List of Every Song on the Blog by Artist (??? – Futureman)

Okey-doke, listeners and listenerettes, here’s PART I of my nearly eight year compilation of hardly usual yule carol choices in alphabetical order by artiste: the dates given are the dates of post (* = 2015; / = 2016; – = 2017; . = 2018; : = 2019; ; = 2020; \ = 2021; , = 2022; ‘ = 2023; “ = 2024 —‘cuz i suspect i’m all sorts of OCD). Ostensibly you could look up my initial commentary on the blog by date… or you could go online and buy a faboo song or two….


4”8 ??? “Santana Claus

10,23 ??? “Sheriff Naomi vs El Bandito

12’13 The _____ Hunters “My New Gun”

2’4 1 Trait Danger “Sleds for Christmas

3.30 2B Recording “Yellow Snowman”

5:11 2 Live Jews “All Used Car Salesmen

12.4 2 Live Jews “Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down

12,8 2mx2 “Wish You Merry Christmas” 

2’22 2 the Sun “Seasons, 2002” 

9’22 2.3 Children “Santa’s Just an Anagram for Satan”

10*24 3 Headed Stepchild “Christmas in Florida

4\15 3JS “Yay, It’s Christmas

11,19 3LW “Ahh Hell Nah” 

11:15 3LW (feat. Treach) “Christmas Party”

6.19 3rd Alley “Broke Christmas”

5.18 The 4 Aces “There’s a Christmas Tree in Heaven”

12’20 4 Aspirin Morning “Santa in a Ski Mask (Stick ’em Up It’s Christmas)”

12*10 4fOrDy1 “Chanukah (Rap Remix)

3-25 4Him “Jesus. The Best Gift of All

5/31 The 4 Imperials “Santa Got a Coupe DeVille

4\30 5 Alarm “Goodbye on Christmas Eve” 

4:3 5 Alive “Sex This Christmas.”

5:1 5 Chinese Brothers “Christmas in Manhattan

6,28 5 Chinese Brothers “Christmas on Interstate 80” 

10;12 5 Chinese Brothers “Dept. Store Santa Claus Strike”

5:19 5 Chinese Brothers “The Fruitcake Song”

5/23 The 5 Keys “Every Heart is Home at Christmas

5/18 The 5 Stars “Rocking’ and Rollin’ with Santa Claus”

2:9 5inco Minutas “I Hate Christmas

11,7 6LACk & Summer Walker “Ghetto Christmas” 

12,13 6radley “Acid Christmas

11*10 7th Heaven “Merry Christmas in Chicago

9;27 8th Day “Miracle Of Light”

8,30 9teez “Merry Fistmas

4-22 12Stone Worship “Spread Love, Not the Fruitcake

12*17, 9/13 13 Hands “Josh Grow Beans

9;30 10th Grade Cutie “Hang Me from the Christmas Lights

6/23 20 Children’s Christmas Songs and CarolsI Want a Puppy for Christmas

7.28 21 Santa “No Gifts

12*1 29 SecondsHanukkah in Santa Monica

8’27 30 Nights of Violence “Vampire Santa” 

4\16 .38 Special “Hallelujah It’s Christmas” 

11;16, 8,6 .38 Special “A Wild-Eyed Christmas Night” 

6,22 42nd Street Singers “Won’t Someone Please Tell the Weatherman It’s Christmas” 

6.16 50 Sniffs “Credit Card Christmas” 

8.1 52 New Things “Christmas Day TV

10-26 The ’60s Invasion “Christmas in New England”

11-7, 6,21 The ’60s Invasion “Come On People (Have a Merry Christmas)” 

7/23, 4.26 The ‘60s Invasion “Green Christmas Tree” 

12/27, 5\25 The ’60s Invasion “Here Comes Rudolph

10-30 The ’60s Invasion “Hey Dude (Get off of My Roof)”

10-31 The ’60s Invasion “I Love to Go to Grandma’s House”

11-9 The ’60s Invasion “Incense and Chia Pets”

10-28 The ’60s Invasion “Merry Christmas”

11-2 The ’60s Invasion “Mom Won’t Let Me”

10-21 The ’60s Invasion “Santa Santa”

11-3, 12.20 The ’60s Invasion “Santa in a Red Suit

11-1 The 60’s Invasion “Sleigh Full of Toys”

10,7, 12’9 77 Apes “Another Family Holiday

3:13 85% Jesus “Merry Fucking Christmas (To Some of You)” 

8:18 125 and I Love You! “A Festivus for the Rest of Us

11.18 999 “Christmas Cards” 

4-22 1000 Clowns “I Hate Fruitcake”


8’23 A+ Cake (feat. MC TC Mc) “We Wish You a Monster Christmas”

6.13 A Cooper and D McFarland “Last Minute Shopping

11\1 A Choired Taste “Thousands of Miles Away” 

2;18 A.cute.Ang.le “White Newton(mas)

9\21 A Fine Frenzy “Wish You Well

7.16, 12.3 A Halo Called Fred           “The Murples’ Magic Hat (Best Christmas Gift Ever)

4”19 A Harold Rippy “Santa Claus Singing on the Back Porch

7.10 A Latino Christmas “Santa’s Delivery

5.31 A Note 4 You “Aliens Stole My Christmas Tree

6.3 A Shaw Thing “Christmas Shopping

12:25 A Silent Film “Christmas at Our House

6.20 A Stone “I’ll Be Broke for Christmas”

12.12 AAA Girls “Christmas Sweater” 

8’21 AAIIEE “Krampus Is an Evil Man” 

4:17 Aanyl Pane “I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus”

12:23 Aaron “Where are You Wi-Fi?” 

8’19 Aaron Fraser-Nash “Krampus Sings a Song”

8’19 Aaron Fraser-Nash “Part Two” 

12;8 Aaron Kelly “I Can’t Wait For Christmas”

2’18 Aaron Lewis “Northern Redneck

2\21 Aaron Lindsey “Christmas Time is Here Again

7;18 Aaron Neville “Bells Will Be Ringing”

11*14 Aaron Neville “Louisiana Christmas Day

8;4 Aaron Neville “The Star Carol”

11*29 Aaron Parr & the Hereford Boys “Christmas Time in Arizona”

4”23 Aaron Schubert “A Ho Ho Hobo’s Christmas

3\11 Aaron Skyy “Another Lonely Christmas” 

12,31 Aaron Tippin “Christmas is the Warmest Time of the Year

9\17 Aaron Tippin “Mama’s Getting Ready for Christmas

11’20 Aaron Tippin “The Year Santa Never Came”

1’31 Aaron Walter “Channel Surfin’

9;29 Abandoned Rugs “Christmas Lights”

12*31 ABBA “Happy New Year”

5.29 Abbie Gardner “Burn Down the Christmas Tree

7,6 Abby Walker “Arizona Christmas

12,13 Abby Williams “Not Excited for Christmas” 

5;23 The ABC Jugband “Nothing for Christmas

1’17 ABC Kids “Santa’s Coming on a Surfboard

6-24 Abe Smith, Sean White “It’s the Most Wonderful Time to Drink Beer

10*13 Abigail Breslin “Christmas in New York”

1”25 Abigail Shapiro, Patrick Page “Santa for a Day“

12*15 Above Average Productions “Lonely Night

4’19 Abquexa “Skiing the Great Divide

9’16 Absinthe Green “Satan Baby”

10’9 Absolute Studios “It’s the End of the World (And It’s Christmas)”

6-11 Accidental Airplay “Who Spiked the Eggnog?

4-28 Accordian Hank and Jonny V  “Hot Christmas Cookies

8-25 Accordian Joe (The Spud Goodman Show) “A Prozac Christmas”

12,11 AC/DC “Mistress for Christmas” 

10;18 Ace and the Kid “Mall Santa”

8’17 Ace Enders & Nik Bruzzese “Jacob Marley”

10/7 ACLU  “The NSA is Coming to Town

12*24 Acoustic Bloom “On Christmas Eve

11:25 The ACOUSTIX “Santa’s Christmas Party

8’21 Actually  “Krampus Christmas” 

8’21 Actually “Krampus Redux”

10,7 Adam and Miles (feat. Malcolm Livesey) “Smoking with Santa

4;14 Adam Bolt “Coal for Christmas”

2;1 Adam Brand “My Birthday Comes on Christmas”

1’12 Adam Brand “Santa’s Gonna Come on a Surfboard

5:28 Adam Buxton (Dr. Buckles) “Television Ads at Christmas”

6/23 Adam Faith “Lonely Pup (in a Christmas Shop)

4”4 Adam Follett “Me Encanta Santa” 

1/12 Adam Hoek “All I Want for Christmas is the Force

9-6 Adam J Taylor “Sexy Bob Dylan Christmas”

10’26 Adam Lore “It’s Damn Near Christmas”

9,3 Adam Marsland “December 24th” 

6,3 Adam Miler “Tangier Christmas” 

11.17 Adam Plost “Christmas Card of ’42

6:4 Adam Ray “The Ex Song

12*7 Adam Sandler “The Bum Biddy Song

12*7, 2:3, 1”26 Adam Sandler “Davey’s Song” 

1”26 Adam Sandler “Technical Foul”

1”26 Adam Sandler and cast of Eight Crazy Nights “Bum Biddy” 

12*7 Adam Sandler “Hanukkah Song Part 2

1”26 Adam Sandler, Alison Krauss, Betsy Hammer, James Barbour, Allen Covert “Long Ago” 

9\25 Adam Watson (feat. Stephanie Watson) “Goodbye Shouldn’t Hurt This Bad

1/1 Adam the Woo and Beth Vandal “New Years Resolutions (The Song)

7-21 Adam’s House Cat “Santa’s Out of Rehab by Christmas”

9,24 The Broadway Cast Of ‘The Addams Family’ “The 13 Days of Christmas” 

9\10 Addison “Sixty Million Snowflakes

11.30 Addison Weismantel “Email Christmas

4-18 AdJab (Oregon Lottery) “Not on My Table

4-18 AdJab (Oregon Lottery) “What’s that Fruitcake Doing Under My Tree?

4-18 AdJab (Oregon Lottery) “(The Holidays Aint Nuttin) Without My Fruitcake

4-18 AdJab (Oregon Lottery) “Merry Christmas Fruitcake”

12:2 Adnachiel “One Christmas Catalogue”

11,9 Adnam “Christmas Type Beat

2:17 Adolphe Adam “I Hate Christmas

5:13, 4;13, 4”9 Adolphe Adam “Santa Had a Dream” 

1/12 Adrian Anchondo “All I Want for Christmas (is R2D2)

12.12 Adrian Cohen “Eddie Vedder Christmas Sweater” 

7\8 Adrian Hill “Eric the Turkey and the Nervous Reindeer

2\1 Adrain B (feat. Shawn Sounds) “Christmas Time Again” 

6/14 Adrian Rose Leonard “Christmas Crow”

4-14 Adu Deme & Dave Azi “Christmas Cake

8\29 Ady Dolan “Flying Home for Christmas

3.25 Afroman “Frosty” 

8-4 Afroman “O Chronic Tree

1/1 After the Curfew “New Years Resolutions”

5:27 The Aftershow “Give Me Everything

12’8 Against All Flags “Machine Gun Christmas”

5.23 Agent Pazz “Bury Me by the Roots of a Christmas Tree

5:21 Ages ”Merry Weary”

5:18 Ages “Reason for the Season (You Dig?)” 

1;4 Ages “Stealing the Season”

6;8 A.G. Simpson “No Christmas Song”

4\14 Agwabom “Hip Hip Hooray It’s Christmas Day

3’12 Aidan Mark “Wishlist” 

8’10 Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert “A Ghost Story for Christmas” 

12’17 Aidan Ryan “Santa Baby”

7,19 Aidonia · Navino · Deablo · Tanso “JOP Evil Christmas” 

4:12 Aidy Bryant “Please Skip Christmas” 

4.5 Aiko Tomi “Christmas Tree

7/16 Aimee “Starbucks Cup Song

3-11 Aimee Mann “Calling on Mary

11,29 Aimee Mann “I Was Thinking I Could Clean Up for Christmas” 

8’17 Aimee Mann “Jacob Marley’s Chain” 

1/14 Air Bear “12 Days of Star Wars”

8\7 Air Mack “Flying Santa” 

2/9 Air Supply “Love is All”

12*13 AISH “Chanukah Rock of Ages

1.23 Aizey Pinede “‘Royals’ A Lorde Christmas Cover” 

3.7 A.J. Jenkins “Rudolph and the Snowman”

4;14 AJ Lee “Christmas In A Coal Mine”

1.27 AJ Sheffield “All About the Christ

6’30 ajasont “Holiday Jam” 

2-28 A.K.A. Belle “I’m Giving Mice Elf to You”

10’14 Akal Odea (feat. DW) “This Christmas Will be Different”

7/31 Akim and Teddy Vann “Santa Claus is a Black Man

10’9 Al Axy “End Of The World (Christmas Version)”

4’1 Al Caiola & Riz Ortolani “Holiday On Skis” 

5.15 Al Hendrix and Jimmy Accardi “Rockabilly Christmas Tree

4”24 Al Hirt “Hooray for Santa Claus

4.24 Al Jarreau “By My Christmas Tree

4.9 Al Jarreau “The Little Christmas Tree

12/16 Al Martino “You’re All I Want for Christmas”

6\2 Al Walser “Alex the Reindeer

4”28 Alabama “Ain’t Santa Cool

10*25 Alabama “Christmas in Dixie

11*2 Alabama “Tennessee Christmas”

12*31 Alabama “New Year’s Eve 1999”

3:10 Alabama Black Snakes “Merry Fucking Christmas

4-13 Alan and Brian “Mince Pies

7.11 Alan Chong “Santa Claus Brings Presents to Town

9,13 Alan Doyle “I’ll be There Christmas Eve

12.17 Alan Frew and Sam Reid “Ugly Christmas (Sweater Song)” 

6.30 Alan Hull “Cardboard Christmas Boxes

5’26 Alan Jackson “I Only Want You for Christmas

10,15 Alan Jackson “Just Put a Ribbon in Your Hair

8/12 Alan Jackson “Santa’s Gonna Come in a Pickup Truck

3-27 Alan Jackson “There’s a New Kid in Town”

2.19 Alan Katz “Snowball Fight” 

7.28 Alan Katz “Where did They Hide My Presents?

10\30 Alan Koch and Jay Hallett “Christmas 2001

6’16 Alan Littlefield “Christmas on a Yacht” 

9;15 Alan Price “I Love the Lights on the Christmas Trees” 

11’21 Alan Racadag “Worst Christmas Ever”

6/7, 4.18, 8.5 Alan Reed (Fred Flintstone) “Dino the Dinosaur’s Christmas Tree

9,25 Alan Sherman “12 Gifts of Christmas

11.24 Alan Sherman “Christmas ’65 (Draft Cards)”

12’2 Alan.s.Robinson “All I Want for Christmas is a Broom Handle Mauser”

6:18 Alan Williams fronts the Rubettes “Lonely This Christmas” 

4.26 Alana Banana “Christmas Tree

2:14 Alaska Thunderfuck “Chr!$Tm@$ $Ux” 

7/11 Alaska Thunderfuck “Every Day is Christmas”

12/21 Alaska Thunderfuck, Courtney Act, Willam Belli “Dear Santa Bring Me a Man

12,2 Alayna Kaelyn “Alone at Christmas

3\9 Albert & The Sleigh Riders “Another Christmas Song” 

8:19 Albert & The Sleigh Riders (feat. Andy Shernoff) “Festivus” 

9/13 Albert the Alley Cat (Jack Dublin) “Santa’s Helper”

2.24 Albert Collins “Snowed In”

11,12 Albert Fishing Trip “Blanket of Snow

12,22 Albert Hammond “Under the Christmas Tree

10/17 Albert King “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’”

11’25 AlbinoBlackSheep (feat. Andrew Kepple) “Christmas Sucks (Sheepie’s Christmas)”

7/28 The Alcoa Singers (The Pittsburgh Flashcats)  “Aluminum, Aluminum”

8/23, 7-24 Alcoholics Unanimous “Santa Claus DWI

12’26 Alder H. Linden Music “Down My Chimney”

3.4 Aled Jones “We’re Walking in the Air

8-19 Aleksei Archer “White Christmas

7/16 Alessandro Valenti  “Red Christmas

7’21 Alestorm “Christmas with Alestorm”

7-23 Alex Anthony “Santa Got Drunk

4;5 Alex Barbatsis “My Lumps (Of Coal)”

12,29 Alex Connor “Corona Christmas

1\17, 4,7 Alex Goot  “Next Christmas Eve” 

12*24 Alex Goot “Next Christmas Eve

10,1 Alex Jordan “A Light that Shines on Christmas

11*27 Alex Kimball “Black Friday Song

5.9 Alex Pangman “Truckin’ Around the Christmas Tree

12,22 Alex Southey “Christmas in the Valley” 

2/29 Alexa Vega “Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You”

6’22 Alexander P. “What Shall We Do with a Drunken Santa?” 

10,28 Alexander Pielsticker (ft. Manny Houston) “THE GRINCH” 

3’13 Alexander Stewart “Don’t Give Your Heart Away for Christmas

6:8 Alexandra Lawerentz “Bring My Baby Back (for Christmas)

2.26 alexxx “I Hate Snow”

7;11 Alexis Korchinski/Jay Semko “Snow flakes Fall Sleigh Bells Ring”

9’20 Alfred “Curtain Call 2, Satanic Imagery”

12,28 Alfred Music Choral “Countdown to Christmas

9,26 Ali A and The Agency “12 Days of Christmas” Black Santa

8,24 Ali Lohan “I Like Christmas

7’29 Alice vs. Everything “A Pirate’s Wife for Me”

10,19 Alisha Nordquist “Searching for the Spirit of Christmas

12*24 Alison Everill “The Night Before Jesus was Born

12/29 Alison Faith Levy w/Karla Kane  “All I Want for Chanukah is a Ukulele

11/24 Alison Krauss “Shimmy Down the Chimney (Fill up My Stocking)”

12;23 Alison Sudol “Christmas Will Be Waiting”

11;10 Alive in Tucson “It’s Almost Christmas

12,23 Alivia Sarah “It’s Christmas Time

3:10 Aljaž Vuk “Christmas Song” 

6’29 Alkaline Trio “Snake Oil Tanker

8’11 All Cannelle “The Christmas Ghost”

5:19 Kruxy & Paladinus (All-Rush Mixtape) “Gingerbread”

5:23, 4”6 all-Rush Mixtape “The Santa Man” 

4\27 All My Mind “Merry Christmas! Oh Yeah!” 

5.11 All The Cute Lepers “The Cute Lepers Christmas Song

7,8 All Students “I Don’t Know What to Get

4,8, 11,25 All Students “MistleToes” 

11,3 All Students “New Year No Me

6’16 All Together Now “Christmas in the Ark

7.29 Allan Sherman “The Twelve Gifts of Christmas

12\5 Allan Sherman “Have Yourself a Sixties Merry Christmas

1.27 Allegra DelRossi (and family) “All About that Babe

9’2 Allen Mask (feat. Dave Rosser, Lev Wilson & Carlina) “Maybe Then” 

5,29 Allen Thomas “Who is Your God?

2.28 Allen Toussaint “The Day It Snows on Christmas

1/14 Allergic to Life Productions “Star Wars Christmas Album

12,21 Allie Aro “Hometown Christmas” 

4-24 Allie Jo Thomas “Christmas Cookies

5.7 Allie Jo Thomas “Gonna Run Around the Christmas Tree

7\21 Allie Jo Thomas “Reindeer on the Roof

9.21 Allison Brie (Annie) “Annie’s Christmas Song

9.21 Allison Brie (Annie) “Christmas Douche

1\15 Allison Young & Carson McKee “Maybe Next Christmas

4:10 Allstarbandit “Dirty Horney (Under the Misteltoe)” 

10,13; 12,25 Altarviolet “This Christmas Can Eat a Dick

9,19 Alter Egel “Blue Christmas” 

9\19 Alvaro Jesus Gomez & William Alexander Marquis IV “All I Want for Christmas is (1 Million Cigarettes)” 

11*27, 6.5 Ally Hills “Black Friday

1.29 Alyssa Smith “Hello It’s Christmas

5/14, 11.4 Alma CoganChristmas Cards

9:4 Alma Cogan “Mrs. Santa Claus”

10,21 Almighty Banks “Merry Christmas” 

3\19 AlmightyK “Another Day in the B” 

12;14 Aloe Blacc “I Can’t Wait For Christmas”

9:27 Aloe Blacc “The Mrs. Saved Christmas” 

6.9 Along the Road “Christmas Shopping Mall Blues

4”26 Alpha Test Pilot “Smells Like Mince Pies” 

10/16 Alpha Waves California “Surf’s Up, Santa

6.26 Alton Dulaney “Gift Wrap Rap

8:9 Ama Chandra “Harambee

2.7 Amadeus the Gallifreyan “Here Comes the Snow

7/30 Amana Reign “Black Christmas

11;3 Amanda Cottreau “Almost Christmas”

4-28 Amanda Duncan “Christmas Cookies

3\28, 3\1 Amanda Jensen “Another Christmas” 

3’20 Amanda Lehmann “An Old Christmas Day

10’5 Amanda McCarthy “Christmas Without You”

8,26 Amanda Shires “Blame it on the Mistletoe

7,16, 6’5 Amanda Shires “Gone for Christmas” 

9,26 Ameture transplants “Christmas Number” IT 

7,16 Amanda Shires “A Real Tree This Year” 

1.26 Amanzio Brady “‘Blank Space’ (Christmas Parody)

5;13 Amazing Amar “Santa Claus You Forgot Us All”

6,23 Amber DeLaCruz “White Christmas

10\23 Amber Nicole Sutton “Nothing Like Home (The Color Book Collection)

2.2 Amber Sky Records (feat. Adam Courtney)  “Snowflake Song

4’2 Amber Waves Band “Broken Skis

2\10 The Ambrosian Children’s Choir “It’s Christmas Again” 

4.22 The Ambrosian Singers “Gather Around the Christmas Tree”

1.29 Amelia Carella (Paromedy) “I’m St. Nick

1’19 America “Christmas in California

12,16 American Authors “Christmas Karaoke” 

11,1 American Mammoth Jackstock “Merry Christmas Lonelies

4/10 American Mars “Christmas Eve Can Kill You”

5:18 American Mars “The Little Baby Jesus

1/5 The American Samoa Community College Choir   “Christmas is Here Again

2’16 Americo “Sled

4\23 Amery Rey Tuesta “Oh Christmas!” 

10.25 The Ames Brothers “Sing a Song of Santa Claus”

7/19 Amici di Roland “Brown Christmas

11,20 Amie “Christmas Bubble” 

11*22 Amie Vandevrie “Free Frosty (From Wyoming)”

4-8 Amo “Candy Cane

6-10 Amoeba People “The Complicated Saga of Egg Nog and Yule log

12\12 Ampersound “Christmas 1957

10,26 Amy Baker “That Christmas Gift

10;23 Amy Engelhardt “Saint Nick Dick Pic”

3-9 Amy Grant “Almost There

3\29 Amy Grant “Another Merry Christmas

11.16 Amy Grant “Christmas for You and Me

12,15 Amy Grant “I Need a Silent Night

12/13 Amy Grant “My Grown Up Christmas List”

11*2 Amy Grant “Tender Tennessee Christmas”

3.21 Amy Jill and Bradley Williams “The Snowman

4:13 Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Kristin Wiig “Santa’s My Boyfriend” 

1/7 Amy Rae “Doctor Who 12 Days of Christmas”

4\9 Amy Rutherford and Amy Stewart “Hey, C’mon! Merry Christmas!

3.31 Amy Sedaris “Snowman Song” 

2.17 Amy Sky “Angels in the Snow

1”7 Amy Spanger “Never Fall in Love with an Elf”

4’19 An Dhá “Skiing at Midnight

12;9 An Hours Thought “I Can’t Wait for Xmas”

10;9 An Teeder “Mall Santa”

10,25 Ana Gasteyer “In the Market for a Miracle

8\3 Anacapa “How Do Reindeer Really Fly

11\2 Anacapa “Thousands of Lights

6.3 Anarchic Worms “Shopping Gifts for Christmas” 

5’26 Ancient Machine “Christmas Time (Love is in the Air)” 

8.1 Ancient M.A.N. “Christmas Cartoon Song

6-30 Ancient Order of the Killer Owl “The Christmas Punch Song

8:29 And Now in ColourChristmas Carols for Atheists

10’12 And Then There Was One “Christmas for the End of the World”

5:15, 9\15 The Andersons! “A Million Dollars for Christmas

1:1 Andina and Rich “Buddy, I’m Just Sick to Death of Christmas

1:11 Andina and Rich “It Sucks Being Sick at Christmas

4;25 Andor “Coal for Christmas”

11’3 Andor “Worst Time of the Year”

11.4 Andrea Carlson “Christmas Card” 

2.12 Andrea Gleason “Snow is Falling Down

11,2 Andrea Rodriguez “Naughty List

12’19 Andrea True Revival (feat. latenightbagel) “Santa Died In A Shootout”

12,1 Andres Javier “Holiday Fun

12*1 Andrew Angus ‘California Christmas

10,16 Andrew Cassara “Groovy Christmas” 

1’9 Andrew Cassara “Santa’s World Tour

3\31 Andrew Collins (feat. Monique) “Another Christmas Time

4\29 Andrew Dost “Yeah, I Know It’s Christmastime

5’24 Andrew Durham “Nochebuena

11,21 Andrew Erlagen “That’s How You Know It’s Christmas” 

3:27 Andrew Giachetti “It’s Fucking Christmas Time

6’5 Andrew Grossman’s band The North Country “Don’t Shop Just Love”

4”28 Andrew Hyatt “Santa Is A Good Ole Boy

9.22 Andrew Kingslow and Laura Dowling “Christmas is That Time of Year” 

3\12 Andrew Mellor “Another Blue Christmas” 

6,16 Andrew Pfaff “99% Christmas

11\13 Andrew Samples “Paradise (Christmas, 1989)

7;12 The Andrew Sisters “Sleigh Ride”

5.4 The Andrew Sisters “(Sweet Angie) The Christmas Tree Angel”

5/3 The Andrews Sisters ‘I’d Like to Hitch a Ride with Santa Claus

11/9 The Andrews Sisters “The Merry Christmas Polka

11\13 Andrew Wosylyk “Christmas 1989

1:28 Andy and Mandy “Rockin’ Around the Syphilis Tree

11,16 Andy & The Odd Socks “We’re All Together (At Christmas Time)

1:11 Andy Bashford “It Sucks Being Sick at Christmas” 

12:7, 7;4 Andy Beck and Brian Fisher “Jingle Bell Jukebox”

3.4 Andy Burrows “Light the Night

12,25 Andy Churchill “Party of One

8,30 Andy Cold “Scary Christmas” 

3/5, 3-24 Andy Dick and the Bitches of the Century  “Colicky Jesus”

3/16, 10/18 Andy Dick “Santa’s Yule Log”

12:25 Andy Goldenberg (Goldentusk) “I’m Breaking Up with You for Christmas

3.19 Andy McGaw “If I was a Snowman

9.2 Andy Merrill, Don Kennedy, C. Martin Croker, Judy Tenuta “12 Days of Christmas

9.2 Andy Merrill, Don Kennedy, C. Martin Croker, Judy Tenuta “We Wish You a Happy Birthday”

12.27 Andy Pagana “I Don’t Want Clothes for Christmas

7-8 Andy Ramage “The 12 Drinks of Christmas”

3:3 Andy Shernold “Fuck Christmas”

4:11 Andy Smushkin “Christmas Cunnilingus” 

12.30 Andy Twyman “Naked Noël (A Naturist Christmas)

8\23 Andy Walken and cast “Somewhere Hovering Over Indiana

5/17 Andy Williams “Christmas is a Feeling in Your Heart

11/2 Andy Williams  “The Christmas Waltz”

11/2 Andy Williams “Waltz ’round the Christmas Tree

4-5 Angela DiCarlo (‘Candy & Chaos: Chicken in the Snow’) “Christmas Candy

10\31 Angela Mahon “It’s Christmas Eve

7-27 Angela Tibbs “Drunk on Jesus”

11\15 Angrinose “christmas1987

5:6, 12’21 Angry Johnny and The Killbillies “Bang Bang Baby Bang Bang Merry Christmas” 

5:6 Angry Johnny and The Killbillies “Big Ol’ Hole for Christmas” 

6.3, 12.25  Angry Johnny and The Killbillies “Christmas Shopping”

1;20, 12’22 Angry Johnny and the Killbillies “Daddy Won’t be Coming Home for Christmas” 

2:15 Angry Johnny and The Killbillies “On Christmas This Year” 

5:6 Angry Johnny and the Killbillies “Santa Gets His” 

5:6 Angry Johnny and The Killbillies “Six Bullets for Christmas”

1;20 Angry Johnny and the Killbillies Slaughter in a Winter Wonderland

1;17, 12’3 Angry Johnny and the Killbillies “Shootin’ Snowmen

12’21 Angry Johnny and The Killbilles “Six Bullets for Christmas”

9,10 Angry Johnny and The Killbillies “Twenty Years Ago This Christmas” 

1.28 angrypicnic “679 (Christmas Parody)”

2.8 Angus and Julia Stone “Snow

10,13 Anika Dzulkiflee “This Moment

2;29 The Animal Band “Birthday Party on Manger Street

12;8 The Animal Band “I Can’t Wait Anymore”

4.3 The Animal Band “I Want a Tree

12;25 The Animal Band Jungle All the Way

5.17 The Animal Band “Our Christmas Tree”

7\15 Animal Facts (Nick Naylor) “Reindeer

8.25, 6’17 The Animaniacs “Noel Song

10*29, 8.25 Animaniacs “Ghost of Christmas Past Song”

10*29, 8.25 Animaniacs “Ghost of Christmas Present Song”

10*29, 8.25 Animaniacs “Ghost of Christmas Future Song”

5-9 Animater Creator “Ding Fries are Done (rap version)”

8-22 Animeme “Do you Want to Build a Meth Lab?

11.13 Anine Stang “Christmas Card

5/29 The Anita Kerr Singers “Christmas is the Day

7:7 Anita Wilson “Family Christmas

1.26 AnitaBeMe “‘Blank Space’ Christmas Parody

5.5, 8;28 Anja Wintermantel “Star on the Christmas Tree

5’31 Ann Eysermans “Not a Late Night Train

8:25 Ann Fearon “Song for the Winter Solstice” 

7:27 Ann Hampton Calloway “God Bless My Family

2-16 Ann Wave  “Mistletoe

3\27 Anna Bergendahl “Just Another Christmas” 

4.30 Anna Gossett Johnson and Adrian Park “Ornaments of Christmas

1’3 Anna Lusk “Oh Surfing Santa

4.22 Anna Marie Burden “Our Special Christmas Tree

8:29 Anna Robinson “A Christmas Song for the Doubtful

8.11 Anne Hathaway and Big Bird “I Want a Snuffleupagus for Christmas

7:26 Anne Marie Pincivero “Christmas is Family” 

12,14 Anne Murray “Christmas Wishes” 

1\9 Annemarie E. Witkamp “Christmas Clean Up Dance” 

3.20 Annette Funicello “Hap-Hap-Happy Snowman” 

1”16 Annette Funicello “I Can’t Do the Sum“

1”16 Annette Funicello, Tommy Sands “Just a Toy“

2.21 Annie Lennox “See Amid the Winter’s Snow

1\4 Annie Lin “The Day After Christmas” 

12*22 Annie and Philo “Greened House

5-5 Annie Moses Band “Bethlehem, House of Bread

1-16 Annie Moses Band “Red, White, and Blue Christmas”

4.22 Annie Sunde (feat. Paulita Todhunter) “Prayer by the Christmas Tree

8’26 Annisa Diadra “All I Want for Christmas is a Unicorn” 

1/24 A Note 4 U “Aliens Stole My Christmas Tree”

7.29 Annoying Orange “Christmas is for Giving

9;9 Anonymous “How to Build a Christmas Fire”

2;8, 3\7 ‘Another Fucking Christmas Play: A Fucking Musical’ cast “Another Bastard is Born

3:29 Another Fucking Christmas Play: A Fucking Musical cast (feat. Eric Branget)  “Another Fucking Christmas Song”

4\9 ‘Another F*cking Christmas Play: A F*cking Musical’ original cast “Hey-Ho, Let the Holly Jolly in” 11.17 Another Paul Band “Christmas Card” 

11,26 Anthony Bvlgari “Winter Break” 

1/11 Anthony Dl “What Do You Get a Wookie for Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb)?

8;23 Anthony Daniels “Christmas in the Stars”

1/11, 7;12 Anthony Daniels “Sleigh Ride

6:24 Anthony Hamilton “What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas?

7/23 Anthony McKeon “Christmas Song

2:25 Anthony Newly “I Hate Christmas” 

6\12 Anton Mullan and Steve Elliott “Dippy the Reindeer

9,17 Anthony Oscar “Bouquet” 

1”8 Anton Rodgers, Albert Finney and Chorus  “Thank You Very Much“

1”18 Antonio Banderas “Good to be King”

8.17, 12\15 Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear) “Christmas Eve 1953

8.17 Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear) “It’s Christmas

9;16 Antony Field “Puttin’ Up The Christmas Lights”

10,29 Ants on a Log (feat. Billy Jonas) “I’m Not a Christmas Celebrator

5-20 Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours “Frank the Christmas Turkey”

3.18 Anu Grace “Snowman

2.27 Anuhea “No Snow

12\29 Any Other “Not in These Days

2:21, 1;18 Anybody Killa “Kill Santa Man

1/5 ANZ Bank Choir “Samoa’s 13th Days Christmas”

6,11 Apathy Demigodz “Wonderful X-mas Time” 

7/17 Apink “Pink Christmas

10’12 Apocalypse Radio “Christmas at the End of the World”

9,29 Apollo Clone “I Deserve Coal” 

3-14 ApologetiX “Bethlehemian Rhoapsody” version

3-14 ApologetiX “Bethlehemian Rhoapsody” two

3-30 ApologetiX. “Bethlehem’s Boy

12-14 ApologetiX “Child King”

11-24 ApologetiX “Christ in the Stable”

12-30 ApologetiX “Christmasnite”

10-15 ApologetiX “Cut-Rate Hotel”

7/15 AplogetiX “December 5 or 6 B.C.”

11-10 ApologetiX “Excuse Me, Pal, It’s Christmastime

11-28, 7,7 ApologetiX “Hotel Can’t Afford Ya

1.6 ApologetiX “JC’s Mom”

1.4 ApologetiX “Manger (parody of ‘Angel’)”

3-10 ApologetiX “Mary’s Got a Son (Parody of ‘Janie’s Got a Gun)”

12-13 ApologetiX “Messiah” 

12-29 ApologetiX “Micah No. 5”

12-19 ApologetiX “Nice Iced Pavement”

3-30, 12-8 ApologetiX “One Night in Bethlehem” 

12-9 ApologetiX “Santa Claus”

11-8 ApologetiX “Some Sign from Above”

12-4 ApologetiX “Virgin”

12-15 ApologetiX “We Didn’t Start Messiah”

10-19 ApologetiX “Wise Men Still”

9’14 ApophisDaGod “Satan Claus is Coming to Town”

8-18 Apple Drank “White Christmas

12’23 April Blue “Too Much”

1:9 April Smith and the Great Picture Show “Christmas Threw up All Over You

1\27 Aqua Teen Hunger Force “I’ll be Home the Day After Christmas” 

3\1 Arrae “Another Christmas Song” 

4.19, 6.27 Aquayemi-Claude Garnett Two Thousand Akinsanya “Wrapping up Present By The Christmas Tree

10-3 arascsak “Yoko’s Christmas Song

5:6 Archers of Loaf “Assassination on Xmas Eve

3”29 Ariana Grande “My Hair (Christmas Version)

4,8 Ariana Grande “Not Just on Christmas” 

11,8 Ariana Grande “True Love

4,9Ariel, Zoey, & Eli “365 Days ‘Til Christmas

8;26 Ariose (feat. Definition) “My Christmas Star”

1;14 Arlo Guthrie “The Pause of Mr. Claus

8:17 Ashley (Helathy Addict) “Carol of the Festivus” 

2:17 Asleep at the Wheel “I Hate Christmas”

2-15 Aretha Franklin “Kissing by the Mistletoe

12/13 Aretha Franklin “My Grown Up Christmas List”

9;27 Ari Goldwag “Chanukah Light”

4:2 Ari Mason “Christmas Sex

5\30 Ariana Eakle Blockmon “Rudolph the Union Reindeer

12*1, 2.23 Ariana Grande “Snow in California

4’2 Arinsal “Skiing Sessions” 

9’18 Aristocorpse           “Satan’s Christmas Tree of Fiery Shit – Filled Death”

7,8 The Arkadian “All I Want For Christmas (Is a Nintendo 64)” 

10/8 Arlo Guthrie “The Pause of Mr. Claus

5.6 Arlon Bennett “The Christmas Tree on Salem Street”

4\30 Armanwing “Goodbye Christmas Cookie

9’2 Armin van Buuren “Christmas Days”

9’13 Arne Åsmund “Satan Claus”

7.20 Arne Hansen & The Guitarspellers “A Christmas Gift for Iris

5\31 Arne Hansen & The Guitarspellers “On a Date as Rudolph

8\4 Arne Hansen & The Guitarspellers “Reindeer Can Fly” 

4’4 Arne Hansen & The Guitarspellers “Ski” 

3.10 Arne Hansen & The Guitarspellers “Snowman in My Heart

7-18 Arrogant Worms “Christmas Hangover”

11;30 Arrogant Worms “Christmas is Almost Here”

10,24 Arrogant Worms “The Christmas Song

2:1 Arrogant Worms “Christmas Sucks!”

11*26 The Arrogant Worms “Christmas Turkey Blues”

1:9 Arrogant Worms “Dad Threw up on Christmas Day” 

3-4 The Arrogant Worms “Happy Birthday

7:8 Arrogant Worms “It’s Christmas in Ignace”

5:13 Arrogant Worms “Oh God, I’m Santa Claus!

4-15, 9\23 Arrogant Worms “The Same Christmas Cake

11;22 Arrognat Worms “Santa Got Arrested” 

1:4 Arrogant Worms “Vincent the Christmas Virus”

8:28 Arseniq33 “Buy Nothing Song” 

5/16 Art Carney “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

5/16, 12/24 Art Carney “Santa and the Doodle-Li-Boop”

10’22 Art Elliot “A Post-Apocalyptic Christmas”

5’16 Art Mooney and His Orchestra (feat. Laura Leslie and The Skylarks)“The Christmas Choo Choo Train” 

5;1 Art Mooney and His Orchestra (feat. Barry Gordon) “Nuttin’ for Christmas”

4;16 Art Paul Schlosser               “Top 10 Reasons Why Santa Gave You Coal for Christmas” 

3.22 Art Priebe “Snow Woman”

4.29 Artese N Toad “Daddy’s Old Train Box 2007

7\29 Arthur Kill and The Pollutants “All of Santa’s Reindeer” 

2.22 Arthur Lowe “Christmas Snow

11,26 Arthur Ray (feat OSOM Stretch) “Baby Come Back (B4 Xmas)

6,24 Arthur Ray “Christmas in Houston” 

6,11 Arthur Ray (feat. Uni-G) “Gift Rappin’

6,27 Artie N “Xmas in the Sun

5’15 Artie Rossi & The Duck Band “Santa’s Train

7/7 The Artistic Differences “Christmas in July”

4.22 The Arvada Center’s Cast of ‘A Christmas Carol’ “Gather Around the Christmas Tree

11,24 Aryah “Lonely for Christmas

6.17 Asa and Christy Lennon “Credit Card Christmas”

5-9 Asa the Comic “Ding Fries are Done (ghetto version)”

6,20 A$AP Twelvvy “12 Days of X-Mas” 

11*27 Asalieri2’s “Happy Black Friday!

12-25 Asche & Spencer “Merry Christmas Fruitcake”

5,31 Aselin Debison “As Long as It’s Christmas

8;14 Ash “There’s A Star”

12*13 Ash Soular “Rolling in the Deep (Hanukkah Parody)

7/5 Asha Banks “Christmas at My Mum’s House”

2\1 Ashanti “Christmas Time Again” 

12,9 Asher Roth “Pantophobia

10,10 Ashlee Simpson “Christmas Past Present & Future” 

11*28 Ashleigh Caudill “Colorado Christmas Eve

7/16 Ashley Dudley “Red Cup Song

8;20 Ashley Lagunas “Following the Star”

9.23 Ashely Tisdale (Candace) “What Does He Want?

3.26 Asian Glow “Frosty – Taylor Swift parody of ‘Trouble’”

5\26 Asiansploitation and Byron S. “Rudolph

11*15 Asleep at the Wheel “Christmas in Texas

7;4 Asleep at the Wheel “Jingle Bell Boogie”

11*15 Asleep at the Wheel “Merry Texas Christmas You All”

4”27 Asleep at the Wheel “Santa Loves to Boogie” 

3;15 Aspen Black         “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas (Please Come to Our Barn)

7;24 Aspen Black “Sleigh Bells in the Sky”

1.23 assetmarie23 “Christmas Parody of ‘Royals’

7-28 Assrash  “Drunk Jesus

5’28 Aster & The X Band “Christmas” 

8’10 Astro Al “A Victorian Christmas Ghost Story” 

11,29 Asya Aydin “I’m Coming Home

11\20 At Swim Two Birds “Down By the Stream

2:19 Atombuzz “Amazon Ruined Christmas

5:6 Atomic Neon (w/6.6.6. and Angel of Night)  “We Die at Christmas” 

8:18 Atomic Potato “Festivus Song

2-27 Atomsplit “Master of Mistletoe”

4\27 Atticus & the Candy Crew “Christmas! Oh Yeah!

1.27 Aubrey Howell “All About that List”

1.31 Aubrey Howell “Can’t It Wait ’til December?”

1.23 Aubrey Howell “Christmas in the Air

6’10 Aubrey Wollett “Sandy Christmas

12,16 Aubryn “Take Me Home for Christmas” 

8’16 Aud Andrews “It’s Gotta be Gremlins (Best Christmas Movie)” 

11;1 Audiomade “It’s Almost Christmas Time

8\9 The Audition Studio Orchestra “Santa Claus is Flying through the Sky” 

6,12 Audobon (feat. Jeremy) “All I Know” 

2.21 Audrey Assad “Winter Snow

5/28 Augie Rios “Donde Esta Santa Claus?

5/28 Augie Rios “Ol’ Fatso

12/19 August Campbell “I Want a Hooker for Christmas”

10\28 AunA “Anywhere You Go

10/2, 9’13 Aurelio Voltaire “Santa Claus is Satan

8\24 Aurora “Walking in the Air

9,3 Auryn “I Met an Angel (On Christmas Day)

12,29 Aushai “Merry Christmas” 

8;24 Aussie Kids Rock “Christmas in the Sun

12.18 Aussies “Santa’s Bobble Hat

2/24 Austin and Ally “I Love Christmas”

7/27, 3\23 Austin Church “Another White Trash Christmas”

9;28 Austin Hartley-Leonard “Under Christmas Lights”

2-17 Austin Jasay “Mistletoe

3:27 Austin Litz “Fuck You Christmas

6.17 Austin Lounge Lizards “Credit Card Xmas

10*21 Austin Rudy “Carolina Christmas

2.26 Austin Thomas “I Really Hate Snow

12,30 Austin Weber “December, Wherever Are You?

7-22 The Austins “Santa Got Drunk This Year

8,27 Author’s Bias “Don’t Call Me This Christmas” 

5.31 Autulume “A Christmas Tree”

9;4 Avalon “Light A Candle”

12,17 Averi Quinn “Cancel Christmas

4’15 AVH Muzak “Skiing

6,18 Awana “Isaiah 9:6” 

9’29 Awesome Death “Every Day is Christmas in Hell”

12-23 Awkward Silence Jax “Spend (Parody of Ace of Base ‘The Sign’)”

12-26 AXIOM “So Christmassy (‘No Diggity’ parody)”

7-8, 12-25 Axis of Awesome “Drunk at Christmas”

6/28, 5:1 Axis of Awesome “I Love Being a Cow” 

12,24 Axis of Awesome “One Day of Christmas” 

5:6 Axis of Awesome “Snata Claus” 

5:5 Axis of Awesome “Silent Night, Holy Shit!” 

7\10 Axis of Awesome “Walker, Texas Reindeer

7.29 Axis of Awesome “What a Terrible Gift”

10’21 Aztec Two Step “Christmas Apocalypse #12 & 45”


9\7 B2K “Santa Hooked Me Up

6:16 B2K “Why’d You Leave Me

7;5 The Baby Dolls “The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle”

5.22 Baby Jane and The Blenders “You Trimmed My Tree”

2’26 Baby Jey “Toboggan

2.1 Baby Learning World/Kids Learning Tube “Snowflake Song

5:27 Bacio “Shoulda Went Online… Capiche?”

12*1 Back in the Day “California Christmas

7\29 Back Pocket “Reindeer & Gravy

12.1 Back Pocket “Winter Clothes

1.26 Back Row Videos “Blank Cups

3.19 The Backbenchers “Don’t Let the Snowman Melt Away” 

4\10 Backroom Stereo “Hey Ho Ho Ho” 

12,14 Backroom Stereo “I Hate the Snow

2\1Backstreet Boys “It’s Christmas Time Again

4;20 Backyard Superheroes “Coal in My Stockings”

11’18 Bad Detectives “Black Eye Friday”

5.16, 7.15 Bad Detectives “A Cadillac Under My Christmas Tree

1’6 The Bad Detectives “Go Go Surfin’ Santa

7.30 The Bad Detectives “Keep the Receipt (This Christmas)

5’13 Bad Flappin’ Birds “Bad Flappy Holidays

2\6 Bad Manners “Christmas Time (Again)

9:22 Bad Royale (feat Jay Nahge) “Mrs. Claus

12-3 Bad Santa and the Angry Elves “Christmas Pressure”

5\24 Bad Tide “Santa Country

6’30 Bad Witch “Sinking Ships For Other Assorted Holidays

7.17 BadaBing BadaBoom “I’m Your Present”

2’10 Badanamu “Calling All Kids for Christmas” 

1’4 badgerland “Dan Lerch – Kristy’s Surf Christmas” 

5\17 Badly Drawn Boy “Donna and Blitzen

9:19 Baggio “Mrs. Claus

9,27 Bah & the Humbugs “All 12 Days”

12/24 Bah & The Humbugs “All I Want for Christmas is a Brand New Starship”

6-16, 7’11 Bah & the Humbugs “All You Need is Rum”

7’11 Bah & The Humbugs “Arms”

3-4, 2;23 Bah & The Humbugs “Birthday Boy”

4”16 Bah & The Humbugs “Boss of Christmas”

6-26 Bah & the Humbugs “Christmas Beer”

7/4 Bah & the Humbugs “Christmas in April”

7/8 7/9 Bah & The Humbugs “Christmas in July (In August)”

12/23 Bah and The Humbugs “Christmas List”

7’11 Bah & The Humbugs “The Christmas Pirate”

5.23 Bah & The Humbugs “Christmas Tree from Hell”

6/27 Bah & The Humbugs “The Christmas Zoo”

2.10 Bah & The Humbugs “The First Snowflake”

7\24 Bah & The Humbugs “Free the Reindeer”

3-8 Bah & The Humbugs “Get Me to the Stable on Time”

6/22 Bah & The Humbugs “Here Comes Skunky Claus”

10/28 Bah & the Humbugs “Hurricane Santa”

7’11 Bah & The Humbugs “I’m Not Obsessive”

7’11 Bah & The Humbugs “Jolly Roger and his Chorus of Pirates”

7’11 Bah & The Humbugs “The Joyous Ending”

7’11 Bah & The Humbugs “The Merriest Christmas of All”

2-9 Noella McCoy (Bah and the Humbugs) “Mistletoe is Poison”

7\18 Bah & The Humbugs “My Psychic Reindeer”

5-11 Bah & the Humbugs “No Free Lunch”

7’11 Bah & The Humbugs “The North Pole Champ” 

7’11 Bah & The Humbugs “Northern Lights” 

3-6, 12,24 Bah & The Humbugs “One Minute Manger

7’11 Bah & The Humbugs “The Only Thing on Jenny’s List”

8.3 Bah & The Humbugs “Reality TV”

6’12 Bah & The Humbugs “Santa Cruise”

2.20 Bah & the Humbugs “Snow Day” 

7’11 Bah & The Humbugs “The Spirit of Christmas Presents” 

1;4 Bah & The Humbugs “Stealing the Nativity”

7’11 Bah & The Humbugs “The Tao of the Sleigh”

8;29 Bah & the Humbugs “There’s a Star”

4-1 Bah & The Humbugs “What I Ate for My Christmas Vacation”

1.23 Baily Crooms “‘Royals’ Parody of a Parody

7,14 Balderdash & Humbug “The 55 Days of Christmas

4”1 Balderdash & Humbug “Bella Gusta Santa Claus

6\19 Balderdash & Humbug “Marvin the Substitute Reindeer

11-4 Balderdash & Humbug “Polar Bear Anthem”

11-5 Balderdash & Humbug “Santa’s Little Helpers”

11-12 Balderdash & Humbug “Sympathy for Santa”

9’28 a balladeer “Christmas from Hell”

11.7 The Ballroom Band “The Christmas Card”

12.21 The Ballroom Band “Man in a Red Suit

4”12 Bamtone “Funky Santa” 

5.28 A Band in Seattle “Don’t Touch the Christmas Tree

2.4 Band of Merrymakers “Snow Snow Snow

6’13 Bandana Man “Santa B Cruzn” 

7;19, 12;25 The Bandana Splits “All the Bells

9:8 The Bandana Splits “It’s a Lonely Night for Mrs. Claus”

4,10 The Bank Cormorants “One More Christmas Tree

6;26 Bankrupt “Christmas Is Canceled”

11;28 Banks Family (desi banks) “When it’s Almost Christmas”

4:25 Bantam Rooster “Let’s Just Fuck for Christmas

11/5 Banu Gibson and The New Orleans Hot Jazz “Santa Swing Me a Christmas Tune

7:7 Banyan Global Learning “Family Christmas Song

9’26 Bar Dracul “Without Colby”

1”5 Barbara Cook, Jerome Courtland “He’s Only Wonderful”

2-5 Barbara Mandrell “It Must have been the Mistletoe”

4’13 Barbary Coasters “Apres Ski A-Go-Go

1’2 The Barbary Coasters “Frosty’s Beach Party” 

6/27 The Barbary Coasters “I Want a Monkey for Christmas”

1\17 The Barbary Coasters “Will You Still Love Me (After Christmas Break)?

4.17 Barbara E Leigh “Greenie the Christmas Tree

4.21 Barbara Fairchild “Christmas Tree

7:23 Barbara Mandrell “Christmas at Our House”

4.23 Barbara Mandrell “He Grew the Trees

7,29 some Barbie Christmas special “It’s Gonna be Amazing

9\20 Babs “I Remember” 

2-5 Barbra Streisand “It Must have been the Mistletoe”

12/13 Barbra Streisand “My Grown Up Christmas List”

9’19 BARDŁOG “santa may be a satan”

4-22 The Barefoot Man  “Rum Cake

7/23 Barenaked Ladies “Green Christmas”

12*25, 4\27 Barenaked Ladies “Christmas Oh Yeah

9/5 Barenaked Ladies “Elf’s Lament”

3’11 Barenaked Ladies “Green Christmas

7;12 Barenaked Ladies “Sleigh Ride”

3.19 Barenaked Ladies “Snowman”

3-2, 2;22 Barenaked Ladies “Wonderful Christmastime” 

10,20 Baritone “The First Snow

8:31 Barlow “Carol of the Bells (FSM version)

12,17, 5’4 Barnaby Bright “Star Crossed Christmas” 

5:6 Barnes and Barnes “The Angel of Death is Near

7:31 Barnes and Barnes “Hanukkah at Our House”

12:25 Barnes and Barnes Holidaze in Lumania

4:10 Barnes & Barnes “Horny at the Holidays

8\7 Barnes and Barnes “I am a Flying Reindeer

8:10, 2\23 Barnes and Barnes “Kwanzaa’s Here Again” 

10/18, 4:16 Barnes & Barnes “I Had Sex with Santa

5:18 Barnes and Barnes “Jesus is Groovy

5:13 Barnes and Barnes “Santa’s Gone on Strike

5\30 Barney and Hector “Rudolph the Blue-Nosed Reindeer

2:26 Barney Rubble “Don’t be a Scrooge”

7/22 Baron and PH2o Phlo “The Sweetest Christmas Lime”

9:21 The Barr Brothers “Dear Mrs. Claus” 

6’30 The Barra NacNeils “Bound for Bethlehem” 

4;14 The Barra MacNeils “Miners’ First Noel”

2.10 Barry Beattie “First Snowfall

4,5 Barry Biggs “Christmas 365

11/16, 7;3 Barry and the Highlights “Xmas Bell Rock

12*1 Barry De Vorzon “Christmas Once Again in San Francisco,”

12*1 Barry De Vorzon “Chistmas Once Again in Santa Barbara”

12*1 Barry De Vorzon ”Christmas Once Again in San Diego

12*1 Barry De Vorzon “Christmas Once Again in Honolulu”

11*27 Barry Finnerty and Clarita Zarate “Black Friday: The Song

5:7 Barry Gordon “I Like Christmas”

5/19 Barry Gordon “Nuttin for Christmas

11;20 Barry Manilow “Christmas Is Just Around The Corner”

8/29 Barry Mitchell “Parking Around the Shopping Mall

10/20 Barry Richards “Baby Sittin’ Santa”

1;4 Barry Thomas Goldberg & The Ironweed “Christmas Robbery

3;28 Barry Ward “Corn, Water, and Wood”

7:23 Barry Ward “Farm Family

6,6, 12,25 The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican “The Gasman Cometh

9\19 The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican “Merry Xmas Everybody” 

1:6 Bartok Music “Rudolph the Runny-Nosed Reindeer” 

8/31 The Baseballs “Driving Home for Christmas”

12/2 The Basement Boys “The Christmas List”

1.26 Basic and Bro Productions (feat.Kim Novak) ”Dang Sleigh

10’16 Bastard Monster “Christmas of Doom”

6-25 The Bastions “Beer, Jugs, & Bratwurst

4\9 Bathwater Babies “Hey! Hey! Buy! Buy! (It’s Christmas Time)

6.16 The B.B.B.’s “Credit Card Christmas”

7;9 Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) “You Hear Them Bells Go”

1/11 Bea Arthur “Goodnight but Not Goodbye

1’15 BEAAST MOBB “XXXmas” 

9.17 The Beach Boys “Christmas Time is Here Again

8/2 The Beach Boys “Little St. Nick

4”1 Beach Boys “The Man with All the Toys” 

1’6 The Beach Boys “Melekalikimaka

11,18 The Beach Boys “Santa’s Beard

1’14 The Beach Boys “Santa’s Gone Surfing

8\16The Beach Boys “Santa’s Got an Airplane

4’4 The Beach Girls “Skiing in the Snow”

1’8 Beachfront Vinny “The New Chanukah Song

5-6 The Beacon Baptist Bahamanians “A Peanut Butter Sandwich

11,17 Beane “Alone Another Holiday” 

3’9 Bear Cat “Ice Ice Skating

8.4 Bear McCreary “Eureka Christmas Theme”

1-19 Bear Ron “The American Christmas Tree”

8’30 Bear Ron “Christmas With a Yeti”

5;7 BearRon “Nuttin’” 

12.24 BearRon (Rob Barron) “Oh Santa Pants” 

6/20 Bear Ron “Rat Greetings

1/31 Bear Ron “Sci Fi Santa”

9;15 Bearkat “Hang the Lights on the Tree”

3.19 Bears “I’m a Snowman

11;2 Beastie Eyes “Yell It Out! (It’s Almost Christmas)”

11,13 Beat Avenger “White Clawsmas 

8;26 Beat Digger (feat. Richard Schletty) “O Star of Mystery”

12,15 Beat Happening “Christmas” 

6.11 Beat Master Meat “Shop Until U Drop

7;23 The Beaten Generation “Ring Out The Bells”

4’9 Beatgum “Hot Skiing

12\1 The Beatles “The Beatles Christmas 1969 Record” 

12\2 The Beatles “The Beatles 1968 Christmas Record

12\3 The Beatles “The Beatles Fifth Christmas Record (1967)

12\5 The Beatles “The Beatles’ Third Christmas Record

12\6 The Beatles “Another Beatles’ Christmas Record (1964)

12\7 The Beatles “The Beatles’ Christmas Record (1963)

11:27 Beatnik Turtle “Company Christmas Party

1\16 Beatnik Turtle “The Morning After Christmas

5.29, 11’15 Beatnik Turtle “Tipping over the Christmas Tree

4”17 BeauSoleil “Papa St. Nick

9:4 Beauregard Youth Choir “Let’s Hear It for Mrs. Claus

4:19 The Beaver Boys “It’s Christmas and You’re Sucking on My Balls” 

4\28 Bebe Winans “Yes It’s Christmas” 

12,18 Becca Steiner “The Tree” 

5’4 Bedbound by Summer “Depressed This Christmas

5,31 Bedbound by Summer “Down (Again) in June

2’12 Bedbug “winter. on the moon

5.16, 1:24, 1:26 Beefus “STDs Under the Christmas Tree

7’12 Beer Bucket Social “If Santa Was A Pirate”

6:3 Before Braille “Merry Christmas, I’m Cheating” 

4\20 The Beginning of the End “Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes)” 

10,26 Begonia “It Won’t be Christmas (‘Till You’re Here)

2.25 Bel Air “Too Much Snow”

9;15 Beleaf (feat. Frank Puppet) “Light It Up (Christmas)”

7.30 Bella Godiva ”Bad Gift

9-29 Bella Luna Wrock “Voldemort  is Coming to Town”

3’21 Bella Nicole “Bells are Ringing” 

3;15 The Bellamy Brothers “Jingle Bells (A Cowboy’s Holiday)

10/8 The Bellamy Brothers “Old Hippie Christmas

7’8 BellaZen Electric “I Saw Three Pirate Ships”

11/23 The Bellrays “All I Wanna Do is Shag for Christmas”

5:3 The BellRays (feat. Lisa Kekaula, Tony Fate, and Bob Vennum) “Rocket Ship Santa” 

12/24 Below the Surface “All I Want for Christmas is a Job”

12;16 Ben Aaron “I Can’t Wait For Christmas”

1/14 Ben and Hannah Randall Padme Did You Know?

7.11 Ben & the Peanut Butter Problem “Lots & Lots of Presents”

8’3 Ben & Tucker “Bigfoot Why?” 

5’12, 12’25 Ben & Tucker “Magical Rainbow Train

11’29 Ben & Tucker “White Turns Red”

5’12 Ben Browning “Christmas Train

11,12 Ben Danaher (feat. Ashley Ray) Just Like Christmas” 

5:14 BenDeLaCrème “The Nativity Twist”

8,29 Ben Eales “Christmas List” 

1”26 Ben Fankhauser, Dan Mertzlufft, Zachary Piser, Nate Richardson, Benjamin Velez“A Light in the Night” 

7,23 Ben Folds Five “One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces

12\19 Ben Hammer “1948 Christmas Day Photo

8:16 Ben Kling “Festivus” 

1/16 Ben L “All I Want for Christmas::Star Trek Mashup

5;18 Ben Levin “Forgot Mrs. Claus”

5.1 Ben Light and His Surf Club Boys “Christmas Balls”

8’10 Ben R and Drake C “Chasing Ghosts on Christmas” 

10,31 Ben R and Drake C (feat. Sai Crutchfield, Konner Remlinger & Tyler Wilson) “Santa Ate My Brownie” 

4;22 Ben Smith “Coal for Christmas”

8.4 Ben Vaughn “3rd Rock from the Sun Christmas Theme” 

8.4 Ben Vaughn “That ’70s Show Christmas Theme

1”6 Ben Wiggins “Soldier at War”

2’3 Bender Melon “Flexible Flyer” 

8,3 The Benefit & the Chinese Firekites “Christmas Shoes (Will Kill the Mood)” 

12,24 The Benefit & the Chinese Firekites “(Give Me One More) Christmas Cheer

8’14 The Benefit “Godzilla Saves Christmas” 

12’20 The Benefit     “Gunned Down by Santa Claus (I Didn’t See It Coming)”

8’17 The Benefit “Jacob Marley” 

10:9 The Benefit & the Chinese Firekites “My War on Christmas” 

7\13 The Benefit & the Chinese Firekites “The Reindeer Song” 

7\13 The Benefit & the Chinese Firekites “Reprise

7;13 The Benefit & The Chinese Firekites “Sleigh Bells”

9\9, 12\25 The Benefit “T-Rexmas (A Nativity Story 65 Million Years in the Making)” 

12.11 The Benefit & The Chinese Fire Kites “(When You Wear) Your Christmas Sweater

12:25 Benjamin Stuart Steele (‘Rusty Cage’) “Christmas Knife Game Song

9:9 Benn Bacot “Mrs. Claus”

12.24 bennie “Santa’s Got Daddy’s Boot on

10,21; 12,25 Benny Bell “Shaving Cream

5:9 Benny Goodman “Santa Claus Came in the Spring

9,26 Benny Grunch & the Bunch “12 Yats of Christmas” the Bayou

6;3 Benny Grunch & The Bunch “Ain’t Dere No More”

6;3 Benny Grunch & The Bunch “Ain’t Dere No More, Pt. 2”

11*14 Benny Grunch & The Bunch “Christmas in Chalmette”

9/7 Benny Grunch & The Bunch “The Elves Finally Rap”

6.6 Benny Grunch and the Bunch “I Bought Presents

7/28, 5.25 Benny Grunch & The Bunch”I Could See the Aluminum Tree Through the Pitcha Winda

7/24 Benny Grunch & The Bunch “Mblueh rChristmuas”

6/22 Benny Grunch & the Bunch “Norris the Nocturnal Nutria.”

11*14 Benny Grunch & The Bunch “O Little Town of Destrehan”

8’25 Benny Holmes “DarcYLand – Robot Santa” 

11/18 Benny-Lee & The Ken Tones “Rockin’ and Rollin’ Santa Claus

10*13 Benny Mardones “Christmastime in Syracuse

1\14 The Bent Fender Band “Christmas Time is Over

4’17 Benton Stokes “Merry & Bright

11/26 The Berenstein Bears “Christmas Tango

6-10 Berni Hubbard “Eggnog (Whilst I’m on the Bog) Song

1-10 Bernie Williams “Santa I’m Writing This Letter

11;25 BERU “Almost Christmas

11/8 Bessie Smith “At the Christmas Ball”

8,21 (Matt Farley) The Best Birthday Band Ever “It’s December 26 (And It’s Your Birthday!)” 

4-2 ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’ soundtrack “Hard Candy Christmas”

10’27 Best Damn Roofer “Best Damn Christmas”

12’17 Bestial Crown “A Wrapped Christmas”

2-27 Besureis “Mistletoe

5’2 Bet Smith and the Currie Brothers “That Christmas Train” 

11*6 Beth Cahill “Christmas Day in Flint, Michigan”

1:6 Beth McDonald “Snotty Christmas Song” 

11*27 Beth Crowley “Black Friday

2.17 Beth Sherburn “Snow Angels

12.3 Beth Sorrentino “My Hat” 

7-9 Bethany & Randy Laskowski “Drunk on Christmas”

11\1 Bethany Bates “Festive You” 

11,3 Bethany Joy “Snow” 

2\7 Bethany Jung “Christmas Again” 

2/13 Bette Midler “I”ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”

11,7 Bette Midler “Somewhere in My Memory

7-13 Better Off Dead ”All I Got for Christmas was Drunk”

2:14 Better Promises “Christmas Sucks!

8,10 Better Than Ezra “Merry Christmas Eve” 

1-31 Bettina Bush “An American Christmas

10,26 Betty Anne and Brain Watts “Christmas Time of Year

9,28 Betty Anne and Brian Watts “This Christmas (I’m Coming Home)” 

5/15, 9-1 Betty Johnson “I Want Eddie Fisher for Christmas

8.5 Betty Rubble “Sleigh Ride”

5:20 Between Disasters “Christmas Tacos” 

8’29 Bev Gant “The Christmas Witch” 

12;11 Bev Niven, Sid and Tracy Sosa “Can t Wait for Christmas”

4;21 Beverly Smith “I’m Getting Coal for Christmas”

11:13 Bevil Joseph “Christmas Party

5.30 Bewitched Hands on Top of Our Heads “Christmas Tree”

5:15 Bey Ireland “All I Want for Christmas is a Go-Go Girl

7:10 Big & Rich “Drunk on Christmas” 

12,3 Big Beautiful Williams “All I Want For Christmas

3.8 Big Block Sing Song “Abominable Snowman” 

9\17 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy “Christmas is Starting Now” 

2\28, 12’4 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy “Christmastime in Tinseltown

4”18 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy “Last Night I Went out with Santa Claus

3”30 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy “Rockabilly Christmas

10’13 Big Brother “Eco – Crisis (All I Want for Christmas is the End of the World)”

12’30 Big Chino “Evil Christmas”

12’27 Big Chris & D’bare Bones Band “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”

3.24 Big City “Ex-Snowman

11*11, 1-10  Big Daddy Weave “I’ll Be Brave This Christmas

12/26, 5;26 Big E Dude “I Don’t Want Nothin’ for Christmas”

7\25 Big Earl “Tired of Cleaning Reindeer Shit Off My Roof

11,21 Big Easy “On This Beautiful Christmas Day

10\12 Big Eazy & Tiny Dancer (feat. Double $ $lick) “Deck/Wreck the Halls

1’28 Big Fez and The Surfmatics “Santa, Please Bring Me a Surfboard” 

7.14, 7;30 Big Freedia “Make it Jingle

12;17 Big Hit “Can’t Hardly Wait”

8/14 Big Jim and the Goodbuddies “CB Santa”

11/6 Big John Greer “We Wanna See Santa Do the Mambo

1\24 Big Johnson and The Thrusters “Day After Christmas” 

12;19 Big Little Lions “Waiting For Christmas Day”

12.30 Big Mess “Naked Santa” 

6;23 Big Mista “No Christmas”

4,18 Big Nic “Ticket

6-6 Big Rock Creek Band “The Waffle Song

5,16 Big Shaq “Daily Duppy

7/8, 6:14 Big Sister “Christmas in July” 

12.16 Big Slack “Ugly Xmas Sweater Song” 

3-31 Big Star “Jesus Christ

3:29 Big Sub-o (feat. Jim Dandy) “Fuck a Tree

5,18 Big TL “I Saw Mommy Kissing Sacramento Santa

12,7 Big Tyme “Xmas Blues

7\26 Big Werl “The Story of the Reindeer that Killed Grandma

2/17 Big People “A Piece for Christmas”

2/20 Bellamy Brothers “Our Love is Like Christmas”

6:7 Big Yayo “She Left Me for Christmas

5-15 bigAC21 “Marco’s Pizza Christmas Song

12/18 Bigg Robb “I Want a Big Woman for Christmas

8,31 Biggie Cream “Holiday Szn

12*15 The Biggs and Barr Show  “Silent Wife

11,23 Bill Anderson “My Christmas List Gets Shorter Every Year

5’26 Bill Anderson “Po’ Folks’ Christmas

5’26 Bill Anderson ‘Po’ Folks

5.26 BIGSHOT “Christmas Tree

11*9, 12/1, 12/25 Biggy B and K David “Christmas List, Yo

7.18 Bilbo Kipler “Gift Rap” 

12.10 Bilbo Kipler “Sweater, What Could be Sweeter?

7’1 The Bilge Pumps “Carol of the Beers”(‘Carol of the Bells’)

7’1 The Bilge Pumps “Johnny the Steampunk Pirate”

7’1 The Bilge Pumps “More Rum, Gloria” (‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’)

7’1 The Bilge Pumps “Pirate Yells” (‘Silver Bells’)

11,9 The Bilinda Butchers “All My Friends

12:18 Bill & Sam “Kwanzaa Song” 

7\11 Bill and ‘Shakey’ “Woodolph (The Petrified Red-Nosed Reindeer)

4,4 ’Whispering’ Bill Anderson “Waffle House Christmas

7-8 Bill Barclay “The 12 Drinks of Christmas”

1\12 Bill Berry  “‘Twas the Night After Christmas

10\19 Bill Burns “(Have a) Merry Mayan Doomsday

7.19, 10.28 Bill Craft “A Gift of Song” 

8’17 Bill Drake “Jacob Marley” 

12*23 Bill Edwards “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”

8\9 Bill Edwards “Santa’s Gonna Fly

4-19 Bill Engvall “Fruitcake Makes Me Puke

10-/25 Bill Engvall “I’m Getting Sued by Santa Claus

6.12 Bill Engvall “Gift Emergency”

7.20 Bill Engvall “A Gift that She Doesn’t Want

1;25 Bill Engvall “I’m Getting Sued by Santa

8/24, 5\28 Bill Engvall “Rudolph got a DUI

7-23 The Folksinger (Bill Evenhouse) “Drunk Santa!

9.9 Bill Fagerbakke “Pretty Ribbons and Bows

4;6 Bill Fitzsimmons “A Big Lump of Coal”

3.1 Bill Hooper “Snowman

5-3 Bill ‘The King’ Hoger “The Waffle House Twelve Days of Christmas”

2’19 Bill Klemm “The Best Sledding Song” 

10/22 Bill Lacey & The Ebonaires “Cowboy Santa Claus

1\8 Bill Lloyd “The Day After Christmas

1/23 Bill Michaels “Alien Christmas

2.26 Bill Morgan “I Hate Snow

10/17 Bill Murray (and George Clooney) rendition “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’”

5/4 Bill Monroe “Christmas Time’s A-Comin‘”

4.30 Bill Pere “Ornament

6/9 Bill Rogers “Pokemon Christmas Bash

1-22 Bill Shipper “Santa Needs a Bailout for Christmas”

12\24 Bill White “Christmas, 1941

5’9 Bill White “The Christmas Train

8:1 Bill Wurtz “Christmas isn’t Real”

11;23 Billie and the Haint “Almost Christmas”

2/13 Billie Holiday “I”ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”

1”7 Billie Wildrick;Candice Donehoo;Jadd Davis;Brandon O’Neill  “A Kid at Christmas”

1;19 Billionaires Club “Happy Holidays from the Taggarts

6;14 Billy Anderson “No Christmas in Whoville

1;15 Billy Basturd Drug Cartel Christmas

2:19 Billy Blackflag & His Nihilistic Delusions “Mistletoe is Poison” 

9’17 Billy Castillo “Satanic Christmas”

11\23 Billy Childish “Christmas 1979” 

7,25 Billy Creepshow “Ho-Ho-Homicide

12,9 Billy Eckstine “Christmas Eve

5.12 Billy Fairfield      “Kissin’ and Huggin’ (Underneath the Christmas Tree)

10*15 Billy Franks “Christmas in Jersey

5/31 Billy Fury “My Christmas Prayer

12:15 Billy Gilman “” 

2/6 Billy Idol “Christmas Love”

5.17 Billy Idol “Yellin’ at the Xmas Tree

11.24 Billy Joe Duprix “Christmas Cards

7/19 Billy Joe Duprix “Randolph, the Brown-Nosed Reindeer

5:12 Billy Kringle “Elvie the Elf

11/6 Billy May with the Orchestra “Rudolph Mambo

6/24 Billy Mayo’s Orchestra “I Want a Dog for Christmas

2.28 Billy Paul Williams “No Snow in Jamaica

10’11 Billy Reece “Christmas at the End of the World”

1’19 Billy Roach “Come to California Santa

12/24 Billy Ruffian “All I Want for Christmas is a Ting Ting”

12.24 Billy Scream “Black Boots on” 

2/29 Billy Squier “Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You”

11;22 Billy Stritch “It’ll Be Christmas Before You Know It”

8.12 Billy Taylor “Bright Star in the East

7;31 Billy Ward & His Dominoes “Ringing In A Brand New Year”

9,26 Billy West “Twelve Days of Christmas

2:4 Billy West (Ren & Stimpy) “I Hate Christmas

6.19 Billy West “I Wasn’t Broke for Christmas This Year

5;13 Billy Williams  “Why Don’t Santa Bring Something to Me”

6.19 Bing Bupkis and the Krenshaw Kids “I’m Broke Again this Christmas

7;16 Bing Crosby “And The Bells Rang”

5-24, 7:6, 9\20 Bing Crosby “Christmas Dinner Country Style” 

2.10 Bing Crosby “The First Snowfall

5/23 Bing Crosby “How Lovely is Christmas

5/20, 7;29  Bing Crosby “I Heard the Bells

4.24 Bing Crosby “Is Christmas Only a Tree?

4.24 Bing Crosby “O Fir Tree Dark” 

5/26 Bing Crosby “Just What I Wanted for Christmas”

5.19 Bing Crosby “Round and Round the Christmas Tree

5/29 Bing Crosby “The Secret of Christmas

12/16 Bing Crosby  “You’re All I Want for Christmas”

12,17 The Bingle Jells (feat. Andrew LLoyd Baughman) “Latchkey Kid at Christmas

9;30 Birthing Stirrups    “I Can’t Help But Strangle Myself with Christmas Lights

3”6 Birthing Stirrups “Santa’s Beard is Stuck in the Chimney”

10;14 Birthing Stirrups “Steamrolled Mall Santa

9’8 Bish ō nen “Another Pop – Devil Christmas”

1-15 Bishop M.B. and Dr. Brenda Johnson “Red White and Blue Christmas

3”27 A Bit Shifty “A Switchblade Christmas

6,1 The Bitters “Christmas in July

1’29 B.J. Anderson “Surfin’ Santa

11,15 BKj-52 & Spechouse “Best Time of the Year

2:26 Black Adidas “Bah Humbug” 

12,27 The Black Arts “Christmas Number One

4.14, 5.13 Black and Blond Music “I Want to be Your Christmas Tree

11;29 Black Cherry “Christmas is Almost Here” 

7.31 Black Jesus “Open up the Gift Card

5.10 Blacka Devon “Christmas Tree

11,1 Blackaby “Last Year’s Christmas Tree

7;28 Blackmore’s Night “Ding Dong Merrily On High”

5;27 Blaha!    “It’s Christmas Time (And I Have Nothing Left to Lose!)”

4\15 Blaise Guld “Yippe Ki Yay, Motherfucker, Merry Christmas” 

11.12 Blaise Manino “Christmas Cards” 

6.4 Blake Jone & The Trike Shop “Christmas Sale”

11*16, 8,4 Blake Shelton (feat. Reba) “Oklahoma Christmas” 

9,18, 5’15 Blake Shelton “Santa’s Got a Choo Choo Train” 

3-27 Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson  “There’s a New Kid in Town”

1/30 Blazer Faith w/Bret McKenzie “Electronic Santa”

12’7 The Blankok Brothers “Now I Have A Machine Gun (Ho – Ho – Ho – Ho)”

9’22 Bleating Apocalypse “Christmas With Satan”

7.16 The Blenders “I Bought You a Plastic Star” 

11-19 The Blenders “Sleigh Ride”

10,28 Blight Dolezal “Saint Dickolas

7,20 Blight Dolezal ”Trappin’ on Christmas

3-20 The Blind Boys of Alabama (feat. George Clinton and Robert Randolph)“Away in a Manger”

9;15 Blinded “Candycanes and Christmas Lights”

3.23 Blinded “Dear Mr. Snowman

9,8 Blink! “Christmas 22” 

8:12 Blink 182 “Boxing Day” 

3:5 Blink 182 “Happy Holidays, You Bastard”

3\16 Blink 182 “Not Another Christmas Song” 

6;7 Blinky the Elf “Imagine”

3’25 Blippi “Let’s Go Ice Skating” 

10,7 Blitzen Trapper “Christmas is Coming Soon

1/14 The Blonde Jedi  “Greedo Got Run over by a Tauntaun

1/14 The Blonde Jedi “All I Want for Christmas is Luke

1/14 The Blonde Jedi “Vader Baby

7,27 Blondie (with Fab 5 Freddy) “Yuletide Throwdown” 

7-1 The Blood Moons “I’ll be Drunk for Christmas”

7:29 Bloodstone “Christmas Day with My Family” 

5.26 Bloody Rain “Christmas Trees

8\15 Bloom “Flying Christmas Babies

11:20 Blowfly “Christmas Party” 

3\30 The Blowies “There may Never be Another Christmas

8,11 Blu & Exile “Christmas Missed Us

8’19 Bludstaind “Krampus” 

7\23 Blue Aeris (feat. Kelly Moneymaker) “Reindeer Know How to Groove

1/9 A Blue Galaxy Project “TARDIS The Blue Police Box

12*13 The Flying Karamzov Brothers, The Bobs, Rockapella, Blue Jupiter “Eight Days a Week”

1/14 Blue Mantle Media “Jango Fett

11;7 The Bluegrass Brethren “Almost Christmas Time”

7;6 The Blues Broers “Jungle Bells”

8-30 Blues Buffet “Cold Turkey for Christmas

11,3 Blues Traveler “Christmas” 

8-4, 5.26 Blunt “Smokin’ up That Christmas Tree

6-6 Blur “The Wassailing Song

8,26 BLV Jeezy “Woo Santa

12,18, 3’3 Bnny Rbbt “There’s No Christmas in Hell

4:17 Bo “I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus”

8’3 Bo Allen “Sasquatch is Coming to Town” 

12,22 Bo Selecta “Proper Crimbo

7’25 The Boarding Party “Christmas for a Buccaneer”

5.2 The Bob and Tom Show “Goyisha Hanukkah

2:27 The Bob and Tom Show “I Hate Christmas

11*5 Bob and Tom “If Santa was a Hoosier

5:25 The Bob and Tom Show “Irving the Snowman

7-11 The Bob and Tom Band “It’s Christmas and I Wonder Where I Am

7-30 The Bob and Tom Show “We Won’t Get Drunk This Christmas

7.30 Bob Blake “Christmas Gift Returns

9:5 Bob ‘The Music Doctor’ Blake “Mrs. Santa Claus” 

6/7 Bob Brown “Santa Bring Me a Dinosaur

9.22 Bob Burger “Gonna Be Christmas

4-6 Bob Cleghorn  “No Candy this Christmas

3-19 Bob Dylan “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”

3”9 Bob Dylan “Must be Santa

12,11 Bob Dylan “Three Angels

6-24 Bob Farley (?) “It’sWonderfulTimetoDrinkBeer” better impression

3-20 Bob Francis “Away in a Manger”

8-19 Bob Gautreau “Frosty the Blowman

4’7 Bob Gibson “Super Skier’s Last Race” 

4’7 Bob Gibson Ski Songs

8:16 Bob Grow “The Festivus Song

1;22 Bob Gronowski “Santa Claus Got Busted

5.12 Bob Gulley “Under the Christmas Tree

5:22, 4\15 Bob Kevoian “It’s a Die Hard Christmas” 

4;5 Bob Kramer “Coal”

12.4 Bob Kulhan “Christmas Hot Pants

12*31 Bob Larro “Funny What a Year Can Do

4,3 Bob Mader “366 Days (Next Christmas)

1\16 Bob Malone “The After Christmas Song

10*6 Bob Marley “Christmas in Maine”

12’4 Bob Marley and The Wailers “You Can’t Blame the Youth”

6/17 Bob Morrison “Santa Mouse”

8-10 Bob Narley “Santa Claus is SELLING the Brown”

7-6 Bob Nevin “Drunk this Christmas

3:30 Bob Noxious “Fuck Off Santa” 

3:30 Bob Noxious “Where’s Me Fuckin’ Sherry?” 

10*23 Bob Phelan “Santa Went down the Chimney

9/2 Bob Pryde “Santa’s Little Helpers”

9:29 Bob Ricci “Mrs. Claus”

9/21 Bob Rivers “All You Need is Elves”

11-15 Bob Rivers “Aquaclaus”

8-5 Bob Rivers “Be Clause I Got High”

8/22 Bob Rivers “Carol of the Bartenders

6/21 Bob Rivers “Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire

10-22 Bob Rivers “Christmas Money (That’s What I Want)”

11:27 Bob Rivers “Christmas Party Song

12*28 Bob Rivers “Decorations”

1:8 Bob Rivers “Flu Ride”

3-30 Bob Rivers “Going up to Bethlehem

9-10 Bob Rivers “Have Yourself an Ozzy Little Christmas”

10-24 Bob Rivers “He’s So Jolly”

10-30 Bob Rivers “Hey You! Get Off of My House!

11-10 Bob Rivers “Holiday (‘Scuse Me I’ve Got Gifts to Buy)”

11-16 Bob Rivers “I am Santa Claus”

4/18 Bob Rivers “I Came upon a Roadkill Deer”

8-3 Bob Rivers “I’ll be Stoned for Christmas

1;30 Bob Rivers “I’m Dressing Up Like Santa Claus

3-2, 2;22 Bob Rivers “Jesus’ Birthday” 

11-18, 4:12, 9:29 Bob Rivers “Me and Mrs. Claus” 

12*16 Bob Rivers “O Christmas Tree

3-30 Bob Rivers “O Little Town of Bethlehem”

8/29 Bob Rivers “Parking Spaces

6/9 Bob Rivers “Pokemon

8/25 Bob Rivers “Police Stop My Car”

5,14 Bob Rivers “Rummy Rocker Boy

10/17 Bob Rivers “Santa Claus is Fooling Around

4.7 Bob Rivers “Shopping Around for a Christmas Tree

11-22 Bob Rivers “Sled Zeppelin”

6.6 Bob Rivers “‘Scuse Me, I’ve Got Gifts to Buy

12*24 Bob Rivers “Smells Like the Night Before Christmas”

10/27, 9-3 Bob Rivers “There’s a Santa Who Looks a Lot Like Elvis

10/30 Bob Rivers “There’s Another Santa Claus

12-16 Bob Rivers “Toy Sack

9,25 Bob Rivers “The Twelve Pains of Christmas” 

6/21 Bob Rivers “The Twisted Chipmunk Song

10-5 Bob Rivers “What if Eminem Did Jingle Bells?”

7/27 Bob Rivers “White Trash Christmas

10-20 Bob Rivers “Who Put the Stump?”

3/8 Bob Rivers “Yellow Snow, Yellow Snow, Yellow Snow”

4”15 Bob Seger & The Last Heard “Sock It to Me Santa” 

12,15, 4’23 Bob Sellon “The No Snow Blues

12\8 Bob Tupper “Grandma’s House for Dinner

11*2 Bob Walkenhorst “Christmas in Nashville

12’18 Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys “Santa is on His Way”

3;19 Bob Willis “When It’s Christmas on the Range” 

7/21 Bob Wills Jr. “Yellow Ribbon Christmas

6.14 Bob Wire with Chip Whitson “Credit Card Christmas

2\27 Bob Wire & Chip Whitson “I Can’t Believe It’s Christmas Time Again”

2;12 Bob Wire, Chip Whitson “My Birthday’s on Christmas

12.23 Bob Wire and Chip Whitson “Santa’s Got a Sharkskin Suit” 

5;2 Bob Wire & Chip Whitson “You Ain’t Gettin’ Shit For Christmas”

2’7 The cast of Bob’s BurgersSnowballs and Sledding

9;12 Todrick Hall, Bobs Burgers cast “Twinkly Twinkly Lights”

9.25 Bob’s Burgers cast “Twinkly Lights Reprise

9.25 Bob’s Burgers cast ”We Can’t Spell Christmas Without US”

9/19 Bobbie Boyle and the MSR Singers “Randy, the Li’l Elf

3;2 Bobby Boyles “Cowboy Christmas Eve” 

10*26 Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett “Monsters’ Holiday

10*26 Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett “Monster Swim

10*26 Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett “Werewolf Watusi

5.19 Bobby Curtola “My Christmas Tree

3/21 Bobby Gaylor “Stop Giving Me Crap for Christmas”

3\14 Bobby Helms “Another Christmas Without You” 

7;5 Bobby Helms “The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle”

1/26, 10/4 Bobby Helms  “Captain Santa Claus and His Reindeer Space Patrol”

5/24 Bobby Helms “Jingle Bell Rock

8-21 Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits“Spending Christmas on Crack

10/17 Bobby Parker “Sandy Claw Stole My Woman

10*14 Bobby Rydell “A Philadelphia Christmas”

6:27 Bobby Vee “A Not So Very Merry Christmas

7;5 Bobby Vinton “The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle”

12,26 Bobby Vinton “Dearest Santa

5.4-7 Bobby Vinton. “Peppermint Stick Parade

3-7 Bobby Vinton “Three Wise Men, Wise Men Three”

2’26 Bobo and The Unusuals “Toboggan Trip

12/16 The Bobs “All I Want for Christmas

12*1 The Bobs “Christmas in L.A.”

9\27 The Bobs “Fifty Kilowatt Tree

9,7 The Bobs “The Night Before the Night Before Christmas” 

10/30, 10;29 The Bobs “Too Many Santas”

11/6 The Bobs “Mambo Santa Mambo”

10/3 The Bobs “Yuleman Vs. the Anti-Claus”

12*13 The Flying Karamzov Brothers, The Bobs, Rockapella, Blue Jupiter “Eight Days a Week”

9;11 Bobs & LoLo “Little Light”

5:26 Bobs and Lolo “Up Up Up

7.16 Bohuslän Big Band “I Bought You a Plastic Star”

2.28 Bombadil “No Snow in the Valley

11*8 bombocjk1 “Minnesota Christmas

8.9 Bonanza cast “Merry Christmas Neighbors

8’25 Bonecage “Merry Christmas Robot Christ”

2\3 Bonecrusher “Christmas Time Again

4\13 Boney M. “Hooray Hooray It’s a Holiday” 

4-29 Bonnie Legion “Christmas Cookie Song”

12*1 Bonnie McKee “California Winter

3:7 Bonnie McKee “Have Yourself a Merry Fucking Christmas

6/14 Bonnie Whitehurst “Snowflake, the Snow Owl

12,22 Boo Ray and Elizabeth Cook “All Strung Out Like Christmas Lights” 

8,1 Boogie Badazz “Another Christmas Without My Niggas

8,1 Boogie Badazz “This Christmas” 

7-19 Book Club “Christmas Morning Hangover”

12; 10 12;25 Boom ChildI Can’t Wait for Christmas

4”12 Boomdaddy “Funky Santa” 

2.27 Boon & Millz “No Snow for Christmas

3”6 BOOSB “Beating Off On Santa’s Beard (Beavue Cleavue cover)” 

12’16 Boosie Badass (feat. YFN Lucci & Rich Homie Quan) “Christmas List”

7,18 Boosie Badazz “Santa Claus of the Ghetto

12,11 Bootscooot’n Betty & Friends “It’s Christmas Time in the Great Outback” 

10*13 Bootsy Collins “N-Yo-City

8/22 Boozer “All I Got for Christmas was a DUI

8:9 Bop Alloy (feat. Substantial & Marcus D)”A Celebration” 

5.30 Borderline Beauty “Christmas Tree Without an Oh

9-20 boshi1996 “Chuck Norris is Coming to Town

10\25 Boss Hog Barbarians “BO$$ HOG Malt Liquor

10*29 Boss Martians “3 Ghosts”

5.7 The Bossy Fairy “Wrap Me ‘Round the Christmas Tree Tonight

12\22 Boston Blackthorne “Christmas in Pittsburg, 1943

4\26 The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus “Mistletoe and Holly

7;12 Boston Pops “Sleigh Ride”

3\19 Bower Grove School “Another Bower Grove Christmas

6/23 Bowling for Soup “Bobby Wants a Puppy Dog for Christmas”

5:27, 9,25 Bowling for Soup (feat. Jaret Reddick) “Corner Store at Christmas

5:13 Bowling for Soup “Even Santa Needs a Break Sometimes

3:8 Bowling for Soup “Merry Flipping Christmas” 

12:25 Bowling for Soup Merry Flippin’ Christmas Vol. 1, and Vol. 2

6:30 Bowling for Soup “Miss You Most on Christmas”

6-10 Box Lunch “Heavy Metal Eggnog Song”

5’9 Boxcar Willie “Santa Fe Sam and Hobo Bill” 

10,15, 1’18 The Boxmasters “Christmas in California” 

1;27 The Boxmasters “Christmas in Prison”

12,6 The Boxmasters “Christmas on the Road

6,12The Boxmasters “Slower Than Christmas

8;3 The Boy From Space “Christmas Eve Star”

9.17 Boy Least Likely To “First Snowflake

9-9 The Boy Least Likely To “George and Andrew”

10’13 The Boys “Party at the End of the World”

12,9 Boyz II Men “The Birth of Christ

10,15 Boyzone “The Hour Before Christmas” 

11,2Bozo “A Bozo Twistmas” 

1.23 BP Productions “White Christmas

5.3 Bra’ Mike “Tinsel World

12;17 Brad and Barry “I Can’t Wait for Christmas Time”

6/11 The Brad and Britt Show “Sammy the Christmas Snake”

6,27 Brad Brewer “A Palm Tree at Christmas” 

12,20 Brad Clayton “Christmas in Detroit

9;11 Brad Dison “Christmas Lights”

10;10 Brad Haley “Santa on the Corner of 5th and Main”

11*12 Brad Millison “Christmas in Kansas City

11*17 Brad Millison “Christmas in Kansas City

1\16 Brad Paisley “364 Days to Go

3;5 Brad Paisley “Kung Pao Buckeroo Holiday” 

6/14 Brad Paisley   “Penguin, James Penguin

11.10 Brad Parker “Christmas Card

12*1 Brad Peterson “California Christmas

7/28 Brad Stubbs “The Color Wheel Christmas Song

3;1 Brad Stubbs “Cowboy Christmas Song

12*1 Brad Stubbs “LA Xmas (The Los Angeles Airport Christmas Song)

3:13 Brad Sucks & John Benjamin “Fuck You, Motherfucker (It’s Christmas)”

11’22 Brad Tassell & Steve Goodie “Grandpa Got run Over by a Hybrid”

5\29 Brad Tassell and Steve Goodie “Rudolph Dropped a Package on My Rooftop

11/21 Bradley Gillis “Santa is Rocking”

9’17 Bradley Palermo & The Shadow Queens “Satan Won The War On Christmas”

10’21 Bradley Sullivan’s The Naughty Christmas Elves “Apocalypse on the Christmas Tree”

12.16 Bradly Allingham “Ugly Christmas Sweater

7\17 Brady Rymer and The Little Band That Could “Revvin’ Up the Reindeer” 

8;15 Branches Band “The Star Proclaims the King Is Here”

1:7 The Branches Youth Choir “The Coughing, Sneezing Blues

11*15, 2.28 Branded Duo “White Christmasses in Houston

12*1 Brandeis University’s Jewish Fella A Acappella “Hannukah in Santa Monica”

7.15 Brandi Bigley “Swiss Colony Beef Log

12;6 Brandi Carlile “The Heartache Can Wait”

12,19 Brandi Ediss “This Christmas Day” 

11,11 Brandon Cueto “Slay” 

12*12 Brandon Harris Walker’s “Chinese Food on Christmas

6;26 Brandon Harrod “Christmas Is Cancelled”

9,26 Brandon Rogers “12 Days of Christmas”

1”4 Brandon Williams, Scott Ahearn “More Than Cheese“

11*4 Brandston “Christmas in Ohio

8-1 Brandy Wakelam “The 12 Tokes of Christmas

4-16 Brass Farthing  “Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake”

8’31 Brass Tax “Zombie Christmas”

11’3 Brathair “The Worst Time of the Year” 

12,16, 5’29 Brato Useba “The Proper Christmas Spirit

11*23 The Braun Family “Christmas In These Idaho Hills”

7/7, 1’13 Brave Combo “Christmas in July” 

4\7 Brave Combo “Hey, Little Dreidel” 

11/9 Brave Combo “Santa’s Polka”

5.12 The Braxtons “Under My Christmas Tree

5.23 Bree Lucas “You Couldn’t Compare, Christmas Tree

5-15 The Breakfast Kids “All I Want for Christmas (Pizza)”

8-11 Breathe Carolina “Mile High Christmas”

2.24 Breathe Carolina “Snowed In

5-3 Bredon M. Dennis “Merry Breakfast

8-19 Bree Essrig & Brett Erlich “Do You Want to Do Some Blow, Man?”

4,20 The BreezeWay “Christmas in the 330

4.29 The Breezeway “The Ol’ Ornament 2014

6.22 Brenda Dirk “Too Broke for Christmas”

3\13 Brenda Lee “Christmas will be Just Another Lonely Day

5’21 Brenda Lee “Christy Christmas

12’18 Brenda Lee “I’m Gonna Lasso Santa Claus”

2.15 Brenda Lee “Strawberry Snow

2\21 Brenda Russel and Howard Hewett “Christmas Will Return” 

4\21 Brendan Ashton “Oh My God It’s Christmas Again” 

12,8 Brendan Dalton & The 1740 Boys Choir “Arwen (Are You Leaving Me on Christmas?)” 

12,18 Brendon Dalton & The 1740 Boys Choir “Christmas for the Ents” 

8’7 Brendan Dalton & The 1740 Boys Choir “Christmas in the Shire”

10,21 Brendan Dalton & The 1740 Boys Choir “Eye See You (It’s Christmas)

8’24 Brendan Dalton & The 1740 Boys Choir “A Friend for Christmas (Prelude to the Death of an Orc)”

12,15 Brendan Dalton & The 1740 Boys Choir “A Merryless Christmas” 

12,13 Brendan Dalton & The 1740 Boys Choir “Third Age Xmas (War Ain’t Over)

11:10 Brendan Hanlon & The Batmen “Christmas Party”

10,9 Brenn Hill “Hard Cancer Christmas” 

3;8 Brenn Hill “North Pole Rodeo

2-22 Brenna Miles “Mistletoe

6’2, 12’25 Brennen Leigh ` “Merry Christmas Ashhole

4.7 Brent & Woofy “Christmas Trees at Gogo’s Farm

3\29 Brent Burns “Another White Christmas

8’12 Brent Burns “Christmas Gnome” 

7-11, 11:27 Brent Burns “I Got Drunk at the Office Christmas Party” 

6’13 Brent Burns “Santa Boat

4.15 Brent Hardesty “Her Christmas Tree

5.18 Brent Hardesty “A Monorah and a Christmas Tree

4-24 Brent Holmes “The Christmoose Cookie Song

9,13 Brent Kentrow “It’s Christmas in Colorado

8,29 Brent Rivera “Skipping Christmas” 

12:1 Brentwood Kids Company “Love Letters of Christmas” 

11/9 The Bresenski Twins “Merry Christmas Polka

12/25 Bret McKenzie “Electronic Santa”

5’10 Brett Dennen “Christmas Train

3’19 Brett Eldredge “Mr. Christmas

12,11 Brett Emerson Wagner “I Want My Christmas Back

8:16 Brett Houston “A Festivus Holiday Jam

10:19 Brett Johnson “Politically Correct Christmas Song”

10\11 Brett Laffin “Christmas in Lockdown [2020]” 

11*27 Brett Newski “Black Friday Totally Suck

4\8 Brett Vargo “Hey Christmas!

3;2 Bri Bagwell & Kip Calahan Young “Cowboy Christmas Eve

5,31, 11’20 Bri Kaye “Here to Stay” 

4-13 Brian “Mince Pies, Gas Mark III

8-12 Brian Ashley Jones “Let’s Get Blazed for the Holidaze”

12*1 Brian Battles “Christmas in California

7\20 Brian the Bold “I Wanna be a Reindeer” 

10/21 Brian Burton Band “Santa is My Brother”

3/23 Brian Conway and Kennedy Malone “Crappy Little Christmas

11*6 Brian d’Arcy James “Christmas in Michigan

2’2 Brian DeWan “Flexible Flyer

7-22 Brian Eckleberry, Matt Tompkins (Omaha Live!)  “Drunk Santa

2:19 Brian Fisher & Andy Beck (JW Pepper) “Away from the Mistletoe” 

1.20 Brian Fitzy “Left Out at Christmas”

1.17 Brian Fitzy “Moves Like Santa”

9,2 Brian Frank “Christmas Wish” 

12:3 Brian Gari “Christmas on the Telephone” 

12:11 Brian Gari “I Want a Computer for Christmas” 

12.24 Brian Greene “How Santa Lost His Pants

1.18 Brian Havig “Jingle Bell Rock Anthem”

2\7 Brian Hyland “It’s Christmas Time Once Again

12*1 Brian Irwin “Christmas in LA.

4.28; 9;14 Brian Kinder “Blinking Lights

4”26 Brian Downton “Santa Claus!” 

5:19 Brian Kinder “Christmas Cookies” 

5:15, 3;24 Brian Kinder “Dear Santa

5:16 Brian Kinder “Fruitcake” 

6-2 Brian Kinder “Hot Chocolate

5:26 Brian Kinder “In the Back on the Bottom” 

5:8 Brian Kinder “Kitty Kitty Christmas” 

5:8 Brian Kinder “Mooey Christmas” 

5\26 Brian Kinder “Nine Counting Rudolph

8,10 Brian Lim “Miracle on 34th Street

11,22 Brian Lubucki “It’s Christmas” 

8:16 Brian McCarthy “It’s Festivus”

10,31Brian McKnight “Christmas You and Me” 

7.12 Brian O’Sullivan “Santa Song

2.27 Brian Protheroe “No Snow Blues

11/12 The Brian Setzer Orchestra “Boogie Woogie Santa Claus

4\6 Brian Setzer “Hey Santa”

8/1 The Brian Setzer Orchestra “Santa’s Got a Hot Rod”

5:22 The Brian Setzer Orchestra “Yabba-Dabba Yuletide” 

7:10 Brian Tiernan “A Christmas Toast

5.13 Brian Velez “My Christmas Tree

6-24 Brian (WGAR) “Christmas Ale Song

10*21 Briana Atwell “Carolina Christmas

5.19 Briana Kay “Christmas Tree

4\23 Brianna Dembrow “Christmas Oh

1’15 Brice Salek “Santa on Vacation” 

12,5 Bridget O’Shannessy “Christmas Night” 

10.28 Bridgit Mendler & Shane Harper/Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas “Sing My Song for You” 

10’4 Bright Kelly “Another Rotten Christmas”

9:2 Brindley Benjamin “Santa Looking for a Wife”

11’9 Brinkwater & Hammeta “Christmastime’s the Worst“

3.17 Briss Mula “Abominable Snowman

6.26 The Bristol Brothers “Paper and Bow”

3\19 British India “Another Christmas in the Trenches

9-15 Brittani Taylor “JUSTIN BIEBER CHRISTMAS!”

3’27 Brittany Ann Tranbaugh “The Christmas Flannel” 

10,22 Brittany Bloom “A L-O-V-E Christmas” 

10’2 Brittlestar (feat. Emma Rudy) “Put On Another Christmas Song”

2’3 Brixton Riot “Flexible Flyer” 

10/13 The Broadlawn Posse “Pimp Daddy Santa

12,22 The Broadway Kids “Christmas is a Homemade Holiday” 

7.20 Brock Hires “A Present for Hobo Bill

8’13 Brokeback Jockstrap “The Christmas Goblin”

9,29 Broken Fires “Winter Warmer” 

9’28 brokeninc “Christmas in Hell”

1/7 The Brony with the Bow Tie “The Twelve Incarnations of the Doctor

1;21 The Bronze Cooter “Christmas Rape

4”15 Brook Benton “Soul Santa” 

5/29 Brook Benton “This Time of the Year

12*1 Brooke Fox “California Christmas

12*1 Brooke White “California Christmas

11.13 Brooke White “Christmas Card” 

8;19 The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir “They Followed His Star”

2-18 Brooks and Dunn “Hangin’ ’round the Mistletoe

11/19 Brooks & Dunn “Rockin’ Little Christmas

1’27 Brooks Maguire “Surfin’ with Santa” 

10,24 Bros “I’m Coming Home for Christmas” 

12,13 Bros “These Things Comfort Me

3”14 Brother Strange “Sweet Beard Jesus” 

9:7 Brotherly Love “Mrs. Claus

7\19The Brothers Cazimero “8 Tiny Reindeer” 

9\7 The Brothers Footmen “Million Reasons” 

6;24 Brown and Garret “Ain’t No Christmas Baby”

12’13 The Brown Christmas “A Gun for Christmas”

5.12 Bruce Bell-Myers “Gifts (Underneath the Christmas Tree)

12,9 Bruce Cockburn “Early on One Christmas Morn” 

10,27 Bruce Hornsby “Lost in the Snow

7:11 Bruce Reimer “Family Christmas

11*16 Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis “Oklahoma Christmas”

11,1 Brutalligators “Christmas in July” 

6-15 Bryan Bowers “Hot Buttered Rum”

12\7 Bryan Dallas “All I Want for Christmas is a Cadillac” 

5:11 Bryan Kennedy “Santa Drove a Dually” 

3.21 Bryan McCabe “Don’t Knock Over My Snowman” 

12;3 Bryan White “I Can’t Wait ‘Til Christmas”

3.30 Bryant Oden “Don’t Make a Snowman with Yellow Snow” 

12:12 Bryant Oden “Santa’s Solar Sleigh

2.2 Bryant Oden “Snowflake Kisses

3/9 Bryant Oden “Don’t Make a Snowman With Yellow Snow”

3;21 The Brymers “Cowboy Christmas Day

9:27 The Brymers “Dear Mrs. Santa Claus” 

3;28 Bryndle “Corn, Water, and Wood”

12,12 Brynn Stanley “Selfie With Santa” 

5.16 Brysi the Machinima Guy “Master Chief Under My Christmas Tree

10\14 BSam “Don’t Worry, Be Jolly” 

10,24 BSam It’s Christmas No. 9

11,23 BShep “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Hanukkah” 

6;18 B-SHOC “There’d Be No Christmas”

11,30 Bswift “Stealing Christmas” 

10*24 Bubba and Cooter “Florida Christmas

9/24 Bubba (Claus) Watson “Elves Have Jolly Faces”

6-24, 3.25 Bubba Claus “Frosty the Beer Mug

6.15 Bubba Claus “Maxin’ out Our Credit Cards Again”

10’30 Bubba Mooch 57 “Damn, It Feels Good to be Santa”

5/17 Bubber Johnson “It’s Christmas Time

1:8 Bubble Gum Becky (Mighty Magic Pants) “Flu on Christmas

4-18 Bubble Gum Becky (Mighty Magic Pants) “Someone Ate My Fruitcake!

11,6 Bubble Made Imagination “Meat Pie Holiday Weekend

3:30 Bubbles & The Shitrockers “Dear Santa Claus (Go Fuck Yourself)

10,16 Bubblez “Bring Out the Wine” 

10\10 Buck Æ Down “2020 Christmas

4:6 Buck Hujabre “Sad Penis Christmas”

12/16 Buck Owens “All I Want for Christmas Dear is You”

7/24 Buck Owens “Blue Christmas Lights

6.10 Buck Owens (and his Buckaroos) “Christmas Shopping”

4”1 Buck Owens “Here Comes Santa Claus Again

11,7 Buck Owens “One of Everything You Got” 

4”7 Buck Owens and his Buckaroos “Tomorrow is Christmas Morning” 

12*19 Bucko and Champ “Aussie Jingle Bells”

4-28 Buckwheat Boyz “Milk and Cookies

3”22 Bucky Habanero “Santa Shaved

4”2 Bud Davidge “The Spirit of St. Nicholas” 

6:11 Bud Davidge “Christmas Without Mama

4”15 Bud Logan “Sock It to Me Santa” 

8\31 Bud Martin “Santa, Does Your Reindeer Fly to Heaven?

4.5 Bud’s Collective “Daddy’s Christmas Tree

9,28 Budak Pantai “Hey Baby It’s Christmas

11/2 Buddy Clark (with The Girl Friends) “The Merry Christmas Waltz

3.29 Buddy Hackett ’Jack Frost’ intro song 

8.1 The Buddy System “Xmas on TV”

4’29 Buddy Wassisname and the Other Fellers  “The 12 Elan” 

3/10 Buddy Wassisname and the Other Fellers”Peeing in the Snow”

3.21 Buford Pope “Snowman” 

10\18 Bugle and Street “Jolly Christmas” 

10;21 The Buglies “Santa’s Lap Dance”

8,27 The Buh House Band “Why Did You Break My Heart on Christmas Day?” 

10,17 Bukas Sīgurø “Wonderful Night” 

11.14 The Bukros Singers “Christmas Cards” 

9,15 Bukshot “Broke Christmas” 

5\27 Bullshark Comedy “Rudolph Shooting” 

10’11 Bummertrash “Joy to (The End of) the World”

2.19 Bunch of Believers “Snowball Fight

10;29, 4”15 Bunch of Believers “So Many Santas” 

9,26 Bung & The Lion Guard “The 12 Ways of Christmas” The Lion King

8’25 The Bunkhouse Boys “Robot Santa Claus” 

2:12 Bunny Lido “Anti-Christmas Assault” 

9,20 Burkini Beach “#Xmas2017

11,29 Burmese Bombshells “A Civilian Christmas

2;27 Burl Ives “Christmas is a Birthday

6/17 Burl Ives “Santa Mouse”

2.23 Burl Ives “Snow for Johnny”

6;5 burrell “No Christmas in The Hood”

7;5 The Burt Bacharach Singers “The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle”

12*18 Burt Meyer “earth parody of GKW’

10’7 Busdriver “Ding-a-Ling-a-Ring-a-Ling”

11/20 The Business “Step into Christmas

8,25 Buskin & LilJB “Once a Year

2.11 Buster Inc “Snow is Falling, Amen!

11,1 But Find Me “In Time for Christmas” 

12:19 Butch Ingram           “Amazon Stole Christmas (And Chased Santa Away)” 

7/6 Butch Walker “Christmas in April”

11’11 Butt (Amy Froggpockets and Mario Seaweed) “Cruisin’ for a Christmastime Bruisin’”

5.31 Butterbeans & Susie           “Papa Ain’t No Santa Claus, and Mama Ain’t No Christmas Tree

2.6 The Butterflies of Love “Let It Snow”

6’4 Buttonfly “Christmas Oranges & Sunk Submarines

11-20 Buzhard Dakota “Knockin’ on Santa’s Door”

11,3 BVJ The Project “For Christmas

9,8 B. Wells (feat. DaVan Official) “A Ghetto Christmas

11;12 By the Nigh “It’s Nearly Christmas”

2:2 By Surprise “Worst Christmas Ever” 

1.29 The Byl Family “‘Uptown Funk’ Holiday Parody

3;28 Byron and Slim Whitman “Riding the Range for Jesus

2-8 Byron Gore (w/Kristen Castro) “Crying Under the Mistletoe”

4.23 Byron Hill “The Cross is My Christmas Tree

4-12 Byron Kuiter and Alexander Cartwright “Mince Pie Song

7;16 Byron Lee & The Dragonaires & Friends  “Christmas Bells”

5’6 Byron ‘Mr Talkbox’ Chambers “Christmas Time” 

12:19 Byron Trimble “Amazon Santa” 

7,4 Byronnnn “Coolness Christmas


5;16 Cabana Man “Come on Out da Chimney

9:11 Cabana Man “Mrs. Claus

11/6 Cabaret Diosa “Merry Mambo Christmas

1’4 Cade Bittner “Velvet Santa

12,20 Cade Hoppe “Home for the Holidays

5/21 The Cadillacs “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

9,10 Cady Groves “Crying Game” 

12’8 Caetano Veloso “In The Hot Sun Of A Christmas Day”

12,29 Cage-A “Come On Christmas

11,27 Cainn9ne (feat. Trey K) “It’s That Time” 

10,25 Caitlin Cook “Let’s Celebrate Christmas” 

11;17 CAKE “Here Comes Christmas”

10’20 cake face “Christmapocalypse”

12’21 The Cakewalk “Christmastide”

7-14 Caldwell/Denig/Brinsfield “No One Likes a Drunk on Christmas Day”

10/8 Caleb Hawley “Santa’s Just a Hippie with a Beard

7/10 Calico Crew “In Summertime It’s Christmas (In Brazil)”

1\22 Call of the Sirens “The Day After Christmas” 

8-22 Callison Slater “What’s Meth?”

3”18 Callum 36 “Merry Christmas If You Please

5;17 Callux “Naughty List” 

10.26 Calum MacColland “Sing Hallelujah” 

9,26 Calvin Bremer “The 12 Gays of Christmas” homosexuality

4.20 Calvin Bremer “The Christmas Tree

4\22 Calypso Rose “Oh Christmas

7:13 Cam Clarke “Family

5/24 The Cameos “Merry Christmas

12,30 Camera Obscura “Footloose and Fancy Free” 

1/1 Camera Obscura “New Years Resolutions”

3.23 Cameron Blake “Fireman Snowman

3-28 Cameron Hickman and Gracie Galan  “Jesus Christ Baby”

12.16 Cameron J. Orr “My Ugly Christmas Sweater” 

12,4 CamilosGarden “All I Want for Christmas is Drill” 

12,16 Cammi Rockey “Rudolph’s True Glow“ 

8;1 Can “Little Star of Bethlehem”

9;6 Candace & Michael “Christmas Lights”

12;16 Candy Apple Blue (ft. Nick Bramlett) “I Can’t Wait for Christmas”

5\22 Candy Cane Lane “Eight Reindeer” 

8’31 Candy Head and Tim Lane “Zombie Apocalypse Christmas” 

5:19 Candyband “I Want a Big Fat Cookie for Christmas

8’9 Canned Hamm and Friends “Father Son and Holy Ghost”

11:26 Canned Hamm & Friends (Neil Hamburger) “Office Christmas Party” 

6-13 Canned Hamm “Rum and Eggnog

10;29 Canned Hamm and Friends “Santa Claus Parade”

4”14 Canned Hamm and Friends “Secret Santa

1\9 Canned Hamm and Friends “You Clean Up This Mess!

9’4 Canned Panda (Pastor Ned) “Devil Went to the North Pole” 

6-1 Canote and DeVore “The Hot Cocoa Song

10*17, 12\27 Capital Lights “His Favorite Christmas Story” 

12*4 The Capitol Steps “A Sarah Palin Christmas

8’31 Captain Ambivalent “Merry Christmas, Zombies!” 

12*1 Captain and Tennille “Christmas in California

10/31 Captain Beefheart “There’s No Santa on the Evening Stage

7’26 12’25 Captain Bog and Salty “Merry Christmas, Santa is Walking the Plank”

1;20 Captain Bob Frapples “Merry Christmas Murder

9’29 Captain Chemical  “Christmas in Hell”

7’3 Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew “A Pirate Christmas”

7,27 Captain E, Zion, & Dewe “This Christmas

7’9 Captain Fear Facer “Pirates Don’t Celebrate Christmas”

3.3 Captain Kangaroo “The Littlest Snowman

12:2 Captain Sensible “One Christmas Catalogue”

4\9 Captain Tudmoke “Hey Everybody, It’s Christmas Time” 

5.22 Cara Dillon “Standing by the Christmas Tree

12/26 Caravan of Thieves “I Don’t Want Anything for Christmas

3”11 Carbon Leaf “Carter’s Christmas Beard

6’29 Carbon Leaf “Christmas at Sea” 

12,7 Carbon Leaf “Christmas Child

6-30, 11\26 Carbon Leaf “Red Punch / Green Punch

10*24 The Carborateurs “Florida Christmas

1\11 Cardboard Box Thieves “After Christmas” 

5.30 Cardinal “If You Still Believe in Christmas Trees

10;3 The Cardoors “I’m Gonna Sit on Santa’s Lap”

8.20 Care Bears “Care Bears Christmas Theme” 

8.20 Care Bears “Christmas in Care-a-Lot

8.20 Care Bears “Happy Christmas Time”

8.20 Care Bears “Have a Merry, Merry Christmas” 

8.20 Care Bears “Here Comes Christmas”

8.20 Care Bears “Holiday Hugs” 

5’2 Carey Bell “Christmas Train

9/1 The Carillon Elementary kids “I Want to be an Elf

2’28 Carl Dixon “Snowflakes are Dancing

11,18 Carl Does Music “Christmas Now” 

11;26, 3’5 Carla Hartsfield “Almost Christmas

4\14 Carla Jimenez “Hooray for Santa Claus”

4\20 Carla Thomas “Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas” 

10,16 Carlos Fandango Music “Feel the Magic

4”28 Carlos Fandango “Mr. Santa Claus, Baby (You’re a Real Cool Guy)

1;11 Carlton Lawrence “Who Mugged Santa?

5:16 Carly Clo “Christmas Time in America“)

5;22, 4\24 Carly Jamison “Oh No Santa Claus

8,23 Carly Paige “december twenty-sixth” 

11;11 Carly Simon “Christmas is Almost Here”

6-5 Carmela Estella Ross “Apple Cider and Fruit Cake”

12.26 Carmen “Give Me Pajamas for Christmas

1:10 Carneta Geiss and Anita Sablik “Christmas Fever

9;1 Carnival Art “Bring a Torch Jeanette”

12/16 Caro Emerald and Brook Benton  “You’re All I Want for Christmas”

11;11 Carol Banawa “Soon It’s Christmas”

11.24 Carol Denney “My Christmas Cards Came Back to Me” 

4.26 Kenny and Dave (The Carol Kings) “Decoratin’ Our Tree”

6-15 Carol Weaver “Hot Buttered Rum

4-27 The Caroleer Singers and Orchestra  “Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts”

6/21 The Caroleer Singers and Orchestra  “A Squirrel’s Christmas Wish

12*24, 9,7 The Caroleers “The Day Before the Night Before Christmas

4.22 The Caroleers “Gather Around the Christmas Tree”

10\3 The Caroleers “Ten Thousand Santa Clauses (But Not One Gift for Me)

9\14 Caroline Chan “Millions of Trees

12,27 Caroline Manning X Hannah Meloche “That One Christmas Song” 

6-8 Caroline Schiff “We’re Out of Eggnog

1”22 Carolyn Johnson, Ivy Castle, Chelsea Ryan Mc Curdy, Susan Koozin “Christmas Leather Love“

9.9, 3;13 Carolyn Lawrence (‘Sandy’) “Ho Ho Hoedown” 

8,20 Carolyn Mark “The Christmas Song” 

10.27 Carolyn Mark “Song for the Girl with Two of Everything” 

1:31 Carolyn of the Choir “Pink Christmas

7\24 The Carolyn Sills Combo “Ghost Reindeer in the Sky” 

7;29 Carpenters “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day”

8’22 Carreg Lafar “Mari Lwyd”

10;30 Carrie Dahlby & The Sherlocks “Mall Santa

1/11 Carrie Fisher “Life Day

5-27 Carrie Newcomer “A Long Christmas Dinner

10:3 Carrie Rinderer & the American Christian Life United (ACLU) choir “Say Merry Christmas

12:21 Carrie Stoller “Do You See What I See (On Craigslist)?”

7,20 Carrie Underwood “Jesus Take the Wheel” 

9,26 Carroll Roberson “12 days of CHRISTmas” JC 

9\23 Carson Station “Drinking on Christmas” 

5.29 Carter Conlin “Who Put Their Finger Through the Ornament?

4-2 Carter Sampson “Hard Candy Christmas”

3:15 Carter Skull “Fuck It, It’s Christmas”

11;13 Carton Carlton “Its Always Almost Christmas”

4.15 Cary Brothers “Christmas Tree

10*26 Cas van de Pol “Who’s This?

10;25 Casdaluchi Ent & Luchi Toons “Sit On My Lap Like Santa Claus”

10/26, 8:29 Casey McKinnon “Santa is an Atheist” 

2:3 Casey Shea “Worst Christmas Ever” 

12/16 Casey Shea “You’re All I Want for Christmas

10,3 Cashleaders “Christmas Blues

9,8 Casiotone for the Painfully Alone “Cold White Christmas

3.3 Caspar Babypants “I Wanna Be a Snowman” 

5.14 Casper and the Cookies “Kiss Me Under the Christmas Tree

10’6 Cass Dillon “Christmas in Fallujah”

4’8 Cassels “Charlie Goes Skiing

11;29 Cassidy Brennan “Almost Christmas”

1.23 Cassidy Quinn “Santa”

1.23 Cassie Becker “‘Royals’ Christmas Parody

12,30 Cassie McMullin “Traditions Vary” 

1”11 cast of 2015’s A Christmas Carol: The New Musical “Forever”

1”11 cast of 2015’s A Christmas Carol: The New Musical “Look at These Chains”

1”11 cast of 2015’s A Christmas Carol: The New Musical “Mister Scrooge” 

1”11 cast of 2015’s A Christmas Carol: The New Musical “We Build Ourselves Up”

1”20 Cast of AD/BC, A Rock Opera “Makin’ Love Right Now”

2’7 The cast of Bob’s BurgersSnowballs and Sledding

9’29 cast of ‘Christmas in Hell’ “Every Day is Christmas in Hell”

1”28 Original cast of A Christmas Memory “Christmas Is…” 

1”28 Original cast of A Christmas Memory “Christmas Through the Years”

1”28 Original cast of A Christmas Memory “Finale”

1”28 Original cast of A Christmas Memory “Just Once” 

1”28 Original cast of A Christmas Memory “So Many Times”

1”29 Cast of Christmas on the Square “Christmas on the Square”

1”1 The Christmas Schooner New Studio Cast “The Christmas Schooner”

1”1 The Christmas Schooner New Studio Cast “Song of the Hungry Peasants“

1”1 The Christmas Schooner New Studio Cast “What is It about the Water?”

1”1 The Christmas Schooner New Studio Cast “Winterfest Polka“

1”7 The Original Broadway Company Of ‘Elf – The Musical’  “Finale“

1”5 Original Broadway Cast of Fahooley “Jump Li’l Chillun” 

1”22 Cast of The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical “12 Days of Amnesia“

1”22 Cast of The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical “Opening“

1”26 Cast of ‘Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins’ “O Hershel, Beware of Goblins” 

1”26 Cast of ‘Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins’ “There is Something Wrong Here” 

1”26 Cast of ‘Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins’ “We Hate Hanukkah”

1”14 Cast of It’s a Wonderful Life “Bless You, George Bailey”

1”14 Cast of It’s a Wonderful Life “If You Want the Moon“

1”14 Cast of It’s a Wonderful Life “Tell Me What You Want”

1”14 Cast of It’s a Wonderful Life “Would You Like to Dance With Me?“

1”14 Cast of It’s A Wonderful Life – the musical  “Anyone Will Do”

1”14 Cast of It’s A Wonderful Life – the musical  “Do You Want the Moon?”

1”14 Cast of It’s A Wonderful Life – the musical  “Guardian Angel Second Class” 

1”14 Cast of It’s A Wonderful Life – the musical  “Is There Anybody Up There?”

1”14 Cast of It’s A Wonderful Life – the musical  “Pity” 

1”30 Cast of Jingle in the City “Catch Me If You Can“

1”30 Cast of Jingle in the City “Christmas Lights“

1”30 Cast of Jingle in the City “Everything“

1”30 Cast of Jingle in the City “Jingle in the City”

1”30 Cast of Jingle in the City “O to be Loved“

1”31 Cast of Chris, Mrs. “All I Want for Christmas”

1”31 Cast of Chris, Mrs. “Vicki’s Lament”

1”31 Cast of Chris, Mrs. “The Great Snowy Ow”

1”31 Cast of Chris, Mrs. “Skating By“

1”21 Oxford High School cast of Jingle Jury “Christmas Spirit” 

1”21 Oxford High School cast of Jingle Jury “Home“

1”2 Original Cast of Nativity! “Dear Father Christmas”

1”2 Original Cast of Nativity! “Herod! The Rock Opera” 

1”2 Original Cast of Nativity! “My Very First Day at School” 

1”2 Original Cast of Nativity! “Our School Nativity”

1”2 Original Cast of Nativity! “Review”

11;21, 12,28 cast of Nativity 2, Danger in the Manger cast “Counting Down to Christmas” 

5:17 cast of Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey? cast “The Mistletoe Song” 

6’12 cast of ‘Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey’ cast “Santa Cruise

1”24 Original Cast of Naughty… but Nice! “Baileys for Breakfast”

6\7 The Original Cast of ‘Naughty, but Nice’ “Brendan the Brown-Nosed Reindeer

1”24 Original Cast of Naughty… but Nice! “Come to the Table”

12,31 the cast of ‘Naughty… But Nice’ “I Hate Christmas” 

1”24 Original Cast of Naughty… but Nice! “Lait de Poule” 

1”24 Original Cast of Naughty… but Nice! “Little Glass of Wine”

1”24 Original Cast of Naughty… but Nice! “Santa’s My Daddy” 

1”24 Original Cast of Naughty… but Nice! “Why Do I Live Where the Air Hurts My Face?”

9’19 cast of Hey Nunnie Nunnie! “What Would Satan Want for Christmas?”

10’7 Cast of ‘Possessive! The Musical’ “Friday the 13th (Intro Intro Intro)”

1”13 cast of Searching for the Spirit of Christmas “Christmas Spirit, I’ll Find You”

1”13 cast of Searching for the Spirit of Christmas “Keep a Little Christmas Spirit”

1”13 cast of Searching for the Spirit of Christmas “Once a Little Snowflake“

1”13 cast of Searching for the Spirit of Christmas “Perspective“

1”13 cast of Searching for the Spirit of Christmas “The Pronoun Song”

1”13 cast of Searching for the Spirit of Christmas “The Witch’s Spell“

1”13 cast of Searching for the Spirit of Christmas “You Won’t find Me“

4”26 cast of ‘Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark’ “St. Nicholas Sky” 

1”9 cast of VHS Christmas Carol “Christmas Electricity” 

1”9 cast of VHS Christmas Carol “The Final Ghost”

8’9, 1”9 cast of VHS Christmas Carol “I’m the Ghost” 

1”19 Cast of Welcome to Virginia “Ain’t No Problem Christmas Can’t Cure“

1”19 Cast of Welcome to Virginia “I Can’t Catch a Break”

1”19 Cast of Welcome to Virginia “Money-Making Machine” 

1”19 Cast of Welcome to Virginia “My Precious Earl” 

1”19 Cast of Welcome to Virginia “Redneck Christmas”

1”19 Cast of Welcome to Virginia “Turkey and Stuffing Blues” 

1”19 Cast of Welcome to Virginia “You’re Doing Christmas Wrong” 

7;29 Casting Crowns “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day”

5:13, 4”20  The Castle Arms “Rock ‘N Roll Santa

6-8 The Casual (featuring Ricky Armellino) “Eggnog

5’29 Casual Friday “Now It’s Christmas” 

8’3 Cat Named Norris “Christmas with Bigfoot”

11’14 Cat Named Norris “Cultural Appropriation Christmas”

5:24 Catchlove “It’s Snowing

11\16 Cate Le Bron “Fireman

1/9 The Caterpillar (and ukulele) “Doctor Who Christmas Filk Songs

3.23 Catherine Irwin “Dirty Little Snowman

7;5 Catherine McKinnon “The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle”

5.11 Cathie Fredrickson “Next to Our Christmas Tree

2:7 Catholic School Girls “I Hate Christmas

7;31 Cathy Barton · Dave Para · Paton Family “Ring in the New Year (New Year Round)”

9.3 Cathy Cavadini, Elizabeth Daily, Tara Strong, Tom Kenny ”We Three Girls”

3;29 Cathy Jones “If There had been Cowboys” 

2\25 Cathy Jones “Once Again It’s Christmas

8;9 Cathy L. Jones (feat John Houston) “See the Star!”

11/17 Cathy Sharpe “North Pole Rock ‘N’ Roll

5:8 Cats Across America “It’s Hard to be a Cat at Christmas

3.24 Cattle Drums “Snowman Won’t Melt

8:21 Cauda Pavonis “Saturnalia

8-19 CC Streetz “Frosty the Cokehead

11/20 CDM Chartbreakers “Rockin’ Little Christmas”

10,31 Cece Williams “It’s Christmas

2:23 CeDigest “Antichristmas

12*24 Celine Dion “Christmas Eve

9,28 Céline Dion “The Magic of Christmas Day (God Bless Us Everyone)” 

2.27 Celine Rae & The 20-73 “Christmas Without Snow

9,15 Cellophane Linings “Good Grief

9’3 Cellus Hamilton (ft. Isaiah Jenkins) “Up All Night”

4\2 Cesar Anthony Davis “Hello Christmas” 

12*25, 4.8 Celtic Elvis “Kill a Tree for Christ” 

5/6 Centaur Productions “The Three Little Dwarves”

12.20 Centennial Elementary “The Jolly Man in a Big Red Suit” 

8,4 Central Cee “Xmas Eve” 

8-30 Central Rain “Cold Turkey on Christmas Day

6-7 Chad Carman “Eggnog N’ Gifts

8-27 Chad Johnson “Christmas on LSD

9,26 Chad Mitchell Trio “German 12 Days of Christmas” Germany

4’7 Chad Mitchell Trio “Super Skier

7,9 The Chalkeaters “It’s a Gamer’s Christmas

1/3 “Chamorro Christmas Songs

12,10 Chance the Rapper and Jeremih “All The Way

11,22 Chance the Rapper and Jeremih “Chi-Town Christmas

2.24 Chance the Rapper and Jeremih “Snowed In

4’20 Chancellorpink “The Christmas Snow

2\15 The Chandler Travis Philharmonic “It’s Almost Christmas Again” 

4;30 Chandra Knudsen “Instead Of Coal”

1\15 Chantal Chamberland “Maybe Next Christmas

5’13 Chantal Kreviazuk (feat. Salvador Maida)  “The Christmas Train

6,26 Chanté Moore “Christmas Time in L.A.” 

11*4 Chantilly Lace “Christmas in Cleveland

7;13 Charity Shop Sue “Sleigh Bell Time (Again)”

3\26 charizma! “Another Very Sunny Christmas” 

1:10 Charlelie Couture “Christmas Fever

7-19 Charles Attard, Cheryl Camileri “Christmas Hangover

2\5 Charles Billingsley “It’s Christmas Time Again”

1-8 Pvt. Charles Bowens & The Gentlemen from Tigerland “Christmas in Vietnam

9.20 Charles Bradley, Scott Grimes ”The Steve and Krampus Duet”

11,9 Charles Brown “Christmas Comes But Once a Year

2/26 Charles Brown “The Someone that I Love”

8;15 Charles Coffin “What Star Is This”

8.11 Charles Durning “Every Day Can’t be Christmas

1.26 Charles Harke (That Guy Productions) “‘Blank Space’ Parody (Christmas Edition)”

4.17 Charles ‘Kingman’ Hardman “Chris the Dancing Christmas Tree

4-16 Charles Peake “Mrs. Hooligan’s Christmas Cake”

12;15 Charles Szabo “I CAN’T WAIT For CHRISTMAS”

8;20 Charles Szabo “Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow”

3;15 Charley Green “Rufus the Red-Nosed Cowboy” 

10/22 Charley Jenkins “If Santa Was a Cowboy

5.21 Charley Jordan and Verdi Lee “Christmas Tree Blues”

5:7 Charley Weaver “Christmas in Mt. Idy

1;27 Charlie & the Bhoys “A Prisoners Christmas

11*1 Charlie Daniels “Mississippi Christmas”

10*21 Charlie Daniels & Friends “A Carolina Christmas Carol

11\26 Charlie Hines “12 Days of My 1970’s Christmas

8:25, 9;5 Charlie Murphy and Jami Sieber “Light is Returning” 

1;29 Charlie Parr “Slim Tall’s Christmas on the Lam

8-21 Charlie Price “Frosty the Crackhead

1-25 Charlie Reynardine & Michael G. Ronstadt “A Corporate Christmas Carol

12*31 Charlie Robinson “New Year’s Day

11;10 Charlie Russell “It’s Nearly Christmas”

3.15 Charlie Smedile “Abominable Snowman Song”

11/22 Charlie Starr “Christmas Twist

5,15 Charlie Stout “The Last Rattlesnake in All of West Texas

4-10 Charlie Trotter “The Chocolate Christmas Song

3”5 Charlie William Boyd “Long White Beard, Red Suit (Santa’s Lament)” 

12;11 Charlie’s Hand Movements “It’s Christmas Time (And I Don’t Want to Wait)

6,2 Charlotte Buckley “Manhattan (A Glimpse Into the Future)

8’10 Charlotte Moroz & Guy Capecelatro III “Christmas Ghost” 

6.7 Charlotta Clutter and Her Short-Notice Showmen “Christmas Shopping at the Dump

6.30 Charm B. “Christmas Box”

12,1, 3’2 Cha$e D’Amico “Ice Skating

6,11Cha$e D’Amico “Merry Christmas to You All” 

4”3 Cha$e D’Amico “Santa Clause, the Man” 

5.29 Chaston and Groditski “We Burned the Christmas Tree

10’20 Che Prasad “Christmastime in the Apocalypse”

3’11 Cheap Trick “I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day” 

12,16 Checklist “Next Year for Sure” 

1:20 Chedda Cheese “Diabetes for Christmas”

8/25 Cheech and Chong “Police Got My Car

12*22 Cheesehead Evan “What Crap is This?

2:13 Cheetah Chrome “Christmas Sucks

10;19 Cheetah Dave “Outlet Mall Santa

12*1 the Cheetah Girls “Christmas in California

11,20 The Cheetah Girls “Five More Days ’til Christmas” 

12,5 Chef and Kitz “The Little Elf

9-26 Chelsea P Manders “Will Wheaton’s Christmas Dance Mix

5.21 Chelsea Reed  “Last Year’s Christmas Tree

10*24 Chelsea Rene “Christmas in Florida

1”22 Chelsea Ryan Mc Curdy “My Christmas Tin Toy Boy“

3’14 Chelsey Coy “Send My Love” 

3.16 Chemicals “Abominable Snowman

12;24 Cherie Brennan “I Can’t Wait For My Baby To Come Home”

10/19 The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies “Butch the Gay Santa Claus”

5.27 Cherry, the Resurrection Rabbit “Bunnies Hoppin’ Around the Tree

4-24 Cherry, the Resurrection Rabbit  “Christmas Cookies”

3:26 Cherry2000 “Merry Fucking Christmas

6:21 Cherrywood “Broken Heart for Christmas”

8.27 Cheryl Chase & co. “Heck, Why is Santa Always Jolly?” 

8.27 Cheryl Chase & co. “Toys for the Girls” 

7:30 Cheryl Hillier “Christmas in Your Family’s Arms

12;4 Cheryl L Gleason “I Just Can’t Wait for Christmas”

1:5 Cheryl Ladd and Kaitlin Maher “Christmas Cold” 

12*5 The Chestnuts “Hawaiian Christmas Song

5’1 Chet Nichols “Christmas Train” 

12,5 CHG Music “Next Christmas Eve

7.2 The Chicks “Christmas Present”

3-29 Chicago  “Bethlehem

11/12 The Chicago Kingsnakes “Boogie Woogie Christmas

8-12 Chief Greenbud “Let’s Get Blazed for the Holidaze

12,5 The Chieftans (with The Renaissance Singers and Ronnie Lee) “Past Three A Clock” 

4-12 Children Love to Sing. “Five Mince Pies

2-13 Children Love to Sing “I’m Standing Under the Mistletoe”

8;1 The Children’s Chorus “Star of Bethlehem” 

2.25 Children’s Christmas Songs and Stories “The Snow is Here to Stay

6/23 Children’s Songs “Pookie Doodle Puppy’s Christmas Party

4.1 The Children’s Studio “The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree”

3.26 Chillaz “Clint Frostwood

8,30 Chilly Gonzalez “Christmas Business” 

8\1 The Chimney Tops  “Reindeer Flight Instructor

3:23 Chip Taylor “Merry F’n Christmas

11/2 The Chipmunks (others) “The Christmas Waltz”

3.22 Chloe “Snow-Woman

6-29 Chloe and Phil “Champagne for Christmas

12,15 Chloe Bee “Snow Day

11:19 Chloe Rabideau and David Vukovich “Christmas Party Song

12;1 The Chocolate Jazz Band “You Tell Me Why I Wait for Christmas”

2/8 Choir of King’s College at Cambridge. “Love Came Down at Christmas”

2.15 Chompa “Beneath the Snow

7.20 Chorale from de Caribbean “Christmas Present for Sallie

5/18 The Chordettes “Mister Santa

11,1 The Chosen Girls (feat. Madisynn) “Spending Christmas With My Baby” 

11,30 Chris and Bri “Santa Stole My Girlfriend” 

5;16 Chris Bennett “Santa Claus Forgot

10*29 Chris Blackwood “Link by Link

7/20 Chris Blackwood “Heart of Gold

10,2 Chris Brown “This X-mas” 

5-5 Chris Brunelle “Bread of Life

1.29 Chris Carmona “North Pole Funk!

5\22 Chris Commisso “The Christmas (All I Really, Really Want)

6-12 Chris Critelli “The Eggnog Song”

11.3 Chris Davidson “A Christmas Card Relationship”

2.13 Chris de Burgh “Snow is Falling”

1/22 Chris de Burgh “A Spaceman Came Traveling”

3.28 Chris Everett “Livin’ la Vida Snowman

7-23 Chris F. “Drunken Santa Claus Song (Santa Claus is Drinking at the Bar)

5:25 Chris Farren “Chris Farren’s Disney’s Frozen

7.15 Chris Farren “Christmas Guitar

7.7 Chris Farren “Like a Gift from God or Whatever”

2\26 Chris Farren (feat. Jeff Rosenstock & Koji) “Merry Christmas Again

11;3 Chris Garneau “It’s Almost Christmas”

5-6 The Chris Gethard Show “F*@k Christmas, I Wish It was Sandwich Night”

1/14 Chris Hardwick, James Cordon “Star Wars Song

2:26 Chris Hensen “Bah Humbug Blues

8.2, 9\21 Chris Isaak “Christmas on TV” 

7/15 Chris Isaak “Last Month of the Year”

4\8 Chris James “(Hey Everyone) It’s Christmas Time Again

7’18 Chris Jarvis “A Pirate’s Christmas” 

10,18 Chris Jones “No Sanctuary Here” 

12’17 Chris Leland “Santa Claus Bag”

4-9 Chris Maney “Candy Cane

9,26 Chris Mann “The 12 Days of Quarantine” COVID-19

7:28 Chris Mayor “Family” 

11,1 Chris McParland “Seven Days to Christmas” 

2.27 Chris Messtree (feat. Nico Laus) “No Snow for Christmas

9,26 Chris Murray “A Moose in a Maple Tree” Canada

10,10, 9’1 Chris Nicolosi “Snowman’s Day

10,11 Chris Pope with The Chords UK “Come on It’s Christmas Day” 

8/31 Chris Rea “Driving Home for Christmas

12,1 Chris Rea “Joys of Christmas” 

10.12 Chris Rudd (feat. Marcus Colbert) “Another Christmas Song” 

10:2 Chris Scott “Doesn’t Anybody Say Merry Christmas Anymore?”

2:15, 6:17 Chris Stalcup & the Grange “I Hate Christmas” 

9,26 Chris Stehm “12 Days of Fortnite

10’24 Chris Strei “Damn Pandemic Christmas”

5.12 Chris Thompson “Under Our Christmas Tree

12-21 Chris Townsend “Christmas Parody of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit‘”

12-17, 6.6 Chris Townsend “Keep on Shopping in a Free World

9.16 Chris Trousdale ”Wild Christmastime”

5’18 Chris Walker “Christmas Train” 

5’16 Chris Walker “Happy the Train” 

12;14 Chris Willis · RuPaul “I Just Can’t Wait (‘Til Christmas)”

10,22 ChrisWoo “This Christmas Feels Right” 

1/13 Chris Woods “Christmas/Star Wars mashup

5.15 Chris Zindie “All I Want Under the Christmas Tree

3\13 Chrissi Poland “Another Lonely Christmas in New York” 

8-19 Christ Sampson (w/Brittany Pottie) “White Christmas (Cocaine)

12,12 Christafari “Deck the Halls” 

5’5 Christian Rowe “One More Christmas

11/19 Christian Serpas & Ghost Town “Rockin’ ol’ Christmas

12.22 Christiane Bjørg “Who’s the Hunk in the Santa Suit?

6/1 Christie MacDonald and Reginald Weerenrath”The Cricket on the Hearth”

2-23 Christina Custode “The Mistletoe Song

12*3 Christina Eastman “Merry Christmas from Oregon”

7,11 Christina Rose “Summer Christmas” 

11.22 Christine Anu “Christmas Card

12-27 Christine Aziz “Christmas Spoof of ‘My Heart will Go on’”

9.3 Christine Cavanaugh “Dexter’s Christmas Rap”

8.27 Christine Cavanaugh & co. “Oops! Santa Got Stuck!

2\10 Christine Hand “Merry Christmas Again” 

9-5 Christine Hunter “Santa Bring Me Ringo

8:2  Christine Lavin & The Mistletones “A Christmas/kwanzaa/solstice/chanukah/ramadan/boxing Day Song

8:2 Christine Lavin & The Mistletones “The All Purpose Christmas Carol

1-29 Christine Noga “It’s Christmas in America”

3”18 Christmas “My Mustache Means Respect” 

4;20 Christmas “The Story of the Coal Workers Slavery”

6’10 Christmas! “Christmas Cruise

7,20 The Christmas All Stars (Salt-N-Pepa · Onyx · Snoop Dogg · P. Diddy · Keith Murray · Mase · Joseph Simmons)“Santa Baby” 

2/10 Christmas Blessing (featuring the Salvation Army Band) “Love Came Gently”

10,8 The Christmas Cards “Our First Christmas” 

7\7 The Christmas Cards “Thomas Got Mistaken for a Reindeer

11/8 A Christmas CarolMr. Fezziwig’s Annual Christmas Ball

5-16 The Christmas Chids “Casserole of the Bells”

4,9 Christmas Children’s Choir “365 Days a Year” 

6;10 Christmas Collective “If Christmas Got Cancelled”

2:22 Christmas Comedy “Poor Kids Hate Santa” 

12,9 Christmas Crackas (feat. The Maynooth LGBT Communist Choir) “The Third Noel

7:1 The Christmas Crickets “Christmas is For the Family”

5.19 Christmas for Apostle “More Than a Beauty” 

10\24 Ryan Burke of The Christmas Friends “The 2007 Christmas Friends Intro

7-29, 5\28 The Christmas Hillbillies “Rudolph Drank the Moonshine

8.3 The Christmas Jug Band “Santa as Seen on TV

7-25 The Christmas Jug Band “Daddy’s Drinking Up Our Christmas”

5\26 The Christmas Jug Band “Gee, Rudolph Ain’t I Good to You?”

7,28 The Christmas Jug Band “I’m Stuffing the Bird

10/29 The Christmas Jug Band “Plant a Santa”

5\30, 3”26 The Christmas Jug Band “Rudolph the Bald-Headed Reindeer

4”30 The Christmas Jug Band (feat. Paul Rogers) “S.A.N.T.A.

4”30 The Christmas Jug Band “Santa Clara, San Jose or Santa Claus?” 

10/17 The Christmas Jug Band “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’”

4”11 The Christmas Jug Band “Santa Don’t Go There” 

6.9 The Christmas Jug Band “X-Mas Shopping Blues”

4.5 The Christmas Kids “The Christmas Tree Search

3-25 The Christmas Kids “I Have a Present for Jesus”

4,14 The Christmas Kids Cottage “364 Days”

10.26 The Christmas Notes “I Wish Santa Could Play the Banjo” 

6;9 The Christmas Party Players “It’s Christmas or Us”

6/12 The Christmas Players   “The Turkey Song (I’ve Been Invited for Christmas)”

1;22 The Christmas Pranksters “Arrest That Ragin’ Gentleman

12.2 The Christmas Pranksters “Big Fake Diamond Necklace

10,13 The Christmas Pranksters “Children, Go There and Spend Thee

12:16 The Christmas Pranksters “Dot Com All Ye Faithful

9-3 The Christmas Pranksters “The First No-Elvis

7:12 The Christmas Pranksters “My In-Laws are Coming to Town” 

1;26 The Christmas Pranksters “Jingle Bells, Christmas Sales

5-29, 1\6 The Christmas Pranksters “‘Twas the Diet Before Christmas

9,26 The Christmas Pranksters “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

5.4 The Christmas Rockers “The Angel Underneath My Christmas Tree

7;19 Christmas Songs and Carols “Ring, Ring, Ring the Bells”

12*24 Christmas Steve “Christmas Eve Shoppers

9\28, 11;21 ‘A Christmas Story, The Musical’ cast “Counting Down to Christmas

11*5 A Christmas Story–The Musical “Somewhere Hovering Over Indiana

12/24, 10;11 A Christmas Story, the Musical “Up On Santa’s Lap” [version]

12/14 Christmas Treasures  “What Will You Give Me for Christmas?

6-25 Christmas With Beer “Christmas with Beer Theme Song”

12,20 The Christmas Workshop Band “Christmas Tree Carol” 

5’19 The Christmas Workshop Band “Old Christmas Toy” 

5’14, The Christmas Workshop Band (feat. Elfie)  “Rolling Christmas Train” 

6’19 The Christmas Workshop Band “Sunken Letter

5’21 The Christmas Workshop Band “Train Goes Around

6,27 The Christmas Workshop Band “White Christmas Dream

2:14 Christopher Coats “I Hate Christmas” 

5-6 Christopher Dennis “The Christmas Sandwich Song”

6,5 Christopher Kenny (feat. St. Ignatius International Youth Ministry, Crystal Eileen, Ivander Hartanto & Valerie Aurelia)“Warmest Holiday

9’25 Christopher Lee “Jingle Hell”

7’23 Christopher Lillicrap & Jeanette Ranger “Myrtle the Beautiful Mermaid” 

7’23 Christopher Lillicrap & Jeanette Ranger “Pudding Rock”

7’22 Christopher Lillicrap & Jeanette Ranger “Ship Shape” 

9.11 Christopher Miller “Snowflake Songs”

3”3 Christopher Smith “Santa’s Beard”

12-20 Christopher ‘The Notorious’ Barnes “Santa Got Back

11.26 Christopher Toland “Mama’s Christmas Card for You” 

7/19 Christopher Trotter “Chocolate for Christmas

6-14 Christy Davis “Granny’s ‘Special’ Eggnog

1\2 The Chromatics “The Day After Christmas

1/14 Chronoman “The Force

5/27 Chuck Berry “Merry Christmas Baby

11/17, 7;3 Chuck Blevins “Sleighbell Rock

12\2 Chuck Brodsky “The Great Santa Snowball Debacle of 1968

5;19 Chuck Brodsky “On Christmas I Got Nothing”

1\15 Chuck Foster “Next Christmas (I’m Gonna Do Things Right)

7’13 Chuck Phillips “Christmas in Carolina”

7\14 Chuck Picklesimer “Back Before Santa Had Reindeer

10*4, 11/10 Chuck Picklesimer “Christmas Polka Cha Cha”

4/25 Chuck Picklesimer “Dead Ninja Christmas”

12\25 Chuck Picklesimer Dead Ninja Christmas

4/20, 5-3, 7\29 Chuck Picklesimer “Reindeer for Breakfast on Christmas” 

10/10 Chuck Pickelsimer “Samurai Santa”

10*19 Chuck Picklesimer “West Virginia Credit Card

7/18 Chuck Varesco “Code Orange Christmas”

10\11 Chuckklez “Silent Night Unholy Night

8:28 Chumbawamba “Buy Nothing Day” 

9,19 Chumbawumba “Rubens has been Shot

9,27 Church Pants “Rains on Christmas” 

12’7 Churlington “Now I Have a Machine Gun… Ho Ho Ho”

11,13 Ciera MacKenzie Santa’s Got a Six Pack

5:6 Ciggy Pudding “Merry Fucking Christmas, I Wanna Die

9;20 Cimorelli “Christmas Lights”

11/8 Cinderella “Cinderella’s Christmas Ball

4.18 Cinderella “Cinderella’s Christmas Tree

2/25 Cinderella “I’m Giving Love for Christmas.”

12*24 Cinderella “It’s Christmas Eve

8.6 Cindy Bear “Mistletoe Song” 

1/14 Cindy P “Star Wars Christmas Song Reddit Secret Santa

3:7 Circus Pig “Who the Fuck is Emanuelle?”

7’20 Cities Never Sleep “Yo Ho Ho, Merry Christmas”

11.28 Citizens of Nowhere “No Christmas Card

1\9 Civilian Jam Patrol  “The Christmas Clean Up” 

3’19 CJ Soul (feat. Jasmyne the Flower) “Cali Vibes” 

6\17 C.J. “Superstar” Morgan and D.J. Hewlett “Leroy and Roosevelt Reindeer” f

3/23 cky “A Shitty Christmas

8’16 Claire Idstrom “A Very Gremlin Christmas” 

8;27 Claire Knox “My Christmas Star”

6’18 Claire Margaret Corlett “This Christmas Eve

1”10 Claire Moore and company “Mr. Fezziwig’s Annual Christmas Ball”

3.22 Clara Luzia “Snowwoman”

7/7 Clara Oleg “Christmas in July”

6-14 Clare Means “Santa Drank the Eggnog

2.16 Clare Means “Snow Angels

3;14, 1”7 Clarke Hallum “Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun

1”7 Clarke Hallum;Matthew Lewis;River Aguirre;Dexter Johnson “When You’re a Wimp”

2-6 Claudia Jung & Cliff Richard (Deutshc) “Mistletoe and Wine”

2.8 Claudine Longet “Snow

12/13 Clay Aiken  “My Grown Up Christmas List”

12*1 Claremont High School  “Hannukah in Santa Monica”

10/17 Clarence Carter “Back Door Santa

8’28 Clash of the Orchids “Werewolf at Christmas”

7-13 Clashing Plaid “All I Got for Christmas was Drunk

12.14 Classic Brown “Christmas Sweaters”

5;25 Classic Brown “Walmartiana”

8’26 Claudia Robin Gunn  “Jingle Jangle Magic” 

8’26 Claudia Robin Gunn  “The Xmas Unicorns” 

5.8 Clay Crosse “When I See a Christmas Tree

3;31 Clay Walker “Cowboy Christmas

10,25 Clean Plate Libretto “Best Time of the Year” 

11*28 The Clear Creek No Name Band (Meredith Grenfell-Bird) “Colorado Christmas”

6.1, 1\23 Cledus T. Judd “364 More Shopping Days ’til Christmas

7/20, 8’6 Cledus T. Judd “All I Want for Christmas is Two Gold Front Teef”

12-28 Cledus T Judd “Christ-mas (parody of ‘The Kiss’)”

7-20 Cledus T. Judd “Christmas is Rehab

11/7 Cledus T Judd “Cledus’ Christmas Ball

5\11 Cledus T Judd “Dang It, I’m Vixen

6-30 Cledus T. Judd “Hazel’s Homemade Hallelujah Punch

7\5 Cledus T. Judd “Stephon the Alternative Lifestyle Reindeer

5.29 Cledus T. Judd Tree’s on Fire

2.14 The Clef Hangers “Snowfall

1’2 The Click Five “My Girlfriend (Forgot Me This Christmas)

6/24 Cliff Berg “My Dog Just Shit Song (A Christmas Song)

6;18 Cliff Richard “Christmas Never Comes”

2-6 Cliff Richard “Mistletoe and Wine”

2-6 Cliff Richard (& Slipknot) “Mistletoe and Wine

7/13 Cliff Richard “November Night”

2.23 Cliff Richard “Snowfall on the Sahara”

7:29 Clifford Clarke “Family Christmas

4”3 Clint Black “Christmas for Every Boy and Girl” 

5’28 Clint Black “Slow as Christmas” 

4-23 Clint Black  “’Til Santa’s Gone (Milk & Cookies)”

12/16 Clint Erb  “All I Want for Christmas Dear is You”

4-16 Clinton Ford  “Mrs. Hooligan’s Christmas Cake

10*20 Clinton Gregory “Christmas in Virginia

6-18 Clive M “Vodka and Snowflakes”

4\11 Close Harmony Friends “Ay, Ay, Ay, It’s Christmas”

10\11 Colin Carbonera “Happy Birthday, Jesus

5:26, 9;28 Closed Heart Surgery “I Hope Christmas Lights Burn Your House Down

12’12 Cloudwatch “Abandonment Clause”

12*24 The Clovers “The Magic of Christmas Eve

4\16 Cloverton “Christmas Hallelujah!” 

7/14 Club 8 “Love in December”

7-23 Clyde Lasley and the Cadillac Baby Specials “Santa Came Home Drunk”

7\28 Clydesdale “Imo Shoot Me a Reindeer

12*1 C. Myles Young “Christmas in California

7\22 Coach Kody “Reindeer on the Roof” 

10;7 Cobra Cobra “Mall Santa

4’15 CoComelon “Ski Song

11’24 Cocoon “Christmas Song”

9;13 Cod Sent Flute “Christmas Lights

7,20 Codlist (feat. Still Stevens) “Crack Open an Ice Cold Christmas

9;23 Cody Joe Hodges “Tangled in the Christmas Lights”

4,12 Cody Johnson “Christmas All Year Long

10,27 Cody Johnson “Hat Made of Mistletoe” 

5:11 Cody Romshok “Santa Drove a Dually”

12;22 Cody Trout Band “Can’t Wait for Christmas

6’30 Coi Leray (ft. Dess Dior & Maliibu Miitch) “Merry Xmas” 

3’17 Colbie Caillat “Happy Christmas

2-23 Colbie Calliat “Mistletoe

12’5 Colburn “Red Ryder”

10,9 ColdmaN5 “Barry Manilow Got Stuck in Sausage Fibers” 

7,1 ColdmaN5 “Comatose Cakes Penguin” 

2’23 ColdmaN5 “A Group of Eyebrows Take the World Lead in Toboggan Sleds

11\1 Coldplay “2000 Miles”

9;24 Coldplay “Christmas Lights”

1’5 Coldplay “Christmas With the Kangaroos

4,16 Cole DeRuse “Take Me Back

1/1 Coleen Wainwright “The Boulder

10,20 Coleman Spruce “It’s Christmas Here, Again

12’13 Colemanworld “Don’t Shoot, It’s X – Mas!”

4”6 Colin & AJ “Because” 

6’19 Colin & AJ “Christmas Under the Sea

1\15 Colin & Caroline “This Time Next Year

4”27 Colin Buchanan & Greg Champion “Cool Rockin’ Santa” 

9:9 Colin Farish “Mrs. Claus

4”8 Colin Farish “Thank You, Santa

2-22 Colin Healy “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

5.27 Colin Rickenback “Walter and the Christmas Tree

9,5 Collaborateurs “December 24th” 

4”14 Collaborateurs “Mellow Fellow

4”19 Collaborateurs “Santa’s Karaoke” 

4,14 The Collective “Sexmas

7/15 Collective Soul “December”

10’18 Colleen McNutt “Doomsday Christmas Carol”

12/23 College Humor “All I Want for Christmas is Cash

11.2 College Humor “Honest Holiday Card Song” 

9-14 College Humor “A Very Ke$ha Christmas”

5\30 College Humor “Rudolph the Regular Reindeer” 

2:28 Colleen Ballinger (Miranda) “Christmas Haters

7:26 Collier Bloom Band “Christmas with Family

12,16 Collin Derrick “Take Me South for Christmas” 

3/23 Collin Stewart Have Yourself a Shitty Little Christmas

2:8 Collision “I Hate Christmas

2;6 The Color Bars “Merry Christmas It’s Your Birthday

5.8 Colorado Children’s Chorale “Christmas Tree Wassail

10*5 Colorblind James Experience “A Night Like This”

3-17 Colum MacColl “Wasn’t That a Mighty Day”

4’27 Comfort Noise “Ski Lodge in the Late 80’s

12*18 Comic Relief (part 2) “a sequel to GKW

1\20 Coming Soon (feat. Howard Hughes, Dave Tattersall) “There in Bristol After Christmas” 

7-25 Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen “Daddy’s Drinking Up Our Christmas”

3.17 Commending the Fallen “Abominable Snowman

12/24 Common Enemy “All I Want for Christmas is a Bag of Weed”

10,24 Common Jack “The Christmas Tree is Fake” 

9.21 Community cast “That’s What Christmas is For

11’5 Company of the Steel Hound “Worst Christmas Ever”

10,3 composclero “Screwge” 

3;20 The Comstock Cowboys “A Rancher’s Christmas Prayer

5:19 Conan O’Brien Show “Minty the Candy Cane Who Fell on the Ground” 

11’29 Concave Onion “Worse Than Coal”

11*15 The Cones Sisters “Merry Texas Christmas You All”

9,26 Connected VG “12 Days of Christmas” The Walking Dead 

7.20 The Connection “Money Honey Baby

1/8 Connie and Connie “Gallifrey Song

4’9 Connie Francis “I’m Gonna be Warm this Winter

10*11 Connie Howard “Connecticut Christmas”

3’22 Connie Landers “I’m Gonna be Warm This Winter

9/16 Connie Prince “Elvin the Tiniest Elf

8,2 Connor Ratliff & Mikey Erg “40 Years of Xmas” 

11;21 Connor Ratliff & Mikey Erg “Count Down to Christmas”

5-15 Connor Ratliff & Mikey Erg “No One Wants a Pizza on Christmas Day!”

11’2 Connor Ratliff & Mikey Erg “Xmas Next Year”

2’6 Connors Music “Sledding Madness

5-31 Conor’s Comedy Minutes “Leftovers

5:3 Control Volume “Robot Santa” 

1”27 Contents Under Pressure “Anti Xmas War Machine“

1”27 Contents Under Pressure “Christmas Means to Me”

1”27 Contents Under Pressure “Christmas This Year”

1”27 Contents Under Pressure “Overture” 

1”27 Contents Under Pressure “Party Song”

1”27 Contents Under Pressure “Too Real”

1”27 Contents Under Pressure “Shopping”

1”27 Contents Under Pressure “Snowball Fight”

12\10 The Continental Drifters “Daddy Just Wants It to Rain

3”25 Contoy (feat. achie elGhazaoui) “Gone Bald

10/1 Contranzor “Santa is Your God

3.1 Conway Twitty “Johnny Snowman

10,21 Conway Twitty (and Twitty Bird) “Nine Little Reindeer” 

4-18 Cookie Cutter Girl “Fruitcake Song

10,11, 7’14 Cookies and Cream Entertainment“Christmas Time on a Pirates Ship (A Christmas Shanty)” 

9.28, 8:10 Coolio “Kwanza Bot Song

8/30, 12’26 Coolio and Meredith Brooks “Sleigh Ride Drive By”

6,14 Cooper & Jones “A Hundred Sleeps Till Christmas” 

12’11 Coping Mechanism “Bring On Your Last Existential Sabora”

7:24 Copperlily “My Family’s Crazy (At Christmas Time)”

3.9 The Copycats “The Abominable Snowman

8’20 Coral Bells “Krampus” 

10,10 Corban Phillips “10 Year Old Me” 

6:17, 1”22 Corby Sullivan “Black and Blue on Christmas Eve”

5/21, 11/19 Cordell Jackson “Rock and Roll Christmas

5/21 Cordell Jackson “Beboppers’ Christmas

2’7 Corduroy Road “Sled Dog Christmas” 

9/20 Corey Doak “Scruffy the Elf”

9\23 Corey Horn “A Million Christmas Dreams” 

6:10 Corey Hunt Band “Break Up Before Christmas

12*1 Corey Largent “Christmas by the Bay

7-23 Corey Ott “Santa Got Drunk This Year

7-5, 3:2 Corey Taylor “XM@$

2’2 Cori Connors “Flexible Flyer

5:28 Corky and The Juice Pigs “Christmas Drunken Alibi

11.8 The Corn Fed Girls “Christmas Cards”

6,18 The Corner Room “Isaiah 9:6-7

11\14 Cory Fay “Christmas Card 1988

7.29 Cosmicity “This is Your Crappy Christmas Present

8\5 Cosy Sheridan “The Night the Reindeer Fly” 

3.21 Could “We Are the Snowman

4.16 Councilpop “Chris McCree by the Christmas Tree

8’29 Count D. “The Christmas Witch”

8’2 Count the Clock “Christmas in Space” 

11/30 Country Joe and the Fish “Dirty Claus Rag”

8;21 Countryside Church “Follow That Star”

12;24 The Courettes “Christmas (I Can Hardly Wait)”

8’20 The Courtesan & The Cabin Boy “Carol of the Krampus”

8’20 The Courtesan & The Cabin Boy “Krampus the Christmas Monster” 

8’20 The Courtesan & The Cabin Boy “Krampus the Demon”

8’20 The Courtesan & The Cabin Boy “Krampus Island” 

8’20 The Courtesan & The Cabin Boy “Krampus Krampus Krampus” 

2-22 Courtney Act  “Head to Mistletoe”

8:12 Courtney Barnett “Boxing Day

11,11 Courtney J “Christmas With My Boo” 

2-26, 12-25, 12.7 Courtney Stoddard “Mistletoe Bikini

12,27 Courtney Swain “Snow Globe

11*7 Courtney Wosick “Hey Der Hi Der Ho Der

7’24 Cowboy Andy and The Salamanders “Pirate Santa”

1:5 Cowboy Billy  “I Always Get a Cold for Christmas

6/28 Cowboy Greg & The Done Goods “Cows Love Christmas

4\30 Cowboy Jukebox “Christmas Goodbye

10,14 Coy and Ashley “Christmas Diss” 

4’12 Coyote Rumors “Skiing Down” 

3”12 Cracks & Scars “Fake Beard Bastard

9,6 Cracker “Merry Christmas Emily” 

8-20 The Crackheads “The Twelve Steps of Xmas

1/7 Thecrackinyourwall “Doctor Who 12 Days of Christmas”

1.24 Cracklemore (John Sutherland) “Christmas (Thrift Shop Parody)”

6,27 Craig Croker Jr. “It’s a LowCountry Christmas” 

11.22 Craig L. McEachern “The Christmas Card Song” 

7’7 Craig Toungate “Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Rum!!” 

9;30 Crap Factory “Strangled with Christmas Lights

9’27 Crawford Smith “Christmas in Hell”

12*19, 1;28 Crazy Al Cayne “Out on Bail

7/25 Crazy Elliot from Medicinal Hat “Christmas Rain

9.30 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend cast “California Christmastime”

10’22 Crazy Hippie from Oregon “Post Apocalypse Christmas”

6’5 Crazy Kuzins “Warning… Crazy Christmas List

11,10 Creature Comfort “Christmas in Quarantine” 

10-11 Creble Star “What If… Metallica Played Christmas Songs!”

5:18 The Creek Church “I’ve Seen a Turtle Barf” 

5-21 Creig Camacho “Garlic Pork

5.9 Crescendo     “The New Old Way to Rock Around the Christmas Tree

5/15 The Crew Cuts “Twinkletoes

5/15, 11/23, 3.6  The Crew Cuts “Dance Mr. Snowman Dance

5/12, 7.22 The Cricketone Players “I’ve Got 18 Cents” 

5/12 The Cricketone Players “Little Christmas Stocking with a Hole in the Toe”

7;11 The Cricketones “Ding Dong Dong, The Sleighbell Song”

4”1 The Cricketones “Tinker Town Santa Claus

2.7 The Crickets “Here Comes the Snow

2.17 Cris Williamson “Snow Angel

12*14 Crisis Christmas “While Shepherds Washed Their Socks by Night”

10,28 Crlo “Santa Baby

5-21 Crocadile “Pork and Rum”

9’24 Crocodiles “Christmas in Hell”

7;31 Crofts Family “Ring Out Wild Bells”

7’31 The Crossed Cannons “Eggnog in a Jar”

7’31 The Crossed Cannons “I’m Stuck in the Chimney”

7’31 The Crossed Cannons “Red Sky at Night” 

7’31 The Crossed Cannons “Roll Santa’s Sleigh Along” 

7-25 Crossfire “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)”

9,20, 1’31 The Crossfires (The Turtles) “Santa and the Sidewalk Surfer” 

2’7 The Crossing Crew “Hey It’s Christmas

2\3 CrossTie  “Christmas Again” 

11,4 The Crowd at Dexter’s Theater “Thicken Thinner

3.22 The Crowe Brothers “Snow Woman

2,1, 5’4 Croydon Tourist Office “Christmas in the Suburbs

11’20 Croydon Tourist Office “Santa Fell Down Sizewell B”

11,10 Crz N Go Sounds “I Miss You” 

3:4, 12:25 Crudbump “Fuck You If You Don’t Like Christmas”

7-11 Cruddy Pants the Clown “The Little Clown is Drunk Again

12’5 Cruel Buddhist “Red Rider BB Gun”

6’10 The Cruise World “I Want to Book a Brand New Cruise for Christmas

12.24, 7,14 The Crusty Jugglers “Santa’s Boots” 

10\21 Cry Baby Hank “Christmas 2010

12:25 The Crystalairs Christmas with the Crystalairs 

9;20 The Crystalairs “Light of Love”

1:15 The Crystalairs “Santa’s Sick

5:24 The Crystalairs “Snowflakes for Christmas

3.20 The Crystalairs “Snowman

5:4 The Crystalairs “Winter Love

10,18 Cshakuore (Devaune Temple) “Christmas Everyday” 

4’14 CT “Skiing” 

11’21 The Cuckoo Clocks “Accidents at Christmas”

6-16 The Cucumbers “Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum”

8\26 CueHits “Little Angel

8,26 Cullan Baxter “Candy Sweet Christmas” 

12*1 The Culprit Media Group “California Christmas

10/18 Culturcide “Santa Claus was My Lover

4/15, 10.25 Culture in Memoriam “Santa’s Song

12.8 Cumberland Sausage Show “Cross Dress Christmas”  

7-28 Cumchrist “Jesus was an Angry Drunk

3:11 Cuntgod “Fuck Hanukkah

5\14 Cupid “Cupid Shuffle

11/17 CUPIDS “Merry Christmas & Happy Rollickin’ Rollin’ New Year

7\23 Cupid’s ’07 “The Reindeer Shuffle” 

6/27 Curious George “Our Christmas Monkey

11,17 Current Swell “Christmas Alone” 

10/11 Currently Disconnected “Coming Down Your Chimney

12,16 Currier “How About Another Rum and Coke (Merry X-mas)

7-1 Curt Brash “I’ll be Drunk for Christmas

11*18 Curt Bright “Cornhusker Christmas”

7:29 Curtis Turrentine “Family Christmas” 

5.12 Curtis Turrentine Jr and Marvin Reed “I’ll be Under the Tree Tonight

1.27 curveball111 “I Wanna Stuff My Face” 

11-11 cutbacknj “Helter Skelter (Christmas Parody)”

4’7 Cute Aesthetics “Ski Slope” 

2/29 The Cute Lepers “Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You”

1’8 The Cuz “Come to Straya

12:16 Cybercats “(I’m Only an) Internet Santa

8-5 ‘Cybersue’ Susan McCord “Jingle Bell Rock-Marijuana Christmas Song

7/15 Cyndi Lauper “December Child”

4-2 Cyndi Lauper “Hard Candy Christmas”

12*31 Cyndi Lauper “New Year’s Baby (First Lullaby)”

4-2 Cyndi Lauper paired with Alison Krauss “Hard Candy Christmas”

7.28 The Hive & Cyndi Lauper “A Christmas Duel

4-2 Cyndi Lauper paired with Dolly “Hard Candy Christmas”

1\20 Cynthia Lemen & Cool Lemon Jazz “The Twelve Days After Christmas” 

10*24 Cynthia McGregoro “Florida Florida

10*24 Cynthia McGregoro “12 Days of Florida Christmas”

8-1 Cypherden “12 Days of Drugs

8,9 Cyrus “Baby, It’s Christmas” 

11,27 Cyrus Dali Vesuvala “Christmas Morning


4,6 D Heywood “365 Days of the Year (Christmas)” 

3”23 Da ADR Crew “Santa’s Shaving Cream

7,15 Da Epic Squad “Hoe Hoe Hoe

9,19 Da Yoopers “Heikki Lunta

5;2 Daddy Hustle “U Ain’t Getting Shit For Christmas”

10*28 The Dagon Tabernacle Choir “Do You Fear What I Fear?”

8’5 Dagon Tabernacle Choir “Oh Come All Ye Old Ones”

8’5 Dagon Tabernacle Choir “Oh Cthulhu”

11;25 Dai [day] “Almost Christmas

12,11 Daily Norris “You Feel Like Christmas

2.16 Daisy May Erlewine “Snow Angel” 

3.19 Daisy May Erlewine “The Snowman” 

1:17 daKoda Langford “Frostbite

12,2 Dala Girls “Hockey Sweater

3.24 Dale and the Deadheads “Bill, the Snowman

11*15 Dale Watson “Christmas Time in Texas

11*15 Dale Watson “Hot Texas Christmas Day

2-12 Dale Watson “Mistletoe on Death Row

8,29 Dallas “Snow Angel” 

2;1 Dallas Frazier and Joe “Fingers” Carr “My Birthday Comes on Christmas”

10\25 Dallon Weekes “Christmas Drag (2006)

5.1 Damage Control Comedy “Your Christmas Balls

8:23 Damh the Bard “A Pagan Yule” 

4,13 Damien Marusenko “Bloody Queen

3\30 Damien Quinn “Another Sad Christmas

8-18 The Dammit “Cocaine Christmas

10/31 The Damned “There Ain’t No Sanity Clause

4\29 Dams of the West “Yeah Yeah (It’s Christmas)

12,13 Dan + Shay “Pick Out a Christmas Tree

11*6 Dan Adamini “Christmas in Upper Michigan

2.23 Dan Adamini “Snow is Falling in Upper Michigan

9.26 The Dan Band ”Chrismakwanzakah”

12*1, 6,24, 2’9 The Dan Band  “Christmas Time in California

7-6 The Dan Band “Get Drunk & Make Out This Christmas”

6,6 The Dan Band “Ho Ho Ho

4:27 The Dan Band “I Wanna Rock You Hard This Christmas”

9:23 The Dan Band “Mrs. Claus” 

12*5 Dan Barletta Jr. “Hawaiian Christmas Song

8.9 Dan Blocker “Deck the Halls

8/18 Dan Brayall “Big Rig Christmas Tree”

10’29 Dan Bull “Damn, It Feels Good to be Santa”

8:29, 12:25 Dan Bull “Non-Christmas Song”  

8.23 Dan Castellaneta “The Grinch (parody)

8.23 Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria More Nutcracker bits

9\1 Dan Collins “Christmas Tree Infinity” 

3.25 Dan Collins “Jesus the Savior

7/5 Dan Crow “Christmas Day in May”

9/9 Dan Crow “I’m an Elf”

10,11 Dan Drnach “Hometown Santa” 

12*24 Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne

6.30 Dan Groggin “Christmas Box

12.30 Dan Hart “Xmas in the Nude” 

10/1 Dan Hart “Santa God”

5:30 Dan Hicks and the Christmas Jug Band”I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Christmas Card

12.22 Dan Hicks and the Christmas Jug Band “Somebody Stole My Santa Claus Suit

9/18 Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks “Santa’s Workshop

6’18 Dan Hildebrand “The Ballad of the Christmas Tree Ship

10/17 Dan Lawson “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’”

2:10 Dan Lorenzo “Dan Zig Hates X-Mas” 

8:29 Dan Margarita “An Atheist Christmas Song

2:9 Dan O’Farrell “Anti-Christmas Day” 

9.23 Dan Povenmire (Dr. Doofenschmirtz) ”I Really don’t Hate Christmas”

4’3 Dan Reeder “Skiing Song

8-22 Dan Robertson “Meth Carols

6-21 Dan Rodriguez “All I Want for Christmas is Whiskey

11*13, 8/31 Dan Schafer “Arkansas Angel

11*28 Dan Schafer “Colorado Christmas Cowboy”

9/15 Dan Schafer “Elmer the Elf

11*15 Dan Schafer “On This Texas Christmas

10*24 Dan Schafer “Santa’s in Florida

9\17, 11,9 Dan Sullivan “Santa Writes Home

1.29 Dan Taylor “Santa Funk”

9:7 Dan Wilson “Are You Lonely Tonight, Mrs. Claus?” 

8-12 Dan Zimberg “Do You Want to Smoke a Bowl, Man?”

11*22 Dan Schafer “Wyoming Winter Wonderland

12:19 Dana Countryman “It’s an Kind of Christmas

8:7 Dana Manno “Oh Happy Kwanzaa

12*3 Dana Spencer “It’s Christmas Eve in Washington

12*5 Dana Spencer “Mahalo Santa Claus

11*16 Dana Spencer “Oklahoma Christmas Spirit

10*20 Dana Spencer “Sweet Virginia Christmas

4.21 Danadrienne “Forgotten Christmas Tree

2:26 Danaher & Cloud “Bah Humbug

4-16 Danaher Cloud “Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake”

6\22 Dancer, Prancer, and Nervous “The Happy Reindeer

6;2 Dandyland “No More Christmas”

2.24 Dani & Lizzy “Snowed In”

9/17 Danica DeCosta “Johnny Elf”

6-30 Daniel Brouse “Holiday Punch (Christmas Song)

8.29 Daniel Davis, Fran Drescher “Oy to the World”

6\5 Daniel Dennis “Bob the 10th Reindeer

9/4 Daniel Dennis “Elf U”

5\26 Daniel Dennis and Mason Douglas (Sno’Rida and Mista’Toe)  “The Reindeer Song

9,26 Daniel Ferguson “Star Wars‘ 12 Days of Christmas” 

9,26 Daniel Francis “Bahamian 12 Days of Christmas” the Bahamas

9,11 Daniel G. Harmann · Jasen Samford “Christmas in Quarantine or: CO-HO-HOVID-19

6/28 Daniel Gould of Music Tech Group “Give a Cow for Christmas

8:17 Daniel McGinley “Festivus Song” 

2.12 Daniel Mesrati “The Snow is Falling

7/26 Daniel O’Donnell “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”

7:25 Daniel O’Flaherty “Christmas Without Family

11*24 Daniel Po-in-yea “Merry Christmas to You, Las Vegas

3;30 Daniel Schorr “El Vaquero de Navidad

8;27 Daniel Schorr “Santa Claus Superstar”

12.10 Daniel Semsen “Ugly Christmas Sweater” 

6’7 Daniel Silverman “My Christmas Wish

3’14 Danielle Doucette “It’s Christmas

8,29 Danielle Iry “Christmas Ghosts

8;1 Danielle Rose “Star Of Bethlehem”

10.13, 3\21 Danilo Jeza “Another Christmas Song” 

4.6 Danish Big Band Radio (feat. Mads Mathias)“Chop Chop (The Xmas Tree)

7:6 Dann & Yeaney “Aunt Clara’s Christmas Casserole

5-30 Danna Banana “La-La-La-Latkes

2;27 Danni-Shannon “A Birthday Party for Jesus” 

4.29 Danny and Cindy Schneider “Candy Canes on the Tree

3.20 Danny and Cindy Schneider “Snowman” 

4’28 Danny and The Juniors “Let’s Go Ski-ing

7.16 Danny Birt “I Want a Hypothalamus for Christmas

12;7 Danny Byram “I’ll Wait ‘Til You’re Home To Have Christmas”

2/5 Danny Espanto “Give Love on Christmas Day”

11*2 Danny Gokey “Tennessee Christmas”

5:6 Danny Gonzalez “I’m Gonna Kill Santa Claus” 

1/21 Danny Kastner “Alien Christmas Song

8:17 Danny Lütz and Thierry Lavergne “Official Festivus Song

1-23 Danny Mack “Wall Street Christmas”

7-8 Danny McMaster “The 12 Drinks of Christmas”

1;12 Danny Peralta “Domestic Abuse on Christmas Eve

9.21 Danny Pudi (Abed) “Brittabot

9.21 Danny Pudi (Abed) “Intro Song” 

9.21 Danny Pudi, Donald Glover (Troy) “Troy & Abed’s Christmas Rap Battle” 

9.21 Danny Pudi, Donald Glover, Chevy Chase ”Baby Boomer Santa”

12,5 Danny Rick Rick “I Know You Want My Snickerdoodle” 

1-12 Danny Rongo “A Soldier’s Christmas Song”

11;8 Danny/girl “Almost Christmas

9’29 danopposite “Christmas in Hell”

8,30 Danzr “Christmas Tree” 

1.1 Daquan Wiltshire “What These Kids Want”

8:27 Dar Williams “The Christians and the Pagans

6-22 Darby O’Gill and the Little People “Whiskey Christmas

5’29 Darin Browne “Christmas Rapping

4-8 Darius Rucker “Candy Cane Christmas

9’6 Darius Rucker “What God Wants for Christmas” 

1;13 Dark Half “Santa Killa” 

8’29 Dark Holiday Music “Carol of the Witch”

7;28 Dark Isle Piper “Ding Dong Merrily On High”

2.11 Darker My Love “Snow is Falling

7;23 The Darkness “Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)”

9;5 Darlene Como “Christmas Eve by Candle Light”

10;31 Darlene Como “Santa’s Lap Cookies”

6’20 Darlene Como “Seaweed Soup” 

9:7 Darlene Como “Thank You, Mrs. Santa Claus

9;19 Darlene Como “Twisted Christmas Light in Romantic India”

6:15 Darlene Love “All Alone on Christmas”

2/29 Darlene Love “Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You”

5:28, 12:25 Darlene Love “Christmastime for the Jews”  

5;23 Darren Parry “Don’t Need Nothing Else This Christmas”

5.13 Darrin Martin “You’re 100 Christmas Trees

1’12 Darrin Mazzilli and The Alpha Waves “Surf’s Up, Santa!

10,4 Darryl Rahn “I Guess It’s Christmas

11;8 Darryl Worley “Just Around the Corner”

10:14 Daryl Cherney & the Patriot Act “We’re Fighting the War on Christmas” 

12’5 Daryl Girard “Catalog Dreams”

9’10 Das Blankout “A Devil’s Christmas”

3.3 Das Grumps Bavarian Band “The Snowman Went Waltzing One Christmas

1\8 Dashboard Hula Girls “The Day After Christmas

12.16 DashieXP “Chillin in My Christmas Sweater” 

9’14 Dated “Satan Claus”

1\18 Datsen “After Christmas

7\25 Dave and Jeanine “Get Your Reindeer Off My Roof” 

9;9, 11’26 Dave & Jeanine “Put Out the Ol’ Yule Log”

12,15 Dave Almond “(A World of) Tiny Lights” 

1;20 Dave Alvin “The Murder of the Lawson Family” 

1\1 Dave Brooks & Bernard Wrigley “Merry ’til Christmas is Over

7/5 Dave Cheatham “Happy Christmas Mother”

6;1 Dave Clarke & Noel Redding “No More Christmas”

12.18 Dave Days “Snapback Santa Hat” 

4-29 Dave, Doug, Hannah, & Alex “The Christmas Fudge

10\2 Dave Dudley “Six Tons of Toys”

4\15 Dave Goody “Have Yourself a Yippee-Ki-Yay Christmas

10*8 Dave Hall “Christmas in Vermont”

11,28 Dave Henninger “Merry Christmas to You” 

7-2 Dave Hutchins “I’ll be Drinking for Christmas

5.21 Dave Jackson “Christmas Tree

8:29 Dave Jay “A Very Merry Federal Secular Holiday” 

9,28 Dave Keyes and Duchess Di (Diane Cricchio ) “12 Santa Babies

3:16 Dave Kilgore “Merry F’n Christmas

5/20 Dave King “Christmas and You

8:11 Dave Kleiner “Boxing Day” 

7/7 Dave Love “It’s Christmas in July”

1.3 Dave Malosh (The Paybacks) “Get Down with the Christmas”

2:21 Dave Pantaleone “Santa Sucks

11;29 Dave Philip of The Automatics “It’s Almost Christmas Day” 

5.15 Dave Rave & Rick Andrew “Underneath My Baby’s Christmas Tree

6\1 Dave Rudolf “Adolph the Brown-Nosed Reindeer

11’19 Dave Rudolf “Bo Fell Off the Mountain”

11/22 Dave Rudolf “Candy Cane Twist

11/25 Dave Rudolf “Christmas Limbo”

10*28 Dave Rudolf “Do You Fear What I Fear?”

11’27 Dave Rudolf “Flue of Fire”

12*23 Dave Rudolf “Folly Old St. Nicholas

4-22, 10-9 Dave Rudolf “Fruitcakes for Christmas

11’22 Dave Rudolf “Here Comes Bubba’s Cows”

12*20 Dave Rudolf “O Come, I Read the Manual”

12*16, 7-9  Dave Rudolf “Oh Tom Got Bombed

11/14, 12.23, 4”11 Dave Rudolf “Santa’s Got a Zoot Suit

2.6 Dave Rudolf “Shovel Snow, Shovel Snow, Shovel Snow

12*22, 7.27 Dave Rudolf “What Present’s This?

7:15 Dave Seely “The Family Christmas

10’31 Dave Sweeney and the Kickin’ Mules “Christmas Cookie”

3”10 Dave Tough “Bahumbug Baby

11’26 Dave Williams “O Schadenfreude”

10*19 Daveo Falaveo “Santa Daddy

2’14 Dave Wirth “February and Other Winter Tales

11’29 Davey Dips “Post-Traumatic Santa Claus Disorder”

11\2 David & The Citizens “Belly Full of Butterflies” 

5-3 David A. Stephens “Christmas at the Waffle House

4\2 David Anstruther “Hello Christmas” 

4’29 David Anthony Berg “Snowmobile Cowboy” 

6/25 David Archuleta and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir “The Cat and the Mouse Carol”

6\19 David Ayers “Marvin the Loud Mouth Laughing Reindeer

5.17 David Barnes “Family Tree

3-21 David Bowie and Big Crosby “Little Drummer Boy”

11.21 David Cassidy “My Christmas Card to You” newer version

3’18 David Cavada “Christmas Present” 

3.3 David Chicken “Snowman the Bop

12,8 David Childers with the Bank Cormorants “Christmas Bells” 

8/18 David Currey “A Trucker’s Christmas

3’22 David Davis “Christmas Whishin’” 

7/28, 5.25 David DeBoy “Aluminum Christmas Tree

6/6 David Deboy “Crabs for Christmas

7:5 David DeBoy “Flegman Family Christmas Letter”

10*18 David DeBoy “O Little Town of Baltimore”

8:20 David DeBoy “One More Festivus”

11,2 David DiMuzio (feat. Sam Mangubat) “My Best Christmas Eve” 

4;2 David Dondero “Samantha’s Got a Bag of Coal”

8;19 David Dunn “Star”

6,14 David Fee “One Hundred Years (Christmas)

11;6 David George and The Crooked Christmas Orchestra  “Almost Christmas”

3\12, 1”23 David George and The Crooked Christmas Orchestra “Another Blue Christmas

1”23 David George and The Crooked Christmas Orchestra (feat. Shanna Jones) “Christmas Time is Here”

1”23 David George and The Crooked Christmas Orchestra (feat. Shay Estes) “Hot Rod Santa” 

1”23 David George and The Crooked Christmas Orchestra (feat. Shay Estes) “Red Lipstick” 

1”23 David George and The Crooked Christmas Orchestra “Tonight’s Child“

1”23 David George and The Crooked Christmas Orchestra (feat. Shanna Jones) “What’s a Naughty Girl to Do?”

1”25 David Goody “But Hans It’s Cold Outside” 

1”25 David Goody “Die Hard is a Christmas movie”

6’16 David Goody “Die Hard on a Boat

1”25 David Goody “Have Yourself a Yippee-Kai-Yay Christmas”

1”25 David Goody “Nakatomi Baby”

6\30 David Goody “Rudy the Two-Toned Reindeer

11’14 David Goody “Santa Claus is a Racist”

1”25 David Goody “Sgt. Powell”

4”13 David Goody “Spon End Santa” 

5’8 David Goody “Train Delays at Christmas” 

1”25 David Goody “Where Are My Detonators?” 

7-21 David Gray “Christmas in Rehab

11*15 David Higginbotham “Christmas in Texas

3.5 David Hudspeth “Five Little Snowmen

6-26 David Hutchins “I’ll be Drinking for Christmas

10,14 David J Caron “Star Angels” 

5.13 David Johnston “She Looks Like a Christmas Tree

11;6 David Jones & Tom Howe “Almost Christmas”

10,24 David Kai “They’ll Be on the Rock This Christmas” 

6’28 David Ker “My Little Jingle” 

9,11 David King Jones “The Covid19 Christmas Song

8.13 David Lander and Michael McKean “The Jolliest Fat Man”

6;17 David Lee Roth “Ain’t No Christmas”

1-30 David Lenett “An American Christmas”

2:27 David Lea “Happy Christmas

6;18 David Lyve “Christmas No More”

11;19 David Meece “Almost Christmas Time

7.28 David Myles “Santa Never Brings Me a Banjo

5.29 David Norris “Santa Knocked over the Christmas Tree

5-7 David P. Ford “Christmas Taco

2\10 David Palomo “Hanukkah’s Here Again” 

6:4 David Pevsner “Merry Ex-Mas”

11\19 David Phelps “If Everyone Believed

8;16 David Pomeranz “Christmas Star”

9,19 David Prince “My Christmas Wish

12;29 Dick Robertson and His Orchestra “Don’t Wait Till the Night Before Christmas”

7.23 David Rael            “Your Stocking’s Filled with Candy, But a Pencil Sharpener’s Handy”

8’31 David Ritter “White Zombie Christmas”

7’22 David Rovics “Pirate Santa”

5/11 David Seville “Let’s Have a Merry Merry Christmas

8/20 David Sexton “Haulin’ Mistletoe”

3;29 David Shook “Ridin’ Trails with Jesus” 

10*24 David Siriano “Florida Christmas Song

12*15 David Solomon “Silent Gnat

11;23 David Tobin “Almost Time for Christmas Day

7\2 David Verity “Shadrack the Black Reindeer”

4’22 David Walburn “Meat’s in the Freezer (Let’s Go Skiing)

8:21 David Warren Solomons “Io! Saturnalia” 

9/19 David Wood “Ralph the Sneaky Elf

4”18 David W Watson “Santa’s Party Sled” 

12/14 David Yang “Christmas List

1-25 Davids          “CGI Penguins (An Anti-Corporate Christmas Song)”

9\22 Davis Mallory “Christmas Giving

5/15 the Davis Sisters “The Christmas Boogie

12*1 Dawes, The Killers “Christmas in L.A.”

10,25 Dawgs on Campus “It’s Hanukkah in Cowtown

2.7 Dawn Langstroth “Here Comes the Snow

4/10 Dawn McCarthy and Bonny “Prince” Billy “Christmas Eve Can Kill You”

11;16 Dawn Turlington · Vince Martin “Almost Christmas”

3:20 The DAWS “Christmas Fucking Day”

8.6 Daws Butler & co. “Coming up Christmas Time”

12*19, 8/11 Da Yoopers “Rusty Chevrolet

11,11 Dax “The Grinch Goes Viral

3\24 Day Seven x Genre Treason (ft. Dr. Mer) “Another Stupid Christmas

3\5 Daze Baby “Another Christmas” 

12/16 the dB’s “You’re What I Want for Christmas

12’7 D. Brawlins “Now I Have A Machine Gun Ho Ho Ho”

1\19 D.C. Anderson “Soon After Christmas

11,14 DCTalk “Reason for the Season” 

2\7 D.D. and The Flakes “Here It is, Christmas Again” 

2\16 DDC “Christmas Time Again” 

5;28 De Postman “Nothing For Christmas”

10,26 Dead Freedom “More Balls than a Christmas Tree” 

7,23, 6’20 Dead Hot Workshop “Jesus Revisited

5’22 Dean Miller “Old toy Trains”

11:5 The Dead Milkmen “Christmas Party

2’21 The Dead Milkmen “Somewhere Over Antarctica

5’8 Dead Orchids “Home for Christmas

5-23 Dead Raven Choir “Christmas Meat – carrion

12*1 Dead Sara “Snow in Los Angeles

12,24 Dead Sex Puppets “Santa’s Buried in My Back Yard

9,24 Dead Workers Party “13 Days of Christmas

10\18 The Deadbeats “Christmas 2012

12;18 Dean Kelly  “Can’t Wait Until Christmas

5/10 Dean Martin “The Christmas Blues”

2/13 Dean  Martin “I”ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”

6;14 Dean Stanton “Christmas Got Cancelled

8/17 Dean Wilt “Santa and the Trucker

3.1 Deana Carter “Johnny Snowman”

11/12 Deanna Carter “Boogie Woogie Santa Claus

2.5 Deanna Loveland “If I Could Make It Snow” 

7/8 Dear Me “Christmas in July”

7-13, 3\10 Death Before Sophistication “Another Drunk Christmas Carol

12*31 Death Cab for Cutie “The New Year

3-20 Death Metal Xmas “Away in a Manger”

10\21 Death Squad “Christmas Final Fight 2010

4;27 The Deathray Davies “I Got Coal”

10,16 Deathsex Bloodbath “One Christmas Night” 

5’17 DeathTongue “Christmas Train

5:12, 5:23 DeathTongue “Elf on the Shelf

3;26 Death Tongue “Far from the North Pole” 

5/22, 9-3 Debbie Dabney (Marlene Paula) “I Want to Spend Christmas with Elvis”

6/17 Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor “Chrissy the Christmas Mouse

5/21 The Debonairs “Christmas Time/Crazy Santa Claus

3.3 Deborah Malena and Garth Phillipsen “Snowman Polka

6.15 Debt Free Squad “The Debt Christmas Song

7-24 Debt of Nature “Santa Claus is DUI (Full of Love)

5/17 the DeCastro Sisters “Christmas is A-Comin’”

5/17 the DeCastro Sisters “Snowbound for Christmas

4\17 The Decca Chorus “Hail to Christmas” 

11,6 DeDe Kimble and Fraser Watt Come Home This Christmas

11,15 Deepa Sashadri “Resolutions” 

12,11 Default Genders “Christmas Card from a Scammer in Minneapolis” 

10’29 Delu “Damn, Santa!” 

8’25 The Demons of Folk “Robot Jesus UFO”

2\22 Denny Lane (Eddie Hardin) “Peace Must Come Again” 

12,8 Denny Strickland “Merry Christmas (Real World)” 

8-3 Dent May “I’ll be Stoned for Christmas

7\20 Deranged Mime Clan “I Love Reindeers” 

9\5 Derek A. Dempsey “Six Billion Lights (On the World’s Biggest Christmas Tree)

4\30 Derek Ariel Austin “Goodbye Christmas

4\13 Derek Griffiths, Carole Boyd, Denise Bryer, Nigel Lambert, Steven Pacey, Claire Hamill, and Tom Newman “Hurray for Christmas” 

1\15 Desmond “Next Christmas

3\21 Destructors 666 “Just Another Christmas Song” 

6\30 The Devil’s Deuce “Rudy the Rockabilly Reindeer

2;9 The Decemberishes “December Birthday Song

8.1 The Deckchairs “TV Xmas

3/12 The Ded Beats “Peesing in the Snow”

11/20 The degraders “Christmas Twist

8.21 Deena Moore’s instrumental “You Can Never Find an Elf When You Need One”

7/16 Deer Pussy “Bloody Red Chrsitmas

3/24 Deer Tick “Holy Sh*t, It’s Christmas

7\24 Deer Valley Trio “When Santa Claus Got His Ass Kicked by the Reindeer” 

12\22 Defeater “December 1943

8-14 Defiant Bear “Santa’s Dope”

4:13 Dejan Milićević (LAZZ) “Sexy Santa Claus” 

3.20 The Del Zorros “Snowman’s Holiday

1\16 Delightful Young Men “The Day After Christmas

4/7 Delightful Young Men “It’s Always Christmas When You’re Dead”

12/21 The Dell Vetts “I Want a Boy for Christmas

5’15 The Dellatones “Santa Special

4;2 Delores Dagenais “Stockings full of Coal”

12*19 The Deluminators “Catch the Snitch

8:1 Demi Adejuyigbe “I Hope You Have a Very Merry Holiday

7,6 Demir Demirkan (ft. Lance Keltner) “It’s a Texas Christmas

10.28 Bridgit Mendler & Shane Harper/Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas “Sing My Song for You” 

12;13 Denae Joy           “I Just Don’t Think That I Can (Wait for Christmas)”

12*25 Denis Leary “Merry Fuckin’ Christmas”

12;2 Denise Gagne “If You Can’t Wait for Christmas”

12*10 the Dennis Angel Band “Hanukkah’s Song

10-9 Dennis Kolb “Christmas Stockin‘”

7:1 Dennis Day “Christmas is For the Family

4.23 Dennis Jernigan “The Very First Christmas Tree”

11/17 Dennis Kolb “Rockin’ Christmas Stocking

11/10 Dennis Policy “Richie’s Christmas Accordion

8’15 Der Golemz “Der Golem Has Stolen The Stollen”

5.23 Derek A Dempsey and Nicole Lynch “Six Billion Lights (On the World’s Biggest Christmas Tree)

4’8 Derek and Brandon Fiechter “The Frosted Slopes

11,12 Derek Christiansen “Egg Nog

12.1 Derek Fawcett “Winter Clothes

2-18 Derek Ryan “Beneath the Mistletoe

7:16 Derek Ryan “Friends are Family

1.30 Derrick Barry (w/Nebraska Thunderfuck and Adam Ramzi)  “Christmas Party”

1-8 Derrik Roberts       “There Won’t Be Any Snow (Christmas in the Jungle)

10,28, 8’21 Deseis “The Night I Battled Krampus

11:19 Desk Jockeys “Christmas Party (Dance Mix)

12;14 Desmond Dennis “Can’t Wait for Christmas”

2-23 Destenee “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

11,27 Destinee Maree “Everything” 

6,6 Destiny & Tommy (FT. THOMAS VELI, FAMOUS CHRIS & DIANNA VU) “Jingle Bells Remix” 3’7 Destiny Hooks “I Love You and Christmas

10,25 Destiny’s Child “8 Days of Christmas” 

11’26 Destroying Something Beautiful “The Worst Christmas We Ever Had”

3:26 The Destructors “Merry Xmas & Fuck Off

10.13 Destructors 666 “Just Another Christmas Song”

10/13 Determine “Santa Pimp

8’27 Deth Elf “Vampire Christmas” 

6’11 deTournai “White Christmas Dreaming” 

2.18 Detours “Fun in the Snow”

5:20 Detox (feat. Mamatox) “Homemade for the Holidays

8:8 Deuce the Emcee “Harambee It’s Kwanzaa” 

1.28 Deva Delporto “Whip Nae Nae Christmas Parody”

5:21 Devastating Just Cause “Drunk for the Holidays

12/20, 4:21 Devastating Just Cause “I Want a Blowjob for Christmas

10’17 Devin Townsend “More!” 

10:25 Devo “Merry Something to You”

2.19 Devo “Snowball

10.14 Devon Yesberger  “Not Another Christmas Song”

4-10 Devonly Voices “All I Want for Christmas is a Box of Chocolates

11*6 Dewey Longuski “Christmas Time in Michigan is Here

4;25 Dfonte “Coal For Christmas”

6.29, 12’6 DG       “Wrap It Like a Christmas Present

3:27 DGX “Fucking Hating Christmas

1:20 The Diabetes Cowboy “Type 2 Christmas” 

8;13 Diamond Rio “The Star Still Shines”

5/16 Diana Decker  “I’m a Little Christmas Cracker

12*31 Diana Meyer “New Year’s Eve

5:6 Diana Williams “Goodbye Bing, Elvis, and Guy” 

8/17 Diana Williams “Teddy Bear’s Last Ride

10*23 Diane Durrett “Georgia Christmas”

12.24 Diane Gee “Santa’s Boots” 

8’4 Diablo Dan “Mr. Santa” 

1:15 Dick & Richard “Santa Caught a Cold on Christmas Eve” 

11.3 Dick Dedrick “Cards that Count/My Kind of Christmas” 

4.6 Dick Gardiner “Santa Helped Me Cut a Christmas Tree

12*31 Dick Kent with the Lancelots “A New Year’s Dawning”

2-24 Dick Robertson “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe”

7/26 Dick Shawn “Snow Miser”

5.20 Dick Stratton & The Nite Owls “I Wouldn’t Have You on My Christmas Tree

1/21 Dickie Goodman and Bill Buchanan “The Flying Saucer”

5/17 Dickie Valentine “Christmas Alphabet

8,22 Did Dood “Doodmas” 

9,1 Dirty Boyz “All I Want For Christmas (Is to Get Crunk)

6-27 Die Blauen Jung “Der Glühwein Song

7:28 DIE NASTY “It’s Christmas (My Family’s All Dead)” 

11,14 Die Roten Rosen “Jingle Bells” 

12.13 Deirdre Flint “The Christmas Sweater

9:2 The Di Mara Sisters “Santa’s Italian Wife

11;29 Diederick van Eck “Almost Christmas”

11*5 Dierdre Jenkins “Hoosier Gonna Kiss for Christmas

11*12, 11.27 Dierdre Jenkins “Missouri Christmas Card” 

12/22 Diesel Phoenix “All I Got for Christmas was a Restraining Order

11’1 Dieter Horvat “Christmas (On a Wednesday)”

3’22 Different Boats “Season of Sadness

12,25, 12,28 D.I.L.F USA “Countdown to Christmas

12;17 Dimentia 13 “Christmas Comes To Those Who Wait”

6-4 Dimie Cat “Christmas Tea”

9,26 The Dimmer Twins “Aussie 12 Days of Chrisrtmas” Australia 

10’15 The Dimmer Twins (Mick & Keef) “Cyber Santa”

1’17 The Dimmer Twins “Surfin’ Santa” 

2.18 Dina Martina “Fun in the Snow (Phoebe)

5/29, 4”2 Dinah Washington “Ole Santa” 

4’6 Dino “Skiing Hills” 

2-27 Dino Barbiera “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

11/22 The Dino Martinis “Twistmas”

4\1 Dion “Hello Christmas” 

12,15 Dionysos “Nicholsong” 

7-23 The DiRaffs “Ho Ho Ho 2 (It’s a Drunk Santa)

12/26 Dirt Box Disco “I Don’t Want Anything for Christmas

4’21 Dirty Dollar Beatz “Skiing Beat” 

11,23 Dirty Robots “5$ Christmas Tree

7:9 Discover Worship “Jesus’ Family Tree” 

12’7 Dislocator “Now I Have a Machine Gun Ho Ho Ho”

4.12 Distortion Ride “Christmas Tree Blues

4\20 Divine Blu-Tones “Cheez Whiz for Christmas

10;31 Divine Right “Mall Santa

4’13 DJ Boring “Lean House Skiing” 

12’26 DJ Bowler Hat “Don’t Shoot My Birds, Santa”

11’24 DJ Chestnuts “Christmas Tragedy”

7;20 DJ Fire “Twerkith On These Bells”

4-5 DJ Firth ‘Candy Shop

11,24 DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince “Family Christmas

5/25 DJ Mad Milo “Elvis for Christmas

12;8 Dj Quads “Waiting For Christmas” (No Copyright Music)

4’11 DJ Rockstar Pussy “Slope Bunnies & Skiing Down Cool’s Mountain” 

7\16 DJ Santa “Who Feeds the Reindeer” 

10’27 DJ Tenderloin “About Damn Christmas Time”

5:27 DJ Timbo “Regift That Shit!

12’6 DJ UnEq “Shoot Your Eye Out (4-track demo)”

6;20 DJ Wizz “No Christmas

12,21 DJ Zenas “For the Holidayz

8:9 Djoser Pharoah (aka William Scott) “The Kwanzaa Song” 

7.24 DL Menard “No Christmas for the Poor

5.22 D’Lannie “By the Christmas Tree

8,19 DMC “Christmas in Hollis But Every Other Beat is Missing” 

5;4 D’Modes “Empty Stocking Blues”

4”10 D’Modes “Signs His Name with an S” 

12:25 Do You Hear What I Hear? Independent Christmas Music

4”20 Do You Hear What I Hear? (feat. Christine Ohlman)  “Rock N’ Roll Santa” 

1;26 Do You Hear What I Hear (feat. Dean) “Jail for Christmas

2:5 Do You Hear What I Hear (feat. Joseph Cimino) “I Hate the Holidays

2;22 Do You Heat What I hear (feat. Joseph Cimino) “Jesus It’s Your Birthday

5:11 Do You Hear What I Hear (feat. No Kisses for New Years) “Christmas in My Car

1;14 Do You Hear What I hear (feat. Screwy) “The Gift

5:29 Do You Hear What I Hear (feat. Simply Weasels)  “Santa Tune My Guitar” 

7\20 Do You Hear What I Hear (feat. Spike Raven)? “I Wanna be a Reindeer” 

10\28 Do You Hear What I Hear? (feat. Those Guys) “December 2003

4”19 Do You Hear What I Hear (feat. The Wicked Smart Horn Band) “Santa” 

11/2 Dobie Gray “The Christmas Waltz

10,27 Doc Edwards and the Buffalo River Boys “Santa’s Prayer

12*10 Doc Mo She “Hanukkah Homeboy

1;20 Doc Watson “The Lawson Family Murder” 

6.14 Doctor Kitty “Black Friday (Credit Cards Love Christmas)

8-19 Doctor Panglos “Do You Want to Do Some Blow, Man?”

2.15 doddlevloggle “Smile at the Snow

8:31 Dogeyed Welders “O Noodly Night” 

12/14, 6,17 Tha Dogg Pound “I Wish

10:29 Dogless “Nixon’s War on Chrimbus”

8’25 Dogstooth “Killer Robot Christmas” 

4\16 Dolly Parton “Hallelujah Holiday” 

4-2 Dolly Parton “Hard Candy Christmas”

1”29 Dolly Parton “Light Your Lamp”

11*2 Dolly Parton “Smoky Mountain Christmas

12,14 Dolly Parton “Three Candles

1”29 Dolly Parton, Christine Baranski “Christmas Is” 

1”29 Dolly Parton, Jeanine Mason “Everybody Needs an Angel”

4’18 Dolly and Kenny “Christmas to Remember” 

7;18 Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers “With Bells On”

12,22 Dolly Parton w/Michael Buble “Cuddle Up Cozy Down Christmas 

8’31 The Dollyrots “I Saw Mommy Biting Santa Claus”

12\14 The Dollyrots! “Santa Baby

10,3 Dolph Amick “Guitar Lessons for Christmas

11:3 Dom Powell “Satan is coming to the Christmas Party

12:16 Domain 7 “Merry Christmas, Internet” 

5’21 Dominic Campisi “Christmas Time

10\10 Dominique “2020 Christmas

7/19 Dommsn82 “Chocolate Song (for Christmas)

3:10 DØMT “Merry Fucking Christmas

7-29, 5\28 DØMT “Rudolph is a Drunk

11.5 Don Adams “Xmas Card form the Other Side” 

3.19 Don Campbell “Even the Snowman Knows It’s Cold

5/19 Don Charles & The Singing Dogs “Jingle Bells

7.23 Don Cooper “My Hanukkah Gift

5/7 Don Cornell and orchestra “Let’s Have an Old Fashioned Christmas

3;31 Don Edwards “Every Day is Christmas in the West

11/26 Don Eves “Crazy Christmas Tango

6-23 Don Hackney “Whiskey Lights of Christmas

7.5 Don Ho “The Christmas Gift

2\2 Don Ho “It’s Christmas Time Again

12*5 Don Ho “Mele Kalikimaka”

7\26 Don McKinnon “Reindeers on the Rooftop” 

3.25 Don Ohman ‘The Singing Roofer’ “New Years: Frozen the Snowwoman Song

8:19 Don Owens “Festivus Carol

7/31 Don Smith “Black Christmas”

4\1 Donald Lawrence “Hello Christmas

4”28 Donald Miclette “Cool Cat Santa Claus” 

6\10 Donald Pinkleton “Bubba the Redneck Reindeer” 

11:18 Donchez Dacres “Christmas Party Song” 

1;3 Done Lying Down “Christmas Shoplfiting

2\26 Donfiora “It’s Christmas Again

12*10 Doni Zasloff “Eight

2\25 Donivc “It’s Christmas Again

3;10 Donna and Carroll Roberson “A Cowboy Christmas

5.19 Donna Cutler “I Love a Christmas Tree

1”4 Donna English, Lori Hammel, Ron Wisniski, Scott Ahearn “Mrs. Huvey’s Complaint”

9;8, 6’1 Donna Lewis “Christmas Lights

1;26 Donnie Baker “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

12.30 Donny Lovering “Kenny’s Naked Christmas” 

1\19 Donny Osmond “After December Slips Away”

12*24 Donny Osmond “This Christmas Eve

9.3 Donny Osmond, Mae Whitman, Dwight Schulz ”A Johnny Bravo Christmas Song”

12*31 Donny Goldberg “New Year’s Song

11.17 Donny P. “Home Made Christmas Card” 

7/27 don’tlOOkback “White Trash Christmas

12\4 Don’t Call Me Ishmael “My Christmas is Better Than Yours

11’1 The Doomsday Bunker Band The Christmas Hurtsmas Song”

9,26 The Doopie Bros. “The 12 Days of Christmas” nerd

9-4 Dora Bryan “All I Want for Christmas is a Beatle”

 8.4 Dora the Explorer Dora the Explorer Christmas Theme

1/25 Doreen Allen w/Johnny Collins & The Caravans  “Spacey Santa’s Spaceship”

7.2 Doris Day “Christmas Present

2/13 Doris Day “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”

4”30 Doris Day “Ol’ Saint Nicholas

2.14 Doris Day “Snowfall”

12,26 Doris Spears “Christmas Comes But Once a Year

1-16 Dottie Swan “Red, White, and Blue Christmas

1:31 Double Plus Good “Cancer for Christmas”

10*14 Double Shot A Cappella “Santa Claus is Going Downtown”

12*3 The Double Tall Skinny Strangers “(Just Another) Wet Seattle Christmas”

10’10 The Doubleclicks “The End of the World”

1:29 Doug “I Got Herpes for Christmas

9,25 Doug and Bob McKenzie (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) “The Twelve Days of Christmas” 

12;18 Doug & Deb “I Just Can’t Wait Till Christmas”

7-22 Doug and Glenn “Santa Claus Got Drunk

5.6 Doug Carman “Christmas Tree

1;27 Doug Legacy and the Legends of the West “Christmas in Prison” 

5-1 Doug the Pug “All I Want for Christmas is Food

11.10 Doug Stone “A Christmas Card” 

6’24 Doug Stone “Sailing Home for Christmas” 

8\29 Doug Stone “Santa’s Flying a 747 Tonight” 

12,15 Doug Stone “Three Little Pennies” 

4\16 Doug Welborn “Hallelujah Christmas” 

5\19 Dougie Bear “Blitzen

4.25 Dougie Bear “My Christmas Tree

7;15 Douglas E. Wagner “Ring the Bells, It’s Christmas!”

8’29 Douglas Gwilym “Infinity Christmas” 

12*1 the Downer Party “Christmas Sucks in San Francisco

5;11 The Downtown Fiction “Forgot It Was Christmas” 

6’15 D. P. Weisemann “Canoe

6/20 Dr. and Mrs. Strangelove “Oh Christmas Rat

8,26 Dr. Blackout “Hey Merry Christmas

5:10 Dr. BLT “Black Santa”

5:22 Dr. BLT “Bye George” 

10.8 Dr. BLT “Brand New Christmas Song” 

12.25 Dr. BLT (Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen) Candy Cane Lanes album 1

12.25 Dr. BLT Candy Cane Lanes album 2 

12.25 Dr. BLT Candy Cane Lanes album 3

12.25 Dr. BLT Candy Cane Lanes album 4

5:25 Dr. BLT “Chillin’ with Frosty

7;15 Dr. BLT “Christmas Hmm That Rings a Bell”

5:1 Dr. BLT “Christmas in South Carolina

5:8 Dr. BLT “Christmas on the Farm” 

7.2 Dr. BLT “Christmas Shopping for Love

4.8 Dr. BLT “Christmas Tree Hugger”

5:16 Dr. BLT “Daddy’s Gone off to War (On Christmas Day)

5:23 Dr. BLT “Don’t Fear the New Year

2:5 Dr. BLT “I Hate Christmas (And Other Lies)”

5:29 Dr. BLT “I’ll be Writing You a Christmas Song

5:1 Dr. BLT “It Never Snows on the Streets of Bakersfield

5:24 Dr. BLT “It’s Snowing in My Heart

4.6 Dr. BLT “Last Minute Chopping

5.12 Dr. BLT “Love Underneath My Christmas Tree

5:24 Dr. BLT “No Snow (Just Rain Dear)

9,16 Dr. BLT “Not the Kinda Ho (That Santa Had in Mind)” 

5:10 Dr. BLT “Orange Christmas” 

5:13, 8;27 Dr. BLT “Santa Claus Wants to be a Rock Star

5:13 Dr. BLT (feat. Jerry Rothberg) “Sometimes Even Santa Needs a Shrink

5:29 Dr. BLT “Songwriting Santa” 

8;31 Dr. BLT “Star of Bethlehem”

5:10 Dr. BLT “That was Before Our Christmas Turned Blue” 

5:22 Dr. BLT “We Still Miss Someone

6.29 Dr. BLT (feat. Gary LaDuke) “Wrap It up

11:29 Dr. BLT (feat Roxie) “You Crashed My Christmas Party

1;10 Dr. BLT “Your Christmas Stalking

4”5 Dr. Cogwerks “The Story of Santa

9’25 Dr. Colossus “This Christmas (Buy Me Bonestorm or Go to Hell!)”

4:5 Dr. Danny Roadkill “Christmas Boner

11:19 Dr. Dog “Christmas Party”

2:28 Dr. Doofensmirtz “I Really Don’t Hate Christmas

7:6 Dr. Duke Tomatoe “Christmas at Grandma’s”

5:5 Dr. Duke Tomatoe “Christmas I Can’t Take It

12:25 Dr. Duke Tumatoe It’s Christmas

4:3 Dr. Duke Tomatoe “It’s Christmas (Let’s Have Sex)” 

5:13 Dr. Duke Tomatoe “Look Out It’s Santa

5:26 Dr. Duke Tomatoe “Turn on Your Christmas Tree” 

5.19 Dr. Dog “Oh My Christmas Tree

9\18 Dr. Elmo  “Christmas Millionaire

10.3 Dr. Elmo “Don’t Make Me Play that Grandma Song Again

4-19 Dr. Elmo “Grandma’s Killer Fruitcake”

10/25, 1;25 Dr. Elmo “Grandpa’s Gonna Sue the Pants off Santa” 

6:25 Dr. Elmo “Here’s to the Lonely”

11*15 Dr. Elmo “Texas Chainsaw Christmas

5-12 Dr. John “Mixed Nuts”

10/14 Dr. Noise “Santa Claus is a Vampire”

8’31 Dr. Scythe “Tim the Christmas Zombie” 

9-29 Draco and the Malfoys “All I Want for Christmas

5:27 Draco and the Malfoys “Christmas with My Mom and Dad

9-29 Draco and the Malfoys “A Very Voldemort Christmas

8’6 Dracula Sings! “Unholy Night”

8,1 Drago (feat. Freeah) “Naughty List

3.23 Dragon Rock (feat. Ray Sharp) “I’m a Snowman

12:24, 11,3 Dragonette “Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message)

10,30 The Dragon Sisters “The Dragon Sisters Holiday Special” 

6.24 Dragstrip Riot “Broke for Christmas”

2\12 Drakeford “Christmas Again

12/15 The Dramatics “All I Want for Christmas is My Baby

1;9 Draztik “Kidnapping of St. Nick” 

8,27 Dre Smuzic (feat. Ketandu) “Christmas Miracle” 

11,6 Dream Theater “6:00

9;6 Dreams So Real “Red Lights (Merry Christmas)”

8\29 Dreamworks’ Penguins of MadagascarFlying Home for Christmas

10,16 Drew Dillon “Have You Seen My Love?” 

12.29 Drew Jacobs “Strip Club Christmas Eve” 

8’11 Drew James “Christmas Ghost” 

7;22 The Drifters “The Bells Of St. Mary’s”

5/15 The Drifters “White Christmas

7;17 Driftless Sisters “Hang a Little Bell”

10/31 Driller “There’s No Santa Claus

12,21 Dripz “Christmas is Overrated” 

9:16 Drive-By Truckers “Mrs. Claus’s Kimono” 

11;26 Droesem “Almost Christmas Time”

5\10 The Droogettes “Vixen

8\19 Drop a Grand “Reindeer Love

11\19 The Drop Shadows “Christmas 1983

9,22 The Drop Shadows “Christmas is Homemade” 

3”8 The Drop Shadows “Solidarity With Santa Claus”

7:1 The Dropkick Murphys “The Season’s Upon Us” 

8-26 The Drovers “Opium for Christmas”

11/21 ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ “Rockin’ Christmas Angel

7\20 Drtyboy “Whip Me Like a Reindeer

10\21 DRTYUNCL “Christmas 2010

7-9 Drunk Sprungy (with Innuendo) “A Drunk Sprungy’s Christmas Carol

3;4 Drunken Ramblings “Christmas for Cowboys”

4/1 Dryante Zan “Dead Dead Dead”

1;31 Dryer “Don’t Steal or Kill This Christmas

12,5 DubleAADank “Christmas in Hampton” 

11/5 Duchess Di and Dave Keyes “Swing into Christmas

12.9 The Duck Dynasty crew “Camouflage and Christmas Lights” 

7:17 Duck Logic Comedy “An Extended Family Christmas

4-20 Duck Logic Comedy “The Fruitcake (I Hate Fruitcake)”

4\23 Duck Logic Comedy “Oh, Christmas Night (Mare)

1;6 Duck Logic Comedy “Santa Took My Car

7;3 Dude York “Jingle Bells Rock”

4”17  The Duderinos “Go Santa Go

6/23 Dudley Dogg Jr. “The Christmas Puppy

12*3 Duffy Bishop “Sippin’ in Seattle’s Latte Land

1’27 The Dukes of Surf “Aloha Christmas

4-15 Dulanka Nayanajith “Christmas Cake

4’5 Dullfenita “Skiing” 

2:22 Dumpster Baby “Santa Claus Hates the Poor” 

6’23 Dumpster Company “Christmas on a Boat” 

1.22, 9;25 Duncan G and Brian “The Candles Glow”

11-17 Duncan G and Brian “Careless Guy”

7.10 Duncan G and Brian “King of Christmas Giving”

7.14 Duncan G with Brian “One More Gift for Us”

12-20, 7.11 Duncan G with Brian “Santa Got Gifts”

1.14 Ducan G (w/ Brian) “Someone Like Santa”

1.25 Duncan G “Stuffin’ Stockings” 

12-1, 6.27 Duncan G “Wrap It” 

8,21 Duncan Pelletier “December 26

4-11 Sam Concepcion, Cheska Ortega, Audie Gemora (Dunkin’ Donuts) “Merry Munchkins

6.10 Dunno “Christmas Shopping

4”13 Durand Bernarr “Burning Incense on an Open Fire” 

6.1 Durand Bernar “Christmas Shopping in July”

4\26 Durnst and Friends “Oh, Golly Jolly

4”13 Durnst & Friends “San Diego Santa

4,7 Dustin Bermuda “Nothing I Want More

5-26 Dustin Donovan “Christmas Dinner 2011

12,10 Dustinfool (feat. Baoii) “Iced Out Christmas” 

8’1 The Dusty Meadows Band “Christmas in Outerspace” 

1’9 Dusty Wright “Santa Surf City

5:21 The Dwarves “Drinking Up Christmas

8’23 Dwight Frye and the Crew of Creeps “Santa’s Monster Bash” 

11;9 Dwight Twilley “Almost Christmas Time”

3:22 DWV (Detox, William, & Vicky Vox) “That Christmas Song

1/7 theDXT “Doctor Who 12 Days of Christmas”

1-15 Dyer Highway “Red White and Blue Christmas

4-12 Dylan Evans “Mince Pies

12,4 Dylan Shane Moore “Honky Tonkin’ Texas Country Christmas

7:20 The Dysfunctional Family Band “Dysfunctional Family Holidays” 

10:4 Dysfunctional Family (feat. Metropolitan Melinda)  “Politically Correct Christmas”

7\20 Dyslexic Fudgicle “Balls Deep in Santa’s Reindeer


12,19 E8 Profilensemble “Drunk Drivin’ Christmas

2:13 E&Daniel “Anti Christmas Song

6;18 Eagleman Band “No Christmas Day”

11,18 Eagleman Band “The Old Christmas Letter” 

3:25 Earl Sweatshirt (and others) “Fuck This Christmas

11:21 Earle Monroe “Ultimate Holiday Party Song”

8;4 Early Music New York “The Shepherd’s Star”

5.28 Earn Your Stories “Christmas Trees

11/11 Earney Vandegriff’ “Be Bop Santa Claus”

12;30 The Earps “I can’t Wait for Christmas (To be Over)”

11,16 The Easy Button “Christmas Girl

3’18 The Easy Button “It’s Christmas Time!

9,26 The Easy Cajun “The 12 Days of Christmas” the Delta

5.4 Earth Mama “The Angel Tree

5:7 Eartha Kitt “This Year’s Santa Baby

1\20 Earwig “Next Christmas

4.14 EASHA “Christmas Tree

6:6 East 17 “Stay Another Day

4;23 Eastbound Jesus “All I Want For Christmas is Coal”

5,9 Easy “Christmas Memories

3”7 Easy ESL Games “Santa’s Beard”

11*2 eastnashvillechristmas.comEast Nashville Christmas

8/21 An East Nashville Christmas album “A Truck Stop Christmas

11,18 Eazy-E “Merry Muthafuckin’ Xmas

9/11 Eban Schlepper “Song of the Working Elves”

4/24 Ebeneezer Pop and the Scrooges “Santa Claus was Dead”

2/15 the Ebonaires “Love for Christmas”

12,17 ecca Steiner “Christmas is Coming (They Say)” 

12,5The Echelons “Christmas Long Ago

5-20 Echo “Run, Turkey, Run

4,4 Echopark “Christmastime is Here for All (But It’s Not Here for Me)

8\6 Eclectic Blonde “Fly Santa Fly

1-4, 12-25, 5\26 Eclipse 6 “Hamildolph

6/29 Ed Ames “The Ballad of the Christmas Donkey

7/16 Ed Button “Red Starbucks Cup (Red Solo Cup parody)

2.17 Ed Grossheim “Snow Angel

12*5 Ed Kenney and The Honolulu Boy Choir   “Numbah One Day of Christmas

5.22 Ed Mills “Sitting by the Christmas Tree

12*24 Ed Rambeau “Come and Sing a Christmas Song (It’s Almost Christmas Day)

2’3 Ed Riegler “Flexible Flyer” 

4;21 Ed the Dread “I Want Coal for Christmas”

1”16 Ed Wynn “Workshop Song”

7.14 EDBM (feat. Sid Crowe) “Season’s Greedy”

5/31 Edd Byrnes “Yulesville/Lonely Christmas

5/22, 9-3  Eddie Cochran & The Holly Twins “I Want Elvis for Christmas

5/5 Eddie Fisher  “Christmas Eve in My Home Town

5/8 Eddie Fisher “You’re All I Want for Christmas”

5/8 Eddie Fisher “Christmas Day”

12:25 Eddie Florano Christmas Here There and Everywhere (2007)

9:20 Eddie Florano “I Saw Daddy Kissing Mrs. Claus”

7\26 Eddie Floriano “The Lost Reindeer” 

4”4 Eddie Florano “Santa Claus is in Town”

4”11 Eddie Florano “Santa Has a New Outfit”

11:7 Eddie Floyd “Christmas Party”

11/13 Eddie Floyd “Doo Wop Christmas

12’23 Eddie Ishaya & Wasted Youth “Jingle Bell Glock”

8:20 Eddie Latiolais “Festivus

5/25 Eddie Lawrence “The Merry Old Philosopher”

5/25 Eddie Lawrence “That Holiday Spirit

12’14 Eddie Money “Everybody Loves Christmas”

2.17 Eddie Pinero “Snow Angels

5/14 Eddy Arnold “Christmas Can’t Be Far Away

3”30 Eddy Arnold “Just Put a Ribbon in Your Hair

12,26 Eddy Arnold “One Christmas Eve Long Ago” 

7.21 Eddy Arnold “Present for Santa Claus

10;3 Eddy Arnold “Sittin’ On Santa Claus’ Lap”

4.9 Eddy Gober “My Broken Christmas Tree

2:26 Eddy Howard “Ebenezer Scrooge”

4.24, 5.18 Eddy Howard and His Orchestra “There’s a Christmas Tree in Heaven”

7;26 Edison Concert Band, Edison Mixed Quartet “Ring out the Bells for Christmas” (1913)

11’30 Edison Lighthouse “The Star That Fell to Earth”

9,18 e. d. slyter “Sixteen

12:6 Edward Hare “Santa Claus Hides in the Phonograph

9,28 Edward Mass “Twelve Days” 

6’15 Edward Littlefield “I Saw Canoes

6/24 Eels “Christmas is Going to the Dogs”

9:6 The Eerie County Monster Hunters “Mrs. Claus’s Blues

9:8 E. Faye Butler “The Sad Saga of Mrs. Claus”  

11.29 The Effengee’s “Card with No Name” 

8.27 E.G. Daily & co. “Rugrats Chanukah

2’24 Egghead “Breakaway Luge” 

4/23 Eight Bay Bus “Santa Claus is Dead”

4:14 Einar Mathias Egenes “Super Sexy Santa Claus

12.21 Einstein’s Wardrobe “The Man in the Red Velvet Suit” 

12’20 Eiqu “Santa Claus was a Gangster”

9,6 Eisel “A Goth Girl Christmas

7/2 Eisley “The Winter Song”

10,15 Eko the Beat “Obodo Oyibo Christmas

12/5 EKOH “Christmas List Rap”

11’29 El Camino “Psycho Ho Ho”

7’24 El Camino “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” 

6;26 El Dorado “No Christmas This Year”

11,5 el enigmA “Grateful” 

11*15 El Paso’s KLAQ morning show “Naked Cave Man

1;21 El Privates “A Christmas Warning

9,23 El Sancho “Merry Christmas Joey Ramone

11/6 El Timbo “Mambo Christmas

4/12 El Vez “Christmas Wish”

7/18 El Vez “Orange for Christmas

12’29 Electric Bill and the Utilities “A Gun For Christmas”

6-8 Electrocutes “Eggnog

4\17 Elektra Women’s Choir & Alicia O’Brien “Hail, Christmas Day!” 

8’15 Element Animation (feat. Dan Bull) “The Ballad of Bob the Snow Golem”

3’6 Elena Lopez “Let’s Go Skating

1;20 Elephant Micah “Lawson Family” 

9,21 Eleri Angharad “Santa’s Little Helper” 

9;15 Elevation Music “I Love the Lights on the Christmas Trees”

3.21 Elevator Music “Snowman Song

10’7 Elevnety Seven (feat. Spaceman Jones) “Hellmouth”

9/3 The Elf Cottage Elves “At Santa’s Workshop

7/23 Elf Cottage Elves “Green Christmas.

9/3 Elf Magic “Getting Things Ready for Christmas

11’15 Elfie of Christmas Workshop Band “Dog Ate My Christmas Toy”

1:8 ELFIS “I Want an H1N1 Shot for Christmas

5-29 Elfish Pressley “Santa’s on a Weight Loss Plan

4”20 The Elfish Preselys “Santa was a Rockin’

7.13 The Elftones “Get Some Present”

7\30 The Elf-tones “I See Reindeer in the Clouds” 

9\14 Eli Caravajal “Can’t Believe

9;27 Eli Goldstein “Night of Light – Hanukkah Song”

5.6 Eliane Chappuis “Christmas Tree

1”4 Elijah Rayman “Somebody Owes Me a Christmas”

8’13 Elina Laivera “The Christmas Goblins”

7.23 Elissa Oppenheim Shreiner & Sunnie Miller  “Eight Little Presents

10*24 Elizabeth C “StellaCat” “Christmas in Florida

7,12 Elizabeth Chan “Christmas in the City

9\21 Elizabeth Chan “Christmas Through Your Eyes

8’9 Elizabeth Chan “Ghost of Christmas Past” 

5\11 Elizabeth Chan “Vixen” 

11*27 Elizabeth Loring and Larry White “Black Friday No More

3.18 Elizabeth MacInnis “I’m Gonna Build a Snowman” 

3.3 Elizabeth McMahon “Snowman’s Cafe

8;22 Elizabeth Mitchell “Bright Morning Stars Are Rising”

8;3 Elizabeth Mitchell, Simi Stone “Shine Like a Star in the Morning”

2.23 Elizaveta Khripounova “Snow in Venice

11;7 Elizabeth R. Hanney “Almost Christmas”

6’15 Ella Fitzgerald “Christmas Island”

2/13 Ella Fitzgerald “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”

5/3 Ella Fitzgerald “Santa Claus Got Stuck in My Chimney”

5/29 Ella Fitzgerald “The Secret of Christmas”

11,1 Ella Ion “Christmas” 

5.24 Ella May Kay “Green Felt Christmas Tree

8.12 Ella Mitchell “Stable Down the Road”

1;10 Ella Rue “Santa Claus is Stalking You” 

5’1 Elle Carpenter “Colorado Christmas” 

10,13 Elle Hills “Christmas is Here

11,23 Elliott Yamin “A Very Merry Christmas

8;30 Elliphant “North Star (Bloody Christmas)”

3\20 The Elm City Girls’ Choir “Not Just Another Hanukkah Song

7.22 Eloise “Christmas Gifts from Eloise

2.5 Elto2 “Hoping for Snow

7/13 Elton Britt “Christmas in November”

11*15 Elton Britt and the Beaver Valley Sweethearts “Merry Texas Christmas You All”

11*26 Elton John “Ho Ho Ho Who’d be a Turkey at Christmas?

10,8 Elton Thomas “It’s Christmas Time” 

6-10 The Elves “99 Cartons of Eggnog”

3”14 Elvis Costello “God’s Comic

5.21 Elvis Presley “Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees” 

12:26 Emmanuel “Myspace Christmas”

11,1 Ember Knight “Christmas Song” 

11/24 The Embers “Shimmy in a Winter Wonderland

9;9 Emerald City Voices “Throw the Yule Log on Uncle John”

8:27 Emerald Rose “Santa is Pagan Too

12,13 Emerson Brophy “Alone on Christmas” 

2’1 Emily Arrow “Little Red Sled

5;2 Emily Boo Boo Miller “You Ain’t Gettin’ Shit (For Xmas)”

3.18 Emilie Chin “Snowman

6-12 Emily Clarke  “The Eggnog Song”

1\15 Emily Lockett “Always Got Next Christmas” 

2.20 Emily Mac “Snow Day

12,31 Emily Malmgren “The Star on Top of the Tree

9\4 Emily Sanders, Chris Parkinson, and Pete Morton “Seven Billion Eccentrics

4/30 Emily Sofia Smith Carols for The Walking Dead

4/30 Emily Sofia Smith Carols for Hannibal and Bates Motel

4/30 Emily Sofia Smith Carols for Dexter

8,26 Emily Weisband “The Holly Jolly Truth

12/27 Emily Zisman “Whoring for Hanukkah”

9’18 Emit Bloch (with Michael Vinaver) “I Mispelt Santa, Satan”

12;21 Emma and Charlie’s Radio PodcastCan’t Wait for Christmas Morning” 

12;25 Emma and Charlie’s Radio Podcast Adventures 2010

9,1 Emma Hamel “December 24th

9;17, 12;25 Emma Stone & SNL cast “The Christmas Candle

9:13 Emma Wallace and Marie Bee “Let’s Have Some Fun, Mrs. Claus

1’22 Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler “Christmas Day (I Wish I was Surfing)

9:11 Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler: “(Don’t Call Me) Mrs. Christmas

5:18, 6\16 Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler “Jesus the Reindeer

5:24 Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler “Snowflakes” 

8’31 Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler “Zombie Christmas”

8;2 Emmylou Harris “Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem”

9;2 Emmylou Harris “Light Of The Stable”

1\17 Emmrose “Maybe Next Christmas

7/31 The Emotions “Black Christmas”

6:24 The Emotions “What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas?”

8;5 Empire of Sleep “Star

2.21 En Vogue “Snowy Nights

10:17 The Enablers and Friends “War on Christmas”

3”2 The Enablers and Friends “White Beard/Red Jacket”

7/13, 10.30 Enna Chow “It’s Too Early for Christmas Carols” 

5/24, 11/6 The Enchanters “Mambo Santa Mambo

12*4 The End Credits “An Alaskan Christmas Carol

4\28 Ender Bender “Yes It’s Christmas

3.18 Enfants Terribles “In Love with a Snowman

7:19 Engelbert Humperdink “A Christmas for the Family

6’28 Engelbert Humperdinck “A Night to Remember

8’22 English Acoustic Collective “Mari Lwyd”

3;12 The English Brothers “Cowboy and Cowgirl Christmas

11;21 English Chorale Choir “Countdown to Christmas”

7/8 Enjay “Christmas in July”

12*24 The Ennis Sisters “I’ll Be There Christmas Eve

11;27 Entaune “Almost Christmas Eve”

5:21 Entenzahn “Drunken Santa

10-6 Entorwellian “Garbling Like Eddie Vedder Christmas”

1\8 Entre-Knobs (feat. Rob Boyd) “Christmas is Over” 

8\26 Enya “Journey of the Angels” 

8’9 Enya “The Spirit of Christmas Past” 

5’3 Enya “Trains and Winter Rains

2.21 Enya “White is the Winter Night

10:17 Epic Beard Men “War on Christmas” 

3-4 Epic Happy Birthday Songs “Happy Birthday, Jesus” cat version

3-4 Epic Happy Birthday Songs “Happy Birthday, Jesus”

3\14 The Epileptic Hillbillys “Another Christmas Without You

5.9 The Episodes “Christmas Tree

8:30 The Epiphany of Our Lord Centenial Liturgy “Epiphany Song

12,18 E. Quipped (feat. Cutright) “Mcclane vs. McCallister

1;23 The Eradicator “The Court’s Closed on Christmas” 

11:8 Eraserheads “Christmas Party

4-17 Eraserheads “Fruitcake

4’24 Eraserheads “Styrosnow

7;22 Erasure “Bells Of Love (Isabelle’s Of Love)”

6:14 Erasure “Loving Man

10-12 The Ergs! “(We’re Gonna Have a) DEVO Christmas”

2.7 Eric Alexandrakis “Here Comes the Snow

5;25 Eric and Sari       “This Year I Don’t Want to Do Anything For Christmas”

9.1 Eric Anzalone, Alfredo Miller “We Wish You a Turtles Christmas” Title song 

9.1 Eric Anzalone “Michaelangelo’s Christmas Opera Song

9.1 Eric Anzalone, Alfredo Miller “Gotta Get a Gift for Splinter”

11’22 Eric Bachmann “I was Made for Losing You”

3\21, 1”17 Eric Bagnet “Another Fucking Christmas Song

10:27, 1”17 Eric Branget, Julia Pastorius, David Burrows  “Everyone’s a Christian at Christmas”

1”17 Eric Branget, Julie Walton, Sam Poole, Samantha Lillian, Carla Gyemi, Eric Branget, Maria Hausmann, David Burrows “Hark, a Miracle!“

6,8 Eric Clapton “Christmas Tears

4;22 Eric Eaton “Coal For Christmas”

3’23 Eric Evans “Ice Skating” 

11*27 Eric Folkerth “The Martyr of Black Friday

2.20 Eric Herman “Snow Day

6’30 Eric Holm “Tomato Christmas” 

1-30 Eric Homer Music “Christmas in America

3:3 Eric Idle “Fuck Christmas

11’6 Eric Idle “It could Always be Worse”

6:13 Eric Lewis (Madd) “She Mistake Me for Santa Claus”

9;19 Eric Lichter “Christmas Lights for Matadors”

12\20 Eric Rasmussen “New York Christmas, 1945

9.6 Eric Stuart “I Keep My Home in My Heart

6\6 Eric Stone “Boudreaux the Cajun Reindeer

10,15, 1’17 Eric Stone “Hang Ten Santa” 

3”28 Eric Stone “Santa Claus Has Dreadlocks” 

7\19 Erica Fleischmanns “Reindeer on the Roof” 

8.30 Erica Gimple “We’ll Catch Up” 

8.30 Erica Gimple ”Wishing It were Christmas”

6-13 Erica Perry “Whiskey in My Eggnog

8/15 Erich McMann “Santa Was a Trucker”

12;13 Erick Nathan “Can’t Wait for Christmas”

5\20 ericslake “Blitzen

10/22 Erik Alexander “Santa is a Cowboy

4.6 Erik Darling “Revenge of the Christmas Tree

10*13 Erik Frandsen “Christmas in Brooklyn

3;23 Erin Enderlin “Cowboy Christmas” 

12*23 Erin Freund “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”

10:15 Erin McKeown’s Anti-Holiday Spectacular “Christmas (Love It Or Leave It)” 

5:13 Erin McKeown “Santa is an A**hole”

1.23, 10.31 Erin Oeschel “Carols” 

8’9 Erin Zindle & The Ragbirds “Ghost of Christmas Future” 

1.15 erizos “Last Christmas Eve”

3.21 Ernest J. Papay “Snowman

2.2 Ernest Mistica “Snowflake

3\22 Ernest Tubb “Christmas is Just Another Day” 

11*15 Ernest Tubb “Merry Texas Christmas You All”

9;3 Ernie Haase & Signature Sound “Every Light That Shines At Christmas”

7:27 Errol Brown “Family Christmas Time

2.15 Esler Burke “Snow White Crystal Clear

12;15 Esmee Denters “Can’t Wait!”

5/29 Esquivel! “Jingle Bells”

3;15 Estelle Seaguin’s kids “Randolph the Bow Legged Cowboy

12,9 Et Repudiata “The Krampus Cometh

12:20, 6,9 The Eternal Frontier “100 Years of Christmas (She Melts Me)” 

12:20 The Eternal Frontier “Santa’s Making Time” 

12:20 The Eternal Frontier “Steampunk Yuletide Ditty

12*1 Ethan Newberry “I Hate Christmas in L.A.

7;19 Etta James “Ring the Bells” 

11:21 Eugenegenay “Holiday Party Song

11,6 Eunike (feat. Tom Sycamore) “Tis’ the Season

5:29 Eurotrashy Günther & The Sunshine Girls  “Christmas Song

3\29 Eux Autres “Another Christmas at Home

4\8 Eva-Maria Kramer “Hey, It’s Christmas

3:11 Eva Moon & the Lunatics “Light the Fucking Candles”

4’27 Eva Via “Make ‘Em All Believe” 

11\3 Evan Church “Robots

9-16 Evan Taubenfeld “Merry Swiftmas”

11\9 Evelyn Evelyn “Sandy Fishnets” 

11,19 Even Blurry Videos “On This Christmas Eve” 

8,23 Evergrey “December 26

12,29 Everlife “Everyday is Christmas” 

12*24 The Everly Brothers “Christmas Eve Can Kill You

6-3 Everyday Detour “Peppermint & a Whole Latte Christmas”

3.1 E(everyone)L(oves)F(un) Learning “Let’s Build a Snowman”

6:11 Everything But the Girl “25th December

9.19 Evie Calabasas “Christmas Morning

7;27 Evie Tornquist “Come On, Ring Those Bells”

5;10 Evil Blizzard “(I Hope That You Get) Nothing For Christmas”

2;26 Evil Weiner “All Around the World (Happy Birthday Jesus)

3.20 Evin “Love Song for a Snowman

4:5 Evulva “Erect My Heart

8-24 Except the General “Heroin for Christmas Again”

1/2 Exitos Navidnos de Puerto Rico

10,31 EXP “Christmas at the 20 Summat

12’10 Extize “Gremlins in the System”

11’26 Eye Suck “Bad Christmas”

7’2 Eye Suck “Christmas Pirate” 


8:25 F13at Cat “Winter Solstice Carol

12,14 Fabby Claus “I’ll Never Drink with Santa Again” 

3:25 Fabolous “I Don’t F*#k with Christmas”

2\28 Fabulous Bird “Everybody Knows It’s Xmas Time Again” 

1:28 The Fabulous Four Skins “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Syphilis”

5.9 The Fabulous Gabriel “Let’s Rock Under the Christmas Tree Tonight

6/4 Face Full of Fist “Octopus. A Punk Christmas Nightmare

7;27 Face Vocal Band “I Hear the Bells”

12.17 Face Vocal Band “The Ugly Christmas Sweater

4\27 FactNotFiction “Christmas in July, Oh Yeah” 

10/16 faffytunes “Surfboard Santa

3’29 Faint Lights “The New Ice Skates

7.19 Fairmont “This Song is Your Christmas Gift”

11-22 The Fairies “The Christmas Twist

9.19 Fairly Odd Parents cast ”Not on the List”

10.28 Fairmont “This Song is Your Christmas Gift” 

4-25 The Fairy Tale Pops “The Chase

4-25 The Fairy Tale Pops “Gingerbread Man, Gingerbread Man

4-25 The Fairy Tale Pops “The Great Christmas Eve Cookie Calamity”

4-25 The Fairy Tale Pops “Sweet and Tasty Pastry

2-3 Faith Evans “Mistletoe and Holly”

1.27 Faith Promise Church “All About that Bass – Christmas Remix

8,2 Faithful Johannes (feat. Benjamin Amos) “It’s OK to be Alone (This Christmas)” 

5’6 Faithful Johannes “You Don’t Like Christmas Songs

9-22, 2:24 Fake Shark Real Zombie “Winona Ryder Hates Christmas

9,29 Fake Zappa “Baby Santa Claus

5/24 The Falcons “Can This be Christmas?

8,12 The Fall “Xmas with Simon

12\26 Fall in Green “One Hat

12,22, 12’6 Fall Out Boy “Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

6.8 The Fallen Angel Choir “Achy Breaky Shop”

7;14 The Fallen Angel Choir “Clanging Bells”

8,2 The Fallen Angel Choir “For My 40-Something Christmas” 

12*19 The Fallen Angel Choir “Jingle Coins”

12*20 The Fallen Angel Choir “O Come Get Out the Manual”

10.27 The Fallen Angel Choir “Sing a Song for Benjamin Linder” 

10.17 The Fallen Trees “Same Old Holiday Song” 

4.21 Family Abides Ministries “Christmas Tree

3.9 Family Animals “The Abominable Snowman

9,5 The Family Baloo “Christmas Spirit (24 Hours in A&E)

12\21 Family Friend “Christmas, 1944

12/10, 9.20 Family Guy cast “All I Really Want for Christmas

9.20 Family Guy cast “Jesus Child

4\21 Family of the Year “OMG It’s Christmas” 

9,1 Fan 3 “I Love Christmas” 

3.20 Fancy “Snowman

10’1 Fancy Feast “Christmas in Hell”

4.30 Original Cast of ‘Fancy Nancy Splenidferous Christmas’ “Each Ornament Has a Story

3.25 Fandango Quartet “Frosty the Snowman”

8:6 Fanoko Singers “Happy Kwanzaa” 

2.12 Fantasia “The Snow is Falling” sexy version

12*31 The Fantastikids “Happy Happy New Year

8,16 Farebrother “Santa, Get Your Shit Together

2-10 The Farley Flower Band “The Best Mistletoe Song Ever Made”

5-22 Farmer Derek “All I Want for Christmas is Bacon

5-23 Farmer Derek “Walking around a T-bone Steak”

5:8 Farmer Jason “All I Want for Christmas (Is a Punk Rock Skunk)

5:8 Farmer Jason “Christmas on the Farm” 

5:19 Farmer Jason “Eat Your Fruitcake

5:11 Farmer Jason “Santa Drove a Big John Deere

5/13, 5.4 Faron Young “You’re the Angel on My Christmas Tree

9.26 Fascinations Grinds Chorus “This Christmas (Underneath the Christmas Tree)

5;23, 7;21  Fashionable Glasses “Nothin’ But The Bells On”

5-9 The Fast Food Rockers “The Fat Food song (Festive Edition)

8-27 Fat by the Gallon “Christmas on L.S.D.”

6.9 Fat, Happy and Blue “Christmas Shopping Blues

4’28 Fat Little Bastard “Impending Doom at the Ski Lodge

7-22 Fathead “Santa’s Drunk”

8.18 Father Abraham “Christmas in Smurfland”

8,12 Fats Domino “Christmas is a Special Day

9\22 Fats Domino “I Told Santa Claus

7;1 Fats Waller & His Orchestra “Swingin’ Them Jingle Bells”

1;10 The Fatty Acids “Christmas Stalking

1”5 Fay DeWitt · Marilyn Ross “Flahooley!” 

12\4 Fay Lovsky “Christmas was a Friend of Mine” 

7-8 Fay McKay “The 12 Drinks of Christmas

4-11 Fayetteville Ska Alliance “Have Another Piece of Pie

2’19 Fayetteville Ska Alliance “Why Can’t Every Holiday Just Be Christmas?

11,22 FaZe Kay “A FaZe Christmas Song” 

10,15 F.B.A. “All I Got You for Christmas Were These Riffs

9\15 fBiiJ “Father Christmas is Coming

6-26. 3\10 Fear “Another Christmas Beer

3:27 Fear “Fuck Christmas

8;28 FEDDY “The Red Star On Top Of The Christmas Tree”

10,16 The Federales “Santa Don’t Stop at the Bar Christmas Eve” 

1:23 Feist “Please be Patient

10\15 The Felice Brothers “Carriage

2-11 The Felice Brothers “Murder by Mistletoe”

2/27 Felix Gross “Love for Christmas”

11*8 The Female Quartet of Southern Gospel Music “A Minnesota Christmas

4-17 Fergha and Robyn “Fruitcake

4-4 Fern “Christmas Candy

3.24 The Fezz “Snowman

5;15 Fiction Family “I Don’t Need No Santa Claus

7,27 The Fiery Furnaces “Rehearsing My Choir” 

10,9 Fifth Lucky Dragons “Nostalgic at Christmas

11\10 Figure (the indie pop project of Yoshinobu Hasebe) “Christmas Eve of 1992

8,30 File Thirteen “It’s Christmas” 

12.22 Filipino Dream Girls “Santa Suit”

10;8 filnobep “Tay-K Sits on Santa’s Lap”

6,10 Filnobep “This Christmas

9,5 Final Essay “No Snow in Louisiana

11;7 Finbar & Maura Dennehy “Christmas is just Around the Corner “

12:4 Finding Favour “Christmas on the Radio”

4\5 Fing “Hey Baby It’s Christmas

11,9 Finlay Hatton “In My Arms” 

8:26 Finley and Pagdon “Solstice Song

10.29 Finn McGinn & the Muddguards ”So Let’s Sing” 

7-13 Finnegan’s Hell “Drunken Christmas

1”18 Fiona Palomo, Milo Manheim “Can We Make This Work?”

1”18 Fiona Palomo, Milo Manheim “We Become We”

1”18 Fiona Palomo, Mōriah, Stephanie Gil “Mary’s Getting Married” 

8’19 Firemage “Krampus Night” 

9’12 Fireworks “Last on Satan’s List“

11/20 Firing Blanks “Rockin’ at Christmas

6-8 First Aid Kit “Do You Smell Eggnog?

7.16, 12.14 First Atom “I Bought You a Sweater” 

1\19 First Call “After December Slips Away

6-9 The First to Fall “The Eggnog Song

9’11 Fishbone “Slick Nick, You Devil You”

6/12 The Fishermen “Me and My Turkey (Christmas Song)

6-23 The Fisticuffs “Santa Smells Like Whiskey

11*24 the Five Card Studs “A Vegas Lounge Christmas”

11:23, 11,29Five for Fighting “Policeman’s Xmas Party” 

3-26 Five Toes “A Power Drill for Christmas”

12’20 fkbambam & Wxrmz “MRS CLAUS”

5:8 Flaming Lips “Christmas at the Zoo”

4.28 Flaming Stars “Lit up Like a Christmas Tree

9,26 The Flannel Channel “12 Days of the Midwest Christmas”

2/18 The Flashcats “Stocking Full of Love”

7/15 The Flashcats “December 25”

7.9 The Flashcats “I Wanna be Santa’s Present

3:23 Flat Earth “Fuck Christmas” 

5\24 Flaterectomy “Ho Ho Ho

5\29 The Flatworms “Rudolph the Reindeer (S**t on My Lawn)

11’22 Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal”

10’7 Fleetwood Mac “Hellhound on My Trail (Take 1)”

8’21 Flesh Eating Foundation “Oh Krampus!” 

6-29 The Fleshtones “Champagne for Christmas”

4\14 The Fleshtones “Hooray for Santa Claus”

7/26 The Fleshtones “Six White Boomers

10/3, 11/20, 4”20 The Fleshtones “Super Rock Santa

12/16 The Fleshtones “You’re All I Want for Christmas

9:9 Fleur Seule “Everyone Forgets about Mrs. Claus” 

2\2 The Flirtations “Christmas Time is Here Again

5:16 F. Lobot “The Star-Spangled Christmas Tree

12,5 Flo and Joan “Christmas (Live)

3”7 Floff “Santa’s Beard’s Gone Grey” 

7,11 Flooded Cellar “60 Watt Colored Light Bulbs

7\31 Flooded Cellar “400 Reindeer Under the Hood

11’23 Flooded Cellar “Santa Smashed Into Our House”

4”13 Flooded Cellar “Santa’s Gonna Roll into Town

11’15 Flooded Cellar “Vandalizing Reindeer”

5’31 Flore CF “Train Trip” 

11;5 Florence K “Santa’s Almost Here”

9,2 FloRida (feat. Trey Songz) “Jingle Bells Rmx” 

10,11 Florida Georgia Line “Lit This Year” 

5;27 Floyd Dixon “Empty Stocking Blues”

12*13 The Flying Karamzov Brothers, The Bobs, Rockapella, Blue Jupiter “Eight Days a Week”

3;23 Flying W Wranglers “When the Cowboys Sing Again

12.28 FM Static “Christmas Shoes” 

12/16 Foghat “All I Want for Christmas is You

5.10 Folk Angel (feat. Lauren Chandler) “The Christmas Tree

11;17 Folk Angel “It’s Almost Christmas Time

6/5 Folk On “Ernie, the Christmas Slug”

7-23 The Folksinger (Bill Evenhouse) “Drunk Santa!

9;19 FoloSound “808’s & Christmas Lights”

1:22 The Fondas “Christmas Heart Attack

5/19 The Fontane Sisters “Nuttin’ for Christmas”

1:12 Food Standards Agency “Give the Gift of Diarrhea” Brit PSA 

4-12 Foot and Mav “Mince Pies”


10\28 Forebodingburger “December 21, 2003

1”6 Forest Whitaker “Over and Over“

1”6 Forest Whitaker & Anika Noni Rose “Make It Work“

1”18 Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson “As“

1”18 Forest Whitaker (w/The Gospeldelic Choir)  “Can’t Stop Praising His Name”

5’22 The Forester Sisters “Little Toy Trains”

3\1 The Forever Lasting “Another Christmas Song” 

2-7 Forever the Sickest Kids “Mistletoe is for Quitters”

6,21 Forg Iven “Chestnuts Roasting Parody

12;11 The Forge Tops “I Can’t Wait For Christmas”

7,24 Forgiato Blow “Let’s Go Brandon Christmas

5:20 Fortress of Attitude “Bagel Bagel Bagel

5-2 Fortress of Attitude “Breakfast with Santa”

12:25 Fortress of Attitude         Bigger Than Santa: 12 Christmas Songs in 12 Christmas Days

1;16 Fortress of Attitude “Bomb Threat Christmas

5:8 Fortress of Attitude “Dogs Don’t Know It’s Christmastime

1:31, 3;9, 5\27 Fortress of Attitude “I Shot Rudolph and I’m Sorry

2;10, 12;25 Fortress of Attitude “It Sucks to be Born on Christmas

3:29 Fortress of Attitude “It’s Fucking Cold Outside

11:30, 12:25 Fortress of Attitude “New Year’s Steve” 

5:22, 4\15 Fortress of Attitude “Yippee-Ki-Yay”  

3:25 Fortunato “Fuck Christmas

5,20 Fortune Kit “Silly Santa’s Christmas Kisses

6.7 Fortune’s Favor      “I Do All My Christmas Shopping at the Dump” the same title

10’19 Foster Gray & The JJs “Christmas Apocalypse”

8/12 Foster Martin Brand “Santa Don’t Drive No Pick-Up Truck

1/23, 9,16 Fountains of Wayne “I Want an Alien for Christmas” 

12.22 Fountains of Wayne “The Man in the Santa Suit”

1/30 Four2one “Robot Santa

5/5, 4.24 The Four Aces “There’s a Christmas Tree in Heaven

5/27 The Four Aces “The Christmas Tree”

7.4 The Four Corners “My Gift to You (It’s Me)”

2.14 The Four Freshmen “Snowfall”

8/9 The Four Imperials “Santa’s Got a Coupe de Ville”

7:15 The Four Preps “The Family Time of Year” 

11*9 Fox News “Fox News Christmas Album: Republican Christmas in Iowa

8,23 Foxchase “December 26

12:30 Foxmelody “My Instagram” 

5;22 Foxtails Brigade “Unfairness Awareness”

8.16 Fraggle Rock cast “The Bells of Fraggle Rock”

11\18 The Fragments “Merry Christmas 1984” 

8’26 Fraine River “Unicorns”

12,17 Fralphie Jenkins “2 A.M. Christmas Eve

10,14 Fralphie Jenkins “Black Ice” 

8,19Fralphie Jenkins “Christmas But I Might

10,31 Fralphie Jenkins “Christmas Morning

11,30 Fralphie Jenkins “Drivin’ Home for Christmas

10,7 Fralphie Jenkins “Elf on the Dashboard

5/2, 5,4 Fran Allison ‘Sweet Angie (The Christmas Tree Angel)

5/2 Fran Allison ‘Christmas in My Heart.

7/17 Fran Archer “Santa Got a Pink Slip for Christmas”

9\18 Fran Archer and Tom Bell “You’re One in a Million” 

3-9 Francesca Battistelli “Be Born in Me (Mary)

2;16 Francesca DiMare and Mary Pyrdol “Newtonmas

4:13 Francine the Queen of Obscene “Naughty or Nice

3’27 Francis Blume “For the Holidays

9’16 Frank Barrow “Satan’s Birthday”

1/4 Frank ‘Boko’ Pangelinan “Merry Christmas

12,2 Frank Hamilton “(I Fucking Hate) Christmas” 

3’4 Frank Luther “Ice Skating is Nice Skating

9/26 Frank Moody “Santa’s Little Helpers”

3\1 Frank Moyo “Another Christmas

9/15 Frank Rossi “Elmer the Elf

5/23, 11-2 Frank Sinatra “The Christmas Waltz

2/13 Frank Sinatra “I”ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”

2-3 Frank Sinatra “Mistletoe and Holly

3.19 Frank Sinatra/Bing Crosby “The Snowman

9’22 Frank Steakman “Satan Made Up Christmas”

4’3 Frank Yankovic “Let’s Go Skiing

3/7 Frank Zappa  “Yellow Snow”

7:26 Franker217 “A Family Christmas Song” 

11,25 Frankie and the Lake County Collective “I’m So Over Christmas

10,14 Frankie and the Lake County Collective “Let Me Hear Some Christmas Music” 

12/16 Frankie Avalon “You’re All I Want for Christmas”

7-8 Frankie Ford “The 12 Drinks of Christmas”

5’25 Frankie Lymon “It’s Christmas Once Again” 

11\10 Frankie Staton “Christmas 1992

4”28 Frankie Velvet & The Mighty Veltones “Santa is a Real Cool Cat

11/9 Frankie Yankovic “Old Fashioned Christmas Polka

2-28 Franklin Bruno “Invisible Mistletoe

2:16 The Fratellis “Lonesome Anti-Christmas Blues” 

11;27 Frearson “I Can’t Believe It’s Nearly Christmas”

7;26 Fred Bogert “Christmas Bell”

12/23 Fred Figglehorn “Christmas Cash

10*30 Fred Figglehorn  “Christmas is Creepy”

9,26 Fred Figglehorn “Fred’s 12 Days Of Christmas” kid stuff

10\15 fredfloston “Don’t Break My Heart (Break My Balls)

4.9 Fred Schneider & The Superions “Crummy Christmas Tree

11*3 Fred Waring and His Orchestra “Kentucky Wassail Song

6,8 Freddie King “Christmas Tears”

3.27 Freddy B “Who Put the Pecker on the Snowman?”

11/9 Freddy Martin “Merry Christmas Polka

9,26 Frederic Chen ”12 days of Christmas_ High School Edition”stressed students

12.19 Federico Ramplona “Decorate

7.29 Free Beer Productions “Bad Gift

10,11 The Free Cities “Christmas Day

1\15 Freedom Fry “Next Christmas

8:29 Freedom Kerl “An Atheist Christmas Song

11.18 French Style Furs “Christmas Card” 

2.20 The Fresh Beat Band “Snow Day

8,24 Fresh Breath “It’s Christmas Time Again

4-15 Fresh Creek Dance Band  “Mama, Bake the Johnny Cake, Christmas Coming

3:8 Frickin A “Merry Frickin’ Christmas

10\27 The Frickin’ A guys “Merry Merry Merry Frickin’ Christmas (World Champion Red Sox Anthem)

11,8 Frida Hyvönen “N.Y.

3.15 Friday Night Films “MTV True Life: I’m an Abominable Snowman”

6-25 Friday Night Music Club “The Christmas Beer Song

8-19Friday the 25th “Frosty the Dope Man”

7.4 Friends of Sound “I Don’t Want Presents

6,22 The Frights “Christmas Everyday

12,5 Friskar Viljor “Oh No

3\8 The Front Porch Country Band “Another Christmas

8\26 The Front Porch Country Band “Fly Away Christmas” 

7,1 Frontier Ruckus “Driving Home, Christmas Eve

7,1 Frontier Ruckus “Orion Town 2” 

7,18 Frostbyt3 (feat. Josh Coleman) “Wishlist

6,13 Frosty “All I Want is a Tesla Truck

12,12 Frozen Black Rose “Merry (Les Miserables) Christmas

1’25 Frozen Factory “Christmas Crazy” 

9\1 Fruber “Infinite Christmas

10,14 Fruitcakes “10th Christmas Together” 

2\18 Fruitcakes “Can’t Believe It’s Almost Christmas Again

3:31 The Fuck Off and Dies “Merry Fucking Christmas

11:28 Fugitives “Christmas at the Office Party” 

7’26 Fugli “Pirate Santa Karl”
8’7 Fugli “Santa’s Got a Dragon”

4’6 Fukushima Dolphin “The Ski Slope” 

1\31 Full Band “Christmas is Over” 

3.21 The Fulltones “The Snowman

5.1 Funky Butt Brass Band “Shiny Christmas Balls

7/10 The Funky Monkeys “Christmas in the Summertime”

8-19 The Funny Hat of America “Frosty the Dope Man”

4:26 Funny Mike (feat. Chad Pepper) “Merry Christmas

3;5 The Funny Music Project (FuMP) “Christmas Time in Texas

1:31 FuMP “I Think Monroe Shot Rudolph

9’19 fun yunz “satanmas”

12:13 Funny Once “Santa Claus’s Files have been Hacked by the NSA” 

4:17 Funt Cart “I Saw Mommy Licking Santa’s Balls

4:1, 12/20 Furiously Stiff “I Want Sex for Christmas

2\9 Fuselage “(It’s Starting to Look Like Christmas Once Again)

9/10 Futurama “The Christmas Elves Song”

9.28, 9/10  Futurama cast “Neptunian Elves’ Song

10/14, 9.28 Futurama cast “Robot Santa Claus Song” 

4.14 Future Kid Sisters “If I were Born a Christmas Tree

4:3 Future Rama “Christmas Sex

11\22, 12\25 The Futureheads “Christmas was Better in the 80s

5;25 Futureman “Better Christmas”