ël-No, the nineteeth

The hypocrisy of you insufferable, self-involved, unloving bastards celebrating Christ’s day makes us want to question whether we should even bother.

Young Haircut has a Bandcamp posting “Christmas is Cancelled,” an alt blues serving of mumble-grunge which grows to BLUE ALERT social consciousness. Dangerously rebellious ideas may be found herein.

Christmas Cancelled” is also announced by Macka B with parang blame for you npn-Christians. Do it right or he’s taking his bell and going home.

ël-No, the eighteenth

Some of you don’t deserve a Christmas, did you stop and think about that, naysayers?! Sorry? It never crossed your mind? Then No Xmas, mister doubty-pants!

Sir Cliff Richard lends easy-listening schmaltz to a gospel reaching show tune in “Christmas Never Comes” for the kids not raised right. Season them, stat!

Soaring show tune paints the backdrop in “Christmas No More” by David Lyve. Sweet pipes. But, why so harsh on the Santa? Christian spirit, guy!

Eagleman Band glees up the barbershop sextet with all the fervor of the mild mannered missionary afraid of saying the wrong thing in mixed company. “No Christmas Day” is a lesson in how to lessen.

Try B-Shoc’s “There’d be No Christmas” instead, a power electric rap ballad that, if repetitive, brings the shivery soul you needed to remind your pagan butt to honor Hizzonor.

ël-No, the sixteenth

Overslept? You can miss Christmas that way. Ask Scrooge, he almost did.

Hungover and crashing hard, Masters of Stank (HEAVY BLUE ALERT) white rap “A City with No Christmas.” They can’t be bothered to even try to yule, though they do protest shrilly.

Too tired is the excuse Retro-Gamer Dave gives in his show tune romp “Why I Missed Christmas.” Pee Ess, he means the First Christmas. It’s a story.

ël-No, the fourteenth

P’raps a bad mood could scuttle the entirety of Christmas.

Rocket from the Crypt lists their troubles in “Cancel Christmas,” a pounding modern rock declamation against the box we got stuck in, man.

Billy Anderson goes full Grinch in the striking pop/blues new age “No Christmas in Whoville.” He doesn’t really mean it, though.

Haust (& Okkultokrati) does mean it. Screaming metal rage punctuates the dissatisfaction with the holidays in “No Christmas.” ARRGH!

Santa spirals in “Christmas Got Cancelled” by Dean Stanton, an affecting garage march into economic oblivion that swallows up the elves, the kids, and Frosty, too. No escape.

ël-No, the thirteenth

Out of respect, Christmas could be deleted should just the right obituary appear. Hang the stockings at half hearth, children.

Comic rap from Unckle Eddie tells the tale of shooting the wrong antlered animal in “Christmas was Cancelled.” Some twangy country swing backing that up, there is.

Closer to home, old Grandad has his in Moper’s “Christmas is Cancelled” an experimental rock ballad that’s worth the wait (and the Bea Arthur interpretive church dance). This is punk gravitas, people. (So, BLUE ALERT.)

Christmas is Cancelled” graphically illustrates the drunken aftermath of sleighicular homicide with light childish showtune music hall humor. Get on board with The Royds, or off with you and your good taste.

ël-No, the twelfth

Maybe there’s no Christmas ’cause we forgot. I do that all the time.

Nearly a miss from The ReMinders: the growly blues pop “Almost Forgot It’s Christmas” wanders and wonders in comic ignorance about what all the fuss is about anyway. What’s the deal with the twenty-fifth??

Nick Hudson tinkles out the emo (BLUE ALERT) in the lugubrious “I Forgot about Christmas“–but he means THIS year, next year he’ll be better.

Third Earth and Friends (feat. Jo Syme) admit “I Forgot About Christmas” for a perfectly good reason–had a job! Not something you hear from millennials much. But the swinging garage rock screeches just right.

ël-No, the eleventh

Ask me, some horrid Bond villain might just target the holiday season and reduce humanity by a full fraction by doing away with Christmas. That could be a mastermindful thing.

Bratty children get moody when disappointed around present time. “I Wanna Cancel Christmas” by Ron Hamilton & Gary Emory (from the quite childish Peanut Butter Christmas) outlines the dastardly plans of the spoiled (for next year).

The web cartoon Dr. Monster features just such nefariosity when the Missile Toad takes on Frosty the Bro-Man in “Christmas is Cancelled.” Prick up yon ears, this kidsong masterpiece showcases our beloved Jack Douglass, so it’s got the steal of approval.