Santa Claus

From an obscure theme to an idea that knows no bounds… We’ll bid a frond farewell to Xmas hairdos to celebrations of Santa Claus in general. I’m not too interested in sharing hundreds or thousands of novelty songs about the big guy for April, so let’s focus on pretty good stuff.

We’ll start with the basics. Balderdash & Humbug introduce our hero with “Bella Gusta Santa Claus,” a parody of the Italia-Americano persuasion.

Description continues with Buck Owens and his country rock twangin’ “Here Comes Santa Claus Again.” He sounds nice.

More askew, Haschel Cedricson’s “Ballad of Santa Claus” explains and exalts the big boss of the North Pole. Banjo folk.

The Man with All the Toys” is a fine Beach Boys bit of surf rock. They’re young, it’s clever, and bops liven it up.

Kids’ stuff from the ’50s seems to add social commentary to “Tinker Town Santa Claus.” I’m not sure why these folks sound funny, but Santa delivers nonetheless. According to The Cricketones.

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