ad silentnitum, keptheballrolling

Can’t stop the music! Can’t stop the Xmas spirit from coming back on me, like nachos!

Drawling country pop from Anna Bergendahl reaches for the spurs in “Just Another Christmas.” She’s just watching from the sidelines. But she’s got an eye on you, ya ol’ cayuse.

Synth harmony pop like you hear during the parties of twenty-somethings in the back of CW adventure shows, Make Like Monkeys romanticize “Another Holiday” with room for more mood. My eyes are rolling… up in ecstasy.

Luke Ryder has an annoyingly synthed pop party number in “Just Another Christmas.” The electro-timpani overshadows any sense it might’ve made. Dance!!!

Rockabilly to the rescue–Lew Lewis struts the blues into a watchable routine with “Just Another Day to Me.” Go, candy canes, go!