ad silentnitum, successive

Another song about another Christmas in another post from another blog. Wait–no, it’s THIS blog.

BLUE ALERT!! “Another Fucking Christmas Song” is the showtune lament that comes late in Act II and perches the show on the verge of despair. Eric Bagnet brings existentialism to bear the cross.

Destructors 666 get down and dirty with a catchy (borrowed) tune in “Just Another Christmas Song.” Surely there’s room for one more punk screamer what rhymes Winnie the Pooh with Doctor Who!

Danilo Jeza brings that impersonation-style to “Another Christmas Song.” You WILL believe it’s not Elvis.

The Silvers hokey up their “Sing Another Christmas Song” to cheer on Santa and the elves. But their over-enunciated ’70s slow pop tangles up the intent. Crash. Burn.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings swing up the mood with their disco limned Motown merriment “Just Another Christmas Song (This Time I Think I’ll Sing Along).” Whenever they sample a traditional carol, drink a take!

Jack Weppler takes them all on in “Another Christmas Song.” Do they manipulate, obscure, distract us from–hey, you’re beautiful. Piano bar pop. But, it’s not for sale from Amazon. Just so you know.