On Track to Xmas: Mind the Gap!

More Christmas commuting! Street car rattles down ole Saint Charles in the colorful blues of Steve Cavalier’s “Merry Christmas New Orleans.” Cut offs and hanging moss and beignets fill in the corners. Pretty chill for the tropics.

Frothy pop from Bedbound by Summer reveals a deep seated love/dread about returning home for the religious revival. Are they “Depressed This Christmas“? Try this refrain: I hate love; I hate you; I hate me.

I won’t be home for Christmas Darling, not this year; The trains have all stopped in their tracks begins the sad bubbly pop of “Star Crossed Christmas” by Barnaby Bright.

The Brits know about train travel. OneNamedPeter tinges his pop with a whiff of punk in “Christmas is Cancelled.” Why so down? Now my train is moving so slow, By the time I get home my Amazon parcels Have been sent back to the depot. But there is hope in there… somewhere.

Spoken word poetry from Croydon Tourist Office skewers the bourgeoisie in “Christmas in the Suburbs.” Traditions are trash. Ceremony is senseless. Hope is less. The Salvation Army’s music stands Getting blown over By the updraft of a passing train. (But check out the Brit pronunciation of urinals!) Just my cup of soap box oration.