ad silentnitum, noendinsight

This Moebius strip of Xmas will never end, so quit asking if we’re there yet. Mannheim Steamroller up!

Amy Grant softly folks “Another Merry Christmas” with motherhood, war, and everything all at once. There you go.

Another White Christmas” is a sendup of white people. Tim Cavanaugh tickles the lounge ivories to fight racism. I guess.

Another White Christmas” is Brent Burns singing about sand at the beach. I’ll need some help with the humor here, guys. Swing pop.

We’ll Never Have Another White Christmas” is The Pepper Tree Market’s lament that that Bing song is the pinnacle and will never be topped as THE song of the season. Clever doo wop. Highly recommended.

Eux Autres prop me up with their lively pop music “Another Christmas at Home.” Friends, drinking, playing, lights twinkling. What more could you ask for? Listen, this song’ll have it.