On Track to Xmas: Meet Me at the Station!

Meeting cute on the train, but having already broken up Nicole Andrade lisps through “This Christmas” as a cautionary pop song tale against being alive.

Tangential, “Boy Wonder and The Christmas Tree Girl” from Nicole Tesseyman & Steve Carrigan involve runaways with colorful nicknames, living off the con and the big bad London, once they take trains. Jazzy folk that rocks.

Also sad, Christian Rowe thinks this “One More Christmas” could be the last with you. I know your train leaves tomorrow but you don′t have to go, he begs with New Age-y pop. Moving. A bit.

Taking the last train, Night Flight can’t shake the sense “It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas.” Perhaps it’s that ponderous New Age alt rock. That doesn’t feel like music.

Back to the country music with Stan Rogers. So, sad. “First Christmas” is about the very young children. But the daddy is working 3000 miles away–in the mines! Mother is waiting at the train station… but, i’m not sure this is going to work out. Life sucks!