ad silentnitum, nosetotail BLUE ALERT

Let’s let loose and bitch about it, that never-ending return to season–in song.

Another Blooming Christmas” is not so angry. Mel Smith’s UK frolicsome demeanor makes this show tune rant kid friendly.

Here’s Another Crappy Christmas Song” is Steve Heller’s resignation. Bouncy pop (with some odd Roger Miller [purporting to be Elvis] scat) about the pointlessness is Brit to a fault. But i may have smirked slightly.

The cast of ‘Not Another Christmas Letter, The Musical’ rehearse “Another Lousy Christmas” for your patience straining. Show tune barking.

Bored white rappers BLUE ALERT!! cobble together an obscenity-laden rage-fueled finger-pointer with “Another Stupid Christmas.” It’s offensive, and sung mediocrely. Day Seven x Genre Treason (ft. Dr. Mer) deserve the credit.