A Near Thing -25

The excitement of Christmas coming spills out in joyous tellings through song and music. Sometimes that’s fun….

A Wild Frontier is anything but wild in “Almost Time for Christmas.” The restraint in their emo-pop is buzzkill no matter how gravelly loud they get.

David Jones & Tom Howe get Britpop with their TV commercial jingle “Almost Christmas.” Infectious jive, but a bit annoying despite its brevity.

Just as UK-ey “Almost Christmas” from the original cast of ‘A Little Princess’ (the musical i guess) brightens up Victorian drama, but isn’t this from ‘Annie’? I can’t tell musicals apart!

Sean Wiggins peps up the merriness of jazz swing with “Almost Christmas.” The sass doesn’t overpower the umph here, so props.

I can be persuaded by a musical number, iffen i can identify the musical genre outside of ‘showtune.’ David George’s ‘Christmas Ain’t a Drag’ (2016) big band swings “Almost Christmas” with gusto and jazzy improv that raises spirits (and hackles, iffen i’m being honest).