ël-No, the ninth

Some can’t wait for Christmas to be done and no more.

The Universal monsters (aka Christmas Party Players) shindig to the end of joy from the Monster Christmas Mash album with “It’s Christmas or Us,” a groovy children’s party stomper that levels an ultimatum at the wee ones.

When will Christmas be Over” is the experimental garage funkiness you cross the street to avoid, be just get your hipster on for a moment and let lunaMe lead you down the tinkly childlike road of despair and disappointment in which Xmas is better gone than had. (Special link help for those who’d like to read the lyrics or buy this diamond in the rough.)

ël-No, the sixth

There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation why there’s no Christmas. Mayhap you’re Jewish. QED.

Its The Real unfortunately backbeats their rap “Christmas Missed Us” with McCartney’s ‘Wonderful’ to ream Santa’s anti-semitism.

An acceptable Mariah Carey parody from Momjo (Liat and Carolina) “You Don’t Get No Christmas” is fun and educational, too.

ël-No, the fourth

Dysfunctional families are famous for forgetting to observe the important days on the calendar.

The Partitioners warble some shoo-be doo-wop rock with the falsetto truth of “There is No Christmas.” If you listen carefully, you may be offended.

ël-No, the second

The lack of Christmas must be the result of the lack of goodness and hope and innocence. That’s right… isn’t it?

Cutesy kidpop from Dandyland makes this sad syllogism into mopey music with “No More Christmas.” Don’t you dare enjoy this.

ël-No, the first

No gifts–how ’bout just NO CHRISTMAS?! Hell no, you say?

Imagine there’s no holidays; it’s easy if you sing….

Bassist for The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Noel Redding walks us through the hinter(wonder)land of naughts with “No More Christmas” It’s all the psychedelic folk you’d expect from this master blaster. Gives me the munchies.