sound of Monday “Lovin’ Santa’s Daughter

4”30 The Sound of Monday (feat. Mia Crosby) “Santa Forever

5\22 Sounds Of Blackness “Dash Away All

4”24 Sounds of Blackness “The Jolly One’s Here” 

7;9 The Soundtrack of Our Lives “Jingle Hell (Stuck In the Chimney)”

10/16, 1’2 Soupy Sales “Santa Claus is Surfin’ to Town” 

3.8 South Oxfordhsire Youth Music Group “Himalayan Abominable

12*11 South ParkDreidel Song

11*23, 4’1 South Park “It Happened in Sun Valley”

12*12 South ParkA Lonely Jew on Christmas

3/13 South Park “Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo”

12*17 South Park “O Holy Night”

12*25, 12/24  South Park “Swiss Colony Beef Log”

1’23 Southern Culture on the Skids “Surfing on Christmas Day (Santa Won’t You Bring Me Some Waves)

10,16 The Southern Rap Commission “Santa Don’t Forget the Whiskey

8,24 Southern Tiers “Finally Christmas

1;7 Souveniir “Christmas Bank Heist

2\24 The Sowell Family Pickers “It’s Christmastime

5;24 The Sowell Family “It’s Not Christmas”

9,26 Soyracha Dragon “The 12 Days of #AdRev Christmas” online revenue

8:21 Space Barbarian Productions “Saturnalia” 

8:31 Spaghetti Monster “Pastafarianism Hymn

2:26 Spanky Woods “Bah Humbug!” 

10’30 Sparkbird “Song for Santa (Jingle Your Own Damn Bells!)”

3.1 Sparkle & Shine “The Snowman Chant” 

2’13 Sparrow Heights “Winter Wonderland” 

10,25 SPAZZ & The UnDead “Holiday (No Joy)” 

1;15 Spiffster “Little Robbie Boy” 

1/1 Spike Jones and His City Slickers “Happy New Years”

6/30 Spike Jones (featuring the Bell Sisters)  “Barnyard Christmas”

5:7 Spike Jones (feat. Phil Phillips and The Rebels)”I Want the South to Win the War for Christmas

3.7 Spike Jones (feat. Linda Strangis) “Where Did My Snowman Go?”

5/15, 9-1 Linda Strangis w/Spike Jones and His City Slickers “I Want Eddie Fisher for Christmas”

2;1 Spike Jones and his City Slickers (feat.George Rock) “My Birthday Comes on Christmas”

5/7 Spike Jones ‘Winter

1/14 Spike TV “Star Wars Holiday Commercial

9’3 Spinal Tap (Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, and Christopher Guest) “Christmas with the Devil” 

3-22 Spinal Tap “We Three Kings”

4-16 The Spinners “Mrs. Hooligan’s Christmas Cake

8:26 Spiral Dance “Solstice Evergreen

7,11 Spirit of the West “Roadside Attraction” 

2.16 SpiRos Ontic “Snow Angels

5.4 The Spitfire Sisters “(Sweet Angie) The Christmas Tree Angel” 

1;4 Splish Splash and Youngicewater “Christmas Robbery

4’24 splurge.Art “An Abandoned Puppy” 

5:22 Sponge Awareness Foundation “An Axl Christmas

4-18 Spongebob Squarepants “Hot Fruitcake

6.29 Spongebob Square Pants (feat. Patrick)  “Pretty Ribbons and Bows

6’19 SpongeBob SquarePants “Wet Wet Christmas” 

11\12 The Spongetones “Merry After-Christmas

6’29 The Spongetones “There’s a Star

2.17 The Spoons “That Ugly Sweater” 

3’26 Sport Game “Figure Skating

6-17 Sprangalang “Bring Drinks

11\3 Spray “The Ballad of Xmas ’99

10,22 Spring Lovelle “This is Christmas” 

12,11 Squeeze “Christmas Day

6/4 The Squiddles “A Squiddle Christmas 5 Opening Song

10*21 Squirrel Nut Zippers “Carolina Christmas”

7.26 Squirrel Nut Zippers “Gift of the Magi” 

12,17 Squirrel Nut Zippers “Indian Giver

8-9 Squirrel Nut Zippers “Santa’s Smoking Reefer”

5’23 Sqrrl! “Happy Merry Christmas” 

2/29 SR-71 “Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You”

2.21 St. Alban’s Abbey Boys’ Choir “Silent Falls the Winter’s Snow

1/3 St. Francis School Honor Choir “Christmas in Guam”

8.15 St. Michaels Day School Choir “Yuletide Spirit” 

8.15 St. Michaels Day School Choir “Wonderful Wintertime”

12*19 St. Nick “Laughing All the Way

8:4 St. Nikki & The Driedels “The Chrismukkah Song”

8;17 St. Thomas Choir Of Men And Boys & Gerre Hancock “Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning”

12.8 The Stag Party Quartet “Walking Round in Women’s Underwear

8;24 The Stage Crew “Christmas in the Sun

8-19 Stage Door Guy “Cocaine for Christmas” 

6\4 Stage Stars “Bernie, the Jewish Reindeer

5.30 The Stagger Rats “There’s No Lights on the Christmas Tree, Mother, They’re Burning Big Louie Tonight”

7;25 Stainer/Bridge “Sweet Christmas Bells”

6/14 The Stairwell Carollers “Mourning Dove”

5.21 Stan “Upon My Christmas Tree” 

2.15 Stan Beard & the Swinging Strings “Snowbows” 

6/13 Stan Boreson & Doug Setterberg “Christmas Goose (Snowbird)”

12*23 Stan Boreson, Doug Setterberg “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

5-19 Stan Boreson, Doug Setterberg “Just a Little Lefse” 

6\24 Stan Boreson and Doug Setterberg “Ragnar the Flat-Nosed Reindeer

11;24 Stan Davis & Friends “It’s Nearly Christmas Night”

7;8 Stan Francis “Jingle Jingle Jingle”

3.10 Stan Freberg “The Abominable Snowman” comedy bit

5/28 Stan Freberg “Green Chri$tma$

5/19, 5;1 Stan Freberg (with Daws Butler and the Billy Mays Orchestra) “Nuttin’ for Christmas”

12*24 Stan Freberg “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”

9.6 Stan Hart “I’m Giving Santa a Pikachu for Christmas

12/26 Stan Huffman “I Don’t Need Anything for Christmas

4-16 Stan Ransom “Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake”

10\6, 5’5 Stan Rogers “First Christmas” 

10/17 Standstill “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

2\16, 12\25 Stanley Adams and Sid Wayne and The Chicken Flickers “Chanukah is Here Again

5/26 The Stanley Brothers  “Christmas Time is Near

1;20 The Stanley Brothers “The Story of the Lawson Family”

12:3 Stanley Kirkby “I’ll Telephone to Santa Claus” 

3-17 The Staples Singers  “Wasn’t That a Mighty Day

10,14 Starbourne “X Times (Better With You)” 

3”4 Stardeath and White Dwarfs “Santa’s Magic Beard”

9/19 The Stardust Family Singers “Randy the Rotten Christmas Elf

5\8 Starfish “Prancer, the Blue-Nosed Reindeer

11’19 StarFish “Santa Split His Pants”

4.9 The Stargazers “A Little Fir Tree” 

5\11 Starhearts “Vixen

3;21 Starlet Knight “Cowboy Christmas

9:28 Starlet Knight “I Wanna be Mrs. Claus

12,17 Starry Mossbridge “A Jewish Christmas” 

1/15 StarrySky “Santa Vader”

8;20 Starshine Singers “The Brightest Star In The Sky”

10,1 Starshine Singers “Christmas Eve

7/20 The Starshine Singers “Christmas Gold”

8;20 Starshine Singers “Following the Star”

11,29 Starshine Singers “Four Days to Go” 

4.10 Starshine Singers “The Perfect Christmas Tree

10,15 Starshine Singers “Shopping Bags

8;16 Starshine Singers “There’s A Star in The Sky”

8;23 Starshine Singers “Twinkling Stars”

11,22 Starshine Singers “Where’s the Ring?” 

2.18 Starship Planet “Snow Candy

10;31 Starving Millions “Mall Santa

12*5 Stasia Estep “Christmas in the Rainbow State

11’5 Static Cadets “Worst Christmas Yet”

4,11 Static Monsters “364 Days

1”9 Statler and Waldorf “Marley and Marley” 

10.2 The Statler Brothers “The Carols Those Kids Used to Sing”

12\16 The Statler Brothers “The Official Historian of Shirley Jean Berrell

5’22 The Statler Brothers  “Old Toy Trains”

7,2 The Statler Brothers “Something You Can’t Buy

3-27 The Statler Brothers “Who Do You Think?

11,7 The Statler Brothers “Whose Birthday is Christmas?” 

8’12 Status Ferret “Gerard the Christmas Gnome”

11;1 Stay for the Fireworks “It’s Almost Christmas Time”

12,3 The Stayawakes “Let’s Stayawake at Christmas

6’30 St. Crypt. “Crypt” 

4-16 Steel Clover “Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake”

4:13 Steel Panther “Sexy Santa” 

7;22 The Steeles “The Bells”

2.27 Stefanie Eskew “No Snow

9-3 Stella Jones  “I Want to Spend Christmas with Elvis” 

4,6 Stella Roya (feat. Brysun) “Xmas with You” 

7/10 Stella Zigouras “Summertime Christmas”

12,14 Stellar Kart “Punk the Halls” 

9,28 Stello Clark & Solomon James (feat. Marquitta Minniefield) “Christmas Countdown

11,17 Step Savage “Snowy Daze” 

10/7 Stephanie Riggio (Truthdig) “Spying Claus

4-5 Stephanie Sayers “Candy Fisted Christmas”

11.11 Stephen Amos “Cowboy Country Christmas Card” 

10,2 Stephen Cohen, Venus XTC “Snowman” 

10.9, 3\6 Stephen Colbert “Just Another Christmas Song

5:28 Stephen Colbert “A Cold, Cold Christmas” 

5:28, 7;7 Stephen Colbert (feat. Run the Jewels) “Jingle Jingle (Santa Party)” 

5:28 Stephen Colbert (feat. Norah Jones) “Christmas is Now” 

12,1 Stephen Colbert, Elvis Costello, John Legend “There are Much Worse Things to Believe in” 

7:30 Stephen Day “Family Christmas

11.7 Stephen L. Kelly “A Christmas Card” 

2’4 Stephen Sharer “Snow Day” 

2.27 Stephen Simmons “No Snow on the Ground

3.21 Stephen Thomas “The Stylish Snowman” 

4\8 Stephen Weeks “[Hey Ho] Tell Me What You Want for Christmas

12,22 Stephanie Ryan “What Christmas Means to Me” 

4,13 Sterbhaus “Krampusnacht” 

9:26 The Sterilles “Mrs. Claus has Menopause”

3\30 Sterling and Loscalzo “Just Another Sad Christmas Song

6-27 Sternschuppe “Komm zu mir auf einen Glühwein

5;14 Stet That Records “Santa Claus Ain’t Coming to Town

8:26 Steve Albers Southpaw “Winter Solstice” 

1\24 Steve and Jacky Cox “The Week After Christmas

7-24 Steve and The Jiggi Verandah Band “Santa Went DUI

5’4 Steve Cavalier “Merry Christmas New Orleans” 

1/14 Steve Cavagna “Walkers in a Winter Wonderland”

8:8 Steve Cobb & Chavunduka “It’s Kwanzaa Time

8\28 Steve Dafoe “I’m Flying Home for Christmas” 

4\12 Steve DeDoes & Don Sebesky (feat. April Tini) “Hurray for Christmas

4\27 Steve Drewett “It’s Christmas Time! (Oh Yeah, NaNaNa)” 

4”10 Steve Earle & The Dukes “Signs His name with an ’S’”

10:12 Steve Goodie “War on Xmas is Over” 

9,26 Steve Goodie & Brad Tassell “The Twelve Days of Christmas sweaters

2\18 Steve Gregory & Michel Fenderwoods “Christmas Will be Magic Again” 

3\24 Steve Heller “Here’s Another Crappy Christmas Song

7.26 Steve Ivey “Your Christmas Gift” 

1:28 Steve Juno “I Got Syphilis for Christmas

10-9 Steve King and Planetdance Elves “Mistletoe and Wine

8:14 Steve Love “The Boxing Day Swim Song

6:23 Steve Lukather & Friends “Broken Heart for Christmas”

7/16 Steve Marshall “Red Christmas Cups

8’25 Steve Paget “Robot Jesus” 

6’27 Steve Parsons “A Yuletide Sea Shanty” 

6,19 Steve Pineo “In the Dominion of Mr. Klein

10/21 Steve Roper and Mojo Nixon “Santa’s Son & The Reindeer Rockers”

11*2 Steve Wariner, “Tennessee Christmas”

7/28 Steve Weeks “Aluminum Christmas Tree

6/10 Steve Whitmore and Eric Jacobsen “A Red and Green Christmas”

12*19 Steve Wilson “Batman Smells

1/15 Steve Yotch Crotch “The Star Wars Christmas Song

6/25 Stevecash83 “Christmas Kitty Song

3\12 Steven Acker “Another Blue Christmas” 

8-29 Steven Battelle “A Christmas Cartel”

6.12 Steven ‘Christmas Steve’ “Christmas Eve Shoppers” 

5:21 Steven Courtney “Flat Zonked Jack

5:18, 8;25 Steven Courtney “Jesus is the Star

4.17 Steven Courtney “Oscar the Christmas Tree”

5:25 Steven Courtney “Snowman on the Hill” 

5:11 Steven Courtney “Toboggan Boys” 

7:13, 6,5 Steven Curtis Chapman “All I Really Want

1”18 Steven Curtis Chapman, We The Kingdom “Brand New Life”

11.10 Steven Curtis Chapman “Christmas Card” 

11*3 Steven Curtis Chapman “Christmas in Kentucky

11.9 Steven Curtis Chapman “Christmas is All in the Heart” 

12,22 Steven Curtis Chapman “Christmas Kiss

2\9 Steven Curtis Chapman “Christmas Time Again

7:29 Steven Drayton, Tony Terry, Kizzle, and The Messenger “Family Christmas” 

2\12 Steven Eaton “Christmas Again

9;24 Steven John Tillotson “Blue Light Christmas Tree”

2.26 Steven Lyons “Santa, I Hate the Snow

1;13 Steven Pugh “Santa’s Doing Time for B and E

3;13 Steven Spalding “A Cowboy Christmas Ball” 

5.25 Steven Weeks “Aluminum Christmas Tree” 

1.13 Stevens Creek Church “All I Do is Spend”

5;2 Stevie B “Well You won’t Get Jack Shit”

4.4 Stevie Wonder “One Little Christmas Tree” 

2/3 Stevie Wonder, Kimberly Brewer “I Love You More”

8;29 Stevie Wonder “Twinkle Twinkle Little Me”

11,27; 12,25 The Stew Boys “Make the Stew

3”27 The Stickups “Hipster Christmas List

10:10 Stiff Donut “Class War on Christmas”

4:2 The Stilette-Hos “I Want Sex for Christmas”

9,26 StillJustMike “12 Days of Christmas (Pokemon Edition)”

6/26 Stimpy “Cat Hairballs

1\19 Stina Nordenstam “Soon After Christmas” 

6’23 Sting “Christmas at Sea” 

5.29 Stinky Ninja “Three Stinky Christmas Trees

8-17 Stitches “All I Wanted was a Kilo

10,12 St. Lucifer the Outcast “Nighty Night” 

12,8 St. Mick and The Angel “It’s Christmas Didn’t You Hear?

11,22 Stock Kings         “Santa Don’t Always Bring Snow on Christmas Day” 

5\22 The Stocking Fillers “Reindeer’s Christmas Song

10.11 Stolen Moments “Just Another Christmas Song

12/24 The Stompers         “All I Want for Christmas is a RocknRoll Guitar”

5:26 The Stompers “Stompin’ Round the Christmas Tree

4’30 Stompin’ Tom Collins “Snowmobile Song

5:11 The Stone Lonesomes “Holiday Road”

8-5 Stoner Stan “Pack the Bowls” 

9\19 Storm of Crows “Santa’s Day Off

7/8 The Story So Far “Christmas in July”

9,25 Straight No Chaser “The 12 Days of Christmas” 

11/3 Straight No Chaser “Christmas Can-Can”

4”23 Straight No Chaser “Hey Santa!” 

11*5 Straight No Chaser “Indiana Christmas”

11.30 Straight No Chaser (feat. Kristen Bell) “Text Me Merry Christmas”

6-30, 8,14 Straight No Chaser “To Christmas! (The Drinking Song)” 

6-11 Straight No Chaser “Who Spiked the Eggnog?”

6,8 Strains of Bellum “A Metal Christmas War Love Song

8’31 Strange Nocturnal “I Saw Zombies Eating Santa (Xmas No. 666 Hit)” 

7/13 Strangeday “Christmas in November”

3.24 Strangejuice “Snowman

9,11 Strangely Shaped by Fathers “The Christmas I could have Died” 

3\18 Stranglehold “Another Night Alone

8’20 Strap on Halo “Ode to Krampus” 

11.27 Straw “Christmas Card from Vietnam”

8\3 Strawberry Traffic Jam “How Do Reindeer Really Fly?” 

2’24 The Strawbs “The River

1/8 Strax, the Sontaran Commander “Songtaran Christmas Carols

8’3 Streaking in Tongues “Bigfoot Noel”

1.27 Streator High School “All About that Waist

1”8 Street Urchins “Father Christmas” 

5:6 Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs  “I Wanna Die for Christmas

5:14 The String Beans “Rocking Christmas Stockings

2.1 The String Beans “Snowflakes

5:26 The String Beans “Upside Down Christmas Trees

12’26 Stronie “Raise a Glass”

11,23 S.T.R.O.U.P. “Merry Christmas (Sorry I’m Late)

3\2 Stuart Churchill “Another Lonely, Lonely Christmas

5;27 Stuart Hale Shakman “I’m Getting Nothing but the Blues for Christmas”

9.27 Stuck in the Middle cast “Have a Happy Holiday

4-30, 1:20 Stuckey and Murray “Santa Claus Gave me Diabetes” 

1\1 Student Union (feat. Zak Stegman) “It’s Gone Before You Know It” 

8;18 studio musicians “With a Star That Bright”

7:28 The Studs “Donner Family Christmas Party

3\25 Stupendium “Another Horror Holiday

4,13 The Stupendium “The Fright Before Christmas” 

5,12 The Stupendium “A Very Scary Christmas

9,14 Stupid Division “There’s No Reason to be Jolly” 

1’20 Styles Dangerfeld “Merry Christmas, I’m Going Surfing” 

9,13 Styles Haury “Santa’s Comin’ in an 18 Wheeler” 

5-23 Stza Crack “Tainted Meat

8’14 The Submensas “Godzilla’s Gift of Life” 

7\24 The Substitutes “The Reindeer will Fight for X-Mas” 

9\14 Suburban Kids With Biblical Names “Jullåten 2004

6-21 The Sudden Passion “Whiskey for Everyone (This Christmas)” 

12;4 Sue Bleazard “Waiting for Christmas”

5/19 Sue Childers “Ooh! Ooh! Golly Gee!

5/19 Sue Childers “Kiss-Mus-Tree”

8\21 Sue Keller “My Reindeer Don’t Like to Fly

4’3 Suffering Fools “Santa’s Going Skiing

5.30 Sufjan Stevens “Barcarola (You Must be a Christmas Tree)

9;1 Sufjan Stevens “Bring a Torch Jeanette”

7/7 Sufjan Stevens “Christmas in July”

6/9 Sufjan Stevens “Christmas Unicorn”

9,9 Sufjan Stevens “Come On! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance!

6/30 Sufjan Stevens “The Friendly Beasts

12,4 Sufjan Stevens “Get Behind Me, Santa!” 

9/8 Sufjan Stevens “I am Santa’s Helper”

9’3 Sufjan Stevens “Lonely Man of Winter”

3.25 Sufjan Stevens “Mr. Frosty Man”

4.27 Sufjan Stevens “Put the Lights on the Tree”

8;10 Sufjan Stevens “Star of Wonder”

2:2 Sufjan Stevens “That was the Worst Christmas Ever!

5,5 Sugarbabes “New Year

6,10 The Sugarettes “100 Christmases

5;1 Sugarland “Nuttin’ for Christmas” 

3”26 Suggest “If This isn’t Christmas

8,25 Sugies “25 Days (Into the 12th)

3’4 Sugies “Ice Skating Rink” 

10,1 Sugies “Snowed In” 

4:17 Suicide Saints “I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus”

3.21 Suitcase “This was a Snowman

12\27 Suite Serenade feat. Laney Yelverton and Luci Feie “His Favorite Christmas Story”

6’20 Suits “Do You Miss Me, Christmas?

8\8 Sujo “Fly Fly Christmas

5;31 Sukadikani “A Christmas Warning”

1-8 The Sullivan Family “Christmas in Vietnam”

12’15 Sum 41 & Tenacious D “Things I Want”

7,30 Sum41 “Unwritten Christmas

12;21 Summer Camp “I Dont Wanna Wait Til Christmas

3.13 Summer Salt’s “Abominable Snowman

8,17 Sumo “Santa

1\20 Sun June “Christmas is Over

8,15 Sunday Comes Afterwards “Zoom Christmas

11;19 Sunfacer Productions “It’ll Be Christmas Soon Song”

10\28 The Sunflower Spectacle “The Christmas of 2003

10’13 The Sunflower Spectacle “I Hate New Years Eve”

5.22 The Sunflower Spectacle “A Small Gathering Around a Pine Tree” 

6,28 Sunny “Sunny Christmas

5-1 Sunny Cowgirls “Ate Too Much at Christmas”

6-26 Sunny Sweeney “1 More Christmas Beer

8,19 Sunset Dreamer Man (feat. Eleni) “Freaky Santa” 

12’23 Sunshine Christo “Asked Santa Claus For A Glizzy”

12’29 Super Chron Flight Bros (feat. Zesto) “B More”

11:24, 4,10 Super Jay “Santa’s Rap Party” 

7.31 Super Secret Project “Cash or a Gift Card” 

2.1 Super Simple Learning “Little Snowflake” 

2.1 Super Simple Learning “Each Snowflake is Special

3.5 Super Simple Songs “I’m a Little Snowman” 

3.7 Super Simple Songs “Goodbye, Snowman

4,5 Superb Lyrics “Persevere Before Next New Years

6,27 SUPERCHARGED (feat. Kwanza Jones & Matty)“Boost Christmas

5:4 SuperHErose “Birth of Love

6/27, 7;6 The Superions “Christmas Conga (Jungle Bells)”

4-17 The Superions “Fruitcake

7;21 The Superions “Jingle Those Bells”

11/29, 4”18 The Superions “Santa’s Disco

8’30 The Superions “Teddy and Betty Yeti”

5.14 The Superions “Under the Tree” 

11,20 Suplex Machine “Nearly Christmas With Jean” 

10*29 Superplushybros’s “Christmas Carol Rap

7-20 superpont “Christmas Time in Rehab”

11:26 Supposably “At the Office Christmas Party

6:30 The Supremes “Just a Lonely Christmas

8;26 The Supremes “Little Bright Star”

5.21 The Supremes “My Christmas Tree”

8;29 The Supremes “Twinkle Twinkle Little Me”

1/1 Supricky Quickie “The New Year’s Song

8’5 Suprise Flapjacks “All I Want for Christmas is Cthulhu”

4-9 Surf Nazis “Jesus was a Candy Cane”

1’10 Surf Party, USA “Santa Claus Sunk My Surfboard” 

1’10 Surf Party, USA “I Hate Christmas

1’10 Surf Party, USA “Twelve Days of Surfmas” 

1’10 Surf Party, USA “Berg is Getting Coal in His Stocking Because He Didn’t Catch a Wave

1’10 Surf Party, USA “Summer Santa” 

1’10 Surf Party, USA “What Does Surfing Have to Do with Christmas?

1’3 The Surfaris “A Surfer’s Christmas List”

4”7 The Surfers “Hawaiian Santa

6’15 The Surfers “Here Comes Santa Claus in a Red Canoe” 

10/16 Surfer Jim “Surfer Santa Claus

1’26 Surferfluous “I Want a Surf Band (for Christmas)

8’31 Surrounded by Werewolves “Santa is a Zombie” 

2.5 Surrounding Cities “Hoping for Snow

5’22 Susan Aglukark “Old Toy Trains”

3:12, 1”22 Susan Koozin and cast “…It’s Christmas” 

12:12 Suzanne Bautista “Santa’s Got a GPS” 

5.22 Suzi Miller & The Keynotes “I’ll Hang My Heart on a Christmas Tree

6/10 Suzy Arnowitz “Froggy’s Best Christmas”

6/22 Suzy Arnowitz “Hark the Aarvark Angels Sing”

7.18 Suzy Arnowitz “Let’s Bring Presents to the Bad Kids”

6/19 Suzy Arnowitz “A Redwall Winter’s Tale”

11/4 Suzy Bogguss “Two-Step ’round the Christmas Tree.

12’31 Svvamp VVillies “Santa Glock”

4-14 Swaggy G “Christmas Cake

9;28 Swagkasper23 “CHRISTMAS LIGHTS”

11/19 Swamp Doctor and Margherita “Rock ‘n’ Rolling Santa”

11’8 Swamp Dog “An Awful Christmas and a Lousy New Year”

8/15 Swank “Trucker Santa

3:10 Swansea Jack “Oh Mush Christmas

8,3 Swansea Mosh “I Saw Santa Signing On

6-7 Sweat and Shoot Films “Christmas Pools (Nog)

9\18 Swedish Metal Mafia “Becoming Santa” 

5’27 Sweeney Toad “Toys Nintendo and Food” 

8:9 Sweet Honey in the Rock “Seven Principles

4\6 Sweet, Hot and Sassy “Hey Santa (Hey, Daddy)” 

8;16, 12;25 Sweet, Hot & Sassy “Star of Wonder

10:18 Sweet Lou and the Trent Foundation “The War on Christmas

4\14 Sweet Samaritans “It’s Christmas — Hip Hip Hooray!” 

11;25 Sweet Sisters “It’s Nearly Christmas”

1\18 Sweet Spirit “Christmastime is Over” 

5,4 Sweetbox “This Christmas

11:9 The Sweptaways and Friends “Christmas Party” 

3’9 Swim Rest “Skating” 

10,26 Swimmers Jackson “Christmas is in You Heart

12/16 Swiss Highwaymen “All I Want for Christmas Dear is You”

12\7 Swivel Stick “My Violent Daydream

2/5 SWV “Give Love on Christmas Day”

11/22 Syd Straw “Christmas Twist

12,21 Sydeajah “Dance with Me (This Christmas)” 

7;18 Sylva “Christmas Bells”

2\22 Sylva “You Can’t Change Christmas

6:19 Sylver “Lonely X-mas

10’23 Sylvester the Cool Cat “I Don’t Give a Damn About Christmas”

11/5 Sylvia Aimerito “Swingin’ Santa

12;6 The Sylvia Cotton Singers “I Can’t Wait for Christmastime”

11*10 Sylvia Green Robinson “Christmas in Illinois

9;11 The Symmetrics “Light It Up”

6.7 SYNTHAR “Pawn Shop Christmas” 

8\9, 12\25 Syrpyntyne “Reindeer Man” 

8\9 Syrpyntyne “Rocky Mountain Sleigh


7/8 T42 “Christmas in July”

7’7 Taco and De Mofos “Ho, Ho, Ho & a Bottle of Rum”

3’8 Tae Hendrix “Just Smile Be Nice

12.28 TAL and CC Productions “The Christmas Shoes Parody” satire 

3:6 Talay “It’s Fucking Christmas”

4/8 Tales from the Crypt We Wish You a Merry Christmas and O Tannenbaum

6/26 Talking Kitty Cat “I Don’t Give a Damn about Christmas

3.10 Talking Mountain “The Abominable Abdominal Snowman”

10:12 Talking Primate “Moron’s War on Christmas”

1;3 Tamale House Migas Plate “Shoplifting for Christmas” 

12/26 Tamar Braxton “No Gift

6’11 Tamara Yasin “Florida Christmas” 

8’31 TAME “Zombie Christmas” 

6-2 Tami Trisoliere “Cocoa Christmas”

4;28 Tammie Brown with the Boofont Sisters “Coal In Your Stockings”

6:18 Tammy Wynette “Lonely Christmas Call” 

12,5 Tammy Wynette “One Happy Christmas

2.26 Tampa Stan “I Hate Snow

10’11 Tampa Stan “Which Hill Do We Meet On (& Who’ll Bring the Beer)?”

6.19 TampaStan “This Christmas (We’re Gonna Go for Broke)

4\29 Tampa Stan “Yeah, God’s Like That

3\28 Tan LeRacoon “Just Another Christmas Wish

6/10 Tango the Tree Frog  “Green Christmas

3:26 Tankard “Fuck Christmas”

3’29 Tanya Rivera “Candy Cane Heart” 

2-5 Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell “It Must have been the Mistletoe”

11*24 Tara “Xmas in Las Vegas

11:11 Tara Lett “Christmas Party”

9.19 Tara Strong & co. “Christmas Everyday” 

1;31 Tarrus Riley “Crime Free Christmas

11,11, 1’7 Tarzan & the Beachwaiters “Riding Waves for XMAS

4:12 Tau “Ms. Claus”

7/23 Taurean J “Green Xmas

4.25 The Tavson Brothers “Let’s Set Up the Christmas Tree

6’22 Tawny Shantymen “What Shall We Do with a Drunken Santa?”

5:3 Tay Zonday “Alien Christmas!” 

1\15 Taylor Ashton & Michael Winograd (feat. Madonna MacGyver)   “Next Christmas

10:14, 12:25 Taylor Ferrera “Pagans Stole Christmas from Christians”

5.3 Taylor Marchand “Give the Tree a Little Tinsel

6,13 Taylor Swift “Christmas Must be Something More

6:27 Taylor Swift “Christmasses When You were Mine” 

9;27 T-Chai (feat. Rihanniwitz) “Light Your Lights”

12’28 TDK “Black Santa”

12’12 Te Vale Quien Soy “I Shoot My Gun on Christmas”

12,13 Tea Fannie “Jingle Bells” 

8:20 Tea with Warriors “Let Us Have a Festivus

4”12 Teacher Feature & Rusty Gallant “Funky Santa

4”28 a teacher for her kids “Santa is the Man” 

8’6 Team Four Star “A Very Hellsing Christmas” 

7:14 Team Natu “Christmas Man”

10’1 The Tearaways “Helluva Christmas”

2’20 Technical Ecstacy “Sled” 

8,12 Ted Leo “Annunciation/Born on Christmas Day

10/11 Ted Lyons “The Only Law that Santa Claus Understood”

12*10 Ted Wulfers “The Hanukkah Blues

8:9 Teddy Pendergrass “Happy Kwanzaa”

3.23 The Teds “Hey Snowman

4\15 Teen Samurai “Christmas Time at Nakatomi Plaza” 

4\17 Teen Titans Go! Cast “All Hail the Jolly Fat Man” 

12’21 Teenage Disaster “A Disatrous Christmas”

10’10 Teenage Kicks (Peter van Helvoort) “Xmas at the End of the World”

9,26 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cast “Splinter’s 12 Days of Christmas”

4\24 Telekinesis “Christmas Time is Here (Uh Oh)” 

7-23 Television Television “Santa Got Drunk” 

5.18 Telstar Ponies “I Still Believe in Christmas Trees

5/23 The Teenagers “It’s Christmas Once Again

2/5 The Temptations “Give Love on Christmas Day”

5.21 The Temptations “My Christmas Tree

5\29 Tempus Cucumis “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (a rendition in minor key)

3.22 Ten Benson “Snowman, Snowgirl

8-1 Tenacious D “12 Drugs of Christmas” 

12/3 Tenacious D and Sum 41 “Things I Want”

9\18 Tenille Townes “One in a Million

7;29 Tennessee Ernie Ford “Caroling, Caroling”

5-24 Tennessee Ernie Ford “Christmas Dinner” 

5/6 Tennessee Ernie Ford “Rootin’ Tootin’ Santa Claus

8;4 Tennessee Ernie Ford “The Star Carol”

1\27 Tennessee Twin “X-Mas is Past

9’23 Tennis Elbow “Christmastime (In Hell)”

12,26 The Tenors “Santa’s Wish (Teach the World)” 

5:17 Tenth Avenue North “Mistletoe (The Christmas Sweater Song)

11.21 TeraBrite “This Christmas Card from Me”

12*17 Terence Lelis “O Hulidap

4-27 Teresa Brewer “Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts

2:26 Teresa Brewer “Ebenezer Scrooge” 

12.26, 8\17 Teresa Brewer “The Flying Suit Song

5/11 Teresa Brewer “I Just Can’t Wait for Christmas

5/26 Teresa Brewer “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”

5/11 Teresa Brewer “Too Fat for the Chimney

10.20 Teresa Fischer “Please Don’t Make Me Sing a Christmas Ballad” 

11.13 Teresa James “The Christmas Card”

2.7 Teresa Jennings (Plank Road Publishing)“Here Comes the Snow”

2.1 Teresa Jennings (Plank Road Publishing)“A Million Little Snowflakes

3.6 Teresa Jennings (Plank Road Publishing)“Rock ‘n’ Roll Snowman” 

2.8 Teresa Jennings (Plank Road) “Snow

2.20 Teresa Jennings (Plank Road Publishing) “Snow Day

1-3 Teresa, Paul Jennings (Plank Road Publ.)“Yankee Doodle Christmas”

1-3 Teresa, Paul Jennings (Plank Road Publ.)“Yankee Doodle Santa

9/20 Teresa Hui “Strudel the Elf

6/23 Teresa Jennings “Polar Puppy

5\18 Terra Ram “Blitzen

12,17 Terri Clark “Merry Christmas (Wherever in the World You Are)

9’1 T-Error Machinez “The Legend Of Christmas Demon”

6/28 Terry Esau “I am a Summer Calf,

6/28 Terry Esau  “Jezebel the Cow

6/28 Terry Esau “God Rest Ye Merry Cattlemen

6/28 Terry Esau “At the Cowville Christmas Ball

6/28 Terry Esau “Santa Cow”

1\18 Terry Fell “Let’s Stay Together ’til After Christmas” 

11.2 Terry Kitchen “Christmas Card” 

1:15 Terry Lingwood “The Christmas Eve that Santa Got the Flu” 

2\24 Terry Scott Taylor “How Can It be Christmas Again” 

11,25, 9’21 Terry Silva “Christmas Songs” 

1\16 Terry Wetton “Long Past Christmas Day” 

2’26 Terry Tufts (w/Tobias Meis) “Big Ol’ Toboggan

7\22 Terry Turtle “Reindeer on the Roof” 

11;15 Terry Wetton “When It’s Nearly Christmas”

1”16 Tessa Barcelo (feat Talia Cutulle) “Good Girl Gone Bad“

1”16 Tessa Barcelo (feat. Talia Cutulle & Jack Baugh)  “Starcrossed“

6’4, 1”16 Tessa Barcelo  (feat. Hanna Bielawa) “Merry Christmas for Today

1”16 Tessa Barcelo (feat. Brianna Galligan, Courtney Anne Nelson, Noah Clark & Michael Barry)“Supply and Demand“

1”16 Tessa Barcelo (feat. Bryan Douglas) “Tamogatchi Lullaby”

1”16 Tessa Barcelo, Wyland Stephenson, Orchid Hojrup  “Broken”

12*17 Tessa Netting “O Holy Shit”

12.20 Tesse “Fat Man in a Red Suit

7;16 Tex Beneke · Ray Eberle · The Modernaires · Paula Kelly  “And the Bells Rang”

12*25 Tex Johnson and His Six-Shooters “Fum Fum Fum”

12;16 Tex Johnson & His Six-Shooters “Wait for the Wagon (On Christmas Day)”

10.24 Tex Ritter “Christmas Carols by the Old Corral” 

3;25 Tex Ritter “Ole Tex Kringle” 

11/9 Tex Ritter “Merry Christmas Polka

4”7 Tex Ritter and his Six Shooters “When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter” 

5\30 Texasjohncottle “Rudolph the Runny-Nosed Reindeer

11*15 Texas Latino “Christmas in Texas

10/15 Texas Outdoor and Motorcycle Roads club “Biker Santa

1/28 T. Graham Brown “Santa Claus is Coming in a UFO

10:21 Thaler Pekar “War on Christmas

2-16 Thanecha “Mistletoe”

7.31 Thao Nguyen (with Maria Bamford) “The Gift Card Song

4’21 Thaores “Celebrate Christmas

2-2 That Guy with the Glasses “Merry Zodmas: Mistletoe

10.3 That Something Piñata “Don’t Play Me that Christmas Song

10\28 that’s um “Christmas 2003” 

2:27 Thaumocrates “Last Christmas”

4:17 thecircleofjerks “I Saw Mommy Fisting Santa Claus”

11\19 Thee Elfmen “Santa’s Here

4”14 Thee Elfmen “Santa Santa

7/2 Thee Olde World “Drive the Cold Winter Away”

8:25 theilsen “Solstice Carol

8’17 Them Nights in Lago “Jacob Marley”

4:13 The Theme Song “Merry Motherfucking Christmas

5\30 The Theme Song “Rudolph the Big Dick Reindeer

10/24, 4;13 Theocracy “All I Want for Christmas

6-9 theosankh “The Eggnog Song”

5:9 The Therapy Sisters “Christmas in July

9,26 The Therapy Sisters “The Twelve Days of Analysis” psychoanalysis

5:26, 9;10 The Therapy Sisters “The War of the Lights” 

4-7 These Are Waves “Peppermint (The Christmas Song)

10/17 They Might be Giants “Santa’s Beard”

9’23 These Stains Are Who I Am “Christmas In Hell” 

3”30 They Live by Night “Lucia (I Deserve Candles in My Hair)

7-19 The Thiams “Christmas Hangover

11\30 Thingmaker “Xmas, 1970

11,3 Thiqq Miqq “We Wish You a Merry Thiqqmass” 

9:29 Third Bass “Me and Mrs. Claus”

3-29 Third Day “Born in Bethlehem

8,22 Third Earth “Christmas Forever” 

6;12 Third Earth (ft. Jo Syme) “I Forgot About Christmas”

4”20 Third Earth “Rock Rock Rock Rock Santa!” 

10\6 This Century “Kiss Me Like It’s Christmas

7/10 This is Lizzard “Christmas in Summertime”

1\20 The Thneeds “The Night After Christmas

12*10 Thom Christopher Warren & A.J. Irvin “A Rock ‘N Roll Hanukkah

2-5 Thomas Anders “It Must have been the Mistletoe”

10.13 Thomas Causey “Just Another Christmas Song

6-27 Thomas Dotterweich “Der Glühwein Song” 

8.21 Thomas Huge and Lorenzo Music “Can’t Wait Till Christmas

10,24 Thomas Itty “Happy Holidays

7-26 Thomas Rhett “Beer With Jesus

10,12 Thomas Rhett “Christmas in the Country” 

1/7 Thomas Seymour “12 Days of Christmas-Dr. Who

8.22 Thomas the Tank Engine “Glynn’s Christmas Wish

8.22, 6,11 Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends “It’s Christmas Time” 

5’19 Thomas the Tank Engine “The Little Engine Who Believed” 

8.22 Thomas the Tank Engine “There’s Snow Place Like Home

1\11, 12\25 Kermit & Dylan (impressionist Thomas Valenti) “I’m So Glad Christmas is Over

3.23 Thomas Wall Band “Mr. Snowman

3:26 Thorazine “Merry Stupid *ucking Christmas

6-25 Thorsø All-Stars  “Country Christmas Beer

10\27 Thorsø All-Stars (feat. Michael Andersen, Allan Laursen) “The Final Christmas Song

3\6 Those American Girls “Another Christmas” 

3:14 Those Dreaded Gnats “Merry FXmas

12/24 Thots “All I Want for Christmas is a New Hat”

7;3 Three Aces & A Joker “Sleigh Bell Rock”

9-5 Three Blonde Mice “Ringo Bells

5.28 Three Chord Monkey “Don’t Take That Christmas Tree Just Yet

11;12 Three Day Threshold & Summer Villains “Almost Christmas Time”

4.7 Three Day Threshold & Summer Villains “Arnie’s Christmas Tree Farm

5:18, 3;29 Three Day Threshold and Summer Villains “The Ballad of Baby Jesus

1;29 Three Day Threshold & Summer Villains “Bring Momma Home for Christmas

4.26 Three Day Threshold & Summer Villains “Decorate the Christmas Tree

5:8 Three Day Threshold & Summer Villains “I Want a Zoo for Christmas” 

7:21 Three Day Threshold and Aedan Byrnes “New Elf in the Family”

8’14 Three Day Threshold “Santa Versus Godzilla” 

9:3 Three Day Threshold (feat. Lyle Brewer) “To Mrs. Claus from Santa” 

6-21 Three Day Threshold & Summer Villains  “A Very Whiskey New Year

4”29 Three Day Threshold “You Can’t Slow Santa Down

7:2 Three Ninjas “Black Dog Family”

5.24 Three Quarter Ale “Christmas Tree Menorah

1:5 The Three Stooges “I Got a Cold for Christmas” 

12*19, 7;2 The Three Stooges “Jingle Bell Drag

5/30 The Three Stooges “Wreck the Halls.

12/26 Three Wise Guys “I Don’t Want Anything for Christmas

8:24 Threefold “Celtic Solstice

9,7 Thrice a Chuckle “Operation Santa Claus” 

11,30 Thrice a Chuckle “Red Sled” 

12,16 Thrice a Chuckle “Too Soon for Christmas” 

10’22 Through the Aftermath podcast “Jonathan’s Post-Apocalyptic Christmas Carols”

9:16 Throwing Toasters “Mrs. Claus

3:11 Thugzy Bunnie “Fuck Christmas

3.9 The Thunderbirds “The Abominable Snowman”

7.29 The ThundermansBad Giftin’ Grannies

4’5 Thunted Hex “Up on the Ski Slope” 

5/16 Thurl Ravenscroft and the Mellomen “Jingle Polka

10’3 Thursday’s Flight “Holly Christmas Days”

4\3 Thwp “Hello Christmas” 

7.28 The Thyme Machine “Driving Home for Christmas (Presents)

8:2 Tia Micula and the Cape Henry Middle Schoolers. “Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah” 

2.1 Tiana “Snowflakes

12,13 Tiarre T.P. “Last Xmas” 

5.21 Tiasa Ray “Christmas Tree

9’24 Tiberius ProjecT “Santa Claus in Hell”

12*24 Tich “Love on Christmas Eve

4”27 Tickle Tune Typhoon “Santa’s Belly Boogie” 

1/17 Tiffany fan Christmas Song tribute to Wil Wheaton

12.12 Tiffany Blom (and Thomsen friends) “Ugly Christmas Sweater” 

12,15 Tiffany Houghton and Jay Alan “Better Without a Sweater” 

4\5 Tiger Room “Hey Little Drummer Boy

12:5 The Tigglemeisters “One Loathsome Telegram”

8\13 The Tigglemeisters “Through the Eyes of a Reindeer

8’20 Tight Pajamas “Krampus, Oh Krampus”

12/28 Tigr Moon Bounce “All I Want for Chanukah”

9’26 Tim “Christmas Hell”

2\4 Tim Boyce-Hobson “Christmas Time Again

2;4 Tim Burgess “I was Born on Christmas Day” 

3\29 Tim Cavanaugh “Another White Christmas” 

8-31 Tim Cavanaugh “Let’s Have a Drug-Free Christmas” ”

2:14 Tim Cavanagh “Worst Christmas Ever” 

4-6 Tim Dinkins “I Won’t Let You Lick My Candy Bar”

9,23 Tim Dinkins “The Little Boy’s Letter to Santa Claus

6\23 Tim Dinkins “Ole Pop Reindeer”

9’26 Tim Franklin “There’s No Christmas in Hell”

11*15 Tim Halperin “Dallas Christmas

2.3 Tim Hawkins “Snowflake”

12*1 Tim Hockenberry “Christmas by the Bay

4.9 Tim Lafleche “The Naked Little Christmas Tree

4-26 Tim McCanna (Henry Noodle) “Christmas Cookies

8,10 Tim McGraw “Dear Santa

3-5 Tim McGraw “Mary and Joseph”

1\5 Tim Markel “Christmas is Over” 

7/26, 10\4 Tim Minchin “White Wine in the Sun

9.17 Tim Myers “A Magical Season

7:3 Tim Nordstrom “Christmas is Family

2:26 Tim O’Brien “Bah Humbug” 

5:1 Tim Pat “Detroit Christmas Blues” 

2.14, 2’23 Tim Rosenau “It Snowed” 

3/24 Tim Tations “Oh Shit, It’s Christmas!

1.29 Tim Wheeler “Hello, Christmas Eve

12/4 Timbuk3 “All I Want for Christmas”

11/17 The Time Burners “Rock Rockin’ Christmas”

7,18 TIMŌRĀTUS “Christmas Present Conundrum (Courtney’s Crisis)

2.23 Timothy Chen Allen “Tonight It Snowed in San Juan” 

2.11 Timothy Seth Avett as Darling “Snow is Falling

8’28 Timur and the Dime Museum “Werewolf Christmas”

3:29 Tin Can Bros “F***ing Christmas Sweater

4-26 Tina deVaron “When is a Cookie?”

8:20 Tina Jennings Shelton “Festivus

9:15 Tina Mitchell Wilkins “Mrs. Claus is Steppin’ Out

8’12 Tinsel Tunes “The Gnomes’ Christmas Night” 

4”5 The Tinseltown Players “When Santa Claus is Flying Through the Air

10/17 Tinsley Ellis “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’”

7.1 Tiny Grimes “I Want a Present for Christmas”

5;9 Tiny Stills “Donald Trump Is Getting Nothing for Christmas”

1:30 Tiny Tim Santa Claus has Got the AIDS

10/5 Tiny Tim “Zoot Zoot Zoot Here Comes Santa in His New Space Suit

1”9 Tiny Tim and Kermit “Christmas Scat“

2’1 Tiny Toons “Sled Song

7’28 Tiny Tots “Pirates Christmas Day”

8’26 Tiny Totz Kidz “The Christmas Unicorn” 

10,19 TiRon & Ayomari “I Wish It Was Christmas Today

8,15 Tish Hinajosa “Arbolito

4,11 Title “Fall Asleep!” 

7-22 Titty Twister Band “Santa and Rudolph are Alcoholics

12,23 Tiyi Christopher “I Love Ya (This Christmas)” 

1/7 T.J. Jackso “12 Doctors of Christmas

4-9 TJ McCloud “Candy Cane

4-2 T J Murr  (The Okie Hobo) “Pretty Christmas Candy”

12*1 TJR “Christmas in California

10\26 TM298 “Gameboy

2’26 Toboggan “We are Toboggan

12*19 Tobias Niehur “Jingle Bells

12-31 Tobuscus “Creed Parody of ‘With Arms Wide Open’”

9,29 Toby Keith “All I Want For Christmas” 

2-20 Toby Keith “Blame it on the Mistletoe

8/3 Toby Keith “Hot Rod Sleigh

5’22 Toby Keith “Old Toy Trains”

2.20 Toby Lightman “Snow Day

8\28 TobyMac “Bring on the Holidays

12;21 TobyMac (ft. Relient K) “Can’t Wait For Christmas” 

10,10 TobyMac (feat. Leigh Nash) “Christmas This Year

10,19 TobyMac “This Christmas (Father of the Fatherless)

7/16 Toby Tucker “Red Christmas Cup

7.27 Toby Turner “Who Opened the Presents

11,22 Toby Young “Here for Christmas” 

3’24 Tod Got Overexcited! “Ice Skaters Lovers Time

10\28 Todd Bruhnsen “Christmas 2003

10*17 Todd Chappelle “O Little State of Delaware

10*17, 7/12  Todd Chappelle “October Night

10.3 Todd Chappelle “Parody of ‘Wonderful Christmastime’”

9-8, 12-25, 10.27 Todd McHatton “A Christmas Song for Harry Nilsson”

4”30 Todd McHatton “One for Santa” 

4”6 Tom Dudley Blues Buddha “Santa Claus Is Comin Tonight

4-24 Todd McHatton “A Plate of Cookies (Yes, We Believe)”

8;29 Todd McHatton “Put The Star On Top”

8\9, 4”22 Todd McHatton “Santa Flying in Your Sleigh

10.7 Todd McHatton “Sing Along to The Christmas Song”

4\29 Todd McHatton “Yeah Merry Christmas

1:31, 5\27 Todd O’Neill “I Shot Rudolph” 

2-26 Todd (Rockvlogs) “Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe

12\9 Todd Rundgren “Floppie

6’9 Todd Sparks “Christmas Cruise” 

10.20, 2:18 Todd Steed and the Christmas Suns  “I Hate Christmas (Songs)” 

7:4 Todd Yohn “Dysfunctional Family Christmas

5’31 Toddiefunk “Santa’scomin’baka’round!” 

12’9 Todds Holiday Greeting Disk “Bobby Got a BB Gun for Christmas” 

9.25, 9;12 Todrick Hall, Bob’s Burgers cast “Twinkly Lights” 

5.9 Todrick Hall (with Chester Lockhart) “Splits on Christmas Trees”

12’13 Tofu Vibrations “Tofu for Christmas”

3/15, 1:12 The Toilet Bowl Cleaners “I’ll Be Home Pooping for Christmas

3/15 The Toilet Bowl Cleaners “I Saw Mommy Wiping Santa’s Bum

3/15 The Toilet Bowl Cleaners “Pee on the Christmas Tree

3/15 The Toilet Bowl Cleaners “I Pooped on Santa’s Lap”

8-19 The Tokyo Fever “Do You Want to Smoke Some Cocaine?” 

5\17 Tom Baird “Donner Blitzen

2:25 Tom Bosley “The Stingiest Man in Town

3\11 Tom Chaplin “Another Lonely Christmas

10;28 Tom Chapin “Bruno’s Christmas On the Mall”

9\17 Tom Chaplin “Under a Million Lights

11,26 Tom Cridland “Christmassy Christmas Lover

11;10 Tom Dyer “Christmas (It’s Around the Corner)

5’10 Tom Dyer and The True Olympians “Christmas Train

11’19 Tom Dyer “It’s a White Mule Christmas”

10\20 Tom Dyer “Propane Santa

8:19 Tom Goss and Amber Ojeda “Festivus

5.27 Tom Grant “There’s a Kitty Under the Christmas Tree

6-2 Tom Hanks “Hot Chocolate” 

5’12 Tom Hanks (and some kids) “The Polar Express

8,2 Tom Hardy “Not Quite Almost Christmas Time” 

5.29 Tom Heinl “The Christmas Tree on Fire

9.9 Tom Kenny “Don’t be a Jerk (It’s Christmas)”

9.9 Tom Kenny & co. “Santa Has His Eye on Me

7/27, 10:11 Tom Latourette “Santa Claus MUST be White

1:15 Tom Latourette “Santa’s Got the Swine Flu” 

12*1 Tom Lehrer “Hanukkah in Santa Monica

5/30 Tom Lehrer “Christmas Carol

6/24 Tom Manche “Dog Christmas Song

7’6 Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers “It’s Christmas Day” 

7’6 Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers “Yo Ho Ho (Pirate’s Christmas)”

12,13 Tom Odell “Spending All My Christmas With You (Next Year)

7\22 Tom Paxton “Reindeer on My Roof” 

4.5 Tom Paxton “We are Going to Get Our Christmas Tree

2\7 Tom Petty “Christmas All Over Again” 

5.3 Tom Prin “Tinsel

12.1 Tom Rambow (The Porch Owls) “Winter Clothes” 

4”18 Tom Rankin & Dan Zimmerman “Santa Claus’s Party

7’5 Tom Smith “A Pirate Christmas” 

8’21 Tom Smith “We Need a Little Krampus” 

10’8 Tom Stone “Christmas at the End of the World”

8:29 Tom Tighe             “I am Not a Wandering Angel (An Atheist Christmas Carol)”

1.11 Tom Wade “Christmas Time”

11*8, 11.23 Tom Waits “Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” 

6’30 Tom Walker “For Those Who Can’t Be Here

8,23 Tom Watson “December 26

1”7 Tom Wopat;Clarke Hallum;John Bolton;Liz Callaway;Matthew Lewis “Counting Down to Christmas“

1”7 Tom Wopat;Clarke Hallum;Matthew Lewis;John Bolton;Liz Callaway  “Somewhere Hovering Over Indiana“

1”7 Tom Wopat;Liz Callaway;John Bolton;Clarke Hallum;Matthew Lewis “What a Mother Does” 

8:20 Tomasz Golka “Festivus, Festivus

12,20 Tommi Rose “Smile for Christmas” 

12:8 Tommy & The Greyhounds “It’s a Technicolor Christmas When You’re Jewish”

12;17 Tommy Christy “All are Waiting for Christmas”

5/5 Tommy Edwards “Christmas is for Children

5.24 Tommy Emanuel “Artificial Christmas Tree”

7-25 Tommy Hester “Daddy’s Drinking All Our Christmas”

2\11 Tommy James “It’s Christmas Again” 

6,8 Tommy Lellan “Done on Christmas

5,21 Tommy Lee Sparta “Shelly Christmas

5.29 Tommy Mulaney “Breaking Christmas Balls

4-16 Tommy Mulvihill “Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake”

1”16 Tommy Sands “Floretta“

5/1 Tommy Tucker’s orchestra “Jing A Ling, Jing A Ling”

12-2 Tommy Tutone “Santa Jenny 867-5309”

7.19 Tommy Wiseau “Christmas Song for You” 

8:29 Tomo News “An Atheist’s Christmas

9/28 Tomo News “Get Your Elf On

7/7 Toni & The Tomcats “Christmas in July”

6’3 Toni Braxton (feat. Shaggy) “Christmas in Jamaica

2/2 Toni Braxton “Snowflakes of Love”

6’2 Toni Das “Xmas by the Sea” 

6/12 Tony Aylward “The Lucky Turkey Christmas Song.”

5;12 Tony and da Guys “I Forgot That It Was Christmas”

2/13 Tony Bennett “I”ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”

11/2 Tony Bennett (of) “The Christmas Waltz”

2.14 Tony Bennett “Snowfall”

5-27 Tony Blanchard  “Christmas Dinner Song

8:3 Tony Caravan     “The Worst Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa Song Ever Written or Sung

6.17 Tony Coleman “Credit Card Christmas”

8-20 Tony Marese “Crack Heads Christmas Song

4\15 Tony Memmel “O Yea It’s Christmas

10/2 Tony Martin “Who Put the Devil in Santa?”

4\5 Tony Spar and Brett Lashley “Hey Baby It’s Christmas

9:14 Tony Thaxton (feat Allison Weiss and Sara Watkins) “Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Christmas Eve

3\3 Tony Thaxton “Another Generic Christmas Song

12:17 Tony Thaxton “The Ballad of Michael Caine” 

1\2, 8,21 Tony Thaxton (feat. Matt Taylor) “Santa Claus. December 26

10/15 Tony Vosik & The Kids “Santa on a Motorcycle”

11*5 Tony Wolf “The Indiana Christmas Song

2-26 Tonya Sexton “Under the Mistletoe (Kiss My Ass Goodbye)”

12,14 Tony Yazbeck and Patti Lupone “Three Wishes for Christmas” 

5.15, 7.20 Too Much Joy       “Ruby Left a Present Underneath the Christmas Tree

4\27 Toots and the Maytals “Oh, Yeah

9’14 Tor Hershman “Tor Wants to Spoil the Party”

6’30 Tori Amos “Christmastide” 

11,18 Tori Kelly “Kid Again on Christmas

6,21 The Total Chaos Effect “Deez Nuts Resting

10:8 Total Massacre “War on Christmas (World is Over)

10.20, 2:18 Touch My Rash “I Hate Christmas Songs and I Hate Everyone

4,18 Touchline “A South African Christmas” 

11’9 Toughskins “It Could be Worse”

8’14 The Towels “Godzilla Christmas”

11’5 Town Bike “[It Should’ve Been] The Worst Christmas Ever”

1-24 Toxic Socket “Merry Christmas Capitalism

1/12 Toy Replay “Darth Vader’s 12 Days of Christmas

10/2 Toykillers “The Devil May be Your Santa Claus

2.28 Tracey Jane Smith “No Snow for Christmas

9.15 Tracey Morgan “It’s a Jordan Christmas”

9-2 The Tractors “Bo Diddley Santa Claus”

11/15 The Tractors “Rockin’ This Christmas”

11/12, 5’15 The Tractors     “Santa Claus is Comin’ (In a Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train)” 

4”27 The Tractors “The Santa Claus Boogie” 

10,17 The Tractors “Swingin’ Home for Christmas

4,5 Tracy Barfield “Christmas 365

5.17 Trade Martin “My Father’s Christmas Tree

1-18 Trade Martin “Patriotic Christmas”

10*25 Trademark “Christmas in Dixie”

7-16 The Traditionals “In the Drunk Tank on Christmas”

3-17 The Trail Band “New Baby King”

12.21 The Trail Band “Big Red Suit” 

11-19, 6-25 Trailer Choir “Rocking the Beer Gut (Holly Day  Version)” 

5.3 Train “Tinsel and Lights

10\18 Tramaine Hopkins “Christmas Rocks 2012

2:20 Trampauline “I Hate Christmas Parties

2\18 The Transmitters “Christmas Again” 

5’1 Trans-Siberian Orchestra “The Snow Came Down

9,6 Trauma Cat “There’s No Such Thing (A Holiday Song)

7/20 Traveler “Gold Frankincense and Myrrh

7/8 The Traveling Suitcase “Christmas in July”

3’12 Travis August (feat. Prestxn) “Christmas & U

2-24 Travis Cloer “(Baby It’s Cold) Under the Mistletoe

2\21 Travis Cottrell “Once More” 

7;26 Travis Cottrell “Ring the Bells “

3.30 Travis Creep “Travis the Yellow Snowman

2:26 Travis Hobson “Scrooge Song

7-23 Travis Matte “The Night That Me and Santa Claus Got Drunk” 

4-28 Travis Matte “Santa Stole My Christmas Cookies”

12/16 Travis Tritt “All I Want for Christmas Dear is You”

6:30 Travis Tritt “Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas Without You” 

9:28 The Travis Waltons “Mrs Claus

8,8 Tray GooD “36 Days

6,12 Treacherous Three “Xmas Rap (Uncensored)” 

12*18 Tree Town Ukes “Hanuk-Wanza-Festi-Mas

3\31 The Treebees “Another  New Year’s Eve”

5.31 Treemouth “Christmas Tree

5’28 Trembling Blue Stars “Christmas and Train Trips and Things

8\19 Tremors “Reindeer” 

4’2 Trencher “I Lost All My Hair in a Skiing Accident

1/7 Trent and Brayden “Doctor Who 12 Days of Christmas

6.28 Trent Holloway “Blue Ribbon Christmas” 

9;24 Trevor Fett “Christmas Lights Magenta”

2-24 Trevor McShane “Too Much of Me (Mistletoe Song)

2.28 Trevor Nerva & Friends “The Tropical Christmas (No Snow? It Doesn’t Bother Me)

8’11 Trevor Sensitive and the Locals “The Ghost of Christmas Present Gave Me The Wedding Present for Christmas” 

4-13 Trevor Storey “Mince Pie

9.13 Trey Parker (Satan) “Christmas Time in Hell” 

3.31 Trey Parker “Let’s Build a Snowman!”

9.13, 3:21 Trey Parker (South Park) “Merry Fucking Christmas” 

3-12 Trey Parker and Matt Stone “The Most Offensive Song Ever”

4,26 Trey Songz “#Christmas (Guess Who)

12.26 Trey Stone & the Ringers “3 Pack of Underwear”

6:9 Trey Stone & The Ringers “I Want a Divorce for Christmas”

12\26 Trey Stone & The Ringers “Santa, Please Bring Me a Guitar”

12:25 Trey Stone and The Ringers  Sing About Christmas

12:15 Treypac McKaughan “I Wrote an Email to Santa Claus

7-3 Tribe of the Vague “Drunk for Christmas

5.27 Tricia Cole “I’m Climbing up the Christmas Tree Neow!

10/31, 5;15 Trick Daddy “Ain’t No Santa

4’6 Triheart “Slushy Slopes

4\24 Trillian Miles “Uh Oh Christmas

4\15 Triple A “Yippee-Ki-Yay It’s Christmas” 

4’8 Triple Black Diamond “Slopes (Rough Cut)

9,26 Trish Draega “12 Days of Christmas–Honduras

3-27 Trisha Yearwood “There’s a New Kid in Town”

4\29 Tristan Gianelli “Christmas Yeah

11\24 Tristan Kovacs (feat. Lauryn Kovacs) “Holiday Special ’78

8:23 Triune “Joy to the World” 

2-25 T-Rock “Smokin’ Mistletoe”

2.1 Trout Fishing in America “Bob and Bob”

4-10 Trout Fishing in America  “Chocolate Christmas”

10,6 Trout Fishing in America “The Eleven Cats of Christmas” 

2;1 Trout Fishing in America “My Birthday Comes on Christmas”

12.27 Trout Fishing in America “Santa Brought Me Clothes”

2.20 Trout Fishing in America “Snow Day” 

2.11 Trout Fishing in America “Snow is Falling

7.23 Troy Mitchell, Max Vitullo “Simple Hanukkah Gifts

6/30 Tru Harmony “Song of the Christmas Animals (Don’t Forget about Me)

4/10 Trucker Christmas “Christmas Eve Can Kill You”

8/19 Trucker Steve “The Day Truckers Saved Christmas”

12.28 Truma “The Christmas Shoes Parody” feud

8’27 Truman Proudfoot and David Kandal “Vampire Christmas”

9;3 Truth “Light a Christmas Candle”

4;15 The Truth Is… “Letters to Santa”

10*2, 10.30 Try Hard Ninja “Too Early for Christmas Songs” 

5-13 T.Sex “Popcorn Tin

11,13 Tsmusicproject “Christmas Blues

12,29 T Vinci (feat. Marley Wilson, Sean Island & Reef Weber)  “Christmas Cheer” 

7;6 Tubba3ply “Jungle Bells”

2’19 Tuktu “Sled Song

6;10 Tunnel Tribe “If Christmas Was Cancelled”

9,20 The Crossfires (The Turtles) “Santa and the Sidewalk Surfer” 

1;1 Tuxedo Bandido “It’s Christmas Crime” 

5/6 TV Funhouse “Tingles, The Christmas Tension

8’9 TV’s Kyle “Ghosts of Christmas” 

12.19 TV’s Kyle “Put a Santa Hat on It” 

3.26 TV’s Kyle “Snowman

5:4 tvallier “ChristmasLove

12.2 tvallier “Mittens from Heaven” 

6-8 The Twang “Eggnog”

11;26 The Twang “On the 24th

3;15 The Twang “Yuletrain”

9.8 Tweenies “Can’t Wait for Christmas

9.8 Tweenies ”Fab-A-Rooney Christmas”

9.8 Tweenies “I Believe in Christmas

9.8 Tweenies “Light up the World

12:28 Twelve 2 Five “Christmas Selfie

1/30 Twelve2five “Santa Bot

10,3, 9’4 Twilight Creeps “Poison in the Mistletoe

1-24 The Twin Cities Industrial Workers of the World  “Anti-Capitalist Carols

11*8 Twin Cities Jewfolk “A Minnesota Christmas”

2.24 Twin Kennedy “Snowed In” 

12,14 Twin League “Santa’s Sleigh

4\14 Twin Sisters (Kim Mitzo Thompson) “Hooray, It’s Christmas Day” 

7;15 Twinkle Toes Music “Ring the Bells Its Christmas Time”

8;7 Twinkle Toes Music “Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star”

9,14 Twist “Foreign Xmas

9,5 Twisted Insane “December 24th” 

2.6 Twisted Sister “Let It Snow”

11/22 The Twisting’ Kings “Xmas Twist

7,16 Twist “Foreign Xmas” 

5.30 Twitch “Christmas Tree

8’21 Twitch n Jimbers “Kreepin’ with Krampus” 

5.2 Twiztid “Decorate Your Christmas Tree

8,4 Twiztid “A Very Twiztid Christmas” 

11’4 Two-Fisted Slobberknocker “The Worst Christmas Ever”

12;19 Two Inch Winky “I Can’t Wait for Christmas

11*27 Two Pretty Girls  “Black Friday Night Song

9’30 Two-Ton Santa “Merry Christmas From Hell”

12’9 Two-Ton Santa “Toy Gun”

9,22 TWxWKS “14 Days of Christmas” 

7.24 Ty Hunter “The Gift I Can Return” 

4\21 Ty Hunter “Oh My God

1-7 Ty Martin “Ty’s Patriotic Christmas Song

6’14 Ty Thurman “If Santa was a Sailor” 

6,12 Tyga (feat. Gata) “Christmas Story

4;24 Tyler Barham “Coal in Your Stocking This Year”

12.20 Tyler Bernhardt ”A Man in a Red Suit” 

2.4 Tyler Carter and Scout “Make It Snow

5-7 Tyler Conroy “Original Taco Bell Christmas Song

8’1 Tyler Del Pino & Rusty Robot “Christmas with Aliens”

10’14 Tyler Huston “Last Christmas on Earth”

4.9 Tyler Meacham “Pathetic Little Christmas Tree”

8,5 Tyler, the Creator “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

12*1 Tyler Weinrich “Christmas in California

11,11 TyMe WArp “Merry Christmas Ebenezer

9’27 Type O Negative “Halloween in Heaven”

11,11 Type O Negative “Red Water (Christmas Mourning)” 

8’25 Tyrannosaurus Mouse “Robot Christmas” 

9;18 Tyrone & Lesley “Like a Lightbulb”

1.26 Tyson & Hayley “‘Blank Space’ Parody

2\9 Tyson Leslie “Merry Merry Christmas (Again)


12*31 U2 “New Year’s Day”

1/29 UFO Phil “There’s No Christmas on the Moon

8’31 The Uh Ohs “Nobody Said” 

4”30 The Uh Ohs “Wily Clause

12/24 Ukelele Bordeaux “All I Want for Christmas is a Job”

1’14 Ukulele Jim (Surfer Jim) “Surfer Santa Claus

5.24 Ukulele Steve “Hibiscuses’ Christmas Tree

11:5 Ultimate Duo “Christmas Party (1505)” 

1.17 Unbroken Dial “Moves Like Santa”

6;13 Unckle Eddie “Christmas Was Canceled”

12*5 Uncle Benny Kai “Hawaiian Santa

8,21 Uncle Billy “December 26” 

5-29 The Uncle Brothers “Santa’s Diet” 

7-27 Uncle Carl “Don’t Get Drunk on Jesus

5;2 Uncle Daddy & The Skeeters “Santa ain’t Bringing You Shit!”

8-1 Uncle E “12 Blunts of Christmas” 

8’3 Uncle Jess and The Rippers “Bigfoot’s Christmas Shoes”

7-22 The Uncle Louis Show “Santa Claus e Ubriaco

11\8 Uncle Luc “Christmas 1994

10\29 Uncle Ted Buckley “Dear Santa 2002

10/17 Uncle’s Institution “Santa Claus is Gay

11’10 Under a Rock “Christmas is Terrible”

5.30 Under the Bodhi Tree “Pink Christmas Tree

6-6 Under the Streelamp “Here We Come a-Wassailing

2-12 The Uninvited (KLAQ) “Christmas on Death Row”

4:29 Unit 81 Productions “Merry XXXmas”

11*11 The United States Air Force Concert Band And Singing Sergeants “Mr. Santa

12,5 United Vibe “Mrs. Claus

7\20 Universal Groove “I Wanna be a Reindeer” 

6’5 Unkle Funkle “I Want a Kiss from Santa

10-10 unknown “Back Door Santa

6/19 unknown “Carol of the Field-Mice”

12/31 unknown “Chanukah with the Chipmunks”

4-24 unknown “Christmas Cookies

6/6 unknown “The Christmas Lobster Song

6/19 unknown (WXRT) “The Christmas Mouse

6/27 unknown (Ergesr Mikasoraesa) “Christmas Japan Tiger-san Song

11/27 unknown (Mark and Brian Show) “Christmas Style”

8-5 unknown “Frosty the Dopeman” 

4-21 unknown “The Fruit Cake Song

4-21 unknown “Fruitcake Song

4-18 unknown “Fruitcake Song

3/3 unknown “Giant Farting Christmas Tree”

3-2 unknown “Happy Birthday Jesus

4.13 unknown “Hey, Little Christmas Tree

9-3 unnamed “I Want to Spend Christmas with Elvis”

4.11 unknown “I’m Gonna Be Santa’s Tree

6-24 unknown “It’sWonderfulDrinkBeer” ‘Rudolph’ version:

4’30 unknown “The John Deere Snowmobile Song” 

4-15 unknown (a nice school kids’ version)“Mama, Bake the Johnny Cake, Christmas Comin’”

6\25 Unknown “Randy the Redneck Reindeer

7\23 Unknown “The Reindeer Twist” 

5\30 Unknown “Rudolph the Psycho Reindeer

6\30 Unknown “Rudy the Redneck Reindeer”

6’21 Unknown “Sailor It’s Christmas Again” 

11/14 unknown “Santa Jive”

2.11 unknown “Snow is Falling Down

5/22 unknown “Southdale for Christmas

4’30 unknown “This Winter” (The Ski-Do Song)

5-3 unknown “A Waffle House Christmas

3-22 unknown “We Three Bings”

12*14 unknown “While Shepherds Washed Their Socks by Night”

7.11 unknown “Who Put the Presents Under the Tree?

2/24 unknown “Worst Song of Christmas Eve

8.2 unknown “Xmas TV with You

8:29 unknown Austrian guy “I’m an Atheist (A Christmas Song)

7/24 Unknown Hinson “Black and Blue Christmas

7/23 Unkool Hillbillies “Green Christmas


4,12 Unspoken “Christmas Everyday

8/2 The Untamed Youth “Santa’s Gonna Shut ‘Em Down Now”

11’24 The Untitled “A Christmas Tragedy”

10,10 Unwritten Law (feat. Sum 41) “Unwritten Christmas” 

11\9 Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B Start “Christmas Eve 1993” 

3:7 Upbeat “I %!S#ing Hate This Winter Wonderland

7.16 Ursula Burns and Donal Scullion “Every Day of the Year

9’10 U.S. Christmas “Devil’s Flower in Mother Winter”

5\23 Usher (feat Nicki Minaj) “Lil Freak

9’28 Utter Butter “The Christmas From Hell”

12’12 Utter Nonsense “Tik Tok Boy”

9,26 UZ Worm “12 Days of Eternia” He-Man 

7-12 UZ Worm “Alcoholic Christmas” 


5:14 V2A “Christmas Day Virus

4’26 Vacation Simulator video game “Ski Slope Safety Song

9/27 The Vacancies “The Elf Song”

10/5 Valentine Green “Space Station Santa

11/15 Valentine Green “Rockin’ Christmas

2/7 Valerie Capers, Marian McPartland “Christmas is Love”

11:2 Valerie Collison “Come and Join the Celebration” 

11,18 Valerie Warntz “Oh, Winter

12’3 Valley of Love “My Boy Got His Gun”

12.24 Valley of Love, Dan Barbanel, Anu Junnonen, and Joy As a Toy  “Santa’s Panties”

10\13 Vampire Weekend “How Long” 

2.5 The Vamps “Hoping for Snow

2\6 The Van Bloom Brothers “Christmas Again” 

5-13 Van Buchanan   “Yummy Christmas Popcorn Around the Christmas Tree

7:4 Vancougar “Dysfunctional Family Christmas”

12*31 Van Morrison “Celtic New Year

4:4 The Vandals “Christmas Time for My Penis”

12/24 The Vandals  “A Gun for Christmas”

5.23 The Vandals “Hang Myself from the Christmas Tree

4\11 The Vandals “Oi to the World”

11,11 The Vandals “Thanx for Nothing

11/13 The Van-dells “Doo Wop Christmas”

3-13 Vanessa Bell Armstrong “The Inn Keeper”

9,13 Vanessa Campagna “Diamond for Christmas” 

3\15 Vanya “Another Bandra Christmas

11’6 Vapor Music “The Worst Christmas Ever”

12,14 Varsity Fanclub “It’s Christmas Again” 

6-11 Vaudeville Etiquette “Let’s Spike the Eggnog

12’21 The Vaudevilles “I Shot My Baby for Christmas” 

12;24 V.D. King “I Can’t Wait (’til Christmas Day)”

1”1 Vedant Ramesh & Jessie Mueller “Loving Sons“

11;25 Veghalen “Christmas is Coming”

7:26 Veghalen “Family Christmas Song” 

4-24 Veggie Tales “Oh Santa”

11,20 Velvet Mac “Christmastime (Let It Go)” 

10-13 Venetian Princess “A Miley Cyrus Christmas” 

5.30 Vengaboys “Where did My Christmas Tree Go?

2’9 Venice Beach Dub Club “Christmastime Thing

8:18 Venice Sunlight “A Festivus Miracle

12*31 Vennu Nallesh “Wish U Enjoy New Year

7/30 Venom “Black Xmas

10-2 The Ventures “Sleigh Ride” 

1-10 Vera Lynn “I’m Sending a Letter to Santa Claus”

11,27 The Veras “Have a Merry Christmas Time” 

12/25 Verbatim Lyrics “Last Christmas”

4.30 Verne Wickham “Ornaments

6/9 Veronica Taylor “I’m Giving Santa a Pikachu for Christmas

2-4 Veronica Taylor, Rachel Lillis ‘Pokemon’ “Under the Mistletoe

4/11, 7/24  Versus the World  “Blue and Cold”

9;10 The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man (Matt Farley) “Christmas Lights (Xmas Lights!)”

8-28 The Vestibules “Christmas on Acid”

3”21 VGMD “Santa’s Shaving His Beard

12*1 Vic Damon  “Christmas in San Francisco

1/14 Vic Mignogna “Vader Did You Know?

11*29 Vic Sorrell “The Gift of Arizona

8/31 Vic Sorrell “Driving Home at Christmastime

6;20 Vice Squad (feat. Beki Bondage) “Christmas Has Been Cancelled”  

4\6 Vice Squad “Hey Mister Christmas”

12,15 Viceboy “Snowcity

3”19 Vicious Kitty “Mrs. Claus

2-5 Vicki Carr “It Must have been the Mistletoe”

9/25 Vicki Daglian and Colleen Kiernan’s 2nd grade class “What Does the Elf Say?

9-23 Vicki Owens “Jay My Cutie” 

12,29 Vicky Mir Rodriguez (feat. Aloha and Coco) “Little Toy Soldiers” 

4’10 Victims Athletic “Ski Lodge” 

9,11 Victor Copetti “It’s a Covid Christmas

9,21 Victor Sierra “The Xmas Case

9.24 Victoria Justice (Tori), Ariana Grande (Cat), Liz Gillies (Jade)”It’s Not Christmas Without You

7.5 Victoria Majors “Present for Christmas

2.13 Victoria Scott  “Snow is Falling

5;15 Victoria Spivey “Christmas Without Santa Claus

6-9 Vid Meister “The Eggnog Song

8:29 Vienna Teng “The Atheist’s Christmas Carol

9,26 Vihart “The Gauss Christmath Special”

10,17, 12’28 Vilardz “Christmas Hype” 

11/29 Village People “Disco Santa/Santa Claus NOEL”

4’23 Vim Cortez “Christmas is for Lovers

11*14 Vin Bruce “Christmas on the Bayou

3’13 Vina Verde “My Christmas Present is You

12.2 Vince Ah  “Borrow Your Scarf

5;28 A Vince Coletta Project “Empty Box 4 Christmas”

9:25 Vince Lundi “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Claus!

5.3 Vince Newbold “Glitz and Tinsel

12;22 Vince Vance & The Valiants “Can’t Wait Till Christmas Day”

6:30 Vince Vance & The Valiants “Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas Without You”

4.11 Vince Vance & the Valiants “I Wanna be a Christmas Tree

4:18 Vinceland “Let Us Fuck

7;6 Vincent Cardinale “Jungle Bells”

4.7 Vincent Gargiulo “Christmas Tree Lot”

2.11 Vincent Micciche “Snow is Falling

6.21 Vincent Ortiz “Broke Christmas

1:4 Vincent Zarletti “The Christmas Virus”

6/24 Vinnie “The Christmas Dog

10*11 Vinnie Penn “Christmas in East Haven”

7,27, 12,25 Vinny the Comb “Green and Red

12,12 Vinny the Comb “Recycle Christmas

3;7 The Vipers “The Yodeler’s Christmas

8:3 Virgin Mobile “Chrismahanukwanzakah

12/19 Virginia Kegel “I Want a Boob Job for Christmas

12\28 Virginiana Miller “Xmas 1933

11\8 Vista Blue “A ’90s Kind of Christmas” 

8’31 Vista Blue “My Zombie Christmas Song” 

11’28 Vista Blue “Silent Night Deadly Night”

2.4 Vituoso Girl “I Want It to Snow”

12’19 Viva Joaquin “Someone Shot Santa Claus”

9,1 VNS, CK, K0M0D0 “Christmas Town”

1:14 VocalEssence “Dear Santa, Have You Had the Measles?” this

10\23 Vocal Few “Ice Storm 2008 (Merry Christmas)

5;1 Voice Male “Gettin’ Nuttin’ for Christmas” 

5/18 The Voices  “Santa Claus Baby

5/18 The Voices “Santa Claus Boogie

8’27, 12’25 Vom Vorton “Love Xmas, Hate Vampires”

9\12 Von Carter (feat. Trey Lucré) “A Couple Million

6-1 The von Trapp Children “Hot Cup of Cocoa

4-21 The von Trapp Children “Please Don’t Send Me Fruitcake

12,1 VonE “Merry Christmas

7:11 Vonzella Cummings and Eddie B Cummings “Family Christmas” 

11/29 VST “Boogie Woogie Christmas Day

12*1 Vulfpeck “Christmas in L.A.

7/11 Vybz Kartel “Every Day is Christmas”


12;7 Wade Arney Wade “I Can’t Wait for Christmas

8-6 Wafande “The Only Thing I Want for Christmas is Ganja

9,1 Wagon Lord “December 24th” 

1.24 Wagoner Bros. “Hail Santa” 

6’7 The Waitresses “Christmas Wrapping” 

6,28 Waka Flocka Flame “Grinch

11:29 The Walkmen “Christmas Party” 

12’1, 12”25 Wall of Voodoo “Shouldn’t Have Given Him a Gun for Christmas”

11/10 Wally Gonzales (The Christmas Bandito) “Christmas Polka

1\24 Walt Hoagland “It was the Night After Christmas” 

12\14 Walter Becker and Donald Fagen “A Little with Sugar

3/31, 7:23 Walter Brennan “Just Three Letters for Christmas” 

2:25 Walter Charles “Nothing to Do With Me

3;27, 7\17 Walter Giblin “Good Old Santa’s Reindeer Roundup” 

1/4 Walter Manglona “Christmas Time is Here Again”

2:25 Walter Matthau (and Dennis Day) “Humbug” 

5/18, 7.9 Walter Schumann and Jester Harston “Christmas Gifts

10*15 WaltOnFire “The BadaBing Christmas Story

8.14, 8;21 The Waltons “Follow That Star”

8.14 The Waltons “Good Night”

8.14 The Waltons “That’s What Christmas Means to Me”

12*19, 6/3, 1:26 Wane Fawes “Itchy Balls

6;28 The Want         “If It Weren’t for Girls, There Would Be No Christmas”

12,12 Wapgang (feat. Carter Morrissette) “How the Grinch Copped Christmas” 

7;17 War Pony Dos “Hang the Bell From the Christmas Tree”

7/2 Ward Thomas “In the Bleak Midwinter”

4:29 Warky Chocobo “Big Dong

10/23 Warren Baker “Santa Dumped His Job, Now He’s a Cashier”

6’29 Was (Not Was) “Christmas Time in Motor City” 

7-21 Wasi “Christmas Rehab

1.16 Wassabi Productions “Best Gift of All”

5,18 Wa$$up “Jingle Bell” 

3;4 Wasted Rock Rangers “Christmas for Cowboys” 

8:4 Watch For Rocks (ft. Ted Organ from Darkness Dear Boy) ”The Chrismukkah Song”

9,23 Watch Out for Rockets “13 Days of Xmas” 

5:15 Watch Out for Rockets “All I Want for Christmas is the Criss Angel Platinum Magic Kit with Over 250 Magic Tricks” 

8\6 Watch Out for Rockets “Fly Reindeer Fly

3.18 Watch Out for Rockets “Hey Mr. Snowman

4\7 Watch Out for Rockets “Hey Now (Merry Christmas)

5:3 Watch Out for Rockets “Kitty Robot

5:6 Watch Out for Rockets “Santa Quit Yer Foolin’ Around

5:14 Watch Out for Rockets “Santa’s Rocking Machine” 

5.7 Watch Out for Rockets “Upside Down Christmas Tree”

3”21 Watch Reggie Run “Santa Shaved His Beard

11\8 watches | warnings “Christmas Eve 1994” 

4’7 Waterlaso “Bikini Skiing

6-6 The Watersons “Apple Tree Wassail

8;31 Watkins & the Rapiers “All the Stars At Christmas”

10:4 Watkins & The Rapiers “Are You Man Enough (To Say Merry Christmas)?

12.25, 5:12 Watkins and the Rapiers “Arise Ye North Pole Workers”

1-23 Watkins & the Rapiers “Christmas at Occupy Wall Street

12.25, 5:26, 9;14 Watkins & the Rapiers “Christmas Lights Untango

11.28, 12.25 Watkins & the Rapiers “Don’t Expect a Christmas Card from Me”

5:18 Watkins & the Rapiers “Proud Mary”

5:13 Watkins & the Rapiers “The Santa Claus Parade” 

12’20 Watkins & the Rapiers “Santa’s Got a Gun” 

12.25 Watkins & the Rapiers “Santaland”

6-6 The Waverly Consort “The Gloucester Wassail

2;18 Wavy Noah and Uspa G “Newtonmas

7/19 Wax “Brown Christmas

6/16 The Wayfarers “Six White Boomers”

8,7 Waylan St. Palan “Christmas at the Bar

4,18 Waylan St. Palan & The Magic Elves “(Doin’ the) Dishes for Christmas

12,22 Waylan St. Palan & The Magic Elves “Quarantine Christmas” 

7/24 Wayne Newton  “Blue Snow at Christmas.” 

1-31 Wayne Newton “Christmas in the USA”

3;10 Wayne Newton “Cowboy’s Christmas

7;4 Wayne Newton “Jingle Bell Hustle”

6’10 Wayne Pascall A Cappella “Christmas Caribbean Cruise” 

9,26 Wayne Strange, Klydian “The Twelve Days of Christmas” Zelda

11*14 Wayne Toups “Louisiana Santa”

4-28 Wazo and The Elf “Santa’s Chewing on My Cookies

11:6 W C Clark “Christmas Party”

7/16 WCYY      “The Internet Outrage Song (aka Red Starbucks Cup)

5.18 W.D. Hay “Christmas Tree Memories

7;27 WD Hay “Ring Out The News Oh Christmas Bells”

5,19 We Are the Union “I’m Working Retail for Christmas

11:28, 4\16 We Grow Up “Office Christmas Party” 

10,30 We Like That “Home for Christmas” 

7,8 We Speak in Sounds “I Believe in Santa Claus

9,20 We Three “Our Last Christmas Eve

12’7 Weak Music for Thomas “Now I Have a Machine Gun, Ho Ho Ho”

4”16 Wealthy Elves “Fat Santa

12,1 Weatherfield “Christmas Song

10*19 The Weber Brothers “Christmas Time in West Virginia”

11,11 Wednesday 13 “Buried by Christmas” 

8-5 WeedPornDaily “Let Us Toke” 

12’19 Weege & The Wondertwins “Daddy Don’t Shoot Santa Claus”

7/29 Weekend Duty “Combat Grey (A Christmas Song)

2.19 Weekend Nachos “Snowball Fight

2:8 Weekend Rockstars “I Hate Christmas”

9.26 The Weepies “All That I Want

11:29 Weezer “Christmas Celebration” 

8,26 Weihnachtsmusik “Santa Tell Me

12:10 ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic “Christmas at Ground Zero” 

4/3, 10/14, 12’17  Weird Al Yankevic “The Night That Santa Went Crazy

6-9 Weird Paul Petrosky “Try the Christmas Drink!

3’9 Welfare “Ice Skating” 

12,30 Well Kept “Advent Calendar” 

4\10 Wells Cathedral School Records “Hey Ho, It’s Christmas I Know” 

4.1 Welsh Coleggwent Musical Theatre “Proudly in the (Christmas) Forest

9,26 The welters World Family “12 Days of Christmas travel” 

6’15 Wenatchee Valley Boys “Christmas Canoe

6\14, 12\25 Wenatchee Valley Boys “Donny the Reindeer

1’6 Wenatchee Valley Boys (NightHeart) “Surfside Somerset Sunwavz

2.25 Wendell Ferguson (feat. Katherine Wheatley) “99 Feet of Snow” 

3\23 Wendell Ferguson “Another White Trash Christmas” 

5:18, 2;22 Wendell Ferguson “Jesus Christ It’s Your Birthday Again

5.22 Wendell Ferguson “Pining ‘Round the Christmas Tree

1;13 Wendell Ferguson “Santa’s Doing Time

12.25 Wendell Ferguson Wendell Ferguson’s Cranky Christmasalbum 

10.1, 12.25 Wendell Ferguson “Why does Every Christmas song Have So Many Chords?”

5:29 Wendell Ferguson “Workin’ in a One-Hit Wonderland

2.26 Wendy Jans “Don’t Let it Snow

8;8 Wendy Moses “It was on a Starry Night”

8;19 Wendy Webster “See The Wise Men Follow The Star”

5:31 Wengie “Ugly Christmas Sweater” 

10.24 Wesley Tuttle “Christmas Carols by the Old Corral” version

12,18 Wes Borne “Mistletoe

12*9 West Chester East’s String Orchestra “We Wish You a Klezmer Christmas”

12,18 The Wet Bandits “Hi My Name is Kevin

1/8 WeTheSciencey “Basil the Dear Old Dalek

11,15 Wew Lads Tbh “Snowflake” 

3”2 Whale Holiday Marching Band “White Beard/Red Jacket”

3:10 Whatever21 “Merry Fucking Christmas” 

12’19 Wheelchair Full of Old Men “Shot Santa in the Back”

6;26 The Wheels “Empty Christmas”

7.25 Wheels Fargo & The Nightengale “Christmas Present Blues”

11,23 The Wheelz “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” the punk version here

10:5 When Reindeers Collide Inc “War on Christmas and Baby Jesus

2:4 Where’s My Spaceship “Everybody Hates Christmas

2:8 Whiplash “I Hate Christmas

6,16 Whirlwind “Lovers Turn to Monsters

6/25 The Whiskers Animal Benevolent League”The Catmas Song

6-21 Whiskey Rodeo “Deck the Halls with Beer and Whiskey

6/29 The Whiskey Santas “Save a Horse, Ride a Reindeer”

10’24 Whisper Teas “Happy Damn Christmas”

11;9 The Whispers “It’s Almost Christmas”

5’14 Whit Hill and John Latini “Christmas Train

10;4 Whit Hill and John Latini “Going With My Cousin to See Santa At the Mall”

7.29, 7:11 Whit Hill and John Latini  “Jasper’s Worst Christmas

1.29 The White Boys “Ho Ho” 

12\30 The White Brothers “The Story of the Lawson Family

4”12 White Chimney “Funky Santa Claus” 

11*29 The White Family “2010’s Another White Christmas (In Arizona)”

4\15 White Hot Secret “Yippee Ki Yay Merry Christmas

8-19 White Lightning, P’Zilla and Chinchilla “Ho! Ho! Ho! (It Looks Like Snow)

11,13 White Lucy “Xmas on the West Side

3.19 White Ocean “Snowman

4-8 The White Stripes “Candy Cane Children”

2:15 White Town  “Why I Hate Christmas

6’24 The Who “Rael Pt.1 and Pt. 2.” 

11’25 Who’s the Daddy Now? “A Daddy Christmas Eve”

5.13 The Whomping Willows “Let Me Be Your Christmas Tree

2:21 Whoopi Goldberg (Stormella) “I Hate Santa Claus

5.29 ’Whose Line is It Anyway?’ “Knocked Over the Christmas Tree

11,16 Why Don’t We “With You This Christmas

9;27 Wicked cast “The Chanukah Song (We Are Lights)”

11’8 W1GS “Christmas Tragedy” 

6/23 The Wiggles “Bobby Wants a Puppy Dog for Christmas”

11/10 The Wiggles “The Christmas Polka

8;14 The Wiggles “Christmas Star”

4”17 The Wiggles “Go Santa Go” 

12*24 The Wiggles “I Just Can’t Sleep on Christmas Eve

11:23, 7’9 The Wiggles “It’s a Christmas Party on the Goodship Feathersword” 

12;5 The Wiggles “Just Can’t Wait for Christmas Day”

4”25 The Wiggles “Let’s Clap Hands for Santa Claus” 

6/23 The Wiggles  “Paw Paw Wags

4”29 The Wiggles “Reindeer Express” 

11/21 The Wiggles “Rockin‘ Santa”

11*26 The Wiggles “The Turkey Jumps Right Out of the Pie

5.27 The Wiggles “Wags is Bouncing Around the Christmas Tree

11;2 The Wiggles         “Wags Stop Your Barking, It’s Almost Christmas Day”

5.9 The Wiggles     “Will You Dance With Me Around the Christmas Tree?

9,10 Wil E. Haze “O Chronic Tree” 

12;16 Wild Bill (feat. The Whiskey Shivers) “I Can’t Wait to Go Home for Christmas Again

9’24 Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire  “Christmas Hell”

11’16 Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire “Christmas Lights”

11;24 Wild Bunch “Almost Christmas”

12,4 Wild Earp “Be Generous This Christmas

10,7 Wild Earp (feat. Sweet Sassy Molassey) “A Christmas Miracle

12,18 Wild Earp “Cynical Christmas” 

8’19 Wild Earp “The Krampus Song”

8’10 Wild Earp & The Free For Alls “I Saw a Ghost on Christmas”

11;6 A Wild Frontier “Almost Time for Christmas”

4.12 Wild Man Fisher “I’m a Christmas Tree

4.12 Wild Man fisher duet with Dr. Demento  “I’m a Christmas Tree”

5,2 Wild Orchid “25 Days of Christmas” 

5\31 The Wildebeests “Rudolph’s Ruin

12;3 Wildson (feat. Ed Mills) “Waiting for Christmas”

1”15 Will Ferrell, Patrick Page,  Sunita Mani, Tracy Morgan, The Spirited Ensemble“That Christmas Mornin’ Feeling” 

3-21 Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly “Little Drummer Boy”

2.13 Will Foster “The Snow is Falling Down

8.14 Will Geer “Snowman’s Land” 

6/28 Will Gilmer “The Gilmer Dairy Farm Christmas Song

4:26 Will Nunziata (feat. Amy Fitts) “Jingle Jingle: A Dirty Christmas Song” 

3;7 Will Ryan “I Wish I could Yodel for Christmas

11*24 The Willard Grant Conspirancy’s “Christmas in Nevada

8\13 Willie Sterba “Fly Like a Reindeer

2.25 Wm. Fitzsimmons “Covered in Snow

7;14 William Frawley “Silver Bells”

2.9 William Huckaby “The First Snowfall

10,16 William Hutt “Snowfall

8’8 Wm Matt Miller “Merry Christmas Frankenstein”

2.17 William Parks “Snow Angels

10*12 William Perrins and James Haywood”Christmas on the British Virgin Islands

12*18 William Shatner “Wenceslas

1/17 William Shatner “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

8/19 William Weaver         “How the Truck Drivers Saved the Christmas Holiday

4;17 William Wyatt “Big Hunk O’ Coal”

4;21 Williamson Branch “Coal in My Stocking”

12,17 Willie Dinardo & The Corporates “Piffmas Eve” 

7-20 Willie Hensen “Christmas in Rehab

2.17 Willie Hyde “Snow Angel”

7;20 Willie Kalikimaka (Willie K) “Christmas Bells

8-4 Willie Nelson “Little Dealer Boy” 

12,31 Willie Sterba “A House That Smelled Like Cookies

11;4 The Willing Workers Project (feat. Lil D, The Candyman, Chynosoul & Big E)  “Almost Christmas Time”

3”7 Willis ‘Daddy Wings’ Pinney & Reginald ‘Ras Regg’ Martin “Santa’s Beard”

9\6 Willivision and Mindy Lloyd “Billionaire Christmas” 

4-16 Willy Brady “Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake”

8.5 Wilma Flintstone “The Flintstone Way”

4\24 Wilmington Celebration Choir “Oh My, Oh My, It’s Christmas

6’22 Windy City Gay Chorus “What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor Early Christmas Morning?

4’10 Wingless Mountain “Ski Lodge” 

11/29 The Winstons “The Christmas Slide

1”3 The Winter Failure “All I Want…”

8’2 The Winter Failure “The Brightest Star”

1”3 The Winter Failure “Dear Grizzly I”

1”3 The Winter Failure “Dear Grizzly VI“

1”3 The Winter Failure “Dear Grizzly III“

1”3 The Winter Failure “Dear Grizzly VII”

1”3 The Winter Failure “Gosh I Hope She Calls“

1”3 The Winter Failure “I Can’t Wait!”

11\1 The Winter Failure “Thousands of Lightyears” 

1”3 The Winter Failure “Why“

4’4 Winter Vacation “On a Ski Slope” 

7\20 Winter Wilburys “Those Other 8 Reindeer

3’5 Winterbrook “Polar Bear for Christmas” 

2\11 The Wintersong Band “Christmas Again” 

4.27, 9;10 Winterval “Hang the Lights on the Tree

9.25 Winx cast “Christmas Magic

10-10 The Wise Men “Lost Doors Christmas Song?” 

3/29 Wish Crosby and Flo Murphy “Shitty Shaggin’ Christmas”

5,18 The Wish You Weres “Socks for Christmas

7,21 The Wish You Weres “Wishlist

1\21 Wisherkings “After Christmas (Januarysong)

4-21 The Wissman Family “Please Don’t Send Me Fruitcake”

8:11 The Withers “Boxing Day” 

12.25 The Withers Christmas Albums 5 & 6 

5:23 The Withers “Christmas Delight

12.4 The Withers “Christmas Pants”

11:4 The Withers “Christmas Party” 

5:23, 9;25 The Withers “Christmas Lighting” 

5:12 The Withers “Dancing with my Elf” 

5:23, 7\16 The Withers “Don’t Feed the Reindeer

7\29 The Withers “Flank, Hock, or Hoof

5:25 The Withers “Frosty

5:19 The Withers “Gingerbread” 

6.26 The Withers “I Can’t Wrap these Presents Anymore

5:12 The Withers “I Touch My Elf

7;10 The Withers “Jingle Jingle Jingle”

5:18 The Withers “Manger Zone

5:17 The Withers “Mistletoe

5:23, 8\10 The Withers “Reindeer

8\6 The Withers “The Reindeer” 

8\3 The Withers “Reindeer Keep Flying

5:23, 7\30 The Withers “Reindeer on the Moon” 

4”22 The Withers “Santa” 

4”29 The Withers “Santa Dance

12.11 The Withers “Ugly Christmas Sweater” 

5:23 The Withers “What the Present’s Worth

12,19, 8’7 Within Temptation “A Gothic Christmas

3.21 The Wiyos “Snowman

3.21 Wizards of Boat “Melted Snowman theSnowman

7/11 Wizzard “I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day”

10\5 W. Michael Lewis “All I Want for Christmas is a Two Ton Sheep

9’6 Wolf Devil “(Party with) The Christmas Devil” 

2.22 Women in Country “Christmas Snow

5.30 Women’s Christmas “Pissing in the Trees

12;26 Wonder Pets “Christmas Eve Will Have to Wait

4’18 Wondermints “Ski Party

12,13 Wonderstate “Covered in Love

3.4 Woods of Infinity “We’re Walking in the Air”

11/1 Woodcreek Faction “Santa Dance”

10/19 Wooden Steel “Santa Turned My Boyfriend Gay

5.12 Woodsy Pride “Beneath the Christmas Tree

7-24 Word and Record “Santa Got Picked up for a DUI” 

4”12 Wookiz “Funky Santa” 

11.20 Wool See “Christmas Card”

4.10 The Worship Crew “The Perfect Tree

5,8 The Worship Together Kids “Luke 2:14

3’26 Wovoka Jr. “Star Skating

8’28 The Wox “Werewolves of Christmas”

4-13 Wozza “Mince Pies”

8’31 Wretched Graverobber “Grandma Got Half Eaten by a Zombie” 

12,11 Wright Now “Let This Christmas be Different

9:19 WSLY (feat. Hazen) “Hey Mrs. Claus”

7,7 Wuden Boi “Merry Freaking Christmas

2-28 Wun Two “Mistletoe

4’9 Wyegee “Ski with Slope” 

12\5 WyGuy “Mean Spirited” 

3;4 Wylie Gustafson “Christmas for Cowboys”

3-23 Wynona Judd “Let’s Make a Baby King”

8:22 Wyrd Sisters “Solstice Carole

3.24 The Wytches “The Waving Snowman


9\20 Xandar “Quarantined Yuletide

3\30 XANSEII “Another Sad Christmas

9,26 Xavier Robertson “The Twelve Days of Strange-mas” Stranger Things

11\15 XISLE “christmas1987

11,14 Xkja “All I Really Want” 

1/14 xKoekjex “Star Wars Jingle Bells

2’20 X-mas Donkey & The Glittering Balls “I Wanna Ride My Sled

8:13 Xmas Movie Soundtrack “Boxing Day

3:28 Xmas Socks “Fuck Idolatry

10\25 Xmas Wrap “Xmas Wrap 2006 (We Love Christmastime)” 

10’6 The X-Misses “She Gave Me Hell for Christmas”

8’1 Xploshi “Violent Vincent is Coming to Town”

11’30 X-Ray Mary “A Merry Nuclear Christmas”

11’4 X-Ray Mary “The Worst Christmas Ever”

6:20 Xscape “Christmas Without You

11:1 XTC “Countdown to Christmas Party Time”

3.21 XTC “Snowman

11,4 XTC “Thanks for Christmas” 


3.20 Ya Tafari “Mr. Snowman

10,27 Yabba “No Christmas

10,25 Yael Karoly “Very Merry Jewish Christmas

12’24 Yakey Tamarrack (ft. С у п а Т р о п с к и ) “I Want To Shoot Rudolph”

8:22 Yala Lati “Winter Solstice Round

1;18 YandereDev and Princess Rizu  “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder”

4;8 Yarou “Coal”

11,13 Yay Raven “It’s Christmas Time Again

4,19 yc boy (ft. shnus, will huge & wn) “A 333 Christmas

7’19 Ye Banished Privateers  “Drawn and Quartered” 

7’19 Ye Banished Privateers  “O Cannonball”

7’19 Ye Banished Privateers  “Ring the Bells”

7’19 Ye Banished Privateers “Sulphur Ahoy” 

10/21 ‘Year Without Santa Claus’ “Santa’s Wedding Day

1:7 Yet Monica Sottile “Christmas = Mine (cough cough)”

7\26 The Yev “Reindeer” 

12*12 the Yid Kids   “Santa Doesn’t Come to Little Jewish Children’s Houses”

1”5 Yma Sumac “Najala’s Song of Joy”

8:29 YNW Melly “No Holidays

6,6 Yo Gotti “Wish List

1/27 Yo La Tengo “Santa Claus Goes Modern”

3\7 The Yobs “Another Christmas

4.17 The Yobs “Tommy the Christmas Tree

4-14 The Yobs “Who Had All the Christmas Cake?

11:26 Yogi Yorgesson “Christmas Party”

10;1 Yogi Yorgeson “The Street Corner Santa Claus”

7;2 Yogi Yorgesson “Yingle Bells”

10*13 Yogs Cast Studios “Fairytale of Spisco

3.27 Yogscast “Carrot for a Cock

7’20 Yogscast “Brand New Friend at Christmas Time”

2.13 Yoko “Listen the Snow is Falling

8,24 Yoko Oh Yeah “Santa is a Shaman 

2/5 Yolanda Adams “Give Love on Christmas Day”

4\10 York Patrick “Hey Soon It’s Christmastime

2’21 Yosh & Yimmy “Midnight Sled Ride

7\31 You Are Something True “Reindeer on the Roof

5,27 Young Disciple (feat. Katelyn Pitzer, Mekenna Simpson & Big Yawn) “You Are the One

9\13 The Young Fables “OMG It’s December

6;19 Young Haircut “Christmas is Cancelled

11’28 Young Mark       “The Farewell Ballad of Holiday Wonderment and Joy and Blood Also”

11,19 Young Mister “Christmas, Come Early This Year

10’2 Young Mister “Helluva Year (But Christmas is Here)”

12,20 The Young Nashvillians “Christmas Vacation Time” 

2\26 The Young Republic “Merry Christmas Again

2’18 Young Respect (feat. Gwam) “Climate Change

12,17 Young Respect “Mommy Milk ‘n’ Cookies” 

6:6 Young Rog “Ex-mas Song” 

9’23 Young Satan “Christmas in Hell”

5’3 Young Shaun “Dear Santa

9;28 Young Statues “When The Lights Go Up”

10/4 Youngest Daughter “Space Age Santa Claus

5/21, 1;26 The Youngsters “Christmas in Jail

12\9 Youp van ‘t Hek “Flappie” 

7.24, 2:22 Your Favorite Martian “Santa Hates Poor Kids” 

10.31 Youth group of Amish-Mennonite church “Oh Christmas Tree Parody

8’25 Youth on Track “The Robots at Christmas” 

4”3 Youth on Track “Santa Claus (What Does That Spell?)

1’11 Youth on Track “Surf’s Up, Santa Claus

6’3 Yr Open Kitchen Window “Hop Along

8’23 Ys “Monsters Christmas” 

2-6 Ysgol Esgob Morgan (Ukrainians) “Mistletoe and Wine”

11,24 YT (feat. The Don Smoke) “A Haunting On Christmas” 

7/21 Yu-Chia Lin “Yellow Christmas”

1/10 Yukeh “All I Want for Christmas is Who”

7/25 Yuko Yuko and Jaab of Purple Noise Record Club “It’s a Purple Christmas”

12*5 The Yule Be Sorrys “Away in Hawaii”

12*14 The Yule Be Sorrys “The New While Shepherds Washed Their Socks by Night”

12*16 The Yule Be Sorrys “O Xmas Tree”

6-28 The Yule Be Sorrys “The Sherry and the Claret”

2/24 The Yule Be Sorrys “They Came Upon a Christmas Eve”

1’24, 12’25 The Yule Logs “Atheist Serf Holiday

11’16 The Yule Logs “Bad Boy Christmas”

12.13 The Yule Lads “Christmas Sweater” 

12,4 The Yule Logs “Four Calling Birds

3”16 the Yule Logs “[I Saw Mommy Kiss Santa] Last Night” 

7\19 The Yule Logs “I Walked with a Reindeer

6,5 The Yule Logs “Wishlist

8’9 The Yule Logs “Walking with the Ghost of Christmas” 

4;18 Yulenog “Coal for Christmas” 

7.28 Yulenog “I Want Presents!”

6;22 Yulenog “No Christmas”

5\28 Yulenog “Rudolph : The Untold Story

5-9 The Yuletide Carolers “Ding Fries are done (old world carolers version)”

6,6 YunG HPC “Grinch

10\11 yung walnut “Christmas Special 2019

10,20 Yung Ziggy “Jiggy Christmas

5:2 Yuval “The Shiksa Song”

1.23 Yves Nicollier “The Reindeer Song 2

9.21 Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley), Community youth chorus “Happy B-Day, Jesus

12,22 YYAAMM “Two Presents“ 


9-11 Z100 “Spice Girls Got Knocked Up by a Reindeer

9-11 Z100 “Spice Girls Got Run Over by a Reindeer”

3/22, 9;14 Z1oo “Your Christmas Lights Look Like Crap”

5.11 The Zac Brown Band (feat. Sara Bareilles) “Christmas Tree”

5’17 Zac Hartman “All Aboard the Christmas Train

2’8 Zac Hurrell “This Christmas May Not be the One

4’14 Zac Hurell “This Christmas May Not be the One

11,27 Zac Schulze Gang “A Medway Christmas” 

7/16 Zach “Red Christmas Sock

11\11 Zach Sherwin “Pop Music

7-1 Zach Smith “I’ll be Drunk This Christmas” 

10\15 Zachary Byner “Scary Merry Christmas

1/15 Zachary Padilla “Star Wars is Better than Christmas

11*11, 1-11 Zack Applewhite “Marine’s Parody of Up On the Rooftop”

4:21 Zack Redman “Blowjob for Christmas”

4:21 Zack Redman “Blowjob for Christmas II

8-3 Zak Scott “I’ll be Stoned for Christmas”

5/31 Zane Ashton (orig. Bill Aken) “The Christmas Spirit

3:10 Zanko “Merry Fucking Christmas [Melbourne Bounce]”

8-1 Zar, Thaddeousz, and Crypton the Creature  “12 Days of Weedmas” 

7-5 Zax Vandal “Drunk on Christmas Cheer” 

2:10 Zebrahead “Deck the Halls (I Hate Christmas)

6;25 Zee Avi “No Christmas for Me”

4\22 Zefereli “Oh Christmas

10:31 Zeke and Luther (cast) “Happy Universal Holidays” 

2:15 Zeld Starfire “I Hate Christmas” 

10:20 Zen Fuse Box “(Ain’t No) War on Christmas” 

2\2 Zen Fuse Box “Christmas Time is Here Again”

4”29 Zendaya “Shake Santa Shake” 

1:6 Zetallon Gaming “‘Tis the Season to be Snotty

6-28 Ziggy Rankin “Caroline (Sweetest Wine)

12,19 Ziki Hexum “This Christmas Kiss

9,30ZILF “Red Snow

10.15 Zinovy Shersher “Merry Christmas, I Wrote This Song for You

10.16 Zip Pain “Not Another Christmas Song”

3/24, 12/25 The Zissou Society “Oh Shit! It’s Christmas

4,9 Zo! Gospel Choir “Christmas 365” 

1/1 Zoe Anne “New Years Resolutions Fails Song

9’2 Zoe Imperium “I Don’t Wanna Go Home for Christmas” 

2:4 Zoe Sky Jordan “I Hate Christmas

11*2 Zorema “Tennessee Christmas”

12,21 ZuCo “Save a Little Snow for Christmas

11,17 ZuCo “Waiting for Christmas” 

5\1 Zupe and the Polka Commandos “Dasher the Reindeer

1/8 Zuzana Stolinska “Trenzalore

10,26 The Zygomats “I’m Waiting up for Santa Claus”