ël-No, the twenty-ninth

Christmas isn’t happening because I died, okay?! No Xmas for the ex-person.

Aged big band aficionado Jerry Drake brazens his way through the MIA tragedy “The Boy Who Missed Christmas.” No, it’s not a Christmas song at all. It’s barely a song.

Alto soaring, Nick Dache doesn’t have much to say after a near-death experience, except for apologizing for the “Empty Christmas.” Too much acceptance, not enough denial, dude. Light alt fun, tho.

ël-No, the twenty-eighth

Credit where credit is overdue. We all enjoy Christmas because of–? Well, JC may have rebranded an ongoing festival… Santa only came into the equation late… Hmm.

If It Weren’t for Girls, There Would be No Christmas” croons The Want to a peppy rock backbeat. Sure, it tries a bit too hard and as such overcompensates with stereotypes and some back-handed flattery. But who else is taking the time to appreciate, i ask you?

ël-No, the twenty-seventh (Blue Alert)

No Christmas without you is a common love-song cry, but the pissed off holler of the broken up is the anti-carol. Xmas smashed!

The blues will do that, wallow in what messes up all that’s good in life… but what about some cool Doo Wop to bring the blues into view. Woo hoo hoo from Larry Chance and The Earls in “No Christmas Cheer.” So there.

Giles Field hates everything after you ripped out his heart, so “No Christmas” (Blue Alert) with a garage lilt to the alt. Skipping to the loo.

ël-No, the twenty-sixth

Stretching out of pop music smarm, alternative music also dwells in the wallows of emotionality. The lovelorn cancellation of Christmas is ripe for writing in this universe.

Empty Christmas” is the alt cry of The Wheels. Waffling between with you and without you this tinkly charmer sets you at arm’s length.

El Dorado croons to warbly synth in “No Christmas This Year,” a pop song in everything but word choice. Just a bit off kilter for the commoners. (So, yeah, i like it.)

Hyper garage from Brandon Harrod plays out the broken relationship as psychological number-line with “Christmas is Cancelled.” Well, you tell me, then.

Pop-punk from Bankrupt is heightened by the grindhouse footage backing “Christmas is Cancelled.” Leaving me is like a tree murdering. Or zombies. (Blue Alert)

Driving Brit-pop is as far from mod-pop as The Monkees, ‘tho The Long Blondes remind me a bit more of Blondie with their “Christmas is Cancelled.” That bangin’ guitar is the heartbeat of heartbreak.

ël-No, the twenty-fifth

Pop goes the Christmas cracker… and also the pretty tune about how there can be no Christmas without us together. Bay-bee.

Syncopated synthesized pop from Ricardo Munoz spells out that “Once Christmas is Gone” so are you. But you’ll be back, yeah?

Zee Avi plays pretty with the dreary in “No Christmas for Me.” Try to imagine why he doesn’t want to spend the holidays with her.

From his Holiday Pop album, Nicholas Markos paints by the numbers to synth up “No Christmas No More.” It hops, it bops, it stops.

ël-No, the twenty-fourth

The only thing more depressing than being without money for Christmas, is having no one to spend it on. Way too much sentiment swings this way, so we’ll try to limit our mopey options to this NO CHRISTMAS cause and effect.

Wailing with soul, Gene-O sails his R+B schooner “No More Christmas” like a howling animal in amorous pain. Owie.

Brown and Garrett slather up some blues in the raw “Ain’t No Christmas Baby,” an electric dissertation in desperation.

ël-No, the twenty-third BLUE ALERT

Let’s take destitution down a notch and get racial wit’ y’all. Socio-economic conditions in the hood bein’ what they are, don’t get your Xmas hopes up.

Paco Gzz BLUE ALERT raps up a storm about the imbalance of his broken home. “No Christmas” may be too real for some, too angry for others. Get over it.

Big Mista adds a bit more party ‘cool’ to his “No Christmas” rap. It’s a journey from NO Xmas to Xmas evee day. Yo. He’s allowing his rapper fame to inform on his dichotomy. Unpack dat, bitch.

ël-No, the twenty-second

The intrinsic suppliers of the poverty paradigm involve shit-out-of-luck parameters that seem out of our control. No Christmas for you and your loved ones, ‘cuz–just ‘cuz.

Scott Anderson honky tonks the blue grass with his spiral into bad luck “Ain’t No Christmas Round Here.” It’s the usual country-western lament, but that banjo just keeps me from cryin’.

Yulenog blows smoky jazz lounge for the gambling addict who leaves it all on the table and “No Christmas” follows his sorry ass home. Pretty messy.

ël-No, the twenty-first

The unhappiest may not rejoice when the 25th rolls around. Get thee to the Ghetto and experience the lack of the black.

Harmonizing a lovely hymnal background The Realest YK rap out the message of the not-have in “Christmas Missed Us.” Spookily spiritual.

From the bad block Jae Tipps (BLUE ALERT) raps “Cancelled Christmas” as testimonial to the times. Poverty preach!

Wally Tusk has a cool Bandcamp folk stumble-growl about how no money means “No Christmas.” Brace yourself for the pain.