ad silentnitum, interminable

Did we return to lonely Christmasses without you yet? We never left! Let’s uncover the charts….

Another Holiday” is electro-R+B/rap from Kinney wishing for it to be okay. He’s not fooling anybody. Well, himself.

Another Wonderful Christmas” is the sloshy squealy sentiment of Gee! It’s Here! Yay! Joey + Rory’s aw shucks country stylings make it down home. (Then, shh, at the end… heh heh, she gets all fed up! Now it’s my favorite!)

Nashional (feat. Vincent Vega) twangs out the country sadness with “Another Christmas with You Gone.” He can’t go on. But his song does.

Metal time: Stranglehold makes the point that Xmas is merely “Another Night Alone.” The pain is visceral. So are the drums.