MY LOVE, SANTA CLAUSE” by Cyber X (feat. Jody Watley) is EDM with an expected beat (may cause seizures). But the song does get a little PG-13.

勇​吾​は​人​生​で​あ​る​YUGO introduces a soul-infused instrumental with the admission “Santa I Love You.” Not sure if it’s consensual….

I Love Santa” by Kim Stockwood ups the rhythm with a really old fashioned swing. Honkytonk outplays nightclub for romanticizing!

Love Santa” by Kang Er (feat. DAPHNE D) take us back to kidsong innocence–it’s not time to get too nasty yet about the big guy.


Dolly Parton tones it down and keeps it kid friendly (they sing along) with her (country of course) “I’d Like to Spend Christmas with Santa.”

Melody uses signs to convince us “Santa Santa I Love You.” Either that or she’s having a series of seizures. Kid pop that seems to never end.

Elf Orchestra tunes up the band for “Santa I Love You.” Kidsong that moonlights as R+B torch.

Happy 2B Music uses synth to pretend to be kids who can sing with “I Love Santa.” It’s heartfelt treacle, the kind insulin can address.

Signed, Santa

In “ASS ()F $ANTA” Dumpster Company delivers unto us a comedy of that strike-breaking meanie, who has written Elon for advice.

Dave Sweeney and the Kickin’ Mules soft pops the inner turmoil Santa has superceding The Savior Xmas Day. But one look at that “Empty Sleigh” and he is satisfied with a job well done.

Gary Oak. (not of Pokemon fame) raps with soul about the difficulties and proclivities of being Santa “xmasof95 (xmasof95).” It’s a nearly Blue Xmas.

Twinkle Toes Music has a lugubrious take on ‘Frère Jacques’ with the Q+A “Where is Santa?” The answer will NOT surprise you.

1st Person Christmas

1954 keeps twangin’ along with Eddy Arnold (And His Guitar)’s “I’m Your Private Santa Claus.” It’s a love declaration, not a military incursion.

Mikael Englund & Árpád Solti go the showtunes route with the bombastic “One Night Santa.” Humblebrag.

A confused playa, the narrator of “Christmas 2023” raps modulatedly from Birmingham Lordson. You have to appreciate the gifts! It’s my way or the highway.

Nasal rockabilly (y’know like Elvis) from The Refreshments declares “I’m the Real Santa.” Dy-no-mite.

Michael Scott Dublin (feat. Robert O’Connor) wants to “Welcome to the North Pole” you and yours. Kid pop alt. Now that’s some hohoho-ing.

With Santa Claus as Myself

Impersonators are people, too! “I Wanna be Your Santa Claus” from The Muddies voices alt rock against the odds. Give ‘im the hat!

Girlrap lays out the case how “I Want To Be Santa Claus” from Alicia and Justin (Featuring Alison Clapper). Pretty stinkin’ melodic, despite the big guy being dead (or is it Dad?).

Ringo Starr sluices away all the pretense with his ultra laid back pop rock “I Wanna be Santa Claus.” Might as well.

Rudd Young falsettos kidsong in “I Wanna Grow Up to be Santa Claus.” It’s the best job in the world! Hee hee.

Sooty Suit

And if you met the jolly one in person, what would you think?! The Evaporators respond with the pop “Who Are You? WILD!

Idaho slow-rolls the indie with “Santa is Weird.” There’s something about love and light and falling in there.

Bandrew has more questions than answers in the guitar strummin’ indie “Santa is Dead.” No corpses are investigated in this one, so it’s more existential angst.

Speaking of weird, “(You Broke the Face Off a) $10 Santa Claus” by ‘Weird Paul’ Petroskey rocks the unlikely mercantile faux pas. Diggin’ it.

The one who doesn’t make you jolly is “Reverse Santa.” He won’t eat your milk and cookies. He vomits instead. Offbeat lounge polka from Hot buttered Elves.

Was it a dream?! “Santa Was Eating The Christmas Tree” was the disturbing scene for Nicci And The Project’s kidsong. Perhaps it was a Christmas tree shaped cookie? No? Run!

One Man Supply Chain

An oft heard low rating for Santa is his poor choice in gifts given. I mean, what’s the list i sent him FOR?! Handwriting analysis?

Worth repeating: Trout Fishing in America knows kidsong, if “Santa Brought Me Clothes” is any indication. Wild mini-organ jelly-rolling.

Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force serenades a visiting country pop star with “Santa Left a Booger in My Stocking.” It’s an Adult Swim thing.

Space Band has a problem with a little AM radio from “@santaclaus.” Children rocking about griping.

Saint John and The Revelations call down club rock to set a “Christmas Fire” as a reaction to not getting their wish.

Jello Productions paints a horrible portrait in “The Bad Santa Song (I’m Gonna Punch Your Presents).” Jingly kid song that blames Old Man Christmas without asking the hard question (How Naughty WERE You?).

Cookie Monster

One of the complaints we aim at the Wintry Philanthropist is that He’s Larger than Life. Worth repeating: The Ineffective Subdefectives parody ‘Nowhere Man’ with “Big Fat Man.” They’re having such fun. I’m jealous.

D’modes nitpick the dietary lack of restrictions Claus does in “Too Fat to Fly.” Club pop, but thoughtful-like.

Richard Sponaugle is also deliberate when asked to berate the old guy in the countrifried pop of “Santa Needs to Diet.” Low hanging fruit.

Making kidsong of it Muriel’s Animated Stories brings us a specific culinary caution in “Santa Needs a Diet.” Lifestyle choices are measured and reassigned.

Keeping kidsong in view, The Polkadots sing that song your kids sang in the second grade “Santa You’re Too Fat.” Ill manners have to start early.

Freddy Cannon helps with the light kidrock “Santa (You’re Too Fat for Me).” Kids are now deciding he‘s naughty!

Mr. Claus

Worth repeating: The Rubettes (feat. Alan Williams) sing us “Santa’s Song” as a party all in of itself.

Mitchell Musso (of Phineas and Ferb) honors Mr. 12/25 with the tedious pop of “Thank You Santa.” It’s a song.

Pirate shanty chanting from The Radish Friends hails “Santa! Danty! O!” They are all over the place, but they seem to love the old guy.

Scott Fagan chorales thanks when presenting “A Christmas Present to Santa.” Kidsong of the turd kind.

The Wiggles don’t OWN kidsong, but they swing a big didgeridoo when it comes to audience participation. “Let’s Clap Hands for Santa Claus” gets the li’l ones going.

Nooshi mashes up state and church with “Santa Doodle.” It’s that kidsong propaganda and the march step of faith together again.

Santa Claus

From an obscure theme to an idea that knows no bounds… We’ll bid a frond farewell to Xmas hairdos to celebrations of Santa Claus in general. I’m not too interested in sharing hundreds or thousands of novelty songs about the big guy for April, so let’s focus on pretty good stuff.

We’ll start with the basics. Balderdash & Humbug introduce our hero with “Bella Gusta Santa Claus,” a parody of the Italia-Americano persuasion.

Description continues with Buck Owens and his country rock twangin’ “Here Comes Santa Claus Again.” He sounds nice.

More askew, Haschel Cedricson’s “Ballad of Santa Claus” explains and exalts the big boss of the North Pole. Banjo folk.

The Man with All the Toys” is a fine Beach Boys bit of surf rock. They’re young, it’s clever, and bops liven it up.

Kids’ stuff from the ’50s seems to add social commentary to “Tinker Town Santa Claus.” I’m not sure why these folks sound funny, but Santa delivers nonetheless. According to The Cricketones.