ad silentnitum, déjàvu

Where were we again? Here? It’s always Christmas here. Let’s tune in to another Xmas already in progress.

Bower Grove School sets to music “Another Bower Grove Christmas.” They know their stuff. Pop choral messing about.

While we’re ‘cross the Pond, British India power punks “Another Christmas in the Trenches.” Am sure i like it. Not sure i believe the lyrics about how everything is fine….

Another Day in the B” is [BLUE ALERT] rapping out the prison of monotony of bad Xmasses. AlmightyK pulls no rhymes to level with you.

No Kids plink and plunk around the subject, however, with their “Another Winter in a Summer Town.” This underlining (NOT the number from the ‘Grey Gardens’ musical) entraps your holiday mood in decay. Heavy sigh.