ad silentnitum, cyclical

Loop de loop, round and round we go, Christmasses to the right of me, Xmasses to the left. Who can sing that?

Kevin Sisson performs “Another Christmas Eve” as some hoedown love fest. This cowboy roundup picks, grins, and twirls. Yee ho.

Another Sad Christmas” as vocalized by XANSEII is a rap dirge of BLUE ALERT depressed proportions.

Another Sad Christmas” from Damien Quinn in BLUE ALERT snide rap about friends and family–and self. All losers.

Another Sad Christmas” by Mr. Toxic is electro-rap rife with daddy issues, unrequited love, economic woes. That’s enough.

Sterling and Loscalzo up the beat just a skooch with “Just Another Sad Christmas Song.” This pop breeze is dedicated TO YOU. So, be sad, wudja?

Release the rock! “There may Never be Another Christmas” twists a political agenda into a Santa wishlist. And if justice and fairness aren’t presented–Oi! Oi!–there may never be another Christmas. Quid pro quo.