St. Nicholas

Worth repeating: Jimmy Allen & Tommy Bartella doowop the rock of “When Santa Comes Over The Brooklyn Bridge.” Killer sax solo makes up for the weak 1959 girl backup. (But, it was only a dream!)

Mr. C” from Luke Stanage is thoughtful indie rock about the swift rider of Christmas. It has childlike wonder ballooning out of a tempered body.

The lugubrious “The Spirit of St. Nicholas” begins with Jesus worship, then extends plodding electric middle of the road pop to the strictures of our deliverer of gifts.

Spoken word poetry from Mary Thienes Schunemann sets the stage and the man in “St. Nicholas Verse.” Pretty intense.

Dinah Washington croons “Ole Santa” about how magical the reindeer man is. R+B, but i can’t believe it’s not gospel.

Rock Sugar metals the parody with “Don’t Stop the Santa Man.” I understand you’ve vowed never to hear Journey’s hit ever again. But, trust me on this one.

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