On Track to Xmas: See Something, Say Something!

Mary Blige sashays the rap with her “Christmas in the City.” On the train is merely one symptom of ogling, bustling, and dealing. No where else, though. A love letter to urbanity, yeah.

Byron “Mr Talkbox” Chambers also raps the joy of the city in “Christmas Time.” A bit more Jesus and family, here. The train comes, so more of both. I guess.

The last train home can be a bummer, too. Scouting for Girls caffeinates the pop of new-found romance when they felt like “Kids at Christmas.” But, she’s gotta leave for home for the holidays.

KWADI seems sad, but’s really excited to go “Home for Christmas” on the train. Light piano pop. It’s complicated.

Faithful Johannes takes the train to the city also to shop. He’s fretting because “You Don’t Like Christmas Songs” and he doesn’t know what to get you. But this sprightly pop with the whispery complaining might win you over. Well done (for a therapy session).