ad silentnitum, thatsnotallshewrote

Ouroboros got nothing on the returning Christmas syndrome.

MxPx returns with ANOTHER song about ANOTHER Christmas. “Another Song about Christmas” is lite punk that seems to celebrate more than urinate on. I could box step to it.

Reindeer Tribe garage pop about displacement in “Everyone Together.” It goes on and on, even during another holiday. Fun party music for the downer in us.

Merrill Leffmann divas out quiet piano bar style with “Every Year.” It’s a heartbreaking loss when THIS year isn’t like those others.

Andrew Collins (feat. Monique) performs the childhood fantasy of “Another Christmas Time.” This lyrical show tune gets to the heart of what another really means. Though, it is lame.

What gets us out of this time loop is the reminder of a later time… a New Year. Then we can forget the next Christmas, until the bills come due. “Another New Year’s Eve” is a power ballad from Michael Stanley that sucks the joy out of the season. Is melancholy on your list of resolutions? [You want happy? Try The Treebees‘ own song by that title.][A final boot-kickin’ country anthem by that title hails from Reckless Kelly.]