X-claim: hello (pt. 1)

Naming the English language parts of speech may be like naming the dwarves or reindeer, there’s always one you forget. (‘Less you’re a border-line autistic nerd, c’mon who’s with me!) So, MY fave-o POS might be the interjection, a hard-to-place adverb that serves multi-purposes but mostly allows us to say ‘ejaculate’ modestly in classrooms. This should be a finite linguistic category of only a couple dozen, but we keep adding more (‘meh,’ ‘blurg,’ ‘LOL’). This infectious blurting has indeed infected the Christmas carol. So, let us waste time beholding this offset exclamations addressing Xmas (NOT Santa, if we can help it).

Starting with HELLO…

Dion drags down Amy Grant with the failed 2020 comeback “Hello Christmas.” This pop country ditty checks all the boxes, but lacks a real novelty punch. Cash grabs are fun for three minutes, though, so try this four-minute ‘song.’

PJ Masks rolls out a poppy pop kidsong (almost a minute long) about greeting a time when all’s well–even the bad guys get into the spirit with “Hello Christmas.” That’s fun.

Getting weird, Los 3llers rages operatic on the griefs of the Advent in “Hello Christmas.” This world music exploration is odd in all the right ways.

Isabelle Fries uses this time of the year to say hello to all friends and family. Her “Hello Christmas” just gets in under the theme, but the sexy pop slurring helps.

Much more smooth cool, Donald Lawrence soulsings “Hello Christmas” like the holiday is a loyal old wingman what sets him up with Jesus and peace on Earth whilst hanging at the piano bar.

Hello, here’s what we’re looking for: “Hello Christmas,” my old friend, sings Natalia Klitschko in heavily accented pop friendliness. Bebopping repetition for your dance floor.