ad silentnitum, sequent

A returning subject is the humor of low places. Let’s mock the slovenly, quick before they eat us.

Sean Cole (The Outlaw) attempts class with tinkly piano intro, then launches into rough rap as in “Another Broke Christmas.” Perhaps you should sing along.

Wendell Ferguson’s “Another White Trash Christmas” attempts dignity with a pretty folk ballad-y tune. Contrast that with ‘Spam,’ ‘swilling’ beer, and ‘her mustache’–comedy! Austin Church does this with more country. Lonnie Flemmer seems to have originated it.

2 thoughts on “ad silentnitum, sequent”

  1. Another White Trash Christmas–was written by Dale Russell and Lonnie Flemmer–check out Lonnie Wayne Flemmer’s version on “Bandcamp”. Dale Russell, co-writer and former lead guitarist for the Guess Who, has a nice version. Thom Bresh well known guitarist does a fine version of song whichcan be found on the internet. As writer of song I dislike my radio version because my manager threatened me with lawsuit if used the word “damn” I had to sing “dang” which weakened the song and messed up the rhyme scheme.

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